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One Way Heroics and One Way Heroics Plus are on sale this week as part of Playsim's RPG Games Sales!

Don't miss this sale! (August 21st to August 28th!)

A fan favorite! One Way Heroics sets you out on a journey to the Right as the world is consumed by darkness from the Left. Level up, gain companions and attempt to save the world before darkness consumes everything.

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One Way Heroics - cheru
Hi All

One Way Heroics Plus has been updated to fix the following bugs:

  • [OWH+] Text fixed for NPC "Followers of the Force Knight"
  • [OWH+] Fixed the bug that for NPC "Altar of the Goddess", "LIFE restored by 5% each turn for 250 turns" actually only had 200 turns effective.
  • [OWH+] Fixed the issue that the rotation with the sub-key only works for the first time after hero's movement is restricted by using the item "Scroll of Steel", etc.
  • [OWH+] If the auto-rotate function is set as "1: sub-key only", the hero looks at NPC upon releasing the sub-key if the user holds sub-key and rotate at the same time.
  • [OHW+] NPC "Mountain Plant" getting the back-stabbing damage scaling.
  • [OWH+] The hero couldn't enter the facility by swapping the location with NPC.
One Way Heroics - イズム | PLAYISM
Hi All!

The Summer sales are in full swing, and the Playism catalog is joining in!!

One Way Heroics and One Way Heroics Plus have joined in the sales too and are currently 30% off and 60% off respectively.

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The Playism Selection
One Way Heroics - イズム | PLAYISM

The Anime Weekend Sales have started, and OWH & OWH+ have joined in with the sales!

Be sure to check out the full list of Playism Anime-themed titles on sale on Steam or on our Blog!

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Playism Selection
One Way Heroics - イズム | PLAYISM
Hi All!

One Way Heroics and One Way Heroics Plus are on Sale this week for 30% & 60% off respectively!

Across all dimensions, the only constant is Darkness! A procedurally generated RPG-roguelike journey across the multiverse! In One Way Heroics, you take on the role of an intrepid adventurer who must travel across the land and face the Demon Lord before a mysterious darkness engulfs everything.

Make sure you check it out now!

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One Way Heroics & One Way Heroics Plus are part of the JRPG Recommendations!
One Way Heroics - イズム | PLAYISM
Hi All

One Way Heroics Plus got updated.

Update Contents:
  • [OWH+] Bug fix: The explanation for the force "Flash" had "Their Distance Detection is to decrease by two" but it was not working.
  • [OWH+] Bug fix: If the NPCs were inflicted with the force "Crash", the items like "Floating Drug" to grant "float" status was not working.
  • [OWH+] Bug fix: Sometimes the cooperating NPCs do not act when the enemies stand beside them and the darkness is very close at the same time.
  • [OWH+] Bug fix: When you make "Minotaur Mercenary" as cooperating NPC and attack him, your Bounty Level rises.
  • [OWH+] Some buildings appearing in the Force Knight quests are now considered as "towns" instead of "dungeons"
  • [OWH+] There was a bug that the "Fuel" disappears when it is used through the shortcut, so now it will be "Throw" instead of "Use".

We hope that you keep enjoying One Way Heroics Plus!
Community Announcements - イズム | PLAYISM
This week a whole bunch of Playism titles are on the Weekly Sales!

You can find the full list here or on the Playism Blog.

One Way Heroics & One Way Heroics Plus have joined the sales!
If you forgot to buy them in the recent sales, now is your chance!
Sale Duration: January 16 to January 23

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Community Announcements - イズム | PLAYISM
Hi All!

We hope you are doing well!

This week, we have put a bunch of Playism titles on sale, you can find them all here on Steam or listed on our blog.

You can now get One Way Heroics on sale for 30% off!

We have also just added some exciting bundles!
One Way Heroics, LiEat, Artifact Adventure and Helen's Mysterious Castle are now all part of the Playism JRPG Bundle!

The Bundle Includes:

One Way Heroics
Artifact Adventure
Helen's Mysterious Castle

Our new JRPG Bundle brings together some great JRPG classics. Each one has an adventure and a story to tell. Some lead you to the secrets behind the world we live in and the destruction it faces, others take you on an adventure where you learn along with your characters. Experiencing these unique and well-loved JRPGs now in Playism's new bundle.

For a full list of all our Bundles, please check our blog:
Introducing the JRPG Bundle! - Playism Blog

For more information and news, be sure to join the Playism Group!
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Community Announcements - cheru
Hi All

As some of you may have noticed over the weekend, One Way Heroics and One Way Heroics Plus suddenly started experiencing crashes that could only be solved by turning the Online settings off.

Thank you for reporting this. It would appear that there was an error in setting up the server. It has now been fixed.

Starting a new random world should no longer cause the game to crash.
If you do find it crashing, please let us know.

We hope you keep enjoying OWH/OWH+
Community Announcements - イズム | PLAYISM
Hi All

We have updated One Way Heroics and One Way Heroics Plus.

Update Details:
  • [OWH/OWH+] Bug fix: The stability of Game.exe is now improved. Some crash issues should be solved.
  • [OWH/OWH+] Bug fix: Switching between fullscreen and window mode caused some events to be skipped or not displayed.
  • [OWH/OWH+] Edit: In the case where the user is using multiple displays, the launcher will appear on the monitor where the mouse cursor is placed.
  • [OWH/OWH+] Edit: Feature for switching the window size by pressing F4 has been edited. Now it only changes the size between normal and extended.
  • [OWH/OWH+] Edit: Dragging the edge of game window enables you to change the size.
  • [OWH+] Bug fix: Upon loading save data, the "Acceleration Key" setting was not loaded properly. Fixed.
  • [OWH+] Bug fix: The description for weapon enchantment "Miss" was -30% accuracy, but it was working as -20% in the actual game. Now it has -30% effect.
  • [OWH+] Edit: The ranged weapon "Heavy Bowgun" now has a +5% accuracy boost.
  • [OWH+] Edit: If some NPC does not require Charisma to become an ally, even a player with negative Charisma can make them an ally.

We hope you continue to enjoy One Way Heroics and One Way Heroics Plus.

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