Community Announcements - DjArcas
It's finally time to stop adding new features all willy-nilly, and to start making sure it all fits together. Come join me here all day:
Community Announcements - DjArcas
Yeah, I used that title already, but it fits!

I'm over here, watching Lazen make the fastest minecarts I've ever seen:

Another new Bleeding Edge patch is out:

(This fixes the broken Mynock/T1 turret issue!)

And... should I do these announcements? I think lots of you guys don't do Twitter or the Forums much, and it's important that you all know what's going on! :-)

Community Announcements - DjArcas
"More drops please"

I decided I didn't want to just crank up the drop rate, so I've implemented 2 new machines in today's patch, to allow you to increase and decrease threat.

So, when I developed the threat system, I was being too clever for my own good. Threat is just ores per min + bars per min + threat per min, scaled by some factors.

If your threat > 100%, then the 'next attack timer' counts down.

When the attack happens, 5 waves spawn. The first wave is your threat / 100; so if you are at 500% threat, you start on wave 5, and end on wave 10. Waves are preset (and in your log files, if you so care)

Threat is capped at 20,000%

Today's patch breaks the 4th wall and... ooo, no, wait. Today's patch adds in... uh... pheromone generators. Yeah. That. Green ones reduce your threat, and Red ones increase it. These are super cheap, use up a little bit of power, and are available under the Defences tab.

Green ones are the easiest; each one you place, if powered, reduces your threat by 50%. If you are at the cap of 20,000% threat, then you'll need 400 to remove it entirely. The Calmers go offline if you start to charge your OET - no easy way out here, I'm afraid!

Red ones are a tad more complex; each one gives you 10% commutative threat. So, if your threat is 100%, and you have a single Agitator, your threat is then 110%. If your threat was 200%, and you have a single Agitator, your threat is then 220%. If your threat was 200% and you had 10 Agitators(So 10% * 10 = 100% commutative threat), your threat is then 400%.

Commutative means that these things provide a linear boost with an exponential result - so a few of these on a big base will provide some ludicrous threat increases. They are NOT a flat movement through the Threat -> Wave table.

On top of the threat boost, the Agitators also provide 5 additional mobs per wave. Due to the way the mob generation works, this doesn't ACTUALLY mean "5 mobs", but rather "The value of 5 mobs". If you've played Bloon TD, then this is called Red Balloon Equivalent, and you can move onto the next paragraph. If you haven't, then fast mobs are worth 1, heavies 6 and bosses 30.

YES they DO interact - I suspect that tons of greens AND tons of reds will give you crazy numbers of really easy mobs to kill, which would be great for farming. You tell me!

Power usage, required research and resources to build are still undecided, and the graphics are still placeholder. Feedback wanted below.

Oh yeah - the Agitators can push you past wave 200. Who knows what lurks there.
Community Announcements - DjArcas
So here's one on twitter. I'm looking to rebalance the drops from the wasps, but I'm unsure if the majority of people feel it's too much of a grind to get Pristine drops.

Thoughts also welcome here and on the forum, as always!
Community Announcements - DjArcas - steaming at 60fps, which quite frankly looks amazing! Come along and say hi.

Also bleeding edge updated for you brave patch-o-nauts.

That's a word now.
Community Announcements - DjArcas - steaming at 60fps, which quite frankly looks amazing! Come along and say hi.

Also bleeding edge updated for you brave patch-o-nauts.

That's a word now.
Community Announcements - DjArcas
...and things are progressing well.

Just to fill you all in on what's going on - sales are doing well! Reviews are Mostly Positive! (Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who's given FortressCraft a positive review, it means the world to me!)

But let's be honest, what everyone actually wants to know is what's coming next!

As promised, I haven't changed the development process at all, and there've been a number of bug fixes and features added, and 8 (and counting) bleeding edge patches pushed live. These patches are available to anyone who wants them - just opt into the Bleeding Edge patch! (Note - please back up your world first... just in case!)

I've implemented Advanced Conveyor Filters - these allow you to only filter out single, specific types. They're more expensive than the Conveyors Filter, but a lot more awesome:

You can also reverse the rules, so they transport everything EXCEPT the desired type - this means you can collect 100% of a certain item from a hopper, and reject 100% onwards for further filtering:

There have been some major (and terrifying) improvement to the way your base is attacked - from now on, mobs aren't simply content to fly over mountains; they have the option to tunnel right through them:

There's a work in progress for the Auto Upgrader - this is still marked as 'placeholder' in the main game :-(

I'm well aware of the confusion and horrendous gaps when you put together the conveyors in various ways. The first step towards solving this is a combination of improved (not final) movement of the itemson the conveyors and, after far, far too long, conveyor slopes :

(These are quite a bit faster than the old corners, thanks to Pythagorus!)

And finally, as a huge THANK YOU to the Dapper DLC owners, you can now use the paintgun to colourise torches!

As ever, the work I've been doing can be find in nauseating detail just here :
Community Announcements - DjArcas

With a little luck, his base isn't going to get destroyed by the new tunnelnukers.

I'm hanging in chat - come say hi!
Community Announcements - DjArcas

BUT HAVING LOTS OF FUN DOING IT. Come join me and see how it goes!
Community Announcements - DjArcas
Just pushed another version through to the mainline for OSX - I've absolutely verified it as working on my Mac Mini here, and hopefully it works for everyone.

The last version did not work for everyone - but it did work for some people, so that's... great.

Please let me know if it works (or doesn't) and apologies for the last one only working for some people!

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