Pixel Piracy - Vitali Kirpu
Hello, fans!

I am Vitali Kirpu, the creator of Pixel Piracy and ex-CEO of the Quadro Delta, some of you probably know already, but the Quadro Delta went bankrupt, and nobody told you why. I am here to tell you why it went bankrupt and why it took over six months to tell you this.

There are two reasons why Quadro Delta went bankrupt first of the reasons is that the sales of the Pixel Privateers were not what we expected.

And the second reason involves a public figure Alexander Poysky selling generated CD-KEYs in secret. I will not go into the specifics here for the time being, and this is the main reason for the silence. My STEAM representative is however aware of the issue that happened. I also believe what happened to Quadro Delta partially caused STEAM to limit how many CD-KEYS can be generated. https://www.polygon.com/2017/8/18/16167462/valve-steam-keys-limiting-developers

It seems that the person who Alexander Poysky worked with and probably still works with is now trying to spread the false rumors like this.


I want to say that SquareZack in this instance is a catalyst for this announcement. I will be contacting Steam regarding SquareZacks false accusations.

In retrospective when you will look at this post and cross-reference what I will say in the future regarding this matter you will understand what happened to Pixel Piracy and Quadro Delta in detail.

If you want, you can ask Alex on Twitter what he thinks about this announcement. He will probably fight my statement, or he will block you. You, however, want to do it publicly.

You as fans deserve to know at least something.

Take care guys, and I see you later.
Pixel Piracy - Vitali Kirpu

Right now I am working as a software specialist in the oil industry and at nights I am developing the next hit game Ragnorium with a much better experience that I have obtained from Pixel Piracy in 2014 and from the Pixel Privateers in 2016.

Some of you really want to see new updates to the Pixel Piracy and perhaps redesign and performance boost to the endgame, but the situation I am in currently does not make it possible for me to make any updates to the game. I am an ambitious man and I am planning to move on and I want everyone else to move on with me.

I really wish haters would stop hating Pixel Piracy and leave the bandwagon of hate and focus on the future as I told earlier. Unlike Quadro Delta, I have ZERO tolerance for hate and I will be banning every single abusive toxic member who crosses the line of fine criticism. Some of you don't know what I had to go through and what it feels to be betrayed by the partner, making games is more than just writing code as there is more variables involved. Where are the other people who helped me with the Pixel Piracy? (I am not speaking about Re-Logic here)

Ragnorium is a one-man show and this game will define me for the years to come and I will not let other people come on my way this time around to tamper with my dream. Today you judge me based on Pixel Piracy and in 2018 you will judge me based on the Ragnorium.

You send resources and colonists to the alien planet and try to establish a self-sustainable colony. The game is 3D and it's going to be released in 2018 or 2019. You as a consumer, in the end, will decide if the game is worth your time and money. You will watch some videos on youtube and maybe follow the devlog and then eventually decide if you want to give this game a try or not, nobody is forcing you.

- Game Website (http://www.ragnorium.com).

- Join Ragnorium discord with over 800 members (https://discord.gg/Gy65VN). I am on discord daily interacting with the community.

I want to leave this in the positive tone and I really wish that community will mature with me, after all, every one of us moves on and acquires new experience.

- Vitali
Pixel Piracy - Vitali Kirpu
Next Chapter in the Pixel Piracy?

Hey, guys!

It's fascinating that there is so much interest in the Pixel Piracy despite its age. So, as the creator of the game, I am humbly inviting everyone to the new channel where we can discuss together the new future for the Pixel Piracy without any barriers. Link -> DISCORD

Hopefully, i will also be able to answer some of your questions there as much as I can, but on the main hand, i want to focus on the game and what people want from the game.

Join discord now and be updated on the news and talk with me about Pixel Piracy.

Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% on Pixel Piracy!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Wednesday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - Alex Poysky
Hello there everyone! Alexander Poysky here again (finally!). I'm back up to speed with my health issues and will be writing here more often.

First off I want to sincerely thank the entire team at Quadro Delta and Re-Logic for having been so patient with my health issues, it's been a long road to recovery but I'm finally doing my physical therapy.

Second, I wanted to thank Lisa, our amazing community manager, and invite anyone who appreciates her work to write her at lisa@quadrodelta.com to let her know she's great! Or feel free to join our Discord channel and tell her in real time right here! https://discordapp.com/channels/81026265460506624/82224889724928000

Now, on to business shall we!


Let's adress the elephant in the room. Yes, we passed our Q1 launch window. Want to know why? Because we won't be offering anything short of something that Re-Logic would publish. It's that simple. Most publishing houses push developers towards quick release dates in order to hit proper times, but Re-Logic is different, VERY different. Contrary to normal publishers, they are concerned with the game, the core concept, the ideals we stand for, and how we work. What this translates into is that they are more than happy to guide us into making a game that they themselves would have made, which will assure the quality of the product over anything that could ever resemble a launch window in the name of profit. We'll be done soon, we are getting there, but we will be taking the Gandalf approach. "A good game never launches before or after, it launches right when it should".

We didn't follow this rule of thumb for Pixel Piracy and while the game was rated well, and while we were a successful title on early access, we have always felt that there were a number of errors that we made. I myself pushed release on that title in order to hit the Summer Sale back in the day. It wasn't done out of avarice, but out of a lack of guidance. Now we HAVE that guidance and are fine with waiting, the game comes before all else. We owe it to you as players. We will not make the same mistakes with Privateers, and we have experience, a solid and wonderful publisher, and our past mistakes that we have learned from to show for it.

Trust me, it doesn't come without it's fair share of stress and problems, heck I just got myself into a big mortage due to the fact that I calculated a Febuary release so I'm the first one to wish the game is out in the wild. But we need to make this sacrifice in order to provide you all with the title we've envisioned.


I want to adress our POST launch plan here, and while the logistics of it will be handled internally by myself and the team, I feel that you should know what the general game plan is.

The first 6 months post-launch will see the team continously working on the game. We will be adding a wealth of new content to the title, and NO WE WILL NOT BE CHARGING FOR IT. We plan on doing things the way Re-Logic do things with Terraria, and have a long lasting product with permanent free updates at regular intervals.


We are still alive, Priv will come out soon, when it's done, and post launch we will be adding loads of content for free.

P.S As always, any complaints regarding the way I handled Piracy's launch can be taken up directly with me at alexpoysky@gmail.com and I PROMISE to respond each and every criticism with dedication as I always have. I think each and every one of you who have dedicated time to ask about my health, donate games for me while I was recovering in bed, and chat with me to help me pass the time during these difficult months. While I'm not 100% well yet, I'm back and have the same desire to speak with each and every one of you as always!
Feb 19, 2016
Community Announcements - Vitali Kirpu
Performance and Bugfix update for your guys :)

  • Physics Engine performance boost
  • Average FPS Increased
  • You can now enable cheats
  • Fixed bug that caused some objects to bleed when they are not supposed to bleed
  • Fixed bug where pirate wants to attack even if you force move him away, pirate will still attack if he is attacked.
  • Fixed bug where intertable objects would cull badly and appear infront of sand tiles on newly generated islands
  • Added New Island Encounter: Crab Nest

Vitali out!
Community Announcements - Vitali Kirpu
Yo, Vitali here.

Did some coding for pixel piracy and i have some patchnotes for you guys. Some minor stuff but i tried to work on the lag issue and i got alittle bit increase in FPS.

  • Fixed bug where cannoners would sometimes stop shooting at the enemies
  • Ship Explosion is more cooler now

  • Improved GPU performance and should improved gameplay
  • Base Dificulty of the game Improved and the later danger levels should pose alot of dificulty
  • Changed look of the world map

Hope you guys get more cool cheap games on the lunar steam sale!
Community Announcements - LadyAijou

We are excited to announce today that Pixel Piracy is coming to consoles in February! 505 Games brings the game to PS4 and Xbox One in all it’s pirate-y glory, including improvements to visuals, user interface, and more! It will be available for $14.99. The game launches on Xbox Live and the PS Store on February 16th, just in time for anyone who forgot Valentine’s Day!

In addition to the news of the console release, we have a brand new website for the game which you can find here. Anyone that has questions, concerns, or just wants to be a part of the Pixel Piracy community can hop over to our forums. We’ve unveiled a new area just for console players, to compliment the existing Piracy forums. Feel free to come and share the hype for console launch - we’re certainly chugging along on the hype train here at the studio! Alex shared his thoughts on the console launch over at the Playstation blog as well:


To whet your appetite for the launch, you can check out the awesome new trailer here:

Community Announcements - Alex Poysky
Hey there everyone. Alex Poysky here with some pretty good news!

If you've been following my whole health thing and are one of the hundreds of people who have been wishing me well over the past month, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. It's helped so much, and I've made sure to reply to each and every one of you via e-mail, skype, or here.

If you are one of the dozens of people who have bought me my wishlist games anonymously, you are amazing and trust me, you have kept me from having to move, entertained and able to heal and cope with the miserable pain I've been dealing with.

A HUGE update regarding my health condition is the following. The doctors drew blood yesterday and ran tests. The infection (at least IN MY BLOOD) is dead, meaning that I've not only gotten a one in a million spinal infection, but I've BEATEN it in record time. Another month of bed rest and the spinal swelling SHOULD go down. There will be NO permanent nerve damage, and my brain itself is fine, a HUGE part of this is thanks to the positivity I have kept thanks to you all.

My partner in crime, Vitali, has been working on Ragnorium, an amazing zombie survival online game, for the past year and a half, but he jokingly promised to go back and fix Piracy up if my health got better before we launched Pixel Privateers.

Since it has, and since he is a man of his word, HE IS NOW BACK ON PIXEL PIRACY WORKING TO FIX IT'S QUALITY.

Now, I know he's kept to the shadows up until now, but I want to urge you all to write him positive messages at @vitalikirpu and email vitali@quadrodelta.com

The reason is as follows. I am the public face of the company, I am the one who recieves 100% of the fan mail. But I am NOT the one who made the game. HE IS. Please, show Vitali support, let him know that his game is good, but could be better. Let him know you appreciate his work and I PROMISE you will make his day brighter.

We now have a monumental following of Pixel Privateers, and we are asking loads of you to please join us for Beta testing of both it and Ragnorium.

As a personal favor from someone who owes so much to his community, I am asking you to take the time to write him even a few words of positivity, he's never recieved them and as such I feel he feels that he doesn't have any fans.

Let's prove him wrong together!!!!

@vitalikirpu and email vitali@quadrodelta.com
Community Announcements - Alex Poysky
Hey there everyone, Alex Poysky here with an update on how the studio is doing.

First off, I've been a little "removed" from the daily ins and outs of the studio's running due to a pretty scary health issue I'm dealing with.

I feel like I won the ANTI lottery here, as it turns I appear to have the only documented case of Espondilodiscitis in Spain at the moment. One in 100 thousand in people OVER 50. I am 31. It took the doctors a month to diagnose correctly due to it being so rare that the 3 (yes THREE) neurosurgeons I speak to on an almost weekly basis have never once in their medical careers encountered it. You know who detected it and diagnosed me? My girlfriend, she somehow came up with the information and popped the question to the surgeons, who did the required tests and lo and behold, I have an infection that has a 0.004 % chance to appear in males OVER 55. There is simply no explanation as to why I have it, but I want everyone to know my girlfriend, Vanesa Maria Garcia Fernandez saved my life and I am going to devote what is left of it to making her the happiest person I can.

I had a standard L5 S1 vertebrae surgery two months ago, and was getting better, and about a month ago everything turned into constant pain in different parts of my body. One minute I'd be fine and the next I'd have a pain that related to my pancreas being cut open, or my lung being flattened, or my personal favorite "appendix bursting over and over again" as in, the exact MOMENT you feel the appendix burst. It's excruciating, it's miserable, and I have to take prozac as an anti depressant just to get through the day in my usual cheery spirit.

It turns out the INSIDE (I don't even) of my operated vertebrae is infected, and said infection presses up against the nerves within, sending "fun" nerve signals into my brain such as "exploding appendix" or "broken knee". Now that I've learned to endure the pain to some extent, I realize just how truly curious it is, as I can just be sitting down and it flares up like I'm going to die within a minute, annoying to say the least.

In fact, it's 6 a.m and I can't sleep and am writing this due to the pain and having read a few negative comments mentioning me having run off into the sunset with the money or whatever. Look, I WISH! Trust me, if any of you have ever wanted me to go through any hardships you've gotten your wish. I am absolutely miserable.

Having said that however, I still find time to run Pixel Privateers and it's launch is immenent. To those who say it's a clone of Pixel Piracy I invite you to please take a look at our facebook page where Lisa (The community manager I've had to hire due to my failing health) writes wonderful weekly posts about only SOME of the new things you'll be able to see in Privateers.

Now, on to brass tacks. Piracy is buggy and the internal code is messy, it'd take a whole new code base to FIX it, and. While we can never remake it, look out for Q1 2016, but that's a different piece of news for a different moment and I've only got so long before I'm loopy from morphine so let's take advantage of my lucid moments now.

This year I'm not going to be able to host a giveaway like I did last year due to the sheer physical exertion it requires (10-12 hours a day sitting at my desk handing out keys in a chat room). What I WILL do is speak with valve and make sure anyone who has pixel piracy gets something special witht he purchase of pixel privateers. This WON'T make the people who already hate me happy, but it's genuinely the most I can do now due to my health, and I ask you take solace in the fact that I can't be in the bahamas with the money you paid for the game due to the fact that while pixel piracy cost around 8 k euros to make, Pixel Privateers has cost around 50 times more. Yes, 50. Which is why some of our testers laugh whenever someone calls this a scam or a clone or whatever, but friends, let people be skeptical, it's in their nature and WE failed them in the past. Time will put everyone in their place, and if they are right they are only lending credence to something they believe in, and I can do nothing more than applaud them for trying to help other potential buyers stay clear of what they percieve is a bad product.

As for privateers itself, here are some links that will easily explain away the whole "this game is a scam and they aren't spending money on it at all"

https://www.facebook.com/PixelPrivateersGame/ Weekly updates with gifs, explanations, and trust me, we have one ace in our hole which we haven't (nor will we) explain until launch, and it's the single most requested feature we have EVER had.

I know there'll be people here who call me a liar or whatever and claim I'm making this up. Trust me, TRUST ME, I wish. Also, thnk about it, if I were going to make something up I wouldn't claim to have some literal one in a million infectious vertebrae thing that is related to people almost twice my age. I'd make something more believable up. Having said that. I'm asking ANYONE who has had spondiolitis (not the ankylosing one, the INFECTIOUS VERTEBRAE one) to let me know. I need to know if this is permanent, I need to know if it's true that with the months I'll get better. this pain is so miserable I can only cry day in, day out.

I don't want pity or anything of the sort. I am giving you all an explanation as to why someone who would write on a weekly basis went silent, and am now well enough to do so.

My personal skype is alexpoysky , my personal twitter is @alexpoysky and my personal email is alexpoysky@gmail.com . If you are going to fill the post with hate save it and just direct it at me personally. I KNOW we dropped the ball on Piracy, it's as good as it CURRENTLY can get. But it'll get better in 2016!

Privateers is do or die for me. If it sucks I'm hanging up my producer hat potentially, but it doesn't. I'm confident it'll wow you all.

And if anyone just wants to chat, keep my company maybe, I'll try and read each and every email. I need the distraction and I'll do what I can (health permitting) to respond. I can't attest to the quality of the emails as most will be written one handed on my phone while standing in my back brace, but I WILL write back.

I PROMISE once I'm better I'll host a giveaway, and I'll try and be my usual chatty self from now on! I have to give the antibiotics, treatment, and the nasty radio isotopes I've been injected with about 3 months to clear my body of the gunk.

I want to thank my entire team for being so kind and understanding.

Vitali- You are the best Blyat who exists, no Cyka for you mate!
Jaakko- You are an incredible team leader and the pressure my declining health is putting on you is nothing short of an endurance run, thank you for being so understanding.
Tuomo- Thank you for not putting up resistance any time I ask for changes man, I know it can be grating to push against your own work at the behest of someone else, but it's for the greater good of our future players.
Mikko- Holy crap man you are a beast, you made that transition from Piracy Maintenence dev to full time Privateers dev like a pro!
Nino- Even though you don't speak much I know you probably think more than anyone else around you, keep up the phenomenal art work.
Ari- I love how everyone told me you were obese and I'd have to walk around you and never mention food to you and I believed them, only to find the skinniest, most talkative and nice guy at the office waiting!
Lisa- You've been an absolute blessing for me, giving me the chance to heal and rest and TRY not to think about work obsessively. THANK YOU FOR BEING AN ANGEL!
Kole- Where do I even beging. The aural work your music brings to the games is haunting. It's the backbone, the salt on a steak. And to top it off you are an incredible friend.

We are real people, we are trying our hardest, we MAY or may not mess up, but we TRIED!

Alex Poysky

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