Aug 10
Rust - Buck Sexington

A new roadmap, nicer snow, recoil, balance, optimization, and more.

  • Fixed long tundra grass patches sometimes not being grounded
  • Fixed culling throwing errors in safe mode
  • Re-enabled shore wetness
  • Fixed rounding errors with resource gathering
  • ConVar "player.recoilcomp " now works for learnable recoil
  • New snow biome textures and meshes
  • Reduced garbage collection frame rate drops throughout the game
  • Updated multiple item descriptions
  • Increased helicopter searchlight brightness
  • LR300 Recoil stays vertical for longer
  • Search Lights are half price
  • Trout yields 8 animal fat upon gutting (was 3)
  • Bone armor costs 1 rope instead of 2
  • Hide clothing is half price
  • Added Flare to helicopter searchlight
  • Added Flare to Flashlights and Laser Sights
  • Added Flare to Deployable Searchlights
  • Removed a bunch of stack trace spam from the game log
Rust - Buck Sexington

Rust movie mash-ups, Nerfed pump-action shotguns (not in that way), mythbusting, and more.
Aug 3
Rust - Buck Sexington

Aimcones, ores, offices, world gen, and more. This patch wipes the servers.

  • Added Task List
  • Added new ore nodes visuals
  • Launch Site Office furniture
  • Added mountain splat transfer
  • Added icebergs
  • Added entity pooling to ore hotspots
  • Added effect pooling to ore hotspot flares
  • Learnable Recoil for LR300/MP5
  • Fixed 500 Player Limit
  • Fixed some UI being blurry
  • Fixed Collider/lift issues on rocket crane
  • Fixed Rocket factory lift shaft issues
  • Fixed demo errors
  • Fixed rare ArgumentOutOfRangeException spam
  • Terrain grass height reduced
  • Updated multiple item descriptions
  • Increased junkpile spawn attempts
  • No longer load skins into ram with itemskins 0
  • Updated EAC (Linux fix)
  • Excluded some prefabs from asset warmup
  • Adjusted texture resolution curve on the quality presets
  • Optimized ore hotspot flare update
  • Static Quarry stone yield drastically increased
  • Removed renderer_invalidate and collider_invalidate convars (exploit fix)
Rust - Buck Sexington

A very musical community update: beatboxing, moshing, gun syncs, and more.
Jul 27
Rust - Buck Sexington

An ore gathering minigame, visual loot, menu fixes, and more.

  • Game Tips
  • Implemented workshop skin cache in native code (optimization)
  • Moved skin cache I/O to a thread (optimization)
  • Added grass displacement to campfires
  • Added confirmation to exit button
  • Fixed freezing when using feedback (F7)
  • Fixed "EAC Disconnected" error
  • Fixed some item descriptions
  • Removed DirectX 9 launch option
  • Added Ore Minigame
  • Reduced SAP cost
Rust - Buck Sexington

A superb Let's Play, community concepts, and more.
Jul 20
Rust - Buck Sexington

Tanks, AI, optimization, and more.

  • New music system
  • Three new songs
  • Footsteps on ore nodes no longer silent
  • Footsteps on steep inclines play more reliably
  • Fixed water spawning a sack world model when dropped
  • Better logic to switch between walking and running footsteps
  • Misc audio mix tweaks
  • Optimized foliage displacement
  • Optimized effect lookup caching
Rust - Buck Sexington

Vertiigo role-playing, real-world Rusting, an in-game museum, art, and more.
Jul 13
Rust - Buck Sexington

First look at the Bradley APC, further face variations, optimizations, AI, and more.

  • New feedback system
  • Optimization pass across environment art
  • Rock collectibles are larger
  • Improved main menu loading time
  • Improved skinnable warmup time
  • Updated asset bundle splits
  • Retired some unused physics and rendering layers
  • Disabled the 2 east lifts in launch_site [Temporary]
  • Stairs and foundation steps use more accurate colliders
  • Stairs and foundation steps use more accurate shadow casting proxy meshe
  • New barrel gib and impact sounds
  • Sound mix tweaks
  • Fixed some item skins being forced into the main content asset bundle
  • Fixed water showing on launch site underground gate

Rust - Buck Sexington

The best worst motel in Rust, some lovely art, cosplay, and more.

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