Community Announcements - simon
Maia 0.48 is out! The ignition update bring us a new hazard. Fire!

The brand new fire system really adds a challenge to base gameplay. Poorly maintained items will short circuit and catch alight. The fire is simulated realistically using oxygen from the atmosphere, the energy stored in objects and heat transfer between them. Even in an unpressurised room, objects can retain now heat and reignite when oxygen is reintroduced. Lock doors and bulkheads to choke off the air supply or risk letting your colonists try and fight the flames unaided.

Tutorial 2.0

The tutorial has been drastically reworked to provide a softer landing into the game for new players. Get a simple base up and running in five minutes by following the easy steps.


The hydroponic plants are now more deeply simulated. Responding realistically to changes in lighting colour and intensity around them. Through simulated photosythesis they produce more breathable air and can now be used in lieu of mechanical atmosphere generation.

Full list of changes:
  • MSAAx4 and MSAAx8 support in the menu. If your GPU is hefty enough to run antialiasing you can now benefit from the extra clarity and detail in the graphics. 
  • Text effects are now also tweakable in the menu. If you had problems reading the text before due to the scan lines or glitching, you will be able to adjust them to your needs.
  • Long planned optimisations to the renderer. For some people they may see as much as a 30% increase in performance and also less lighting tile errors.
  • Balancing for colourblindness. Several colours have been tweaked and information adjusted to make the game more playable.
  • Fire and fire damage added.
  • Space suits can become charred and damaged over time.
  • More placement information, you will get a visual and text warning if interaction points of an object are blocked when in placement mode. If all interaction points are blocked, the object will not be buildable.
  • Interaction point holograms are brighter and more obvious, change colour when blocked.
  • Several unbuildable objects now fixed.
  • Colonists will no longer get stuck placing a flag.
  • Colonists will no longer eat chickens to extinction.
  • Colonists wearing suits will no longer spin on the spot in the airlock.
  • Game config.xml reworked, holds more settings data. Less likely to get corrupted, can rebuild properly if a corruption is detected.
  • Picking game res at startup will pick the desktop res instead of the highest capable res of your monitor.
  • Heat haze glitchyness fixed.
  • Game rendering/lighting optimised, many shader bugs fixed.
  • Reflections optimised.
  • A new email tab. See all your emails, queue them up, right click to dismiss them.
  • Email system's first email is now a quick intro to using it.
  • Emails for deaths, research notifications and other major events.
  • More email variation. New important information may be mentioned by colonists.
  • Sleep is more effective at reducing fatigue.
  • Flywheel system's model changed for easier reading of the lights.
  • Several tweaked models and textures on items like the worklight.
  • Critical AI bugs fixed. AI will now never ignore blueprints.
  • IMPs will prioritize minerals better.
  • The protobirds are now a bit more likely to kill chickens.
  • Colonist lander capsules now work better. No more map glitching and multiple colonists can come down.
  • Colonist lander UI is now never hidden, but is greyed out and a timer provided.
  • New UI fixes and improvements.
  • Loads of new music. Really really awesome synth ambient tracks that will make your spine tingle.
  • Brand new comprehensive tutorial to get new users up and running with the game much faster.
  • Toilets are no longer death traps.
  • Flags have stopped exploding.
  • Level generation is now deterministic so the tutorial will always be on a good world.
  • 30+ major critical or crash bugs fixed.
  • Glitching on older Nvidia hardware fixed.

    Thanks for all the feedback and bug reports. We have a lot of new fixes and features coming. We'll be posting an updated road map here in a few days.
Community Announcements - simon
Maia 0.47 is here with some big gameplay changes. Here's a video demoing today's build:

New features

The PA system. A stern automated base announcer that warns of incursions into your base perimeter, low atmosphere levels and other hazards facing your poor neglected colonists.

Flywheel energy storage. Conserve your energy using um, the principle of the conservation of energy. Nothing says "safe" like a big hunk of metal spun up to thousands of RPM.

Detailed construction. Colonists will now build new rooms based on your blueprints.

Aggressive protobirds! Protect your chickens and shiny objects from this new spiny menace.

Other new things:
  • Animation system changes. Less teleporting and glitchyness. More fluid and efficient character motion through the world. Less "getting stuck".
  • Save files now hold more data, colonists personalities will be maintained. Lots of small save bugs fixed. Including the much loved "colonist sex flip" bug.
  • Creature AI expanded. See them search out places to sleep and mark their territory.
  • Hydroponics now produce a more accurate (and useful) amount of atmosphere.
  • Multiple airlocks now work much better. Colonists will pick reasonable routes to use them. Good for large bases.
  • Balancing of damage and repair needs for wind turbines and work lights.
  • Door placement based on raycasting. This system will allow arbitrary object placement on the walls. So soon we will have lights, readout screens and clocks to place around your base.
  • Rewritten wall intersection tests. This should fix many of the issues with the AI getting totally stuck and also improve framerate
  • Hunger and fatigue deaths for creatures are now balanced.
  • Colonist needs tweaked for better accuracy, it will also make the game a little easier.
  • Twenty or so crash bugs fixed.
  • IMP wandering off bug fixed. Many rough edges fixed in the IMP code.
  • Improved meshes for all rooms. Unified texture atlases to improve rendering speed.
  • Chicken AI re-added so they will now prefer brighter warmer places.
  • Chickens will also now breath atmosphere.
  • Chicken breeding rate limited a bit more to stop them asphyxiating your whole base when their population explodes.
  • Colonists will prefer eating chicken and hydroponic fruit over rations.
  • Read information about rooms when mousing over them in interaction mode.
  • Skinning is fixed on the main character bodies. No more weird distortions. (Some heads still need updating.)
  • Many other bugs and issues fix that the community reported. Thanks!
That's all for now. As always, some things didn't make it in time for the announcement, so look out for new features popping up over the next week or so!
PC Gamer

Maia seems to be coming on leaps and bounds, or as leapy and boundy as a game that's been in Early Access for around a year can be. It's not quite cooked enough for me to take a bite yet, but I do like checking in on it now and again. If you're the same as me (or if you've actually bought the thing), you'll be pleased to hear that another biggish update has just been applied, adding a 3D printer for 3D printing little robots, a botany station for researching plants, bodybags (for there not being rotten bodies everywhere), and various bug fixes and tweaks.

The most sizeable addition appears to be the aforementioned botany stuff, which will let you send your little people and robots out into the wild to harvest plants. Plants can be researched to unlock new technologies—technologies such as the 'Caesar Salad'. Probably. Look, I'm no biologist, but I do know food.

There aren't nearly enough ugly molerat creatures in this latest update, but it sounds like there's going to be an even more monstrous addition to the game next time. Developer Simon Roth says that we can "expect colonists to show their emotions, write useful base reports and even look forward to a new terrifying creature to sabotage your base" in update 0.47. Great, thanks a lot Simon, cheers for that.

Roth details version 0.46 in the above video. (Ta, PCGamesN.)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Graham Smith)

Simon Roth is taken by a fey mood!Simon Roth screams "I must have Kickstarter funds!"

Thankfully the fortress contains more than the funds required, saving Simon Roth from a slow descent towards insanity.

Simon Roth works furiously!

But what is he building in there, locked away inside his room? Something terrible, forged in bone?

Simon Roth, Programmer has created Maia, an in-development, Dungeon Keeper-like space colony management game available in Early Access. Update 0.46 is out and there's a video and details below.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - simon
Maia 0.46 is ready to play! Here's a video showing some of the new features.

New features

Behold, Botany! Research the local flora with the new plant sample containers and added research technologies.

Nanoprinters! 3d print new IMP robots to expand your workforce and improve the efficiency of your base!

Bugs squished! Thanks to the help of the community we've killed over 50 bugs in the last month. The game is increasingly stable and glitch free.

Other new things to look out for.
  • Many IMP bugs fixed. No more random wandering off or freak outs.
  • IMPs can now use teamwork, digging is much more efficient.
  • Find your IMPs with the robots button. (bottom left)
  • Rest facilities are now their own need. Colonists will build beds at a much higher priority.
  • 4k resolution crashes and performance issues fixed.
  • Massive optimisations on the CPU. Threading is improved, as is cache coherancy. Running on an Intel i5 you will be able to keep CPU usage under 50% at 60fps.
  • Pathfinding is improved, so less performance spikes.
  • Decent GPU improvements, shader fixes.
  • Loading directly from the menu.
  • Loading speeds are greatly increased as is saving.
  • Ground water levels are now shown, watch puddles form and evaporate.
  • More music tracks.
  • More sounds for common base items to impart more game information via audio.
  • Bodybags! No more treading on rotten corpses.
  • Creature burrows on the surface.
  • Colonist energy usage tweaked. Food values recalculated.
  • Many colonist AI bugs squished. Including the one where half full barrels in the solar still drove the colonists insane.
  • Placeable airlocks.
  • Tutorial updates to point out UI changes.
  • AI delegation is now weighted towards being more needs based. A colonist with a greater need will go for the action first.
  • Lighting is redone for better effect. Less glitches.
  • A few save state bugs fixed.
  • Yosemite support added.
  • Intel GPU shaders optimised for below minimum spec machines.

A few features didn't make the deadline, but as always we will be adding them in the coming weeks. In 0.47 you can expect colonists to show their emotions, write useful base reports and even look forward to a new terrifying creature to sabotage your base!

We'll see you then!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Ben Barrett)

Maia, the Dungeon-Keeper-in-space game from Simon Roth that’s been forging through Early Access for the best part of a year, is utterly fascinating. It’s dedicated to accurate simulation to the point of internal bodily functions governing whether a colonist lives or dies, and it’s full of future tech based upon real world science extrapolated to logical outcomes.

Each new update brings more systems, and another level of complexity to tinker with. 0.45 adds a bunch of research options which provide perks to help survival – which is a lot more practical than the last update, which brought procedural haikus to the mailing system colonists used to communicate. Simon’s put together a video showing off the new features.

… [visit site to read more]

Oct 2, 2014
Community Announcements - simon
Maia 0.45 is ready for playing. Here's a quick look video!

New features:

A problem shared! New AI interaction code allowing your colonists to communicate with each other and delegate tasks to the most able. Your colony will now run like a well lubricated Morris Minor.

Research! Many new technology perks based on real science have been added. Improve your wind turbines with electrodynamic bearings and coat your bulkhead doors with carbon-carbon to make them stronger than ever!

A new room. The living area provides an insulated, safe and quiet environment for your colonists to rest and recuperate in, improving their health and sanity.

Many optimisations. Lower end CPUs will see a big improvement in framerate thanks to a new pathing system for locked doors and inaccessible rooms.

Other improvements:

  • Key bindings reworked and interchangeable. 1..9 can cycle objects in a build list and q+e can cycle rooms.
  • Doors are no longer in build lists, are context sensitive when walls are moused over (not perfect yet, can be finicky)
  • Starvation is now more accurately tracked. Colonists will die much quicker without food.
  • Imp now is more responsive to cancelled jobs.
  • Reflections are now lit and are looking quite pretty.
  • Some new meshes for upgraded items.
  • All crash bugs nailed (he says).
  • Earthquakes are slightly gentler.
  • A whole bunch of Linux issues nailed down.
  • Better performance for Mac users.
  • Imp no longer recycles full water barrels like some sort of crazy eco warrior.
  • Colonists no longer leave empty barrels by the solar still.
  • Imp can destroy plants outside and uproot grasses.
  • The ecosystem is balanced and you can see some cool battles between the plant species play out over the weeks.
  • Pressing y during the tutorial no longer spawns earthquakes that make the game unplayable.
  • AI needs have been tweaked to make mature bases more manageable.
  • OCD placement mode (ctrl) no longer offsets everything randomly by 1 degree. ;)

There are a few features that had to be missed for the milestone such as loading direct from the menu and on-map meteor strikes - due to me taking a few days off with the flu. I'll drop these into the game in a week or so when they are tested.

Thanks for all the feedback on 0.44!
Aug 26, 2014
Community Announcements - simon
Maia 0.44 is out! Here's a quick video of me giving the new build a go.

New features:

Catastrophic earthquakes! Poorly constructed bases are now vulnerable to chain reaction collapses. Digging out large areas will cause structural weaknesses to build in the rock above. Strong earthquakes can cause the rock to give way, destroying anything unlucky enough to be caught underneath. Build rooms and bulkheads to strengthen areas and avert disaster.

Reworked research! Secure new technologies with an improved research system. Collect animal remains and fossils to generate data on the planets ecosystem. Colonists with free time and rest will turn their minds to invention and generate data on their own.

Creepy herbivorous underground dwellers. A new creature to destroy your solar panels and ruin your day!

AI improvements. The AI now has a greater understanding of the world around them. Colonists now track over fifty individual and group needs and will make smarter decisions on what tasks to carry out.

Even more Haikus! With many more topics to explore and a more detailed understanding of their environment, the colonists can now write one million different procedural poems. They can also write useful reports, which is probably more important that poems.

Save games. Detailed additions to the save system now track far more aspects of the simulation. Allowing you to carry forward every aspect of your base

Engine performance upgrades. With some careful profiling and optimisation I have managed to increase performance by up to 15% for low end users. Further upgrades in the game code have levelled CPU usage, which should reduce frame-rate stutter and similar issues.

Medical treatment. Your colonists can now rest up in the medical room to overcome their injuries and ailments. Injuries will are now more obvious and shown through the characters movements.

Game code improvement. A massive rewrite of the core game code has eradicated the stability issues and allowed for more aggressive use of system memory. It also opens up the path towards extensive scripting support for modders.

Other changes:

  • New shrubberies and a more realistic procedural planting system.
  • More ground detailing.
  • Linux fixes. XDG compliance and a few windowing improvements.
  • Fail states when you are terrible and should feel bad.
  • Hopper functionality actually working. Efficient storage of building materials.
  • Amnesia issue fixed. Colonists will try to remember what they are doing when the world changes.
  • Text speed variation. Larger chunks of text are drawn faster to remove waiting for it to appear.
  • Animation flickering fixed.
  • Fixed creatures coming into the base to sniff things.
  • Colonists are no longer compulsive eaters.
  • Lots of sound tweaks. Atmosphere alarms are more obvious.
  • IMP lockups eradicated.
  • Temporary quicksave icons on the GUI because nobody ever remembers to look up how to save.
  • Death reports are no longer sent twice.
  • Colonists landing from orbit are less likely to land somewhere bad.
  • Lots of other small glitches fixed.

Thanks for being patient whilst we got this huge update together!
Jun 11, 2014
Community Announcements - simon
We've just released the latest alpha build of Maia.

Here's a few things to look out for:

Brand new IMP AI. The IMPs will now be more useful and plan and execute orders better. They can now run and will manage water barrels and the storage room better.

Core AI rewrite. Lots of small AI bugs sorted. The code for the core AI components has been unified and as a result is faster and less buggy.

Pathfinding and multithreading optimisations: Smoother game-play with a 15% increase in performance on some machines and a noticeable reduction in stuttering.

Casualty reports: When a colonist dies, you'll be presented with information about their injuries. The data obtained from their loss can be fed back into your research program.

Snap rotations are more responsive and tweakable. Hold control when rotating an object to have it move to the nearest 45 degree angle.

Crew drops have been polished. Expect your new charges to arrive with style.

Beds are now usable from both sides and colonists will sleep for longer to reduce their fatigue.

Graphics glitches on the edge of the map and many other small glitches smoothed out.

Megacephalalgia is better balanced, will come inspect things you leave outside. It will also groom itself and perform other animal like behaviours.

Other changes

  • Progress reports can no longer come from dead colonists.
  • Animation system flicker and popping fixed.
  • Megacephalalgias no longer turn into chickens when loading.
  • Several savegame crashes fixed.
  • Colonists movement tweaked. Colonists will avoid running through bulkheads.
  • Colonists who die outside will now collapse instead of turning into creepy statues.
  • Comms tower is easier to build.
  • Atmosphere generator will decay slower when turned off.
  • Turret emits smoke when firing.
  • Few other % tweaks on wear and tear.
  • Fix for some objects not being prioritised well by colonists (Building superfluous workshop tables etc.
  • Updated to the latest SDL.
  • Fixes a slowdown caused by Megacephalalgia running out of food and flooding the path finder looking for more.

Previous Update
Community Announcements - simon
Check out this delightful video to see all the cool new features:

Our best update yet brings the first native creature into to the world: The Megacephalalgia! A gigantic protomammal that is as dangerous as it is fluffy (very).

We now have weather and seismic research stations. Use them to forecast incoming weather and earthquakes, and use their data in your research room to uncover new technologies

Feeling lonely? You can now call new colonists down from orbit! Just build a microwave communications tower and wait for the prompt on your GUI.

Improved AI. Your colonists will better manager their needs and wants. Just remember that a happy well rested colonist is a productive one!

Full change log:

  • Doors now have lots of new things to say.
  • Physics mesh refinement on many objects. (easier to click them).
  • Door locking clicking bug fixed.
  • Pathfinding flood slowdowns fixed.
  • Procedural Haiku generation.
  • Seismic station.
  • Weather station.
  • Megacephalalgia creature.
  • Foliage now edible(for some), destroyable. Growth rates tweaked.
  • Chickens are less prone to making too many babies.
  • Turret has 84% more DAKKA.
  • Crash logs are more detailed.
  • Fixed odd exterior object placements.
  • Intel 4400 support.
  • Gui is more responsive and juicy.
  • New UI button. "Cycle warnings".
  • New UI button. "Call colonists from orbit"
  • Colonists no longer plough head first into doors.
  • Wear and repair quality values fixed /tweaked.
  • A bunch of sound stuff that I don't understand but Nick tells us it's good.
  • Toilets
  • New PFX.
  • A bunch of silly easter eggs.
  • All crashes fixed (that we could find).
  • Lots of small improvements from feedback whilst showing at Rezzed. (Thanks!)
  • Code base checked on 3 different static analysers and hundreds of fixes made.

Have fun!



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