Trine 2: Complete Story - Valve
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Cities: Skylines - TheLetterZ

Tis the DLCeason! In advance of the holiday period, we're releasing new DLC for Cities: Skylines.

Briefly internet-famous Jazz Boatman returns as DJ for All That Jazz, so players can dig harder than a jackhammer at a road repair. The new All That Jazz radio station will feature 16 new songs across several smooth genres: Classic, Latin, Funky and Chill-Out Jazz.

With Cities: Skylines - All That Jazz, briefly internet-famous Jazz Boatman returns as DJ. The new All That Jazz radio station will feature 16 new songs across several smooth genres: Classic, Latin, Funky and Chill-Out Jazz.

Launching side by side is the Carols, Candles and Candies Holiday Music Pack coming for FREE to all Cities players! We wish you a most jolly Chirpmas!
Cities: Skylines - TheLetterZ

Paid content
    New Radio station - All That Jazz Includes four different genres of Jazz:
  • Classic Jazz
  • Latin Jazz
  • Funky Jazz
  • Chill-Out Jazz

    Free update for all players and DLCs owners
      Free Carols, Candles and Candy DLC, get it on Steam! Five songs mixed in with songs from the other stations:
    • Houston River Jazz Collective - Silent Night
    • Jazz in-clave - Holy Night
    • Martin Carlberg - The First Noel
    • Lily La Roux - Jolly Old St Nicholas
    • Elijha MotI - I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
    Cities Skylines base game
    • Updated Budget Panel with new tab Income from Money Spent by Tourists
    • Pollution infoview color tweaks
    • Watertower LOD fix
    • Fixed animated billboard props glitching in Asset Editor
    • Fixed bug where switching between canals and quay tool would always set
    • the tool mode to straight lines
    • Fixed asset editor forgetting the last entered description for roads
    • Unlimited camera tilting in theme editor
    • Fixed misleading tree thumbnails
    • Fixed: Sub buildings are not illuminated at night time in asset editor
    • Fixed: Missing Road Properties in Asset Editor when creating new road one after another
    • Dams and power lines editable in Road Editor
    • Road editor feature to import models from other roads/nets
    • Citizen color variations editable in Asset Editor
    • Updated Unity to 5.6.4p2, (Fixes some compatibility issues with MacOS 10.13 High Sierra)
    • Fixed minor memory leaks when loading a game after another during same session
  • Green Cities expansion
    • Fixed building despawn loop when using self-sufficient specialization together with highrise ban policy
  • Natural Disasters expansion
    • Fixed astrologists to astronomers
  • Mass Transit expansion
    • Fixed wrong car spawn / taxi wait position for over road monorail station
    • Asymmetrical Three-Lane Road slope LOD fix
    • Monorail line tool is not unlocked after building Monorail Tracks on Two-Lane Road
    • Texture glitch noticeable on intersection of 'Monorail Track and Road' and
    • standalone Monorail Tracks
    • It is possible to create sharp angle intersections with Monorail Station with
    • Road
Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is pretty much the best city builder ever made, for two reasons: it's very fun to play, and reading Chris Livingston write about it is among my greatest pleasures. If you haven't picked it up yet, you can do so now for $10 as part of the new Humble Strategy Simulator Bundle. 

Although, if you have picked it up, the bundle will still be of interest. The "pay what you want" tier includes Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville, SimplePlanes and Out of the Park Baseball 18. Pay above the average (which is currently $6.15) and you'll also get Mad Games Tycoon, Plague Inc and TS 2017 Train Simulator. But pay the $10 and you'll get all those in addition to Cities: Skylines.

Go forth and peruse. There's also currently an offer where every purchase nets you 10 percent off a Humble Monthly instalment, which have to date been very generous

The Crew™ - (Jamie Wallace)

We’ve hit the mid-point of the week and the see-saw of time is about to tip forward and hurtle us towards the weekend at an alarming rate. Perhaps more ominously, we will also be hurtling towards the litany of PC gaming Black Friday deals that are headed our way in a fortnight’s time.

Before then, however, the deals aren’t slowing down one bit and there’s another big batch of digital deals to check out right here, right now. Everything from this week’s release of Nioh to Cities Skylines and even the absolute gem that is Jagged Alliance 2 is represented across a variety of sites, so consider this a convenient mid-week digital deals roundup if you like. Let’s get to it, shall we?


Cities: Skylines - (Fraser Brown)


Cities: Skylines has always had an environmental bent – one of the first things you can build is a wind turbine – but with the Green Cities expansion, cleaning up polluted cities has become a major focus. There s a slew of new buildings and policies that make it a little bit easier to keep your citizens from living under an oppressive layer of smog.

How easy, though? I ve started up a new city to find out. My goal: a completely pollution-free utopia where everyone is happy and healthy. This is probably the nicest thing I ve done in Skylines; certainly it s nicer than the time I tried to flood my entire city in poo, or the time I turned off the heating to see how long it would take for everyone to freeze to death.


Cities: Skylines

The coughing citizens of your Cities: Skylines metropolis can breath again—the game's eco-friendly expansion is out now. Green Cities, which is £9.99/$12.99 on Steam and Humble Store, adds more that 350 assets to the game, from Geothermal Power Plants to Yoga Gardens and Bee Havens.

The DLC also adds new specialisations for your buildings, all of which help keep pollution at bay. You can design self-sufficient apartment blocks, for example, or plonk down shops that only sell organic and locally-produced goods.

To make sure you get your hands dirty (or clean in this case), developer Colossal Order has created three new scenarios in which you can test your green credentials, as well as four new policy options and a new monument, the 'Ultimate Recycling Plant'.

Players that don't want to pay to battle pollution get some free options courtesy of an update released at the same time as the DLC. The 1.9.0 patch adds electric cars, reworks noise pollution, introduces three new types of park (including a tropical garden) and new trees. There's the customary bug fixes, too.

You can read the full notes on the DLC and the free update in the patch notes

Cities: Skylines - Valve
Cities: Skylines - Green Cities, all new content for Cities: Skylines is Now Available on Steam!

Cities: Skylines - Green Cities is a new expansion for the city-builder from Colossal Order, adding new ways for players to build earth-friendly towns.

Cities: Skylines - (Alice O'Connor)

Modern cities are okay but for those who’d rather dream a little utopian, Cities: Skylines today launched its Green Cities expansion. Like other Skylines expansions, Green Cities doesn’t massively expand game systems but does bring some eco-friendly new buildings to erect — blocks clad in vertical planting, solar updraft towers, organic food shops, that sort of thing — which have a few thematic new functions. They do look very nice. A free update has launched alongside the expansion too, with new content from electric cars to extra types of park.

Oh, and if you’re not Skylining yet, the game is on sale right now too. (more…)

Cities: Skylines - TheLetterZ

Good day to you all! Here are the patch notes for the 1.9 patch coming today along with the Green Cities Expansion! Hopefully loaded with a bunch of fixes and tweaks you and your cims will enjoy!

Please remember that a major patch like this will like render some mods incompatible, this is nothing unusual but can of course be annoying, our modders are usually incredibly fast in updating their mods compability however please do practice some patience as the patch launches. For the safest Cities experience we suggest turning off your mods until they have been updated to match the latest version.

Have a great day building Green Cities!


Paid content Green Cities expansion
Green Cities expansion
  • New commercial specialization: Organic and local produce
  • New residential specialization: Self-sufficient buildings
  • New office specialization: IT-cluster
  • New Monument
    • The Ultimate Recycling Plant
  • 6 new Unique Buildings
    • Bird & Bee Haven
    • Climate Research Station
    • Lungs of the City
    • Floating Gardens
    • Ziggurat Garden
    • Central Park
  • 14 new city service buildings
    • Geothermal Power Plant
    • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant
    • Solar Updraft Tower
    • Eco Water Outlet
    • Eco Water Treatment Plant
    • Recycling Center
    • Floating Garbage Collector
    • Community Pool
    • Sports Hall and Gymnasium
    • Yoga Garden
    • Community School
    • Institute of Creative Arts
    • Modern Technology Institute
    • Biofuel Bus Depot
  • 4 new policies
  • 3 new scenarios
  • 3 new maps
  • New Chirps
  • 6 new Steam achievements
  • New Chirper hats
Additional Concerts mini-expansion content:
Concerts mini-expansion
  • 3 new Concerts unique buildings, each of the buildings improve the effectiveness of the Festival Area in their own way
    • Media Broadcast Building
    • Music Club
    • Fan Zone Park
  • Concert DLC animations for teenagers, young adults, bluecollars, educated adults and tourists
Paid content Content Creator Pack: European Suburbia
European Suburbia DLC
  • Added European Suburbia style with 81 new low-density residential buildings
  • 5 new props
Free update for all players and DLCs owners
Cities Skylines base game
  • Electric cars for citizens
  • Noise Pollution overhaul
  • 3 new parks
    • Tropical Garden
    • Floating Cafe
    • Fishing Island
  • Info view toggling + info view for district painting
  • New trees
  • Asset Editor
    • Road modding tool
    • Floating building creation
  • Train track intersection rules
  • Need icon settings
  • Increased maximum building LOD atlas size because automatic downscaling loses DXT compression
  • Added placeable European theme buildings to other themes & vice versa when European / vanilla style is enabled
  • Added rain effect on glass material
  • Vehicle Info Panel now expand with long vehicle names to some extent
  • Fixed: Noticeable shadow acne glitch on assets within camera view during dusk/dawn
  • Fixed: "Add style" button is hard to use when using DE, FR, PL, PT, ES and RU
  • Fixed: Reset Configuration in MISC menu does not affect display settings
  • Fixed: Paradox login won't accept user's passwords
  • Fixed: Tooltip for Slope Terrain Landscaping tool has primary and secondary mouse reversed
  • Fixed: Mac - Zooming out quickly while moving the view on the city's border causes the view to go out of this border
  • Fixed: Misleading fertile and forest resource placing in Map Editor
  • Fixed: Mechanics of the Weather Probability sliders in the Theme Editor are unclear
  • Fixed: Excessively long messages in Scenario Editor become fragmented when repetitively triggered
  • Fixed: Map DLC requirement is not readable if map is selected in Content Manager
  • Fixed: Cut off text in zone building info view in EN, ES, FR, PL and PT
  • Fixed: Cut off text in district info view in DE, EN, ES, FR, PL, PT and RU
  • Fixed: Overflowing string in Medical Center description in DE
  • Fixed: Land value icon in district panel wrongly positioned
  • Fixed: Text issue in PL Citizen Happiness and Outside Connections infoviews
  • Fixed: Small overflowing text fix for DE Garbage infoview
  • Fixed: Overlapping Hospital and Water Pumping Station description in DE, ES and FR
  • Fixed: EU hospital description missing information about helicopter and helipad
  • Fixed: EU Hospital short description missing information about helipad in all languages
  • Fixed: Overflowing FR color label in transport lines overview panel
  • Fixed: Bottom line of text in Ore and Oil Industry specialization is cut off in EN, ES, FR,
  • Fixed: European Theme buildings text and tooltips are not localized in Chinese
  • Fixed: Overlapping policies text in Big Town Milestone panel in RU
  • Fixed: Cut off new unlocked policies and specialization text in Milestone Panel in DE and RU
  • Fixed: Base game industry specialization description syntax in DE is inconsistent with other languages
  • Fixed: Description of Paint and Erase 'Districts Painting Tools' are cut off in DE
  • Fixed: Typo in lightning storm chirp
  • Fixed: 'All conditions met at the same time' text is cut-off in PL scenario win/lose conditions header
  • Fixed: Some map names are not localized in DE
  • Fixed: Weekly tourist visits info overlaps with other parts of the district info screen in PL and PT
  • Fixed: Uploading an asset to workshop sometimes causing the asset to become corrupted due to wrong format version in package
  • header
  • Fixed: Cathedral of Plenitude requirements text need to be more clear
  • Fixed: Long district names are cut-off at the end while in-game
  • Fixed: There is no confirmation when changing the "Resolution" or the "Aspect Ratio" in the editors
  • Fixed: The text from the Advisor panel flickers when a notification is positioned over it
  • Fixed: The description box when saving an asset is too small preventing the entire text to be displayed and should hold more characters

  • Fixed: Advisor info text for districts is cut off for DE, FR and RU
  • Fixed: Middle points of intersections causing false overlapping detection and preventing placement even if nothing is built there
  • Fixed: Cannot create a new scenario while already inside the Scenario Editor
  • Fixed: Editors do not update load availability immediately when disabling custom assets, themes, scenarios
  • Fixed: When increasing size of Metro Station, the ground texture disappears when placing a tree or prop on the ground
  • Fixed: Pavement Path have misplaced light source on light lamps when built on slope terrain
  • Fixed: Painting Districts in Natural Resources map mode should be allowed
  • Fixed: The user should have the option to toggle between the "white" and the "normal" view when building a new building
  • Fixed: Missing public transport line tooltip preview when switching / hovering over different transport line thumbnail
  • Fixed: Building elevated road and tracks over zoned buildings not highlight removed zone grid
  • Fixed: Unable to easily relocate some of the public transport buildings if parts of it overlap the original location
  • Fixed: Opening Bulldozer while relocating a building causes tooltip to get stuck
  • Fixed: Weather Probabilities percentage number shows 100% despite slider being set at 0%
  • Fixed: Transport tool getting messed up when deleting the line that is currently being edited
  • Fixed: Duplicate prefab errors when having the same pillar in multiple elevations
  • Fixed: Keymapping for Toggle Snapping keys doesn't reset after using "Reset Key Mapping" option
Snowfall expansion
  • Fixed: The Studded Tires policy does not mention its cost in its tooltip
  • Fixed: No tutorial for snow clearing or heating
Natural Disasters expansion
  • Fixed: Users are able to change random disasters settings in the menu, but it has no effect on the game while playing scenario
  • Tsunami buoy uses the new floating building system
  • Fixed: Tank Reservoir long description text overflow the window and cover Water and Electricity usage in ES
  • Fixed: The Disaster Response Unit does not send out helicopters when all other vehicles are in use
  • Fixed: Fire Department Helicopters are pouring out water while moving between trees on fire
Mass Transit expansion
  • Fixed: User can construct steep cable car cables connections resulting with multiple issues
  • Fixed: Elevated Cable Car Cables can overlap slightly when built close to each other
  • Fixed: Inconsistent Mass Transit DLC highways noise pollution and radius values
  • Fixed: Player can snap ferry related assets to underwater canals
Concerts mini-expansion
  • Fixed: Grammar error in premium studio autotune chirp
  • Fixed: Typo in NESTOR earworm chirp

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