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Community Announcements - Darqflame
Hello Survivors!

When we began Early Access back in 2015 we stated that we wanted to have a final game by summer 2016. And we can now announce that we will be launching How to Survive 2 on September 8th 2016.

For the past few months, we have been working with you to enhance, widen and shape How to Survive 2 by taking in account requests and suggestions from the forums. We would like to thank everyone for their feedback by making sure that you get a nice pack of Early Access items. So anyone who purchased the game before official launch will receive the Pet Crow, the Winter Hat and the Dual Knives. Those who purchase at launch and after will need to purchase them via DLC. We will be keeping the Primal Fear Armor for those who already own another How to Survive franchise game. The Voodoo Guitar will remain exclusive to players who purchased the game early (thank you, guys!).

We knew from our research that the community wanted a space where they could play with friends and freely create their own camps, so we focused in developing a system where you could invite other players and cooperate with them to survive.

The scenarios are now bigger than ever in the How to Survive franchise, introducing a variety of environments from swamps to suburban streets, sewers, farms, the French Quarter, etc. And we have populated it with infected hordes that include classic zombies, fast zombies, SWAT, exploding or mutilated zombies, farmers and more. You can also find a large catalogue of animals, infected or not, roaming the scenarios: alligators, turtles, pelicans, bears, deer, pigs, bunnies, etc.

You can come across over a dozen NPCs that will trigger dozens of quests with different mechanics: scavenge, timed challenges, escort and stealth missions. And, first among the locals, there is Kovac who will guide your steps to craft your gear, build your camp and fortify it. Following his recipes, you and your friends will be able to equip your survivors with amazing weapons and armors. And you can choose among dozens of skills to level up and create unique characters.

There has been exhaustive work tweaking and adjusting animations, controls, difficulty, leveling, etc. And, by the time that you read these lines, our plan is to have the game available into, at least, 11 languages! In our latest update today we have added language support for Korean, Thai and Turkish.

There will be one last content update at launch to bring new challenges and quests, camp modifications, new enemies, building, weapon and armor novelties and… a special surprise Kovac finale! We wanted to do something completely crazy and unexpected, just like Kovac. So don’t tell us… "Oh, I saw that coming…" because you didn’t. ;)

Upon game launch we will need to reset the servers which will mean all camps and characters will be reset back to the beginning. We have implemented a new save structure that is a bit more simplified than what we had during Early Access which we hope will clear up a number of issues that users have reported to us. Along with the save update we are also releasing all the game Achievements for the game which will require you to start from a fresh launch. The quest structure has been updated and finalized so we hope everyone will have a nice story quest flow that will lead up to our new ultra-exciting story ending.

After the game launch we will be monitoring the forums and game performance to decide our next steps. So stay tuned!

EKO Software & 505 Games
Community Announcements - Darqflame
Survivors! The zombie hordes have gained a foothold, please join us in eradicating this infection! Collect your friends, collect your enemies, we need to work together to quell the zombies invading our camps!

We have made quite a few changes to How to Survive 2! since we last spoke! I am stopping by again with a few key points to tempt you to try out our newest game in Early Access:
  • Elite quests
  • Boss mobs
  • Female avatars
  • Twitch Integration
  • Kovac Challenges
  • New areas to explore
  • New NPCs and zombies
  • New items & crafting recipes
  • Traps and defensive buildings
  • Local Co-op AND Multiplayer together! Yes, together, up to 16 people can play at once.

You can read about our newest update here:
For previous owners of the game there is a nice set of Primal Fear armor awaiting you in my bunker in your private chest!
Pick up a copy and join me in making the world safe once more!

Community Announcements - Darqflame
Hello Survivors!
We have made quite a few changes to How to Survive 2 since we last spoke! I am stopping by with a few key points to tempt you to try out our newest game in Early Access:
  • Female avatars
  • Boss mobs
  • Local Co-op AND Multiplayer together! Yes, together, up to 16 people can play at once.
  • Traps and defensive buildings
  • Night Crawlers
  • Elite quests
  • Kovac Challenges
  • New items & crafting recipes
  • New NPC and zombies
  • More areas to explore
  • Twitch Integration

For previous owners of the game there is a nice set of Primal Fear armor awaiting you in Kovac's bunker in your private chest!

Pick up a copy and join me in making the world safe once more!

Community Announcements - Darqflame

Hey Survivors!

I just wanted to let you know that we have released local coop in How to Survive 2! Below is a few tidbits to tempt you:
  • Up to 4 players can play in local Coop ! (in both offline and online camps)
  • HTS2 Aiming system removed - Aiming system works, now, like in HTS1
  • New recipes added: leather straps (player), super poultices and Medikits (Chemical lab)
  • A bottle of water can be found in Kovac's bunker, for the most thirsty of you
  • You can read the full patch notes here

Not only that, How to Survive 2 is on Steam sale for 30% off! (ends Sunday January 31, 2016)

And if that didn't get your attention, you will receive this awesome Winter Hat with your new purchase until the end of February. Not only will you be cute while slaughtering zombies, this hat has a nice blood resistant coating in case you get too close!
Community Announcements - Darqflame
Hello Survivors!


Forgive me…I got a little too excited and ahead of myself…

Hey, it's me, Kovac. Did you like my silly presents I left you in game this week? You better, I worked hard on them! What about that female, rawr! Anyway, I wanted to let you know I have more surprises for you; today the Steam Winter Sale starts and all our games are included. So, buy How to Survive 2 today for your friend, or hell, even your mom! Not only that, in January, we are patching in local co-op so you can play with your friends.

Did I mention that Local Co-op is coming!

Stay safe out there and Happy Holidays!
Community Announcements - Tiger
During the Steam Autumn Sale you can now get the new How To Survive 2 Early Access Edition for 33% off! The game now contains the new Special Thanksgiving Day Mission! If you don't have it yet, buy it now! If you already have it, buy one for your friends, it makes a great holiday gift and they can all play with you and help you Survive!
Community Announcements - Tiger
Now available with How To Survive 2 on all branches of How To Survive 2 is the new Thanksgiving Mission!

They have turned the tables and are now having you for Thanksgiving Dinner! Gobble, Gobble!

Hi Survivors,

Update for this Friday (November 27) - all branches

  • Option menu added including:
    • Volume for sound effect
    • Volume for music
    • Volume for VO
    • Value for map opacity
    • Possibility to display the damge done to the ennemies
  • Character customization menu added.
  • Radio quest giver added in Kovac bunker with a new quest, featuring a new enemy.
  • New recipe added to Kitchen building.
  • Some sound effects added (in the menus, for bows and crossbows, ...).
  • Kovac bunker icons added to the map.
  • Various confirmation menus has been added.
  • Damage per second information has been added to weapon description (use the default ammo stats for the calculation).
  • Fix added to trunk inventory in order to save it correctly before leaving the game or starting a mission.
  • Various network improvements and corrections.
Community Announcements - Tiger
Update - November 6

For all you How To Survive fans, be sure to check out How To Survive 2! We have been listening to everyone's feedback that plays How To Survive and have just released our first major update for HTS 2 after the first week of Early Access.

Thank you for all your great feedback this past week! We have been able to address the 29 issues below in this week's Beta branch update.

An update is available in "beta branch"
To access it just go in BETAS tab of game properties and select the beta_branch

It will update your games with the fix and features below.
Please note that if you want to test the branch in multiplayer, all the players need to be on the same branch.

If the update is looking good to everyone over the weekend we will be looking to push the update out to everyone on all branchs on Monday.

Update for this friday (November 6) - Beta_branch

- With Keyboard/Mouse controls, melee attacks now target cursor position
- Attacking a target on stairs with melee weapon fixed
- Attacking a target with melee attack of a ranged weapon fixed
- Crash removed when viewing 3D model of wooden stick in inventory.
- Pathfinding for zombie improved, Zombies should be able to climb on cars more frequently
- Various improvements in online multiplayer code to prevent deconnections / bugs
- Addition of message box to display some network error
- With paddle control, shooting a far small target with distant weapons now correctly hit the target
- Items being crafted are no longer displayed in the quick inventory
- Hunger gauge decreases slower than thirst gauge, now, as in real life!
- New 3D model for some plants to collect (instead of generic box)
- New 3D Model for candies and chips (instead of generic box)
- Damage of the baseball bat slightly improved
- Damage and health of infected deer have been reduced
- 6th quest of Kovac now requires to kill 5 deers instead of 8
- Drop rate of chocolate bars from zombies have been reduced
- Fire rate of advanced ranged weapons have been increased
- Melee damage of advanced ranged weapons have been increased
- Buildings upgrade now works as intended in multiplayer mode (upgradable to camp level)
- Resources to upgrade building have been reduced
- Sprinting zombies can be stopped more efficiently by using weapons with high stopping power, and don't perform attacks too fast anymore
- Stopping power and perforation values of arrows more balanced
- Kitchen's recipes have been updated
- Damage of pelican's slime decreased
- Camp's collision updated to tap various holes
- Recipe of black glasses removed (useless for now)
- Zombies can drop lead-made bracelets (useful resource to create bullets)
- More resources of "stone" are available in the town environment
- Hammer, screwdriver, wrench, lime and cutting plier are no more randomized and have fixed position to discover

This list may not be fully exhaustive, but reflects most of the changes.

Other features in production (not in November 6 beta_branch update) :

- Menu to customize keys for keyboard and mouse controls (most likely in next week update)
- Possibility to split stack of objects when moving them from/to player inventory to/from trunk inventory (most likely in next week update)
- Menu for options including sound and music volume and various other options (delivery date will provided later)
- Playable female character (delivery date will provided later)

A full list of all modifications will be provided later for the next update.

Take care !
Community Announcements - Doctor Nuclearo
Hello Survivors,

Game is live. We have a 20% Off discount for early supportters.

Please, update your drivers, dive in and let us know your feedback.

Thanks and stay tuned for other Halloween treats

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