Community Announcements - ベクソーリアン

So we added some security to the inventory loading system, now it tries to re-load the inventory if its empty and wont save it if its empty, this means it no longer can dissapear.

Please test and report any loss of items back to us!
Community Announcements - VeXoriaN

So there is this incident of inventory dissapearing. We are trying to figure out a pattern, but so far havent determined why it happens. We will investigate it further during next week and hopefully come up with a solution...

It's a very unfortunate situation and one that we would not like to be in. We are not able to return the lost items but its beta so you should know what you are in on. We did not release it as a a finalized yet because of problems like this that may occur.

- Vex
Community Announcements - VeXoriaN
We worked some more on the inventory loading script, pretty much re-made it. It should be much more stable now, report if you still experience loss of items. We are optimistic that its now working.

- Vex
Community Announcements - VeXoriaN
We fixed the inventory issue, MP is back online.
Community Announcements - VeXoriaN
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of Tarethiel!

We are proud to announce the beginning of ACT 7 development.

Due to very high volume of demand for a new DLC we have decided to pull the plug on our new game project for now and focuse strickly on Hero Siege.

We will be doing major updates before we can even talk about DLC launch, but it will be worth every penny and will be better than the previous DLC's!

We will be working out some awesome stuff, and one of the features for ACT 7 obviously will be an awesome new class! We wont be revealing what the class will be just yet, eventually yes!

There is alot to do and lot to fix, but we will get there!

Thank you everyone for your continued support of our life style and work! We love you deeply and appreciate everything you have done for us!

Love, Panic Art Studios.
Community Announcements - VeXoriaN
Hello to all of you awesome people who play our game!

So we have experienced some very unexpected burst of new players, which is ofcourse very welcome! We are really glad there are new players who enjoy the game!

We are doing everything in our power to make the game the best possible experience for all of you. So here are some future plans we are going to be doing:

- Steam MATCHMAKING Api integration (no more PORTFORWARDING!)
- Ingame Friends List where you can message your friends, check them online, invite them to play etc. (this will be crossplatform between consoles, mobile and PC).
- Clan system, you will be able to create and join clans (1 clan per character). Clans also will have their own chat channels.

These are mostly the ingame features we will be adding in the near future!

And as there have been some problems with the server hardware, we are going to be throwing a ton of $$$ into the server hardware upgrades.

We will be putting 2 XEON processors (the best and top of the line ones) into the server computer to keep it running in the heat!

PS. We will be off on holiday @ Japan from tomorrow till the 1st of July and back to work then.
Community Announcements - VeXoriaN
We have sorted the issue and you can now register again. Playing no longer requires confirmation so you can login into the multiplayer streight away. Altho you should confirm in order to retrieve password etc if there comes problems.

Peace out!
Community Announcements - VeXoriaN
We are working on figuring out the situation, but at the moment there is no way to register. There are thousands of people spamming the register button which caused our servers to "explode".

Its a terrible situation and we are solving it as best as we can.
Community Announcements - VeXoriaN
- Crypts enlargened so that the hud wont cover the players.
- Fixed Uber Damien Achievement on Steam.
- Fixed Devil Head crash
- Agony achievements added.
- Slightly increased swiftness cap.
- Dead Hardcore characters now turn into tombstones.
- You can no longer use talents while dead to put them on cooldown.
- Added mouse aiming / attacking.
- Tweaked Charm stats randomization.
- Added minion talent buttons with the new theme.
- Added a new easter egg.

- Increased Marksman MAX turrets to 4.
- Fixed Necromancer minions not scaling with X to talents.
- Increased Amazon's Poison Talent to start from 6% instead of 1%.
- Fixed Pirate's parrot following the wrong player.
- Added Amazon Tropical Thunder damage indication in talent screen.
- Viking Odin's Fury added strength scaling

- You can now link items to the chat by pressing [SHIFT] + [LEFT MOUSE BUTTON] on the inventory
Community Announcements - VeXoriaN
- Amazon crash fixed.
- Samurai's Vorpal Enchant now doesnt stuck in gates.
- Fixed quest mobs spawning out of bounds.
- Orbits destroying to gate fixed.
- money crashing fixed.
- Waller Walls fixed.
- Multiplayer relic pickup fixed.

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