Community Announcements - Neninx10
The demo version of our charming puzzle platformer, So Many Me, is now available!

You play as an unassuming green blob named Filo, who has an incredible ability: to control his many, many clones -- referred to as the “ME”. These clones possess all sorts of fun transformations that can be used to solve puzzles throughout the game.

Metascore: 83/100

This demo chronicles the first few levels of their journey...
Check out the game trailer!
For non-XBOX 360 controllers, please see this thread
Community Announcements - Bird
List of changes is this version:
  • Reduced Boss Health in The Mine VIII from 4 down to 3.
Bug fixes:
  • Bugs fixed in various UI.
  • Fixed mouse and keyboard priority.
  • Fixed "Collect All Costumes" achievement not awarded in some situation.
Product Release - Valve
So Many Me is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!*

A charming puzzle platformer starring Filo and his band of misfit clones as they attempt to save a world threatened by an ancient, malevolent evil. Using their combined powers, Filo and his fellow Me must puzzle their way through a land of exotic creatures, devious traps and evil minions.

*Offer ends July 24 at 10AM Pacific Time

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