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Community Announcements - 505 Games
Attention Survivors!

A new survival bundle is available today called the "Dead Summer Days Bundle."

This bundle includes:

  • The Game
  • "Heat Wave x 3 Pack" DLC
  • "Kovac's Way" DLC
  • and, "Hello, my name is Nina" DLC

The bundle will be available starting today for $16.99. You better get it! Kovac says it's a rule.

"El Diablo Islands" DLC is set to be released on August 28th!

Download this DLC and venture on a new set of volcanic Islands: discover new fauna and characters, learn to craft fantastic tools and weapons taking advantage of the different weather effects to face the most surprising enemies.

"El Diablo Islands" Includes:

  • Extension of the original story
  • New main and side quests
  • New characters: Scientist & Scientist's Assistant.
  • Fog and Storm weather effects.
  • Environment: Volcano (3 islands).
  • Weapon: Electro Gun, Blower Gun.
  • New zombies.
  • Game element: Toxic clouds, Lava flow, Electric pylons, Weather remote controller, Electric backpack, fireproof boots.
  • Living Animal: Iguana.
  • Zombie Animal: Iguana.

Players will have the choice to continue playing the original story or to restart the story in its extended version.

You can also invite a friend to play online the new quests with you even if they don't have the DLC!

And more is on the way!

Two new DLC packs are coming to the islands called "One Shot Escape" and "Barricade!" More details may surface through the flames as we get closer to their release.

Things are hot on the islands, and it's only getting hotter!
Community Announcements - 505 Games
With the French revolution anniversary, Steam renews its partnership with Parisian video game cluster Capital Games for an amazing celebration of video games made in France!

Eko Software’s How To Survive joins the celebration with 50% off on the game and available DLC until July 16th!

Merci beaucoup!
Community Announcements - 505 Games

How To Survive is 85% off RIGHT NOW in the Flash Sale on Steam! Get it while it's hot. The sale ends in 8 hours!

Community Announcements - 505 Games
Hello Survivors,

This week you will notice a new update for How to Survive, here are the patch notes for it:

  • Game now supports Russian.
  • Game now supports Japanese.
  • Game now includes a system to remove “Missing stick” or “Unrepaired boat” progression blocker even is the save file have been corrupted.
  • Game now includes files for the future “Hello, my name is Nina” DLC so players without Nina DLC can still play with players who purchase it.
  • Two bugs in monkey quest rewards have been fixed.
  • A memory leak causing random crash when travelling from an island to another has been corrected.
  • Some minor bugs or network bugs have been fixed.

Also the “Hello, my name is Nina” DLC will be available on May 28th at $1,99/€1,99/£1,59. Check out the awesome trailer here: http://youtu.be/szxjd7MA4_E

In it, we introduce you to Nina, the 4th playable character of the game! She is a talented young lady, with an unique skill tree that allows her to craft mean flamethrowers and improved chainsaws! She also has some original finishing moves to exterminate the zombie scum with style!

After that, we’ll focus on the next DLC we want to release this summer: “El Diablo” Islands.

We wouldn’t like to give too much away at this stage, so let’s say it obviously introduces a new set of distinctive islands to explore, new weapons and crafts, new gameplay-changing weather effects, new NPC’s, new zombies and threats, iguanas (yes, IGUANAS!) and… that’s all we can say, today.
Hope you enjoy it, stay tuned for more info
Community Announcements - 505 Games
Hello Survivors,

We have some information we would like to share with you: the game will see a set of updates and DLCs hit the Steam version across the year.

Next week a free update will introduce a new backpack with extended inventory, as well as introduce new achievements and social features.

It will include:

  • 13 new achievements to complete.
  • The possibility to extend your inventory (if you find the way to craft extensions!)
  • The possibility to see where your friends and other player have died, thanks to their tombstone!


  • Added 13 new achievements to unlock
  • Added the possibility to craft extensions to get up to 11 additional slots in you inventory
  • Added the possibility to set on/off the tombstones in the “Help and options/GAME” screen.
  • Added the possibility to set on/off the Tips in the “Help and options/GAME” screen.
  • Object and character data added to support future updates
  • Sniper gun now propels projectiles 5 by 5.
  • Boomerangs’damage has been rebalanced and then slightly reduced

Also next week, “Kovac’s Way” DLC will introduce a new difficulty level to the story mode. On it you will need to keep a closer eye on your needs as resources will be scarce now and there will be less food and water available. Weather will change and a light rain will turn into a blinding storm, making campfires useless (no cooking, no light, no fire arrows…). You’ll have to rely on flashlights, now rechargeable, to spot old foes as well as new furred and scaled predators populating the islands.

“Kovac’s Way” DLC will be available at $1.99 /£1.59 /€1.99


  • Added “Kovac’s way” in the “Difficulty” selection screen.
  • Added a new Kovac video to introduce the mode
  • Added 12 new monkey quests
  • Pause is disabled to increase the difficulty!
  • Added bears, crocodiles and their zombie declensions
  • Rebalanced resources (fewer food, medicinal plants and spare parts)
  • There is now a very limited supply of water in the wells. Ration carefully!
  • Added new climatic event: rain, which fills the wells, extinguishes camp fires, burning enemies and incendiary weapons
  • Added the need of flint to ignite camp fires
  • Added the durability of the wooden sticks, arrows and boomerangs
  • Added the durability of the flashlight, which has to be recharged on electric pylons
  • Added the possibility to craft camouflage armor parts
  • Added the possibility to get new animal-based armor parts


In late May a 4th playable character will reach the islands with the “Hello, my name is… Nina” DLC. This playable character may look cold as ice, but she will light up your days with her handcrafted flamethrowers!
And, if you ask nicely, maybe she'll show you the extent of her talents, including:

  • her unique skill tree, among which the possibility to craft real flamethrowers and improved chainsaws!
  • her original finishing moves to exterminate the zombie scum with style!
    “Hello, my name is… Nina” DLC will be available at $1.99 /£1.59 /€1.99


  • Added “Nina” in the “Character” selection screen
  • Added the possibility to craft flamethrowers and improved chainsaws
  • Added a new skill tree, available when you play Nina


We hope you enjoy them! Please, stay tuned as we will be working to bring more content: new stories, new territories, new enemies, new game modes, some surprises, etc.

Thank you and stay safe!

505 Games
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% on How to Survive!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - 505 Games
Hey Survivors,

The long awaited online story co-op mode is finally here for PC gamers! Please ensure that your game is set to auto-update to make sure you receive today's free update. The update is in its final development phases for consoles and we will announce a release date as soon as we have it set.

Keep an eye out for more news right here, on Facebook, and on Twitter!

Thanks for your patience!

- 505 Games
Community Announcements - 505 Games
Dear community,

When finalizing the Story Mode Online Coop patch, we came across some unexpected challenges that we are solving. In order to address the issues effectively we will not be able to publish the patch before the holidays as we planned.

We deeply regret this situation; we now expect to release Story Mode Online Coop in January. However, we have updated the game today with the following:

  • Custom mapping for controller keys in order to support universal controllers
  • A mouse sensibility option has been added
  • Users will now be able to save their progression in safe houses (unlocked after Kovac island in multiplayer, unlocked after the first island in single player)
  • Show real-time evolution of challenge score (hide by default, can be displayed during challenges by pressing F1).
  • In game Santa for Steam (Just for the holidays)

    Happy holidays and have a great new year!
Community Announcements - 505 Games
Dear community,

We working hard to make the Story Mode Online Coop Update available next month. At this stage of development we would like to get your thoughts on the game and find out the features and content you’d ideally like to see implementedin the How to Survive universe in potential future iterations.

Please send us your feedback here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/h2s

Nov 26, 2013
Community Announcements - 505 Games
When stranded on a zombie infestested island how do you feed your thanksgiving guests? We challenge you to kill as many animals and zombie rheas in 60 seconds as possible using the Dark Zero challenge. The top 3 scores will win a Heat Wave DLC pack! Upload and share your uncut gameplay to enter. Get out there, and catch some dinner!

Competition closes at 00:00 GMT on 30th November.
Terms and Conditions here!

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