Community Announcements - Hugh

A new Subnautica Early Access Update has been released! Prepare to dodge Lava...

Lava Castle Precursor Base

A secret lies hidden deep within the bowels of the Lava Castle: A Precursor Base. Great peril awaits any diver attempting to explore this mysterious structure. A Sea Dragon Leviathen guards the entrance, Stalkers prowl the narrow lava passageways, while immense heat and pressure threaten near certain death.

If you can make it inside, treasures and secrets await.

Ion Power

The ocean is vast, and often inhospitable. Your survival depends on maintaining a steady supply of power to your equipment and vehicles.

New "Ion" batteries and power cells are much longer lasting than existing power sources. Their extended run times allow you to conduct more exploration work between charges.

Coffee Machines

Occasionally we add a feature to Subnautica that really matters. A feature of great consequence. The coffee machine is one of those features.

Find the coffee machine amongst the wreckage of the Aurora, place it in your base, and bask in the glory of having achieved greatness.


The Gravsphere pulls in everything around it. Deploy a Gravsphere to draw in predators, prey and loot.

We've been experimenting with prototypes of the Gravsphere for some time. The Castle's and Coffee Update brings the Graveshere's proper model and animations.

Luggage Bags

The luggage bag acts as portable storage. Pick it up, put it down, and store items in it.

Like the coffee machine, the luggage bag may be found in the wreckage of the Aurora.

Working Trash Cans

Alright, stick with us for a moment. This is important. Trash cans actually work.

Say goodbye to inventory clutter: Trash cans mean you can throw stuff away. It's not exactly environmentally friendly, and we don't know where the stuff goes, but this is the future so don't worry too much about it.

Air Bladder

The Air Bladder now has a proper model and animations. Use the Air Bladder to rapidly ascend to the surface. Useful in sticky situations where you need to get to get up from the depths, fast!

Skip Time

You can now advance time by sleeping.

Find the night time too spooky? Hit the hay when the sun sets and you will wake up to the sun shining through your sea-base windows.

Other Little Things

  • Halved Seaglide light energy cost
  • Quartered Seaglide active energy cost
  • Removed frame-rate dependence problem with Seaglide energy usage
  • Removed Kyanite from Blood Kelp (only drillable now)
  • Added Kynanite to recipe for 3rd stage of the rocket (resource sink)

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Philippa Warr)

Precursor update

I was wondering which games might make the “Things To Play Over The Christmas Break” list this year when the Subnautica [official site] Precursor update got released. I went through a really big Subnautica love affair earlier in the year, but decided to step away for a few patches as the game is still in early access and I didn’t want to lose the magic by mining out each update in turn. Then Precursor arrived and is tempting me back not only with alien tech and more in the way of narrative but NEW CAVES! … [visit site to read more]

Dec 15, 2016
Community Announcements - BubblegumAnarchy

The Mysteries of Subnautica Grow Deeper

The Precursor Update has been released! This latest update is chock full of new secrets to unravel. Previously, you may have noticed strange, high-tech cubes - or bases - placed throughout the world. Now, these unusual objects come to life as someone (or something) flips the switch. Dive deep into the story of Subnautica and discover more answers and more questions:

Precursor Base & Array

Rising out of the ocean is the massive Precursor Array & Base. There is a lot to explore both within the new base and nearby. Be sure to bring a flashlight.

Cave Network

The area behind the Precursor Base is teeming with hidden gems and secret passageways. Ancient technology sits within these caves waiting to be awakened by you.

Ancient Artifacts

Scattered throughout the world are new Precursor story elements and clues.

Biome Additions

The Lost River and Floating Island Biomes have received a thorough level-polish.

Fall Damage

Be careful walking along cliffs, the world now has fall damage.

Vehicle PDA

It's now possible to use the PDA while driving vehicles, a highly requested addition.

Find Out More

Learn more about the Precursor Update on the update feature site. We send out a newsletter every time Subnautica Early Access is updated. If you would like to receive it, sign up to the Subnautica Development Mailing List.

Happy diving,

- The Subnautica dev team
Oct 27, 2016
Community Announcements - BubblegumAnarchy

Get lost in the depths of the Lost River

The Bones Update has been released! The Lost River zone nears completion in this update with additions to areas throughout. Wander from the Bone Fields to the Lava Zone Connection, there will be plenty to see along the way:

Lost River Zone

The Lost River zone grows with four improved zones: the Bone Fields, the Ghost Forest, the Lava Zone Connection, and the Lost River Junction.

River Prowler

Introducing the River Prowler, a new creature part of the Bones Field in the Lost River zone. This aggressive creature is not to be taken lightly.

Precursor Base

Another mysterious area in the Lost River zone also appears...


Reefbacks now spawn with reefs on (you guessed it) their backs! There are several variations and sometimes you might even see baby Reefbacks alongside them.


Mesmer abilities have been improved to be even more mesmerizing.


Use pipes to bring air to areas either using the Pipe Floater or the Pipe Base Connector. Pipes can be built 5 at a time using a Fabricator.

Still & Reinforced Dive Suits

The Reinforced Dive suit and the Still suit now have their own unique models.

HTC Vive Support

Lastly, Subnautica now works on HTC Vive!

Find Out More

Learn more about the Bones Update on the update feature site. We send out a newsletter every time Subnautica Early Access is updated. If you would like to receive it, sign up to the Subnautica Development Mailing List.

Happy diving,

- The Subnautica dev team
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alice O'Connor)

If Pip were around, she’d focus on how the latest Subnautica [official site] update added a lovely big undersea tree and new glowing Ghost Rays to swim around it. She’s a peaceful one, our Pip, probably hoping to build another wonderful seabase near that tree. However, Pip is at EGX today, so Pip can’t write this. Instead, you get me telling you about the awful new hostile sealife in the aquatic explore-o-build-a-surviver’s ‘Dangerous Creatures’ update. How do you fancy meeting a humanoid cuttlefish with knives for hands? Or what appears to be an aquatic Tyranid Hive Tyrant?

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Hugh

Keep one eye on the open ocean

The Dangerous Creatures update has been released! This update includes the massive Sea Dragon Leviathan, terrifying Warper, Crab Squid EMP blasts, the Reinforced Dive Suit, a new Abandoned Base, and more:

Sea Dragon Leviathan

The massive Sea Dragon Leviathan may be found in Lava biomes: It spews fireballs, crushes creatures with its huge jaws, and bats aside anything in its path with enormous claws.

If you see a Sea Dragon: Swim.


Appearing out of nowhere, the Warper teleports in and out of almost any biome. This creature is extremely dangerous and indiscriminate in its attacks on other lifeforms - Including you.

Abandoned Base 3

The third and final abandoned base may be found in the Grand Reef biome. Search the base for clues as to what happened on this ocean planet before the Aurora crashed. But watch out, there are Crab Squids about...

Crab Squid Electromagnetic Pulse

Crab Squids may now deploy an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. The pulse disables electronics, such as flashlights, and may leave explorers like yourself vulnerable to attack!

Tree Cove

A gorgeous new environment is available for you to explore: The Tree Cove. Found within the Lost River biome, the Tree Cove is a haven of peace and tranquility, filled with gentle Ghost Rays. It's a great place to go to escape from all the new dangerous creatures prowling around!

Reinforced Dive Suit

Lava Zones are very, very hot. To hot, in fact, for a regular-suited diver to survive. The new Reinforced Dive Suit allows you to explore very hot areas. Just the kind of areas the Sea Dragon is likely to inhabit...

Find Out More

Learn more about the Dangerous Creatures Update on the update feature site. We send out a newsletter every time Subnautica Early Access is updated. If you would like to receive it, sign up to the Subnautica Development Mailing List.

Happy diving,

- The Subnautica dev team ːwelderːːmacː
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Philippa Warr)

I go away for two days and PRAWNS! arrive in Subnautica [official site]. I’m not actually talking crustaceans here, but a special suit with that acronym which arrived in the PRAWN update (Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nano Suit). It has a claw arm and you can add a whole bunch more useful nonsense as well. This is my kind of augmentation tech. Deus Ex: Fishkind Explored.

… [visit site to read more]

Aug 23, 2016
Community Announcements - Hugh

This suit can handle the pressure.

A brand new vehicle is available in Subnautica: The Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nano Suit, or PRAWN Suit. This big bipedal mech-suit is yours to command, available now on Steam.

The PRAWN suit is capable of diving to great depths, allowing you to explore dangerous caverns and lava fields. PRAWN comes standard with a claw arm that can be used to smash small rocks and pick up items. The suit also accepts modular arm attachments:

  • Drill Arm: Collect resources from large resource deposits
  • Grappling Arm: Fires a grapple to reel in small objects, and pull the suit towards large objects.
  • Torpedo Launcher: Fire torpedoes to defend yourself against aggressive creatures
  • Propulsion Cannon: Lift, attract, and launch small and medium sized objects

Like the Seamoth Submersible, the PRAWN suit may be docked with a Moon Pool or Cyclops Submarine for repairs, recharging, and modification.

Aurora Wreckage Expanded

Also included in the PRAWN Update: Brand new sections of the Aurora, ready for you to explore. There are a multitude of story points and items to be found amongst the wreckage.

Find out more on the PRAWN Update website. Write us a comment below and let us know what you think of the update!

- Unknown Worlds
Jul 6, 2016
Community Announcements - Hugh

Update 67 is now available on Steam. We haven’t named this update, because it is a little baby update. Unlike Farming, Power Nap, Machinery, and other updates, 67 doesn’t include any big exciting new features. It does include important and useful improvements to the game. Read on to find out what’s inside.

Subnautica now supports the use of Xbox controllers when playing on PC. You can adjust controller bindings in a new options section in the main menu. Controllers do not yet work in the main menu itself – Sorry about that, we intend to remedy this in future.

Thanks to some optimisation work we’ve done for the Xbox version of Subnautica, the game will now run slightly better on low-end PCs. If you are running Subnautica on PC at or near minimum-specification, you may notice slightly better frame-rates.

We’ve applied a blowtorch to the loading screen. It will now crash far less often on Windows. The ‘grey screen’ crash, where the Subnautica would become non-responsive and crash, was one of our most frustrating bugs. After this update, we expect you will see it a lot less often.

Also included in Update 67 are:

  • Drowning in Hardcore mode will not longer cause an endless black screen
  • Seamoth and player turn speeds are now more consistent
  • FPS command now available in console
  • VR Bugs have been squashed – you can now make a climb & use the Mobile Vehicle Bay properly
  • Locked but known technologies (e.g. Seamoth in Constructor) will display grey icons in fabrication menus

And that’s it for Update 67. To be notified when a new major update is available on Steam, sign up to the development update newsletter. We’re looking forward to bringing you the next big Subnautica update!
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Philippa Warr)

A fair few people said they wanted a little tour of my Subnautica [official site] Volcano Base so I’ve made a quick video to show it off – especially the garden which is packed with bioluminescent plantlife!

… [visit site to read more]


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