Community Announcements - Caroline
This updates focuses on deepening the gameplay experience with improvements to many core mechanics and user interface. We've worked using your feedback to fix all the small issues and to make the game much more accessible, engaging and fun!
Smart Stockpiling

Colonists can now stockpile building materials on the shelves in the storage room. Allowing you to manually build up reserves for future expansion and also keep your base neat and tidy.

Food Preparation Station

No longer will colonists have to crouch on the storage room floor to consume their necessary nutrients. The preparation station allows hungry colonists to get their meals ready in a better, more sanitary environment. It also allows for fast automated processing and stockpiling of crops and meat, allowing for larger more efficient bases.

UI Changes

A new object cycler has been added to improve the object placement interface. Allowing you to quickly select the items you want to build. Interaction points on nearby items will also fade in and out to better illustrate the most efficient ways to place items in crowded rooms.

Email and notification information has been added as well as several new notification and GUI sounds.
Text will appear at the top of the screen to let you know what type of message is being received.Many new mouse over infotips have been added and several older ones improved for clarity and humour.

Change list:
  • Greater email complexity and feedback from colonists regarding rooms and base equipment.
  • Colonists can no longer gorge themselves repeatedly at the ration packs.
  • Object destruction needs balanced to take into account more than building materials.
  • Fossils are now taken to storage and are now destroyable by colonists.
  • The Spathiphyllum plant can now be found in the game. They have also been balanced for atmosphere generation and aesthetic properties.
  • Landers and Microwave towers can now be removed as intended.
  • Objects have improved visuals when being placed and cycled through.
  • Pausing the game now stops the countdown timer.
  • Megacephalalgia now stay dead.
  • Several IMP pathfinding issues fixed.
  • Interaction points interference detection improved.
  • Many game and UI sounds tweaked and improved.
  • Broccoli deletion crash fix.
  • Several instability issues have been solved.
  • Starting materials fix.
  • Black Screen crash fixed for a few cases.
  • Entity name changes.
  • Spalling and, grammar chunges.
  • Fix for several mouse over issues.
  • Object destruction issues fixed. If an object is destroyed it’s parent object is too.
  • Parent objects now get marked for destruction by their children.
  • Fix for multipart objects not having shadows.
  • Fix for offset in pathfinding room physics mesh intersections, this should fix many bugs including walking through door frames.
  • Fix for "base" being said instead of the correct room in announcements.
  • Fix for inaccuracy in wall readouts in small rooms.
  • Wall heater tweaks, build priority now better linked to the temperature at the position of the heater.
  • Gameworld cleanup improved on loading.
  • Removed redundant shaders and optimised loading
  • Several Memory issues fixed.
  • Memory buffer fixes.
  • Support for variable refresh rates for Gsync and Freesync monitors.
  • Code base modernisation to C++11 and C++14 standards.
We're looking forward to update 0.57 which we're already working on.The update will focus on sicknesses, diagnosis, treatment and first aid. To see live development head over to

We hope you enjoy this update, please let us know what you think over on the Maia forums or on Twitter @Maia.
Community Announcements - Caroline
This latest update introduces changes to saving, the settings menu, new items, new research perks, vast improvements to the object and room placement system as well as complex creature and ecosystem simulation changes.

Here's Simon's video of the latest build:

New Objects and Equipment
Portable Solar Panels

Quick to build, these additional new solar panels will provide less energy but are more convenient for a starting base. The existing solar arrays now require a full workshop to build and provide a higher output.


Flares will appear in the area a capsule will land. This helps the new colonists navigate their way to Maia and lets the player know that something will happen in that spot soon. Colonists will also be able to place them to distract animals.

New Decorative Items

New aesthetic items have been added. Cypress and Dracaena plants can be placed to make the base feel a lot more like home.

Multiple Save Files and Options

Players can now save their game to several slots along with the existing f5 quicksave. Allowing for you to have multiple bases on the go with zero hassle.

Save and load buttons have also been placed on the pause menu and an option has been added for those wanting to quickly abort their missions and return to the main menu.

By going into the settings, players can create different key bindings which allow players to customise the controls to their liking and also enables people using alternate keyboard layouts, such as AZERTY, to play. The bindings are saved in human readable xml so can be modified by third party programs and shared between machines.

Improvements to Object Placement

When placing a blueprint of an object it may turn amber, to indicate a sub-optimal placement. This might make it more difficult to build or might indicate that the objects function will be impaired.

Colonists are now better at considering whether a complex chain of actions can be fully completed, leading to less time wasted by the colonists on jobs they give up on half way through.

Players are now also able to place priority orders for their colonists. Do this by double clicking a blueprint you have placed. These orders with be prioritised over most tasks, but will upset colonists by going against their own judgement and freewill.

Players may also notice that when placing a room the blueprint appears as a grid, this visual improvement makes it easier to understand how objects are placed.

Creature Updates
There has been various updates to the creatures on Maia including improvements to animation and AI. Also, some creatures are now able to breed.


The Voxnocturnus that travels Maia’s plains at night will now find and create burrows to sleep in during the day.

Proto Birds

The unknown proto birds food sources have changed. This will encourage when to invade bases more and to eat other dead creatures.


Megacephalalgia will now have migration patterns which means new packs will appear on the map. They also have new reactions to each other and idle actions.

Emails and Announcements!

The emails have been updated to relate to colonist skills. Your inhabitants will complain for even more reasons such as lack of robots, need for equipment and give unsolicited feedback on the base you have created.
The emails will have a lot more personality so you can get to know your doomed colonists. In addition to this, the announcer will now alert you on even more issues and events.

Research Changes

Overall the researching in Maia is more balanced, new perks will be unlocked at different times dependent on what kind of research is being collected. Several interesting new research perks have been added to the game that provide the player with more options and choices on how to run their base. Colonists will discover new ways to create stable energy, how to capture animals and treat infections faster. Research advancements in computer technology and social compliance are also possible. The full list of research perks can be found at

Also, probes can be found outside on the planet's surface. These can be selected and used to gain research.
The research perks are also now tiered so players will not be able to unlock certain research perks until they have done the related one before.
Other Changes
  • When walking or running or waiting with no idle animation, colonists turn their heads to look at what is interesting them.
  • Outdoor wind directions on smoke and other effects balanced and corrected.
  • Drift added to many effects such as snow, dust, ash and embers to cause the particles to float about naturally.
  • Bum scooting animations for megacephalalgias are now more satisfying.
  • Better hypothermia emails.
  • Repair bot works faster, smarter.
  • Trees grow in group to create forests.
  • Plants grow more naturally, maxing out at over fifty thousand individual entities.
  • IMP can now destroy plants in first person mode.
  • Less poetry emails.
  • UI sounds added for several interactions.
  • Sound balancing on many items.
  • Necropsy table visibility fixed.
  • Meteorites are now easier to select.
  • Build priorities and needs tweaked.
  • Fix for ambient occlusion pass not being used.
  • Colour bleeding added to the SSAO effect and increased.
  • The Bloom system reduced in scale to save memory.
  • Lights are now individually scaled for different rooms.
  • Internal reflection threshold increased. To give more interesting lens flares.
  • Graphics update and optimisations.
  • SSAO is now working with AA and without it
  • Spinning turret bug fixed
  • Fix for corrupted files.
  • Typos fixed in several descriptions. New descriptions added.
  • Colonist's now think about base design
  • Colonists now think about alarms
  • Keybinding saved to XML
  • More consistent code for warnings and problem status on all sub objects.
  • Tree sample priority has been raised.
  • Workshop table no longer missing on Linux builds.
  • Save file changes
  • Room updating optimised
  • Several loading issues fixed
  • Various code cleanups
  • Particle FX now on less threads, and updated more optimally.
  • Linux graphics fixes for Intel and ATI machines. Game now build against up to date libraries and tested on Ubuntu 16.04
  • Cave-ins will now spawn at the centre of the screen when using debug cavein command.

We're looking forward to update 0.56 which we're already hard at work on. To see live development head over to

Simon has been live streaming development nearly every Friday over on Twitch.

We hope you enjoy Maia’s Update, give us your feedback on the Steam Forum, or by mentioning #MaiaGame on twitter.
Community Announcements - Caroline
This new release introduces increased feedback for players including wall monitors, an improved room placement system, measured temperatures and colour pickers.

Maia will be 44% off on Steam from 6pm UTC tonight for 4 days!

Here's Simon showing off some of the latest changes:

Temperature Simulation
Thermal energy is now fully simulated in the game. Every element of gameplay is now affected by temperature and it’s a critical factor in keeping your colonists alive and well. Hypothermia and hyperthermia can affect your colonists with lethal consequences.

The caves of Maia are cold and dark, players can create heat by placing the new wall mounted space heaters as well as the existing atmosphere generators. Various other items create heat too, for example smelters, computers, human bodies, chickens and lights.

Be careful not to make the rooms too hot as colonists will burn up, quite literally.

Colonists will also show signs that they are cold, you’ll notice their breath starts to show in cold areas of the base and them shivering as hypothermia takes its grip.

Base Customisation
Several items can now be customised using the new colour picker. Choosing either warm or cool colours can affect the moods of your colonists.

Wall mounted screens have been added to give more feedback to the players. These monitors show atmosphere status, temperature status and aesthetic images to improve your colonists moods.

Another placeable wall item is the Circuit Breaker, you’ll be able to turn these off and on to control the power in rooms. This is useful if you need to conserve energy or to stop the colonists from using certain rooms.

Stratospheric Sulphates
Begin the geoengineering of Maia with the mining of sulphur in the shadow of an active volcano.

The latest standalone mission to be added Maia, Stratospheric Sulphates introduces several new challenges for experienced players. Rush to build a self sustaining base as hot volcanic ash and embers rain down on your demoralised colonists

User Interface Improvements.
We’ve worked to improve the overall feel of the game and provide the player with more feedback.

The room placement interface has been dramatically improved. It’s now easier to use and allows the player more creative control and feedback. You’re also able to flood fill areas by double clicking whilst in the room placement mode and delete whole rooms by double right clicking them.

Rotation for objects has also been added to make it easier to place objects.

Emails And Announcements
Several new warning emails have been added. These include meteorite warnings, earthquake warnings, Weather warnings and new death alerts.

New announcements have been added to alert the players many new events including base power state problems, temperature changes, research alerts and the state of rations.

You can now follow Simon’s code changes for upcoming updates in real time at

Change Log:
Colonist Changes
  • Automatic Smelting. When colonists need building materials they will turn the smelters on automatically, however this comes with a risk. Colonists that are unskilled in smelting may cause fires and could fatally hurt themselves.
  • Colonists medical need balanced.
  • Fix for colonists breathing through their suits.
  • Suit will no longer be stuck venting after the colonist has died.
  • Perspiration, skin temperature, ventilation and heart BPM are now saved.
  • Colonists no longer get stuck on external objects when repairing them.
  • The first task on load for colonists is no longer to be social.
  • The base roof no longer appears when trying to process colonists inside.

IMP Changes
  • IMP Digging AI changes including removing the digging marker when the rock wall has been removed.
  • IMP will place minerals further away from food or water barrels.
  • IMPs are more able to pick up body bags in weird places.
  • Game no longer crashes if the player is possessing an object and it gets crushed in a cave in.
  • IMP’s animation for pulling plants has been corrected.
Object Changes
  • Maximum fuel in many objects has been reduced to shorten burn time.
  • Toilet multiplication on load has been fixed.
  • Doors can not be placed on top of each other any more.
  • Issues when moving broccoli fixed.
  • Balanced the creation of atmosphere.
  • Use R and T to rotate objects
  • Fixes for non-buildable items. Desk and medical scanners.
  • Necropsy table keeps giblets after saving.
  • Fix for radiation containment research lock.
Creature Changes
  • Dead creatures have stopped walking around after they have died.
  • Chickens should no longer cause a memory leak.
  • Chickens should no longer walk off into the unknown.
  • Molerats will now only consider eating plants and equipment that are less than 100m away from it.

Room/World Changes
  • Missing Roof tiles have been fixed.
  • Living area and livestock room tones fixed.
  • Invalid L shaped rooms are now marked red.
  • Broken rock walls roof graphics have been corrected
  • Deleting rooms no longer deletes rock walls.
  • Reduced the “absurd” resolution of the rain textures.

Mission Changes
  • Several fixes and alterations to the tutorial.
  • Crew selection added to custom missions.
  • Initial trigger for missions not working has been fixed.
  • 3x3 room objective in tutorial now completes correctly.

Settings Changes
  • Text effect option issues have been fixed
  • Changing textures no longer breaks visuals.

  • Edge scrolling has been reduced. This means hovering over the save button doesn’t scroll the screen.
  • Capitalisation errors that were causing issues with Linux have been corrected.
  • Starting a new game after sandbox failure no longer causes black screen issues.
  • Research cheats have been moved to the console. Type “r” or “research” in the console to complete all research.
  • Refractor of the game.
  • Fix for black screen when calling down a lander.
  • Several memory leak issues fixed.

Simon has been live streaming development every Friday over on Twitch.

We hope you enjoy Maia’s Update, give us your feedback on the Steam Forum, or by mentioning #MaiaGame on twitter.
Community Announcements - Caroline
The first update of 2016 is now live! Welcome to the future!
This build has fixed all critical game play issues and also introduces colonist selection, mineral smelting, the manifest screen, as well as a selection of new items and features.

Here's Simon showing off some of the latest changes:

Colonist Picker
When starting a game you will now get a detailed colonist selection screen. You'll be able to pick 4 out of the 6 people displayed. The Colonists have over 60 different expertise possibilities along with a psychological profile and fitness information. Using these attributes you'll be able to pick your perfect team. Each skill will have a subtle effect on game play. Choose wisely.

You'll be able to keep track of several things going on in your base through the addition of the manifest screen. Hover over the [?] button to receive a report of your colonists and robots as well as your minerals, materials and supplies.

Ventilation Systems
Along with improvements in the simulation of atmosphere you can now place ventilation systems to pull air in or out of a room. This allows you to control the atmosphere's flow through your base. Create backup airflows, reroute air away from fires or leaks or turn your hydroponics room into a massive atmosphere generator.

In order to create objects colonists need to refine minerals for building materials using a smelting and extraction system. Minerals from the rock walls will be placed in the machine where they will be transformed in to building materials on your command. Colonists will then collect the finished materials for use in future construction.

Aesthetic items
Light up your colonist's world with new furniture items.
Placing aesthetic objects will improve the look of your base and make your colonists so much happier. Use their motion detection setting to conserve precious energy.

Lost Colonists
Colonists stuck far away from your base will now express their confusion and wander around until they get to the closest part of your base. This will help you find out why they are stuck and let you clear a away for them with your IMPs or explosives.

New and Improved Tutorial
The tutorial has now been moved over to be part of the missions.

Additional Changes:
  • Atmosphere simulation has been refined, bugs fixed.
  • Utility bots no longer fix burning items.
  • Sound for Utility bot is shorter to avoid sounds getting caught.
  • Utility bot less likely to get stuck outside.
  • Colonists needs rebalanced. Decreasing potential for starvation.
  • Fix for cave in breaking camera.
  • Fossil and fossil holder fixes.
  • Plants no longer reduce atmosphere when respiring.
  • Fixes for several rare interaction based crash bugs.
  • Fixed several bugs that came from new features.
  • It's not longer possible to possess a utility bot before it's been built.
  • Turrets no longer spin uncontrollably after shooting a creature.
  • Chicken fire sounds no longer loop on load.
  • Several missing sounds added.
  • Colonists will not run outside without a suit on to drink water.
  • The colonist death stare has been eradicated. The humans will not stare at each other until they die anymore.
  • Social needs for IMPs balanced.
  • Accessibility of planters improved.
  • Alerts during missions will now appear separately to avoid confusion from missing certain emails.
  • No longer will chair blueprints grow plants if you delete the seats.
  • Annoying continuous beeping after a colonist dies has been limited to one beep per death.
  • The hand will now not disappear when pressing a key during the menu.
  • Tape Storage Drives now keep their angle after saving and loading.
  • First person camera jumps and glitches fixed.
  • Room placement code more efficient.
  • Path finding CPU optimisations.
  • GUI and other sounds improved.
  • Anti-Aliasing and lighting optimisations.
  • Font data will not be reloaded for every piece of text.
  • Menu crash bug fixed on OSX.
  • Linux crash bugs fixed.
  • All known crash bugs fixed.
  • Extended scripting of missions added! Get modding!
Update Trailer
We hope you enjoy Maia’s Update, give us your feedback on the Steam Forum, or by mentioning #MaiaGame on twitter.

Simon is currently streaming live development right now! Come join us!
Dec 17, 2015
Community Announcements - Caroline
Maia 0.52 is now out. The main focus of this build has been bug eradication, AI improvements, and the long awaited first person "possession" modes.

Here's Simon showing off some of the latest changes:

First Person IMP Robot
Experience Maia through the eyes of the IMP Robot, walk around your base doing the tasks the IMPs usually do, explore outside, mine the rock walls for minerals and build Nanofibre Blocks. First person mode introduces a whole new way to observe and interact with the planet Maia. To enter this mode, click/track the object you want to possess and click the new icon that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Utility Robot Control
In addition to the first person IMP Robots you can also view the world of Maia through Utility Robots. Using it's repair arm you will be able to repair objects and "accidentally" set colonists on fire.

Turret View
Keep watch of your base by possessing the turrets. The turret view adds a unique way to view Maia.

Colonist Suit Head Cams
Cameras have also been mounted in colonist suits so you can see what they colonists see when they are outside.

First Person Door Control
Take control of the doors around your base. Open and close to allow colonists, pets and robots entry to rooms. This is really great for annoying colonists.

Hydroponic Agriculture
Feed your colonists a varied diet with the addition of potatoes, carrots, kale and broccoli. Each of these plants take a different amount of time to grow, and produce different amounts of energy and micro-nutrients, allowing you to manage your colonies supplies more effectively.

Rendering And Performance Improvements
Lens flares and reflections and general rendering have been improved and game performance has been enhanced by code clean ups and alterations.

Change log:
Construction planning tweaked. Colonists are more aware of complex needs. For instance won't build more beds than people, prioritize atmosphere generation in rooms more likely to run out of air, and not build more beds than there are people.
  • Colonist can now die from dehydration.
  • IV drips now work to medicate colonists who are dehydrated or starving.
  • A sparkle has been added to the cave system to create the feel of dust.
  • A whole host of new sound work have been added to the game and UI such as footsteps, robot movements and other ambient noises.
  • When a colonist claims ownership of a blueprint, it will brighten the hologram to show it.
  • IMPs are now smarter about picking up minerals. Can carry two at once.
  • Most IMP lockups fixed.
  • Colonists no longer get enamoured with Voxnocturnus when they are set to interact with them.
  • Gaps in some of the info tips on items have been fixed.
  • Colonists should no longer risk running outside with their suits off to get minerals.
  • Several colonist needs balanced. Socialising will take up less time, colonists are more likely to avoid it if they have an important task.
  • Socialising colonists do a lot less spinning around to look at the person they are interacting with.
  • Colonists will no longer stare each other to death.
  • Balanced base spawning for sandbox missions.
  • Screenshots are now working in Steam.
  • Colonists path finding to research trees has been improved.
  • Colonists empty barrels of water at the correct time.
  • A lot of sounds have been added or corrected. This includes email and UI sound effects.
  • Flags can now be deleted if you're not feeling very patriotic.
  • Hydroponics priorities have been reduced to stop colonists becoming obsessed with them.
  • Turret blueprints can now be removed fully.
  • Animation system fixes to stop stuttering and repetition of actions.
  • Fix to stop dead colonist's brains using up processing power.
  • Various memory leaks fixed, specifically when repeatedly f9 quickloading.
  • Sun no longer rises in The Twilight Zone.
  • Plant growth is balanced and more realistic.
  • Path finding overhaul, colonists less likely to attempt to build things that are potentially inaccessible.
  • Code clean up and optimisation of several subsystems.
  • All known game play crashes fixed.

Update Trailer

We hope you enjoy Maia’s Update, give us your feedback on the Steam Forum, or by mentioning #MaiaGame on twitter.
PC Gamer

Chickens, as they stand, could use some improvement. I usually improve them with the addition of bacon and barbecue sauce, but Maia developer Simon Roth has made them more intelligent, given them their own wants and needs, and convinced the birds to socialise with other chickens. Oh and he's also added scenario missions to his sci-fi sandbox sim, and changed a load of other stuff too.

Patch 0.51 is detailed here, and also makes better use of 64-bit operating systems, adds stations out in the wilderness that you can refill colonists' suits at, chucks in colonist animations to let you know when they're hungry etc, and lets robots delegate jobs to other robots, the workshy gits. There's a lot of other stuff, but the main takeaway, apart from the chickens, is those three scenario missions.

"In addition to the existing sandbox, Maia now has 3 standalone scenario missions with directed gameplay. Fleshing out Maia's hard science fiction narrative and lore, players now have several hours worth of missions with many more hours to be added in the upcoming months."

Those three scenarios have you building a colony (you should be pretty good at that by now), surviving an arctic winter on a remote research station, and studying an equatorial jungle.

Community Announcements - Caroline
Maia 0.51 is live! Here's Simon playing the latest build:
Good news 64bit users! There’s been a change in how the game uses hardware. Maia now has both 32bit and 64bit versions, Steam will detect players hardware which means those using 64bit can get improved performance. Don’t worry, we’re still supporting and testing on 32bit and will be for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the existing sandbox, Maia now has 3 standalone scenario missions with directed gameplay. Fleshing out Maia's hard science fiction narrative and lore, players now have several hours worth of missions with many more hours to be added in the upcoming months.
The current missions included in update 0.51:

An orbital habitation module has taken a direct hit from a cloud of micrometeroids. Build a sustainable colony to house the influx of survivors.

Survive the arctic winter’s polar twilight in this remote research station. Battle with the cold and darkness to keep your colonists sane and alive

Study the complex local ecosystem of a rapidly encroaching equatorial jungle.

Along with the addition of Avian Feeders, Uberhuhns are now a lot more intelligent. Now with their own wants and needs, chickens will feed, socialise and lay Microuberhuhns to repopulate. Slight changes have also been made to how colonists choose which chickens to eat. The avian feeders slowly supply food to the chickens as well was attracting them to certain parts of your livestock containment room with warm lighting.

Aid your colonists expeditions across Maia’s surface with refill points. Colonists can replenish their vital needs at these stations so they can travel further out into the unknown landscape.

Solar events can cause your equipment to not work as intended. Players will now receive warning emails to alert them when a solar event is occuring.

Death, failure and mission emails now pop up as soon as you receive them to ensure players don’t miss important gameplay points.

To simplify item creation, when the player right clicks in object building mode it will revert the mode to selection mode. Right clicking will also delete blueprints or set build objects for destruction.
Left clicking on a blueprint in selection mode will “grab” the blueprint reattaching it to the cursor and put the player back in to object build mode.

When placing objects, some items information will now show power requirements as well as current grid demand.

Info tips have now been fixed for many items including fossils, bulkhead doors, beds and plant pots.

More colonists animations to show emotional states and needs! Hungry Colonists will now grasp their stomachs to let the player know they are hungry.

The order in which colonists will want to build atmosphere generators and doors has been changed to work smoother in emergencies, such as atmosphere loss. Research has also been broken up into over a dozen separate needs to allow the colonists to better prioritise data entry, collection and computation in the four research areas.

The robots will now delegate tasks if they come across other robots. Lights have also been added to help you find them in the dark.

We are now building and testing our OSX version of the game against El Capitan. We recommend Mac users make the free update to El Capitan for an optimum experience.

  • Fix for missing research.
  • Back buttons now go to menus a level above instead of the top level menu.
  • New technology research perks added.
  • All found start up and crash bugs fixed.
  • Blocked interaction points will no longer be advertised to the AI. (Less getting stuck in walls)
  • Small optimisations on world data, loading time.
  • Optimisation of pathfinding to save memory.
  • 64 and 32 bit save interopability.
  • Tree research bugs fixed.
  • IV drip now provides food and water to colonists.
  • VO bug fixed. When stating the atmosphere is low, it’s now a lot more likely to say the room name rather than just “base”.
  • Seems the colonists if you worked them hard enough would get incredibly hot. They’d then start sweating so hard that they’d get drenched and rapidly cool to a dangerously low temperature. Their bodies would then burn all their energy reserves thermoregulating back up to a better temperature. They’d then starve to death. This is now fixed.
  • CPU optimisation for the colonists.
  • Building materials/minerals pick up bug fixed.
  • Fix to speed up AA a bit.
  • Code cleanup reducing memory footprint.
  • Cache optimisations.
  • Texture loading fixed.
  • Bugs removed from the email system.
  • Important emails now pop up.
  • Mission success and failure in sandbox.
  • Wind variation reduced and balanced.
  • Power usage and balancing tweaks.
  • Bugs due to new missions fixed.

Update trailer:

We hope you enjoyed Maia’s Update, give us your feedback on the Steam Forum, or by mentioning #MaiaGame on twitter.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Emily Gera)

Simon Roth’s sci-fi survival game Maia [official site] has been in deep development for a while now – the last time we mentioned it was 2014 and it had already been in Early Access for the better part of a year. Roth has continued toiling away at his Dungeon Keeper In Space, releasing videos now and again of its status.

For those counting at home, we are now up to Update 0.50. It’s a doozy – among other things it takes a giant whack at critical gameplay issues.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Caroline

We've hit 0.50! Maia's latest update brings stability and some serious bug fixes! We've been working hard to eradicate as many issues as possible. We've also managed to squeeze in new features that improve gameplay such as custom maps, expanded research and a brand new robot.

Update Trailer:
Gameplay from Simon:
New Features

Climate Change
The option to change the climate of your map has been added. Players can choose from Megathermal, Mesothermal and Polar as well as choosing map sizes, flora and fauna population sizes, and whether the map is on an earthquake hotspot. With these new climates, come the introduction of new trees.




Aye, Robot!
The utility robot has been added! At the moment this robot is equipped with a repair arm. This arm allows the robot to travel around the base repairing items. This frees up colonists to get on with other tasks like staying alive.

New Research Upgrades
Once researched, players can now add lithium to the colonist’s water if they choose to. This stabilizes colonist's moods, however, it may cause... unwanted side effects. There is also the ability to research the new trees.

The Necropsy Table in the Research Lab can now be used to gain research data. Once the colonists have killed the Megacephalalgia creature they can study a sample they collect.

Email System Scroll
Mail can now be scrolled through using arrows that appear after you receive 6 emails. This means players can control which emails they keep. There are also new email icons to more easily show whether the email has been read.

The Only Good Bug Is A Dead Bug

The largest part of this update is the amount of bugs that have been fixed. Here's an extensive list of fixes and changes we have made to existing features in Maia.

IMP Robot Bug Fixes
  • IMP Robots now remember their correct orders when the game has been saved and loaded.
  • Robots will not become fixated on tasks that can not be completed.
  • Dig orders that were removed will no longer revert on loading.
  • Removing the last IMP Robot and using the IMP search button will no longer cause a crash.
  • Removed IMP Robot's ghosts no longer count towards the robot safety limit.
  • IMP Robots will now take body bags to storage meaning a less cluttered base.
  • Thankfully, IMP Robots no longer deposit dead colonists (or building materials) in the rubble hopper.
  • IMP Robots now have an idle wander behaviour, They will not wait around to get encased in walls.
  • IMP Robots will store water barrels in more sensible positions.
  • IMP Robot turn speed has been slightly increased to speed up their productivity.
  • IMP Robot self awareness added.
  • Although quite rare, colonists and IMP robots may have conversations.

Power Bug Fixes
  • Flywheel and Super conductors now accurately display the amount of energy stored instead of defaulting to yellow.
  • Power capacity is also now tracked and sent in power report emails.
  • It will no longer be possible for underpowered objects to burst into flames. Items will also turn off if they are on fire.

Loading Game Bug Fixes
Maia had a few bugs caused by saving and loading the game. A lot of these bugs have been solved. These include:
  • Meteorites are now loading correctly and maintain their fossil type.
  • 3D Nanoprinters now remember that they are printing on loading.
  • Hydroponic trees now maintain how much they have grown rather than resetting to their mid point.
  • Water Barrel's now maintain their count on loading.
  • Locked doors save on load and doors will no longer appear inside the walls.
  • Fossils retain type on load and will be placed in stands correctly.
  • Plant sample containers now save the transferred KB.
  • Turrets save number of rounds remaining.

Colonists Bug fixes and AI improvement.
  • Limping colonists will not get stuck in a looping animation when they are dead. (No more zombies.)
  • Food energy intake has been rebalanced due to the colonists often starving to death.
  • Colonists are no longer standing inside each other.
  • If there are less than 3 available living people in the base, colonists will not wait in the airlock for a guard.
  • Colonists will now take care not to let the chickens go extinct.
  • More death reports have been added to inform the player of death from cave ins and explosives.
  • The hygiene need has been turned on and colonists will use toilets. Toilets animations have been synced up.
  • Colonists can now destroy unwanted glow sticks.
  • Medical beds are now much more effective at healing colonists.

Other AI Bugs
  • AI will now go towards the nearest interaction point on an object rather than a random one.
  • Creatures no longer stand in the same place as others.
  • Pets and Uberhuhns will no longer go outside into the dangerous atmopshere.

UI Bug Fixes
  • The bug that causes Maia's UI to become warped and disappear has been worked on.
  • The lander and save buttons should now appear for all players.
  • Buttons no longer flash when they are not meant to.

Mail Bug Fixes
  • Screen effect for open mail has been corrected.
  • Players will now receive the correct failure message when all their colonists are dead.
  • Players should no longer receive mail spam for building materials.
  • Read emails now show a different icon to make it clearer for players.
  • New email system! Scroll buttons will appear after 6 emails making it easier for players to open and keep important emails.

Light Rendering Improved.
  • The engine's screen light tiles can now render up to 32 lights. This will reduce visual glitches and improve performance.
  • Light distance tweaked to fix hard edges.

GPU Usage
  • Many texture assets in Maia have been optimised, which as lead to a large reduction of GPU memory usage.

Oh no! The Steam Announcement page can't handle all the news! Head over to our site to read the rest of the update announcement.
Community Announcements - Caroline
This update introduces a host of new features including guns, colonist emotions, social interactions, and console commands. There's also been an overhaul of balance and the colonists priorities which will improve game play dramatically.

Emotions and Sanity
Colonists now experience emotions. Emotions will develop as they perform tasks, communicate with other colonists, and encounter the environment. You'll notice that colonists exhibit emotional outbursts such as breaking down in tears and cheering. Head over to the Maia wiki to see the ways in which you can influence their moods.

Colonists now crave social interaction. These interactions may involve hugging, chatting, waving... or worse. Sometimes, anger can build up in the colonists and they may start to show some threatening behaviour towards each other.

Teamwork is essential to the construction of a successful base. Colonists that have strong social bonds will want to protect each other When colonists go for expeditions outside, they will group up. One colonist will do the job that needs to be done whilst the other brings a gun and watches out for danger.

Colonist Reactions
We've added new ways in which the colonists can interact with their environment. Firstly, if a creature approaches a colonist outside the base they will play dead to protect themselves. Colonists also flinch and steady themselves if there is an earthquake.

Console Input
Using the new in-game console, players can now execute a variety of development commands and cheats. For example, the console may be used to spawn objects, trigger earthquakes and instantly build objects. The Maia wiki lists the ways the console can be used.

Power Alerts
Power reports are now available through the email system. These reports represent the power supply, usage and need at the time the email was sent.

Balancing, Bugs & Stability
An in-depth simulation like Maia needs a lot of balancing to feel right. Since the last update we have iterated on a variety of balance variables. We have adjusted the balance of object maintenance, building priorities, object degradation and the new colonist emotions. In addition, a multitude of bugs have been fixed, and several crashes eliminated. Here is a detailed list:
  • Black squares on ATI/AMD machines have been removed.
  • Mines cause damage to living creatures instead of just destroying them.
  • Vox's no longer delete tiles inside bases.
  • Fixed crash caused by removing object a colonist is working on.
  • Limping bug fixed.
  • Fix for colonists getting stuck doing an action.
  • Crash fix for missing animation.
  • Other animation bugs fixed.
  • Solar Still destruction bug fixed.
  • Pressing Esc no longer locks up opening mail.
  • Fixed bugs in tutorial.
  • UI no longer becomes invisible when pressing Esc.
  • Fixed glitching fire.
  • Death hug fixed.
  • IMP stops collecting Material bug fixed.
  • Lander Animation occurring on external objects bugs fixed.
  • Doors opening/closing sound no longer loops.
  • No longer able to break the IMP robot in the tutorial.
  • No more lockups when IMP robot is asked to dig inaccessible walls. Read the IMPs task list to see what it's up to.
  • Colonists no longer get stuck inside objects.
  • Colonists have stopped going outside without suits to fix geothermal generators.
  • Bum Support and other furniture not longer gets "sympathy burns"
  • Creature AI improved and expanded. Territories are now patrolled and explored.
  • IMP printer issues fixed.

Here's some gameplay from Simon:
We hope you enjoy the “Use of Weapons” Update. Please give us your feedback! You can tell us what you think on the Maia forums, Steam forums, and by mentioning Maia on Twitter.

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