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Community Announcements - Alan Edwardes
The source code for Estranged: Act I is now available in its entirety on GitHub!

The code includes the custom menu system, the implementation of HBAO and depth of field, all fixes for dynamic lights, the custom vgui::HTML HUD control, and other miscellaneous features.

We release the code in the hope that it will help other mod teams using the Source SDK 2013 implement features in the future, now that Estranged: Act I has been released.

Download ZIP: https://github.com/alanedwardes/Estranged-Act-1/archive/master.zip

Git: https://github.com/alanedwardes/Estranged-Act-1.git
SVN: https://github.com/alanedwardes/Estranged-Act-1/trunk
Community Announcements - Alan Edwardes
We have redesigned the main Estranged website, making it easier to find information about the game and the team: http://www.iamestranged.com/

We have also introduced a brand new blog, which we will post development updates and news to in the coming weeks.

Our first post details the Act I release, and how it went from a developer's perspective: http://www.iamestranged.com/2014/01/act-i-release-postmortem/

Thanks for all of your support, and we look forward to bringing you news about Act II soon!

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