Community Announcements - The Void
So since we have 4 tabs in the serverlist, we will instead just have 1 server list. Anyone can join any expansion server, but only host the ones they own. So you can technically play all the DLC without buying them if someone who has them hosts a game with them.

BUT you still wont access the DLC exclusive relics, class etc.

Anyway we wanna simplyfy how the serverlist works and connect more players to each other!

Any thoughts you have, please share!
Apr 28
Community Announcements - The Void

- Disabled shop button while loading saves which was causing lost gold / crystals etc.
- Remade the minion section in shop.
- Khorga crashing game fixed
- Fixed renaming only giving max 6 chars
- Text now works properly in chat.
- Fixed Marksman's homing missile.
- Fixed player 2 selling items crashing game in co-op
- Exitting Siege Mode resets relics and relic factor, this is not the place to farm relics in.
- Wormholes are now guarded by the Demon God.

- Paladin Lightning now fixed 25% chance to proc.
- Changed how paladin's lightning works
Community Announcements - The Void
Howdy Ho!

So we have been working on Hero Siege for mobile on the side of patching etc. We have been optimizing it for phones so that it runs on them as well as possible, which was not the case with the older version.

We also want to support the premium model over free app, so we will be releasing it as a premium "complete edition" which will cost $12.99 and will include all DLC (including collectors eiditions and amazon pack).

There is yet no release date, but it will be most likely on the end of next month!
Community Announcements - The Void
All fixed and should work fine now! No patch needed!
Community Announcements - The Void
- Fixed ZEAL on Viking
- Changed a bit how homing rockets work.
- Fixed a few small bugs.
Apr 23
Community Announcements - The Void
- AS over 1750 will compress back to 1750 on weapons
- Toned down damage from reflections
- Fixed marksman client crashing
- Gurag no longer drops WH Key at portal
Apr 23
Community Announcements - The Void
- Buffed Weapon life steal alot
- You can now navigate trade window with WASD
- Capped max gold to 20 million.
- Nerfed Miniboss HP to a more suitable amount.
- Minion and Player death flags now have light source.
- Wormhole levels are reset due to a bug in clients and the ability to exploit and boost.
- The above problems have been tested and fixed, if further problems appear please report them

- Fixed some classes having wrong heads if no hat in chat.
- Fixed trading items messing up stats etc
- Fixed a bug where clients wormhole level was always increased when boss died
- Fixed boosting in wormhole, lower wormholes can no longer raise your wh if its higher than
the opened one.
- Fixed reflection damage.
- Fixed gold going below 0.


- Nerfed Paladin's Righteous fury alot by decreasing amount healed
- Nerfed Paladin's Holy Nova by increasing its cooldown

- Re-worked marksman's multishot talent to (damage / arrow_amount + (1% + (0.5% * talent_amount)))
In english, arrows now divide damage and increase individual damage output by talent points.
- Marksman Homing Rockets now have a turning rate.
Community Announcements - The Void
We will be fixing this issue tomorrow, regular hats should work just fine! :)
Apr 21
Community Announcements - The Void
- Wormholes are now reset and gear is now compressed due to new item system.
- Crypts and Dungeons now show up in the minimap
- Slightly decreased the amount of elites and rares spawned
- Items now have "ilevel" as in "item level" that scales the item's stats.
- Improved the combat engine alot! Low level attacking should now be more dynamic.
- Minibosses now scaled accordingly.
- Increased level 1 character base damage.
- Items sell for max 1500g now.
- Gold and WH Keys are reset for the new season.
- Nerfed weapon life per hit from 25% to 2.5% and mana from 5% to 1%
- Wormholes now have a timer which will destroy the upgrade button if it passes.
- Max Relics is now 20.
- Treasure fort now shows up in minimap

Fixed Crashes and bugs
- Amazon, Demonspawn and Demon Slayer can now obtain homing shots and spectral arrow
- Fixed boss casting too rapidly on 30 FPS
- The game now prompts you if it disconnects you for ping being too high
- Player 2 on co-op can now buy wormhole keys
- Fixed life & mana per hit for traded weapons.
- Client now has its own damage from its own weapon
- Fixed a crash while trading.
- Fixed boss spawning time on 30 FPS
- Fixed maggots spitting too frequently on 30 FPS
- Fixed title dissapearing when beating Destruction
- Fixed 800 AS weapon going back to 600
- You no longer need to spam the merchants for crystals or wormholekeys, you can just press them as many times as you want to
- Fixed zones resetting from renaming.
- No more death flag on host if he enters on portal for clients
- Clients now get as much XP as hosts.

- Pyromancer's Blazing Trail now slows enemies.
- Increased projectile speed on marksman, pyro, necro and amazon.
- Increased ranged STR => Damage from 4 per point to 8 per point.
- Increased melee STR => Damage from 8 per point to 12 per point.
- Lowered max armor to 95%
- Increased the need of armor to reach max dodge
- Doubled spell damage scaling from attributes (Synergy scaling).
- Scaled regular minion HP after level 150 alot.

Also we released the supporter pack, go get your awesome Doom Bringer paladin skin!
Community Announcements - The Void
We are patching the game please exit multiplayer now so we can get it running. Fixing the crash at startup and re-compiling. Tired and stressed as hell, haven't slept well in a week so sorry for the failior @ patching.

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