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Community Announcements - GlowingPotato
Hey everybody!

Now you guys can loot all 37 achievements, Steam cards, Steam backgrounds, and Steam badges!

Community Announcements - 9heads
- Added 37 achievements.

- Added ESC to return functionality to many screens.
- Email confirmation added to register window.
- Added Credits screen to Credit button.

- Fixed bug causing crash when loading objects.
- Fixed bug causing eventual crash related to the insanity system.
- Fixed bug causing eventual crash related to punch through.
- Fixed bug causing double mouse clicks in the GUI.
- Fixed bug preventing the usage of numpad to write numbers.
Community Announcements - 9heads
- Created a new hostname and redirected Damned client to it because the old one was taken down by Microsoft’s takedown. More on: http://www.noip.com/blog

- Fixed bug causing crash related to mutex lock calls.
Community Announcements - 9heads
We are having a problem with a Thirty-party service and this causing the problems with the server.

More informations here:
Community Announcements - 9heads
- Fixed Bright Hotel keys position.

- Added support to XBOX gamepad (possibly others, but untested!).
- Added feature to control the cursor with the gamepad.
- Added feature to map any device button to any game action (keyboard, mouse, gamepad).

- Changed game application window to not deactivate when losing focus.

- Fixed bug preventing traps on the ceiling to activate.
- Fixed bug causing eventual crash when unloading a stage.
- Fixed bug causing crash when selecting 3D voice chat option.
Community Announcements - 9heads
- Added new stage: Bright Hotel.

- Changed insanity rate decrease when near other survivors from 0.2 to 0.3 [insanity points/seconds].
- Changed default insanity rate from 1.75 to 1.0 [i.p./s].
- Changed insanity increase when attempting to open locked doors from 3.0 to 1.0 insanity points.
- Changed amount of time decreased in all effects when reaching max insanity from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
- Changed possessed effects times from 70-110 seconds to 120-160 seconds.
- Changed arms effect times from 90-130 seconds to 110-150 seconds.
- Changed gamma effect times from 40-80 seconds to 60-100 seconds.

- Slightly raised max amount of data that can be transferred via reliable UDP.

- Disabled debug viewers and controls.
- Fixed bug causing eventual desync between clients.
- Fixed bug causing crashes when spawning the undead arms while playing the second time.
- Fixed bug causing game to become mute when changing the master volume (either manually or automatically - via an insanity effect, etc).
- Fixed bug causing eventual crash when Mary teleports.
- Fixed bug causing application to linger sometimes when attempting to close.
Community Announcements - 9heads
Insanity System
- Removed color inversion in the “possessed characters’ faces” jump scare effect.

- GPU buffer flusher now defaults to 4 pre rendered frames, it was set to 2 (improves input lag).
- Improved quaternion copy operator.
- Moved lots of vector and quaternion allocations to stack, they were being allocated unnecessarily in the heap (big performance improvement).

- Fixed bug causing crash when selecting 3D Attenuated from voice chat modes.
- Fixed bug causing eventual crashes when trying to end an occlusion query.
Community Announcements - 9heads
- Speed reduced to 2.55 m/s;
- Walk vision reduced to 1.5 m;
- Run vision reduced to 10 m;
- Lantern sound vision reduced to 5 m;
- Vision time increased to 5 sec;

- Changed the buttons for teleport(‘Left Click’ to ‘Right Click’) and transform(‘Right Click’ to ‘E’, *can be remapped);

- Renamed all voice chat options.
- Added logoff button to the activation window.

- Fixed bug causing issues when trying initialize the game with no internet connection.
- Fixed bug causing characters to slide through the stage instead of teleporting.
- Fixed bug causing berserker transformation massage to appear to wrong players (survivors instead of monster).
- Fixed bug causing crash when playing for the second time in the same lobby.
- Minor bugfixes.
Community Announcements - 9heads
- Fixed Mary spawning below the floor;

- Automatic login if username and password were saved previously.
- Added options button to the login window.
- Added checkbox to the login window to save username and password.
- Added log off button to the title window.
Community Announcements - 9heads

Update Beta Version 1.0a

- New monster: Mary.
- New Insanity System.
- Add more 120 seconds on the battery duration.
- Add more batteries in some stages.
- Raised attack detection sensitivity.
- Phantom trap activation raised from 60 to 240 seconds.
- Feedback for low battery appears more easily.
- Added screen effect when looking directly to the monster.

- Added system to draw energy from survivors when going near them.
- Added system to consume battery from the survivors’ flashlights when drawing energy from them.
- Added frenzied mode (starts running really fast and can kill survivors).
- Added teleport, consuming some amount of energy for each teleport.
- Added auto teleport, after some time she’ll teleport without consuming energy.
- When teleporting near a survivor, appears facing him.
- Arms scare traps near the monster when teleporting (meaning if a trap went off, she must be nearby).

Insanity System
- Added cause: when in the dark (flashlight off).
- Added cause: when trying to open a locked door.
- Added cause: when someone dies.
- Added cause: when seeing the monster.
- Added cause: when alone.
- Added cause: when triggering a scare trap.
- Added event causing screen to go dark.
- Added event causing flashlight to flicker for a while.
- Added event causing screen to go black and white.
- Added event causing deafness for a while (hears a faint beep).
- Added event causing character to start gasping for breath.
- Added event causing character to hear a fake trap going off.
- Added event causing screen to flash with a negative image of a possessed version of the survivors.
- Added event causing a random keyboard button to stop working for a while (W, A, S, D, etc).
- Added event causing multiple arms to raise from the ground and start trying to catch the character (reduces character speed).

- Fixed some Father John animations.

- Lots of changes to reduce CPU usage when running the game (performance gain).

- Fixed bug causing flipped normals (render).
- Fixed bug with animations when playing backwards.
- Fixed bug causing survivors to randomly win a match right at the start.
- Fixed bug causing battery locations to desync.
- Fixed bug causing inventory to linger when dying in life mode.
- Fixed bug causing crouch animations to flicker.
- Fixed bug causing crashes in spectator cam.
- Several minor bugfixes.

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