Community Announcements - FF56

Howdy folks!

This weeks update to Survivor Squad: Gauntlets is a very visual one! New weapons, explosions and muzzle visuals!

Valerie, Grenade Launcher effective for area of effect damage at a distance

Protheros, Dual Pistols with a high rate of fire

Fawkes, Flamethrower light em up! Great for close quarters

Dascomb, Shotgun very effective at close range, fires multiple pellets that can kill multiple Infected

Delia, Tesla Gun electrocutes Infected in close range and causes damage to other nearby Infected

Etheridge, Sniper rifle kills all Infected in a line from a long distance, takes a while to aim

New Event Action, Environment.Explosion let's you create explosions on the map, using an Event and a bunch of variables you can make a sort of Artillery attack for a defense Gauntlet.

The new Enter Exit Area Object allows for a lot of new possibilities using all the triggers it provides.

And also, Variables can now be used as Input on most of the Object Event Actions, so you could make a button that moves a wall to the side every time you press it or perhaps a create a complex puzzle maze with moveable Lasers.

Have fun!
Community Announcements - FF56

Howdy folks!

This weeks Survivor Squad: Gauntlets update is a big one!
First of all, Shooting while moving has been added!
It's one of the most requested features and you can now try it out. It is a very delicate mechanic so I look forward to hearing you feedback.

Event Triggers!
Now Events have a separate tab for adding Event Triggers. Previously all Events were hardcoded with Proximity and Condition triggers, now you can add the ones you want including all the new triggers like Infected_Died and Item_Proximity.

Gauntlets Variables!
It's very difficult to explain how important this is but it is massively important! There are various types of Variables and most Event Actions can take Variables as an Argument.
If you are a programmer like me you can probably start imagining all the possibilities but for everyone else let's just say the possible uses are endless.

For example it is now possible to make a Gauntlet that works like an arena with RPG elements like leveling up or a shop. You can make it so that every dead Infected drops a certain resource, then using Item_Proximity you can make an Item drop area and increase a variable by that amount. Doing so you can get a "bank" of resources, then you could for example have a button that checks if you have enough resources to spawn a better Weapon or increase the Survivors View Distance.

With enough imagination you could now build an entire complex RPG within the game! Stay tuned for some really cool Developer Gauntlets to be added in the coming weeks!


Here's some Steam keys for Gauntlets for the first lucky few!
Community Announcements - FF56
Howdy folks!

Thank You: The Game released as a free DLC!
It is a cute micro-mini-game that I developed when I was asked to provide something as a bonus for a bundle. Since I could not offer the OST and and I cannot draw any decent wallpapers I decided to create a small tiny game that people might enjoy for about a minute.

The result is Thank You: The Game, a game where you play a man who is determined to help strangers by answering their most important deep life changing queries such as "What time is it?" and "How long is a piece of string?"

Community Announcements - FF56
Just updated with a free brand new campaign, The Great Escape!
Can you fight your way through this place filled with action and devious traps while keeping your Survivor Squad alive?

Compare your score with your friends to see who is the best Survivor!

Survivor Squad v1.14 - 14/10/14

* Added The Great Escape gauntlet, a free extra campaign filled with action and devious traps!
* Massive performance improvements!
* Fixed camera on options buttons
* Added Cancel Move keybind
* Fixed Bank Visual cleared/looted indicators bug
* Rebalanced Jailed Heart difficulty
* Added day bonus exp
Community Announcements - FF56
Survivor Squad v1.13 - 07/07/14

* Improved button look for machines that can't handle AA
* Fixed issue with Motion Sensor on extremely low framerates
* Fixed issue with Shooting on extremely low framerates
* Various performance improvements
* Added Anti-Aliasing to Video Options
* Added Stop voice spam to Audio Options
Announcement - Valve
New Weeklong Deals, on sale until Monday, January 20th at 10AM Pacific Time

Product Release - Valve
Survivor Squad is Now Available on Steam and is 25% off!*

Survivor Squad is a Strategy Action game where you control a Squad of up to four survivors and guide them through a highly randomized world looking for supplies to aid you on your journey.

*Offer ends November 15 at 10AM Pacific Time.


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