Community Announcements - FF56

Howdy folks!

Lots of new content in this week's Survivor Squad: Gauntlets update, 3 New Gauntlets in total!

Developer Gauntlet: Survivors Vs Zombies, Defend 4 lanes from Infected by placing and upgrading your Survivors while calling in Air Strikes! It's a completely different game mode which is another great example of the power of the Editor

Featured Community Gauntlet: Safe Haven, The camp has been breached, find a way to escape!
Built by ToxicPenguin

Featured Community Gauntlet: The Complex, Navigate the compound and get to the extraction whilst fighting hundreds of enemies! There are special Infected everywhere so cover your corners and keep moving!
Built by Master Chief

Community Announcements - FF56

Howdy folks!

This week's update for Survivor Squad: Gauntlets adds some visual feedback to Survivor movement indicating the path they will take and where they will aim when they get there. You can also change how long the pathing is visible in the options.

Added Events for Left/Right Mouse Button Down/Up, along with a way to store current Cursor position in a Variable. Using these new Actions you can make some very complex Gadgets or pick up items at the cursor position rather than with a Survivor or kill an Infected by clicking on him.

Replaced old Enable Disable Event_Actions for various Objects with a generic one. Also added a generic Object.Move.

Next week's update will feature some interesting new Gauntlets and some Community Gauntlets so stay tuned!

Community Announcements - FF56
Howdy folks!

Survivor Squad: Gauntlets has been released but the Free updates continue!
This week's update added 2 Featured Community Gauntlets.
Desert Survival, your friends have gone ahead, fight your way to the extraction. Built by Urko
Weapon Achievement Gauntlet, kill hundreds of Infected with any weapon. Built by Leech

Many changes to several Event Actions like Infected.Spawn can now be stored in a Variable and spawn Deaf.

Community Announcements - FF56
Howdy folks!
After a successful 5 months in Early Access, Gauntlets has been fully released on Steam!
Everyone who owns Survivor Squad should get a 35% coupon for Gauntlets.

Community Announcements - FF56

Howdy folks!

Yet another big update to Survivor Squad: Gauntlets, Editor Challenges have been added.
These are 20 Challenges of increasing complexity that you must use the Editor Event Actions to overcome. It should be a fun way of learning just how powerful the Editor can be.

Survivor Squad: Gauntlets is now available on Mac and Linux! So far I have kept only Windows builds due to the fact that it makes it faster to update every week but since V1.00 is around the corner this is the time to get Mac and Linux users involved!

You can now post comments on the Featured Gauntlets, those comments will show in-game in the end screen, let everyone know what you thought.

New Main Menu that guides new Players through all the Gauntlets ensuring a nice difficulty curve. Options Menu was also revamped and now all key bindings have the correct functions.

Keep the feedback coming and enjoy the update!
Community Announcements - FF56

Howdy folks!

Another massive update to Survivor Squad: Gauntlets!
Two more Developer Gauntlets added, these Gauntlets conclude the mini-campaign that starts with Mike and Kenny and ends with Routine Scavenging.

Material Gathering, the Jeep is about to break down, search through this town and gather materials to build a base

Base Building, there's a machine that can turn your materials into Bricks, repair and keep it powered while you build your base

Also plenty of new Event_Actions/Sprites/Items that made these Gauntlets possible.

Remember that everything you see was made using the Editor. All the cool events like defending the Power Plant and repairing it or the Bomb or the Infected Death Counter were made exclusively using the Editor, there's no custom code behind it. What that means is with imagination you too can build something as complex and awesome as the new Gauntlets.

Cheers and enjoy!
Community Announcements - FF56

Howdy folks!

More Developer Gauntlets in this weeks update to Survivor Squad: Gauntlets! They are introductions to the characters and meant to function as a sort of Tutorial.
Before release the Main Menu will be reworked to make it more obvious the order that you should play each Gauntlet.

Mike and Kenny, introducing the two first characters in a simple tutorial-like Gauntlet

Brock and Dave, the second pair of characters in another simple Gauntlet teaching various game mechanics

Also various changes to Event Actions, the main one being you can now use Variables on Infected Events, this along with the ability to store Infected At and get a Random Infected from a list allows for infinite possibilities.

Sprite Child Object has also been added, it has a Sprite parent and stores local position in a variable. It is used in both Gauntlets to get Survivors stuck to their seats while the Jeep moves.

Community Announcements - FF56

Howdy folks!

This weeks update to Survivor Squad: Gauntlets is a pretty important one, it adds the first of several epic Developer Gauntlets that I'm working on.

Routine Scavenging, you got 5 days to craft your equipment to prepare for extraction. Things get quite hectic at night so make sure you get back to base before it gets too dark!
It is a very large Gauntlet with lots of content and as always I'm looking for feedback so let me know what you think of it including the difficulty.
Also make sure you use the Active Pause and Show Objects buttons for maximum efficiency.

Another awesome addition is custom Interfaces! You can now setup interactable menus to do anything you want, in the case of Routine Scavenging these Interfaces are used for leveling up your Survivors and crafting your Weapons.

I'm really excited to hear what you all think of the new Gauntlet, so far the biggest criticism of the game has been the lack of content so I hope the Gauntlets I'm building will help solve that.

And remember this was fully built using the Editor, so everything built in Routine Scavenging could be done by you! Just use your imagination and build something awesome!

Cheers and go play the new Gauntlet! Enjoy!
Community Announcements - FF56

Howdy folks!

This weeks update to Survivor Squad: Gauntlets is a very visual one! New weapons, explosions and muzzle visuals!

Valerie, Grenade Launcher effective for area of effect damage at a distance

Protheros, Dual Pistols with a high rate of fire

Fawkes, Flamethrower light em up! Great for close quarters

Dascomb, Shotgun very effective at close range, fires multiple pellets that can kill multiple Infected

Delia, Tesla Gun electrocutes Infected in close range and causes damage to other nearby Infected

Etheridge, Sniper rifle kills all Infected in a line from a long distance, takes a while to aim

New Event Action, Environment.Explosion let's you create explosions on the map, using an Event and a bunch of variables you can make a sort of Artillery attack for a defense Gauntlet.

The new Enter Exit Area Object allows for a lot of new possibilities using all the triggers it provides.

And also, Variables can now be used as Input on most of the Object Event Actions, so you could make a button that moves a wall to the side every time you press it or perhaps a create a complex puzzle maze with moveable Lasers.

Have fun!
Community Announcements - FF56

Howdy folks!

This weeks Survivor Squad: Gauntlets update is a big one!
First of all, Shooting while moving has been added!
It's one of the most requested features and you can now try it out. It is a very delicate mechanic so I look forward to hearing you feedback.

Event Triggers!
Now Events have a separate tab for adding Event Triggers. Previously all Events were hardcoded with Proximity and Condition triggers, now you can add the ones you want including all the new triggers like Infected_Died and Item_Proximity.

Gauntlets Variables!
It's very difficult to explain how important this is but it is massively important! There are various types of Variables and most Event Actions can take Variables as an Argument.
If you are a programmer like me you can probably start imagining all the possibilities but for everyone else let's just say the possible uses are endless.

For example it is now possible to make a Gauntlet that works like an arena with RPG elements like leveling up or a shop. You can make it so that every dead Infected drops a certain resource, then using Item_Proximity you can make an Item drop area and increase a variable by that amount. Doing so you can get a "bank" of resources, then you could for example have a button that checks if you have enough resources to spawn a better Weapon or increase the Survivors View Distance.

With enough imagination you could now build an entire complex RPG within the game! Stay tuned for some really cool Developer Gauntlets to be added in the coming weeks!


Here's some Steam keys for Gauntlets for the first lucky few!

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