From the Depths - From The Depths
Excited to release this fantastic new patch. It has lots of cool new things such as pistons and the ability to place turrets, spinners and pistons on other turrets, spinners and pistons. There are also a lot of quality of life and fine tuning options added. Note that a lot of mods may need updated after this release so if you are having issues then try uninstalling any mods that add code. Please check out the full change log below:

[added] Support for pistons (1x1x1 and 1x2x1)

[added] Support for spinners, turrets and pistons on other spinners, turrets or pistons (limited to 25 levels, including the MainConstruct)

[added] it is now possible to set the idle azimuth and elevation for turrets

[added] it is now possible to set the idle azimuth for APS (not CRAM due to some technical problems)

[added] spinblocks and pistons can now be locked via their GUI, so the ACBs won't be able to move them

[added] elevation only turret (1x1x1 version only)

[added] ACBs can now be turned on/off by using their GUI or another ACB (an ACB cannot turn itself on/off automatically)

[change] ACBs can now be placed on SubConstructs

[change] The Aimpoint card can now be configured, the maximum time before targeting another block can be configured, and it can be set to target Mainframes and ammo storage as usual or any random block

[change] Shields can now have their color changed using directly their GUI, no need to use the shield projectors anymore (but they still work)

[improved] it is now possible to choose between local and global field of fire restrictions for weapon and turrets

[improved] It is now possible to manually control the SpinBlocks using their GUI

[improved] copy/paste feature for ACBs, LWCs and AMCCs

[improved] if you look at an airpump with leaks, the leaks will be indicated by small red squares

[improved] ACBs input values now have different decimal places depending on the type of the input

[improved] ACB input for control key stimulus now display the actual key instead of a number

[improved] GP PID altitude test values can now be set between -1000 and +3000

[improved] 'Clear clips' button added to the APS firing piece

[improved] 'Access to intakes' button added to the APS firing piece (exiting that GUI will return to the APS GUI)

[improved] When clicking on the selected ammo controller in the ammo intake GUI, the ammo controller GUI is now displayed (exiting that GUI will return to the intake GUI)

[improved] It is now possible to slow down the rotation speed of the turrets (using a percentage)

[improved] Optimization of the fuel engine power creation when using turbos or exahusts

[improved] a LWC can now control weapons on all the stacked children SubConstructs, including pistons or spinblocks

[improved] the LWCs now aim x40 times per second, which will make targeting a lot more efficient

[improved] the LWC on the MainConstruct are executed before the ones on the first level of SubConstructs, which are executed before the ones on the second level of SubConstructs, which are executed before the ones on the remaining levels of SubConstructs

[improved] the LWC can now control a turret (or stacked turrets) which have no weapons (so, you can place a radar 90 on a turret controlled by a LWC in order to rotate the radar toward the target)

[fix] When a shield projector is placed next to a shield color changer, it now connects the shield color changer automatically

[fix] When loading a blueprint and after having taking hits, the shields are now returning to their specified color

[fix] The external venting of turbos is now displayed correctly in the cylinder's tooltip

[lua] Due to the extensive modification on the SpinBlocks, the functions related to the Spinners and turrets have been largely modified (old functions still there, but shouldn't work for stacked SubConstructs)

[lua] SubConstructs now have a unique Id, such an Id will never be reused in the same blueprint. The turrets, pistons and SpinBlocks are now accessed using that unique Id

[modders] The blocks array have been removed, blocks are now accessible in 'ElementStorage' using the Local Position coordinates

[modders] It is now possible to mod the constructs thanks to the introduction of 'Modules' that are attached to the constructs (most of the existing modules can be replaced)

[modders] It is now possible to add new audio assets (they will now be loaded correctly even if not in the FtD directory)

[modders] it is now possible to add new types of turrets by naming its parts '<custom name> Turret' and 'Turret Block <custom name>' (case and spaces are mandatory)

Hope you'll enjoy the new stuff- and wishing you a fantastic 2018,

Thanks for your continued support,

Nick and the FtD team
Jul 18, 2017
From the Depths - From The Depths
FTD has been updated to the latest version of the Unity3D game engine (Unity 5.6, we were on Unity 4.7) and we've also incorporated a HUGE balance patch and a lot of new features. I know you've been waiting a long time for an update but hopefully this one will be worth the wait! The migration to the new engine took a long time but opens up a lot of new doors for development and I believe FTD is running better than ever.

Change Log

Game Engine updated from Unity 4.6 to Unity 5.7
Added - 1m wood block variants that were previously only available by toggling F10 now available from build menu under wood block
Added - Mock wheel items
Added - Laser 3m laser pump
Added - APS 6m and 8m recoil absorbers
Added - APS EMP,HE,Frag APS shell heads
Added - Circular weather vane variant
Added - Circular propeller variant
Added - Jet and ion Circular variants added
Added - Aero rudder and Aero elevator components added to use with (or replace) the tail plane component
Added - 3mx3m and 5mx5m turret prototype sub-constructs added
Removed - Old engine items removed
Mechanic - Armor layering bonus changed from 0.8, 0.6, 0.4, 0.2,0.1,0.1 to 1.0,0.85,0.7,0.55, 0.4,0.25,0.1,0.1
Mechanic - Maximum volume option (For battles) in campaign increased from 50k to 200k
Mechanic - Oil refineries now slightly more tolerant of altitude
Mechanic - Fragmentation (All variants) now results in the expected angle of fragmentation, not a distorted cone
Mechanic - Armour calculation for projectiles and hitscan weaponry changed from ((AP / AC) 0.45) + 0.05 = Effective damage multiplier To ((AP / AC) 0.50) = Effective damage multiplier
Mechanic - Armour for Partial blocks (Slopes, Triangles) Apply partial reinforcement bonus (Equal to block type, triangles are 1/4, slopes are 1/2)
General - Many blocks visually re-modelled
General - Textures mid/part way reworked for better visuals
General - Fastest video quality setting will now display half texture resolutions and highest will turn on soft shadows
General - Some optimisation on simple projectile models
General - APS shells bugging out with no gunpowder and one of the player skills (railgun only shells) bug fixed
General - Wireless receiver ACB options fixed
General - Spinblock controller and fortress controller model updated
General - Simple weapons trails
General - Huge ion thruster realigned
General - Grenade launcher normal map
General - Pistol duplicate material removed and redirected to the original
General - Nuclear engine textures removed from resources and reference pointed to mod directory
General - Steam engine mesh normals fixed (improved quality)
General - Last of the texture import settings set (improved quality)
General - Light block now using distortion shader (same as aps fire distortion or warp effect distortion)
General - Wedge volume factor fixed
General - Various particle effect improvements
General - Shield visuals updated
General - CRAM models re-exported with smoothing groups for proper lighting with the shader
General - Minor mesh export fixes
General - Re-exported missile blocks to fix smoothing map issues (also large reduction in verts)
General - Missile parts excess vertices removed (some were 10x the required verts)
General - Ricochet chance curve evened out so armour vs penetration is taken more into account
General - Local weapon controller made more lenient for range of speed to engage
General - sailing blocks updated
General - spin block model/texture updated
General - 'Lasers' build menu tab renamed to 'Energy Weapons'
General - Min view distance from block decreased so you no longer look through walls walking around
Stats - Wood HP buffed to 180 (From 120)
Stats - Stone buffed to AC 7 (From 5). HP buffed to 300 (From 220)
Stats - Metal buffed to AC 15 (From 10). Health buffed to 350 (From 280)
Stats - Alloy buffed to AC 13 (From 7). Health buffed to 260. (From 140) Cost increased to 5 (From 4)
Stats - Heavy armour cost reduced to 25 (From 40)
Stats - Light block cost reduced to 20. (From 100) Health reduced to 50 (From 75)
Stats - Surge Protector cost reduced to 20. (From 25) Health increased to 250 (From 150) AC buffed to 5 (From 1)
Stats - Rubber cost reduced to 3. (From 5) Health buffed to 100 (From 75)
Stats - Glass cost reduced to 1. (From 2)
Stats - Lead cost reduced to 3 (From 5) Health buffed to 300 (From 200)
Stats - ERA Armour is now a structural component. (Full block only, not the slope)
Stats - Ram cost increased to 25. (From 15) AC buffed to 20 (from 10) Health increased to 1000. (From 400)
Stats - Standard Door AC buffed to 15. Health increased to 250. Now a structural block
Stats - Fuel Engine Hull Pipe AC buffed to 15. (Was 3) Health increased to 300 (From 160) Weight increased to 40. (Was 30) Cost increased to 10. (Was 1) Now a structural block
Stats - Steam Engine Hull Pipe AC buffed to 15. (Was 10) Health Increased to 300. (From 280) Cost increased to 10 (Was 6.5) Now a structural block
Stats - Deck Port Now has identical stats to 1x1x1 metal block. It is also now a structural block. Cost is (5), Same as metal
Stats - Smoke Generator Now has identical stats to 1x1x1 metal block. It is also now a structural block. Cost is (5), Same as metal
Stats - APS Firing Piece AC buffed to 20. (Was 15) Health buffed to 350 (Was 300) Weight reduced to 40. (Was 70)
Stats - APS Ammo Ejector Cost Reduced to 20 (Was 50)
Stats - APS Belt Fed Autoloader Cost reduced to 35 (Was 40)
Stats - Firing Piece – CRAM AC buffed to 20. (Was 5) Health buffed to 350 (Was 150)
Stats - EMP Pellet (CRAM) Cost reduced to 30
Stats - CRAM Gauge Increaser (All Variants) AC Increased to 15 (Was 10) Health Increased to 350 (Was 200) Cost reduced to 25 (From 35)
Stats - CRAM Autoloader (Both Versions) Cost reduced to 25 (From 35)
Stats - CRAM Hardener Pellets Cost reduced to 20 (From 25)
Stats - Fragmentation Pellet (CRAM) Cost reduced to 30
Stats - Range Finder 5m AC Buffed to 10 (Was 7) Health Increased to 750 (Was 375)
Stats - Range Finder 7m AC buffed to 10 (Was 7) Health Increased to 1125 (Was 562.5)
Stats - Range Finder 9m AC buffed to 10 (Was 7) Health Increased to 1500 (Was 750)
Stats - Armoured Range Finder 5m AC Buffed to 20. (Was 12) Health Increased to 1500 (Was 600) Cost increased to 70 (was 50)
Stats - Armoured Range Finder 7m AC Buffed to 20. (Was 12) Health Increased to 2100 (Was 840) Cost increased to 100 (Was 70)
Stats - Armoured Range Finder 9m AC Buffed to 20. (Was 12) Health Increased to 2700 (Was 1080) Cost increased to 125 (Was 90)
Stats - All standard Detection Equipment (Everything in the Detection tab except ; Wireless Snooper, Missile Radar Buoy Holder, Missile Sonar Buoy Holder) AC buffed to 15 (Was 10) Health increased to 300 (Was 200)
Stats - Spinblock, One Axis Turret, Two Axis turret; AC Increased to 15. (Was 10) Health Increased to 800 (Was 150)
Stats - Sky Fortress Turbine AC Increased to 15 (Was 10) Health Increased to 1000 (Was 500)
Stats - Missile Controller AC buffed to 12 (Was 10) Health increased to 300 (Was 100)
Stats - Missile Gantry AC buffed to 8 (Was 3) Health increased to 150 (Was 100)
Stats - Strategic Antenna + Dish Piece AC buffed to 15 (Was 10) Health increased to 250 (Was 150)
Stats - Docking Station AC buffed to 12 (Was 1) Health increased to 600 (Was 100)
Stats - Sub-vehicle spawner AC buffed to 12 (Was 1) Health increased to 250 (Was 100)
Stats - Vehicle blueprint spawner AC buffed to 12 (Was 10) Health increased to 250 (Was 150)
Stats - Small Propeller AC buffed to 15 (Was 10) Health increased to 300 (Was 150)
Stats - Huge Propeller AC buffed to 15 (Was 10) Health increased to 2700 (Was 600)
Stats - Small Jet AC buffed to 10 (Was 5) Health increased to 200 (Was 100)
Stats - Huge Jet AC buffed to 10 (Was 5) Health increased to 1800 (Was 600)
Stats - Small Ion Thruster AC buffed to 10 (Was 3) Health increased to 200 (Was 75)
Stats - Huge Ion Thruster AC buffed to 10 (Was 3) Health increased to 1800 (Was 450)
Stats - Wing + Aileron + Tailplane Health increased to 100 (Was 50)
Stats - Jet Stabilizer AC buffed to 12 (Was 5) Health increased to 250 (Was 150)
Stats - Heat Decoy AC buffed to 10 (Was 3) Health increased to 200 (Was 85)
Stats - AI mainframe Cost reduced to 50 (From 100)
Stats - Radiator AC buffed to 10 (Was 3) Health buffed to 200 (Was 100)
Stats - Large Radiator AC buffed to 10 (Was 3) Health buffed to 1800 (Was 900)
Stats - Ammo Storage + Ammo Parts box Weight reduced to 40 (From 45), volume factor reduced for same overall buoyancy
Stats - Laser Munition Defence – AC buffed to 10 (Was 4) Health increased to 300 (Was 100) Cost reduced to 30 (Was 100)
Stats - Laser Optics & Steering Optics – AC buffed to 8 (Was 4) Health increased to 250 (Was 100) Cost reduced to 20 (Was 50)
Stats - Tactical Nuke – Cost reduced to 50 (Was 100) Weight increased to 40 (Was 4)
Stats - RTG (All types) Cost reduced by 50%
Stats - Small turbine AC reduced to 6 (From 46)
Stats - APS Barrels (All types); AC buffed to 15 (From 12) HP increased to 350 (From 200/225/250) Weight reduced to 40 (Was 50)
Stats - CRAM Barrels (All Except bomb chute.); AC buffed to 15 (From 10) Hp increased to 350 (From 150)
Stats - Bomb chute; AC buffed to 15 (From 5) HP buffed to 350 (From 150) Weight unchanged (5)
Stats - CRAM - Recoil Suppression Barrel; Muzzle velocity factor increased to 0.95 (From 0.9)
Stats - Railgun Magnet Attaching Fixture Health increased to 300 (Was 200)
Stats - Railgun Barrel magnet AC Health increased to 350 (Was 200)
Stats - APS 3x3 Omni mantlet AC buffed to 28 (Was 20) Health Increased to 5000 (Was 3150)
Stats - APS 1x1 Omni mantlet AC buffed to 20 (Was 15) Health increased to 500 (Was 350)
Stats - APS 1x1 Elevation Mantlet AC buffed to 20 (Was 12) Health Increased to 500 (Was 300)
Stats - APS 1x3 Elevation Mantlet AC buffed to to 20 (Was 15) Health increased to 1500 (Was 900)
Stats - APS 1x2 AA Mantlet AC buffed to 20 (Was 12) Health increased to 750 (Was 450)
Stats - Drill (Controller) AC buffed to 15 (Was 5) Health increased to 500 (Was 300)
Stats - Extension AC buffed to 15 (Was 8) Health increased to 300 (Was 150)
Stats - Verical/Horizontal Splitter AC buffed to 15 (Was 8) Health increased to 300 (Was 150)
Stats - Small Drill Bit AC buffed to 25 (Was 15) Health Increased to 700 (Was 200)
Stats - Large Drill Bit AC buffed to 25 (Was 15) Health increased to 6300 (was 1800) Cost increased to 100 (Was 60)
Stats - Power Input AC buffed to 10 (Was 4) Health increased to 300 (Was 150)
Stats - Torque Amplifier AC buffed to 10 (Was 4) Health increased to 300 (Was 150)
Stats - Wing force per speed increased from 0.05 to 0.1. Cost increased to 5
Stats - Aileron force per speed increased from 0.1 to 0.2. Cost increased to 5
Stats - Aero Rudder, Aero Plane, Tailplane force per speed increased from 0.2 to 0.4. Cost increased to 5
Stats - Simple Laser cost from 40 to 100, Ammo usage from 10 to 40
Stats - Spinblock, One Axis Turret, Two Axis turret; AC Increased to 15. (Was 10) Health Increased to 800 (Was 150) (For 1x1x1)
Stats - 3x3 One Axis Turret; 7200 Health
Stats - 5x5 One Axis Turret; 20,000 health
Missile - Interceptor kill strike range increased and damage increased
Missile - HE warheads no longer detonate other missiles and instead push them away
Missile - Thumper head Effective AP 6 > 10
Missile - duration reduced to 30 seconds (From 1 minute)
Missile - Torpedo HE bonus damage reduced from 4x to 3x
PAC - Impact effective AP 10 > 15
PAC - Pierce effective AP reduced 20 > 15
PAC – Explosive Shock damage percentage changed from 10% to 100%
PAC - EMP, Damage reduced by 50%
Ram - (Simple Weapon) Frontal drag reduced to 0.3
CRAM – Duration before projectile deletion increased from 20 seconds to 30 seconds
APS & CRAM – “Heavy” Basic barrels added: AC 25, HP 900, Weight 200, Cost; 70
APS & CRAM – beamed(4m) barrels added, Heavy and normal variants
APS – Flak Radius increased to 6x HE Radius (Was 2x), Damage reduced to 30% of HE (Was 50%) (APS)
APS – Accuracy penalty removed from Disruptor shell caps
APS - HEAT and HESH now explode on impact, and cannot ricochet
APS - HEAT Air gap pen metric drain increased to 60. AP 6 from 10 (molten metal isnt known for its AP)
APS - HESH cone angle 60 from 30
APS - HESH will also create spalling at 5 other airgaps randomly selected from the forwards hemisphere
APS - Squash head thump effective AP is now 10
APS - Hollow Point Effective AP 6 > 10
APS - Hesh frag number divided by the square rooted AC of the armour it passes through instead of the raw AC. (HA=6.3, Metal = 3.6)
APS – All fuse module kinetic stats increased to; (Excluding Inertial Fuse)
APS – Shell health factor – 1.0 (Was 1.0), Kinetic damage factor – 2.5 (Was 0.5) , Armour Piercing factor – 1.5 (Was 0.2), Speed factor – 1.1 (Was 1.0)
APS – Stabilizer Fin Kinetic stats increased to; Shell health factor – 1.1 (Was 0.95), Kinetic damage factor – 3.0 (Was 0.7), Armour piercing factor – 1.5 (Was 0.5), Speed factor – 1.0 (Was 0.95)
APS – Super Cavitator Base Kinetic stats increased to; Kinetic damage factor – 1.5 (Was 0.6), Armour piercing factor – 1.5 (Was 0.4), Speed modifier – 1.0 (Was 0.9) Now has a maximum length of 100mm
APS – Grav. Compensator stats increased to; Shell health factor – 1.1 (Was 1.0), Kinetic damage factor – 1.5 (Was 0.6), Armour piercing factor - 1.5 (Was 0.4), Speed modifier – 1.0 (Was 0.9) Now has a maximum length of 100mm
APS – Reduce propellant burn barrel length requirement from 12*(Shell length)^0.75 to 6*(Shell length)^0.75
APS - Autoloaders start loaded; inputs start at max count down so they immediately load
APS - Clips HEAT Vulnerability, 3m is now 33% (Was 0%), 6m is now 16% (Was 0%), 8m is now 13% (Was 0%)
APS - 8m Autoloader, removed health loss from HEAT penetration (To match the rest of them)
APS - New APS recoil absorber system; now has total recoil capacity which refreshes over time. Smaller absorbers refresh faster but have lower capacity
RTGS - Produce energy 5 times a second rather than once a second (same total per second)
Batteries - start full rather then empty
Lasers - less engine power usage while game is slowed down bug fix
Lasers - Wavefront no longer pierces multiple layers of smoke with its full potential, its now iterative per smoke as per the laser shields
Lasers - frequency doublers AP bonus now scalar with pumps: 0.5AP per pump at 10 pumps scaling to 0.005AP per pump at 100
Lasers - Storage Laser Cavity health loss from HEAT penetration reduced to 40% (Was 100%)
Lasers - Q Switch EMP Susceptibility Reduced to 40% (Was 60%), This now matches other laser components
Laser - Steering optics & regular optics, removed health loss from HEAT penetration
AI - General Purpose Processing Card, added EMP Susceptibility of 60% With protective drainage of 10
AI - Laser Warner EMP Susceptibility reduced to 40% (Was 60%) Health increased to 200 (Was 100)
AI - Smoke Dispenser – Removed health loss from HEAT penetration
Propulsion - Jet Engine (Small) & Jet Engine (Large) Removed health loss from HEAT penetration
Propulsion - Ion Engine (Small) & Ion Engine (Large) Health loss from HEAT Penetration reduced to 50%
Propulsion - Propellers speed cap increased to 100 (Was 50)
Community Announcements - From The Depths
Really pleased to be releasing steam engines today along with a multitude of other features changes and fixes. Hope you like the new changes and we will be responding to bug reports posted on the offical bug report forum over the next few days and releasing and required hot fixes.

[New feature] Steam engines added

[New Feature] Active Radar Missiles are decoyed by Radar Buoys

[New Feature] Active Sonar Torpedo Seekers are decoyed by Sonar Buoys

[New Feature] Multithreading of many complex game calculations to improve frame rate

[New Feature] Fuel engine exhaust is bi-directional and can be fed combined from many engines.

[New feature] Steam cloud activated for your entire From the Depths folder. Let me know if it creates any issues.

[Addition] new light and smoke emitter deco blocks

[Addition] Copy/paste, copy to all Added to Missile winches, Belt Feb autoloaders, laser colorer

[Addition] Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard difficulty preset buttons added

[Change] Prefabs and Sub objects are all loaded in a second thread (removes the delay before accessing the inventory screen). Load is done when profile loaded. Permanent inventory prefabs also loaded in second thread.

[Change] Textures are now loaded from resources to speed up game boot time. The textures the vanilla game uses are still available in the modding folders if you want to modify them and override them.

[Change] The naming convention for mod files has changed. They are no longer numbered (which led to a lot of annoying version control issues).

[Change] Tips of the day; spelling/grammar and general wording updated.

[Change] Vehicle select in qualification mode now has test vehicle height heading for altitude buttons

[Change] New campaign options text updated

[Change] Adventure mode spawn height 50 instead of 100 (less chance of falling into the ocean, less awkward green from no heatstone)

[Change] Missile menu -left +right swapped to correct sides

[Change] Simple Tutorial now has a seat bit so players dont fall out

[Change] Tutorial vehicles now have seats for players to start on or spawn location lowered

[Change] Notice that saved games are world specific on load game menu

[Change] Story missions default to 'Player' tab if nothing selected (looks really odd if nothing selected)

[Change] Laser colorer secondary return updated to say if connected

[Change] Laser wavefront secondary return updated

[Change] Missile carry across all settings on assign. Ejection angle etc.

[Change] Ammo processor sub meshes now carry with main block

[Change] APS trail set to diameter with a minimum of 150mm (the old default)

[Change] APS ammo component spelling fixed

[Change] Missile trail slider in options now

[Change] Visible tracer color customise actually show colour in description

[Change] Inventory layout for structural blocks moved around a bit slightly so blocks no longer over checklist

[Change] Blueprint Spawner block max range now 100 from 30

[Improvement] All in all the game should now be back to booting up in about 30 seconds or less and will not pause when you access the prefab or sub object inventory tabs or when you click the multiplayer button.

[Improvement] APS trail shorter, wider and now scale with gauge from a minimum of 150mm (Easier to see, especially the light blue tracers)

[Improvement] All trails optimised for better performance

[Improvement] Particle effects redone for most emitter (missiles, jets,smoke etc) to not be so wasteful (and hopefully look better)

[Improvement] Pulse lasers now have the full effect set and a nice fade

[Improvement] Toon ramp and Outline standardised between all game materials (0.009 for components and 0.02 for structural blocks)

[Improvement] Block information popup standardised between all blocks.

[Bug fix] Space designer platform now has required down thrusters

[Bug fix] Tutorials updated for changes in game

[Bug fix] Heli tutorial never actually ended – fixed now

[Bug fix] 1m omni mantlet texture fix

Content Update

Dangerous Waters:
-All ships have been updated to give a more enjoyable, faster, and controlled battle experience.
-All ships converted to Metal with Alloy only used for balance and flotation boost
-All Cannons standardized and made more powerful. Now, ships can actually hurt each other.
-Strength of the cannons are properly reflected by their gauges. No more will a 100mm cannon beat a 200mm cannon.
-Ammo stashes that were spread around the ships sabotaging the ships have been removed. Now the ships dont kill themselves, your cannons do.
-Ships will no long run from each other. All ships have the same engagement range and will turn to broadside instead of one always running away to maintain a further distance.
-Weapon controllers set so big guns shoot further
-Torpedoes made awesome. Now having a torpedo ship is worthwhile
-AA made better. Planes are no longer safe. Its not great, but better.
-Ally descriptions "one liners" changed to reflect the exact weapons the ships have so the player can make a more educated choice about what they build
-Planes updated a bit, Axis planes now blow up when they fly into space.

Ashes of the Empire
-Tanks updated some to improve sensor detection. Some designs have been update to survive better or be offensively stronger.
-New DWG Tank "Taipan" Designed to be a Tank destroyer.
-The DWG copperhead has been reworked so it never gets stuck under ground. It now has missiles instead of APSs. It is no longer a sub-spawn on all DWG designs (on a few) and it can now freely spawn independently.
- New SE Tank added "Scarab"
-DWG design "Sand Viper" has been replaced
-New WF Tank "Slayer"
-All Faction designs have been limited to only spawn 2-3 copies per fleet. This should encourage more diversity and higher chances of Elite tanks spawning in large fleets.
-DWG will now ALWAYS declare war on the player at the 1 hour mark. Other Factions still have a random chance to also declare war.
-Elite tanks spawn chance has been increased
-All tanks have had their FPs reduced, including Elites. Expect to see more tanks per fight now.
-Player starting base has been updated to have its old tents, campfires and random junk laying around.
-Fixed various other annoying issues and stuff ive forgotten about.
-Typical design updates and OW beaming.
-Easy OW designs have been Nerfed
-GT Tribe of the Iron Storm overhauled thanks to the GT crew
-DWG Generic Fleets severely changed and im not sure how they will behave. Now fleets will be grouped by "Pirate Lords" following that lords style
-4 new DWG Airships added to the game for the new pirate lord "Sven Kno"
- DWG "Pendragon" deleted from game
-4 hour Grace period is dead
I have removed the entire concept. There are no more super noob designs. They have been rolled into Easy difficulty or removed.
There is no more pre-made attack fleets.
Now, DWG will declare war on you after 2 hours. If you dont want to wait, declare war on them right away.
Intent of this change is too allow those who want to play their difficulty to do so right away and those who want to build in peace to be able to do so.

-Now when you defeat a faction there will be a chance of all other factions having a change of relationship status with you. For example, killing WF has a 70% of making LH immediately hate you and SS 30% chance of gain +10 in relations. This is untested and i have only a vague idea of what will happen. Also, when a Faction is defeated a pop up message will appear about their deaths (7 out of 8 factions so far)

-DWG garrisons around the player have been increased in strength slightly

-HQs moved off land so they will produce water units in addition to their air units
-Hauler Design replaced
-Broken SD event fixed and changed
Community Announcements - From The Depths
Really pleased to be pushing this huge series of development branch patch to the stable branch tonight. There are three main areas of focus here:
1) Detection mechanics (radar, sonar, IR, visual, retroreflection, wireless signal detection). Vehicles must now detect and track each other and can be designed with stealth in mind. All the new components are AI components although missiles have got some new components too (radar active seekers, radar and sonar buoys).

2) Usability improvements: prefabs in the inventory to speed up building for new and old players alike. A checklist in the inventory to help new players get to grips with the game and help old players remember the basics. A new weapon aiming system that turns the avatar in to a serious threat and adds a lot of gameplay options for those wanting to control their own weapons.

3) A single raw resource (called Material) replaces the natural, metal, oil, scrap and crystal raw resources. This doesn't involve much, if any, redesigning of your vehicles but it makes the game far more streamlined, balanced and understandable. Scrap smelters and crystal farms are now for decoration only but fuel refineries and ammo production still works as usual. Spare parts are no longer in the game at all.

Here is the full change log although I think we've forgotten a few things..

[Change] Detection equipment now available and necessary

[New Feature] Sonar Active / Passive added for detecting submarines and other ships

[New Feature] Radar Active / Passive added for detecting above water targets

[New Feature] Visible cameras and coincidence range finders added for detecting above water targets

[New Feature] IR Cameras added for detecting above water targets

[New Feature] Retroreflection sensors added for detecting targets with visible band optical systems

[New Feature] Wireless snooper added for detecting systems with wireless transmission and reception

[New Feature] Range finders added for tracking detected targets and delivering range estimates

[Change] Natural, Metal, Oil, Scrap and Crystal have been replaced with a single Material

[Change] A 'none' weapon slot has been added

[Change] a simple two slot weapon system is now the default for new players- you can select which you prefer in the options menu

[Bug fix] AI weapon control is no longer overrriden when you are using a UI

[Change] you can begin building on a force when it is out of play by using a new button on the UI or by looking at it and pressing B

[Change] You can begin building on a force or vehicle by looking at it from a distance of up to 1km, rather than 30 metres

[Change] the fleet info tooltip has been revamped

[Change] your player's position is clearly marked in the fleet control UI and the map UI

[Addition] new exhaust pipe added

[Addition] 2m and 3m beams/slopes added

[New Feature] Player aiming of weapons is now far more accurate and allows pin point accuracy of all weapons under your control

[New Feature] A checklist has been added to the inventory to help new players figure out what is needed

[New Feature] Prefabs are now in the main inventory tabs to help players quickly assemble fuel engines (more to come)

[New feature] Radar guided missiles added

[Change] Passive sonar can detect sonar torpedoes and LAMS can engage them

[Change] Passive radar can detect radar guided missiles and LAMS can engage them

[New feature] Missile radar buoy, Missile sonar buoy added

[New feature] Reverse fire missile launch pad added

Jun 30, 2016
Community Announcements - From The Depths
Huge update with loads of new components, new mechanics and balance changes. Nukes, heavy armour, warp drives, optimisation and laser's shooting down large shells are just a few of the new features. Let me know what you think in the comments section below :)

New Components

New laser cavities added which have more energy storage

3 new RTG parts for generating constant power for a high initial cost without the requirement for fuel

Spares Processed added to keep your spare parts topped up

Tactical Nuke component added for Kamikaze runs

Land AI card added

Shield busting 'Disruptor Conduit' nose cone added for APS that channels EMP damage into the shield projector itself

3m and 6m Autoloader variants now available (with clips)

Warp drives added

Wavefront corrector component added for offensive lasers

APS shell ejector added for avoiding ammo racking

Heavy Armour added

Fixes and improvements

[Improvement] Fixes to Adventure mode spawning difficulties

[Bug fix] 2x2x2 resource containers now mirror correctly

[Improvement] Fuel refineries now have several warnings when being damaged from gas build up

[Bug fix] Fix to the damage from particle cannon pipes that are correctly terminated

[Bug fix] more support for spawning land vehicles in land designers (used to spawn under the terrain level and pop up!)

[Improvement] RTG Generators now charge batteries out of play

[Bug fix] Fixed a bug regarding the selling of raw resource containers and placing of containers as prefabs

[Bug fix] LUA error reporting fixed (has been broken for a few weeks, sorry!

[Improvement] Diplomacy UI revamped a bit

[Improvement] Unavailable single player game modes no longer visible

[Improvement] Fleet move AI pathfinding for naval vessels is now better

[Bug fix] rendering of big chunks of debris now fixed

[Bug fix] identification of when blocks should be perminently removed is now better (no more perminent battle damage during build mode)

[Bug fix] engine display is now correct when using an electric engine as well

[Bug fix] Laser range now correctly calculated and displayed

[Bug fix] APS penetration depth fuse fixed

[Improvement] Optimisation of several slow areas of code

[Change] Several APS blocks vertices count reduced signicantly (small fps boost)

[Change] many blocks retextured

[Bug fix] CRAM shells now explode on impact with terrain

Content updates

Loads of content updates to all three planets and a new planet "Ashes of the Empire" added with a land vehicle campaign

[Improvement] DWG tutorial story missions updated

[Improvement] New planet Icons in main menu for switching between planets

[Improvement] Faction flags added for Glao planet

New Features

[Improvement] Brawler player buff added, very useful for adventure mode

[Improvement] Leader boards many missions which feed scores into a 'Player Score' metric... which unlocks the "luck" attribute

[Change] You cannot order a fleet into allied territory, and lose relationship when you trespass there

[Improvement] you can now save your vehicle as an STL file for 3D printing. The option is in the Vehicle info UI (press V)

[Improvement] Low level of detail mode added for distant vehicles

[Change] SHIFT + P in build mode will cylce the following views: density (mass/volume) of components, forwards drag, cost density and hiden structural blocks

[Change] Centre of mass, buoyancy and drag clearly shown in build mode

Balance Changes and mechanic changes
[Improvement] Engineering captain skill works on fuel engines to increase efficiency and keep heat down

[Improvement] Armour smithing faction skill increases resitance to all damage types except EMP which it adds a susceptability to

[Improvement] Fleet supply faction skill implemented to increase supply range of forces

[Improvement] no skills adjust gravity or air density any more

[Improvement] Leadership ability increases fleet speed on the map and radar view distance

[Improvement] Luck can make a x4 accurate LAM shot

[Improvement] Skills have been rebalanced substantially

[Improvement] APS required barrel lengths for propellant burn and accuracy have been reduced and have a roll-off for high shell lengths

[Change] APS rebalanced so that cooldown scales using the 'standard' gauge equation and damage scales using the 'strong' gauge equation. Large shells should now achieve higher DPS than before and be more competative.

[Change] Effective range added for APS shells

[Change] Particle cannon arms with lenses now fire 2 50% strength shots not one

[Change] Jets and propellers have a 'top speed' and thrust falls off as they approach this speed

[Improvement] APS shell modules have a maximum length, allowing you to use more fuses at higher gauge than previously

[Change] Inertial fuses now allow fragments to explode on the far side of the shield

[Change] LAMS can shoot down CRAM shells and APS shells

[Change] Missile warners can detect large CRAM and APS shells

[Change] A docked vehicle can no longer use repair tentacles to repair the vehicle it is docked to

[Change] Munition Warners need to have a clear line of sight out of the vehicle to function

[Change] Missiles have a detectable range base on the thrust their thrusters are putting out

[Change] Munition warners are less effective if the vehicle is quickly rotating

[Change] Thumper heads increase missile health by a factor of 2.5

[Change] It's now the barrel not the gauge cooler that smokes in an APS system

[Change] Laser warner now needs a clear view out of the vehicle in order to operate- much like the munition warner does

[Change] You can now factor shield strength rather than change it using an ACB

[Change] Shield projectors cannot project through other shield projectors

[Change] both reflect and disrupt shields ignore AP and instead have effectiveness proportional to shell indicent velocity

[Change] Exhausts need a clear line of sight out of the vehicle or they lose cooling potential

[Change] if a shell with no fuses ricochets it will not explode

[Change] HE Missiles expoding underwater (i.e. torpedos) do significantly more damage and have larger radii

[Change] vehicle temperature is now far more important for the use of IR missiles

[Change] Shields and light fittings now radiate heat, as does the firing of cannon shells and missiles
Community Announcements - From The Depths
Really excited to be pushing the particle cannons to stable and to be releasing the first iteration of Adventure Mode and two new planets, as well as the many other new additions and features that you will find detailed below.

Adventure Mode is a back to basics game mode where you have to manually build up a ship or fleet and fend off enemies whilst warping through warp gates, hunting for resource and salvaging your enemies. It's an atmospheric survival style game where everything is done in 1st person (or through the newly revamped wireless camera control system) and there is only one save slot per adventure. It'll be getting more updates as the week goes on to add more warp dimensions of different types.

A new planet has also been added called Glao which features a fun, small and strategic campaign mode. You're a mining corporation fighting for control of a small planet against three other corporations. It's still a work in progress.

Dangerous Waters WWII planet has also been added. It's a community project featuring an Allies vs Axis campaign with replicas of most of the hardware of WWII. It's still very much a work in progress and you're welcome to get involved with this project on the official forums here:

We've also added Particle Cannons which use stored battery energy to fire high energy particles. These are great fun and currently have no direct counters which make them a great investment. We've also added Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators which cost a lot of crystal to place but produce an infinite (but slow) battery charge capability. Perfect for Adventure Mode.

Wireless cameras when placed on turrets can now control the turret aiming and weapon firing. They also have up to x20 zoom so you can see further than every before. Also perfect for Adventure Mode.

Here is the full change log since the last announcement was posted:

[Improvement] Nanites and Scientist fleet buffs implemented. Non-implemented buffs/skills have been marked in the Character sheet

[Improvement] AI aiming prediction more precise by an order of magnitude. CIWS and long range combat should see a marked improvement

[Change] Laser systems now provide double the damage at double the power cost

[Improvement] Auto-loaders now show multiplier for larger variants in overlay

[Improvement] Several new tutorials

[Improvement] Iron Cover ship test facility added to help give new players some basics of ship building

[Change] Custom Jet intake add-on is now 1x1x1m instead of 3x1x1m

[Improvement] New Particle Cannon weapon now added

[Improvement] Texture upgrade (and some models) for Laser Components, Custom Jets, Drills, Strategic Antenna, Surge Protector, Scrap Smelter and Crystal Farm

[Improvement] APS mantlets can be placed at any orientation and work as expected

[Bug fix] EMP damage bug fix- it was choosing bad paths occasionally

[Improvement] Ships will not spawn in land garrisons and land vehicles will not spawn in sea garrisons

[Change] Enemies of 2 or more difficulty levels above or below the player's selected design difficulty level will no longer ever spawn

[Bug fix] Fuel is spent for out of play movement with custom Jets

[Improvement] New game mode (adventure mode!) added

[Improvement] Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator added for charging batteries

[Improvement] Docking on off button added to the generic force control button panel

[Improvement] Wireless cameras can now aim and shoot turrets

[Bug fix] Cross platform multiplayer bugs introduced in the mod support release are fixed

[Change] Oil drills no longer work underwater

[Improvement] Oil drills and resource gatherers turn off when there is no storage for raw materials

[Bug fix] No engine icon does not display when there is an electric engine with battery power available

[Bug fix] Issues with scrolling and group selection on the map due to mouse over map icons now fixed

[Change] Shortcuts to the planets added to the top of the main menu

[Bug fix] Bug with sailing AI card turning into an endless 'off state' after loading fixed

[Improvement] Particle Cannon tube lenses can now fire in all directions

[Bug fix] Balloons more stable and will not warp you miles under glitchy circumstances

[Improvement] Laser anti missile defense now has adjustable range and firing angle

[Change] Lasers and bullets fired from the Cannon Anti Missile Controller can physically connect with and destroy missiles

[Bug fix] Sail winch settings are synchronized in multiplayer

[Bug fix] The sailing AI card roll avoidance mechanism is now working as expected

[Bug fix] Sailing AI now controlling sails more sensibly
Community Announcements - From The Depths
So pleased to release this huge update to the stable branch. Land vehicles, mod support, multiplayer improvements, improved player movement (and stairs!), balance changes, CIWS turrets and bomb chute barrels are among the hundreds of changes.

You can view and share mods here - and steam workshop support for them will be added shortly.

[Improvement] Wheels controllable by piggybacking onto water mode or air mode propulsion

[Improvement] Resource zone resource growth rate is now constant again- rather than increasing when the zone is empty

[Improvement] new control options added to the Automatic Control Block

[Improvement] Mod support added to the game

[Change] Ammo router no longer required for the Advanced Projectile System

[Improvement] Stairs block added"

[Improvement] Rambot avatar can now cling to his vehicle (which is the default movement mode). Press \\ to change mode. Double tap space to release from vehicle

[Change] Scuttlebot avatar removed from the game

[Improvement] replace block now works in multiplayer

[Improvement] Prefabs now work in multiplayer

[Improvement] Sub object save and load now works in multiplayer

[Improvement] Weapon control is better in multiplayer

[Improvement] Client movement is controlled client-side in multiplayer so is lag free

[Improvement] New hand holding tutorial system added to lead you through the tutorial resources available

[Improvement] New sound manager system added which has nice effects and models speed of sound

[Improvement] support added for land units and all terrain vehicles as forces and fleets

[Improvement] Bomb Chute barrel for Cram cannon added

[Improvement] Significantly increased the FPS when on the map

[Bug fix] land should no longer disappear from beneath the player or vehicles

[Change] the way sails are placed has changed a bit- some may well now be broken- sorry about that

[Improvement] Prefabs and sub objects now stored in individual files

[Change] Missile drag decreases from 100% at altitude 0m to 50% at altitude 300m and then 0% at altitude 500m. Ability to turn using fins decreases from 100% at 300m to 10% at 500m

[Improvement] Projectile follow camera is now an orbital view of the projectile / missile

[Change] Lasers can damage out to 10km now- not just 3km

[Change] Raw resource storage containers now store 2k resource per meter cubed- not 10k

[Improvement] game config sliders for resource storage and overall damage scaling

[Improvement] You can pause the game at any time by pressing F11- you can still move the camera and look about

[Change] vehicle drag is reduced from 100% at 300m altitude to 10% at 500m altitude (where air density reaches 0)

[Improvement] event outcome likelihood is now customizable in the map editor

[Improvement] Resource dump levels are now controlled by the server and synchronized to the players

[Improvement] Retrofitting is enabled in multiplayer games

[Improvement] Resource supply distance based on the force's resource storage capacity

[Improvement] There is now the option in the V menu to disable the removal of water effects due to air pumps

[change] APS Autoloaders now have a bonus to reload speed for the larger variants, roughly 40% of the previous size

[Improvement] Several new player skills/buffs have been added, structure inplace for more in future. Current new skills that work are Gunnery, Sea Captain, Gun smiths, Salvo Batterries, Naval engineering, Aerial engineering and Astro enginerring

[Improvement] tooltips enabled for enemy vehicles in the fleet control UI.

[Improvement] Close In Weapon Support (CIWS) AI weapon controller added for firing turreted APS at missiles

[Improvement] Control block can now force all weapon types to fire

[Improvement] LCW shots per second limit is now 40 instead of 2. Not sure why it was ever 2

[Improvement] Vehicle on vehicle collision bugs ironed out

[Improvement] when you give orders to your vehicles they will sort of speak back to you. There are four personalities associated with the four modes: water, air, land, all terrain.

[Bug fix] bug fix regarding fog of war view distance for dead blueprints

[Improvement] build bar / favourites list works in multiplayer now

[Change] Missile explosive warhead damage doubled from 200 to 400 per warhead

[Change] You no longer need a patrol AI card to give orders to the AI- so the card is now obsolete

[Change] User interface for fleets and forces simplified and unified quite a bit

[Change] you can now longer have a fleet without a flagship- one will always be assigned

[Bug fix] Fleet rotation speeds now properly calculated and applied

[Change] Volume used instead of block count in a number of places throughout the game now

[Improvement] AI, Fleet, and Resource Zone bindings added to Lua.

[Bug fix] Lua editor will now select all code when CTRL+A is pressed.

[Improvement] Inventory, fleet control and map UI declutter

[Improvement] Dangerous Waters WWII RTS planet is in the built in planet's folder and ready for v0 testing.
Community Announcements - From The Depths
Huge update- drag calculation updated (with "localised drag"), a new type of cannon called the CRAM Cannon replaces the Custom Cannon component set (it's fairly backwards compatible- don't worry too much), loads of new campaign and usability updates (including fleet patrol loops). A building bar of favourite designs has also been added so you can play the different game modes with more of an RTS feel. Planet editor has had numerous updates so expect more vibrant campaigns, missions and community made worlds soon.

[Improvement] Profile moved to a new, more robust system that stores more preferences
[Improvement] A favourite design building hot bar has been added
[Improvement] Out of play vehicles can be retrofitted
[Improvement] A 'Quick Retrofit Wizard' has been added for upgrading automatically to the latest version of a blueprint during campaign play
[Improvement] Battle setup GUI simplified

[Improvement] Game speed can be controlled from the E GUI now as well as the map
[Improvement] Graviton ram APS shell base added
[Improvement] Text applied to the out of play force markers to add clarity
[Fix] Out of play repairs now provides ammo and fuel and spares when repairing the respective components
[Improvement] you can now target a fleet as the target of a fleet move order
[Improvement] you can hold shift and click on a previous waypoint to create a loop back to that waypoint for fleets
[Improvement] a 'force feed' option for dumping all spare resource into the target of the transit fleet
[Improvement] Aerial Pitch PID has an 'altitude error to elevation request factor' slider for helping tune the aircraft's altitude control
[Improvement] Armour class of armour is increased when in multiple layers- for both exp damage and kinetic damage
[Improvement] Explosive damage equations changed so that high armour materials absorb a reasonably large amount of the explosive power
[Improvement] Aerial AI collision avoidance added to standard Aerial AI. Only works with altitude at the moment (one goes high, one goes low)
[Improvement] Drag is applied at the center of drag- you may need to re-balance your vehicles with this change
[Improvement] blocks have their drag reduction potential defined in all 6 directions- not just one value. Slopes are therefore only useful when placed in certain orientations
[Improvement] Slopes and corners all specify two positions that need to be free of blocks for them to work- this is to avoid exploits
[Improvement] APS EMP, HESH THUMP, HEAT frag and HESH frag damage have all been increased by a factor of 2
[Improvement] CRAM cannon replaces Custom Cannon
[Improvement] Event system added to the map editor
[Fix] Fix with in play retrofitting providing unlimited resources
[Improvement] Increase and Decrease game speed now rebindable
[Improvement] Lots of new Map Editing options for facilitating game-play types and fine tuning how designs spawn
[Improvement] Resource zones can be specified to have a finite reserve amount of any or all resources
[Improvement] HQs can be specified to only build certain types of design or designs of certain corporations

[Improvement] New "faction merge" functionality added to map editor to create super factions.
Jan 13, 2016
Community Announcements - From The Depths
Loads of fixes and improvements- and quite a number of new features to keep you busy.

[Improvement] Missile laser retains aim direction more effectively
[Improvement] Shield projector has complex controller input for excess drive factor
[Improvement] Turrets are now back to being smoothly rotating like they used to be
[Improvement] Firing constraints for turrets have a bug fixed that was affecting azimuth when using elevation only constraints
[Improvement] turret traverse speed is now based on turret mass
[Imrovement] Explosions now limited in their ability to turn corners and get past armour
[Improvement] APS barrel traverse speed is slower for larger barrels
[Fix] Loading a shell directly into the firing piece now works as intended
[Fix] battery power will not be used to run generators to charge batteries- in the absense of any fuel
[Fix] Aerial AI less likely to lose altitude whilst moving to waypoint
[Change] Jet model replaced with a new one- and jet engine drag factor set to 0.25
[Improvement] Inline turbo provides cooling to cylinder if exiting directly from it
[Improvement] Standard turbo can be placed inline if you wish
[Improvement] Exhaust outputs are a source of heat for the attraction of IR missiles
[Improvement] Inline turbos which have a lot of exhaust passing through them are equivalent to a turbo that is run at a higher engine RPM
[Improvement] The turbo efficiency improvement curve now goes up to a value of 5- which results in 50% fuel usage. You can achieve this efficiency by running an engine at 100% with an inline turbo with 5 exhausts flowing through it
[Fix] Jets are now counted as hot objects again
[Fix] Qualification mode now counts advanced projectile system projectile damage correctly
[Fix] Fix with APS explosions managing to pass through a single layer of armour
[Fix] Bribing in localised resource mode fixed
[Fix] A fuel refinery when destroyed and repaired will still work now
[Improvement] hot object list added to the Constructable Info GUI (V)
[Improvement] Required accuracy before fire has a minimum of 0.5 instead of 2 now
[Fix] Out of play resource gathering now uses fuel- and needs fuel to run
[Fix] issues fixed when fuel engines run out of fuel

[Improvement] railguns reworked to use vehicle battery energy storage and be more configurable. New rail gun propellant component added as a shell module
[Improvement] Experience is given to all players in multiplayer
[Improvement] Intel images can be taken for all vehicles. Screenshots now properly encoded as jpeg
[Fix] Fixes to naval AI that broken when the PIDs we introduced and fix to submarine fleet move
[Fix] Fix to out of play oil to fuel conversion and fuel use for resource gathering (numbers were both too pessimistic)
Community Announcements - From The Depths
Huge new content update for the stable branch. Engines have been completely reworked and replaced, you can now play all game modes with 'local resource' stored on your vehicles. Supply groups and Transit fleets added to manage the logistics of your war. Loads of new features, simplifications to overly complex systems, balance improvements have been added. To name but a few we have Laser Aborb shields, Explosive Reative Armour, new HEAT and HESH mechanics. There's also a new campaign we threw in at the last minute where you can play as DWG vs. just the Onxy Watch!

The in game manual has been updated to reflect the changes, and so have the building guides- so you'll find plenty of info in game. You'll also find buttons on the main menu where you can learn more about these changes.

Here is an absolutely must watch video from IreLAN gaming on the new update. Definitely worth a watch!

[Improvement] Code re-written to support modding in future
[Improvement] Aim point selection is less deterministic in it's selection of block.
[Improvement] Maximum strength attribute added to the planet editor for setting maximum garrison sizes
[Improvement] Special and Generic fleets now have difficulty levels assignable in the map editor
[Improvement] perminently locked unlock and faction design visibility options added to world editor
[Improvment] A new engine system called the Fuel Engine has been created to replace the current engine
[Improvement] Added a new system for electric engines and electric energy (plus electric energy supplying)
[Improvement] Lots of new content updates
[Improvement] Localised Resource Mechanic Addded, as well as supply groups and transit fleets for sharing both Raw Resource (in Localised Resource Mode) and Processed Resource (in all modes).
[Improvement] HEAT and HESH mechanics changed (manual pages added for both so you can learn more.
[Improvement] AI PID controllers and General Purpose PID controllers added for controlling loads of systems accurately
[Improvement] Explosive Reactive Armour added
[Improvement] Reworked electric engine system to be far more useful, and made electric energy the '4th processed resource'
[Improvement] Added Laser Absorb shield that uses electric energy from batteries to absorb laser damage
[Improvement] Added ACB options for changing shield type (to laser absorb) and changing excess drive factor
[Improvement] If excess drive factor set below 1 the shield turns off
[Improvement] ACB inputs added for responding to roll, pitch and forwards requests from AI
[Improvement] ACB inputs added for vehicle roll, and fractional engine power remaining
[Improvement] ACB outputs added for controlling Fuel Engines
[Improvement] ACB output added for setting spinners in Continuous and Continuous Reverse modes to spin at a certain speed (not disrupting those in other modes)
[Improvement] ACB output added for controlling PID set points
[Improvement] Advanced Projectile System ammo feeding system simplified. Ammo Ouputs gone completely and shell part boxes no longer needed. APS takes ammo directly from vehicle reserves
[Improvement] Scrapped vehicles leave a resource dump on the map that you can pick up (mainly for Localised Resource Mode)

[Balance] Jet engines are now use more power than propellers
[Balance] Custom jet engines now need clearance behind the exhaust / compressor to be able to work.
[Balance] Fuel tanks cost oil to place and return resource equivalent to their fullness.
[Balance] Ammo barrels cost metal to place and return resource equivalent to their fullness.
[Balance] Spares crate cost natural to place and return resource equivalent to their fullness.
[Balance] Smoke deployment now costs ammo and fuel
[Balance] Experience gain in Campaign depends on difficulty setttings
[Balance] APS shells no longer begin loading timer afresh on failed load attempt- they try again one second later. APS no longer costs shell parts (they use ammo instead). Ammo cost is effectively x4.
[Balance] Lasers use 20% less power to charge up

[Change]Air and water drives now go from -1 to 1, not -5 to 5.
[Change] Resource gatherer gathering made visually less complex (no debris floats up from sea bed)
[Change] Resource View toggle button is R
[Change] Toggling repairs is now F7
[Change] Naval AI is now less likely to select reverse gear for long journeys
[Change] Failsafe upgraded to be more accurate when radius set non-zero
[Change] Air pump now provides buoyancy at the center of the underwater unbreached volume- not the center of mass.

[Fix] 8m autoloaders now actually hold 8m shells.
[Fix] many vehicles under Naval AI control driving slowly

[Removal] Supply pump, Electric Engine Charger, Electric Engine Generator ,Shell Parts Box, Ammo Output Feeder and Oil Processor blocks removed.

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