Community Announcements - Sycle
  • Art Gallery - added 7 images

  • Boss Rush - Extended the Chain timer between Venom and Medulla
  • Boss Rush - Venom will drop his final battery outside of Medulla's shell radius
Community Announcements - Sycle

With the final stage textured and the art gallery added, we've reached another important milestone, Beta! Our definition of Beta is 'content complete' - we now have every level and game mode present and working close to its finished state.

From here, we plan to add a couple more EX options (the most exciting one is Mega Weapons, which we recently announced via a trailer) as well as a short animated intro and outro, as well as hook up achievements and other polish tasks.

Mega Weapons will make their debut at PAX Prime when we show Assault Android Cactus as part of the PAX 10 so if you're attending please come and meet us! The team (all three of us) are flying over from Australia for it.

  • Zone 5 boss Medulla has art dressing
  • Boss Rush now contains all five boss fights back to back, and is unlocked by beating the final boss. The leaderboard has been reset
  • Shiitake and Lemon have received minor balance adjustments
  • Every character now has clean weapon icons on Android Select that show their actual silhouette
  • Art Gallery is now available (more entries to be added)
  • Auxiliary Codex entries all have art now
  • Notification System reports on what content has become available when returning to the main menu
  • Refinements to music in Zone 1, Zone 3, Zone 4, Collider and Medulla's stage
  • Added and improved sound effects

  • Lots of small stuff
  • Starch has the correct icon for her Laser in game
  • Intel videocards show shadows in Linux
  • Improvements to gamepad support under Linux, but there are still issues. Logitech gamepads and Dualshock 4's seem to work in SteamOS now but not on other distros, but it's an area we're investigating
Community Announcements - Sycle
We recently released a new trailer!
Like the other EX Options, Mega Weapons is a game modifier which in this case swaps every characters secondary weapon for an over the top version of their primary gun! Cactus gets an obliterating stream of bullets, Aubergine gets a mega sized Helo, Lemon's spread-shot covers the screen and ricochets, I'm sure you get the idea!

This is an upcoming mode that'll be in the game by launch but if you are attending PAX Prime, come find us in the PAX 10 and ask for a go!
Community Announcements - Sycle
  • fixed an issue with leaderboard requests at the end of stages
  • Daily Drive displays scores at the end again
  • Infinity Drive plays the correct music again
  • Fixed an issue where input could remain active during an unlock screen
  • More SFX added to the Sound Test

Known Issues
  • several controller types are either not detected or not working correctly under Linux
Community Announcements - Sycle
Our last update was a bit bumpy, throwing up more new issues than usual due to a significant tech shift and we've been working through the biggest issues.

  • Changed the way leaderboards are being queried in-stage (related to end of stage crashes)
  • Fixed Heat (zone 3 - 3) which had a broken stage timer

Known Issues
  • several controller types are either not detected or not working correctly under Linux
Community Announcements - Sycle
This has been a big update for us as we upgraded major engine versions and overhauled input handling. A lot has changed under the hood even though our priority was trying to make sure everything kept working the way it has been, with a bunch of smaller improvements.

Unfortunately this means the update has an unusually large download size. Sorry!

If you encounter new problems in terms of how it runs or how controllers function, we ask for your patience and your feedback on the forums as we chase down anything we may have missed.

  • New input handling - Joypad support should now be more consistent and better across Windows, OSX and Linux. If you have had controllers that work on your machine but would not work with Cactus, give them another try! Xbox pads can now be used along side non-XInput devices in Windows. If you have controllers that did work, but now do not, please make sure you have current drivers and if it doesn't help, let us know on the forum!
  • PS3/PS4 controllers that identify themselves will use Playstation style face button prompts
  • Stage Select - new art and animations
  • Narrative improvements - the Boss dialogue exchanges have had a pass to refocus the events and storyline
  • Rebalanced audio across the game, many smaller audio fixups and improvements
  • Holly, Lemon and Coral appear in the background of the tutorial if they're not actively participating

  • Corrected a long standing bug in the Multiplayer code that was causing enemies to spawn too close to players
  • Fixed an issue with Justice's heads that could end up with their hitbox too low to be hit properly when hit with a shutdown while mid air
  • Linux machines with Intel integrated videocards now display shadows spoke too soon - had to build with an earlier version to get keyboard working again in Linux

Known Issues
  • We don't auto-detect PC performance so graphics settings will default to 'High'. If you notice the game running badly or not looking right, please adjust your Visual Settings manually!
Community Announcements - Sycle
If you are keeping up with our Early Access you'll know the game is getting increasingly finished, and so we thought it was a great time to release a new trailer to show it off!
We hope you enjoy it and please share it around! We struggle with visibility and rely heavily on happy players and word of mouth!
Community Announcements - Sycle

Hi everyone! Just a regular progress update, fixed some issues and finished some art! Enjoy!

  • Enemy Wasp has a new texture
  • Enemies Drone and Turbo Drone have new textures
  • Enemies Bullet Turret, Laser Turret and Maser Turret have new textures
  • Refined the Zone 1 floor textures, should look a little nicer now
  • Higher resolution skybox in Zone 3
  • Tweaks to Zone 2 music
  • A cool new unexpected voice sample on startup to freak you out

  • Fixed a non progression bug that could occur during Boss Medulla's final wave in 3 player
  • Fixed cosmetic issue where the Turret animation would pop after spawning
Community Announcements - Sycle

I'm feeling proud of this update! It fills in the two missing levels from Zone 4 meaning you can now play from the tutorial right up until the last boss before you see a whitebox texture!

  • Focus (zone 4 - 3) got an art pass
  • Repeater (zone 4 - 4) got both an art pass and a substantial rewrite - the panels use a better algorithm to arrange themselves and should result in less cases where the path between you and enemies breaks, and feel more responsive in general
  • You may be able to get a little deeper in Infinity Drive now......?

  • Fixed issue where failing a level muted the music and left it muted
  • Fixed an issue where music in Infinity Drive / Daily Drive wasn't getting stepped down towards battery depletion
  • Fixed bug that was failing to extend the Chain counter when Liquorice enters the battle
  • Improved issue where some flying enemies could intersect moving walls when shut down
  • Fixed a bug where Attract Mode would affect the Stage Select position in the campaign

If you are experiencing issues with the final wave of the last boss not spawning, please let us know on the forums what OS you're running and if there were any unusual circumstances. It's proving a tricky one to reproduce or squash so any clues are welcome!
Community Announcements - Sycle

Maintaining the momentum, the art train powers into Zone 5!

  • Control (zone 5 - 2) gets an art pass
  • Convection (zone 5 - 3) gets an art pass and is no longer full of red jelly cubes (sorry, jelly cube fans)
  • Rocket Fidos, Fetcher Fidos and Jumbo Fidos got a texture pass
  • Updated Stage Select preview art
  • When the S+ indicator is enabled, Auto Restart can be toggled on and off via the pause menu (under Options)
  • Forfeiting a Daily Drive now requires a confirmation step

  • Improved the way audio is loaded, should result in lower overall memory usage and slightly better load times in some cases
  • minor Venom animation related improvements
  • fixed issue where some enemies could trigger their shutdown sfx several times

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