Community Announcements - PaNicci
Hello fellas!

Hero Siege has reached a really cool milestone today! We are proud to announce that the online Multiplayer is now in Open Beta! The mode is no longer tied to the DLC and is now in a stable state.

There are still minor de-syncs, but we are hammering those out on a daily basis.

There is also a week till the release of "Depths of Hell" -Expansion set for the game!

Have a nice day and enjoy the online multiplayer!
Community Announcements - PaNicci

So if it didn't already come clear, I am sorry. The Multiplayer mode will exit EA and become a part of the game on the 1st of May 2015.

This means that every player who has bought the game, is now able to play the MP mode. We do have to limit access between players who own DLC's to their own tab, but everyone is able to host vanilla games that anyone can join.

Anyway just dropped by to announce this, cheers :)
Community Announcements - PaNicci
Hello to all Hero Siege players!

Today I can announce that the Depths of Hell DLC is coming out on 01.05.2015! Get your gamepads n keyboards ready for the Fallen Paladin!!

The regular DLC will be €/$/£ 2.99 and the Collector's Edition with Extras will be 4.99.

Online multiplayer will exit EA and go into public BETA for all users who bought atleast the vanilla Hero Siege game.

Any questions? I'd be glad to ask, just leave a comment below!

Now back to work!
Apr 1
Community Announcements - PaNicci
Hello guys!

I know I know... :D The DLC has been postponed after postpone, but it's coming I can assure that!

We will release it in 3-4 weeks, that is our absolute deadline for it. We will need to be looking towards XBOX and PS releases on summer so this is the time to get it done.

If you want to speed things up, you can suggest some achievements for the game (some that actually need effort to get). As this is still not being looked at due to other more important stuff.

Suggest in the comments and I will pick the best ideas and put them in the game :) We thank your patience and co-operation!
Community Announcements - PaNicci
I've been thinking and thinking about what could do this, and the answer is that if you stand on the portal when it spawns, it deletes your save state when it touches you and since the new saving system takes a bit longer than the old one which was instant, it now removes your save state before the save gets thru.

So for a fast fix, when you kill the last boss dont stand on the portal when it dies. I will be putting a fix patch for this asap!

This is a glorious day for me atleast :)
Community Announcements - PaNicci

So I really don't know if this is a code based or a game maker based error, which makes it really hard for us to figure out.

I will be re-writing the whole unlocking system from scratch and test it through out and then update the game, most likely in a few days. Hopefully then it will work, but I will need you guys to test it out since it might have something to do with different OS setups etc.

The guys at Game Maker told me that the OS username has been fixed, but I doubt it highly and it wouldn't be the first time they state something that is not correct and is actually still broken.

And trust me I'm more stressed and pissed off about this bug than any of you, nothing sucks more than the fact that your life's work has issues.

If you have figured out a pattern for the problem please let me know, forexample if you know what causes difficulties to NOT unlock and if there is a way it always unlocks.

Have a nice day, I will be rolling in my bed tonight trying to figure this out.
Community Announcements - PaNicci
patch notes (newest)

- Added better resolution options for windowed mode.
- You can no longer enter the shop at wave 1
- Fixed armor for melee classes

- Necromancer attacking fixed
- The Glove relic fixed
- Passive relics no longer stack for all players
- Credits & game completion fixed!
- Fixed Bracer of Life applying for all players
- Pressing Space while chatting no longer starts the next wave
- Hellfire synced between players
- Stat and talent reset now cost rubies instead of crystals
- Marksman landmines now explode for clients
- Fixed Bouncy always going right
- Stats now synced for all players
- Rubber duck, Rainbow gate & Blood scythe now work correctly
- Fixed Shiv not working
- Fixed Daplayer's head not working

- Pirate Anchor no longer makes enemies teleport
Community Announcements - PaNicci
Tune in @

We are going live in about 15 minutes! Hero Siege T-Shirt giveaway at 60 viewers!

Come hang out in our stream, we will ask questions and talk about anything with you viewers! :)
Community Announcements - Dragon_Killer666
Hello to everyone!

I wanted to drop by and let you guys know how we are doing at the moment and what we are doing. We are working hard on the DLC content and Jussi is putting his finishing touches into the multiplayer. As you can see, its getting more stable with every of the latest patches and the chat lobby is already looking good.

We are pretty happy that there are always active players online playing the game, and hope the numbers will grow once we get the DLC and multiplayer out for the public! Siege Mode will most likely drive alot of attention, but more about that later.

Also we started updating our dev blog which can be found here, more pictures and work flow there:

We are also pushing for a June / July XBOX One release so its a pretty hectic time, PS4 will follow the XBOX release shortly after.
Mar 18
Community Announcements - Dragon_Killer666
Thou shall not cheat has been taken care of, still don't touch the save files or this will happen.

Thank you for your patience!

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