Aragami - xDavidLeon
Hello everyone!

We are still hard at work to support and improve Aragami. This patch contains more than 100 minor bug fixes. The summary of the more relevant fixes is the following:

* FIX: Fixed missing Chinese localization characters.
* FIX: Fixed missing Hungarian localization characters.
* FIX: Mouse speed setting was being ignored.
* FIX: Starting the first level with Shadow Creation and Show Objective unlocked.
* FIX: Several Objective UI issues.
* FIX: Enemies could stay blinded forever.
* FIX: Losing the crouch stance after an aerial kill.
* FIX: Fixed fatal crashes related to particle systems.
* FIX: Stuns from a warrior's Light Shield could leave the camera misplaced.
* FIX: Final boss area attack could remain active in the last cinematic on multiplayer games.
* FIX: Options and skills menus persisting on top of cinematics in multiplayer games.
* FIX: In Multiplayer, players were moving while sitting.
* FIX: Enemies could get stuck on bridges.
* FIX: Warriors could unsheathe their sword twice in a row.
* FIX: Several issues when using shadow techniques on the final boss.
* FIX: Other minor fixes.
* FIX: Minor level editor fixes.
* MISC: Reduced AI memory usage.
* MISC: Improved final boss area attack performance.

As always, there's a Beta branch to roll your game version back to previous builds. Any issues, please let us know in the comments or in the forums.

- Lince Works
Aragami - xDavidLeon
Hi there,

We've released a minor patch to fix some minor issues.

* NEW: Added UI feedback when a multiplayer invite fails.
* FIX: Main Menu buttons appearing in wrong places.
* FIX: Final boss sync issues.
* FIX: Main Menu navigation issues.

Level Editor Changelog:
* NEW: Add fence props.
* NEW: Shadow distance increased when moon rotation is being updated.
* FIX: Loading a published level turned off lights.
* FIX: Loading Workshop items on Linux & OSX is now working.
* FIX: MusicBox bugfix.
* FIX: VIP now does not affect Score medals.
* FIX: VIP killed by shinen was breaking victory condition.
* FIX: Field of view issues on Take Preview Photo mode.
Aragami - Valve
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Community Announcements - xDavidLeon

Hello everyone!

Today we have a big announcement to make! The Aragami Level Editor is officially live!

A Level Editor for a stealth game is a feature we've always dreamed about since playing the Tenchu 2 level editor in the 90s, so when we started working on Aragami, developing a level editor was a decision we were glad to make. It took us around 2 years to finally ship it, and after a few weeks of closed beta with some superb users we can make it public and share it with all players.

  • Design your own levels. Upload them to Steam Workshop. Share them with thousands of Aragami players.
  • Download hundreds of new levels and missions for Aragami.
  • Multiplayer support! Play any level with online multiplayer!
  • Hundreds of props to desing your own scenario.
  • Place and design your own enemy patrols.
  • 3 main objectives: Infiltration, Heist and Target Hunt.
  • 1 new enemy type: The V.I.P.! Hunt him down in Target Hunt.
  • 3 different locations: Graveyard, Forest and City.
  • 3 level sizes: Small, Medium and Large.
  • Different level variants: Pacifist, No Alerts and Time Limit.

We cannot wait what kind of levels the community will share in the following weeks, but in any case, the Aragami Level Editor marks the potential addition of hundreds of hours of gameplay to Aragami. So what are you waiting for? Design! Share! Play!

You can find the Aragami Workshop at:

You can read the Level Editor Guide at:
Community Announcements - xDavidLeon
Hello Shadow Assassins!

Patch 01.07 is now live. The full patch notes are:
* NEW: Level Editor with Steam Workshop support! See the Level Editor announcement to learn more about it :)
* NEW: Added Russian translation.
* NEW: Added Hungarian translation (thanks to Brechler Zsolt).
* NEW: Added Chinese translation (thanks to Another Indie).
* FIX: Gameplay crash caused by particle systems.
* FIX: Removed invisible collider which blocked path to a scroll in Chapter 10.
* FIX: Wrong objectives on Chapter 4.
* FIX: Multiplayer - Shinen sometimes was killing enemies only on 1 client.
* FIX: Multiplayer - Hikaru sync issues.
* FIX: Multiplayer - Shinen dissolving corpses already dissolved.
* FIX: Multiplayer - Minor fixes
* Plenty of other fixes.

- Lince Works team
Community Announcements - xDavidLeon

Hello Shadow Assassins!

After a few weeks of silence we bring you a pretty big update. The Community Update and the Assassin Masks DLC.

The Assassin Masks DLC makes our favorite assassin much more stylish, with 12 new character skins usable in both single and multiplayer games!

These free skins can be unlocked by obtaining chapter medals and completing the game in the different available difficulties. New difficulties? OH YEAH! We heard you, and that's what our Community Update is about.

We've revamped some frustrating stuff in Aragami, like Sora's auto-aim, missing checkpoints and 'diffuse' objectives. We also redesigned the chapter stats and score systems, and the ranks now go from E to S.

There's some new 'easy' and 'hard' difficulties. Harder difficulties feature faster and more perceptive enemies, with new patrol routes for the ultimate challenge.

Some new optimizations have been added which will bump up performance on multi-threaded CPUs.

Here are the full patch notes for 1.06a:
* NEW: New SKINS menu lets you customize Aragami with new clothes and assassin masks.
* NEW: Added 3 difficulty modes and redefined default difficulty.
* NEW: Redesigned the Ranking and Score systems.
* MISC: Removed Sora automatically finding Aragami.
* MISC: Improved performance on some chapters by enabling experimental graphic optimizations.
* MISC: Hikaru's vision range is now progressive.
* MISC: Enemy vision range in ALERT is now progressive once they've lost the player.
* MISC: Increased Shadow Range intensity.
* MISC: Added new checkpoint on Chapter 12.
* MISC: Moved the default save location and fixed Steam Cloud sync. Your saves should copy to the new location automatically. New locations are as follow:
** Windows: %USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Lince Works/Aragami/
** OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Lince Works/Aragami/
** Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Lince Works/Aragami
* FIX: Reduced explosive light lethal radius.
* FIX: Red bushes now cover against archers.
* FIX: Sound should not travel to other 'rooms' now.
* FIX: Modified the scarf physics so that it doesn't get stuck with the sword (so much).
* FIX: Killing the last enemy in a zone will now end the area alert.
* FIX: Multiplayer - Invisible warriors in Chapter 7 cinematic.
* FIX: Multiplayer - Minor fixes
* Plenty of other fixes.

You might wonder why we skipped the 01.05 version, but we've spent the last month internally testing 01.05 as a beta, and bringing you 01.06 as the stable version.

If you find any bugs or issues please use the 'Bugs & Support' forum! Also check the 'Known Issues' thread.

There's a steam branch for every previous version of the game in case something stops working for you. Just go to the game Properties -> Betas and select the version you want.

Go kill with style,
- Lince Works team
Community Announcements - taj14
Hi everyone!

We'll make this quick. Aragami is now -10% off during the Steam Autumn Sale. You can also grab the Aragami Collector's Edition for -19%.

Grab the discount while it's still hot, and happy purchasing!!

Oct 20, 2016
Community Announcements - xDavidLeon
Hello Shadow Assassins!

Just a quick update, nothing fancy.. but with some interesting stuff for some users.

Changelog for Patch 01.04b:
* NEW: Added more player feedback in Hikaru boss fight. His orb will push you back if you try to attack him twice from the same side, and Yamiko will offer some insightful comments.
* NEW: Added Directx9 compatibility mode as launch option for windows users.
* MISC: Gamma range in Graphic Options has been expanded. Might help users with 'dark screen' issues.
* MISC: Ending cinematic can now be skipped.
* MISC: Changed engine light equation to have a more pronounced 'cel shading' style. This results in more clear contrasts between light and shadows in problematic angles.
* FIX: Improved general performance in some chapters by tweaking the Occlusion Culling parameters.
* FIX: Improved general performance in some chapters by reducing enemy activation distance.
* FIX: Warriors at the cinematic from Chapter VII are now not taken into account for chapter score.
* FIX: Fixed multiplayer bug whereby camera could stay black after dying.
* FIX: Fixed multiplayer enemy conversations.
* FIX: Fixed light barriers not activating in multiplayer.
* FIX: (Probably) fixed invisible enemies in multiplayer.
* FIX: Minor fixes in prop placement.
* FIX: Minor localization fixes.
* FIX: Other minor fixes.

There's some big updates planned in the future focusing on customization and multiplayer interaction. We'll keep releasing patches to fix bugs and improve performance.

If you find any bugs or issues please use the 'Bugs & Support' forum! Also check the 'Known Issues' thread.

There's a steam branch for every previous version of the game in case something stops working for you. Just go to the game Properties -> Betas and select the version you want.

Have a happy killing spree,
- David Leon & all the Lince Works team
Oct 14, 2016
Community Announcements - xDavidLeon
Hi everyone!

It took a few days, but we are here again, improving Aragami with your help!

Here's the changelog for Patch 01.04:
* NEW: Added 'Swap Camera Side' button. Defaults to L3 (controller) or key X. Can be set in the redefine keys screen. Removed the 'invert camera side' option in Game Options, as its now obsolete.
* FIX: Improved performance on interior areas. Mostly noticeable in the Mausoleum (Chapter VI) and the cave at chapter V.
* FIX: Improved chapter IV performance by reducing the number of unused shadow casters.
* FIX: Updated audio engine and fixed some CPU spikes provoked by loading some sfx for the first time.
* FIX: The game doesn't try to 'fix' the player's resolution anymore, so resolution issues should be solved now. Just select and apply your desired resolution in Options, or in the settings.cfg.
* FIX: Fixed bug whereby archers stood idle until Aragami died once.
* FIX: Fixed bug whereby score events would be overwritten by consecutive events which led to confusion.
* FIX: Swapped camera side now behaves correctly when approaching a corner cover.
* FIX: Fixed bug whereby Aragami could glitch through surfaces by ledge leaping (sorry speedrunners! ːaraghostː )
* FIX: Improved multiplayer server syncing.
* FIX: Redefine Controls screen now lets you add the same binding to multiple actions.
* FIX: Hitting ESC while redefining controls doesn't break your bindings anymore.
* FIX: Rebinding 'menu' keys won't break those keys in menus anymore.
* FIX: Leaping doesn't make you lose your crouched stance now.
* FIX: Removed Aragami 'invincibility' while stunned.
* FIX: Fixed some localization issues.
* FIX: Localized achievements to different languages.
* FIX: Increased score awarded by Shinen Kills from 100 to 125.
* FIX: Kills done while being seen by an enemy don't count as Stealth Kills anymore. Normal kills award only 50 points.

Plans for future patches:
* More progress improving game performance.
* Add in-game interactions to co-op mode.
* Fix any bugs reported.

If you find any bugs or issues please use the 'Bugs & Support' forum!

There's a steam branch with the previous version of the game in case something breaks for you. Just go to the game Properties -> Betas and select the version you want.

Have an awesome weekend,
- David Leon & all the Lince Works team
PC Gamer

Patience is the thing in stealth games. You're hiding in a pool of shadow, waiting for a patrol to pass. You're creeping up on a guard from behind. You're lurking on a rooftop, lining up an attack as your victim exits the building. They're games about patiently waiting for the perfect moment, so when they fray that patience, when they betray the time you've spent skulking in their shadows, they're uniquely frustrating. Aragami, Lince Works Japanese-themed stealth game released on PC last week, pulls my patience apart like it's peeling slow-cooked meat off a bone.

Aragami is about an undead ninja assassin with shadow powers, summoned to rescue a lady from the light adepts and to collect some talismans to break the spell she s under. It's slowly revealed that the character using necromantic shadow magic might not to be the nicest, while the dudes with light powers maybe aren't that evil, to the surprise of no one.

It is a very pretty game, with pink cherry blossoms, orange Japanese lanterns, and red-framed pagodas all over, but if you're expecting Tenchu but on PC or Mark of the Ninja but 3D you'll be disappointed, because Aragami just doesn't get what makes stealth fun.

Powers, get your unlockable powers here 

Aragami is a ninja whose powers include Shadow Leap, which lets him teleport about the place. It's like Blink from Dishonored right down to the blue arrows marking ledges you can climb with it, but Shadow Leap can only be used to hop from one shadow to another. To ensure you make full use of this power, there's no other way to climb. To cross a barrier you wait in the shadows till your powers recharge, use one power to create a new shadow where you want to go and then another to leap to it. There's no jump button. Aragami is a ninja who has to use magic powers to cross a knee-high barrier.

You're forced to use powers in almost every situation. You can't open doors and have to Shadow Leap through gaps in them, can't draw your sword outside of pre-canned kill animations, can't dispose of bodies unless you've bought the power that lets you dissolve them. That last power doesn't work in brightly lit areas and if you kill a guard standing next to a lantern you have to just leave him there because there's no way to pick up bodies and drag them out of the light.

Dishonored had a similar wheel of powers to use, but apart from the bit where you have to Blink across the Void you always had the option to not use them. There's even an achievement for finishing Dishonored without buying or upgrading any of those abilities. Aragami doesn't give you that choice because its toolkit is too shallow. They say when all you have is a hammer every problem looks like a nail, but even that hypothetical hammer-wielder doesn't have to balance on their hammer like a pogo-stick to get to the next nail.

Freedom of choice is the thing. I know I said patience is the thing, but in stealth games freedom of choice is also very much the thing. There are two things, and Aragami doesn't do either of them right.

Save us from savepoints 

Aragami is broken up into arenas with multiple objectives in them light barriers that have to be broken, talismans to collect, and so on and a checkpoint at the start of each arena. There's no manual saves, and it only takes one hit from the guards' magic light weapons to kill you.

Mark of the Ninja was another stealth game that relied on checkpoints, but was much more generous with them, and even there they were occasionally annoying. In Aragami the checkpoints are a constant frustration, pushing you back to the start of a level you were just about to finish so you can listen to the same lines of introductory dialogue, re-enter the area, and defeat the dopey guards by the entrance before getting back to the challenging bit again. Or the challenging bit after that, or the one after that whichever one actually killed you last time.

Alien: Isolation is a stealth game that makes great use of savepoints, forcing you to power up a machine while standing vulnerable in the open every time you want to save. Crucially, you have the choice of when you use them. You can double back whenever you want. Aragami's automatic checkpoints don't give you that option: they force you to replay each arena in full until you get it right.

Sometimes it's said that quicksaves reduce the tension in a game, but I'm not so sure. The PC version of Silent Hill 2 added a save-anywhere option, but was just as scary as the console original. The famous 'Shalebridge Cradle' level of Thief: Deadly Shadows is no less scary because you can press F10 any time you like.

What really does away with tension is repetition. Repeating the same actions over and over in Aragami sucked all the tension out of it as efficiently as those hoses surgeons use to get blood out of wounds.

“No capes!”

Aragami wears a bright red hood and cape a bit like the characters from Journey, which turns black when he's in the dark. It also glows to tell you how much shadow power he's absorbed. However, thanks to the cloth physics it's often tangled up in his feet or off to the side wrapped round his sword where you can't see it. Having a meter on the character's back (as if Aragami is a shadow-wizard ninja version of that guy from Dead Space) prevents an ugly HUD from potentially detracting from what is a very lush-looking game, but I'd rather just have a readable icon even if it isn't as pretty.

On the subject of readability, the powers that let you mark enemies, see them through walls, and mark their vision cones feel like obligatory but unnecessary elements of modern stealth games. Their presence suggests a lack of confidence in the ability of a game's animations and sound design to keep you informed of what's going on. That's a sin common to almost every stealth game after Batman: Arkham Asylum, rather than something peculiar to Aragami. I like Arkham Asylum, but it cursed us with a generation of stealth games that have Detective Vision and boss fights. (Aragami also has boss fights, of course.)

Aragami's the kind of game whose flaws are educational. Everything it does wrong is something we can learn from. I don't point out these flaws to be mean, but in the hope they aren't repeated. Many of its problems are inherited, the kind of unquestioned design ideas that spread across genres because a couple of good games got away with them in this case mainly Dishonored and Arkham Asylum. We gave them a pass because their settings had depth, because their traversal systems made simply moving through them feel good, because they provided options for how to succeed. And even when we screwed up they made failure fun.

If Aragami achieved those things many of its problems would be forgivable, but since it doesn t they stand out and beg to be fixed. Plenty of games are grown on the grafted trunks of previous successes, but for that to work, you can't ignore the branches that need to be pruned back.


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