Community Announcements - DjArcas
There is a massive thread on this here:, but I'll clear up a few of the confusions we have going on about this!

'T4' is the lazy way of saying 'Tier 4', which is the lazy way of saying "Any machine made available to the player after purchasing the Frozen Factory Expansion Pack". This is a ton of machines designed to catapult the player into the Cold Cavern and to make the Orbital Energy Transmitter look like a baby's toy, featuring a completely NEW Tower Defence mechanic, new resource trees and just bloody loads of stuff. It's great!

The Frozen Factory Expansion Pack should be available TO EVERYONE at the end of this month, assuming nothing goes wrong. ːpcraceː

If you are a Patreon of the game, you get early access to this expansion pack; this was done for a whole bunch of reasons:
  • I don't have much else to offer :(
  • If I gave this out as part of the mainline build and then hid it away when it got released, everyone would get annoyed at me
  • If I did work out a way to give it to all the Bleeding Edge crew, I would be completely flooded with bug reports - restricting it to a few hundred Patrons means that the bug reports I get tend to be more detailed and much less common!


Patrons do not get any special or unique machines or recipes in the game - they just get it in an early and sometimes very broken state!

If you have questions, confusion or annoyances, then you can email me, hit me up on twitter, post on the forum, skype me, use the discord... people seem to be using the Review section to tell me they're unhappy about things and, really, I only check there about once every 3 weeks - even commenting here is better!
Community Announcements - DjArcas
When you press H, you get contextual help on the following things!

  • What you're looking at
  • What you have highlighted in your hotbar
  • The currently-selected Manufacturing Plant recipe
  • The current item underneath the mouse cursor in your Inventory

Let me know if there any help files missing, unclear or just downright confusing!
Community Announcements - DjArcas
Just for those of you who don't know, I stream nearly 100% of development of this game, interact with the community, get feedback and test things, all live and uncensored.

Sometimes there are cats. Today there's a pink blanket where a cat is shunning the blanket.
Community Announcements - DjArcas
8 months on from release, and I'm still at average of 1.0 patches per month. As (most of) you are aware, the plan is to release the Frozen Factory Expansion pack at the end of June. Pricing has still to be decided, but it's been a lot of fun testing and playing all the new features - the CryoPlasm spawners offer a very different gaming experience to the current 'surface wasps' system, the new Particulate resources look great, and the Magma Bore itself is absolutely awesome. It was quite a struggle to make the Orbital Energy Transmitter look small and puny, but we've managed it!

There's still an awful lot of work to be done in the next month, but I'm pretty confident we're going to make it. What other time I have will be spent on improvement Server management code; RCON, permissions, ranks etc.

But despite my heavy focus on the expansion, we've got a few awesome new machines, and some somewhat LESS awesome machines, designed to help you automate. I've also been spending a huge amount of time optimising the dedicated server, and you should be seeing CPU usage around 10%-15% of what it was previously, along with much-reduced ram usage.

That's all from me; on with the patch notes!

The bit everyone cares about...
New machines!
  • Added Ore Thief 3000(tm). This 3x3 early-game machine will remove ore from the player's inventory and store it. It'll then offload onto any attached storage hoppers.
  • Added 5x5 Induction Charger. Ideal for low to medium power solutions without lots of awkward Lasers.
  • Added a Slime Attractor. Requires Spoiled Organic Remains and 8 pps.
  • Added Infused Coal; this gives PTGs a much needed mid-game boost and gives alternative power type choices to players
  • Added Empty Fuel Canister crafting machine
  • Steel Bars can no longer be crafted by hand, and instead you need to make a machine to do it. I meant to do this about 3 years ago.
  • Added Advanced and Imbued Machine Block crafters; these are no longer hand-craftable.

The reason that above list is quite small this month...
Patreon-specific and Frozen Factory
  • Added T4 Ore Pings
  • MagmaBores are now considered to be T4 machines, and are no longer craftable, except by Patreons.
  • Added T4 Particle Filtration systems and T4 Gas Compressors.
  • Added Gas Bottlers - you can get the Gas Canisters from these.
  • TLDR - Particles Filters -> Particle Compressors -> Gas Storage-> Gas Bottler. Build only where the atmosphere is thick with particulates ie the toxic or cold caverns
  • Added Poison and Slow missiles. They've got fancy-pants names in-game however.
  • Added DoT effect to mobs
  • Aded Slow Effect to mobs. It'll even work networked!
  • GeoThermals now produce 10x the power if fed by Freezon Canisters. The rate of feeding is still to be decided.
  • Added PPS for filtration systems.
  • Added T4 Minecarts; as fast as Fast ones and as large as Large ones!
  • T4 Dazzler Turret now constructable
  • Geothermals should no longer use 1xFreezon per connected player (!)
  • Geothermals should now be able to build into Lava
  • Lancers should only sleep for 5s after completing a work cycle, not 60
  • Added T4 'sparkle' to MK3 lasers when fully-upgraded. This should let you easily see if parts of your network need some love.

Important stuff!
Major Fixes and improvements
  • Added 3 Inventory Sort functions; Alphabetical, Type and Quantity.
  • Added a CPH compass.
  • Everyone should now have brand new glowsticks!
  • Dapper DLC owners : Glowsticks default to blue, not green.
  • Dapper DLC owners : Glowsticks will be the colour of your paintgun (N to select)
  • Dapper DLC owners : Choosing BLACK as your Paintgun colour will force fully-saturated, randomly-coloured glowsticks. RAVE!
  • Looking at the help page for an un-researched Project will now show all the items that it unlocks.
  • Increased maximum power transfer rate of Lab
  • Fixed a missile issue where delayed damage was ALWAYS delayed for 15 seconds (!)
  • Further fixes for 'flickering combat text' issue. Maybe I got this time. Maybe not. Maybe it's mabelyinne.
  • Substantial CPU saving to LF simulation on Dedicated Servers.
  • Teleporters now work for networked clients again.
  • Fixed Target Marker Duplication issues with Teleporters
  • Rebalanced lab work; Labs now require half as much power to research. Research Pods now require twice as much power; this gives the net effect of the same power to complete a research, but allows the player to work in advance to complete the research, as well as deal with a number of smallers power consumers, instead of one massive one. The lab will also give readouts on how well you're doing. Go you! nne Perkins!

Not-so-important stuff.
Minor stuffs
  • Reduced rate of archiving, to reduce threaded load.
  • DropPods now drop less and less often as the game progresses; after 50 hours of play, they only drop once per 10 hours, instead of once per hour.
  • Minecart visual updates now happen a little faster if your framerate is high enough.
  • MK2 PSBs now require research. I shall be EXCEPTIONALLY SARCASTIC to anyone who asks "Why can't I craft these any more? (As that means you not only didn't check the forums, you didn't even check the damned reearch station!)
  • CamoBots now lurrrrrrrrve the Induction Charger platforms.
  • Removed circular dependcy; Steel Smelters no longer require Crystal, which requires Steel Drill heads.
  • Massively improved Cold Creep.
  • Significant CPU improvements to Oozes, Camobots and Minecarts, especially on dedicated servers.
  • Fixed a MAJOR typo, causing things to think they were in the wrong segment. This will affect all mobs and all dropped items.
  • Reduced the disk load CPU usage by approximately 90% (TO 10%!)
  • Iron Gears no longer need 15(!) Research Points.
  • Liquifiers and Ablators now obey Pythagorus (Sum of the square of the other 2 sides, not the product of the sum!)
  • Changed Bulk Cargo Lift crafting costs
  • Ablators should no longer leave partially ablated resin behind.
  • Slimes will now ignore attractors more than 128 metres away.
  • MK2 Solars will DEFINITELY collect power at night now. Tottes.
  • Removed some log file spam. Log spam is approx 10 gigs per day on a large base. (That's per 24 'real' hours)
  • FALCORs that do not share a segment with anything will no longer fail to save.
  • Fixed Cargo Lift Duplication issues
  • Fixed issue with Cargo Lift where any empty hoppers might cause the lift to stop loading.
  • Cargo Lifts can no longer be rotated (I really wouldn't try, you could potentially break anything!)
  • Fixed Handbook URL Parser.
  • Non-Patreons will get explained why ARC Smelter are falling off randomly.
  • Clock Crystals now needs 5 crystal but no Copper.
  • Fixed issue where repeated pings would give potentially incorrect resource usage readouts.
  • FALCOR bases no longer accept power.
  • Clearing Ore Extractors now clear at a rate of 1 block per second, up from 1 block per 30 seconds.
  • Altered 'random' mob spawns to more appropriately distribute amongst players.
  • Reworked Slime fall damage to be much better
  • Fixed a few Slime clipping issues
  • Added a Slime Attractor. You can probably work out what this does if you read the previous 2 patch notes. Requires Spoiled Organic Remains and 8 pps.
  • Exceptions thrown on the dedicated server will no longer fire every single frame
  • Fixed NRE with Storage Hoppers
  • Fixed NRE with SpiderBot base
  • Cold Creep growth should now be indicated by the CCCCC
  • Hard Resin Detectors should work for network clients.
  • ARTHER should now tell network players to craft him a core!
  • Refineries are now capable of dealing with Liquid Resin. It's your choice which machine to use! <3
  • Fixed issue where some T4/Patreon machines weren't working on dedicated servers. (This would have affected the ARC Smelter most obviously)
  • CCCCC now has improved paging code for the CryoPlasm spawners.
  • Laser Power Transmitters should sync with clients much faster now.
  • Numerous fixes to CCCCC and CryoPlasm
  • Added Generic Pipes to craftables.
  • Steel Bar Smelters work now. Cheers Vandal!
  • CCCCC should now calculate CreepVec on the correct thread.
  • CargoLifts now visible on the Holobase! #awesome
  • CargoLifts will now show how long they've spend loading/unloading/travelling
  • Fixed crash when changing refinery recipes.
  • Laboratories now give improved autochat when players start doing things.
  • Slime Attractors no longer remove 'zero' Spoiled Remains from attached hoppers; they can now also talk to full storage hoppers.
  • Visual loading/unloading of Cargo lifts is now faster.
  • CargoLift glows now based on tier
  • Improved network performance of Cargo Lifts
  • Fixed issue with console spam when removing a lift from an interface
  • Improved Particulate networking
  • Steel Bars can no longer be crafted by hand, and instead you need to make a machine to do it. I meant to do this about 3 years ago.
  • All threads named.
  • Potential 30%-50% CPU time saving on Dedicated Servers by not calculating facets.
  • Explosions (All player-based types) can no longer destroy the CPH. #handholding101
  • Quarries can no longer chew into entities of any sort. Like the CPH!
  • Updated Help for MK3 lasers.
  • Added NetSleep commend for dedicated servers. This indicates how long the server thread will sleep for after each tick. Increasing this will fractionally increase latency, but can reduce CPU usage massively. TODO : Put this into an ini file.
  • Reminder : There's also the mobrate parameter!
  • Improved mob readout information.
  • Reduced Cargo Lift spam
  • Advanced Machine Manufacturers no longer require you to have scanned Advanced Machine Blocks.
  • T4 Trenchers will no longer make items with stupid values on startup.
  • Blast Furnaces now respect difficulty settings. T4 ores are 200/64/32/16 ore per bar, depending on difficulty.
  • MK3 Laser beams made a tad smaller
  • MK2 Laser beams made a tad less glowy
  • Fix Minecart Load glows
  • Absolutely tons of optimisations and improvement for dedicated servers and lots of new yummy metrics.
  • Increased transfer rate and bufer size of Power Booster Chargers
  • CryoPlasm touching batteries will rapidly wipe their power.
  • Trusses are now 5x cheaper
  • CCB bars now count towards achievements and holobase readouts.
  • Induction Charger should now be craftable.
  • Storage Hoppers 'Last added' text now respects value. It's been 3 years. I'm quite happy to have fixed it.
  • AutoExcavators' range increased to 512 metres.
  • AutoExcavators' power usage greatly decreased.
  • Missile Launchers will no longer target surface worms.
  • Fixed FMOD 'Spread' issue in Cold Caverns. Free performance and less errors! YAY
  • Fixed issue with CamoBots oscillating at very low framerates causing NaNs
  • Dazzler Turret should now match up to server angles
  • Sped up Dazzler Turret scans, improved CPU usage
  • Increased Dazzler maximum trigger range from 64 to 128 metres
  • Blast Furnaces should no longer use up extra materials when more players are connected.
  • Significantly smarter CPU usage of Overmind spawning; massive decrease in constant mob thread usage!
  • Completely network capable and rewritten Orbital Strike Controller code. Way cooler single player, and actually works brilliantly for dedicated servers. EXPLOSIONS, HOOOOO!
  • Reduced CPU usage of cold creep
  • Solar Panels should no longer crash for network clients
  • Induction Chargers should no longer report the wrong number of machines
  • C5 will now intelligently drop unnecessary segments
  • ColdCreep Spawns now round robin the work, alleviating CPU and segment load
  • Dedicated servers now default to CompressOnExit; type cache to modify this.
  • Lancers will now drop extra segments after a scan
  • Ablators will now drop extra segments after a scan
  • Liquefiers will now drop extra segments after a scan
  • Inverted the Paintgun Injectors. Remember, the paintgun can be used to paint torches and affect glowsticks if you have the Dapper DLC.
  • Further improvements to MagmaBore
  • Orbital Strike Controller now has a much more obvious visual effect when signalling
  • Fixed holobase for Particulate filter machines
  • Fixed descriptions on Power Boosters and Power Chargers (Chargers charge up and make Boosters)
  • Ore Grinder no longer works unless you have a Cold Cavern Climate Control Centre.
  • Cold Caverns should now be a lot more dangerous without the Suit Heater. Still too easy? Let me know!
  • Fixed issue where duplicate segment requests could explode out of control.
  • Fixed CPU usage on dedicated server due to pointless block picks
  • Fixed CPU usage on dedicated server due to the server's ARTHER having no power core.
  • Massive CPU optimisation on Ablators, Refiners, FALCORs and Lancers.
  • Inventory Sort By Type now sub-sorts identical types by names
  • Inventory Sort By Type now puts Upgrades first, Garbage last, and sorts all Ores seperately.
  • Fix to Teleporter repeat sound effect
  • Fixed network issue with display of CCB
  • Fixed Blast Furnace not obeying resource scalars correctly.
  • You can no longer drag T4 ores into the Smelter.
  • Blocked FALCOR beacons will no longer soak up lots of CPU time on busy worlds.
  • CryoPlasm Spawners will allow the world to page in before attempting to fill it with CryoPlasm.
  • Fixed dropped item textures
  • Sped up T0 Laser Power Transmitters substantially
  • Continuous Casting Basin warns of overheating - only build this in the cold cavern!
  • Blast Furnaces now have a 50% higher power transfer rate
  • SuperBuild can no longer build through Multiblock machines
  • Digging up the Grinder when you have no C5 should now return the resources
  • New handbook entries for FALCORs, Induction Chargers The Cyberdyne Ore Thief 3000(tm), SpiderBot weaponry
  • Fixed Handbook entries for all Forced Induction kits.
  • Ore Thief 3000 (tm) now increased to a sustained 3,300 items/minute maximum.
  • Toxic Warning indicator now works
  • Cold Warning indicator now works reliably.
  • Reduced brightness of Chromed Lens bonus laser
  • Increased Order Blocks to 400 from 200. Servers are now 4000.
  • All Particulate machines will now drop the correct number of blocks.
  • Minor polish improvements to intro sequence
  • Minor polish improvements to tutorial sequence
  • Removed an exploit.
  • Liquefiers should no longer leave Liquefied blocks around. It may take some hours for them to catch up with previously-knackered resin setups, but they will!
  • Auto Ore Removers renamed to the much catchier Ore Thief
  • Ore Thieves should no longer be able to reduce player's ore to negative levels (!)
  • Teleporter effects should now be visible for clients; added SFX and GFX
  • Refinery now requires 10x less liquid resin
  • Auto Ore Removers no longer show errors whilst linking. Items in this machine are stored in limbo, and breaking it will not give the items back.
  • Auto Ore Removers are now much much faster at removing ore. You'll still need to clear the ore out of them!
  • Improved logic behind a number of ARTHER prompts. Don't ignore ARTHER. It only makes him sad.
  • ARTHER will now let you know if the Lab has work to collect
  • You should no longer be able to super-build through the new T4 multiblock machines.
  • Saved 2-8ms of mainthread time on servers by not spawning or dealing with things that it doesn't need to.
  • Teleporters should now network update. This doesn't mean they WORK, but they are guaranteed to be at least slightly less broken.
  • WorkFloor Excavators no longer destroy multiblock machines.
  • MK2 Solar Panels should use up a lot less ram.
  • GeoThermal plants should no longer use up tons of segments
  • Loads and loads of work on the Magma Bore.
  • Dazzler turret now rapidly scans through air. Some might say murderously fast.
  • Added CryoPlasm Melter; this converts frozen CryoPlasm into its liquid form. This, I believe, turns the game into a completely unique form of tower-defence, allowing and requiring the player to build channels to flow CryoPlasm into a killbox.
  • C5 is now marked as a MultiBlock machine.
  • Organic Cutter heads now give you 5 heads for 1 Refined Resin. (That's down from 420k power to 42k power per head)
  • Added a T4 lens, along with upgrades from ALL previous lens tiers.
  • Blast Furnaces should give correct SH readout for network clients
  • CCBs are now serialised, and should work on the network ok.
  • SpiderBot now requires Base Building Automation.
  • Fixed "Collected" info panel, due to watching LovinDaTacos
  • Renamed MK2 FALCORs to Logistics FALCORs, due to people's confusions.

Mod Stuff
  • Made a bunch of UI specific things public
  • Added EntityManager.instance.WhatsAtTheOtherEndOfThisPipe - I decided that the generic pipes were so damned cool, that modders will want to use 'em. Call this and you'll get what's at the other end of the pipe. WhatsAtTheOtherEndOfThisPipe(long x, long y, long z, ushort dir, int maxdistance, MachineEntity lOwner, out ushort lCube, out SegmentEntity lEntity, out lnPipeDistance) returns either ePipeResult.eSuccess or ePipeResult.eSegmentLoadingCallAgain - questions welcome!
  • Generic Auto Crafters can now be made that do not require power. You're welcome, modders!
  • Not much much support in the form of code changes this month; remember, the nice guy doing the mod changes is a volunteer, and has been busy at work!
  • Next month, Workshop support is high priority. I think there's enough mods out there to warrant it, and it'll stop the endless "Does this game have mod support?" questions I get...
Community Announcements - DjArcas
Final help files, testing, polish and chat about the forthcoming Frozen Factory and tentative Adventures Pack here today!
Community Announcements - DjArcas
I'm putting more final touches on here today:
Community Announcements - DjArcas
Remember I've defected from twitch for a vast number of reasons :)
Community Announcements - DjArcas
Community Announcements - DjArcas
Community Announcements - DjArcas
All items marked as [T4] are for the Frozen Factory Expansion pack. This is slated for release in patch 9 which, all things being well, should come out at the end of June.

I'd like to apologise in advance for a number of missing icons. The 2d texture artist got run over by a car. Whilst he was sitting at a restaurant. This really happened. He's ok now, but it has ofc impacted on the schedule!

Major new features!
  • Cargo Lifts. These wonderful new machines will absolutely answer the prayers of all the Minecart fans; "How do I get resources from -600 to the surface?" - the answer is the modular, upgradable, and above all easy-to-use Cargo Lift! Q: What is the maximum depth these go to? A:There is no maximum depth. Uh, about 500 light years I guess.
  • Scanning a Storage Hopper will now give you a readout of its contents. (ty to Zen for prompting this change)
  • Absolutely loads of help files updated and added.
  • Added 3 new tiers of Matter Mover. The fastest one can shift 4800 items per minute, addressing all your short-range, high capacity transport needs.
  • Added useable ARTHER Power Cores. Craft these in advance and keep them on your hotbar; select and Use them in emergencies for boosts of power!
  • A complete new resource tree; Hardened Resin can now be removed, utilised and indeed farmed. Research Resin Handling from your Laboratory for more information. Those poor hiveminds.

  • Added a Hardened Resin Detector. This should guide you towards the nearest active Hivemind, and source of gloriously useful Hardened Resin.
  • Added MK2 Organic Solars. More power, and a reasonable amount merely from the light of the moon.
  • Moved to Unity 5.3.4. This should alleviate a number of Linux-related issues.
  • Added crashed parts containers. Keep an eye on the sky. You can't miss 'em. They should arrive approximately once per hour currently.

  • Significant improvements to storage hoppers and conveyors on network games, and a reduction in the memory footprint of dedicated servers.
  • Added Chromium and Molybdenum across the game. This is NOT accessible without Frozen Factory Expansion or Patreon
  • Added WorkFloor Excavator. These should allow you to clear out useful-shaped and sized work areas, slowly at, but ever so fast if you have the power to run 'em flat out!
  • Added Minecart Logic tracks. You can now turn Minecarts around (no more awkward loops!) , and also predicate Minecart movement on FULL or EMPTY. This should improve the effiency of your Minecart networks by hundreds of times.
  • Laboratories have been re-balanced, and *assuming you have the power available* are upto 3 times faster!
  • Added MK2 FALCORS. These can carry items between Beacons attached to Storage Hoppers, to their base. MK3s with Exemplar filters are planned.
  • Added Casual Resources - 2 ore per bar, double speed smelter, much denser Ore veins. Designed for those with jobs and children. This also gives a 'starter pack' of Storage Hoppers, Lasers and Power Storage Blocks. This should make the start-game go past extremely quickly. Not recommended unless you've already played the game on a harder difficulty tho!
  • Hiveminds now have much better graphics, and should die when nuked from space. It was the only way to be sure.

Known Issues
  • Cargo Lifts can suffer from occasional duplication issues.
  • Black Hexagons on certain video cards, when in the cold or magma caverns, due to low specular. (Unity issue, hopefully fixed in next patch)
  • Flickering fog particles (Unity issue, hopefully fixed in next patch)
  • A few missing icons. Apologies for this.

Frozen Factory Expansion Pack

This is all work towards the future release of the Frozen Factory Expansion pack. Patreons gets preview access to this :

  • Added the Cold Cavern Climate Control Centre. (C5 for short). This item will allow you to 'terraform' the Cold Cavern into something habitable. This will require the Frozen Factory Expansion Pack. Patreons will get early acccess.
  • Added the Hard Rock Grinder. This will allow access to grinding your very first T4 ores. This will require the Frozen Factory Expansion Pack. Patreons will get early acccess.
  • Fixed Frozen Factory research
  • GeoThermal Plants should no longer need an attached hopper with a pipe in it to start working on reload.
  • Grinders now craftable
  • Grinders have improved start/stop graphics, and a larger power pool
  • Fixed erratic network sync/flood of CCCC, Grinder, MagmaBore, Mk4 battery, T4 Conduit and SpiderBotBase.
  • Added ARC Smelter. This upgrade will allow Smelters to smelt T4 ore. This is extremely inefficient and power-consuming, but will allow the player to move onto bigger and better smelting T4 systems. Patreon-only until Frozen Factory Expansion is released - of course!
  • Fixed error with crafting Heat Conductant Pipes (thanks Tychon)
  • Added CryoPlasm defence reearch and CryoPlasm Lancer; that should allow you to hold off against the CryoPlasm.
  • A bunch of fixes and visual improvements to the Geothermal Plant.
  • Lots of work on the Magma Bore. Graphics still 100% placeholder. It's very... very... big

  • [FrozenFactory Expansion only]Continuous Casting Basins, Blast Furnaces and Casting Pipes are now all craftable.
  • Trenchers now empty slightly quicker, and shouldn't end up with 9 ore lying around in them.
  • Trencher internal storage now increased to 450 ore, meaning it should be able to work 100% of the time.

Cargo Lifts
  • Added Cargo Lift, research, rack railer, rack rails, and 3 tiers of Lifts. The first should be available with Lithium-level resources, the second with minecarts, and the final one about the point where you're looking to automate biomass and T4. The largest lift moves at 15 metres per second, and can carry 3,000 items - that will be limited to Frozen Factory, as it's T4, but the other 2 lifts will be available to all!
  • Cargo Lifts should work without issue for networked clients
  • Cargo Lifts now allow you to remove the Lifts without error
  • Cargo Lifts now allow you to re-scan the rails, in order to extend your lift.
  • Cargo Lifts rescanning no longer wastes and duplicates previously-placed rails.
  • Cargo Lift Glow represent power charge of the lift controller.
  • Cargo Lifts no longer have issues when loaded remotely
  • Cargo Lift UI should no longer screw up
  • Cargo Lifts are no longer marked as T4 machines
  • Cargo Lift now authoritates power state over the network
  • CargoLifts can no longer get stuck in an endless acquiring inventory state
  • Cargo Lifts now use power relative to the fitted Cargo Lift type
  • Cargo Lifts now load faster for higher tiers.
  • Cargo Lifts no longer load everything immediately, but stagger it depending on tier of lift.
  • Cargo Lifts - Slightly improved floating combat text readout
  • Cargo Lifts can no longer load more than their maximum
  • Cargo Lifts no longer attempt to pull more than the available resources out of a storage hopper
  • Cargo Lifts now pause after loading to allow visuals to catch up
  • Cargo Lifts now come to a near halt if they run out of power
  • Cargo Lifts now support MK2 and Organic MK2 solar panels
  • Attempting to upgrade a Cargo Lift whilst it has cargo will no longer longer lose the upgraded Lift.
  • Cargo Lifts now have full audio for arriving, leaving and travelling.
  • StorageHoppers now count up the number of free slots once a Cargo Lift has emptied them. This means they will no longer be empty, but report full.

Matter Movers
  • Boosted MatterMover power pool by 50%
  • Boosted MatterMover power transfer rate by 50% - they should hopefully no longer run dry.
  • Reworked Matter Mover visuals for all tiers, added sound effects
  • Matters Movers will IGNORE Remove Only status and WILL add to these; this is to allow usage of MMs for Cutter Head Delivery
  • MatterMovers are now capable of firing directly at each other
  • MatterMovers will drop their stored item on deletion
  • Fixed MatterMover max distance to be 64, not 63!
  • MatterMovers will no longer remove from Locked or Add Only Storage Hoppers.
  • MatterMovers will no longer add to Locked or Remove Only Storage Hoppers.
  • Various MatterMover timing and storage hopper issues fixed.
  • MatterMovers are now Server-Authoratitive.
  • Added 3 new tiers of Matter Movers. These will become craftable tomorrow.

Other Fixes and Changes:
  • SpiderBot will no longer leave the base if he has received a Power Core in the last 10 seconds.
  • ARTHER will not bug you about Lithium for 2 hours
  • ARTHER will not bug you about T2 materials for at least 6 hours!
  • Crashed DropPods no longer drop 1 item per player.
  • Fixed networked 'centre request' for many multiblock machines.
  • Grey spawn chance raised from 5% to 15%
  • Iron Gears now require Base Building Automation
  • OverMinds should no longer appear and disappear near the edge o the screen
  • OverMinds can now kill you in a variety of interesting ways
  • Fixed boot error with ARTHER
  • Changed organic cutter head to use refined resin. People argued. I disagreed.
  • Mildly tweaked the intro
  • Added Help for all Power Boosters.
  • Added help for Research Parts, fixed help for Hive Brains
  • Doubled Density of Biomass veins
  • Boosted Density on Casual
  • Increased Biomass Perlin Zoom Factor by 50%
  • Significant improvements to busy conveyor network syncing
  • Improvements to Storage Hopper removal duplication issues.
  • CamoBots now have 3x as much health on Hard mode.
  • Slimes will no longer be angry at the player if they take fall damage (ty to Zen for prompting this change)
  • Slimes now take substantially more falling damage. Make traps dammit!
  • Ores and Materials now come back as different colours on unknown pings
  • Chromium and Molybdenum now have unique colours
  • Unknown Pings will now give a breakdown of types, ores and materials on the scanner.
  • Known Pings will give a specific breakdown of ores on the scanner.
  • Lots of new help files and documentation for new machines added this patch.
  • Reduced Macerator max power storage from 1500 (!!) to a more sensible 150.
  • Added support for "URL" links in the handbook; primarily will be used for tutorial videos. Got a great tutorial video about a specific machine? Let me know and I can link it!
  • Added Resin Liquifier UI popup.
  • Made ARTHER power bar more obvious
  • Icons that are clickable in the Handbook now grow and change colour when hovered. This should make them much more obvious that they ARE clickable!
  • Fixed Mk5 ARTHER Power Cores.
  • GeoThermal plants now require pipes in order to build.
  • Added extra debug to Mob timings; /debug will now give a breakdown of the spent mob time.
  • Fixed issues with Novas getting rather too large. Oops.
  • Orbital Strike Controllers can no longer fire when 'too close' to the CPH. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO VERIFY THIS FIX OK?
  • Orbital Strike Controllers now give the readout for the current quadrant they are placed in.
  • Balanced the cost of MK2 induction kits to be multiples of eachother, for automation. LMK if I got this wrong.
  • Reduced the Nickel cost of MK4 inductions; increased the gold cost. They should now be a *tad* more balanced.
  • DeOrbit containers. I'm gonna let you find out about this one yourself. ;)
  • Destroying a DeOrbit container will net you a ResearchPart, which can be researched for 5 RP.
  • You can no longer manually feed T4 ores into a smelter. Nice one.
  • Fixed issue where time ran at the wrong rate. NOVA AHOY! (You're fine)
  • OverMinds now have a death animation
  • Fixed a MAJOR error with the Mob/Orbital Strike/Tower Defence loading saving. This possibly hasn't been working properly for months. I GUARANTEE* that all Orbital Strikes will now work.
  • Fixed complicated internal issue with SuperDig that could have caused all sorts of horrible knock-on effects. If you've been using vacuum hoppers and superdig, you might see machines refuse to use the ore. Sorry!
  • All Generic AutoCrafting machines should now correctly research cube/value type products. (Mesh Weaver was a specific example)
  • Generic Autocrafters can now directly offload crafted items onto conveyor belts.
  • Generic Autocrafters can now directly collect items from conveyor belts. This ONLY applies to machines that have a SINGLE input; an example would be a Coal Enricher. You CANNOT put multiple types of items on multiple input belts - you'll need to interface via a Hopper.
  • Generic AutoCrafters will animate according to XML again. Sorry about that, modders!
  • Added Craftable PowerCores. When used, these will give power to ARTHER No-they-don't-stack-in-your-inventory. There are 5 tiers,
    each of which needs the result of the previous tier. The highest rank ones are pretty amazing!
  • Nova Timer can now progress past 7 days. This should also fix the Server Uptime readout too. #floatingpointaccuracy
  • Added an Upcraft ('C' menu) recipe for converting (many) MK2 batteries to MK3s.
  • Geological Surveyors are now limited to 1024 metres of scan range. If you need to scan deeper, place it deeper!
  • Fixed dig audio on WorkFloor Excavators
  • Fixed random crash on WorkFloor Excavators
  • Added Chromium and Molybdenum bars and various other recipes related to them.
  • Smelter can now have per-metal melting point. All T1/2/3 metals are still 1139; Chromium and Molybdenum are now set correctly. Feel free to google and check ;-)
  • Blasts Furnaces can now connect to Continuous Casting Basins. These should now be considered testable. Graphics == Placeholder.
  • HiveMinds will no longer drop brains scattered around a 48m area. All other loot is, mind you - go looking!
  • Mynock/HiveMind interaction code has been belt-and-braced, and I am confident in saying that only the closest hivemind to the CPH will grow.
  • Mob spawning should cause less of a CPU spike on servers
  • Fixes to Ablators, Liquifiers and Lancers loading off disk during their clearing phase; they should not longer get stuck!
  • Added the Work Floor Excavator; this clears a 33m, 3m-tall circle around itself, using power. Ideal for setting up neat work areas and for clearing unknown terrain.
  • SpiderBot base should no longer take power from adjacent items and... give it back out again. It was basically a T4 battery. Er, oops. Sorry.
  • Ablators and Liquifiers now correctly revert back to size 0 after finishing their scan up to range 32 (instead of accidentally carrying

    on forever, ooops)
  • Significant speedup for overloaded fluid segments.
  • Increased Laboratory maximum power transfer rate.
  • Reworked 'Closest Hivemind' code; Closest Hivemind should now also be linked on the holobase.
  • Added Hardened Resin Detector. This should guide you to the nearest active hivemind.
  • Added Casual Resources - 1 ore per bar, double speed smelter. Designed for those with jobs and children. This also gives a 'starter pack' of Storage Hoppers, Lasers and Power Storage Blocks. This should make the start-game go past extremely quickly. Not recommended unless you've already played the game on a harder difficulty tho!
  • Mynocks can now spawn at any altitude on Hard Mobs
  • Charged Explosives can no longer destroy EVERYTHING
  • Added Cold Creep; similar to hive minds, this will provide a 'vs the world' version of tower defence for the Cold Caverns Expansion Pack. Now renamed to CryoPlasm!
  • Lots of new icons!
  • Organic MK2 Solar Panels will no longer drop a useless central block
  • Organic MK2 Solar Panels are now considered to be multiblock machines
  • Organic MK2 Solar Panels now collect at night
  • Added T4 GeoThermal plant. This should be built in the Cold Cavern for maximum effect. You'll need Patreon access in order to get it before the Frozen Factory Expansion Pack's release (
  • Added Mesh Weaver and Pipe Coater; feed these into the GeoThermal Plant in order to increase its output.
  • Power Generation levels of the GeoThermal have NOT been set; it should probably generate around 4500/sec at full power.
  • Ablators should no longer leave orphaned partially-ablated resin around. It may take a few game restarts to clear anything that has been left in this state. It shouldn't be a problem for any new setups.
  • Ablators and Liquifiers now work in a sphere shape, not a cube.
  • Fixed a number of client-side crashes.
  • Implemented Laser Ablator. This can be used to burn off hardened resin.
  • Implemented Laser Liquifier. This converts Ablated Resin into Liquid Resin
  • Implemented Liquid Resin Refiner. This converts Liquid Resin into a useful crafting component; Refined Liquid Resin.
  • Added MK2 Solar Panel (Organic); collects 2x normal MK2s, and works at night. Requires Refined Liquid Resin.
  • Fixed issue with hiveminds. They may be a few hundred times more efficient now. Balancing in progress. BE WARNED.
  • Added MK2 FALCOR. This will only collect loot from Beacons that are placed on top of Storage Hoppers.
  • FALCOR beacons placed on top of Storage Hoppers will now collect an item from them, and, proffer it to MK2 FALCORs.
  • Zipper Merges will now work after rotating.
  • Fixed some minor UI issues relating to readback of machine status and help files.
  • Fixed issue where GACs could corrupt on save *if* they were unable to drop off an item at the moment of saving.
  • Added Minecart Buffer! Any minecart that hits this will simply turn around. This can be used in place of loops
  • Added Minecart FULL Gate. A Minecart approaching this from the Green direction will treat it as a Straight. A Minecart approaching from the Red direction will turn around unless it is FULL.
  • Added Minecart EMPTY Gate. A Minecart approaching this from the Green direction will treat it as a Straight. A Minecart approaching from the Red direction will turn around unless it is EMPTY.
  • Split Minecart Research into 2 parts; one gives you the better carts, one gives you the improve Logistical and Decision-making track pieces (as above)
  • Significantly increased cost of Turbo Rails
  • Research Assemblers should now more reliably run at full speed, due to increased power storage and power transfer rate.
  • Tweaked network load of conveyors a little
  • Fixed ARTHER power bar
  • ARTHER will no longer tell you to go searching for a new fuel source, once you've got jet turbines.
  • Blocked Solar Panels on Dedicated servers will no longer permanently blocked.
  • Fixed Deployed Explosive duplication error.
  • Reduced cost of Conduits; likelihood is that they'll go back up after CCBs are implemented
  • Fixes to Laboratory Decompose code
  • Basic Smelters now 10% faster (I'm aiming for ~2 bars/min)
  • Dedicated servers now have all DLC! (This means that T4 Trenchers will now work on Dedicated Servers)
  • Fixed serialisation issue with Matter Movers
  • All Cutters Heads apart from Plasma now have +50% durability
  • Plasma Heads now have 20% less durability
  • Increased Lab Power Per Seconds by 300%
  • Decreased Time Per Lab Pod to 33%
  • This should mean that the power-per-hour of your lab remains the same, but you have the option to process 3x more (at 3x the power cost, of course)
  • Ore Extractors will drop their stored ore on deletion
  • Deleting a SpiderBotBase will also drop whatever item it was offering to SpiderBro
  • SpiderBot should charge to 150k now.
  • Added Mod-Specific error if ItemCubeStackSize is zero.

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