Community Announcements - イズム | PLAYISM
Hi guys, we updated the with the following:

  • [OWH/OWH+] When the NPCs are fighting somewhere far from the player, the process is fast forwarded.
  • [OWH/OWH+] The notification window for "Item exchange" or "using Dimensional vault" is moved a bit.
  • [OWH+] Pressing the acceleration key during the item selection in the menu or exchange screen will enable you to move every 3 items.
  • [OWH+] Bug fix: Upon setting the "Automatic Turnaround" function to "1: Only Sec.key" and try to press Sec.key + diagonal key at the same time, it was not working properly.
  • [OWH+] Warning message now appears when you killed protected animals and get hostile with Jade Forest.
  • [OWH+] Bug fix: When "Fluffy Baton" is equipped, the "Attack" became "Snipe Shot" in the status window.
  • [OWH+] Bug fix: Dark area in the dungeon was not cleared when you exchange the position with ally NPCs.
  • [OWH+] Text fix: Item description of "Mimic's Tail" is fixed from ATK/DEF+50% to ATK+200%/DEF+200%

We hope you keep enjoying One Way Heroics!
Community Announcements - cheru
The remake of One Way Heroics by Spike Chunsoft has now appeared on Steam!

If you already own One Way Heroics, you can get a further 10% discount on Mystery Chronicle by purchasing it from this page:

We hope all the fans of One Way Heroics enjoy this!

Community Announcements - cheru
The remake of "One Way Heroics" by Spike Chunsoft has announced their release date!
You will be able to get "Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics on Steam on September 13th!

Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics will be $9.99 with a 10% Launch Discount.
On top of that, you will be able to get a further 10% off if you own One Way Heroics via Bundle!!

Changes from One Way Heroics:
Community Announcements - cheru
Hi guys

We have updated One Way Heroics Plus with the following:

  • If enemy NPC has no attack skill against the ally NPC, enemy will execute normal attack.

  • [Bug fix] If the player throws "Growth Drug" to the cooperating NPCs before they join the team, the NPC could not learn the skill afterwards.

  • [Bug fix] In "Value of Assets" after the game, if the value of assets exceed a certain value, acquired money per km displayed a negative value.

  • [Bug fix] If the "Travel Journal" is written under the circumstance that the Tourist's skill "the Automatic Writing Function"is set to OFF, "the Automatic Writing Function" would automatically turn back ON.

We hope you keep enjoying One Way Heroics and One Way Heroics Plus.
Community Announcements - cheru
To celebrate the release of "Branching Paths". a documentary exploring the usually unseen world behind the Japanese indie scene has been released. The titles featured in the documentary are currently on sale.

One Way Heroics/One Way Heroics Plus features in the documentary, so make sure you check it out.

You can find the full list of sales here:
Community Announcements - cheru
Hi All!

We are super excited to announce that Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics has released their coming soon page on Steam!

Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics is the re-production of One Way Heroics done by Spike Chunsoft.
Any lover of One Way Heroics and One Way Heroics Plus would enjoy this retelling in Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics.

Make sure you check it out!
Community Announcements - cheru
Hi all, we have some updates for you today!

  • [OWH/OWH+ only for JP] Small text fix.

  • [OWH+] Item mimic didn't have the item effect and it was fairly easy to distinguish before. Fixed.

  • [OWH+] Enemy NPC who uses status ailment attacks with low attacking power won't use it to the ally NPCs anymore.
      → To avoid the never ending battle outside of the screen and hindering the hero's smooth movement.

  • [OWH+] Lillith and White Harpy's equipment item drop rate increased.
Community Announcements - イズム@PLAYISM
  • [OWH+] Text bug fix for "Weak Berserk"
    5 % Life each turn -> 10 % Life each turn

  • [OWH+] Bug fix: Rotten food not transforming into Blasphemous Gel other than Dark Nayuta Fruit.

  • [OWH/OWH+] Bug fix: Money overflows from 999999.

  • [OWH/OWH+] Text bug fix for NPC "Brotherhood Dealer"

  • [OWH/OWH+] The length of the Replay file name is now changed to 40bytes from 18bytes.

  • [OWH/OWH+] Bug fix: Game crashed when the save data is corrupted. (Now the app detects the corrupted save data more accurately)
Community Announcements - cheru
[OWH] Bug fixed: [Maniac mode] Occasionally an item with the name "<ERROR>" can be obtainable by picking the item in front of the Altar of the Goddess.

[OWH+] Small fix: [Maniac mode] In the ver1.21, the Goddess items can be seen from the outside so that the user can distinguish the room from Golem room easily, so now those items are not visible anymore.
Community Announcements - cheru
  • [OWH+] Small fix to the notification when the NPCs inventory exceeds the limit after interacting with the NPC.
    In case the exceeded count is too large, the system cannot handle it, so in such cases, the number is shown as "??".

  • [OWH/OWH+] Probability of item appearance near the NPC "Altar of the Goddess" set to high in Maniac Mode.

  • [OWH/OWH+] Window refreshing stability increased.
    * In case the game does not work properly in the second screen, please disable the multi-screen to play the game.

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