No Man's Sky - HG_Hohbes
Greetings explorers,

Today we’re releasing Patch 1.24, which addresses some remaining issues and bugs players have reported since the launch of the Path Finder Update. This update is available for download now.

Patch Notes
  • Fixed an issue that caused player’s bases not to appear
  • Fixed a game freeze/lock up that could occur when in space
  • Improved frame rate when playing with unlocked frame rate, or vsync disabled
  • Fixed some issues with Steam controller prompts
  • Various minor performance optimisations
  • Fixed some rare crashes & freezes

Thanks to everyone who has been playing and providing feedback/bug reports! If you continue to experience issues, you can report them via our Help Centre.

Hello Games
No Man's Sky - HG_Hohbes
Hi everyone!

Thanks for your continued feedback. Today we're releasing Patch 1.23, which addresses some of the issues/bugs we've seen reported.

Here's what's in the patch:

  • Optimised HBAO so that it runs faster
  • Sentinel drones now investigate correctly when in a vehicle
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause players to fall through the floor when exiting a ship
  • Fixed texturing issue in freighter bases
  • Fixed and inventory exploit when purchasing multiple ships in a freighter that allows you to duplicate your ship's inventory
  • Fixed a bug that causes freighters to be too cheap
  • You can no longer build the Exocraft Terminal in freighter bases, this prevented players from being able to complete the vehicle missions
  • Fix for ships spawning on top of each other
  • Fixed a crash in physics
  • Fixed a crash resulting from running out of memory
  • Improved vehicle audio
  • Fix for certain UI elements having over-saturated colours in HDR
  • Fix for font anti-aliasing in HDR
  • Improved performance of UI rendering in HDR
  • Fix for HDR rendering being dark on some TV models
  • Fixed a visual issue with the T-shaped corridor
  • Added error messaging for failed uploads to Steam Workshop
  • Colossus camera is now slightly further back when moving at speed
  • Exocraft mining lasers are now easier to aim up
  • Increased yield from Autonomous Field Mining Units
  • Fixed issue with Colossus Exocraft's wheels sinking through the ground
  • Adjust colossus collision to make it harder to go underground
  • Enable Steam Controller in base reporting and Steam Workshop base upload
  • The animation when exiting the Colossus is improved
  • Exocraft mining laser uses less fuel but is less effective in combat
  • Fixes for the white sphere that shows when at the photo mode boundary
  • Fix for ladders vanishing in bases
  • Fixed a crash when uploading and downloading bases using Steam Workshop
  • Fixed an issue caused when dying in permadeath with the inventory screen open
  • Fixed a bug causing poor performace when in a vehicle near predator creatures

If you continue to experience issues, don't hesitate to submit bug reports via our Help Centre.

Thank you,

Hello Games
No Man's Sky - (Philippa Warr)

The latest chunky update for No Man’s Sky [official site] added a lot of things that are probably Of Interest to other people and a brand new, totally overhauled and significantly fleshed-out photo mode which is of interest to me. The mode was created in collaboration with Duncan Harris, whose awesome screenshot art you might know from Dead End Thrills and thus is far more than just a free camera and a HUD removal option (although it does both of those things).

I’ve spent an obscene number of hours since the update landed (an entire season of Spooks on Netflix) skipping from planet to planet in search of pleasing landscapes so I figured I’d share the preliminary results in a gallery!

To navigate the gallery just use the arrow buttons near the images or the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard. Click on the images themselves to see larger versions.

I don’t have a fancy rig or anything so this is more about what’s possible and why the mode is interesting rather than some 4k-stravaganza… … [visit site to read more]

No Man's Sky

One of the shortcomings of No Man's Sky's Path Finder update was that the three new vehicles (called exocraft) could only be driven on your home planet: that is, the planet you built your base on. To drive the buggy, hovercraft, or cargo tank, you need to build an exocraft geobay to summon your new land-based rides, and you could only build those as part of your planetary base. (You could also use the geobays of someone else's base to summon your cars, provided you were lucky enough to discover such a base on your travels.)

Patch 1.22, released today, changes that for the better. Now you can craft your vehicles' geobays on any planet you like, meaning you can summon your wheels and go bouncing around on the surface of any planet you happen to be on, even if you don't have a base there. This will give you far more freedom to explore with your new vehicles, or, like me, to callously run over every rock, tree, and alien creature in your path. See, I've been finding the new vehicles have turned me into a real space-jerk.

Here are the full patch notes:

  • Exocraft Geobays can now be crafted on any planet - this means vehicles can be summoned anywhere (whereas previously, vehicles could only be summoned on your home planet).
  • HUD markers have been added to allow you to easily navigate back to an Exocraft Geobay
  • Fixed a bug that caused vehicle weapons and mining lasers not to drain charge
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Starship cockpit to vanish when exiting
  • Fixed some freighter door texture issues
  • Fixed a rare crash when scanning from a vehicle
  • Fixed a rare crash when feeding creatures
  • Fixed an issue which caused weapons to miss-fire when using Plasma Launcher
  • During warp the quick menu now hides properly as intended
No Man's Sky - HG_Hohbes
Hi everyone,

Thank you to everyone who’s played the Path Finder Update so far! Your feedback has been incredibly helpful - please do keep it coming.

We'll soon be releasing Patch 1.22, which includes some changes and fixes based on player feedback. Read on for full details!

Path Finder Patch 1.22
  • Exocraft Geobays can now be crafted on any planet - this means vehicles can be summoned anywhere (whereas previously, vehicles could only be summoned on your home planet).
  • HUD markers have been added to allow you to easily navigate back to an Exocraft Geobay
  • Fixed a bug that caused vehicle weapons and mining lasers not to drain charge
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Starship cockpit to vanish when exiting
  • Fixed some freighter door texture issues
  • Fixed a rare crash when scanning from a vehicle
  • Fixed a rare crash when feeding creatures
  • Fixed an issue which caused weapons to miss-fire when using Plasma Launcher
  • During warp the quick menu now hides properly as intended

As always, if you come across any issues, don't hesitate to submit a report via our Help Centre as this will allow us to investigate further.

No Man's Sky

I've been taking No Man's Sky's new Path Finder update for a spin: it's another big addition to Hello Games' sprawling space exploration game. As with Foundation before it, Path Finder's new features are mostly centered around those who want to plant stakes on a planet or in a system and stay a while, rather than continuously and restlessly explore the galaxy.

The main draw, naturally, are the ground-based vehicles added in the update: a rugged all-terrain buggy, a speedy hoverbike that can skim over the surface, and a massive, lumbering cargo crawler known as the Colossus. I'm here to report that these vehicles have instantly turned me into a complete asshole—or perhaps they've simply brought out the asshole that I've always been, deep in my heart.

I'm not sure this was the intention, but my immediate feeling while driving these new vehicles is essentially: "Yeah, fuck this planet." Previously we could skim the surface in our ships or jetpack around in our spacesuits. But now we have tires, great big knobby rubber tires, and these tires change everything. The cars allow you to completely dominate the surface in thoughtless and destructive way, like an interplanetary version of Grand Theft Auto. You can run over alien creatures, smash through trees and rocks, and blow things up with mounted lasers and blasters. And, that's pretty much what I've been doing non-stop.

I'm not saying I didn't destroy things in No Man's Sky prior to this update. You have to if you want to get anywhere. I mined rocks, trees, asteroids, and I even occasionally killed a few innocent creatures. But the destruction before Path Finder felt so limited in scope, apart from sometimes mining an entire deposit of copper or heredium. Land on a planet, carve up a few pocketfuls of minerals, and quietly leave before the sentinels get their tin knickers in a bunch.

No more. Now I'm crushing, smashing, blasting, ramming, and ruining everything in my path. The old me would have scanned and cataloged that beast you see above. Now, it's dead, my license plate imprinted in its soft, deceased belly. I don't know what you were, gentle creature, and I don't care. Sorry, infinite worlds and never-before-seen lifeforms. You're just in my way.

Moving on: base sharing and racing are also new to the update, and I've toyed with that as well. Bases are discoverable, which means you might be visiting a new (to you) planet and simply find someone's base (here's video of someone on PS4 finding and exploring another player's base, and he's even able to use the base's vehicles docks to summon his own vehicles). Otherwise, players can upload their bases and race tracks to the Steam Workshop, and others can download them and check them out. I'm not entirely sure of the mechanics, but it looks like you basically download an instance of the planet to walk around in. Progress isn't saved while you're there, you're just sort of experiencing a copy of another player's world and work.

Racing is sort of enjoyable, but not as a race, more as an excursion across the surface an unfamiliar planet. I used Icreaka's test racing course, and It wasn't a heart-pounding experience but it was a lovely trip up from checkpoint to checkpoint, up and down hills and through interesting rock formations. I wonder if spaceship racing will be added in the future: I think that might be a bit more thrilling, honestly.

One welcome addition is the new photo mode—which was worked on by Dead End Thrills'd Duncan Harris—especially since No Man's Sky was already a great game to take pictures in. The new mode lets you pause the action, jump-into third person mode so you can view your ship, add filters, and even place the sun wherever you like, useful for creating more interesting shots but especially useful on planets, where you can turn night into day, morning into evening, dusk into a few minutes before dusk, and so on.

My only wish is that entering photo mode was done with a single click of a key: right now, it's accomplished by pressing X to bring up the little menu, then cycling to the photo mode option, then pressing F. So it takes a couple seconds, which can make it challenging to take action shots of, say, your buggy ramming an innocent alien cow to death. Still, it's a really nice feature, and one I love to see in games.

There's a lot more to the update, which I outlined here. I haven't really messed with much else yet, I've been far too busy absentmindedly running over unique alien lifeforms and leaving a trail of smashed alien cacti, and occasionally pausing for snapshots.

There's a saying: Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Clearly whoever said that didn't have a giant space car.

No Man's Sky - (Alice O'Connor)

After trapping a galaxy inside a computer using maths, No Man’s Sky developers Hello Games are launching an initiative to fund and support other devs’ wild dreams of procedural worlds. With first-hand experience of risking running out of money while working on something they loved, they’d like to help other folks working with procedural generation and experimental games research. ‘Hello Labs’, as they call it, has already befriended one project and more may follow. For now, it’s all a bit mysterious. … [visit site to read more]

No Man's Sky - Valve
Save 40% on No Man's Sky as part of this week's Weekend Deal*!

Also, check out the brand new Path Finder Update!

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time

No Man's Sky - (Philippa Warr)

No Man's Sky

Oh blimey. Hello Games is releasing the Path Finder update for No Man’s Sky [official site] today. Alice? ALICE? ALIIIIIIIICE? Alice, there doesn’t seem to be a bicycle but there are a selection of planetary rover-type things called exocraft. No bells as far as I can tell, though. There’s also the potential to visit other people’s bases if popping over for a space visit is your bag, to own multiple ships if ships are your bag and permadeath if dying forever is your bag. You can do race track building and sharing and… *skims the rest of the list* A NEW PHOTO MODE created in collaboration with him off DeadEndThrills? Step aside, news article, I’m going in.

First the summary list of Path Finder jiggerypokery: … [visit site to read more]

No Man's Sky - HG_Hohbes


We’re excited to be releasing the next free content update for No Man’s Sky today: Path Finder.

Here’s a summary of what to expect:
  • Improved Visuals
  • Owning Multiple Ships
  • Base Sharing Online
  • Bases can be shared via Steam Workshop
  • New Vehicles - Exocraft
  • Permadeath Mode
  • Build Vehicle Race Tracks
  • Ship Specialisations and Classes
  • Shop/Traders
  • Double the Base Building Variety
  • Multi-tool Specialization and Classes
  • New Weapon Modes
  • Photo Mode
  • Discovery Menu
  • Quality of Life Improvements
  • 50% more original music from 65daysofstatic

There’s a lot to take in, so let’s take a closer look at a few of the changes you can expect in this update:


As the title suggests, Path Finder heralds a new era of planetary exploration in No Man's Sky. New vehicles, called Exocraft, enable explorers to travel at great speed across their home planets and allow navigation of even the most inhospitable terrains. There are three Exocraft to unlock and collect through Base Building, each of which can be further improved with powerful weaponry, mining equipment and long-range scanners to maximise their effectiveness.


For those seeking the ultimate challenge, we've introduced a brutally difficult new game mode called Permadeath. Not only does this mode mirror the high difficulty level of Survival mode (which has been made harder with damaged ships crash landing on planets), but dying will also wipe your saves and start you from the beginning. Of course, this deserves recognition, so new trophies have been introduced for Survival and Permadeath mode.

Visuals & Photo Mode

No Man’s Sky has never looked better, with a host of visual improvements including new high resolution textures, improved lighting, ambient occlusion and 4K support. Players looking to capture their favourite moments can also make use of a new photo mode. This screenshot tool lets players change the time of day, increase or decrease fog and cloud levels, unlock their camera for the perfect angle, and even add filters to their screenshots. We can’t wait to see what the community can come up with!

Specialisations & Classes

The introduction of a new specialisation system allows players to pick specific weapons and ships to match their play style. In addition, a class now introduces ship and weapon quality levels - these classes range from C, B, A and S (S Class ships and weapons are the rarest and most powerful). Alongside the introduction of ship specialisation, we’ve also introduced the ability to own multiple starships.

Quality of Life

Numerous quality of life improvements have been introduced following community feedback. These include: skippable journey milestone black bars, quick clicks on certain interface options, improvements to the discovery menu, the option of renaming ships and weapons and more.

Once again, there's more to find out about Path Finder, so head to the official website for more information!

This is the next step in our journey. It shows the path forward. We hope you'll join us.

Hello Games


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