Community Announcements - イズム@PLAYISM
Hi all, we have some updates for you today!

  • [OWH/OWH+ only for JP] Small text fix.

  • [OWH+] Item mimic didn't have the item effect and it was fairly easy to distinguish before. Fixed.

  • [OWH+] Enemy NPC who uses status ailment attacks with low attacking power won't use it to the ally NPCs anymore.
      → To avoid the never ending battle outside of the screen and hindering the hero's smooth movement.

  • [OWH+] Lillith and White Harpy's equipment item drop rate increased.
Community Announcements - イズム@PLAYISM
  • [OWH+] Text bug fix for "Weak Berserk"
    5 % Life each turn -> 10 % Life each turn

  • [OWH+] Bug fix: Rotten food not transforming into Blasphemous Gel other than Dark Nayuta Fruit.

  • [OWH/OWH+] Bug fix: Money overflows from 999999.

  • [OWH/OWH+] Text bug fix for NPC "Brotherhood Dealer"

  • [OWH/OWH+] The length of the Replay file name is now changed to 40bytes from 18bytes.

  • [OWH/OWH+] Bug fix: Game crashed when the save data is corrupted. (Now the app detects the corrupted save data more accurately)
Community Announcements - cheru
[OWH] Bug fixed: [Maniac mode] Occasionally an item with the name "<ERROR>" can be obtainable by picking the item in front of the Altar of the Goddess.

[OWH+] Small fix: [Maniac mode] In the ver1.21, the Goddess items can be seen from the outside so that the user can distinguish the room from Golem room easily, so now those items are not visible anymore.
Community Announcements - cheru
  • [OWH+] Small fix to the notification when the NPCs inventory exceeds the limit after interacting with the NPC.
    In case the exceeded count is too large, the system cannot handle it, so in such cases, the number is shown as "??".

  • [OWH/OWH+] Probability of item appearance near the NPC "Altar of the Goddess" set to high in Maniac Mode.

  • [OWH/OWH+] Window refreshing stability increased.
    * In case the game does not work properly in the second screen, please disable the multi-screen to play the game.
Community Announcements - cheru
[OWH+ only for EN] Bug fixed: Message overflow in the store when your companion does not have enough money.


【OWH+ 英語版のみ】アイテム交渉時、味方NPCの所持金が足りない場合のメッセージが画面外にはみ出す問題を修正
Community Announcements - cheru
- OWH/OWH+ (EN version only): Fixed typo for the online comment

Before: <diplay last acquired item>
After: <display last acquired item>

-【OWH/OWH+ 英語版のみ】通信コメント(online comment)の誤字を修正

(<diplay last acquired item> になっていたのを
  <display last acquired item>に修正しました)
Community Announcements - cheru

- [OWH/OWH+] Bug fix: "File Read Error" occurs when the save data from OWH: ver1.82(or older) or OWH+: ver1.16(or older) is loaded.

- [OWH+ only for EN] Bug fix: Once the player hits the end of the world more than the second time, the option to ask "if the player wants to explore more 1000km" did not appear.

-【OWH+ 英語版のみ】世界の果てに2回目以降に到達したとき、

Community Announcements - cheru

- [OWH/OWH+] Bug fix: The sound for opening the menu was wrong.

- [OWH+] Bug fix: Weapon durability decreases if you equip the short-ranged weapon and shoot the "Bomb Arrow".

- [OWH/OWH+ only for EN] File name fix: Some files showed an error upon execution for some users due to the files having a Japanese name, so all the file names have been changed to using the alphabet.


   「爆弾矢(Bomb Arrow)」を当てると武器の耐久度が減ってしまうバグを修正

●[OWH/OWH+ 英語版のみ]
Community Announcements - cheru

Update: One Way Heroics Ver1.80→Ver1.82
Update: One Way Heroics Plus Ver1.13→Ver1.16
  • [OWH/OWH+] Bug fix: Player could acquire money by exchanging items with the shop.
  • [OWH/OWH+] Bug fix: Sometimes the dimensional vault cannot be used even after the newest playthrough.
  • [OWH/OWH+] Bug fix: Sometimes switching full-screen and window-mode lowers the game's FPS.
  • [OWH/OWH+ only for EN] Text fix: Text arrangment slightly modified.


片道勇者プラス Ver1.13→1.16
  • [OWH/OWH+]アイテム購入時、プレイヤー側とショップ側でアイテムを交換するたびに所持金が増やせることがあったバグを修正
  • [OWH/OWH+]最新のプレイでも終了後に次元倉庫が使えなくなることがあるバグを修正
  • [OWH/OWH+]フルスクリーンとウィンドウモードをゲーム中に切り換えると描画FPSが低下することがあるバグを修正
  • [OWH/OWH+・英語版のみ] 一部の文字の配置を微調整しました。
Sep 28, 2015
Community Announcements - cheru
Hi Indie fans!

3 of Playism's titles are on sale, have you checked them out yet?

First we have In Space We Brawl, the intense local coop game where you discover who your true friends are. Challenge the missions in Space then use your knowledge to take down your friends in battle!
Also, the game has recently been updated with a new ship and a new weapon, so make sure you check them out too!

Starchaser: Priestess of the Night Sky is a beautiful anime-like game which takes you to the stars in gravity defying mazes and puzzles. Can you take on the stars and the challenges presented to you?

Also, our newest title Hacker's Beat is still on its Launch Sale! Dive into the Rhythmic world of hacking as you break into the mainframe with timing and style. Make sure you check it out now!

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