Mar 27, 2014
Community Announcements - Steph'nie
QUICK FIX [0.4.5]

Changes and Additions
  • Fixed the missing visual and sound feedback issue with the minor module attacks
  • Fixed a bug with the name of unlocked heroes
  • Fixed an item description
Community Announcements - Steph'nie
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Hi everyone,

We've missed you. :) We recently got back from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco where we got to show Dungeon of the Endless and Endless Legend to our fellow developers and the press. It was really nice to hear from people in the industry and who we admire that they enjoyed Endless Space or DotE and that they're looking forward to playing EL. I'll try to write a blog post about our adventure there.

Anyway, as we mentioned last week, the frequency of public updates on Steam for Dungeon of the Endless has been reduced. Indeed, the lead programmer on the project, our beloved GFX47, had to temporary leave his position for personal reasons. Besides, we have also announced the oh so exciting multiplayer co-op mode that we have started working on. Here's a link if you're interested but once again, we would like to remind you that this MP mode should only be a first version of what we are planning to achieve and this may take a little while and feedback from you before we can obtain something satisfying and fun for everyone.

We have an update going live on Steam very shortly and a fun new trailer as a bonus! You'll be able to experiment a first taste of persistence element in Dungeon of the Endless: progression, discovery, unlocks, all that! How will it work? well, you'll need to select two heroes, or pick the random option for one or both heroes. The choices available to you are: Max, Sara and Opbot. Of course, are you encounter new heroes, you will be able to finally unlock them. However, it won't be that easy... Indeed, you will need to keep them alive during at least three levels or until the end of the game. Now that should be fun!

We also need to warn you about important consequences:
  • Your game save once again will not be compatible with the new version. Please make sure you start a new game!
  • The offline persistency is subject to change during the Steam Early Access period. You may lose your progression (hero unlocks, game stats) several times during development and up until the release of the game.

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Changes and Additions
  • Added the first foundation stone of the persistence:
    • Unlock heroes in the dungeon
    • Select your starting heroes or keep the random option (panel still WIP)
  • Added 3 community items:
    • Litsaber by T41 [G2G]
    • The Kings' Armour by bendingbones [G2G]
    • Nano-Bros by suspense0522 [G2G]
  • Added 2 new tracks
  • Added some SFX
  • Fixed some tooltip descriptions
  • Implemented Cyrillic characters in the game fonts

  • Increased power of Hikensha and Sara
  • Reduced level up food cost of Hikensha
  • Increased life and/or defence of mobs: Hydra, Golem, Mini Golem
  • Updated the targeting system by prioritising Golem
  • Tweaked some items power and cost
  • Increased power of skills: Neurostun Lite, Placebo, first Aid
  • Increased power of Autodoc Shards module

Bug Fix
  • Fixed a bug where a hero and a monster can be blocked chasing each other if they have the same speed
  • Fixed a bug where the Cryo Capsule and the Dust Factory keep re-spawning after the save/load
  • Fixed a bug with the upgraded modules health bar height
  • Fixed a bug related to the lights on major modules
Community Announcements - Steph'nie
Hey everyone,

A bunch of us just got back from the Game Developers Conference that took place last week in San Francisco. We had the opportunity to meet awesome people from the industry and apologise if we have been quiet! I just thought I'd share the news we posted on our Dev Blog last week: this was written by GFX47, the lead programmer on the project:

Hi guys,

I’m Sébastien, aka GFX47. I’m the Lead programmer on Dungeon of the Endless (the only full time programmer on the project actually) and I would like to let you know where exactly we stand on the development of the game.

Besides many other additions, we have started working on the multiplayer of DotE. It’s a cool announcement to make and we’re excited to see the feature fully implemented at some point. Nonetheless, it also implies something important: this is a long task that will require a lot of testing, feedback and iterations; meaning that unfortunately, the frequency of public updates will be reduced for a while.

On a side note, that will also affect the production rhythm of DotE, I would like to inform you that I will be unable to fulfil my job at Amplitude for a few weeks, for personal reasons (nope, unfortunately not holidays).

Anyway, the show must go on: a DotE update should be available soon. We’ll post the complete release notes when the version is ready so make sure you finish your current save as it will not be compatible with the new version. Then, I remind you that we will do our best to make it up to you sometime and somehow. We’ll keep you posted...

Thanks for your support!

Mar 7, 2014
Community Announcements - Lt_Miles
Release Notes [0.3.6]
  • Fixed shadows on Heroes
  • Fixed an issue with the save system
Community Announcements - Steph'nie
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Hey guys,

These past few days have been tiring but fun! We've had the opportunity to meet some of our forums regulars at the office last Friday. Indeed, we have organised a playtest session of Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless, and we've decided to invite some of you over. It was a cool experience for all of us I'm sure and we'll share the experience on the dev blog very soon. But for now, let's focus on DotE: we have our "Necrophage" update coming up for you!

This update [0.3.5] will bring a new floor (the dungeon now has a total of 6 floors), a new Necrophage environment and the hero you have chosen in a previous GAMES2GETHER vote, difficulty levels, new game events created by the community, and more. Check out the release notes below.


Changes & Additions
  • Added a new floor; the dungeon now has a total of 6 floors
  • Added the Necrophage environment at the level 5 and 6
  • Added 2 difficulty levels, which can be selected at the start of the game:
    • Too Easy
    • Easy
  • Added 3 new events:
    • Cryo Capsule – The player can trade Industry once to: obtain Food, find heroes, or a Toxic Cloud (see below) [G2G]
    • Dust Factory – In exchange of Industry, the Dust Factory can either give you Dust, or explode and destroy all the module slots in the room
    • Toxic Cloud – You can randomly find the Toxic Cloud in rooms that will slow hero movement and attack speed
  • Added a new Necrophage hero, Skroig [G2G]
    • Characteristics: he refuses to wear an armour (it doesn’t fit his style); because he finds his own food, the recruitment and levelling up costs are reduced
  • Added Science loot
  • Added some VFX and SFX
  • Improved some module tooltips
  • Fixed a bug that modifies the attack power of heroes on some directions and prevents the reduction of the cooldown for some heroes (Max, Opbot, Golgy)

  • Hero max level is now set to 8: 2 levels by heroes have been added and the stats tweaked (globally reduced and increased some)
  • Changed the unlock levels of skills Warning: some levels won’t unlock any skill
  • Removed the Operate skill for Gork and Troe
  • Removed the Repair skill for some Deena
  • Tweaked the item loot table and costs
  • Added the Operate skill on 2 items: Scope and Energy Bar
  • Increased difficulty of Hydra and Zombie mobs
  • Added a speed reducer on heroes in room with Hydra mobs
  • Increased Science cost of minor module upgrades (+20%)
  • Increased effect of minor module upgrades
  • Tweaked module power:
    • Slightly reduced Prisoner Prod power
    • Increased Tesla power
    • Reduced Claymoar power
    • Increased Tear Gas power and added a damage over time
  • Removed the “special” level 5
  • Increased difficulty in the last levels

Have fun and let us know what you think!
Feb 20, 2014
Community Announcements - S.
Release Notes [0.2.1]
  • Artefact HP is no longer restored when you save a game
  • Minor module slots are no longer visible on top of the GUI panels
  • Fixed a bug in the Sewer environment: heroes blocked in small rooms
  • Neurostun module is now functional
Community Announcements - S.
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Hey guys,

Here it is at last... As we mentioned earlier this week, we are introducing a new resource in Dungeon of the Endless: Science, which you will be able to play once your game has updated (you may need to restart Steam)!

We have been amazed by the amount of submissions in our latest forums competition for hero items. With about 180+ ideas, we have decided to allow the community to vote for their favourites, which now leads us to tonight's GAMES2GETHER vote on hero items!



  • Changed version annotation system
  • Changed location of the diagnostics.html files: .../Public/Documents/Dungeon of the Endless/Temporary Files
  • Changed keys configuration for specific keyboards
  • Added a shortcut: you can now select a module in the build menu with F1, F2, F3, F4 or Z, X, C ,V
  • Changed a shortcut: you can select multiple heroes with “Q” on QWERTY/QWERTZU (“A” on AZERTY keyboard)

  • Added 3 new items with special skills
    • Aftershave
    • Hipster Scarf
    • Ahhrrrmani Suit
  • Added an area of effect FX for the “Claymoar” module
  • Improved notifications:
    • New item discovery
    • New module unlocked
  • Improved module tooltips
  • New score calculation: it is now based on the number of doors open, FIS gathered, killed mobs, Dust lost, heroes lost and FIS left at the end; we decided not to take the time factor into account and continue to display it as a second value

  • Modified several VFXs and SFXs on skills and the Sewer environment
  • Added VFX on superior levels modules
  • Added VFX when you level up modules
  • Added VFX when you suppressed modules

  • Added a new resource: Science
  • Implemented Endless Artefacts: you can now find artefacts in rooms that allow you to research new modules, in exchange of Science; this artefact needs to be defended during the research (3 turns). See Dev Blog for details:
  • Added levels on modules: you can now level up your modules with Endless Artefacts ; 4 levels per modules, for both major and minor modules
  • Added 3 new modules:
    • Science Creator I (major module)
    • Tactical HUD (major module)
    • Tear Gas (minor module)

  • Increased the overall difficulty of the game
  • Reduced the difficulty on level 1
  • Reduced price and power of non-common items
  • Reduced spawn probability of some powerful items
  • Tweaked effects of support / debuff modules
  • Reduced power of some modules, as resource production of major modules (but can be increased with level up)
  • Increased hero levelling up cost (especially for the last levels)
  • Increased power of some passive skills
  • Increased merchant HP / defence
  • Reduced the amount of minor slots in the last levels
  • Increased the amount of major slots
  • Reduced disparity between mobs speed (increased difficulty)
  • Increased Dust loot in rooms
  • Changed the defence computation: new formula of damage = attack power * (1 - (defence / defence + 100)) with new defence values for heroes, mobs, items, modules and skill (prevents invincibility)
We are currently working on the difficulty levels.

  • Fixed the effect of some passive skills:
    • Repair
    • Knee Deep in Blood
    • Placebo
  • Fixed several bugs:
    • Chest stuck in doorway after a hero’s death
    • Blocked hero in a specific room
    • Rocks appearing in the background
  • Fixed an exploit: free Dust from the Merchant

Your previous save will not be compatible with the current version, so make sure you start a new game! :) Thank you.

~ Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - S.
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Hey everyone,

We hope you had a nice weekend and that you are enjoying the latest build of Dungeon of the Endless. We have recently introduced the Laboratory environment and all know that you are eagerly expecting the last missing resource of DotE: Science!

It will complete the FIDS (Food, Industry, Dust, Science) you can already find in our previous game, Endless Space! Of course, the update will include other features as well, but we'll tell you more about that when the update is available: sometime this week.


The addition of Science in Dungeon of the Endless is defined by:

  • a resource
  • a major module
  • an Endless Artefact

Science will grant the player a new possibility of progression to adjust to the evolving difficulty. Indeed, you will be able to research new modules or the improved versions of your current ones, with Endless Artefact.

This Endless Artefact represents a new room type and a positive event. When clicking on the Artefact, the player will be given four possible choices; each of these choices may be: a new module or an upgraded version of a module you already have. The randomness of blueprints is then replaced by the research of modules through these Endless Artefacts.

A module research will cost you Science points, that you will be able to produce thanks to the Science major module, and three door openings (three turns, basically) to be completed. This means that you will need to protect the Artefact against the enemy waves, creating an interesting new defence point in the dungeon that will force you, or not, to defend it until your research is completed or for later use.

Once you have unlocked a new module or obtained its upgraded version, it will automatically be replaced by its newer version. After that, you will be able to use the Artefact for another research, following the same process.

It will be almost impossible to research all the modules in the game, which will greatly diversify each playthrough and encourage the player to make the best choice possible. Indeed, she/he should be aware that the modules presented to them may or may not reappear again; this should increase the importance of making the right decision.

The player will then decide if she/he wants to specialise or diversify her/his modules.

More info on this update coming soon!

~ Amplitude Studios
Feb 6, 2014
Community Announcements - Steph'nie

  • Fixed the exit bug related to the game save

Please note that you won't be able to load your save if you have encountered this issue: you will need to start a new game. Thanks you.
Community Announcements - Steph'nie
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Hi guys,

We have prepared for you an exciting update [0.1.20] for Dungeon of the Endless that will introduce a new level (now 5 in total), a new environment: the Laboratory, new mobs, a new hero, some improvements, difficulty tweaks, bug fixes etc. Check out the release notes below for more details.


  • Added 1 new level, reaching a total of 5:
    • Special stage: the level 5 has no major slot. The player has to stock resources in the previous levels to win the game; the initial Industry & Food production bonus is set to 3
  • Added the Laboratory environment at level 3, 4 & 5
  • Added a new layout for the starting rooms above level 1
  • Improved the level design with more branches around the Crystal at level 4 & 5
  • Improved the exit spawn: now generated at the beginning of the level so it doesn’t spawn next to the first room
  • Added 2 new mobs: Hydra and zombie Chimera (special behaviours to be added on the Hydra)
  • Added 1 new hero: Golgy, the spider-woman, with 3 exclusive new skills and a particularity: she doesn’t have weapons but 2 device slots
  • Added 8 new objects, some with passive skills, like repairing (repairing skill has been added to already existing items). The tooltip of these items with skills is WIP
  • Fixed some passive skills effects (e.g. Iron Fist and Placebo)
  • Improved performance, especially on the GUI
  • Improved the hero GUI panel (better feedback on hit, still WIP)

  • Some mobs now spawn on specific levels
  • Reduced the difficulty at level 1 (no more Crystal Eaters or Golems): we want to keep this level less difficult to let the player grasp the game
  • Slightly reduced difficulty at level 4 (in prevision of level 5):
  • Reduced waves number
  • Slightly increased hero and merchant spawns, Dust and major slots
  • Slightly increased mobs Dust loot
  • Slightly increased the power of mobs but reduced their number
  • Improved War Mask skill (Hikensha): the attack power bonus is applied even in the powered rooms
  • Increased Dust at start to 24 (previously set to 20)

Your previous game save will not be compatible so please start a new game. Thank you!


We actively read the Official Forums and Steam Discussions though we don't necessarily always have the time to reply. So keep on giving us feedback: that's how we will improve the game!

As you know, we enjoy the interactions that the GAMES2GETHER allows: sharing our design documents to get your opinion on the game at a very early stage of the development, the Early Access system that allows you to play the game before its official release and participate in the design choices, meeting you in person at gaming events or at the studio, organising design brainstorms and of course competitions that allow us to add your awesome ideas at the same level as ours in the game!

We have a new vote available: pick your favourite major and minor modules: GAMES2GETHER page.

And, a new forums competition also just started: Item Creation Competition.

<a href=""><img src="" width="630"></a>

~ Amplitude Studios

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