Community Announcements - 9heads
We are changing the servers and will stay offline for some time.
Community Announcements - 9heads
- Fixed issue causing camera to sometimes start upside down.
- Fixed visual glitch in the main shader.
- Fixed issue causing chat to stop working after ending a game.
- Fixed bug causing monster to collide with dead characters.
- Fixed issue causing ghost servers, multiple hosts, packets being sent to other game sessions.

- Removed a lot of pumpkins.
- Fixed some issues with keys.
Community Announcements - 9heads
Win 2 keys to spend some time with your valentine playing Damned, access our Facebook and compete to win:

9heads's Facebook

9heads's Twitter

Community Announcements - 9heads


- New stage add: Black Lake Woods
• New Traps
• New Music

- Balanced the number of batteries per map


- Mary rebalanced
• Increased speed from 0.64 to 1.2
• Increased random teleport rate in 2 times
• Decreased recharge power when near the survivors to half
• Increased the distance for power recharge from survivors in 1 meter(3.2 feets)
• Increased traps activation when teleport in 1 meter(3.2 feets)

- Phantom
• Number of traps activated from 20% to 25%

- Add individual control for the music
Community Announcements - 9heads

- Disable shadow casting for multiple objects (some shadows were unnecessarily being calculated for small, unimportant objects) [big performance gain]
- Disabled GPU buffer flusher [big performance gain on certain GPUs]

- The range to trigger traps was hardcoded to 2, now it’s correctly set to 6.

- Tweaked and fixed transparency shaders (mainly for glass windows) to properly treat z-order.

- Fixed small details at Bondom Hotel and others.
Community Announcements - 9heads
- Tweaked the GPU buffer flusher to improve the game performance while avoiding input lag.
- Bypassed Ogre’s timer and used our own timer instead to improve stability and performance.
Community Announcements - 9heads
Sorry people, we're having a few issues with our server today.

The server machine got turned off by instability in the power grid and the server went down.

We're working on this to have it up and running as soon as possible, and we're trying to keep it up too.

This is not normal, the server is usually up for weeks without having to restart.

Maybe a Halloween curse? =O

We're very very sorry, we really want to have our server up and stable to have all of you playing Damned and having fun!

Be sure this kind of thing frustrates us too.

Community Announcements - 9heads
- Add more pumpkins in all maps for Halloween reasons.

- Fixed bug causing crash when loading OpenGL plugin (people having this crash must run the script damned_reset_fix.bat in order to have this fixed).
Oct 14, 2014
Community Announcements - 9heads
Fixed bug causing crash when clicking "activate" without having put the serial.
Fixed Bodom Hotel don't be completable some times.

Reduced time to unlog stuck players in the server.

Decreased the volume of some of the ambient musics.
Community Announcements - 9heads
- (Possibly) Fixed bug causing crash when looking at a monster.

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