Community Announcements - ollirain

As you may know, Teslagrad is a rollicking puzzle platformer with lush, hand painted steampunk visuals, silent storytelling and magnetic super powers.
Our game will be released in Japan on February 18th, and will be recieving an updated japanese translation to coincide with this!

We want to share our joy with you all by doing a one week, 75% off sale on the Steam version, starting today, February 9!
Community Announcements - ollirain
So, Winter is upon us, frozen water is falling from the sky, making everything nice and slippery,
and there’s a shiny new Steam Winter Sale currently bombarding you with tempting offers.
In light of this we’d like to take a moment to sit down with you and talk about the important things in life.

Here we go:

Is Teslagrad on sale? How cheap is it?
The answers are, in the aformentioned order: Yes! and 50% off-$4.49!

(also, we're releasing a boxed physical edition of Teslagrad! It's already out in parts of Europe, more info in early 2015 about release in the rest of the world!)
Community Announcements - Johnny Darko
Hi everyone!

A new update of Teslagrad is now available here on Steam, and will be progressively available in all the other stores and distributors. Please find the whole list of changes below:

  • Improved empty saved game slots now show the text 'Empty' in light grey.
  • Improved graphics of conveyor belts, should now be synchronized better.
  • Improved magnetflies, won't fly around when they're not visible any longer.
  • Improved use of light in some scenes (for better performance).
  • Reduced memory consumption drastically in general.
  • Reduced total size of the game through better use of compression.

  • Fixed bug when a slow machine might not have loaded a level in time.
  • Fixed bug where bosses would desynchronize with the sound when menu was opened.
  • Fixed bug where the player could avoid entering the final area.
  • Fixed bug where the player either jumps or falls from a wall when leaning out.
  • Fixed bug where the player would fall from a wall for no reason.

As usual, thanks for your reports and invaluable feedback!
Community Announcements - ollirain
To celebrate the release of the first console version of Teslagrad, we're joining the weeklong deals this week with a 33% off deal on the Steam version!

check it out!
Community Announcements - ollirain
We're proud to announce that Teslagrad has been selected as a finalist in the Community Choice and the Best 2D Visual Experience categories for Unity Awards 2014! The entire team is extremely stoked, and we hope that you'll vote for us here:
Community Announcements - ollirain
We're happy to announce that Sony will officially be showing off a playable build of the PlayStation 3 version of Teslagrad at their E3 booth! We feel like we're swimming with the big boys!
Community Announcements - Johnny Darko
Hi again folks! Today we have an important announcement here. We're just released the first Teslagrad collector's edition, together with our partners at IndieBox.

And what does it include?
  • Retro Game Box with Guest Artwork by Dan Jones
  • USB Teslagrad Game Cartridge with Protective Case
  • 24 Page Color Manual
  • Teslagrad Soundtrack by Jørn Lavoll and Linn Kathrin Taklo, featuring Bonus Track by Chiptunes Artist Kubbi
  • Teslagrad Poster
  • Four-Button Pack featuring the Powers of the Teslamancer
  • Official CubeeCraft Papercraft of the Teslamancer
  • BONUS: Powerhoof's Game Jam Prototype of Dungeon Crawler - CRAWL
  • Vinyl IndieBox Sticker
There are REALLY FEW copies available, so let's go for it if you like the edition!

A nice pic here.

However, if you unfortunately missed this über-limited and awesomest physical version of Teslagrad, we still have good news. Firstly, you can suscribe to The IndieBox to get some other cool indie games. And no less important, Teslagrad is today starting a Weeklong Deal, and it's 33% all this week! Let's play!
Community Announcements - ollirain
We feel honored and proud to be nominated in both the Innovation category and the prestigious Best Game of the Year category!
May 22th, Malmö. Let's write down that date!

Nordic Game Nominees 2014
Feb 27, 2014
Community Announcements - Johnny Darko

Prepare to update, buddies! Here we are again with tons of changes, including a new language, many bugfixes and general improvements. Enjoy :).

  • Added Turkish translation.
  • Added more visible doors to the map.
  • Adjusted map position when inside the tower shaft.
  • Fixed Steam achievements will catch up during game loading.
  • Fixed Steam features works on linux versions.
  • Fixed blinking onto the platform when standing on the ground in 'Guardian'.
  • Fixed controls will no longer break for those who used 'Standard Alt'
  • Fixed map outside of the tower area showing only the visited areas.
  • Improved ambiences in the city and waterworks.
  • Improved physics calculation CPU tax for objects that doesn't move.
  • Improved the Oleg boss fight, now is a bit easier to survive.
  • Improved the traversability of the top section of the tower shaft.
  • Improved zoomed out a bit on the map.
  • Updated sounds in the king bossfight.
Jan 14, 2014
Community Announcements - Johnny Darko
Hey there!

Finally the dust has settled after launch, and we're glad to come back with our first big update. Featuring improved gamepad recognition (which has been long asked for) new languages, bugfixing, and general improvements. Take a look to the full changelog here.

  • Added a new controller mapping menu layout with reset buttons.
  • Added another maze level checkpoint.
  • Added arabic language support.
  • Added automatic mandatory creation of a gamepad mapping file.
  • Added automatic mapping for the Xbox 360 Controller, and a few others on many platforms.
  • Added support for generic gamepads with X+Y axis and button0 + button1.
  • Added support for mapping gamepads that have any constantly floored axises.
  • Changed each theater area only autostarts once - after that, the player won't need to watch for it.
  • Changed game will open in a very high resolution, or fallback to current.
  • Changed gamepad mappings apply for all connected gamepads, regardless of index.
  • Changed tower shaft is now more open after the orb boss is defeated.
  • Fixed a bug where leaving orbboss and reentering while he is dead would lead to room not blocked.
  • Fixed a bug where the king dying sound would keep playing after the player died.
  • Fixed an orb boss bug due to too early defeat on some hardware.
  • Fixed claws killing the player too easily in the bird boss.
  • Fixed music bug in the art deco area.
  • Fixed saving issues with the orb boss area.
  • Fixed translation of the word 'Resolution' in the menus.
  • Improved ambience music fading in some areas.
  • Improved glyph support on Teslagrad font.
  • Improved graphics in the orb boss room

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