Life Goes On: Done to Death - Malitiatus
We've updated the game to support both Brazilian Portuguese and Korean localizations. We've also patched some bugs and taken a stab at the "Run Left" bug, where your characters only move left. If you're experiencing this bug, wait fifteen seconds and try again.

Full Patch notes:
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese and Korean localizations
  • Re-worked code for Beat the Devs achievement to prevent unearned unlocks
  • Make sure the pause menu still has a cursor after a mouse was used on the map screen
  • Added a 15 second timeout on inputs from unrecognized controllers to address run left problems
  • Add correct font switching to GUI elements when a new language is selected
  • Show appropriate localized versions of certain special knight names instead of English versions
  • Add missing Traditional Chinese achievement localization to Steam
  • Remove non-functional BBcode from Russian achievement localization in Steam
Life Goes On: Done to Death - Malitiatus
We've updated the game to support Traditional Chinese localization and patch some bugs:
  • Added Traditional Chinese localization support
  • Addressing issues with VJoy
  • Removed the ability to jump the checkpoint on the World 3 challenge level. This was originally explicitly denied during the design of the level, but was mistakenly reverted at some point.
  • Bug fixed where achievements were only showing on the in-game achievement screen after restarting the application.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (John Walker)

I think I’ve become a little wary of puzzle platformers. To much block pushing busywork, not enough intriguing dilemmas (great cars, I hear) to solve. So I looked at Life Goes On’s [official site] expanded re-release with a sceptical eye (the other eye was watching a passing bee). And then immediately fell for it. Coo, this is a rather splendid little game, where death is very much your aim.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - squee
Hey puzzle solvers!

We are so excited to finally announce that Life Goes On: Done to Death, the game where you have to die to progress, is available! We spent the last two years working on our original release, Life Goes On, to bring you an updated and expanded version that is bigger, better, and packed with tons of new features!

You can get the game right now at 25% off the regular price for launch week. (If you own the original Life Goes On, the update is FREE!).

So What’s Life Goes On: Done to Death?

Life Goes On: Done to Death is a comically-morbid platformer where you guide heroic knights to their demise and use the dead bodies to solve puzzles. Wanting to live forever, a mighty king sends his army of knights to find the Cup of Life. On this quest, you will summon knight after knight to be brutally sacrificed.

Impale knights on spikes to create a safe path. Catch a knight on a sawblade to land the body on a button. Freeze knights into blocks of ice to reach higher ground.

You’ll also electrocute knights to open doors, blast knights out of cannons, and even zombify a knight to be your violent, dim-witted friend. As you journey through treacherous and trap-ridden worlds, you’ll show no mercy to solve each challenging puzzle.

New Updates & Features!
  • More Levels! There now over 65 levels (almost doubling the playtime of the original game) within four vibrant worlds--this includes the brand-new “sky” world called The Ruins.

  • More Ways to Die! Ahh Zombies! You can now zombify a knight, or will the zombie kill you? There’s also portals to blast your knights through. And be careful not to get crushed!

  • Unlockable Hats and Weapons! Unlock amusing hats and weapons, and your knights will spawn wearing silly hats, like beanies, berets and horseheads, and wielding even sillier weapons, like dead fish and spatulas.

    Did we mention that Life Goes On: Done to Death also includes a kick-ass boss fight, a map-integrated storyline, an armoury to check out all your hat and weapons, and other new features that make death even funnier than before?

    If you’re new to our game, we hope you love it. And if you’ve played the original, we hope you love the updated version!

    Get Life Goes On: Done to Death for 25% now!
Community Announcements - squee
Life Goes On: Done to Death is almost here! Since the release of Life Goes On in 2014, we have been working hard on improving, upgrading, and expanding the game.

So what’s new in Done to Death?
  • A new world called The Ruins (set in the sky), making up a total of four worlds and over 65 levels.
  • New levels that are longer, almost doubling the game’s total playtime. The levels are also more mind-boggling, and there are extra-difficult bonus levels for puzzle lovers.
  • New puzzle-solving mechanisms and tools such as dim-witted zombies and portals to transport knights.
  • More funny features and elements such as unlockable hats and weapons (think beanies and floppy fish).
  • The level selection map had gotten a complete overhaul, now including more art, sound effects, and a background story.

Current owners of Life Goes On will get this update for free! The game will auto-update in your Steam library on May 17th!
Community Announcements - Malitiatus
We’re very pleased to announce that we are expanding Life Goes On with new content and features as Life Goes On: Done to Death.

Life Goes On: Done to Death is an expansion of our existing game to include a bright new world filled with strange mechanisms and deadly new traps. For example, we’ve decided that we aren’t done with the knights even after they die. In this new section of the game, you will face the bodies from your former lives as they walk around the level, attacking your player, and stumbling into traps.

We’ve always had fun with Life Goes On – sacrificing your characters over and over is a dark concept. But by making it as ridiculous as possible, it turns into something funny. Done to Death builds on this by delivering more morbid comedy and more opportunities for the players to mistreat the knight in horrible and unique ways.

The community has always been incredibly supportive of us and so we’ve decided that it didn’t really make sense to charge people again for content that we’ve always wanted to put into the game. When Life Goes On: Done to Death launches later this year all the existing copies of Life Goes On will automatically be upgraded and receive the new content and features for free.

We can’t wait to get Life Goes On: Done to Death into players’ hands and we think you’ll really enjoy the experience. We’ll be posting more details about the content and features we’ll be adding over the coming months before the game lands later this year so stay with us. We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments so feel free to reach out!
Community Announcements - Malitiatus
We are pleased to announce that Infinite Monkeys Entertainment Ltd. has partnered with Unity Japan and Kakehashi Games to localize Life Goes On to Japanese!

To celebrate the Japanese release we are currently offering a one week 25% discount on Steam that you can check out here.
Community Announcements - Malitiatus
We are extremely pleased to announce that Life Goes On has been selected into this years PAX 10!

We'll be showcasing the game at this years PAX Prime in Seattle from August 29 to September 1, 2014. If you're attending, drop by and say hello!
Community Announcements - Malitiatus
Steam Trading Cards are now available through Life Goes On! Jump in and start collecting to get your Life Goes On Badge!
Jun 17, 2014
Community Announcements - Malitiatus
  • We've updated to Unity 4.3! This should resolve the crash on startup bug that some users using Intel HD graphics were experiencing. Also we've worked with Intel to ensure that the bug was fixed on the driver side, so updating your Intel graphics drivers couldn't hurt.
  • The bug where the level select cursor would disappear when using a keyboard or controller has been fixed.
  • We've made some minor geometry tweaks to levels. So you can no longer beat a certain level with 0 deaths.
  • Game pad binding now only binds to the first controller.
  • Knights can no longer grab their falling comrades or grounded comrades.

  • The start menu can no longer be opened while looking at the achievements in game.
  • "All of the Things" should now unlock properly.
  • We've added a version number to the start menu.
  • Steam achievements should now unlock properly (except for 64 bit Linux users. Sorry we're working on it :( ).

  • We've fixed counting achievements for non Steam users.
  • We've made it easier for the band and have stopped playing level music and victory jingles over top of one another.
  • We've also given the band updated music sheets so they won't play the wrong music on the wrong level. Mostly.
  • We've decided to stop being mean and we now stop the level timer when the knight grabs the grail.
  • As a result of the above, some levels "secret" target times have been updated.
  • "All of the Things" will now unlock, albeit not properly. Whoops.
  • Non steam versions of the game now do not require Steam to be running.
  • Escape, Backspace, and a controller's "B" button now allow you to exit menus.

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