Community Announcements - DjArcas
Ok, so, I did a stupid thing and decided to be a smart-arse and make an automated build process, which almost literally took the entire day.


I believe that the Staging branch is updated with P13.13 for all platforms. Servers will go up soon.

If you're brave (or stupid) and want to opt into the staging build and let me know how it's going, please do!

If you're a sensible, patient, normal person, then it all should go live tomorrow!
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% on FortressCraft Evolved!!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Tuesday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - DjArcas
Remember, if you feel like testing it in advance and giving feedback, here's the thread:

And if you just want a picture of what's new, then this is for you :
Community Announcements - DjArcas

Remember, I stream development of FortressCraft from Mon-Thu over on the PG youtube channel:

(Fridays are of course non-FortressCraft days - if you're curious to see what else I'm upto, that's the day to mosey along)

Patch 13 is scheduled to drop next Thursday/Friday, and should contain shiny new graphics and bug fixes for all \o/
Community Announcements - DjArcas
Come keep me company for a few more hours, and look at the fabulous new Construct-o-Bots, destined to arrive in the Adventures Pack!
Community Announcements - DjArcas
I generally work 5 days on FortressCraft, then one day on non-FC stuff, then I attempt to have a day off, which almost entirely fails and I end up working.

But if you're Interested in seeing I'm upto on the non-FortressCraft day, head over here for the next few hours:

Community Announcements - DjArcas
Run one? Read this. Don't? Well, go google "cute kittens" instead.

I really need some feedback on this, as it's not something I can easily check. Until now, the Linux Dedicated server has needed all sorts of faffing about with X-11 and... stuff. I've just uploaded a snapshot of the latest codebase into the Tool, and added a new branch there called linux_server_headless - this has had the Unity option 'headless mode' ticked, which should remove all of the X-11 dependencies.

If anyone has the necessary setup to download this branch (remember, it's AppID 443600 ) and let me know how it's behaving!
Community Announcements - DjArcas
The casts are off!

Here's a picture of my mum having her cast removed :

I've now got a 5-6 hour bike ride ahea of me; I suspect it's going to take me half a week to recover, catch up and tell the cats that I've missed them, so I hope to start having all the cobwebs removed and things rolling against by Thursday!

Thank you all for your kind words and patience - I've bought mum a number of motion-activated LED nightlights, so there will be NO falling down the stairs again!

<3 you all.
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I'm still stuck down in the deepest, darkest depths of rural Cornwall - I'm not joking, my nearest Pokestop is about 7 miles away - and I'm itching to get back. Sadly, mum's casts don't come off until next week, so I'm stuck here until probably early October!

Thank you for your kind messages - for those of you who cheerfully said "Don't worry, at least nothing was broken!", then I'm sorry to say that she actually broke 4 bones.

My first focus will be getting a quick patch out with a bunch of fixes for dedicated/permission based servers, and then get on to the Adventures Pack and the Critter hunting minigame!

I've been on the Discord on my phone, but the internet here isn't close enough to fast enough to achieve much else!
Sep 5
Community Announcements - DjArcas
I try, wherever possible, to keep my personal and work lives separate. Unfortunately, I'm unable to do so this time. My mother has managed to fall down the stairs and needs caring - she lives half the country away from me, in a rural area. I'll be heading down to look after her, but could be gone for 3-6 weeks. Worst of all, there's LITERALLY no internet there - I'll just about have GPRS on my phone!

I should be able to appear on the forum and the discord, but the chances of uploading builds are virtually zero - I'll have a laptop with me, of course!

If you haven't joined the discord yet, it's a /great/ place to chat with other FC people, and I'm always there on my phone, along with some actual nice helpful people as well!

Thank you all for your understanding, and I'll keep you posted as to news and progress!

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