Hero Siege - Läskeinäijä
Here are some pictures of the random generation in the upcoming big patch :)

Hero Siege - Läskeinäijä

So since the random generator is a ton of work, and we have a LOT of assets to do with the asset generator for the actual generation system we will be postponing the actual release to July. We will be releasing a public beta in the upcoming weeks for the patch, anyone will be able to participate.

Its a lot more work than we expected, so sorry for any inconvenience.
Hero Siege - Läskeinäijä

Soo we have been fighting with the PS4 version of the game for a while, we planned to release it as 30 FPS due to the game being so heavy. But during massive debugging and investigating we managed to get the PS4 FPS from 32 up to a stable 80-85 by some cool magic tricks!

This means the PS4 version will be coming out as 60 FPS and that PC performance will be at least doubled! This is a victory for all of us due to lags in wormholes etc!

Just wanted to drop by and tell this ;) Have a great day!
Hero Siege - Läskeinäijä

Hello fellas!

We have been working on a major overhaul for Season 3 of Hero Siege, which will come in with a HUGE patch!

Major features in the new patch

- Wave system will be completely deleted from the main game, you will now explore the maps and kill packs on your own pace.

- Random generated levels; One of our programmer has been working for 8 months on a random generation engine with an asset editor so you will be getting bigger maps with 100% generation and a real roguelike feel!

- Item balance has been checked further, much better scaling now.

- Dynamic difficulty curve based on group level median (in solo, your level)

- Solo Leaderboards will be class specific, no longer all classes in the same bracket

- Lots of exploits fixed

- All enemies will get attack animations and re-worked graphics

- Quest system, there will be a main quest for the entire game that gives you lots of EXP, loot and relics etc to make leveling funnier.

- Lots of improvement in overal engine

- New AI programming for enemies, lighter pathfinding (less performance use for the game)

- Lots and lots of bug fixes!

- Localization for: China, Russia, Finland, Brazil (More later)

And here is some of the upcoming new art:

Mar 13
Hero Siege - The Void
- Fixed Steam cloud crash
- Fixed iLevel scaling for clients
- Fixed EXP in Wormholes
- Fixed Satan not spawning correctly
- Every Hero Level now adds 100 exp per Hero Level to all below 150 char exp gain.
- Re-made the TAB section ingame
- Updated Class Packs (Amazon + Shaman) in the complete bundle


- Demon Spawn Impale damage fixed
- Fixed WM synergy to energy from strength
- Fixed tick on Samurai spells
- Astral Wolf damage fixed
- X Marks the Spot damage fixed
- Parrot damage fixed
- Absorb Shield crash fixed
- Fixed Necromancers minions following the host
Hero Siege - The Void

So we have a sale atm, which did bring us like 60,000 new players. This means the servers are experiencing some serious flood, and are crashing often.

We are looking to upgrade the computers at our provider's to support higher performance.

There also was a problem with login (wrong password etc). This has been fixed now, so go play! :)

Also if playing alone, We always suggest P2P over official servers, for 0 ping and reliable (will never crash due to lag etc).

Sorry for any inconvencies this has caused!
Mar 8
Hero Siege - The Void
- Fixed Exp scaling for wormholes
- Fixed ilevel drops in higher difficulties
- Fixed Necromancer hands not ticking

- Added WM synergies to healing spells
- Added Paladin synergy to divine shield
- Buffed WM Spell damage (chain lightning, mana pulse)

- Buffed HP Gain from stamina, now it scales per level from 15 HP per stamina to 90 HP per stamina 1-150
^ Ranged's have a bit less of scaling.

MAC and Linux updates coming tomorrow!
Mar 8
Hero Siege - The Void
- White Mage class released
- New difficulty curve (group level dynamic scaling)
- More item drops in early game
- Added "out of combat" faster health regen.

- Changed minion behavior to be more consistent.
- Fixed Divine Shield for clients.
- Fixed wormhole timer progressing while the game is paused.
- Fixed voice acting option not disabling boss kill lines.
- Fixed relics resetting when death occurs during the exit timer.
- Fixed Demonspawn Spawn skin for clients.
- Fixed issues with town portal.
- Fixed a few incorrect item descriptions.
- Fixed Shaman totem damage.
- Reaping now ticks 0.5% of your max hp instead of 2% per stack.
- Uber Inoya now matches the current town.

- Amazon Rebound now deals extra damage from strength on top of your AA damage.
- Paladin Divine Shield is now instead an absorb shield that lasts for 5-10 seconds depending on synergy and it absorbs incoming damage.
- Fixed Necromancer's minions healthbars and added outlines to the text.
- Fixed a crash with Paladins Divine Shield
- Fixed a crash with White Mages Mana Orb
+ Tons of bugfixes and graphical enhancements!

If you wish to support us:

Hero Siege - The Void

Take part in an awesome Giveaway event by our company Panic Art Studios!

Win a FREE PlayStation 4 (1TB) + Resident Evil 7 retail game, shipped to the winner anywhere!

Click this link: https://twitter.com/eliaspixel/status/838825727969591298

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PS. If you do all the entries you have bigger chance of winning!
Feb 1
Community Announcements - The Void
We have now updated the game for MAC, it runs on SIERRA OSX perfectly now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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