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So we didn't win the Community choice vote on sunday BUT you can still get Clickteam Fusion 2.5 for yourself or a friend at 66% off, thats a $100.00 piece of the most versatile software creation tool for less then 35 bucks! WOW

Community Announcements - kisguri
CALLING ALL USERS! I need your help, We are now in Steam's Community Choice vote as part of the 2014 Holiday Sale, if you want to see Fusion 2.5 at 80% off we need your vote on Steam now! DLC will also be heavily discounted should we win!


Please also share on your social media channels, Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!
Community Announcements - kisguri
The Steam Winter sale has begun, Get Fusion Standard on Steam for 1/2 off only $49.99!! Developer upgrade is also 50% off. All exporters 33% off. Check it out!

Standard and Dev 50% off
Clickteam Fusion 2.5:
Dev Upgrade:

Exporters 33% off
Android Exporter:
iOS Exporter:
HTML5 Exporter:
Flash Exporter:
Dec 11, 2014
Community Announcements - kisguri
Have extra steam inventory items like cards, emotion-cons or backgrounds you want to get rid of, trade em in for gems to use towards bidding on a copy of Clickteam Fusion 2.5 on Steam holiday auction!
Community Announcements - kisguri
Fusion users! Come check out our new officially state sanctioned Steam group for Clickteam Fusion 2.5. This new group will share the latest developments of Fusion 2.5, news on games made with it and giveaways! Help us build a strong community of users on Steam. Join in now!

Community Announcements - kisguri
A new update has been published for Clickteam Fusion 2.5. Update 283.5 brings a ton of new fixes across all exporters and the core product. Read on for details!

Build 283.5 - Change log


- Editor: images were no longer compressed when you load a MMF2 MFA file and save it twice
- Editor: when loading a MFA the missing file dialog was displayed if a Flash preloader file didn't exist even if the preloader option was unchecked
- Editor: the editor toolbar was incorrectly positioned if it was on the left of another toolbar ans you switch between different editors.
- Editor: if the property window had a different size than the default one, its size could change when switching between various editors.
- Editor: tabbed toolbars were disabled after running the application
- Editor: when you save a project file (.mfw) and by mistake set the extension to .mfa, CF now forces the .mfw extension to avoid you to overwrite a mfa file
- Build issues when external sub-apps are automatically built when you build the main application
- Properties: the edit text property has been improved (Ctrl+A can select everything and it has an horizontal scroling bar).
- Properties: you couldn't just add or remove space characters from value names when you rename them.
- Properties: the HTML5 Preloader Type property was not immediately re-enabled when you select the "Include preloader" option
- Event editor: the names of the alterable values and strings of objects are now diplayed in their behaviors, as well as the names of their custom animations.
- Event editor: the event line number was clipped if there was more than 10000 events
- Event editor: the Animation selector is now resizable
- Event editor: the file selector for file parameters is now resizable and the Use Expression button is now correctly sized and positionned
- Event editor: the frame name is now displayed in the text of the Jump to frame action
- Event editor: crash when you open 2 event editors on 2 different frames, open 2 action editors and close one.
- Event editor / Physics Engine object: incorrect text for "Prismatic joint / Joint two objects at position" action.
- Event editor: the names of the custom animations weren't displayed in the behaviors.
- Event editor: Internal Application Error on MacOS under Wine with the latest version of Wine when you paste text in the expression editor.
- Event editor: when you select a movement with an expression the title now says "Enter an index between 0 and 1023" (instead of 1 and 1024). Also the movement names in the frame editor start at Movement #0 (in new movements only, not easy to change them in existing movements).
- Event List editor: vertical scrollbar problems when the frame contains more than 1000 or 2000 events.
- Event List editor: crash when an event line contains the maximum number of actions (128).
- Expression editor: crash when you press the Format button in Compare With Global Value dialog box.
- Expression editor: wrong colored syntax when the expression contains line breaks
- Workspace window: now automatically scrolls when you move an object.
- Workspace window: object icon now updated when you undo resizing or rotating the object in the frame editor.
- Picture editor: in alpha channel editing mode the fill tool was not using the exact selected color.
- Picture editor: text was cleared when you click the bold/italic/underline buttons after the edit box is closed.
- Picture editor: controls are now disabled when the animation preview is open
- Picture editor: now displays an "unknown format" message if you drag & drop an unsupported graphic file to this editor.
- Picture editor: bug in undo selection resizing
- Picture editor: you can now move the selection with the arrow keys (press Shift for a faster move)
- Picture editor: the old MMF quick shortcut keys for the hotspot and action points are restored (press C for the center of mass)
- Picture editor: scrolling with the spacebar was too fast when zoomed in
- Animation editor: the animation speed in the preview window should be a little more accurate, although it can't be identical to the animation speed in the runtime as this one depends on the instant movement speed.
- Physics Engine object: its "Create before frame fadein transition" option is now forced.
- Physical objects/movements: the maximum value for the friction has been increased to 300.
- Physical objects/movements: the maximum value for the density has been increased to 200.
- Path movement: conversion issue from MMF 2.0 applications, the movement structure was not correctly terminated causing issues with the Reverse command (note: editing the movement fixes the issue for already converted apps)

Fixes in 3rd party extensions, available in the extension manager

- Advanced Menu object: various fixes
- Calendar object: display issues in the frame editor in Picker mode
- Color Selector object: was not displayed in the frame editor in Direct3D mode
- IconView object: Unselect Icon now works, as well as the Find expression (you have to edit the expression and replace Find by ivFind or delete and recreate the expression)
- Masked Edit object: was not displayed in the frame editor in Direct3D mode
- Progress Bar object: was not displayed in the frame editor in Direct3D mode

Windows runtime

- Windows runtime: incorrect thick frame after restoring a maximized application with the "no thick frame" and "resize to screen" options.
- Windows runtime: if the "Resize display to fill window size" option is selected and the "Keep screen ratio" is not selected, then the runtime can now go to full screen even if the largest resolution available on the monitor is lower than the resolution of the application.
- Windows runtime: if the Language property of the application is set to Neutral Language, the texts sent to and retrieved from non-Unicode extensions are converted using the language settings of the current user.
- Windows runtime: crash when you add a backdrop and delete the active object if the active object has a shader.
- Windows runtime: distance expressions give wrong result when coordinate differences are huge.
- Windows runtime: the VSync Off action now works correctly
- Windows runtime: performance issue in standard graphic mode if you set an angle to 0 with high quality.
- Windows runtime: collisions with backdrops remain active in the physical world even if the backdrop is destroyed.
- Windows runtime: the text returned by the key$ expression no longer contains garbage at the end when used in expressions.
- Windows runtime: collision with backdrop issues in some cases when you resize the frame at runtime.
- Windows runtime: incorrect clipping in maximized mode if the "heading" option is selected and the "heading in maximized mode" is not selected.
- Windows runtime: on a secondary monitor the application couldn't be maximized at a size greater than the size of the main monitor.
- Windows runtime: objects with extension movements like Circular or Vector could disappear at coordinates above 32767.
- Windows runtime: some objects were duplicated during one frame in Direct3D mode when a layer was wrapping.
- Crash when you create backdrop objects in the physical world and you jump to another frame
- Active Backdrop object (Windows runtime): the object was not correctly located in scrolling apps
- Active/Background System Box objects (Windows runtime): border not displayed in Sub-Applications with the Display As Sprite option.

Complete list at
Community Announcements - kisguri
Fusion made Five Nights at Freddy's 2 has been released on Steam. The sequel to the highly successful first iteration of the same name, promises more scares and extra features during this recent work week of horror gaming!

Oct 27, 2014
Community Announcements - kisguri
Colepowered Games, creator of Megacity HD and Six O'clock high is going for a greenlight approval on their latest title "Concrete Jungle". Concrete Jungle is the spritual sucessor to Megacity, with deep features, Card deck mgmt and HD isometric City building gfx harking back to the 90's. Check this game out it's a winner!



Cole writes...

Concrete Jungle is a new take on the city building game that swaps micro management for deck-building and extra servings of strategy.

The game combines the simple but satisfying mechanics of a tabletop deck-building game,

the intricacy and accessibility of an indie title,

and the variety and depth of a collectible card game.

Topped with the isometric stylings of classic 90s management sims!

You use cards in your deck to place buildings, clearing city blocks to give yourself more room to build. As your city grows you'll get opportunities to hone your deck, but the game also gets harder.

It started off years ago as a sequel to my indie game 'MegaCity' from 2011. Although still a successor to that game, it's come so far I thought it had earned a shiny new name.

The game is being developed for PC but I'll also be porting to Mac. ports to Linux, Android and iOS may also be possible further down the road.

Launching on steam would be brilliant! So if the project interests you, don't forget to vote on Greenlight!

Community Announcements - kisguri
The team behind the highly successful "Five Nights at Freddy's" are gearing up for a scare filled sequel with "Five Night's at Freddy's 2". The latest version which is currently seeking Greenlight approval comes with new characters and features to up the ante. Check it out and vote for it on greenlight

Oh and apparently this disclaimer should be included, As always, Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for death or dismemberment.

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Clickteam in it’s never ending battle to support Indie game development and its creators is helping Indie Dev Monoplex Studios bring Golden Hour to life in our first ever Kickstarter campaign. If you like Metroidvania style games like i do you might want to check this out. Golden Hour is A hi-res pixel art metroidvania with juicy destruction and a thrilling, timeline-twisting story! Featuring gameplay rooted in the 16 bit era with new twists and features.

With your help and support if we can get Golden Hour funded it will be available on Steam!

Check it out here:

Features Include

Unraveling story following a main quest and many tangled side-quests
RPG leveling system including four primary and many secondary skills to improve your battle, platforming, crafting and more
Explore a world composed of beautiful hi-res pixel art
Destructive environment with special effects and realistic physics
Use your environment in battle!
4 bindable quick action slots
Over 30 spells whose power depends on players levels and skills
Variety of melee and ranged weapons
Game-altering items and equippables such as potions, magic jewelry, shields and armor
Dynamic music following the mood of the game events
Procedurally generated biomes and dungeons


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