Community Announcements - cuddigan
A small bugfix update just went live, it fixes issues with arrows not always hitting mobs when shot from a bow.

As a fun addition, via popular demand here on the forums, it also adds a new Field of View slider to the Options menu.

Thanks for letting us know about these issues!
Community Announcements - cuddigan
The September update of Delver is here, just in the nick of time. This is a fun update for us, since we had the chance to work with the awesome character artist Hunter Russel to redo all of our monster animations and the results shine.

We also updated to the latest version of the libGdx engine, fixed some collision issues that were causing people to get stuck in the mines, and got in some decent performance fixes that should stop the hitching some people have been experiencing. There's also a super fancy new menu background, to replace the boring image that was there before.

  • Redid ALL monster animations
  • Monsters leave corpses now
  • Some new NPC animations
  • Bats have a lunge attack now
  • The druid and worm monsters have jumping attacks
  • Mages now have a windup before their magic attacks to give themselves away
  • Fancy in engine menu background
  • Player starts with some gold now, instead of 0
  • Player and mobs can no longer stand on eachother
  • Overlay text is now smaller by default

Bug Fixes
  • Redid the stepping up physics code, should no longer get stuck in small spaces or step up onto columns
  • Showing a win message instead of 'Dead' after finishing the game on the main menu now
  • Fixed dragging and dropping items from the inventory not throwing them as expected always
Aug 27, 2014
Community Announcements - cuddigan
This bugfix update has the latest version of the editor, with the following changes:
  • Full support for custom spritesheets, sprite entities can now pick any sheet defined in the data/spritesheets.dat file.
  • Can now open some dungeon tiles from Update 6 that couldn't be opened previously
Aug 18, 2014
Community Announcements - cuddigan
The latest update made the dungeons quite a bit darker for most people, this latest bugfix update is to bring the light levels back up to where they were before.
Aug 16, 2014
Community Announcements - cuddigan
We've been busy here at the Delver HQ putting together this new update, and I'm happy to announce that it's available right now!

The main focus for this update was to start making use of the offhand item slot and to that end we've added shields, held light sources, and added support in for two handed items. Alongside that work, Joshua started on adding clutter items to fill out the dungeons more and to make things look more lived in.

On the dungeon generator side, there is a new unique dungeon area feature that keeps track of what dungeon chunks have been spawned during a run, and let specially marked areas spawn only once. This system will allow us to make more interesting special event or puzzle areas, and we've added a couple of these as a test of the system.

Lastly, some armor has speed modifiers now so that an adventurer loaded up with full plate mail and a kite shield doesn't move as fast as one wearing leather armor, this is a baby step toward more interesting player choices regarding armor.

  • Shields as offhand items
  • Two handed weapons
  • Speed modifiers for Armor (plate mail is slower than leather)
  • Held light sources like candles and lanterns
  • Junk clutter items spread throughout the dungeon
  • Tiny chance for monsters and boxes to drop junk loot
  • New special dungeon areas
  • A shadowy figure
Jun 24, 2014
Community Announcements - cuddigan
This latest update to Delver fixes some collision issues, players were getting stuck in some parts of our new caves and this aims to fix those issues. Let us know if you still have issues!

  • FIxed some cases where players and mosters could climb into small areas, but not out of them
  • Fix for players getting stuck in static meshes when stepping up onto more than one
  • Fixed an issue where Movers wouldn't properly fire their triggers when placed by the dungeon generator
Jun 18, 2014
Community Announcements - cuddigan

A wild update appeared! This has a little bit of everything: the first version of our story system, caves have gotten a complete overhaul, much better traps, a live preview mode for the map editor, and a whole slough of engine updates and bug fixes to finish things off.

Like always let us know if you encounter any issues, enjoy!

  • Out with the old caves, in with the new caves
  • Traps are physical objects now
  • Story notes will be spawned inside the dungeon now
  • Added a lowercase font
  • Engine support for movers now, like elevators and buttons
  • The editor has a live preview mode now, no more leaving the editor to test something out
  • Faster level saving / loading (3x faster at least!)
  • Added a graphics detail mode, that should speed up performance on slower systems
  • The Yithidian Orb is Orbier now

  • Monsters no longer jump headfirst into pits and lava
  • Performance fixes with emitter visiblity
  • Fixed crash when a looping sound doesn't load
  • Entity groups in the editor rotate properly when placed in levels
  • Triggers on Dungeon tiles now only look within that tile for matching IDs
  • Editor now uses the same renderer as the game does
  • Skyboxes are pulled properly from dungeons.dat now
  • Fixed some weirdly rotated doors. Door, why you do that?

Also, have you seen prol3's lets plays of Delver yet? They're super cool. Like, super, amazingly cool.
Community Announcements - cuddigan
We've been hard at work on Delver lately, and things are now stable enough to put out as a proper update. This update includes a ton of new dungeon areas, a new lighting model, lots of bug fixes, exploding potions, and some editor improvements to boot.

New Features
  • Potions are now volatile, don't shake them up too hard
  • Crates are breakable, have a chance to contain loot
  • Level up stats are now randomly chosen, start of a new skill system
  • Doors can now be stuck closed, these can be bashed open
  • Better support for static meshes, engine supports much more detail now
  • New lighting model to make the dungeon look better and spookier
  • A bunch of rendering bug fixes
  • Lots of new dungeon content

Like always, if you encounter any issues or want to let us know what you think, post in the forum!
Community Announcements - cuddigan
Our work from November is now available, just in time for the holidays. This update includes a bunch of things aimed at improving the game 'feel', and to that end we've added new combat animations, new blunt weapons like maces and hammers, added some screen shake to spice things up, and added sounds to the flying skull and druid monsters.

We also took a big step towards full gamepad support. XBox 360 controllers should work out of the box now, Dual Shock also should be well supported, your mileage will vary with other controllers.

The sewers also got a few more dungeon areas aimed at opening up the battlegrounds a bit to keep things from getting too claustrophobic. Shop prices also got some significant tweaks, most prices doubled and the skill in a jar jumped way up in price to 250 gold to reflect better the impact it has on a run.

New features
  • Weapon subgroups have unique animations
  • Added hammers
  • And maces!
  • Screenshake!
  • Using a potion has a chance of remembering the effect
  • Testing out hit animations for a few monsters
  • Flying skull sounds
  • Druidess sounds
  • Gave the orb a creepy ambient sound
  • Ambient waterfall and lava sounds
  • Some ui sounds for maps and dialogue
  • Gamepad support for Xbox 360 and Dual Shock controllers
  • Added some lag to the held weapon rotation

Balance tweaks
  • Tweaked weapon attack speeds
  • Upped price of items in shops
  • Skill in a jar now costs 250 gold not 20
  • Traps now can be activated by things going further above them
  • Projectiles can now trigger traps

Bug fixes
  • Fix for blank win screen
  • Fixed potion colors forgetting effect between levels
  • Fixed particles getting stuck / teleporting into walls
  • Fixed getting stuck in flying mobs
  • Fixed friction for mobs walking on bridges / furniture
  • Some performance fixes related to level loading
  • Entities not moving can put their physics to sleep
  • Fixed goblin idle sounds not playing
  • Fix for storm wand beam missing enemies

Stuff that may break your mod
  • Some house cleaning in the entities.png file

You may have issues loading save files from earlier versions, if you encounter issues, like invisible monsters, start up a new game.
Community Announcements - cuddigan
The October Update for Delver is now available!
This is a big one, there's a ton of new stuff to find, I'll keep some secret for you to find yourselves.

Notable changes:
  • Totally revamped art
  • All new sounds
  • Starting camp area, with shops
  • Post game stats
  • And much more!

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