Community Announcements - The Void


We have lots of things coming to Hero Siege soonish!

We are removing the gold to rubies conversion for good and will instead give more ruby drops from wormholes.

Rubies can be used to buy mystery chests which can either give you relics, high item level satanics for people over 50 WH (better than what you get from WH), or a bunch of keys or wormhole keys and maybe even hats n stuff! (These can also drop from major bosses with a low percentage).

We will also be welcoming season 1 and the guilds!
Community Announcements - The Void

So since there have been lots of requests for a Pyromancer skin, I've been putting in the hours and working at this. There is still plenty of work!
Community Announcements - The Void
I have banned a big bunch of players today which sucks, I don't want to do it but its the only way to get rid of people who ruin the fun for others.

Please don't cheat, our system is very strickt and it will flag you and get you banned.

Also do not accept cheated items from cheaters, because those get you flagged and it makes our lives harder.

There will be a system in the future that detects changed stats and instabans the cheater immediately, but for now its all manual. So yeah, lets all be legit and enjoy the game yo!
Jun 26
Community Announcements - The Void
Lets try this one more time. I triple checked no broken constants now, should work just fine in game and out.

Waking up today was my biggest misstake. What a failed day.

gl hf.
Jun 26
Community Announcements - The Void
- Fixed that enhance_cast crash
- Dumped audio groups which caused sounds to not work
- Made low and med graphics settings remove text outline for bad GPU's that crashed for vertex buffer reasons.

Yeah sorry.. Everyone is on vacation and I'm working from home alone stressed to the verge of mental breakdown, trying my best. Just sorry and dont spank me too hard pliz ːappleofevolutionː
Community Announcements - The Void
Sorry for this, was a major fukup from me but things should be rolling and those crashes should be gone. I will monitor if any new ones come and fix asap. Hopefully not and sorry again!
Jun 26
Community Announcements - The Void

- Fixed Shaman sounds
- Fixed Shaman tooltips
- Shaman turning into a viking fixed
- Shaman hat on client fixed
- Crashing on Land Lord is fixed.
- Removed sprite fonts in order to prepare the game for localization.
- Optimized audio groups and texture pages some to make the game run better
- Reflection projectiles now have a depth so that they are on top of everything
- Fixed a bug in reflection for clients.

Jun 20
Community Announcements - The Void

- Health bars drawing when dead fixed.
- Fixed a projectile caused crash in co-op
- Pulling a passive enemy will alert all surrounding enemies and pull them too.
- Passive packs now hold together better and dont wander too far from starting point!
- Shaman is now out!
Community Announcements - The Void

Hero Siege: Pocket Edition is now available for iOS World Wide!
Community Announcements - The Void
We are stocked how well the game is doing on a free to play dominant platform being a bit pricy, but thank you all for your continued support of the game! We are preparing an iOS launch in the near future!

Also controls will be ironed out and we will continue making it as good as we possibly can! :)

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