Community Announcements - Sycle

Hi everyone! Just a regular progress update, fixed some issues and finished some art! Enjoy!

  • Enemy Wasp has a new texture
  • Enemies Drone and Turbo Drone have new textures
  • Enemies Bullet Turret, Laser Turret and Maser Turret have new textures
  • Refined the Zone 1 floor textures, should look a little nicer now
  • Higher resolution skybox in Zone 3
  • Tweaks to Zone 2 music
  • A cool new unexpected voice sample on startup to freak you out

  • Fixed a non progression bug that could occur during Boss Medulla's final wave in 3 player
  • Fixed cosmetic issue where the Turret animation would pop after spawning
Community Announcements - Sycle

I'm feeling proud of this update! It fills in the two missing levels from Zone 4 meaning you can now play from the tutorial right up until the last boss before you see a whitebox texture!

  • Focus (zone 4 - 3) got an art pass
  • Repeater (zone 4 - 4) got both an art pass and a substantial rewrite - the panels use a better algorithm to arrange themselves and should result in less cases where the path between you and enemies breaks, and feel more responsive in general
  • You may be able to get a little deeper in Infinity Drive now......?

  • Fixed issue where failing a level muted the music and left it muted
  • Fixed an issue where music in Infinity Drive / Daily Drive wasn't getting stepped down towards battery depletion
  • Fixed bug that was failing to extend the Chain counter when Liquorice enters the battle
  • Improved issue where some flying enemies could intersect moving walls when shut down
  • Fixed a bug where Attract Mode would affect the Stage Select position in the campaign

If you are experiencing issues with the final wave of the last boss not spawning, please let us know on the forums what OS you're running and if there were any unusual circumstances. It's proving a tricky one to reproduce or squash so any clues are welcome!
Community Announcements - Sycle

Maintaining the momentum, the art train powers into Zone 5!

  • Control (zone 5 - 2) gets an art pass
  • Convection (zone 5 - 3) gets an art pass and is no longer full of red jelly cubes (sorry, jelly cube fans)
  • Rocket Fidos, Fetcher Fidos and Jumbo Fidos got a texture pass
  • Updated Stage Select preview art
  • When the S+ indicator is enabled, Auto Restart can be toggled on and off via the pause menu (under Options)
  • Forfeiting a Daily Drive now requires a confirmation step

  • Improved the way audio is loaded, should result in lower overall memory usage and slightly better load times in some cases
  • minor Venom animation related improvements
  • fixed issue where some enemies could trigger their shutdown sfx several times
Community Announcements - Sycle

Reintroducing Venom! Fully textured with new effects and details, you can now fight Venom while suspended above the nerve centre of the Genki Star

  • Venom (zone 4 boss) has had a complete art overhaul
  • Medulla (zone 5 boss) has pre and post battle text dialogue added
  • Justice (zone 3 boss) drones now tilt in the direction of movement and leave trails, similar to Helo
  • Venom has been added to Boss Rush
  • Audio volumes can now be changed mid game via the pause menu
  • Higher contrast bullets added for the Assault, Seeker and Spreadshot player weapons
  • Added a few context based play tips to the Battery Depleted screen
  • Various texture and material improvements

  • fixed the transitions in Boss Rush
Community Announcements - Sycle

Lucky number 13! After the excitement of reaching Alpha, we're back to adding, fixing, improving and generally struggling to finish the game before it finishes us.

This update features the first proper reveal of Zone 4 - among the stars and perched above the Genki Star, Zone 4 is a perilous environment of flimsy surfaces and reconfiguring panels. We also recorded lines for the final boss, Medulla.

  • Assembly (zone 4 - 1) stage art
  • Relay (zone 4 - 2) also gets stage art
  • Medulla (zone 5 boss) has an in-game voice
  • Minor Medulla balance changes. Due to this and one of the bug fixes, her leaderboard has been reset
  • Shiitake has her own Stage Clear animation, so now all the androids have unique Stage Clear anims!
  • on beating Medulla, you have the option of returning to Stage Select, replaying the stage or rolling credits - this is not how the game will end, but it's a step closer!
  • added a logo sequence to improve startup responsiveness
  • the battery shows the text "COLLECT" above it for the first five times it appears. After this it goes back to how it was. Unless you miss a battery, then it totally reminds you again
  • Tutorial tweaks
  • Zone 1 skybox upressed
  • continued sound effect iteration

  • fixed game breaking multiplayer bug that under specific circumstances could cause the spawn system to lock up and be a total jerk about spawning new enemies
  • fixed a game breaking bug in the Medulla battle that was occurring on specific hardware configurations
  • fixed bug/exploit where a well placed Shutdown would leave one of Medulla's sub-units in a state of increased damage for the entire phase
  • fixed cosmetic issue where guns were left floating or sticking out of things on Stage Clear
  • resolved an issue with the AI. They can now be combined with the First Person EX Mode
Community Announcements - Sycle

A progress update adding a few improvements and correcting oversights from last weeks Alpha release!

  • Added Y Invert for First Person mode - it is found in Game Settings
  • Collider (zone 5 - 4) has intro and outro text dialogue and a music adjustment
  • Aubergine was given a Stage Clear animation
  • Zone 5 skybox added
  • Infinity Drive / Daily Drive skybox added
  • Zone 5 boss Medulla has had tuning adjustments to her final phase

  • fixed issue where Keyboard and Mouse did not return the cursor on stage end in First Person mode
  • fixed an issue with Aubergine that was causing boss battle restarts to trigger the wrong music
  • fixed the discrepancy in Collider where "largest enemy chain" could be reported as larger than "enemies defeated"
  • corrected typos in the Codex and Boss Dialogues
  • changed the rotation controls in mouse and keyboard Codex model view to point in the right direction
  • fixed the squished looking joypad button on Jukebox and Sound Test
  • fixed the crossfading when playing multiple tracks in the Jukebox
  • many small fixes
Community Announcements - Sycle

This major update adds the last two stages of the game (including the final boss) bonus modes and content and many fixes and improvements. With this update we consider Assault Android Cactus to be at Alpha, an important milestone in development!

  • new Title music
  • new Credits music
  • Zone 4 boss Venom has intro and outro text dialogue. You may want to replay him to follow the story!
  • new level Collider (zone 5 - 4) introducing a mysterious sub-boss!
  • new whitebox Final Boss - Medulla
  • Rebalanced Control (zone 5 - 2) - as a result, its leaderboard have been reset
  • new game mechanic - credits. Earn them by playing to unlock bonus stuff
  • new feature Codex - as you progress through the game, unlock entries on characters, enemies and world that Cactus is set in
  • new feature EX Options - use credits to purchase cool and/or strange extra gameplay modes
  • new feature Jukebox
  • new feature Sound Test
  • audio cues added for full weapon cooldown and when you can't swap to your secondary weapon due to overheat
  • bosses blink their lights when they talk
  • Tutorial refinements

  • fixed an issue that was disabling HDR if you set graphics settings to Custom - has a noticeable impact on bloom
  • improved responsiveness of Daily Drive stage clear leaderboards and trimmed the opening timing
  • fixed interface issues related to Character Select and Unlock screens
  • handled a case where Steam Overlay could cause the game to stay paused
  • Starch's Micromissiles take in account target size
  • Spectres (teleporting enemies) no longer leave thin vertical lines behind if you kill them during a teleport
  • Leaderboard joypad buttons no longer slightly squished (seriously, this was bugging me so much)
  • many smaller tweaks and fixes

Whew! So this is a pretty big update, the two final levels of the game plus a bunch of new ways to explore the entire game.

To see a full breakdown of the EX Options, check our latest Blog Post!

Why has AAC been 'Pre-Alpha' until now?

We were getting this question a lot! - people questioned why we were 'pre-alpha' when large portions of the game seem close to complete. For many 'pre-alpha' seems synonymous with 'prototype' or 'broken'.

The simple answer is "Pre-Alpha" and "Alpha" can describe various stages of development but Alpha is "gameplay complete". For Assault Android Cactus to reach Alpha means all characters, levels, weapons, enemies are present and accounted for.

What's next?

Our next major milestone will be Beta. In the following updates we will be replacing placeholder art, adding missing animations and fleshing out story content and ex modes. Thankyou so much to everyone who as supported us so far and I hope you enjoy the ride as we head for the finish line!
Community Announcements - Sycle

This update introduces a new game mode called Daily Drive - think of it as a short, ten layer version of Infinity Drive that changes every day and you only get one try!

There's a new Leaderboard page (showing the current leaderboard - we will eventually host the archives on our website) and we hope you have fun with it!

  • new game mode - Daily Drive
  • More generous battery rules in Infinity Drive / Boss Rush - more chance of receiving a battery immediately before a boss and bosses will now always drop a battery on defeat
  • Justice now charges his plasma field meaning there is a brief window between getting too close to him and taking damage. However he now also uses his plasma field while deploying laser fences and capture spheres
  • Leaderboards - you can now scroll through your friends list (funny story! When I was writing this feature I didn't have over 15 friends who'd played the game)
  • Stage Select leaderboards - friends list will frame your score if you're not in the top 5
  • Dogs that drag you around will break their link if you can break line of sight

  • Fixed geometry in Relay where players could end up outside the level
  • Fixed issue where Venom would teleport to the middle of the stage when shutdown under certain circumstances
  • Reworked the chain system to remove an ambiguous case where chaining a boss together with an element worth no points would result in a multikill bonus - the rule that both enemies involved must be worth points should now be consistently enforced across all characters/weapons
  • Venom has a better collision volume during his final phase, resulting in more accurate railgun hits
  • Android Select doesn't imply you can add another character if you return to it in 4 player mode
  • (Maybe?) fixed the issue with guns ending up in the wrong spot on Stage Clear ... if anyone spots it in the latest build, let us know!
Community Announcements - Sycle
minor update
  • fixed an issue on Transit where flying enemies dropped powerups in the air/walls
  • fixed the SSAO menu item, can now select High when pushing right
  • reduced Wasp attack radius
  • reduced Vespula's Wasp spawn radius
  • Shiitake's mines have had their deadzone restored, Railgun's hitsweep narrowed
  • Increased enemy visual response on high damage single hits
Community Announcements - Sycle

We're still hard at work on the main content of the campaign, this update adds various audio and visual improvements and tuning changes.

Important! We've reenabled SSAO on Highest visual quality. It is an expensive effect and if the game is performing worse after this update, please check out the Video Settings menu.

  • Transit has received an art pass, Zone 3 no longer has whitebox stages!
  • Venom has spoken dialogue during his battle
  • Infinity Drive has had a tuning pass to improve consistency around boss fights and in multiplayer.
  • Infinity Drive high scores are now driven by Layer Reached, with the score itself only used as a tie breaker. Due to these changes the Infinity Drive leaderboards have been reset.
  • Coral now has a Stage Clear animation
  • Shiitake's mines have received a small damage reduction
  • Lemon's rockets have received a small damage increase
  • Holly's seeker has received a small damage increase at higher levels
  • Video Settings menu has been expanded to allow finer control. Effects like bloom, reflections and image processing can now be toggled on and off directly.
  • SSAO re-added with three levels of quality
  • Colour correction added
  • FXAA anti-aliasing added (off by default)

  • Reworked spawn system - dissolving robots should no longer pop out of existence during heavy action
  • Wasps apply damage correctly - previously they were slightly inconsistent
  • Vespula now summons wasps in a pretty, non-arbitrary pattern
  • Fixed Shiitake's railgun not hitting Venom's arms when you were super close

Known Issues
  • When starting the game with "-popupwindow" in order to play in full screen windowed mode (in Windows) you will not be able to set the game to fullscreen mode, but the options menu does not reflect this
  • Native Dual Shock 3 support in OSX is busted. It is possible to work around it using a control remapper that makes the DS3 to emulate an xbox pad or similar, and we are working on a proper fix
  • Shadows are missing on certain integrated videocards under Linux
  • Native Steam Controller support still coming soon
  • Aubergine's singularity effect looks different on Linux. Functionality is fine, it's just distorting the screen in the wrong direction. Been tricky to figure out...

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