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Community Announcements - Panicci
So there were a few fuckups we took care off now, you should be able to host and join games that are portforwarded just fine.
Community Announcements - Panicci
Sorry that this got messed up, its finally on sale!
Community Announcements - Panicci
Go test it out guys! Report any crashes etc so we can address them asap! We are taking tomorrow + the weekend off for a small mini vacation to eaze the huge stress, and come back monday to kick it up!

We made a major break thru today and atleast in a local network you can play 4 players and even beat the game now! Lets see how it works over the internet.

We will have much better understanding of the over the NET way to do it when we get our new internet connection with static IP that allows us to open ports, we cannot test it at the moment our selves.

Anyway have an awesome weekend and stay strong!
Community Announcements - Panicci
We have done alot of balancing, buffing and fixing today.

The biggest thing would be the portforwarding system that we set up, Now servers that have not been portforwarded wont be showing in the server list, no more annoying freezes!!

Check the notes here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/269210/discussions/0/540732596436401526/
Community Announcements - Panicci
So we managed to narrow down the problem.

We use "GameMaker:Studio" program for creating Hero Siege and we investigated this so it seems that the steam API is broken for the MAC OSX export.

I have contacted YoYoGames about this already a long time ago and they told me they would fix it (Same problem as the achievements and steam overlay). I havent seen any fix regarding it, so I did a new bug report to them regarding this same issue which now affects the DLC.

Since we use their built in functions to check if the DLC is bought and then set an ingame variable to 1 or 0 depending if its purchased it means none of the functions are working because its broken.

I will keep you guys informed and spam yoyogames as much as possible to get this sorted out. I'm extremely sorry for all you who have to suffer over this, and very dissapointed to YoYoGames for not fixing their problems even tho they told me they were gonna fix it.

Hope you are all having a good day,

Community Announcements - Panicci

So there are people who cant get the DLC recognized. This is not something we have any power to fix as steam is not our platform, we cannot really touch the source code and see what is wrong heh. We just add content as developers.

If re-installing doesnt fix it, then please contact steam support about it as they can fix it.

I have this same problem with Indie Game the Movie so i know its not just Hero Siege experiencing this problem in steam.

Thanks for your patience.
Jul 18, 2014
Community Announcements - Panicci
Check notes here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/269210/discussions/0/540732596436401526/

Major fixes
Community Announcements - Panicci
Well couldnt sleep without you guys having a working version! Relics (bouncy) and the dungeon shake bug is fixed now! Enjoy!
Community Announcements - Panicci
We will fix this for tomorrow, we are exhausted about the long day of development so will take a look and fix in the morning.

This is only cosmetic, the items work like they should, they just show up as bouncy and give bouncys information, but each item is still a random one, you just dont know which.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
Community Announcements - Panicci
So... Like usual the launch was an epic fail lol, life is so hard always.

We have 2 versions of the DLC package that we put up in steam, proof here:


So what is up, the plain DLC is not showing up on steam for some reason. I am solving this with my Steam contact as we speak... But there is a slight problem...


I will be out of office on Friday, 18 July. I will have limited access to email, and may be delayed in responding.

yeah, he is out of office for today so it might be that we can get the DLC running earliest on monday... This sucks i know, I'm as pissed as you about failing this launch.

I'm not putting the blaming finger on anyone, shit just happens.

Anyway you can get the collectors edition now if that was your plan, I'm not asking anyone to buy it, but its there if you want it.

I will try to get the plain version on the store asap!

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