Community Announcements - Vexorian.MSI
We are hopefully done with the content end of next week, then we will start a week testing period and getting ready for launch.
Community Announcements - VexoriaN

Unfortunately due to problems with dedicated servers and lack of time to test stuff properly we will need to postpone the release. I will be doing a new announcement about a date when I can tell one. Sorry but its not always easy to make games :)
Community Announcements - VexoriaN
Get ready!
Community Announcements - VexoriaN

So we removed the current PC-port from mobile and are working on a pocket edition of the game on the side. This one is limited to 30 FPS and is optimized to mobile phones so you can take your multiplayer saves on the go and grind on the road!

We will re-launch it as a complete edition which will include all the DLC and it will be premium without microtransactions!

This will be coming out on the time of ACT 7 release for Android and iOS.
Community Announcements - VexoriaN

So we have finished dedicated servers and built ACT 7 and made Demonspawn.

Stuff is definitely getting done, but there is still plenty to do. We are currently working on designing enemies for the ACT 7 zones, working on Demon Slayer, waiting for our composer to finish the music tracks for the new zones, working on the Guild System and then starting a beta-testing period with closed testergroup from the sticky topic. The mana system is up and running as is the new full inventory system.

Can't wait to get this out and start working on our new project which you can find from twitter with the hashtag #Eastfound or from our devblog

It will be refreshing to take a break from Hero Siege after 2 years if intense development. We will come back tho and work more content for HS later, dont worry about that! :)
Community Announcements - VexoriaN

So giving a new status update on what we have done and what we will do next.

So what we did, we hired an inhouse game tester who is a student and works 2 nights a week at our office. He will be needed alot and he is already paying off!

So what have we been up to? So much silence:
- We made dedicated servers which are working, we will be settling US / EU / Asia server providers next.
- The Wormhole system is working and looking awesome!
- Act 7 is half way there.
- Mana system is implemented and working (Game tester will manage balancing and testing).
- Weapons now have base damage, attackspeed and life per hit stats
- Inventory items now have level requirement.
- Full inventory system has been implemented and its working! You can now drop, trade, equip and gather loot in your backbag.
- We added a small chance that a zone becomes "Satanic" and makes the zone more dangerous!
- Re-vamped chat menu with server list etc.

What next?
- Finish off zones for ACT 7
- Program ACT 7 main boss
- Design new classes
- Clan system

We will most likely take max 2 months to finish everything. We'll see :)
Community Announcements - Will Graham

So we have been working on the next expansion in silence pretty much. I want to update here what we have done and what we are working on next.

Our extra artist Aapeli has the skills to program in c++, so we put him to do a c++ dedicated server which communicates with Game Maker. This was something Jussi and him was working for the past 2 weeks and it was successful. We are putting this feature up for test in the upcoming closed beta. So no longer need to portforward once its updated into the stable!

I've been working on new art and the zones for Act 7. I have 3 zones done and enemies for the first one. There is still alot to do.

I am currently working on designing rest of the zones and later the new classes.

Jussi is working on the full inventory system, dropping and trading loot etc.

Aapeli is now working on concepting new enemies.

We have settled in our new office and are working hard. After the Expansion we will maintain bugfix patching for the game and overal support, but will move on to a new game for a change. We will be doing more for Hero Siege in the future, but for now we need a break to keep stuff fresh.
Community Announcements - Will Graham
Please test and tell us if you still get it, we did manage to reproduce the error and fix it.

It was caused by Teleporting mobs.
Community Announcements - Will Graham
So we are getting rid of the "swiftness" stat and replacing it with something else. Please read this topic and give your thoughts, its really needed!
Community Announcements - VeXoRiaN

So since YoYoGames is not doing anything about integrating this, we are programming a c++ server and make a dedicated server system. This will take time but we will try to get it running when the next DLC will be released. Huge things on the works!

- Vex

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