Community Announcements - Stephanerd(✿◠‿◠)
Taken from the Dev Blog:

"Hi guys,

You may have noticed that the updates have slightly slowed down now the game is officially out of Early Access, but as you already know, we are still working hard on the game and would like you to take a look at the ongoing improvements list:


We understand your concerns/complaints on the state of the multiplayer and would like to reassure you. As we have stated in the past, even for Endless Space and Endless Legend, debugging and improving the multiplayer is a very tricky task. We can't release versions for you to try simply because an issue has been fixed while the rest is still pending (and consequently breaking the game).
We’ve been working hard with our QA team to reproduce the disconnections/lag issues some players have reported on our forums and identified the cause of most of these problems. We are currently still working on a solution that needs some code refactoring and a lot of tests to make sure it doesn’t break anything.
Once we improve the multiplayer stability, we will iterate on the cooperative requested features such as markers on the map, items sharing, etc.

Game crashes

Another subject we've been focusing our efforts on since the release are the game crashes occurring on some of your configurations. We know there's a memory leak problem with the game that causes most of those crashes.
It’s one of the most difficult problem to solve in software programming because it's very hard to track in the first place. We're continuously improving memory handling in our code but it’s a long process that needs a lot of tests.
We are planning to work in collaboration with Unity Technologies (our game engine developers) on the remaining leaks.

Saving problems

Some of you reported issues regarding the saving of their games and heroes/ships unlocks. We analysed the different cases and decided to implement a new save/profile file format to get rid of all those issues at once.
We also implemented game crash detection and auto saves at the beginning of each floor to have a backup checkpoint when you restart the game.

We are doing our best to release those fixes and improvements as soon as possible. Check out this updated list: [G2G] Amplitude's List of Community Feedback, made with your suggestions for both the singleplayer and multiplayer.

In the mean time, thank you all for your support and best wishes for the festive season!

Over and out, GFX47"
Announcement - Valve
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Community Announcements - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)

Vote here:

Hi guys,

We've reached the final phase of the Creation Contest - Monster Edition for Dungeon of the Endless. It was simple: you create a monster and we add it in game. This contest was divided in two parts: in the first one (here), we asked you to submit ideas for the actual gameplay. We received 120+ submissions which once again surprised us, so thank you all for participating.

"Dust Anomaly" (codename) won with 538330 Points. Congratulations to TheMassive! He/she will receive a unique forum badge, their name in the credits, a t-shirt with the monster created at the end of this competition, and three copies of DotE to play co-op with friends (or pugs)!

Part 2 started last week (here)... This time we asked you to submit a background story and a visual that would represent this monster. We selected three ideas that you get to choose in this week's vote:

You can vote here: GAMES2GETHER.

Honourable mentions to:
  • Gaze Walker by FattyMcFattz
  • Withering Dustbag by Callil
  • Shattered Lord by melkathi
  • Dustvine by Rancor
  • Lab Maintenance Drone by melkathi
  • Endless Guardian by Toly
  • Shard of Memory by Thyh

Making a choice was tough as always but we liked your submissions a lot nonetheless. Good luck to our finalists!

~The Amplidudes
Nov 19, 2014
Community Announcements - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed several monster animations
  • Fixed issues with the lighting system
  • Fixed an issue with old save files remaining in user directory
  • Fixed issues with pictures and texts in the Album
  • Fixed issues with French localisation
  • Fixed a bug with immobile Wizard with the appearance of the "Ignored" Stele
  • Fixed a bug with stacked Keeper

Known Issues

We are still working on the multiplayer and the stability of the game.

~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)

Hey there,

Here it is at last: the First Aid Kit update. We apologise for the slight delay, but we're hoping you'll enjoy this update for Dungeon of the Endless. The recent changes should improve your overall experience with new resolution options, key binding, small multiplayer improvements (chat in the game over/victory screens, regional filter, cross platform sessions), a first version of an auto-save feature, some balancing, bug fixes and so on.

This update also fixes the issues with the Endless Legend Emperor pack, with the Refreezerator pod and the Kreyang hero.


  • Unlocked Founder heroes by default: Josh 'Ntello (DotE Founder) and Kreyang (EL Founder/Emperor)
  • Added new resolution system in option panel
  • Added windowed mode in option panel
  • Added ability to rebind keys
  • Added Heroes groups shortcut with Ctrl + 0-9 (therefore allowing you to change your hero hotkeys)
  • Added first version of Auto-Save feature in case of crashes (solo mode) [WIP, doesn’t work if a crash occurs during elevator phase]
  • Added three G2G achievements (also renamed the achievement "Unbeatable Duo" to "Members Only")
  • Enabled cross platform multiplayer (Windows & Mac OS). Lobbies hosted by a player with a different public folder & files (modded version, or different OS) will be shown in gold.
  • Added regional filters in the lobby
  • Added chat in game over and victory panels
  • Added module build cost in the research panel
  • Improved Abandon game confirmation dialog
  • Improved some hero / monster / module animations
  • Improved Merchant on the tactical map (colour shows currency)
  • Improved projectile heights
  • Improved monsters placement to reduce overlapping

  • Increased self-destruction Delay of Kamikaze mobs with now a random interval
  • Reduced Kamikaze mobs spawn and zone damages on modules
  • Increased Kamikaze mobs damage zone on other monsters
  • Removed Keeper monster in the Library
  • Changed Pro Modules Stele with multiplicative effect
  • Changed Bad Company skill effect (addition instead of percentage)

  • Fixed Endless Legend Emperor pack unlocks (Kreyang hero and Refreezerator pod)
  • Fixed some issues with items duplicating and Merchant
  • Fixed several issues with multiplayer
  • Fixed several issues with environments and lights (rooms too dark)
  • Fixed disappearance of the crystal carrier in the high score panel
  • Fixed typos in dialogue and localisation keys
  • Fixed Drill pod unlock (required to reach floor 24 and not 25)
  • Fixed Ken not respawning in Refreezerator
  • Fixed hero reappearance after dismissing them
  • Fixed the album resolution in 4:3 (now stretched though)
  • Fixed some issues with singleplayer game save: you can now retrieve it after playing a multiplayer game

Please note several known issues are still being worked on, and those include:
  • The multiplayer issues require a lot of testing
  • The auto-save feature: it's a first version for now and we plan on improving it, but it should prevent save losses in most cases. Piece of advice: remember to save and from time to time restart the game on Steam if you often get crashes. We're still working on the performance as well.
  • Lobbies listed in "gold": in case you want to report an issue, don't forget to mention if you were in this case (modified public folder or cross platform multiplayer)

Have a nice weekend,
~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)

Hey everyone,

This is going to be one fun contest: we are giving you the ability to design your own monster for Dungeon of the Endless. This competition will be divided in 2 parts:
  • The gameplay (behaviour, stats, etc.)
  • The visual and the name
Once the winner of part 1 is selected (Amplitude round, then GAMES2GETHER vote), we will be able to move on to the second part of the contest (same process). Look below for more details and post your submissions here:

Part 1 – Gameplay

The Brief
Create a new awful creature to scare the players. Here's what you should pay attention to:
  • Force the players to change their strategies when encountering it
  • The monster to be manageable without one unique setup (one particular modules or items)
  • We are looking for a “classic” monster which can be found several times by floor, rather than one very powerful creature
  • We will select proposals doable in our engine without too many developments, so use existing creatures as inspirations and don’t be too exotic!

The Entries
  • Code name: the final name will be given in Part 2
  • Behaviour (see the advice!):
    • Priority target (if relevant): heroes, crystal, minor modules, major modules
    • Special gameplay
  • Stats (set a number between 1 to 4 for each property):
    • HP max
    • Defence
    • Movement Speed
    • DPS
    • Attack Range
  • Rational: you may explain the interest of the creature for the game

The Rules
  • Submissions are to be made in this thread
  • Don’t submit any kind of visual and background elements: this is for Part 2!
  • The proposal needs to be in English
  • You may submit several entries but are limited to three (in one post)
  • Amplitude will pick the 3 finalists who will move on to a G2G vote phase

We will be closing part one of this contest next week, on November 18th at 5pm CET. Don't miss your chance!

  • Don’t create a monster for a specific spaceship, hero, environment, etc.
  • Avoid imagining a “too smart” creature (with a complex AI)
  • Avoid creating new player interactions or interface elements
  • Keep it simple: a good concept can be summarised in one sentence
  • And again, don’t give visual and background/lore elements, but focus on gameplay

The winner will receive:
  • A unique Amplitude Forum Badge
  • His name in the credits of the game
  • A unique Dungeon of the Endless t-shirt featuring the Monster
  • 3 copies of the Founder Pack to play co-op with friends

Please note that Amplitude reserves the right to modify the 3 proposals and will work with the winners to finalise the design and adapt it to development constraints.

Good luck!
~Amplitude Studios
Nov 7, 2014
Community Announcements - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)

Hey everyone,

We gather every day more and more feedback to improve Dungeon of the Endless and are really thankful for it. In this blog post, we wanted to let you know what we are working on at the moment, for the next patch, but also what we plan for the upcoming weeks as well, in terms of short term priorities.

The Next Update

We've had several reports on the Endless Legend Emperor/Founder bonus missing in Dungeon of the Endless. We once again sincerely apologise for the inconvenience: we already fixed this issue but while other improvements are being tested by our QA team, we thought we'd rather wait before releasing a patch. Something new as well, to make it slightly more obvious, we decided to unlock automatically the Founder heroes: Josh (DotE Founder) and Kreyang (EL Emperor [ex-Founder]).

  • Endless Legend Emperor pack unlocks (Kreyang, Refreezerator)
  • New resolution options
  • Windowed mode
  • Heroes groups shortcut
  • First version of auto-save in case of crashes (solo)
  • Three G2G achievements
  • Chat in game over and victory panels
  • Fixed several issues with items duplicating and merchant
  • Fixed several issues with multiplayer (and regional filters in the lobby)
  • Fixed several issues with environments and lights

We’re still waiting for the approval of our QA team and VIPs before releasing this, but we're sure it will be available soon (next week, hopefully).

Short Term Priorities

Here's a short list of improvements you should expect to see in DotE in the next few weeks:
  • Exchange items in Multiplayer mode
  • Set private games in Multiplayer mode
  • Ability to rebind keys (could fixes problem with special keyboard like mac)
  • G2G spaceship: the Bio-Organic Pod

Have a nice weekend!
~Amplitude Studios
PC Gamer
need to know

What is it? A roguelike, tactical RPG, tower defense hybrid. Reviewed on: AMD Quad Core 3.3GHz, 16GB Ram, GeForce GTX 660 Ti PC Copy protection: Steam Price: $13/ 10 Release date: Out now Publisher: Amplitude Studios Developer: Amplitude Studios Multiplayer: Two-player cooperative Link: Official site

It's the eighth floor of Dungeon of the Endless, and with a full squad of four, well-equipped, level 6-7 characters, I have everything under control. I set up turrets next to the unpowered rooms where aliens could spawn whenever I open another door, securing a path between the crystal I need to protect and the elevator to the next floor. I send Sara Numas, a katana-wielding bounty hunter and the fastest character in the group, to open doors, then run back to the crystal room to fight off whatever I've unleashed with the rest of the group. By the time the aliens get past the defenses, they're weak, and we take them out easily.

Then, of course, it all goes to hell. In my defense, I had no idea that if I spent enough time on a floor, the aliens will eventually bust through closed doors all by themselves and stream out in great numbers, but Dungeon of the Endless teaches all of its important lessons this way. It's a cruel, but entertaining learning experience.

Its pause-at-any-time combat, desperate race to the finish, and strategies that forced me to cut off a limb to save the body reminded me of FTL, while its character upgrades, inventory, and squad management reminded of XCOM. And then there's the tower defense element, where each room has a set number of nodes where I could place turrets, healing units, and other useful gadgets.

Dungeon of the Endless pulls from many popular games and genres from the last couple of years, but what's wonderful about it is that all these elements come together to create something entirely new.


I start each run in an escape pod that crash lands on an alien planet. The only way out is up through 12 floors of an alien infested dungeon, and I have to bring the crystal with me to power my escape.

Each stage has two phases. First I have to find the elevator to the next floor, opening one door at a time. Each time I open a door there's a chance I'll find aliens that will immediately attack my squad, defenses, or the crystal. If my entire squad or the crystal goes down, it s game over. If I survive whatever happens after opening a door, I have infinite time to plan my next move.

Dust, a resource that makes the crystal more powerful, lets me provide power to rooms, which ensures aliens don't spawn there, and activates the room's major and minor module slots. Major modules are mostly for gathering resources: Industry, which I need to build anything, Science for researching upgrades, and Food to heal and level up heroes. Minor modules house different kinds of turrets.

I've seen all these turret types before in other tower defense games, but having a squad on the ground meaningfully recontextualizes that familiar gameplay. There are many different hero and module combinations to experiment with, and I'm much more invested in the characters I'm tower-defending because I customized them myself.

The zoomed out map view is especially useful in the later, bigger floors.

For example, I gave Elise Ness, a freelance demolitionist in a giant space suit, a big machine gun that deals a lot of damage. With a healing module and another that boosts her attacks, she can protect a room by herself from most threats.

I can heal heroes and activate up to two of their special abilities, but that's the full extent of direct combat controls. The trick is knowing what room to put the heroes in, and how to prepare those rooms in their favor. Once they're in there, they'll take care of the rest automatically.

The only way to get Dust is by finding it in new rooms, but there's always less Dust than there are rooms, ensuring that a wave of aliens can spawn whenever I open a door. After finding the elevator, it's time for the second phase. I need to bring the crystal and the heroes to the elevator, but picking the crystal up will cause large waves of aliens to spawn in every unpowered room, and unlike waves in the first phase, they won't stop coming until we re out of there, or dead. The most interesting choice at that point is what rooms to power up.

My favorite method was to explore a floor until I had enough Dust to power a path between the crystal and next elevator, build as many turrets as I could along the way, and hope they slowed the aliens enough so I could get to the elevator before they caught up with me.

Maximum capacity

It took me a couple of runs to realize that I couldn't just sprint through floors. Dungeon of the Endless' universe, which mixes space marines with walking skeletons and wooden chests, conveys a lot of dread with its dimly-lit but colorful, pixelated artstyle, and there are some really menacing aliens in the upper floors.

Opening a door doesn't only give me a chance to find the loot I need to deal with them, but counts as a turn which collects resources from whatever major modules I've built. Do I make a run for the elevator now, when I know I have a fair shot of getting there, or do I take a chance and open another door? There's a lot of equipment, research, and upgrades to choose from in Dungeon of the Endless, but the game hinges on the decision to open a door, or not, and it was loaded with tension every single time for the eight hours I played it. There's no loading a previous save. It's a commitment.

My crew that made it to the surface, guarding the precious crystal.

The other big question that kept me interested was if could make it to the top. It was challenging, and so far I've only been able to do it on the "too easy" mode, but once I did, I was pretty much done.

Floor layouts are randomly generated, and I was always curious to discover all the little visual details in each new room. There are also new heroes to earn, and different escape pods, which tweak some of the basic rules and starting conditions of a run (like ships in FTL). Still, once I've survived one alien-infested, sci-fi/fantasy hybrid space dungeon, I've kind of survived them all. The aliens have a lot of nasty surprises, but they didn't force me to change up my strategy once I found one that works.

It took me at least six tense hours to find that strategy, and for $13/ 10, I can definitely recommend taking a ride on that elevator. 

Community Announcements - .Steph(✿◠‿◠)

Hi everyone,

We're happy to announce that Dungeon of the Endless has officially released. The [1.0.15] version is now available on Steam. You can purchase the Pixel Pack (11.99€) and Founder Pack (18.99€) here:

Thank you all very much for your support, awesome feedback during this Steam Early Access. We plan on supporting the game for a little while so stick with us. :)

Check out our trailer:

Here's a list of the main additions to this version (* those were not in the previous Branch version):
  • Multiplayer coop mode (with improvements*)
  • HD GUI option
  • New game screen (start, lift, finale…)
  • Journal (highscore, stats)
  • Album*
  • Secret backstories*
  • 3 new spaceships*
  • 6 new items with passive skill*
  • Balancing (heroes, mobs, spaceship, modules*)
  • Steam Achievements*
  • Steam Trading Cards / Badges / wallpapers / emoticons*
  • OST available in the game files*
  • And Mac version (Warning: no multiplayer cross-platform and heroes shortcuts are disabled)

Release Notes

If you were playing on the branch version, please make sure you opt out of this Beta and play on the regular version.

  • Added the multiplayer co-op mode, with up to 4 heroes
  • Added the last 2 floors and the “Jungle” environment
  • Added Journal panel with your local high scores and game statistics
  • Added the Album with unlockable pictures and captions about heroes, mobs and other secrets
  • Added backstories between heroes: find the good hero combinations to unlock secret dialogues and gameplay effects in the lift
  • Added more situational dialogues in game (door opening, repairing, crystal carrying etc.)
  • Added 3 new spaceships:
    • The Sanitary pod: Hard mode!
    • The Library pod (Dungeon Founder pack): Science / Module mode
    • The Refreezerator pod (Legend Founder pack): Lonely hero mode
  • Added 6 new items with passive skills
  • Added researches reset button in exchange of Science in Artefact panel
  • Improved projectiles and poison visual effects
  • Added music tracks (ship selection, lift and ending screen)
  • Added sound effects (door, ambiance, hero death jingle, dismiss, events, tactical map etc.)
  • Changed lighting system to improve performance (and solved the issue with black stripes visual artefact)
  • Improved normal map to enhance lighting surface
  • A lot of optimisations have been made in our animations and sprites system

  • Added a chat in the start, transition (lift) and final screens
  • Differentiated in game chat from the log to improve visibility
  • Added a way to cancel typing text in chat: ESC to close chat or Ctrl + Delete to erase
  • Added a kick player button in the start screen
  • Added Steam friend invite feature

  • Added 25 achievements
  • Added 6 Steam Trading Cards
  • Added Steam badges and rewards (wallpapers / emoticons)
  • Added OST in the “Soundtrack” folder

Game Interface
  • Added HD GUI with bigger fonts (automatically activated on big resolution)
  • Improved the heroes and ship selection screen with 3D spaceships
  • Added a new victory screen with our rescued heroes
  • Improved loading screen
  • Improved game over screen
  • Improved the transition between floors
    • Floor progression is displayed
    • Heroes are now in a lift and randomly commenting on the situation (some lines are conditioned by events in the last floor, with the loss or recruitment of new heroes)
  • Globally improved the user interface
  • Improved the tutorial which is now interactive
  • Added Controls panel (in system menu) to display all the shortcuts
  • Improved the tactical map:
    • Press T or scroll up above any room close the tactical map with the camera at the same position than before the zoom out
    • Ctrl + click doesn't close the tactical map but power / unpower rooms
    • Added door steps to clarify the paths
  • Added animations on the Crystal (appearance, unplug, plug in, explode)
  • Added new icons and colours in the log
  • Improved exit button to finish the floor (and potentially abandon heroes!)
  • Improved green arrow of hero destination to be always visible
  • Improved Stele interaction: you can now open it without moving your hero
  • Changed Stele health bar colour
  • Added gold colour on skill unlock items description
  • Improved red pulse animation on the widget
  • Hero level is now displayed in green if you can level them up

  • Tweaked heroes who are globally slightly more powerful:
    • Increased the power of most skills (in particular FIDS relative and heal skills)
    • Modified some skills to be more coherent with the heroes (Paramedic, Recycling, Red Plume, Bad Company)
    • Added / Modified skills to obtain more Dust (heroes with these skills: Golgy, Max, Mormish, Sara, Nanor, Hikensha)
    • Replaced Sara Duellist skill by Pickpocket
    • Tweaked heroes stats (increased in particular: Defence and Power of Hikensha; Defence of Deena, Golgy and Mizi; HP and power of Skroig; HP and defence of Warden and Joleri (a lot for her + reduced Dust penalty) and reduced Defence of Ken and Elise)
  • Gork is now unlocked by default instead of Opbot
  • Tweaked mobs (in particular reduced number of hard mobs and power of hunters, supporter and hydra)
  • Tweaked Spaceships:
    • Infirmary Pod:
      • Increased initial Industry and Food incomes
      • Reduced health cost
    • Drill Pod:
      • Increased artefacts in first floors
    • Armoury Pod:
      • Increased hero attack power
      • Increased items loot
  • Tweaked Modules:
    • Autodoc Shards: increased upgrade health regeneration, reduced industry cost (10->8)
    • Suppressive Firebot: increased power, reduced industry cost (9->8)
    • Dust Field Gen: increased upgrade defence, reduced industry cost (9->7)
    • Holohero: reduced industry cost (16->15)
    • Neurostun module: increased upgrade effect, increased industry cost (6->7)
    • Tear Gas: increased damage over time effect, reduced industry cost (9->7) and science cost, increased HP / Defence
    • Pepper Spray: reduced cooldown, increased duration of Troublemaker, reduced industry cost (16->12), increased speed of troubled mob
    • Viral Injector: increased duration and poison effect (a lot!)
    • KIP Cannon: increased Science bonus of first level and increased attack max of upgrades
  • Reduced rooms number (about 14%)
  • Tweaked too easy mode (slightly increased mobs power and Crystal defence)
  • Reduced research costs of production module first levels
  • Increased the amount of Artefacts (a bug reduced their number)
  • Increased the amount of Heroes (a bug reduced their number in first floors)
  • Increased the amount of Major slots
  • Increased Dust Factory loot
  • Added score modifiers on spaceships (20% for Infirmary and Armoury)

  • Fixed several graphical issues on all environments of the game
  • Fixed several animations (heroes and monsters)
  • Fixed several issues with the user interface and localisation
  • Fixed GUI HD option not saved
  • Fixed several issues with multiplayer mode
  • Fixed several issues with the tactical map
  • Fixed an issue with the unlock of spaceships
  • Fixed Door Opener mob and number of doors open issue

Enjoy and see you in a multiplayer game?

~Amplitude Studios
Product Release - Valve
Dungeon of the Endless is Now Available on Steam!

Dungeon of the Endless is a Rogue-Like Dungeon-Defense game, in which the player and their team of heroes must protect the generator of their crashed ship while exploring an ever-expanding dungeon, all while facing waves of monsters and special events as they try to find their way out...

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