Community Announcements - Alexander (Aterdux)
Last day of Kickstarter campaign!

There are a few rewards left where you can get Legends of Eisenwald and this new game for just $12!

Less than $700 is needed to reach the goal, join us!
Community Announcements - Alexander (Aterdux)
Here is a recent update from our Kickstarter campaign for Eisenwald: Blood of November.

Legends of Eisenwald featured a heavily story driven gameplay. The main campaign, the Masquerade, Road to Iron Forest - these are all examples of a story driven approach.

In Blood of November we want to try something else. Sandbox gameplay cannot rely too much on the story. Having just a scenario completely without a story though is not very fun either - Cursed Castle is a good example of that.

In Blood of November the map will be filled with things to do sometimes seemingly unrelated to each other. Due to new handling of the quests majority of player's actions will gradually influence the outcome and make subsequent quests either available or unavailable. The influence will not be immediately seen and we believe that only towards the mid or late game a player will understand what road he/she took. Given the fact that there will be some random quests too, the gameplay each time will differ to a certain degree.

An underlying framework story in Blood of November will have a surprise for you, we would love to say more but even a little detail can become a big spoiler, so please have patience until you start playing.

We are already testing this new game and maybe more things will be added or adjusted. We think that this gameplay might be very interesting both to players who are familiar with Legends of Eisenwald and for those who are not.

We reached 69% of funding and still have 4 days to go. Please spread the word, we need more recruits to strenthen our Eisenwald army!
Community Announcements - Alexander (Aterdux)
When preparing for the current Eisenwald: Blood of November Kickstarter campaign we stumbled upon a video we made long time ago, in June of 2011, almost a year before our campaign in 2012. We made this video to show a few publishers we were talking to at the moment. Take a look to see how much Legends of Eisenwald changed and evolved since then, and Blood of November will be even better!

Prototype video

Also, a small patch was released today that fixed a few things in Chinese localization.
Community Announcements - Alexander (Aterdux)
Today we would like to tell you about a few new features that we will add into Legends of Eisenwald mechanics so this Blood of November will have a better gameplay.

We heard quite a few comments from players that castles in our game are not very functional. This was a concern for us too since only few things could be done in the castles - recruiting new troops, healing them and leaving garrisons. In this new game we decided to increase strategic value of the castles. Probably the most interesting and useful innovation would be a possibility of hiring an additional army for patrolling your lands and protecting them from enemy armies, bandits and all kinds of ragamuffins. Moreover, for gold you will be able to improve your brave soldiers!

Also, in castles you will be able to open a forge and a trade. These buildings will not only bring you additional income but will allow you to buy weapons, armor and equipment right in your castle.

That's about it for today regarding new game features. We are glad to notice that our Kickstarter campaign is moving steadily towards the goal and is already 45% of the way.
Community Announcements - Alexander (Aterdux)
A little bit more and statistics will be on our side - projects that reach 30% have 90% probability that they succeed. It doesn't mean we are going to stop reaching out telling everyone about our new game though ːpowerfulstrikeː

If you don't have Legends of Eisenwald yet, consider our $12 Pikeman tier that has both the new game Eisenwald: Blood of November and Legends of Eisenwald. It's a Steam sale off Steam! :)

PC Gamer

I liked Legends of Eisenwald, the medieval tactical-RPG that came out last year, and so I'm happy to see that the wheels have begun turning on a sequel. Called Eisenwald: Blood of November, it's a completely separate, standalone game that charges players with supporting one of two sides warring for the throne of the Duchy of Eisenwald.

Eisenwald: Blood of November actually began as DLC for Legends of Eisenwald, but it turned out to be something bigger and now it's going to be a separate game, Alex Dergay of developer Aterdux Extertainment explained. It won't be nearly as massive as as its predecessor, though, nor will it be as linear. The studio estimates that it will offer 6-10 hours of sandbox-style gameplay, with random events to improve replayability, upgraded graphics, and an experimental quest system that will change according to your behavior."

This will give the player an opportunity to experience the world of Eisenwald from a new angle, but still enjoy an old-school adventure in a standalone form, developer Aterdux Entertainment said in the Kickstarter pitch. It s also a great option for players scared off by the hefty 50 hours that was in Legends of Eisenwald.

Because Blood of November is a smaller project that the original Eisenwald, the Kickstarter goal is significantly lower $12,000 and the campaign is running for only 20 days. The short campaign is because the amount we need to raise is not that big, and because November is close, Alex Dergay of Aterdux explained. And we work in parallel on different things too, so 20 days should be enough.

The Eisenwald: Blood of November Kickstarter is live now and runs until September 20.

Community Announcements - Alexander (Aterdux)

We are happy to invite you to our second Kickstarter campaign!

This new sandbox adventure will provide a look from a different angle at the world of Eisenwald. It will be released as a separate game and it is included in Season Pass, so Season Pass holders are welcome only to get a key for their friends :)

This is a good opportunity to get Legends of Eisenwald copy as well, since basic reward for $12 includes both Blood of November and Legends of Eisenwald, 100 copies only for Early Bird backers!

We worked on this for already quite some time and we decided to make into a standalone game since the changes we had to do in our code started growing rapidly. This way it won't break the existing game and will add new features into Blood of November.
Community Announcements - Alexander (Aterdux)
Spanish was added to Road to Iron Forest.

Mini patch with a few fixes for Chinese.
Community Announcements - Alexander (Aterdux)

很高兴告诉大家,《铁森林风云(Legends of Eisenwald)》官方简体中文版现已正式推出!中文本地化工作由轻语工作室完成,感谢他们的付出。为庆祝简体中文版发布,《铁森林风云》即日开启持续一周的打折促销活动,-50%的五折优惠已经开始。


We are happy to tell you that Legends of Eisenwald is available now in Chinese! Localization is done by WhisperTrans Studio and we are very grateful for their work. To celebrate this, Legends of Eisenwald is 50% off this week.

A few rare occuring bugs are fixed in this patch as well and it brings the game to the 1.3 version.

Community Announcements - Alexander (Aterdux)

This day a year ago our game was released. During this year we worked a lot on fixing all kinds of bugs and now the game is in a good stable state. We are very happy about it and hope that you appreciate it as well.

Exiting Early Access was a big event for us after which we were working hard to polish the game even more so we could have our first vacation for the first time in many years of development.

Sales of the game turned out to be pretty good and covered our expenses - break even point happened after the Steam Daily Deal in April. And we could work the entire year living off our sales.

For a small and not very experienced studio it’s a very good result. Of course it would be nice if sales were more and we could have enough money for Legends of Eisenwald 2. One step at a time.

We will continue supporting the game and fix critical bugs but nothing major is going to be introduced. Except Chinese language will be added soon, and work started on Japanese version of the game.

As we promised, we will make two more DLCs. We are working hard already on the first one and it can become something bigger than we initially planned. Then instead of DLC it could be a serious addon. If that really happens we might start a small Kickstarter campaign for that.

Currently we are looking for funding for our next projects as well as looking to hire new personnel. Recently our team got a 2D artist and he like us loves medieval ages and historical reconstruction.

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