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Three years and three days ago, we released a tiny, quirky game that we had made as much for ourselves as for our friends... and to be honest, the reception really amazed us! 

To celebrate the anniversary of one of our most beloved games, we are giving the artbook to all owners of Dungeon of the Endless, free of charge! Celebrate the talent of our artists and writers with 80 pages of sticky goodness, sprite sheets, gallery of monsters and heroes...

The download should start automatically if you have updates enabled by default and the game is installed (but it may require restarting Steam or forcing a file integrity check from Steam, in Library, right click on Dungeon of the Endless, select Game Properties, open the Local Files tab and click "Verify integrity of game files"). The artbook will be located in the game's folder, by default at C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon of the Endless\Artbook

We hope you enjoy it!
Announcement - Valve
Save 85% on Endless Franchise Complete Packs as part of this week's Weekend Deal*!

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time

Community Announcements - Steph(✿◠‿◠)

Hey everyone,

Yesterday, we've celebrated the second anniversary of the release of Dungeon of the Endless on Steam! Time really flies! :)

Just on time for Halloween, Dungeon of the Endless will get a 75% discount starting tonight, until November 1st. Go grab a copy for you or your friends if they also like Roguelike / Tower-Defence games, pretty pixel art, and FlybyNo's awesome soundtrack!


So, if we may ask: did you finally reach the surface of Auriga and complete the twelve levels? ;)

Let us know!
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Sega have acquired Amplitude, creators of the Endless series of strategy games. Endless Legend was our game of the year in 2014 and its predecessor Endless Space is set to receive a direct sequel that will enter Early Access later this year. Sega will now publish that game, as well as assuming responsibility for the back catalogue of Endless games, which includes Dungeon of the Endless, a fantastic tower-defense/roguelike hybrid.

Amplitude are one of the smartest young strategy studios around and they join Creative Assembly, Relic and Sports Interactive (Football Manager is> a strategy game) in Sega’s stable of PC developers. That’s a mighty strong line-up for a company that old men like me still associate with ancient consoles and platform games rather than PC publishing.

… [visit site to read more]

Apr 26, 2016
Community Announcements - Steph(✿◠‿◠)

Hey guys,

Thank you all for the various reports. We're sorry it took a little bit longer than expected to release these fixes, but here they are!

Release Notes [1.1.5]
  • Fixed an issue with the Cryo Capsule activation that would note generate a hero
  • Fixed an exploit with duplicated items that could be sold infinitely - link
  • Fixed an issue with the "Continue" button greyed out in the main menu - link
  • Fixed an issue with heroes not operating nor catching items in small rooms - link
  • Fixed an issue with disconnections in Multiplayer mode: in case of a disconnection, players can now save & quit, reload the game, and claim back their heroes - link
  • Players leaving a multiplayer game now automatically give their heroes to the host

~The Amplitude team
Mar 11, 2016
Community Announcements - Steph(✿◠‿◠)

Hey everyone,

We just wanted to share some quick news regarding the two ports of DotE: on iPad and Xbox One! We are super excited to announce that the game is coming to Xbox Live on March 16 and to celebrate this, the game is FREE on the App Store until March14 if you own an iPad!

DotE is coming to Xbox One
The game will be available on March 16 at $9.99 / £7,99 / €9,99, and will include the base PC version (that also means it's coming with the Multiplayer mode!), but also the Bookworm and Deep Freeze add-ons.

We've redesigned the interface and controls for a great console experience and we are hoping you'll enjoy it!

Free on iPad
Until March 14, the game is FREE on the App Store if you own an iPad! Grab it here:

PC Gamer

Amplitude Studios is celebrating its fifth birthday with its second annual Endless Day: a day that lasts from 21 to 25 January, and that offers up rare heroes and achievements to people who play their games during this time, and who fulfil various conditions. That stuff is detailed here, and includes a trio of heroes simply for starting new games of Endless Space, Endless Legend, and Dungeon of the Endless. You can also bag some time-limited achievements, though these will require a mite more effort.

(Amplitude hints here that you might be able to get these things after January 25, perhaps by mucking about with the time settings on your computer.)

During a celebratory livestream, Amplitude also announced a new expansion for Endless Legend titled Shifters. Ampz sez "this expansion will include a new Major Faction called The Allayi. This new civilization will be able to shift during long winters", a fine alternative to sticking the heating on and hugging a hot water bottle, I reckon. Meanwhile, "all factions will also be able to collect a new resource called the Pearls of Auriga , enabling them to unlock new powers through the Altar of Auriga and modify the upcoming winters impact". Good on them.

Here's a picture of them there Shifters (ta, RPS):

One of the upcoming Endless Space 2's new factions has been revealed as well. The Sophons are one of ES2's eight major factions, and they're basically insectoid scientists.

Community Announcements - Steph(✿◠‿◠)

Hi all,

The Endless Day has returned! :) We're celebrating today our studio's 5th anniversary with in-game events, tons of giveaways on Twitter, a special live stream and an office party!

Play Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless and Endless Space before Monday, January 25 to discover and permanently unlock rare Steam achievements or play with Tarosh the Archivist in each game. For more information, check out this FAQ:


  • How to unlock the Emlek Tarosh hero: you need to start a new game of Endless Space (make sure you have disabled your mods if you are playing with any), before January 25th (end of the event). If you manage to do so, the hero will be unlocked for your future games once the event is over.
  • To unlock the “Endless Day” achievement: win a game in “Endless” difficulty, started between January 21st and January 25th, but completed at any time.

  • How to unlock the archivist, Esseb Tarosh: you need to start a new game of Dungeon of the Endless. The hero will be available in your pool right away, for the duration of the event. Like any other heroes in DotE, you need to survive at least three floors with the hero or finish the game with it. If you manage to do so, once the event ends, you will be able to keep the Esseb Tarosh in your pool of heroes.
  • How to unlock the “Endless Day” achievement: you need to start a new game in any difficulty, hire the archivist hero and keep it alive, and complete the game. Make sure you start and complete a game between January 21st and January 25th in order to get the achievement.

  • How to unlock the Eslek Tarosh hero and the “Endless Day” achievement: you need to start a new game of Endless Legend (make sure you have disabled your mods if you are playing with any), before January 25th (end of the event!). Once you have built your first city, a new quest will appear: “Day of the Awakening”. Complete it and you will unlock the new hero and the Steam achievement.

Twitter giveaways will be taking place all day long on Twitter. Follow us on Twitter (@Amplitude) for a chance to win Steam keys for all our games and a great Endless goodies package! This event starts at 10am CET, and we plan to continue giving keys away throughout the whole day! So stay tuned, and good luck!

As a thank you for being part of our community, we will be unlocking the Mezari faction (Vaulters faction skin) for everyone in Endless Legend!

Don't miss our Live Stream, starting at 4pm CET with Mathieu & Romain, our co-founders! They'll discuss the studio's recent achievements, give updates on current projects, and drop hints about what comes next. Follow us on Twitch and be sure to tune in!

--> Link to the replay: http://www.twitch.tv/amplitudestudios/v/36762831

A Beer2Gether event will be taking place over at our studio in Paris. There's no more room for this one, sorry, be sure to be among the first to register next week to be able to visit us!

The Endless Day events conclude on January 25th at 12am CET. Achievement hunters, make sure to get them before then!

~Amplitude Studios
Dec 22, 2015
Community Announcements - Steph(✿◠‿◠)

  • Wes Davoun has been rebalanced:
    • "Urgent Call" skill has been reconsidered. The skill now makes a hero appear in the next opened room. The cooldown has been lowered. It can only rarely make an artefact appear. Spawned heroes can’t be recruited in both Armory and Refreezerator pods.
    • "Radio Tower" is divided into 3 skill levels, accessible at levels 4/9/15. This makes Wes’ progression more interesting and dynamic. Also, the skill is more powerful than before when Wes reaches level 15.
    • Because he’s an interesting early game operator, to make him more fair compared to other operators:
      • -1 general Wit.
      • "Knowledge Is Good" is unlocked a bit later.
  • The Zoner can now hit the crystal, a part of his zone damages are converted into direct damages.
  • The Silic Supporter, Silic Bulldozer and Elite Flying Necrophage monsters don’t hit the player’s modules anymore. However, Kamikazes monsters and Chimera Keepers can still damage it.
  • The Silic Supporter now buffs the player’s team when tamed.
  • The tamed Chimera Keeper normally doesn’t need a hero to be in the same room he’s in to be active anymore.
  • The Death Merchant can’t spawn in the very first rooms of each floor anymore.
  • "Paramedic" (Deena, Opbot, Kaspar) heal skill is now a lot more efficient.
  • Deena unlocks level 2 "Paramedic" earlier during her progression.
  • "Sandvitch" (Misha) heal skill is now more efficient.
  • Biomass Factory module isn't available in the Armory Pod anymore.
  • Biomass Modules, "Recycling" and "Soylent Green" passive skills don’t generate resources during crystal waves anymore.
  • "Recycling" and "Soylent Green" now produce more resources.
  • Minor modules attack general rebalancing: AoE modules are lowered, single target modules are increased. The new computation rationale is more realistic in the way we take more into account the number of monsters that compose waves. AoE are still the best choice to kill waves, they just need bigger waves to be as profitable as before.
    • Prisoner Prod is slightly more powerful.
    • KIP cannon requires less Science to reach its attack power limit, but the limit is unchanged.
    • Tesla module is more powerful.
    • Machine Gun does more damages but heats up a little more faster.
    • Claymore & Seblaster are less powerful.
  • Fixed an issue with the Xbox One controller on Windows 10.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Researcher" achievement which wasn't unlocking properly for players who didn't own the Rescue Team content pack.

~Amplitude Studios
Community Announcements - Steph(✿◠‿◠)


Organic Matters (free) and Rescue Team (€1,99), detailed below, are now available!



The prison hulk “Success” has mysteriously crashed. Uncharted part of the galaxy? Unknown planet? When everything goes awry, who you gonna call? The Rescue Team!
Meet Sasha, Zugma and Wes, the funky heroes assigned to the "Success" mission. Failure is obviously not an option.

This new exciting content pack available for €1,99 on Steam.


[ADDITIONS] Rescue Team

  • Added 3 new Heroes, with a really refreshing gameplay:
    • Wes Davoun, the radio operator:
      • He's a very good operator and one of the best support characters of the game. Thanks to his radio skills he can buff all heroes on the floor.
      • Special Transmission (passive skill): operating a resource module raised to an art form. Depending on which resource module you are operating, it will provide a different buff to all heroes on the floor:
        • When operating a Food module, provides health regeneration to all heroes on the floor.
        • When operating an Industry module, provides attack power to all heroes on the floor.
        • When operating a Science module, provides attack power to all minor modules on the floor.
      • Good Morning Auriga (active skill): movement speed buff for all heroes on the floor. When the whole team has to rock and roll!
      • Urgent Call (active skill): make an urgent phone call to change what will happen in the next room you’ll open, and force a positive event to happen. When you want anything but trouble behind the next door.
    • Zugma Walker, the bulldozer operator:
      • Zugma, driving her bulldozer, is the first übermassivetanky operator!
      • Recycling Beast (active skill): transform every monster killed into a random resource (except Dust). Not everybody can turn roadkill into resources!
      • Steamroller (passive skill): reduces the movement speed penalty when carrying the Crystal. Zugma Walker is a very slow character but when she's carrying the Crystal she becomes one of the fastest characters in the game.
      • Secret Compartment (passive skill): she can keep a part of the Dust from a floor to another. That little place where cops and customs officers never look.
    • Sasha Chokyo, the trainer:
      • With Sasha you gotta grab’em all! Indeed, you can train any monsters of the game! When you’ve got a monster as a pet, it can deal damage to other monsters. Moreover, it can even level up by killing other monsters! Take care of your pet by feeding them Food.
      • Heel! (active skill): tames the most powerful monster in the room. An order even monsters will obey.
      • Table Scraps (passive skill): share a part of your Food when healing Sasha with the tamed monster. One way to keep your pet healthy.
      • Attack Dawg (passive skill): share a part of the hero’s attack power with the trained monster. Your pet is every bit as vicious as you are.
  • Added 2 new Hurnas monsters, from the Endless Legend’s universe:
    • The Hunter: always stalking the weakest hero of your group, it’s an archer that attacks slowly but deals heavy damages. Take care of your operators!
    • The Warden: a crazy spinning zone damage dealer. Don’t keep all your heroes in one place, or lower your head to dodge his club!
  • Added 1 new Major Module, the Field Medic:
    • It reduces healing costs on the floor,
    • It increases heroes and NPC’s defence on the floor.
  • Added 4 new items:
    • Heavy Engine: provides attack power, reduces movement speed and grants the Steamroller passive skill.
    • Secret Pocket: provides defence and gives the Secret Compartment passive skill.
    • Rescue Kit: provides attack power, wit and health regeneration.
    • Training Kit: provides attack power, and gives the ability to operate.

[ADDITIONS] All versions – G2G content

  • Added a new spaceship, the Organic Pod: [G2G]
    • This pod is an intellectual living creature, so take care of her like a member of your crew. Remember, she likes red wine, boiled shrimp with sauce, classical music and pictures of kittens.
    • Gameplay effects:
      • Creatures are faster.
      • Modules can’t be repaired.
      • Powered rooms:
        • Can’t be unpowered,
        • Deal damage to modules and artefacts at every turn,
        • Reduce monsters’ defence by 100%,
        • Provide +0.5 Food per turn.
  • Added a new Hero, Rosetta QV1819: [G2G]
    • Egocentric passive gameplay: attack power and defence bonus per mob in the room, so bring it!
    • Tower of Babble (active skill): within a limited period of time, all monsters with less than 25% health points explode instantly dealing zone damages to all the surrounding monsters. An uninterrupted flow of multi-syllabic words would confuse even the most enraged enemy.
  • Added 3 new monsters, the Vultus: these 3 new monsters are quite insignificant damages dealers, but they are nasty gameplay breakers!
    • Trash: they spread into the dungeon and slow minor modules’ attack speed.
    • Debuffer: slows a hero’s attack and movement speed.
    • Vultu: it has a chance to spawn in a random unpowered room at the beginning of a turn. Kill it before it vanishes at the end of the timer and you’ll be rewarded with a Dust loot. So hurry up! [G2G]
  • Added 2 new minor modules:
    • Biomass Factory: a minor module that converts dead monsters into Industry.
    • Biomass Cannery: a minor module that converts dead monsters into Food.
  • Added 8 new items from the Endless Legend universe:
    • Executive's Armband: % odds to trouble the targeted monster.
    • Cheater's Armband: % odds to poison the targeted monster.
    • Antigrav Trinket: boosts the movement speed but lowers defence, useful for Crystal carrying.
    • Self-Help Buds: boosts wit, defence and attack power.
    • Shanty Singer: boosts defence of all heroes in the room.
    • Brainwave Bracers: boosts health regeneration depending on number of mobs in the room.
    • Fred's Fixer: adds wit, boosts repair speed.
    • Drug-o-matic: boosts health regeneration and defence.
  • Added controller support
  • Added a new ending sequence

  • Fixed several desynchronisation issues: the multiplayer mode should now be more stable
  • Fixed a bug that occurred upon finding a new item: the inventory now properly opens if you click on the notification
  • Fixed an issue with the visual effects on monsters or heroes, which are now hidden when the room is affected by the EMP event
  • The Keeper can now attack unrecruited heroes
  • The game is now paused when opening the Album by clicking on a notification
  • Fixed the tactical map main background animation
  • Fixed an issue with the item “Time of Sands” which was duplicated in some situations after loading a multiplayer save
  • Removed the merchant’s health regeneration
  • Player names are now visible during a multiplayer game
  • All impact VFXs are now displayed both on the client and server side during a multiplayer game
  • The Crystal is now displayed on the tactical view while it’s carried by a hero
  • The option menu can now be closed using the Escape key
  • Fixed several animations on heroes and monsters
  • Fixed an issue with DX9 and the lighting system making rooms very dark despite powering them

Have fun!
~Amplitude Studios

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