Dec 10, 2014
Community Announcements - Sean Young
Hey all! Finally finished up some neat things for Magicite 1.5. A lot of these things were created on my stream, so feel free to follow me on Twitch to see new content first and chat with other players!


New Races

New Enemy
Chicken King (Boss)

New Items
Scourge Blade
Scourge Shield
Paladin Guard
Fire Bow
Summon Zombie (Staff)

Added Golden Chests, which can only be opened while having the Lockmaster trait.

As always, thanks for your support! On stream people were sending me their own pixel art and stuff which I thought was really neat. If you have any cool ideas and some pixel art skills please shoot me an email with pics!

Happy holidays,
Community Announcements - Sean Young
Hey all! I've been really putting a lot of my time into developing Roguelands, but I think it's time for a Magicite update!

I'll be streaming on Twitch once my microphone and video card gets here. The purpose of the stream is to show the whole process for making enemies and items with pixel art, and how I go about animating in blender.

I'll be taking suggestions for enemies and items, so follow me on twitch so you don't miss the stream! All the cool things I make will go into the next update for Magicite.

I will be answering any questions regarding game development, too. If you have any interest at all at making your own games, especially with Unity, you're gonna want to check this out! As for the date, I'll post here and on all the social media sites when I decide on a day to do it.

Happy holidays and as always, thanks for the amazing support!

Community Announcements - Sean Young
Sorry I had to ruin all the fun everyone. You can no longer kill yourself and you can now actually attack other monsters.


Community Announcements - Sean Young
Hey everyone! Had to redo quite a bit of code in order to get altars to work correctly with stats. Now when you arrive in towns, there is a 30% chance you'll find an altar for a god. You may pay some gold for a chance at a major buff or perhaps something not so nice :D

Added Altars!
Added God: Ryvenrath
Added God: Maalurk
Added God: Eoqueth
Added God: Pegelda

Bug Fixes
Fixed Fairy movement
Fixed Bat movement

OH and Players hosting a multiplayer game can now enable PVP for you extra hard core fans!

Thanks again for the support, I'll be working on both Magicite & Roguelands all day everyday in the months to come!
Aug 19, 2014
Community Announcements - Sean Young
Hey all! Got some new unlockable races and companions for ya. I recently took a trip to Seattle with my buddies, so I haven't been able to do as much developing. We actually got to visit Valve headquarters, and ended up with some pretty neat stuff. The folks there are really nice! Anyways, here's Magicite 1.3 :D

New Races
Added Qualogg
Added Bandicoot
Added Djinn

New Companions
Added Gooey Ghost
Added Flame of Hope

Scourge Lair is now much more difficult!
Increased the amount of Scourge Enemies
Increased Scourge Enemy's detection range

By the way, I'm thinking about doing a little development video on the process of making an enemy, animating it, and putting it into Magicite. Post your enemy ideas, and I might choose your enemy for the video!

Have a great day
Community Announcements - Sean Young
Hey all! Got a small update for you. Fixed a few bugs and tweaked a few things here and there.

-The first person to enter a door in multiplayer will now trigger the level transition, instead of the entire party having to be in one door. All players who were dead are revived with 1 HP in the town but will lose all of their gold
-Crater biome can now be seen as early as District 15
-Laser Gun now costs 5 mana per shot

Bug Fixes
-Fixed Floaty Slime + Levitate Bug
-Fixed Mystery Key Biscuit Icon
-Fixed Items Bought not being counted
-Fixed Invisible Crystalline Ore Bug in Multiplayer

Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 50% on Magicite!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - Sean Young
Hey all, I've got some exciting things to share with you! This update's got a tough new biome, new enemies, weapons, and numerous bug fixes.

Added CRATER BIOME (If you want to live, don't go there)
Added Space Butterfly
Added Cosmic Skeleton
Added Space Commander Boss
Added Laser Sword
Added Laser Crossbow
Added Total Biscuit of Knowledge
Increased vision for all enemies
If Arrows equipped, picking up same type will go straight into Arrow Slot
Slightly reduced spikey chain ball spawn in Dungeon

Bug Fixes
Fixed Drum Deleting Item bug
Fixed Broodmother pushing into walls bug
Fixed Arrow crafting wrong quantity bug
Fixed Wizard Beard not working
Fixed Gatherer Trait not working (It is now 50% chance to activate)
Fixed Spawning in Town bug
Fixed Defensive Trait - it is now +4HP -1ATK
Fixed Not Recording Boss kills

As always, thanks so much for the support. Please continue to report bugs to and give me all of your cool ideas right here on the Steam Forums!

Oh and I've been wanting to ask, which races/hats are your favorites? :D

Community Announcements - Sean Young
Hey everyone. I tampered with some of the net code so hopefully that one black screen bug is fixed permanently. There are also numerous smaller bug fixes, along with two new companions to unlock!

Bug Fixes
L key is now re-bindable
Haste Beetle unlock requirements reduced to level 40
Fixed access NPC from anywhere bug
Wood, Planks, and Sticks only sell for 1 gold now
Fixed Skeleton King Hood Hat description
Potion Brewer now has a 50% chance to craft big potions instead of 100%
Fixed Haste Beetle not working upon level up

Added Gorgon Eye
Added Floaty Slime

Thanks for your support, 1.2 should be out in a couple of weeks with a new biome, new items, and new enemies!

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