Unholy Heights - notnot2601@playism
Hi All

Unholy Heights is currently 20% off in this week's Steam Weekly Sales!

Combining tower defense games with apartment management, the devil has decided to create create a mansion where monsters can live. However, locals aren't happy and send waves of heroes to prevent their establishment.
Rent out apartments to monsters, keep them happy and have them defend you!

Don't miss this opportunity!

Unholy Heights - イズム | PLAYISM
Unholy Heights is in this week's Steam Sales!


The popular simulation game where the devil manages his own apartment building. Watch the lives of the resident monsters and spur them on to defend your building when adventurers come to attack!

A fun and cute experience, currently 20% off.
Do not miss this opportunity!

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Unholy Heights - イズム | PLAYISM
Hi All!

The Summer sales are in full swing, and the Playism catalog is joining in!!

Unholy Heights has joined in the sales too and is currently 20% off.

Check it out now:


Check out all our sales on Steam or on our blog!

Also, follow the Playism Group for all our latest updates and introductions to our other games!

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Unholy Heights - イズム | PLAYISM
Hi All!

Unholy Heights is on Sale this week for 20% off!

Welcome to Unholy Heights, a mashup of Tower Defense and Apartment Management Simulation! The Devil has converted a tenement building into monsters-only housing, and has big plans for the future.

Make sure you check it out now!


Don't forget that you can also check out the Strategy Bundle that Unholy Heights is part of, for a chance to get even better deals!
Playism Strategy Bundle

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Unholy Heights is part of the Strategy Recommendations!
Community Announcements - cheru
Hi All!

We hope you are having fantastic holidays!

The Steam Winter Sales have started, and Unholy Heights has joined the sales, you can now get it for 20% off!

You can find all the Playism titles that are on sale here, or listed on our blog!

We have also just added some exciting bundles!
Unholy Heights, Magic Potion Explorer, Healer Only Lives Twice and Rime Berta are now part of the Playism Strategy Bundle!

The Playism Strategy Bundle brings together all the great Strategy games that Playism has to offer. If you are looking for your set of games and love a challenge, then check out this bundle!

The bundle includes:
Unholy Heights
Magic Potion Explorer
Healer Only Lives Twice
Rime Berta

For a full list of our new bundles, make sure you check out our blog post:
Playism's New Bundles! on the Playism Blog

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Sep 28, 2015
Community Announcements - cheru
Hi Indie fans!

3 of Playism's titles are on sale, have you checked them out yet?

First we have In Space We Brawl, the intense local coop game where you discover who your true friends are. Challenge the missions in Space then use your knowledge to take down your friends in battle!
Also, the game has recently been updated with a new ship and a new weapon, so make sure you check them out too!


Starchaser: Priestess of the Night Sky is a beautiful anime-like game which takes you to the stars in gravity defying mazes and puzzles. Can you take on the stars and the challenges presented to you?


Also, our newest title Hacker's Beat is still on its Launch Sale! Dive into the Rhythmic world of hacking as you break into the mainframe with timing and style. Make sure you check it out now!

Community Announcements - cheru
Amazing news for PLAYISM fans!

Revolver360 Re:Actor has been selected as a finalist for IGF China 2015.

Rovolver360 has the possibility of winning one of the following rewards, so I hope that you are cheering it on!
  • Best Game
  • Best Mobile
  • Excellence in Audio
  • Audience Award
  • Excellence in Design
  • Excellence in Technology
  • Excellence in Visual Arts

Community Announcements - cheru
Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden has come to steam. If you bought the game on PLAYISM, you should find your steam key in your game library!

Explore this unique and enchanting world as you help Irene in her shop by tending to and harvesting organs.

Jul 27, 2015
Community Announcements - cheru
To all Indie Fans
PLAYISM is happy to announce a new game release.
Starchaser: Priestess of the Night Sky is out now on Steam with a 10% launch discount. Grab it now for $8.99.


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