Community Announcements - The Void
The new one turned out to be a flop and a horrible idea. I just coded back the old system and it will be patched in tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvenience, sometimes the awesome idea backfires hard.
Community Announcements - The Void
- Remade Act 1 Zone 1
- Attack Speed now only has 50% of it's power
- Attack Speed Relics no longer scale with difficulty
- Armor is now Diminishing, it means that it can go up to 99% but starts slowing
down really much the more points you have on it. The first 100 points or so give
much more than the rest after that.
- Buffed Wormhole Key drop rate from 25% to 50%
- Sheep King now drops Wormhole Key 100%
- Hololo now spawns bubbles correctly in Wormholes.
- Fixed experience gain in Act 7
- Wormholes now give experience accordingly: 1000 + (wormhole_level * 10)
- Wormhole bosses now drop 3-4 items that have 45% chance to be Mythic, if not then legendary.
- Optimized 30 FPS, fixed plenty of assets, abilities and projectiles.
- Gold now saves properly to Steam Cloud.
- Mana Regen has been capped in order to nerf the op mana regeneration.
- Dungeons and Crypts are now always open.
- Waves are now hidden and can no longer be skipped, the system is much more dynamic now.
- Marksman's Deterrance, Amazon's Death From Above and Demonslayer's Dash abilities improved significantly.
- Sick new Menu theme, Chat Theme and Town Theme by Antti Martikainen.
- Fixed player 2 demonslayer.
- Fixed coop Manacalypse crash.
- Linux DLC check fixed.
- You now choose which server you play on.

- All damage is now client side which removes desync probelms, ie. receiving damage from invicible sources
- When equipping loot in multiplayer the stats don't update correctly fixed.
- Fixed getting stuck if talking to a NPC while host enters an act.
- Fixed plenty of desync projectiles for clients.
- Client life steal corrected.
- Some nests spawning in desync positions fixed.
- Difficulty synced correctly to people who joined the game in town.
- Deprecated Siege Mode rankings.
- Synced fire turrets for clients.
- Armor did not work correctly for Clients before, its now fixed and works properly
- Wave numbers higher than 255 wrapping back to 0 fixed.
- Added Destruction difficulty to Siege Mode
- Stones requiring pressing down a button in order to be carried fixed.
- Destroy Satan's hands achievement is now awarded for clients.
- Missing voice acting added for clients.
- Added Wormhole and Hero Level leaderboards

- Razer Blade AS gain down to 40 from 150.
- If the relic factor is full, meaning you can no longer obtain new relics the shop
relic won't spawn
- Monument destroy in Siege Mode now resets the relic drop factor.
- Relic factor now sticks to Siege Mode too.
- Relics not saving bug fixed.
- Swiftness now updates correctly when picking up a relic.
- Gold Chests in Dungeons now have a good chance of dropping legendaries and mythics.
- Wings from Holy Bible now draw correctly.

- Added a ton of new legendary/mythic item looks
- Added Satanic Weapons [RED] up to 200 more attack speed and ton more stats and damage.
- Experience % Gain from charms now works correctly.
Community Announcements - The Void

So we are releasing the US server next week with the big patch. The current dedicated server is working, but has some issues. The current one is coded in c++ but we are working on a JAVA server which should work alot better and smoother.

Just a heads up, expect a patch on monday or tuesday!
Community Announcements - The Void

So yeah the patch is getting riddiculously big, so many things fixed and improved that the list is really long! We will try and add the US server on this patch also!

Hang in there, we will try and release it as soon as possible!
Community Announcements - The Void
I dont know yet but I think it would be cool to add some skins to the game, the amount of work tho is massive so most likely gonna hire and extra artist to do them since they need to be animated for every direction and pose.

Here is a Marksman skin I was thinking about:

Just something to think about ^_^
Community Announcements - The Void
The Relic bug has been found and fixed, next patch!
Jan 21
Community Announcements - The Void
Hello everyone!

I am keeping you guys in the loops about what we are doing and what will be in the next patch. So here you go:

- We introduce Satanic weapons which is a tier higher than Mythic. These weapons have bigger max attack speed than mythics, more primary and off stats as well as more damage and unique attack modifiers that you wont get from other rarity weapons.

- There will be a ton of new sprites for the legendary up weapons.

- All damage taken will be moved client side, so nothing you cant see cant kill you anymore. This means even if the game is a bit desynced, what happens on your screen matters.

- Attack Speed has been nerfed, scaling slower than before and relics nerfed. This is to prevent too much bullet hell and concentrating the damage dealing from damage instead.

- Armor is now diminishing so it can go up to 99%. This means the first 200 points count more than the rest 1000 etc.

- Buffed Wormhole Key drop rate from 25% to 50%.

- Buffed Wormhole Mythic drop chances.

- Fixed Experience gains and Set wormhole experience factors.

- Wormholes cannot be entered if there is a lower than level 150 player in the group.

Also lots of fixes for nasty glitches and bugs.

If you have requests state them below, thanks!

- PAS Team
Community Announcements - The Void
Thanks for your input on the new system topic, but unfortunately there are factors that make it a pain, so we will not be removing the wave system.

We will be introducing spawning enemy PACKS instead of singular enemies from gates, and waves will be optimized. You guys gave us a lot to think about!

- PAS team
Community Announcements - The Void
Hello lads,

I have been thinking about something. The wave system no longer fits the game that well in my opinion.

Removing the waves from the normal game mode, and replacing them with just pre-randomed packs of enemies in the map would be much enjoyable in my opinion. It would make the game a bit faster and less repetitive.

How this would work:

We would set a script that fetches an enemy type from our enemy pool and makes a 5-8 enemy pack that would include normal and rare enemies, as well as one elite (this in normal).

Once you kill all the enemies on the zone, it will summon the boss on the pentagram and you're done with the area.

We need your thoughts on this, please leave your comment below
Community Announcements - The Void
Hello lads!

We have been scratching our heads with the desync problems, stuff not appearing on client screen (acid, flames etc). We think its because of packet loss or lagg so that the abilities are not sent in time.

In order to tackle this, we will make "taking damage" client sided, so whatever you see on your screen is the hazard, what happens in the host's end wont no longer be a problem. If an ability fails to send it self to the clients, still existing on host side, it will not damage the player client side.

Just wanted to drop here and tell this, because it will fix a plethora of problems!

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