Aug 17
RymdResa - Morgondag


Patch 1.10.1 is a really small patch!

We fixed a research UI glitch and added a new fantastic "sign up for our newsletter" button in the menu, because we really want you to subscribe to our mailing list so we can mail you about upcoming content, news and games! =)

Interested in joining our mailing list? Yay!
Use the signup form here

//Vendela and Kim

RymdResa - Morgondag

Hi everyone!! We just released a new big patch containing bug-fixes and tweaks. Hope you will enjoy what we’ve fixed, added and changed.

  • Completing a research will now give the correct bonus items.
  • Options and settings will be the same on each difficulty mode.
  • When you beat a chapter, launch screen now remembers your last difficulty mode pick.
  • Prevented Protection Sonar from staying around after use.
  • Prevented Defense Star and Eric's Phase Jumper to spawn before researching them.

Features, changes and balancing:
  • A new UI in inventory that shortly describes the various stats and terms.
  • Reduced the max speed of traveling ice blocks and stones.
  • Greatly reduced the damage taken from fast moving stones and ice blocks on easy and normal difficulty mode.
  • Evil travellers now have a reduced max speed and does slightly less damage in chapter 3.
  • You can now toggle between each difficulty mode on the travel stats screen. Before you only could see stats from the normal difficulty mode.
  • Chapter 1’s signal locations are now reduced to 8 from 9.
  • The first 6 items you find when playing on normal and easy difficulty mode will now be usable by the ship you're currently flying, instead of having a random ship requirement.
  • Your first 3 items you find when playing on expert difficulty mode will now be usable by the ship you're currently flying, instead of having a random ship requirement. As you lose your items on expert difficulty mode, this will be reset on each death.
  • Expert mode now requires 60% less experience for level up.
  • You can now toggle between each difficulty mode on research screen if you visit it from the start menu.
  • Current difficulty mode other than normal is now displayed on start screen below the planet.
  • Added a link to the start page leading you to our upcoming game Lunar Soil's site.

Thank you for playing RymdResa!! And big thank you for reporting issues and bugs in the forums, helping us making RymdResa better! ❤

//Vendela and Kim

Community Announcements - Morgondag
Title: Imprint-X is now available!

Hey! =)

We just wanted to let you know that we just released our second bigger title, imprint-X!! Check out the imprint-X Steam Store Page over here:

Morgondag <3
Community Announcements - Morgondag

Patch 1.9.0 - The Wardens

The Wardens
New RymdResa Patch is out! :) We have, for example lowered the Ragnarok cost and also lowered damage from stones in the first chapter a bit. Moreover we have made some tweaks to the camera. The camera will now shift towards the ship velocity in order to see more what's in front of the ship. Due to the lack of zoom ability this will make more use of the screenspace.

To all of you that have written in out forums - reporting issues and bugs and giving us wonderful gameplay suggestions and feedback - thank you! This patch is for you! <3

Patch Notes
  • Fixed "Paragon Fuel Depo" exploit
    - Resources will no longer auto refill when entering inventory.
  • Reduced damage from stones and iceblocks in chapter 1.
    - Made the flights in space a little easier.
  • Massive Supplykit + 100 resources!
    - Increased the Large Supply Kit's resources amount.
  • Lowered crafting threshold!
    - From 1000 to 600! Easier to get more fun loot!
  • Lowered Ragnarok cost!
    - From 500 000 to 100 000 spacepoints, it will now be easier to obtain this beast!
  • Floating camera directions offset!
    - Camera will now shift towards the ship velocity in order to see more of what's in front of the ship. Due to the lack of zoom ability this will make more use of the screenspace.
  • Removed the big X on startscreen!
    - A guest clone is now there instead!
  • Two new shipstyles!
    - One global style and one new for Embla Colonizer.
  • Reduced the damage from Evil Ships!
    - Their rapid shots now does 20 damage instead of 35.
  • Two new Zones!
    - Two new Zones to discover in space.
  • A couple of new exploration quests!
    - New exploration stories.
  • A couple of new planets!
    - New planets populates space!
  • Changed amount needed for all "Pilgrim" Achievements!
    - From 25 per ship to 5 per ship.

Wish you a magical holiday!

Jun 23, 2016
Community Announcements - Vemdel
Check out this new project from the developers of RymdResa!

A causal button based puzzle game. Hack into people's brains and destroy the robotic virus that enslaves their minds!

Check it out!

More info
  • A new puzzle game.
  • Button based gameplay.
  • 100 unique puzzle levels.
  • Simple but challenging boss mechanics.
  • Beautiful design.

May 30, 2016
Community Announcements - Morgondag

Patch 1.8.0 - Open Space

Linux Support!
We got super great news for you! We now support Linux(!!!), developed and tested on SteamOS and Ubuntu.
Other Linux systems should work as well but at your own risk!
GPU acceleration is disabled per default, see Steam launch options for more info.
We've created a Steam forum thread dedicated to any Linux related issues. If you encounter any trouble, please let us know!

More info
  • Linux Support!
  • Fixed a bug with unresponsive exit button on Unix systems.
  • Fixed a bug with screen auto-scaling error on Unix systems.
  • Fixed a rare savegame bug for mac.
  • Lowered the damage from evil ships in chapter 3.
  • Lowered resources loss from two quests: "Escape capsule broken!" and "Broken engine"
  • Fixed an issue where you could get NaN or Null resources from quests.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with glitch-animation in the "Black Zone".

Btw, check out this alpha gameplay trailer from our upcoming puzzle game imprint-X

Community Announcements - Morgondag

Patch 1.7.0 - Winter's Fall

Right now we have a weeklong discount for RymdResa with 50% off!
The discount is accompanied by a new patch called Winter's Fall.
It includes some minor bug fixes and a brand new ship style!

More info about Winter's Fall:
  • Opening steam overlay rapidly multiple times will no longer crash the game.
  • We fixed a bug with missing option settings at start.
  • The game no longer crashes if a corrupt save file is created.
  • We've made a new special ship style, equippable on all ships!
  • Fixed a rare bug where savefiles wrote corrupt data to disk.

Jan 28, 2016
Community Announcements - Morgondag
Patch notes:
  • Fixed a bug with wonders achievements not being triggered correctly.
  • All Steam achievements can now trigger retroactively if you got them.
  • Lowered initial sound levels for SFX.
  • Fixed a bug with diary pods ui throwing errors.
  • Fixed typos.
  • Three new calm zones for chapter one and two.
  • Fixed a bug on the startscreen where the logo could sometimes render behind the planet.

Pss! Right now we have 40% off!
Dec 22, 2015
Community Announcements - Morgondag
Hello everyone! We've made a small patch for the holidays with some reported bug fixes (thanks everyone for your reports)!

  • Fixed a legacy bonus exploit!
  • Legacy UI on ship selection should now be visible correctly.
  • Protection Sonar should now disappear correctly when going into menus.
  • Copy changes: clarified that it's humans in real space displayed on start screen (not players).
  • Gamepad difficulty selection for hardcore mode should now work correctly.
  • Fixed a rare rendering bug for mines.
  • Fixed issue with logo sometimes being transparent on the start screen.

Happy Holidays! <3
Nov 25, 2015
Community Announcements - Morgondag
To celebrate our presence at DreamHack Winter in Jönköping (come and say hello to us) we have our second discount - 33% off! A great opportunity for you to grab your copy of RymdResa or as a gift to a friend!

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