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Hi everyone!

We're thrilled to announce that we've released a free compilation of the Prominence Prologue for Kindle and other e-book readers, along with a desktop-friendly PDF version. ːbelosː

Included in this collection are:
- Newly edited versions of all 10 of the original Prominence Prologue story vignettes
- A previously unreleased bonus chapter, "Reitessa's Concern"
- A brief forward from the dev team
- Linked table of contents for quick access to each chapter

If you're interested in Prominence, but haven't yet purchased it, these short scenes of backstory will help set the stage for the events in the game.

You can view ːlefteyeconːːrighteyeconː and download all three versions of the e-book -- MOBI, EPUB, and PDF -- right here.

Happy adventuring and thanks for your support!
Community Announcements - renderboy
Happy holidays everyone!

Today we're releasing character avatars from Prominence. If you enjoyed the character art from the game, you can now use them as avatars on your favorite adventure forums, in social media, on your Steam profile, or even as avatars in apps like Discord and Skype.

Each character is available in two versions: JPG with a red solar background, and transparent PNG with a gray border. Kinda makes the preview look like a big sci-fi candy cane.

You can preview and download any or all of them via this link.

Thank you for all of your suppport! We wish you all the best for 2017!

P.S. If Prominence is on your Wishlist but not in your Library, you can get it now at its lowest price ever. All purchases include the complete downloadable Soundtrack (16 songs), Guided Walkthrough PDF, and Voice-Actor Blooper/Outtakes Reel.
Community Announcements - DigitalMediaWorkshop
It's official: Prominence Trading Cards are approved and activated!

Collect the full set and craft them into badges to obtain a variety of Prominence-themed backgrounds and emoticons.

Or, if you're not interested in collecting and crafting, you can sell the cards on the community market to put a bit of extra money into your Steam wallet.

Happy adventuring! :)

Community Announcements - DigitalMediaWorkshop
Prominence trading cards are on the way! Each card features high-resolution character art and iconic quotes from the game. Collect the full set and craft them into badges to obtain a variety of Prominence-themed backgrounds and emoticons.

Of course, if you're not a fan of Steam's trading cards, you can always sell the cards on the community market to put a bit of extra money into your Steam wallet.

We've already submitted the full pack of 10 cards plus all the badges, emoticons, and profile backgrounds to Steam for approval. With any luck, they could go live as soon as next week!

More Goodies on the Way!

'Tis the season of giving, and we've scheduled some new Prominence goodies for release each week from now through Christmas. Check in with us here on Steam, Facebook, Twitter, or the official site each week to get the latest.

We just celebrated Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and we're sending out a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported the game over the past year.

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming holidays,
- the Prominence team

P.S. If Prominence is currently warming a spot on your Steam Wishlist, you can grab it for just $9.99 (50% off!) during the Steam Autumn Sale. Hurry, though -- sale ends Nov 29!
Community Announcements - DigitalMediaWorkshop
If you've been stumped by a particularly tricky puzzle, or would prefer to play Prominence as a more guided narrative experience, get ready for awesomeness because today we're releasing the official Prominence Guided Walkthrough!

Rather than just a bullet-point to-do list, we've put together a comprehensive 34-page guide to take you on the epic sci-fi adventure from beginning to end(ings), including solutions for all the puzzles plus cues along the way where you can find extra story content.

The letter-sized layout and PDF format make it a tablet-friendly companion. Or, go old school and print it out. We left plenty of margin space for notes! (And if you don't have either of those options, it will work just fine in your favorite PDF reader while ALT-TABing in and out of the game.)

Here on Steam, the walkthrough can be found in the Prominence game directory:

The Prominence Guided Walkthrough is the latest in our ongoing series of free Prominence extras for everyone who owns the game. We've also released the complete original soundtrack and the voice-actor outtakes reel. More goodies will continue to release in the coming weeks!
Community Announcements - DigitalMediaWorkshop
As part of our continuing series of extra goodies, we are releasing the Prominence voiceover outtake reel. Everyone who owns the game here on Steam will receive a copy, which provides some funny moments from the voiceover sessions. Once you have the latest Steam update for the game, look for the "prm_voiceover_outtakes.mp3" file in the Prominence directory under Steam.

Some players reported an issue where the soundtrack was not appearing in their directory after the first extras update. So, we've included the soundtrack as a zip file in the main Prominence Steam directory as well.

Also, if you've found yourself stumped during your adventure, help is on the way! Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the complete walkthrough, within the next two weeks.

Community Announcements - PolarBear70
Hi everyone!

Today, we are releasing a game update that should fix hotspot issues on integrated graphics chipsets.

You should still be able to use existing saved games without any issues.

This update has been successfully tested internally and by players who have had integrated graphics issues, but we'll still be checking in on the Community Hub discussions in case any major issues arise. You can also reach out to us directly by sending an email to

Thanks for your support, and happy adventuring!
Community Announcements - DigitalMediaWorkshop
Hi everyone!

We're excited to announce that the first in our series of extra Prominence goodies is releasing today. Everyone who owns the game here on Steam will receive a digital version of the Official Soundtrack for Prominence. Once the new update downloads to your system, check inside your Prominence game directory under Steam. You'll find a new "soundtrack" directory with 14 tracks of music from the game, plus 2 bonus tracks from our audio sessions.

To accompany the release of the soundtrack, we're also releasing our newest Developer Chat. Spend an extended coffee break with Mike and Tom and you'll hear all kinds of fun details about the soundtrack development, the origins of Old Letarri for the choir, the voice-actor casting/auditions, the foley sessions, and more.

We're also pleased to report that integrated chipsets will soon have even more compatibility with Prominence. Our prototype build with a new hotspot placement system has entered beta and is being tested.

If you've had trouble with seemingly broken hotspots in Prominence -- particularly on Windows 10 and Intel HD Graphics chipsets -- please feel free to contact us ( ) if you'd like to help with testing.

Thank you for supporting Prominence and for supporting indie adventure games. Stay tuned for more upcoming goodies as we venture through the holiday season!
Community Announcements - DigitalMediaWorkshop
Wir freuen uns, verkünden zu können, dass deutsche Prominence-Spieler jetzt auch in ihrer Muttersprache spielen können. Menüs, Untertitel und andere Texte im Spiel wurden komplett übersetzt.

Steam lädt die neue Sprachversion bei bereits bestehenden Installationen automatisch herunter. Neue Spieler haben direkt nach der Installation Zugang zur deutschen Version.

Viel Spaß!

(originally via Google translate, now much improved by a kind-hearted community member)
Community Announcements - DigitalMediaWorkshop
We're very pleased to report that members of the German community will now be able to play Prominence with the menus, subtitles and other in-game text in their native language.

For existing players, Steam should automatically update you to the new version.

New players will have access to the German language immediately upon installation.

Happy adventuring!

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