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Community Announcements - Mike_Team17

Looking forward to the full release of Flockers this Friday 19th September? So are Digital Spy!

]Join Digital Spy this Wednesday 17th September from 1PM BST on their Twitch channel as they play the full release version of Flockers.

See you in the chat!

Community Announcements - Mike_Team17

Shearers of Sheep!

Update 9 has just gone live adding more levels and more rewards to your Flocking experience. Here's the run down:

New Features

  • 2 new rewards!
    - Pirate Sheep (Collect 150 crates)
    - Purple Blood (Save at least 17 sheep on level 17)
  • 5 new campaign missions! Levels 51-55 are now playable

Don't forget to show us your screenshots, we want to see lots of Pirate Sheep this week! And, in case you missed it, check out the news that Flockers will be exiting Early Access and going full release from 19th September.

Catch you in the forums!!

Community Announcements - Mike_Team17

Hello Flockers!

Today, we bring you fantastical news.

Flockers Early Access will end on 19th September, when the game will become a full release!

Of course, if you've grabbed the game during Early Access you'll automatically be upgraded to the full release when it launches on 19th September.

We'd like to thank everyone who took part in Flockers Early Access for your feedback, support and love of the game. You've helped us make Flockers a really awesome experience and we can't wait to open up the factory to loads more sheep-saving heroes.

Before that happens, we'd love to see you guys setting the bar for Meat Maker levels - so bound into the level editor and get creating! Here's a guide to help you get started. We'll share the best user-created levels with the masses on launch day.

See you in the final game!

Community Announcements - Mike_Team17

Update 8 has been released! That means you can try out a flock of new content right now Here’s a list of new things ewe can grab by updating your game:

New content:

  • New golden sheep skins - collect 50 Golden Fleece to achieve this reward.
  • Green Blood to express your envy when a sheep dies- get 3 stars on 2 secret levels to unlock.
  • White Blood - restart a total of 200 times.
  • 5 new campaign missions – level 46 to 50!

Don't forget to let us know what you think of the new stuff at @FlockersGame or /FlockersGame on Facebook. You can also chat to us in the discussion boards too!

Enjoy the update,

Community Announcements - Mike_Team17

Hello Flockers!

Update 7 was released today which includes the spectacular Skeleton Sheep reward, new camera controls (thanks for your feedback!) and all new levels to play! Here's a quick summary:

  • New Sheep Skins and Rewards – Hippy Sheep, Skeleton Sheep and all new pink blood!
  • Five new super levels for you try out!
  • An all new secret level!
  • More sheep logic changes, for smoother sheep gameplay.
  • Polish language support has been added
  • XBOX 360 Controller support has been added!
  • WASD keyboard camera controls have been implemented and we’d love to hear your opinion on how well they work!

There's much more too, including a host of bug fixes. To view the complete changelog for update 7, and to chat to us about the new stuff, head over to the forums!

Keep on bleating,

Community Announcements - Mike_Team17
Update 6 is out now, with a bunch of new stuff for you to play with!

Read the complete changelog for details of all the baah-rilliant new content we've added; along with bashed bugs and other tweaks. It's all after the link:


See you there!

Community Announcements - Mike_Team17
Hey guys!

Flockers is a part of Indie Piñata, an event organized by indie developers to promote similar titles, available on Steam, among enthusiasts of specific game genres.

How does it work?

It’s very simple – the event lasts for 10 days and during that time everybody who owns at least one title from our collection can get similar games, listed below, for a discounted price:

Visit Indie Piñata website for more details.

Community Announcements - Mike_Team17

Update 5 is ready for you to download right now, featuring a host of bug fixes, improvements and tweaks. We've also added support for Twitch streaming!

Check out this thread in the forums for the full changelog.


Jun 23
Community Announcements - Mike_Team17
We need your help. Head to this thread in the Flockers Community Hub, we need your input on the future of a camera feature:



Community Announcements - Mike_Team17
Good news for aspiring shepherds!

Flockers is now 33% off in the Steam Summer Sale. But hurry, just like an Exploder sheep this discount won't last forever! Whether you're gifting or buying for yourself, you can grab Flockers right here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/260330

See you in the factory!


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