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We're wrapping up alpha 23 and need at least one more round of feedback before we push to stable. In particular we've made some tweaks to the way that hearthlings restock items - so if anything seems weird there let us know! As usual Alpha 22 saves should work in this unstable, but previous A23 unstable saves might not.

Full release notes:
  • Fixed shields not showing up in the character sheet equipment tab.
  • Changed building templates so that the filename is a randomly generated string instead of creating the files directly from the template name. Fixes issues with some unicode characters preventing building template preview images from appearing correctly. The templates list window will still display player created template names as usual.
  • Fixed Gold Flakes not being restocked in stockpiles with the refined ore stockpile filter enabled.
  • Updated new Fox to not have Wolf sounds.
  • Fixed wheat bale missing from input box filters.
  • Fixed several errors in storage restocking AI.
  • Fixed hearthlings trying to restock crates when another hearthling is already going to fill it.
  • Increased sensitivity to walking distance when computing AI preferences.
  • Fixed missing item names for orders auto-queued for construction.
  • Fewer clay bricks are needed to construct clay brick buildings.
  • Clay bricks recipe reverted to only produce one stack (back down from 3).
Have fun!
Stonehearth - Radiant
Luke has a lot to say about Rayya's Children, the potter, and a lot of other things. :) Come by and say hello:
Stonehearth - Radiant
Current Release
  • Added Supply containers for most crafters. These containers can be configured to hold a single type of crafting resource and your Hearthlings will try to keep them full, so that your crafters can have a steady supply of raw materials.
  • Added Finished Work shelves to Carpenter, Potter, and Mason. These will only be used for newly made items, so that the crafter can get back to work while another idle Hearthling can take the item off to long-term storage or to be used in building decoration.
  • Remade Wolf animations
  • Fox has a new model and uses the Wolf rig
  • Added Hearthling Eyes (not customizeable in embarkation yet)
  • Shortened Potter crafting times to bring them in line with Carpenter
  • Clay bricks now have x3 stacks, so that constructing clay buildings is considerably faster
  • Made the Callous and Empathetic traits mutually exclusive
  • Fixed agriculture score not being calculated correctly when the game is loaded
  • Crafters drop their backpack contents before crafting so that if their previously crafted item was put away in their backpack, they'll drop it before starting their next order
  • Trading Post Monument recipe no longer requires the unobtainable Fine Crate
  • Descriptions wrap in the unit frame, so they aren't cut off with ellipsi...

Stonehearth - Radiant
Stonehearth - Radiant

Let's take a look back at 2017 (tldr: core gameplay) and forward at 2018 (tldr: building, multiplayer, more content). More here:

Also, if you want Frostfeast 2016 updated to work with Alpha 23, find it here:
Stonehearth - Radiant

Hey everyone, in this final Desktop Tuesday of the year, let’s take a closer look at a few features that round out Alpha 23--two more things that relate to appeal, and one long overdue but super exciting water feature.

Find it here:
Stonehearth - Radiant
We've pushed the last few changes to the unstable version of Alpha 23 before we take a break for the holidays. Thanks for all of the feedback here on Steam and on!

Changes in this version:
  • Added thought bubbles that occasionally show up when a Hearthling sees an object they Like or Love
  • Sleeping, crafting, and eating now provide unique, additional thoughts based on the amount of appeal around the area
  • Changed how item quality rolls work:
    • Crafters gain the ability to make Fine quality items at level 3 (5% chance), and Excellent at level 5 (5% chance, and Fine chance becomes 10%).
    • The Inventiveness stat has been swapped out for Inspiration, which is based on Spirit (rather than Mind) and is a flat bonus applied to both Fine and Excellent quality rolls after any other math. (The idea with Inspiration coming from Spirit is that this is the first step towards caring about more than one stat per class!)
    • Crafting items with a lower level requirement boosts those base chances, by a lot in the case of a level 6 making a level 1 item.
  • Added iconic models for talismans and weapons
  • Increased ornate chest capacity
  • Fixed several UI and AI bugs
  • Fixed catalog service error on items with no entity_data (mod compatibility)

Happy Holidays!
- Team Stonehearth
Stonehearth - Radiant
Happy Thursday! We were able to fold in work on A23 that starts to tie things together for the Alpha. Thanks for all of the feedback here on Steam and on, keep it up! As usual keep in mind that unstable is unstable, and save compatibility between unstable versions of the game might break.

Notes for this push:
  • Added Ornate items for the carpenter
  • Added Appeal vision mode, to make it easer to see how items in the world influnce the appeal of the space around them
  • Sleeping, Crafting, and Eating now provide unique, additional thoughts based on the amount of appeal around the area
  • Fixed bug that prevented water from properly interacting with structures
  • Added progress bar for crafting so you can tell how far along an order is
  • Made crafters resume their in-progress orders at the same workbench
  • Fixed some crafting bugs
  • Updated the visual effects on lanterns
  • Gave all items in the game a slight specular value

Have fun!
- ✨ Angelo ✨
Stonehearth - Radiant
Hey everyone,

We've been working on some fixes and changes based on feedback from our Nov 30th push. As mentioned previously, if you are on the unstable branch, you may not be able to load saves created in our last unstable update to this new update, but we will make sure that saves from the last release on the stable branch will still work with updates to that branch. This push will break saves made from the last unstable version.

Notes for this push
  • Added a fancy new unit frame
  • Improved stability and correctness of water simulation
  • Crates now have 1 appeal
  • Items with 0 appeal will no longer be liked or disliked
  • Stoic and Hothead are now exclusive traits
  • Reduced the number of loves, likes, and dislikes to 2/6/4
  • Changed Artistic Inspiration and Artistic Excellence level perk names to "Journeyman's Knowledge" and "Master's Insight"
  • Fixes for some recently reported bugs

Have fun!
- ✨ Angelo ✨

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