Community Announcements - Demonocrat
The not-yet-real existence of the new Pathologic has just found additional tangibility: the game has a Steam page now. If you want to keep an eye on the game’s progress and news, there’s no better way of doing so than following said page.

And you may need to do the eye-keeping for a bit longer than we were hoping. The game’s release will be postponed until Autumn, 2017. Why? Basically, Pathologic has grown in scope and ambitiousness since its inception, so it demands additional time and man-hours now. Find out more here.

But hey, at least it has a Steam page.

It’s like we’re halfway there.

Community Announcements - Ice-Pick Lodge
The long and winding story of Knock Knock PS4 pricing has finally come to a close. It's been an enlightening experience; we've come to realize that it is essential to research anything that seems obscure to you in excruciating detail (unless you're the Lodger). Also that PSN only has three regions.

The current price is 8,99 EUR, and it's final. If you've been waiting for the pricing situation to resolve, there's no more need to wait until dawn: now is the perfect moment to finally buy the game. Thank you for your patience—and have a good spook!
Community Announcements - Ice-Pick Lodge
Yesterday, Knock Knock arrived on PS4. It's a very important breakthough for our studio: the first Ice-Pick game on consoles ever!

Please don't buy it.

Not yet. Not if you live in Europe, anyway.
The thing is, due to certain complications, the current price of the game is thrice as high as we've planned. Regional prices are a very important matter—and the current price tag is simply unfair for certain economies. We've misjudged the flexibility of the PSN service, and now, as a compromise, we're working on lowering the PSN price of Knock Knock to €5 across all Europe. It will be updated on September, 18th.
We suggest you refrain from buying the game until then—it wouldn't make sense to pay more since we're unlikely to be able to provide you with additional benefits.
If you live in Europe, have already purchased the game, and feel unhappy with the price situation, please contact us at and we will try to figure out something.
The North American price of Knock Knock will remain unchanged, so you're welcome to try the PS4 Knock Knock experience right away.
Thank you for your attention and for the patience.
Community Announcements - Ice-Pick Lodge
Have you heard of Pathologic?

Here’s how it goes:

A plague breaks out in a remote steppe town full of weird local traditions. Three healers try to fight it: a scientist from the Capital, the son of a local shaman, and a half-crazed girl. Each of them has their own idea of how the terrible disease came to be, and what is real magic to one of them becomes backwards superstitions to another. Taking on the role of any of these doctors, you’ll try to overcome the invisible evil while doing your best not to succumb to the disease, to bandits, hunger, and fatigue; scavenging and bartering for pills, bread, and milk. But survival is hard here.

Pathologic is the first game Ice-Pick Lodge has released—and it’s also the game we’re working on now. Weird, huh? One would suspect it must have something to do with us bumping into a Guest and rewinding time.

It was a successful bump, too: we’ve had a rather spectacular Kickstarter campaign to support the development of the remake of Pathologic.

The campaign is over—yet once again a wild paradox appears: it really isn’t.

We’ve launched a Backer Portal recently—a website where you still can support the game. You can learn more about Pathologic there, of course, and then sign up for the Portal if you find yourself interested in the game. If you like survival, plague, and despair, it may be worth taking a look.

Oh, and we’ve also got an official Steam community now—with a Curator’s List of our favourite games and all. We are planning to update it, too, and it’s the best place to contact us on Steam if you want to discuss something that’s not Knock-Knock.
Mar 7, 2014
Community Announcements - alphyna
Some of you have asked, and we're delivering! Namely, we-re delivering Knock-Knock for iOS.

Mobile devices really seem to suit Knock-Knock great. Now people can play it in their bed, in the woods, or during commuting. The Lodger's life has always been in your hands, but not quite this literally. So if you're interested in knock-knocking with your bare fingers, go ahead! Oh, and if you do, we'd be thankful for some stars. Stars are nice.

Have fun and spooks!
Jan 6, 2014
Community Announcements - alphyna
Just a quick note to let you know that we've released a very small update that should hopefully fix problems with the Linux and Mac versions of Knock-Knock not launching. Hope your New Year is starting well!

Мы выпустили крошечный апдейт; по идее, он должен исправить проблемы с Mac- и Linux-версиями игры (они не запускались). Надеемся, новый год у вас начался отменно!
Community Announcements - alphyna
We're glad to announce that Knock-Knock is now available in Japanese! So don't be scared when you see a rather large update downloading: it's the new language pack, but more importantly the game has been updated with the latest version of Unity, so some bugs (like changing the resolution in the Linux version) should be fixed now. Have fun! Or scares.

Отныне «Тук-тук-тук» доступна ещё и на японском, так что не пугайтесь, когда у вас скачается солидное обновление. Это дополнительный перевод, а ещё игра теперь использует новую версию Unity, так что часть багов (например, невозможность сменить разрешение в Linux-версии) должна разрешиться. Приятной игры!
Community Announcements - alphyna
You may have already noticed, but we have great news for you today. First of all, Knock-Knock is 50% offtill December, 3rd! Sales are great like that. So if you like the game, be sure to spread the word. Or maybe think about buying a gift to someone.

Also, Knock-Knock Steam Trading Cards are now live. That means you can replay Knock-Knock not only for the mood, the plot or the achievements, but also to get cards, wallpapers, and all that game-y stuff. Have fun!


Вы наверняка и сами уже всё заметили, но у нас сегодня для вас хорошие новости. Новость первая: до третьего декабря «Тук-тук-тук» продаётся в Steam со скидкой в 50 %, то есть в два раза дешевле! (Не благодарите за математику.) Это хороший повод купить копию в подарок верному товарищу, например.

Новость вторая: мы наконец-то запустили в Steam карточки, значки и прочие прелести геймификации. Это значит, что теперь можно играть в «Тук-тук-тук» не только ради атмосферы, сюжета и ачивок, но и ради возможности добыть себе тук-тук-смайлики для стимовского чата, к примеру. Ещё одна мотивация перепройти игру лишний раз. Приятного обогащения!
Community Announcements - alphyna
Good news! We're glad to announce that Knock-Knock supports Big Picture now, so you can play it with a gamepad!

Also, the game has been patched, so several issues are no longer an issue. Here's the list of things that have been fixed:

1. Haunter-related achievements ("Something in the way", "They are legion") are now fixed;
2. clocks no longer fail to turn up when needed, so you won't get stuck without them;
3. endless corridors are no longer bugged, so you're free to explore them as long as you wish;
4. The Lodger now can die in the haunted corridor, like he's supposed to;
5. the "Knowing the flip side" achievement is now also fixed and works properly;
6. various minor fixes.

Have fun!
Product Release - Valve
Knock-knock is Now Available on Steam and is 15% off!

There is an unusual cabin deep in the woods. It had served as a laboratory and a dwelling for three generations of Lodgers. But as of late, the latest Lodger has noticed weird changes in familiar surroundings; items missing, strange noises and rattles heard. Something odd is coming out of the woods. Come night, it seems like someone's made himself at home in the twilight of rooms, attics, and cellars.

Stay awake and sane till dawn!

*Offer ends October 11th at 10AM Pacific Time


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