Community Announcements - Fingers
Hi everybody! Tonight's update brings you the first of several quest encounters, in which an extra-galactic invader threatens the sector. This doesn't happen in every game, but is a randomly occurring event. The set of alien races is also randomized so that the mix varies from game to game, to keep things interesting. There are also various bits of polish and bug fixes as usual.
  • Added the terrifying Yellow Kawangi
  • Made black holes highlight in a bright red "danger" color
  • Made alien races randomly distributed, not there every time
  • Made it possible to select ships in combat by clicking on palette icons
  • Made it easier to point & click on small ships while zoomed out
  • Made number key selection of ships work on star map
  • Made Limited Vacuum Collapser functional
  • Calatian homeworld now sells their race-specific items
  • New cloaking sounds, other sound and music
  • Fixed crash on clicking on input boxes
  • Fixed captain name blanking out
  • Fixed item-wishing input box not clearing when clicked
  • Fixed crash/hang on game start
  • Fixed quitting from combat while paused (now unpauses & fades)
  • Fixed cloak button activating while ship is burning
Community Announcements - Fingers
For those of you who wish to help iron out bugs before the update goes public, Click here for instructions on how to enroll to the pre-release beta program. Note that the public beta thread will likely contain spoilers, as we test things like new special encounters.
Community Announcements - Fingers
The main attraction of today's update is that alien combat AI has been overhauled - different races now have different behaviors that suit their personalities, and they are generally smarter. There are also sound updates, bug fixes and new stuff as usual. Here's the change list:
  • Major updates to combat AI - races have individual behaviors, overall smarter
  • Ship explosion sounds now randomly vary
  • Added Anti-Graviton Shunt that protects you from black holes
  • Added Plasma Coil Cloaker which makes your ship invisible
  • Fixed some ships (particularly Tchorak) "burning" too long
  • Fixed black holes in combat simulator background
  • Fixed some cases of UI sounds overlapping
Community Announcements - Fingers
Hello, denizens of the Purple Void! In addition to the usual bug fixes and added content today's update brings more "space stuff" to the star map, making the world more lively and perhaps dangerous. Here's the change list:
  • Added black holes - don't get too close!
  • Added particle effects for neutron stars - now with relativistic jets!
  • Added binary stars
  • Added some new UI sound effects
  • Replaced more placeholder art
  • Fixed race-specific pricing not working right
  • Fixed bauble breaking if you click anywhere on the pop-up
  • Fixed a hang/crash bug on game start
Community Announcements - Fingers
Hello, everyone! Today's update concentrates on polishing the overall experience of the game, tying up loose ends and replacing placeholder art across the board. We now have difficulty settings that allow you to either ease into the game or make it much more challenging once you have mastered it, and a scoring system that gives you points for making allies and destroying enemy ships. Various sounds and music have also been improved. Here's the full change list:
  • New UI for game start and game over screens
  • Difficulty settings - Enemy Strength & Nebular Density (affects scoring)
  • Scoring with breakdown, including diplomacy/combat bonus
  • Added new music/ambient track to Combat Simulator
  • Rebalanced combat background music volume
  • New sounds for "Bauble" interaction
  • Tutorial now restarts at beginning of each game (if turned on)
  • Item price is now shown on mouse-over tip when at homeworld
  • Numerous pieces of art for items etc
  • Fixed items showing coin prices at Graveyard/Garbage Dump
  • Fixed some images not fading in/out correctly
  • Fixed click in Muktian race music
  • Fixed missing laser repeater sound
  • Fixed combat tutorial appearing in friendly encounter
  • Fixed Klakar Orbital Nest broken by previous update
  • Fixed bug that allowed the combat to be paused while fading out
Community Announcements - Fingers
Today's update brings in an updated version of the scripting engine, and several usable items to take advantage of it. Weird Worlds players will find them familiar, but I'm not going to spoil them here! :) There are also many new lifeforms, bringing the total number of items in the game to over 100.

I'm going to be down in Culver City, CA this weekend to show the game at IndieCade 2014. If you're interested in indie games and want to hobnob with people who make them, that's the place to be!
Community Announcements - Fingers
Greetings, fellow space cadets! It's time for another Sea of Stars update. The big ticket item today is that we have added the Calatian race, who were only mentioned in passing in the previous game "Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space" but are now a fully-featured empire of their own. Don't let their squirrel-sized stature fool you, they are ferocious little warriors and a formidable enemy, or an ally if you can manage that! A bunch of smaller changes & fixes round out the update:
  • Added the furry, forest-dwelling race of Calatians
  • Added a "Loading" notification while the game loads data
  • Added UI sounds to the combat simulator
  • Improvements to particle engine & several particle effects
  • Limited numbers of ships in combat simulator to keep it sane
  • Ships now escape toward the nearest edge of map rather than "south"
  • Fixed Klakar beacon script not running if you had been to their homeworld
  • Fixed dragging items from a planet to mercenary icon
After a summer that included some traveling that kept me away from the computer, development is once again continuing at full pace. Note for those who don't yet have a copy of the game but would like to try it out (along with a bunch of other cool indie titles!) - we'll be showing it at the IndieCade festival in Culver City CA from Oct 9-12. See
Community Announcements - Fingers
Hi all, it's been a while since the last update but this is a pretty significant one. A lot of improvements, small and big. In other exciting developments we're also releasing a new trailer video just in time for PAX and getting ready for another sizable content update introducing a new alien race. Stay tuned!

Today's change list:
  • Fixed doubled-up items in stores
  • Fixed being able to escape before encounter starts in combat
  • Fixed being able to summon Klakar after/while escaping
  • Fixed being able to summon Klakar before your own ships are on screen
  • Fixed music not playing in Klakar/Muktian scripted messages
  • Added a system to keep certain races (Tchorak) from being too close to Hope
  • Fixed mercenary and left-item icons overlapping on starmap
  • Made zooming in combat follow the mouse cursor position
  • Made stealing items from neutral Zorg result in diplomatic downgrade
  • Added more diplomatic messages to Zorg
  • Made neutral fleets greet you even if you have met the race earlier
  • Fixed mismatched star names on homeworld systems
  • Fixed crash bug with trade inventory rendering while moving
  • Made combat grid squares bigger when the combat map is larger
  • Made a new placeholder for Klakar beacon image
  • Added mouse-over mini-coins on items (at stores that deal with coins)
  • Fixed antichronon beam description being too long
  • Made new Galacticoin graphics
  • Reassigned some star names to prevent crash (not enough orange)
  • Fixed visual glitch caused by clicking on starmap while explore card is up
  • Reduced twitchiness of ship path dragging in combat
  • Smoothed transition from main menu to game
  • Smarter Klakar arrival, should no longer smash into enemies
  • Fixed Klakar weapons damaging allied spacecraft
  • New music and sound effects in several places
Community Announcements - Fingers
This is mainly a content update - quite a bit of new content, actually. I hope you'll like it! Here's the full list:
  • Added three more Tchorak ship types
  • Added a Klakar space station (most fun in the simulator for now!)
  • Added WIP graphics for all stores
  • Added new music for stores and diplomacy messages for each race
  • Fixed not being able to sell more than 10 items (again)
  • Re-worded "unpause" to "resume"
Community Announcements - Fingers
Today's update is a pretty big one! Among other things it adds another race: the mysterious Tchorak. Their technology, if you can call it that, is very different from anything else in the galaxy and makes them a particularly tough adversary. Here's the full change list:
  • added the Tchorak, an enigmatic race of magma-dwelling rock creatures with molten asteroid ships and unique weapons
  • added a fighter craft for the Klakar homeworld defense, and textured their trading vessel
  • added texture scale/resolution settings in procedural texturing for very small/very large objects
  • added scripted Klakar trading vessel
  • added Klakar summoning beacon for quick trades and combat reinforcements
  • added some more names for large Garthan and Zorg ships
  • added indication that travel time is uncertain when traveling through nebula without the calculator
  • additional engine features to accommodate new weapons, e.g. missiles with curved paths
  • grouped pause and escape buttons in combat UI
  • added indicator that items were left behind on a planet
  • added indicator that a new ship was added to the palette (blinking)
  • changed Zorg fighter so the gun doesn't stick out as much
  • changed credits font
  • new Tan Ru image
  • new music/ambient for several location
  • fixed dragging items from ship to store not swapping properly
  • fixed radar blips being very quiet when the camera is far away
  • fixed escape button behaving oddly when combat is paused
  • fixed being able to install two repair systems
  • fixed right-drag on a ship not rotating combat view
  • fixed alliance request window getting stuck if there were more than one enemy to ally against
  • fixed alliance not affecting other allies (e.g. Klakar might attack friendly Muktians)
  • fixed a bug where destroyed ships could survive with zero hitpoints if you escaped before they exploded
  • fixed ship management screen lighting so it no longer depends on map orientation
  • fixed the game continuing if your last ship is a fighter (Ripcord). This now ends the game.
  • fixed missing cobalt torpedo sound

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