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FortressCraft Evolved!

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Community Announcements - DjArcas
Right here, right now!

Community Announcements - DjArcas

In the quest to allow YOU to have a completely amazing automated base, I now present to you FortressCraft : Evolved patch 1.11.

For full patch notes, head over to the forum : http://steamcommunity.com/app/254200/discussions/0/648814842759470951/

Remember, to keep up with the latest developments, check out @fortress_craft on twitter - we're very keen to hear your feedback!

The main features are the Personal Storage system and the Mass Storage System. You can now (T)ransfer items into Storage Hoppers by pointing at them and pressing T - this allows you to clear out all of those smelted Bars that're clogging up your inventory.

You can build Storage Crates for manual storage, to store items you don't need. These can't be automated.

Finally, there's support for Automated Crafting.

Those patchnotes in full: (V1.11)

  • Added overflow item queue for items that don't fit in conversion.
  • Fixed infinite ore bug via 'feed ore' button.
  • Player data stored via Steam ID instead of display name. This will fix game progress being reset when you change your steam display name. Old files will convert to new format. NOTE: If your steam display name was a valid hexadecimal number (only characters 0-9 and A-F or a-f), game will refuse to convert. In that case abort the ship crash by exiting before it completes and manually copy the contents over to the new folder.
  • Added Mass Storage facility
  • Added Mass Storage Input Port
  • Added Mass Storage Output Port
  • Added Mass Storage Input cargo robots
  • Minor fix to ensure dropped Items do not get embedded in the ground so much
  • You can now press T to Transfer items from your Hotbar into a Storage Hopper
  • Fixed a bug with Storage Hoppers.
  • InputHoppers now attempt to use the closest Mass Storage Crates for preference.
  • InputHoppers now have an awesome preview of the items they're looking for.
  • HoloBase now knows about Mass Storage Systems
  • Manufacturing plants can now be set to automatically craft an unlimited amount of a single item. Issues WILL arise if the item needs more than 4 materials. An auto-crafting plant also requires constant power, and there's currently no point in this. (Tomorrow's task is to make the Mass Storage Crates require Tin Plates, which will in turn be dying for automation)
  • Lots of improvements related to Smelters, Storage Hoppers and Conveyor Belts to allow them to cope with Objects, Items and Cubes.
  • Added Storage Crates for manual non-automated early storage.
  • Fixed major memory leak with weather system
  • Jet Turbine power generation increased approx 10-fold (it's now 12.5x as fast at generating power as the PTG with coal)
  • Storage Hoppers no longer return incorrect item when multiple cube stacks are present
  • Crafting when inventory is full no longer removes the resources, but instead gives an appropriate error
  • New icons for most manufactured items
Community Announcements - DjArcas
We asked the community what the two-most demanded features were, and we've delivered those (as well as a metric ton of other fixes and improvements!)

First, we added support in for direct sort of ores on conveyor lines. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the MK1 Robot Arms:

Secondly, we've greatly improved the user interface; all of the most-used machines now have a specific, clickable dialogue box. This should allow new players to navigate and understand their base much better.

For full patch notes, head over to here:

Community Announcements - DjArcas
Fortresscraft 1.9 is now available to everyone. Major features of this patch include:

The holobase - accessible via the 'R' key.

This allows you to examine details about your base from any distance at all.

There's also a completely rewritten help system (lurking under the 'H' key), mobs, loot, massive performance optimisations, elevators, jetpacks, cutting heads, difficulty settings andohsomuchmore. Check out the patch notes here:

Community Announcements - DjArcas
Come and watch the devs work on the game; make sure YOUR most niggling bug is fixed here!

Community Announcements - DjArcas
1.9 should go live this week. It's currently in beta testing; if you're interested in further details, head along to:


The main highlights of this patch are fightable mobs with loot, a brand-new help system, some absolutely massive performance increases, lifts ('elevators'), and the beginning of the Tier3 machinery.

By far and away the coolest new Survival feature, however, is the HoloBase mode; this mode lets you remotely examine your base and any issues with it's production from literally kilometres away. Check it out!
Community Announcements - johnkaiser3

MARCH 17, 2014 - Since the fans clamored to have their Survival Mode, Adam Sawkins and the crew at ProjectorGames have been hard at work on crafting an addictive and involving Survival Experience. If you have not tried the Survival Mode yet, this update provides plenty of reasons to play

With build 1.80d going live, FCE gamers are in for a major update giving fans a host of new features:

  • Conveyor Belts and Filters allow players to create a fully-automated base
  • Research station - player scan their surroundings in order to unlock crafting recipes.
  • Craftable Upgrades for Ore Extractors and Ore Smelters
  • Craftable Upgrades for the ARTHER pet and the player suit
  • Vein Scanner and Ore Ping allow players to search for necessary resources
  • Improved Crafting Interface
  • New Textures for most machines!
  • Added the first of the base defenses - the Popup Turret!

Here is a run down of how to start up a Survival Mode game and what to expect:

From the World Select Screen go to a panel with an unused world. Press CONTROL+S then select the world. After your ship crash lands into the alien world below, your challenge to survive begins!

You will be on the hunt to stave off Hypothermia, find resources, and build machines that will power your base and ensure your survival.

A beginners guide to Survival Mode can be found here:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=221314685

For the complete list of updates, fixes and new features CLICK HERE.
Community Announcements - DjArcas
It's had extensive testing, including about 15 hours streamed live by DjArcas, but 1.6a is finally patched, probably not broken, and ready for the world!

For the FULL changelist, please head over to


  • sfx for adding ore to smelter
  • Solar panels now marked as T2 to allow access to MM
  • Smelter code to remove resources tweaked
  • Sped up AI movers
  • Super up Take Power from the CPH!
  • Smelter uses up more power
  • Crafting items now reduces inventory items
  • Added effects for super dig ore
  • Fixed issue where Smelter was triggered via ItemType, not CubeType.
  • looked at glowsticks!
  • power tranfer now has a graphic effect.
  • sound effect for machines/ore differs from soundeffect for non-important stuff
  • Ore extractor tooltip now show sstored ore
  • Disallowed breaking of T2 items until T2 buildgun
  • Fixed issues where Ore Extractors wouldn't save under all circumstances.
  • Smelter input hopper now re-created after clearing smelter type
  • Reduced cost of all T1 machines to match up with new, less efficient, ore -> bar smelting changes
  • Player no longer given a CPH at the start, but is given an extra Ore Extractor to make up for it.
  • Added machine ping on Ctrl-M - cheaply locates your machines within 200m
  • Increased superbuild effiency when mining Ore
  • Sfx for power transfer
  • Fixed failed craft message
  • Rebuilt materials list on entering crafting screen
  • Added 'shadow' command to console, to disable shadows globally
  • Crafting screen now hides on focus lost
  • Crafting now correctly gives success/failure messages
  • Started on some of the easy mode/hard mode code
  • Depleted Ores disappear on Easy Mode
  • SuperBuild now gives a guaranteed 10% chance of Ore - very fast!
  • SuperBuild no longer gives rubble
  • Tutorial now predicating off of unlocked achievements
  • Smelting triggers when >=16 mats available
  • Smelter now retriggers after smelting, even with enough mats
  • Hid all T2 recipes on a second tab on the Crafting screen
  • Removed CamoBot Spam
  • Removed Extractor Spam when attached to a custom object
  • Add option to clear smelter and retrieve mats (Press Q for this)
  • Better text on waiting mat trigger (how much do we need?)
  • Remove materials upon successful crafting
  • Smelters not reducing input hopper correctly
  • Ore extractor to show remaining power
  • Minor speedups to BFL
  • Fixed Deadlock on exiting game
  • Fixed issue where opening the crafting panel stops you from being able to move.
  • Crafting. One tiny word, about 5... thousand... million... lines of code. At least it feels like it.
  • Smelter now won't trigger on manual mats unless you have 16 of a given type.
  • Many machines now use the new corner tooltip system to give detailed readouts on their state.
  • Marked off music as OGG, saving about 400 megs of ram. Very sorry!
  • Ore Smelters complete; crafting not hooked up, so don't waste your time smelting stuff yet!
  • Added StorageHopper code to allow collection of Smeltable Ores.
  • NON-CODE TASK! Designed the first 4 tiers of minerals, machines, suit upgrades and locked areas.
  • Started work to force players to use smelted bars to craft with, not raw ore.
  • Added support in the Inventory system for Items and non-cubetypes.
  • Fixed Detail Block previews in Hotbar Configurator.
  • Added 4 new achievements to form the start of a 'roadmap' for Survival.
  • Building ores in creative mode now builds at the full texture stage, not depleted
  • Fix lithium texture staging
  • Added 'value' console command for creative mode to manually set the build value. This allows you to build alternative ore stages, should you want to.
  • Updated Machine descriptions
  • Hidden unimplemented light blocks from block selection and scroll wheel
  • Mousewheel scroll and pageup/pagedown now move the hotbar selection and will automatically change tabs. (we will evaluate if people like this in creative or if we should just limit this to survival)
  • Reduced Meteor-style explosions from 300 ms to 30 ms!
  • Dropship now crashes on first run through
  • Default base now created at dropship crash site
  • First run now has first-pass intro sequence
  • Fixed Horizon shader. Finally.
  • Respawn player at logout position in creative as well as survival. (use the console command Teleport if you are lost!)
  • Added Titanium
  • Added Nickel
  • Fixed StorageHoppers occasionally causing a thread death when accessing an object as it's deleted
  • Thread Death is no longer silent, and will let the user know!
  • Fixed issue with Unity being stupid under certain circumstances. This is a critical fix and will be rolled out soon.
  • Build2Me and SuperDelete are now on a configurable key
  • Added debug for people who have special characters in their Steamnames.
  • Survival:
  • Replaced MatterMover with bespoke models
  • External temperatures now calculated better.
  • Up to 50 metres underground now lerps to the stable median between night and day (upshot, the day is warmer than underground, and night time is colder than underground)
  • Each 100 metre drop underground is a 2C rise in temperature. This is fairly close to real life, and will probably get changed.
  • Torches no longer cost 15 coal, and are back to 5. Sorry.
  • You can no longer take batteries past 100% by touching them against eachother
  • First mob added, tentatively called the CamoBot. Don't blink. Blink and you're dead.
  • SFX for CamoBots
  • Reverb (fairly) correctly calculated.
  • Further improvements to the spiderbot
  • Fixed Crafting spam
  • Fixed Grapple spam
  • Refactored Ore Extractors to track down a rare crash
  • Altered HotBar to be setup with the first Machines you'll need for Survival in a fresh game#
  • First tentative steps towards non-infinite resources.
  • Fixed leak with Collectables at max range
  • Craftable objects now drop at a much slower speed, so you shouldn't lose them
  • Limited non-ore digging to a maximum of 4/second.
  • Added autodelete by keeping the RMB pressed!
  • Manually mining ore depletes the ore instead of removing it, at a 10% success rate
  • Maths : Player is approximately 6x the speed of an Ore Extractor, but 80,000 times more boring.
  • Ore Extractors deplete ore correctly. You're unlikely to run out, however!
  • Ore Extractors will not attempt to mine depleted ore.
  • Boring work to allow better data-driving of resource costs for machinery
  • Fixed the most completely idiotic bug in the inventory system that is amazingly abuseable, but apparently no-one noticed.
  • Added support for 4096 high texture blocks. Lots of code was rewritten. Lives were lost. Villages burned. But the task is complete!
  • Disabled the extra ARTHER wasting CPU time in the middle of the world
  • Auto-crafting system completely rewritten; objects now return information regarding crafting in a handy context-sensitive window in the corner of the screen!
  • Fixed incorrect resource description for Power Storage Blocks (they actually need 50 Lithium and 50 Copper) (TY MrSilentDave)
  • Implemented MatterMovers. Once they're a bit more polished, I'll push all this work into the next SteamPipe beta.
  • Bumped visual display number to 1.3 (oops)
  • Laser Power Transmitters now delete correctly
  • Temporarily reduces MatterMovers to 1/4 of their expected Energy cost so people will use them. MatterMovers are expected to be high-tier/end game items. They were just easy to code :-)
Community Announcements - DjArcas
Firstly, some AMAZING stuff has been coming out of the community - check this out!


The Survival and Crafting patch (along with a plethora of Creative fixes!) should be going live in the next 24 hours or so. If you're interesting in reading up on the changes, you can find them here:


You can opt in and test the cutting edge branch at any point by selecting FortressCraft, then Properties, then Beta - the internal branch is the bleeding edge, then pre_release_staging allows you access to a slightly more stable branch!

(No, I've no idea why Steam doesn't let me use spaces or capital letters in branch names!)

If you'd like to see more visual aids on the patch, please feel free to check out my twitch page : http://www.twitch.tv/djarcas

I will be regularly playing the game and showing people some of the less obvious part of it!

Multiplayer is still in progress!
Community Announcements - DjArcas

  • Fixed issue where dropship turns up in Creative. This is why you never risk a the steampipe beta ;-)
  • Added mouse navigation of main menu!
  • Don't display steam status message if there are no errors
  • New Survival achievements live
  • Rebaked main menu textures
  • Added belt and braces fix for game not shutting down under certain circumstances
  • Actually remembered to bump version to 1.5
  • Reduced debug log spam
  • Crafting panel now accessible,show material preview, still non-functional
  • Fixed bugs in MatterMovers
  • Prev/Next buttons work if you have >50 detail blocks (!)

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