Sep 1
FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
Today marks the first day I've sat at my desk since about the beginning of June, and the first time I've used a mouse.

Ajax is pleased, and has resumed pride of place on my desk.

I'm now in quite exciting throbbing pain after 3 hours, and I'm going to stop. However, I have been at least a little busy.

All of the recent community fixes have been pushed into the Translation branch, updated notes here :

I've also put a little bit here, hopefully to open a few eyes how BIG the task of translation support is:
Jul 22
FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
You're all so bloody lovely. Like a hundred of you wished me well, and that's just amazing. For those of you who want a few more details, well, you'll have to wait for the *proper* post (and that will have to wait until I can use a mouse...), but, in short, I was riding a ZZR-1400 *on a racetrack*, not on the highway.

I was distracted during braking by another rider in the wrong position, and locked the front wheel up, causing me to flip upwards off of the bike.,

Yes, bikes do go that fast; top speed of that old girl was about 203 mph (~330 kph) and, until I ran out of talent, it was a really fun day in the sun.

My next bike is quite likely to be a little less... large and ABS has shot up to the top of my priority list on it!

All in all tho, I've ended up with a hell of a story; how many people can say they fell off a motorbike at just under a quarter of the speed of sound and walk away?

Jul 22
FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
So... my cast has come off.

My plan was to go home, wash the bike, go for a ride, and celebrate, then throw myself back into code!

However, it bloody hurts, like oh-my-god hurts.

So I decided to drive instead. Then I realised that'd be too painful, and then relegated that to 'driving in VR to strengthen my wrist muscles'

THEN I realised I can't actually push a light switch with my right hand, sooo... yeah. I suspect it's going to be somewhere between 2-6 weeks before I can sustain any sort of use of my right hand. Sorry. I'm really keen to get this new DLC and translation support out, I promise!

You may all make the same joke about masturbating to strengthen my wrist in the comments section, if you like.
FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
This is the first time I've been in front of a keyboard in 2 weeks, and it bloody hurts. I somehow managed to escape a 300 kmh motorbike crash virtually unscathed 2 weeks ago - I'll be doing a full set of pics and description when I've more stamina.

I can still use the Discord via my phone - remember there's a link in the in-game handbook under Community links!

The cast should be off in about 4 weeks, and I promise to stay under 150 mph until the Adventures Pack is released!
FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
Translation Support : about 75% complete
German Translation : about 40% complete
Finnish Translation : about 15% complete
Every other language : 0% complete

I'm aiming to get something out at the end of May - if you're that special sort of grammar-lover, head over to the forums or the discord to help out!

Discord :
Forum :
FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
So, the translation support is proving to be a much larger task than I'd anticipated. Sadly, I'd already massively over-estimated, so this has become a huge quagmire of sadness and tedium. So, where are we?

Right now, all the terrain, items, manufacturing recipes and the handbook have full translation support, as well as the main menu. We have a wonderful set of volunteers who are rapidly beginning to regret helping out on such a massive project, working away on German, Finnish and Swedish, so if you're a fan, and speak the right language, head over to the Discord translation room and feel free to help out!

And just a reminder; Patreons get access to the RailGun, but I've had literally zero feedback on it so far. Does that mean it's far too hard to get?

And in completely unrelated news, I've finally gotten Todd to get around to putting together Steam Greenlight pages for as-yet-unreleased games. A view and a yes vote, if you think you'd like to play them, would be ever so appreciated!

Patch 17 will come out as soon as it's ready, with partial translation support, the RailGun, and the most-requested machine, a Mass Storage Input machine that allows you to limit how much is inserted into Mass Storage.

Never let it be said that I don't listen to what the community wants!
FortressCraft Evolved! - DjArcas
So, Todd and I have been upgrading our UI system from 'ancient' to 'brand new', to support multi-byte characters. This is proving to be an enormous task, and is still going on. The plan remains more or less the same - Patch 17 will go out with the translation support, the test version of the Orbital Railgun, the Skin Pack. Hydroponics and Mutator will be bumped to Patch 18.

Patch 17 goals
  • Initial Translation support for multiple languages, including Cyrillic/Kanji (Russian/Japanese/Chinese)
  • [Patreons get early access to this!]Orbital RailGun Launcher. The ultimate in pointless e-peen. Fire massive containers into space and compare your base with other people's. 1 Kilometre of magnetically-accelerated terror.
  • T4 Balance improvments
  • New, country-specific skin pack to celebrate (and TBF, fund!) the Translation support.
  • Improved networking with smarter bandwidth usage.

Goals pushed to Patch 18
  • Plant Growth and Harvesting in Hydroponics Bays.
  • [Patreons get early access to this!]Further Mutator work.
  • Adventures Pack Work
Note : I've had zero feedback on the Orbital Railgun so far. Did I get it that perfect? ;-)
Community Announcements - DjArcas
The first test patch for Patch 17 is now available. If you're interested, and understand terms like 'untested' and 'risky' and 'backed-up-my-world', then head over here:

I'm actually not going to be around tomorrow, as it's my birthday, and I'm old, and therefore I don't have to put up with you all.

I'll be back, streaming and working on Thursday - the new Orbital Railgun (name pending) should be available for early-testing for Patreons; it's planned as a brand-new endgame for Adventure Pack DLC owners, hopefully within a few months!

Don't break the game whilst I'm gone!
Community Announcements - DjArcas
One week after rewriting virtually the entire lighting engine, surface generation, and adding vegetation, I'm proud to announce another patch, addressing a number of the issues the community has raised.

TL;DR - Peak Sunshine has been reduced in brightness substantially, Networking in large bases is about 4 times more efficient, some mission popups fixed, Rapid mode has been tweaked

  • Midday sun brightness now clamped from 62.5% to 50%. Cue all the old complaints of 'The surface is too dark' to come back...
  • Fixed issue with Minecart tracks throwing errors on Headless servers.
  • Storage Hoppers : were 368 bytes continuous update size
  • Empty hoppers now : 39 bytes
  • Full hoppers (Ore) : 60 bytes
  • Full hoppers (Bars) : 56 bytes
  • Worst-case scenario is still approximately 2k (100x Cutter heads)
  • PowerStorage Blocks data reduced from 32 bytes payload to 1 byte payload (68 bytes -> 37 bytes)
  • LPTs from 67 bytes to 39 bytes
  • LPTs now request network updates if they have a lens fitted
  • No more free coal in Storage Hoppers for Headless Servers
  • Fix for SpiderBot Base using up too much networking
  • Slight improvements to player networking
  • TechAxe should no longer appear on the back of non-Patreon
  • Fixed kill hitbox of dead overminds
  • Overminds will no longer accidentally give you the 18 million achievement. BUT LOOK AT THE COMMUNITY LINKS IN YOUR HANDBOOK, DAMNED PEOPLE.
  • Continuous Casting Basin no longer takes up 48 megabytes of memory for it's texture, and is no longer Point filtered. I have no idea how this happened.
  • Eternal Day/Eternal Night should now work again on Headless servers
  • Fixed Mass Storage drone colours
  • Linux Dedicated Servers should now correctly support client-based commands (example inventorysearch)
  • Fixed invisible manufacturing plant issue
  • Performance Drops with SpiderBot in combat should be fixed. These only affected Fabulous, which is the 'I have a super-duper overclocked monster PC setting'
  • Jet Turbines now burn through fuel 4x quicker. PPS is unchanged. (One per 30s, meaning 1x Fuel Refinery can support 3x Turbines. I expect to change this next month, meaning several refineries for 1 turbine - thoughts welcome. Refineries are a little irrelevant atm.)
  • Tweaked Jet Turbine PPS.
  • Easy Power gives 2.5x PPS boost
  • Rapid Mode gives 10x PPS boost (up from 2.5x)
  • Rush Mode gives 10x PPS boost (up from 5x)
  • Mass Storage Input and Output ports now only require a single Power Booster to craft - much easier and less annoying.
  • Ablators and Liquifiers are now 2x as fast on Rapid
  • All Generic Auto Crafters now use 50% power on Easy (down from 100%)
  • All Generic Auto Crafters now use 25% power on Rapid (down from 50%)
  • Grass should correct simulate on dedicated servers that were generated from single player servers
  • Slight tweak to holo-mission descriptions
  • Smelter mission removed for Scarce difficulties and above
  • Smelter mission no longer happens after 100% threat
  • Base Reports can no longer appear when the holobase is up
  • Mission Completion messages are now subject to all the same checks as Mission Reports (Player must be warm, standing still, on the ground, with power, etc)
  • Fixed CryoGenic Spawn Tube
  • Tutorial popups now 'lovely'
Community Announcements - DjArcas
I've had a great deal of feedback on the brightness of things, and there's a test patch in Bleeding Edge right now that potentially addresses some of them. It 'should' be safe to opt into, but I do recommend that you backup your world first.

I'm aiming for an update to mainline early next week, that should include a number of fixes based on the recent feedback to Patch 16.


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