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Community Announcements - Shagrost

Today we tell about characters each player faces when he or she first starts Legends of Eisenwald. We will talk about main heroes of the game.

Three main characters of Legends of Eisenwald are invented by leading game developers Nikolai Armonik and Denis Lomako analogous to our first game Discord Times. We have once said that initially Legends of Eisenwald was planned to be much easier and more like a remake of Discord Times, but eventually we got many different ideas that found their way into the game. We eliminated everything that is impossible to do by a small team and got a hardcore simulator of a wandering knight. It was originally planned that we would have 6 heroes (one male and one female characer for each class), but in the process we decided to give make it a bit different, so we ended up with just three characters: Knight, Baroness and Mystic.

A little later, when Nikolai had already developed the game engine and we came up with game visualisation, its main features, narrative outline, and other elements. We decided not to go much into narrative individualization based on the hero class, and we made a bet on the players possibility to associate themselves with a character.

So today, you can choose one of three characters, not only in accordance with yours strategic and tactical preferences, but also to write your own history of relationships with the world of Eisenwald. This world has a twisted story and a large number of in-game legends, which can be touched. We believe that our characters perfectly embody everything that we do with the game world.


Despite the fact that we did not seriously pursue individualization of heroes, for general understanding of the classes possibilities we descriptions (not in the game yet and not edited yet):

This is a strong and tough warrior wearing heavy armor and he is unsurpassable in melee combat. He leads his troops to victory or death, marching forward and then as the first meets one or the other. There are no weapons that wouldn’t be fatal in his hands, whether it’s a quick sword, cavalry lance or a heavy hammer. When he mounts his steed, he will not leave his enemies even a chance to escape.

She is a bold and self-willed noble woman. She prefers hunting, archery competition and dangerous journeys to needlework and music. She considers hand to hand combat a privilege of men but sill she knows how to handle a bow and a crossbowBaroness assume fights face to face privilege of men, however, she knows how to hanlde a bow and a crossbow. Thank to her instincts, cunning and hunting skills, she like no one else can gain advantage in the wild.

He is a learned man who apprehended metaphysics, astrology and alchemy, but also who realized that to discover the mystery of life you need to look death in face. A cruel fight is the best lesson in philosophy, and the huge world is a laboratory. That is his postulate. When he gained power over the properties of matter, a mystic tells metal become brittle as glass, leather – strong as steel, and touch – deadly as flame.

Game skills of main characters are divided into three branches: the command, social and class.

Command skills are the same for all three characters. They include five abilities to improve capabilities of fighters. Some increase initiative, others reduce damage. You can even get an extra support slot! A great commander is a leader. One can not conquer alone, so we recommend to pay attention not only to personal skills of your hero but also to his command skills.

Social skills do not differ between the classes of the game characters. In fact, this direct line of three points of development: a feudal lord, a traveler, a merchant. Each of these points, as the name implies, provides definite advantages to the player, which could significantly affect the gameplay. The feudal lord may take tribute from villages, the traveler does not receive fines for traveling over rough terrain, and a merchant trades with higher efficiency. Our game is not just about knights battle each other, but also about the medieval world. You have to immerse yourself in this world, hence opportunity to stock up on useful skills of noble man may be just opportune for anybody, who prefers to tread carefully through uncharted lands of Eisenwald.

But the most delicious for any player are, of course, class skills! It is because of them you choose the baroness instead of the knight or the knight instead of the mystic! Because these skills make your playing style very specific and not similar to other. Class skills will allow your character to progress their own skills, to fight at the head of troops or to support organizational process and also practical skills.

Knight is not only battle commander for his army, but he is a battering ram in the battle because his class abilities allow him to fight not only with one-handed and two-handed weapons. He can also use horses in battle and even ramming attack with his lance. A class branch of Baroness consists of progress in shooting abilities and features of the character. At the outset Baroness can give any hunter a hard time, whether she has a bow or crossbow. We consider, that mystic is a one of the most difficult to learn skills. At the same time this is the strongest class for a person, who study out in a fine structure of existence and who is a true-born astrologer and alchemist. Mystic can learn 6 skills, that help to use a variety of spells, which he acquires during the game. Spells can be both punishing (for enemy), and supporting (for allies). Astrology increases the impact of selected spell depending on a position of the stars, metaphysics allows to nourish with spiritual energy at the end of the turn, and Necromancer skill, for example, allows you to be able to invoke spirits!

We don’t want to bother you with description of all characters skills. In our opinion, it was written enough above to help you decide which hero you will choose when you start the game for the first time. If you have already played for all characters in the game, we invite you to join the discussions on our Steam forum and tell us what class is more interesting and what is easier!

Incidentally, in the scenario “Cursed Castle”, which was officially included in the game with the latest update, each character is present on the map and has its own starting position and castle. To state the obvious, in this scenario in particular you can see who is worth what.

Как всегда, русскую версию дневников вы можете прочитать на нашем официальном сайте.
Announcement - Valve
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Community Announcements - Shagrost
We are working on the new interface and part of it is reworking the tutorial. Here is an example of how it will look, we hope you are going to like it.

Спешим поделиться примером нового туториала к игре “Легенды Эйзенвальда”. Надеемся он придется вам по вкусу!
Community Announcements - Shagrost
Hello everybody! We are happy to tell you that new update will be released on Wednesday, which transfer scenario editor into stable branch, fix some essential bugs in game and its editor, and also add Steam Workshop to the game. This means, that a special surprise, a scenario that is based on the Cursed Lake scenario from our first game Discord Times, will be available for all participants of Early access.

Notice for modders.

During the semi-closed test in special dedicated developer’s branch for users, with community activity we could fix some essential bugs and bring integration of game’s editor and Steam Workshop to a stable state. The step with opening special beta came to be very successful, so we could repair errors with autosaving and saving maps in editor.

We fixed some serious flaws that we didn’t take into account during the editor development. The area of the map in the game where all action takes place is only limited by a special area with regular landscape, trees and even buildings. And this zone and all that is outside of it is not used in calculations. Having done a lot of changes and created a brand new version of the editor, we forgot that old version allow to place armies in that border area as well. As a result, a map would load just fine but if this scenario was started in the game, it gave an error when AI attempted to move the army in a place where it wasn’t allowed to be.

Despite that, we think that automatic generation of maps with a river’s delta is fixed but we would have to work on it some more. Generating the delta of the river toda you would need several attempts to receive a good result. We will have to play with formulas and dependencies to make it a bit better, but this is not a first priority task, neither it is very complex. It is postponed until the moment where we will work on the remaining loose ends before game’s release.

Among the others noticeable changes you will notice more comfortable to use cursors for landscape formation(there was a number of complains, hopefully, it would be much better now). Editor changes touched aesthetic aspects of the issue – we replaced skin to gray, so that icons would look more harmonious.

To talk about this next issue is too early but we understand that modders’ work would be much easier if editor allowed to undo. The implementation complexity of this task stems from the fact, that you don’t have to cancel one step exactly, there could be 5 or more, so if drawing mountain array you think you don’t like it, it is necessary to cancel a lot of actions at once.The Editor’s developer Denis Lomako has already experimented in this direction, but it’s too early to say, what will be the result of these experiments. But we try to move in this direction.

A new game interface.

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to complete work on the new game interface to its logical conclusion to release it in this update. But we want to show you a couple of screenshots of this new interface, that soon will be available!

There are a few months before the official release only. We will announce the exact date later, when we are absolutely sure, that nothing will hinder us to release the game on the day of X exactly. There is no much to do (finalizing shaders, game optimization, translation of remaining chapters), as well as things you repeatedly point out, like battle log and graphic SFX. We are confident that nothing much remains before announcing the release date. We hope to announce it in August.

Русскую версию дневников разработчиков, как и всегда, вы можете прочитать на официальном сайте компании пройдя по ссылке.
Community Announcements - Shagrost

Hello everyone! The biggest news is that our AI and event system developer Denis Lomako is back to work. He feels good and he is eager to finish whatever is left for him. He is still under doctors observation after his surgery, and he started from home a week ago, but now we are happy to see him back in our office.

We would like to thank those of you who participated in beta test of our Scenario Edtior that was announced a bit earlier. We didn’t expect many new ideas and suggestions from you, but it is great to receive them. It’s a pity we won’t be able to implement them all because of lack of time and resources but still…

We are very happy with this way of collaboration where anyone who wants to dig deeper can enter a password, download the latest developers’ build for Steam and see what changed – a sort of beta in beta. There are players thank to whom we learned about some new bugs in the game and in the editor and we fixed a few of them. Beta testing turned out to be a good opportunity for looking how new ideas work and we hope to repeat something like that in the future.

If we talk about statistics, right away after the announcing beta test we uploaded to our official Youtube channel videos with brief overview of the Scenario Editor in English and Russian. 193 people watched the video in Russian, 640 in English. Unfortunately, Steam doesn’t provide information (or we didn’t find) how many people downloaded test build so we can only look for clues in the forum here and in these numbers. With a hope in our heard we look into the future where we the next large update comes out.

Next update is going to be huge. Many bugs are fixed, the Editor and new scenario will be released officially, our new section of Steam Workshop to be used for everyone. Also, there is a high chance we will finalize new interface that we redesigned according to your feedback. We still will need your feedback on this new interface and we hope you will like it. We use it already for a while internally and we think that with new interface the game will become easier to play and navigate not only in terms of usage but also it will change the way it looks and feels.

Русскую версию новых дневников разработчиков вы можете прочитать на нашем официальном сайте.
Community Announcements - Shagrost
In this video we give you a brief overview of Scenario Editor for Legends of Eisenwald. We will show you how to make maps manually, how to generate them automatically, how to place objects, setup armies and events.

Support forum on off.site
Support forum on Steam

В этом видео вы познакомитесь с азами создания сценариев для игры "Легенды Эйзенвальда". Мы кратко расскажем и покажем ручное рисование карты, автоматическую генерацию, расстановку объектов, настройку армий и событий, а также общих параметров сценария.

Форум поддержки на офф.сайте
Форум поддержки на Steam
Community Announcements - Shagrost

We decided to release a patch differently from the way we used to do. So, right now you can start testing the scenario editor and new scenario Cursed Castle. This new scenario is done based on Cursed Lake scenario from our first game Discord Times and we adapted it to our setting. The scenario is ready in English, Russian and French.

We have been testing the editor and its integration with Steam Workshop already for a long time but we still have quite a bit of issues. We are delivering this patch as a beta branch here on Steam. If you were waiting to make your own scenarios and mods, maybe now is the time!

Instructions and password are here. We would love to hear about your expectations and experience with editor or new scenario, so you can leave them in the same branches of this forum. The amount of activity will be also something to look at and see if we are doing the right things.

We already created a forum related to testing and this forum is visible only for those who have a copy of the game. Please write there about found bugs and ask questions about the scenario editor. We understand that despite our effort it could be rather hard to master so we will do our best to answer your questions fast. We created a short overview video on the editor, we will publish it shortly.

Later on we will invite some of you to closed beta test of the main campaign but it will have a few more limitations.

On one hand, we are happy about these issues. Soon begins E3 and then sometime after that Summer Sale and press is busy with all those things. We want that such a big event for us as release of the scenario editor, modding kit and new scenario would get some attention, and all these events make it virtually impossible to get noticed during these times.

As we already wrote, we will raise a price of our game at the release time. For this increase not to be so sudden, we will soon raise it to $20. You will have an option to buy this game at the old price during Summer Sale where Legends of Eisenwald will not cost more than $15. And also, we will make a discount for the official release of the editor. Closer to the release we will increase the price once more, most likely to $25. We might make another extended edition which will include soundtrack and a few other things that will cost more.

Внимание! Содержание дневников на русском языке несколько отличается! Рекомендуем прочитать их на нашем сайте!
Community Announcements - Shagrost
Our last month was rich in events. Despite the numerous May holidays (we were not even allowed into our office, as the building was closed these days!), we managed to get done with a few important tasks: Now we are about to complete our work on the Scenario Editor and Steam Workshop, and have only one scenario left in order to complete the campaign promised to you for the game release. Some of us even managed to take a rest while still being helpful to the local community, by participating in GamesLab #26.

GamesLab #26

For the 26th time in Minsk, IT House, a platform for idea development based on the Belarusian State University, organized a conference for game developers, the GamesLab. Some of our team members were invited to take part in the event: our technical director Nikolay Armonik and our composer Ressa Schwarzwald.


The conference focused around the topic of virtual reality (VR), which is why a talk given by such a gadget-lover as Nikolay could not have come at a better time. In his report, he talked about the things that game developers should expect in this domain: “In order to grasp the use of Oculus Rift and other ways of conveying gaming experiences, one needs to work hard and with deep engagement. The developers’ experience requirements have risen, so the good time for retraining is right now.” Nikolau gave a comparative analysis of the existing VR headsets and related the current issues associated with them: the feeling of sickness when using OR, the wire-related issues, the low game definition, and the high system requirements.

Ressa presented a report on the best modern friend of every man, the smart phone. She talked about the ways it could be turned into a musical instrument to assist you in game development. More information about the event can be found on the official website (in Russian).

Scenario Editor and Steam Workshop

In the near future we will try to surprise you, as we hope, in a good way, because a remarkable event is about to take place very soon: the release of the Scenario Editor. We have some great expectations for it. Considering our experience with Discord Times, we are looking forward to seeing some exciting game scenarios along with the activity of our game’s community. The editor will allow us to keep track of the elements that you are giving most of your attention thanks to the ranking system used by the workshop.

And now down to the most important! The editor is ready, Steam Workshop integration is done and tested. Games are being published, uploaded, updated, the process is displayed; no problems during the testing have been discovered.

We tried to make the editor as simple as we could, although rookie map creators might need a guidance to understand some of the nuances. Today and for a few coming days ahead, we will be recording a Scenario Editor tutorial video (in Russian and English) in order to give a comprehensible description of the scenario-creating process and explain some of the subtleties. We have already given some details on the possibilities of the editor, so make sure to check out our article if you missed it!

Health in game development

We planned to release the Scenario Editor and The Legends of Eisenwald as soon as possible, but sometimes cogent and unpredictable life events can interfere with our plans. For our team, it was the illness of our AI and game event programmer, Denis Lomako. He was taken into a hospital a few month ago by an ambulance directly from our office, and it turned out he needed a heart surgery. He couldn’t work in his full capability since then, but we are very grateful that he could finish such a huge workload as the game editor and the Steam Workshop before heading into surgery. And we are very happy to tell you that his surgery went well (it was a week ago) and now he is in recovery in a nice retreat near Minsk. His doctors say it will take a few more weeks before he joins us again and we wish him the best of luck and a quick recovery. Let’s all send him our supportive good thoughts.

Дневники разработчиков на русском языке вы можете прочитать на нашем официальном блогех. И не забывайте оставлять свои идеи и пожелания. Нам важно знать что вы рядом! ;)
Community Announcements - Shagrost

In the process of creative task a sound designer considers the tools that were selected for the process. It’s not just programs and equipment that ara used but it’s more about classification and manyfold of used sounds, a structure of the game engine, and what is especially important, what does the game engine allows to do. Main difficulties could be expected on a treshold where two worlds – technical and creative – collide.

We never dealt with sound on the level we want to have at the release of Legends of Eisenwald, so we didn’t have experience of this serious work until the moment we started dealing with it. Before working on the sound, our technical director Nikolay Armonik started working on our engine that we called Aterdux Engine 9. He needed a year to create a flexible game engine that could easily be used to make either a shooter, sports game or an open world RPG. Big and ambitious for our small studio project included plans to make a game that could be played and replayed many times but in the end it required some compromises and limitations so development of the game would not be too long.

Programming tools that we used took away such possibilites as classification of equipment and weapons in a database. Now in the game there are 4 types of armor, and a few weapon types determined by the engine. We had to use some assumptions – for example a leather armor and a brigandine sound the same even though we all understand that metal under a fabric is not leather, even a riveted one.

Another issue with programming tools was not a simplest method of combining sound with animation. For example, when a weapon hits a shield, there is a separate sound. To make it in the game, we can’t just enhance original sample with a sort of a “slide effect”, but we have to record it as a separate file.

We thought how we could combine sounds and resolve some other issues and maybe we found a way. There is a big chance that we will buy a separate sound engine FMOD that is uses in games like Diablo 3, World of Tanks, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This engine has very rich selection of possibilities and existing solutions that could simplify our life. If this happens, we will make a separate post in our diaries!

Legends of Eisenwald will include also such interesting possibilities like panorama sounds on the map and in the battle depending on the location of camera, sound with reverberation and sound combinations. If we decide to buy FMOD, this will be a great influence for these possibilities.

If you have questions or want to know something about the game and its development, write us in comments! What would be interesting for you to read about?

Дневники разработчиков #12: Звуковые эффекты - 2 на русском
Community Announcements - Shagrost
In today’s diaries using Legends of Eisenwald as an example we will try to show you the interconnection of the elements of game development, and also about the sound effects – how we record them and what should be expected as result.

Somewhere between our Kickstarter campaign and getting to Early Access it was a wonderful time for working on our game. One of the exciting tasks of that time was making sound effects. Our entire team was involved in sound sessions and besides a lot of interesting discoveries it was really fun: we put a helmet on a cabbage and tried to kill it with an axe. We made Victor (our writer) fall down in a buff coat, we recorded rasping sound of claws with help of darts, and had lots more creative ideas. All the armor and weapons we provided ourselves since our team used a bunch of LARPers in the past.

The situation changed after we released on Early Access. We decided to make the sound more professional and we had to involve more people. Our composer and sound designer Ressa hired another person for help and he started totake care of the game sound SFX. While Early Access gave us quite a bit of funds to continue development, we still couldn’t afford to get professional equipment and record sounds of historical objects, we took the sounds from the available libraries and adopted them for our animations.

At this moment in our game there are sounds of shots, swings of melee weapons and how they hit the enemy. We actively work on the second part to make sounds for drinking potions, steps, shouts and falls.

The third part will include making sounds for magic effects, spells and everything that a new particle system developed by our technical director Nikolay Armonik will give us.

Particle system is an important part of the game because it will help bring in visual effects. To record audio to visual effects that we do not see yet, don’t know how long it is and other details is just not possible. Befor particle system will be done there will be a few other steps necessary. After particle system is done our art director Dmitry Goncharov will take over who will have to analyze and document which visual SFX are possible to make with this system. After that we will turn to a designer who will create the effects and then animated effects will go to our sound designer Ressa who will organize the rest of the process.

After the biggest part of the work will be behind, Ressa will make sounds for the global map and game interface. Since the interface is not ready yet, we don’t know how the process will go.

Прочитать русскую версию дневников, в которой мы рассказываем о звуковых эффектах в игре.

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