Hero Siege - TheFattestman

We wanted to bring you the S4 Beta due to major changes in the end game (wormholes).

Due to popular demand, and taking in new player motivation to compete on the leaderboards we have done these things:

- iLevel capped
- Wormhole system re-vamped
- Toxic WH effects removed
- Wormhole levels are now randomized

We don't want the wormhole level gain to get out of hand, so rather make it about skills + talent/stat optimization in order to progress higher.

Also since the wormhole levels are now randomized, botting and clear tactics no longer work.

There will be more areas in the launch, but just 2 for now in wormholes.

Join the beta by choosing the beta tab in properties, and check the code "HEROSIEGEBETA666" in order to opt in the beta.
Hero Siege - TheFattestman
- Grim Reaper crash fixed.
- Steam Cloud crash fixed.
- Legendary Dragon whelp constantly shooting fixed.
Hero Siege - TheFattestman

The Chinese translation is only a test version for now and will be updated to full version soon!
Hero Siege - TheFattestman
- Added Simplified Chinese translation (work in progress), which will be updated later along with Japanese and Korean translations!
- Mana system improved, each talent now has a base % mana cost + a flat cost according to the talent level.
- Tweaked difficulty balance, normal is significantly easier while progressively scaling up for more challenge on higher difficulties.
- Dropped items and runes in multiplayer now show for everyone.
- Wormhole and Toxic loot now have hero level requirements.
- Runes now show their stars on the ground.
- Wormhole HUD is now smaller, effects moved to map screen.
- Slightly increased Wormhole difficulty curve + lowered EXP scaling for wormholes.
- Next Wormhole portal can now be opened right after the boss.
- Due to popular demand the player will now be invincible during pickup animations.
- Lots of gamepad navigation additions.
- Several bosses have their damage reduced to make fights more fair.
- Grim Reaper's last phase made more fair.
- Reworked White Mage and Paladin shields.
- Experience gain can now be locked from Gar Nor in town.
- Creating a private server no longer requires a password.
- Burning and poisoned effects improved.
- Added new generic assets to the game.
- Added cooldown display on spells.
- Poison damage from all sources reworked.
- Attempted fix for server join crashes.
- Fixed an issue with inventory saving after stashing items.
- Various bugfixes & optimizations.

- Stone Fall for Hell and Desert Beasts Reworked
- Rare, Elite and Satanic enemies now move much faster

- First 2 active talents cooldowns lowered by 50%
- Shield HP is now 10000 per talent point + attribute scale from 1x to 20x

- Shield HP is now 10000 per talent point + attribute scale from 3x to 35x

- Lightning Enchant attribute scale increased from 3x to 8x
Hero Siege - TheFattestman

Sooo we have been going over the negative reviews and you do all have good points about various things in the game.

We have come into conclusions about what we will improve and do so here you go, a list of stuff thats coming in the next patch:

New mana system
Mana will now work very differently. Every spell has a starting percentage like 10% etc, which is the base manacost from your maximum mana. On top of this, spells cost will scale very slightly per talent point by a small flat number. This means that there will never be a situation where you cant cast a spell due to lack of mana.

We are addressing the oneshot stuff by decreasing damage from bosses and minibosses, as well as re-work/improve bosses like Death. We aim to bring a bit longer boss fights, but so that the boss doesn't instantly punish you. Also enemies are now a tad more interesting since rare enemies have way more hp than before, but the normal ones are the usual hack n slash.

Potion Pickup
Picking up potions now makes you immortal for the pickup duration and slightly after, so no more getting killed by potions. Tho you should still be cautious not to get surrounded ^^

We will be bringing translations for China, Japan and Korea.

Paladin + White Mage shields
We re-worked the shields completely, you can now tank a ton of damage, and the bubble has its own healthbar in order to track its HP better.

You can now talk to Gar Nor and lock your EXP gain so you can twink a low level character.

You no longer need to put password on a private server. Joining to servers wont crash anymore, that got worked out.

Dropping Items (Trading)
You can now drop items to the ground and they appear to every player in the game, and they can also pick them up. So now you can give that epic loot to your friends.

Improvements in performance, networking and overall bug fixes.

So yeah, keep those reviews coming, positive or negative. As longs it has feedback and helps us with our work ^^
Hero Siege - TheFattestman


We are working with WhisperGames from China in order to bring Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean translation for the game.

This has been on the works for some time now, its a slow process unfortunately and since we are from Finland, it was really hard to find a reliable company to help us with the translations.

Also I noticed that there are ton of negative reviews because the game doesn't have chinese translation. Look, I get it you like the game and we are happy for that but please stop this, its hurting the games listing and sales as well as its future. We do listen to players and read forum topics even if we dont always answer them, and for example have been working to bring you the translations that you so much wanted.

Have a good one.

- PAS Team
Hero Siege - TheFattestman

We are currently working on making the mana system less tedious. All classes will be getting a base manacost for the spells which will be percentual from your max mana + a flat increase per point. This way the manacosts won't ever go so overboard that you would not be able to cast a spell.

Hopefully we will get this out soon! Hold on! :)
Hero Siege - illuminati
- Early game difficulty curve eased, late game hardened a bit.
- Changed Rare and Elite enemies HP scaling to 3.5x and 5x (bosses remain intact)
- Fixed Flies attack range + attack frame
- Increased rare and elite enemy movement speed to 1.5x and 2x
- Max Crystal/Ruby drops have been increased
- Act bosses also drop crystals / rubies now
- Fixed some issues with the main quest
- Fixed talent runes applying incorrectly
- Fixed an issue with Steam Cloud sync
- Optimization
Hero Siege - TheFattestman

So we have managed to atleast double the performance of the game, and will be patching in the upcoming days, maybe even tomorrow! Just a heads up! :)-

- PAS Team
Aug 15
Hero Siege - TheFattestman
Android has also been updated, we are working on iOS too.

- Added new portraits for every expansions collectors edition owners!
- Added option to change currency in online shop
- Runes that give points to talents now show the talent name
- Rune update chances fixed, visual bug
- Fixed viewing solo hardcore leaderboards
- Hardcore hero level saving fixed
- Optimization

- Bash cooldown set to 1.25 seconds
- Charge cooldown set to 2.5 seconds
- Odin's Fury cooldown set to 3 seconds
- Shockwave cooldown set to 4.5 seconds
- Viking now generates combo points with its first talent (Bash)
Combo Points can be stacked up to 5 and used to multiply damage on other abilities

- Death Lord skin pickup sprite fixed.
- Coop crash fixed.
- Poison Nova damage fixed.

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