Community Announcements - Shagrost
We prepared for you patch 0.994. Closed beta test participants will receive the full version, other players shortened so there will be no spoilers regarding not released chapters.
  • Full synchronization of animations in combat is done (regarding animations following an interrupted counterattack).
  • Added floating numbers of damage and other parameters in combat
  • Ignis Magnesium and Nigredo spells descriptions have been adjusted
  • The cursor behavior has been changed (showing impassable areas) over the rocks, fences and other similar details of the landscape.
  • In the army screen we added visual separation of the passive abilities (weapons usage, personal skills), active abilities (activated skills and spells) and bonuses received from the items.
  • Bonus “silver weapon” description has been changed. Silver weapons deals extra damage to all characters who have regeneration and vampirism.
  • Characters from the monks line now won’t use “bad” items.
  • Fear will work now only at the end of the movement and will affect only enemies. Characters won’t stop anymore approaching scary enemies. The spirit will scare right after being summoned.
  • From the lowering of the education quality in the school of necromancy warlocks can’t summon spirits anymore.
  • Attack of the werewolves has been increased a little.
  • Stone characters as well as werewolves and ghouls can’t use regular items anymore.
  • Selecting “wait” in combat now cancels activated in the last turn special abilities.
  • Fixed retreat of characters in combat.
  • Added a possibility to fully control summoned spirits.
  • Necromancers and mystic who knows necromancy can summon and control only one spirit.
  • AI priority for spells summoning spirits and suppressing will has been increased
  • Changed algorithm for calculating experience for support units. Now it depends on how their targets acted in the next turn.
  • For “Energy burst” an ability to cast a mass spell is blocked if not enough mana.
  • The spell “Albedo” now doesn’t have an additional effect of healing at the end of the turn of the target. Now healing works as planned only when spell is casted.
  • Crowbills can’t damage werewolves armor since they have none.
  • Sometimes enemy infantry got killed off your spearmen despite the fact that less dangerous targets were nearby. Eludidative talks were conducted and now, on higher level of difficulty the amount of suicide will be significantly decreased.
  • The function of evaluating items strength has been changed. Now items close in value differ and displayed in a correct color.
  • The function of evaluating strength of troops and items now takes into account bonuses of regeneration and evasivness. Early it lead to incorrect evaluation of some items.
  • In the Prologue mercenaries don’t come to Seidlitz castle if your hero hides in there.
  • In the Way Home when you defeat Raike without finishing the quest with Anna von Hinzen, in Quellburg there will be only one option in the dialog with her.
  • Now quests on defeating enemies in each faction correctly close when you come and report on their completion at the same time.

Русскоязычная версия патчнота доступна на нашем официальном сайте
PC Gamer

What is it? A medieval RPG/strategy game with turn-based combatInfluenced by: DarklandsPlay it on: Quad-core CPU, 4GB RAM, GeForce GTX 560Alternatively: Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, Eschalon TrilogyCopy protection: SteamExpect to pay: $20/ 15 Release: 2013 (Early Access)Publisher/Developer: Aterdux EntertainmentMultiplayer: NoneLink: Official site

Alpha and Early Access reviews offer our preliminary verdicts on in-development games. We may follow up this unscored review with a final, scored review in the future. Read our full review policy for details.

I knew that Legends of Eisenwald wasn't quite as it appeared not long after I began playing the tutorial. I'd captured a bandit who'd been terrorizing a local stretch of road, and after confessing and explaining that he was merely a pawn in a much bigger game, he asked if I'd spare his life. Unable to resist my Boy Scout impulses, I decided I would. The game had other ideas. "Honor does not demand that justice be abandoned," my character Sir Malygris intoned, before giving him a Ned Stark haircut. Well then.

Legends of Eisenwald, which has been kicking around on Steam Early Access since October 2013, isn't really an RPG at all. I don't feel like I'm the hero when I play; I'm just some random goon with a sword and a trust fund, going where the game tells me, doing what it wants me to, and then toddling off to the next entry on the list of Things That Must Be Done. There are some choices to be made, such as which vassals to tune up as an example to the rest, but individual quests are purely linear and have fixed outcomes, and won't progress until the previous step is made as required—steps that are often unclear.

In one case involving a woman whoring out her daughter, a rumor hinted that I could find them at Green Stone Street. But there is no Green Stone Street in the game; I can say this with confidence, because I spent an awful lot of time looking for it. In reality, it was just a scripted reference made by an NPC, and to trigger the next step in the quest (and this is a spoiler, so beware) I needed to sell a diadem I'd taken off a dead mercenary at some point prior, which had been lying, forgotten, at the bottom of my inventory. Not only that: After selling it, I had to engage in gossip in order to advance the quest, and if I gossiped before selling, I'd have to leave the city, return, then gossip, and then the quest would progress. But there was never any indication that these were the specific steps, in the specific order, required to move the action forward, and in fact were it not for the mercy of the Steam forums, I'd probably still have that stupid diadem in my inventory.

Combat is similarly obtuse. In battle, all melee fighters must, without exception, attack the enemy closest to them, so while they're all nominally under my control, I often have very little actual control over them. It's possible to pass a turn, but NPCs cannot move without engaging someone, nor can they pile on to one particular enemy if others are closer. The computer is stuck with the same restriction so it's not really unfair, but it leads to some ridiculous situations: Powerful mystics would occasionally conjure spirits within my ranks, and my soldiers were then obliged to stand and swing through them repeatedly, even though the wispy ghosts couldn't be damaged by their weapons—and while corporeal enemies were busy laying the thump on one or two of my fellows a few hexes away.

The Russian (I think) to English translations can be a little rough in places (not unreadable, just awkward, like Gunther Reike's analogy of a frog in a milk jug turning the realm into a wasteland), there's a graphics glitch after alt-tabbing, and NPCs sometimes refer to dead characters as though they're still alive in conversations. I could continue, but it starts to feel like nitpicking; the point is that it all feels very beta, much more than I would have expected from a game that's been on Early Access since October 2013, and while it's still being actively developed—the most recent update was posted on April 1—it's certainly not blazing along.

Yet for all of that, I've got more than a dozen hours in Legends of Eisenwald, and I'm actually looking forward to more. It's a lovely game, with a gorgeous day/night cycle, backdrops styled like oil paintings, and a beautiful soundtrack, and the four difficulty levels let me dig into it without having my ass handed to me repeatedly. And even though I don't think it's a particularly good RPG, it is quite a decent adventure. That admittedly stretches the definition of the genre, but the glacial pace of character growth, limited customization options, and utter inflexibility result in an experience that's much more akin to solving a set of puzzles with a static character than to conventional RPG questing. The assault on the gate leading into my family's castle, for instance, was more about figuring out how to gather the requisite allies at the nearby drinking hole than about the battle itself; I couldn't even begin the attack until I'd got everyone together.

But what really polishes my sword is the way Eisenwald so powerfully evokes Darklands, the "realistic" Microprose RPG from 1992. Both games take place in medieval Germanic lands as they were envisioned by the people of the time: filled with great heroes, powerful clerics, mythical creatures, and boundless adventure awaiting those bold enough to seize the day. It's a superficial likeness, and they really aren't anything alike in terms of gameplay, but there are enough presentational similarities to ring the bell—and until a proper Darklands sequel comes along, I'll take what I can get.

That puts Legends of Eisenwald in a place where I can (and do) enjoy it, while not feeling entirely comfortable about actually recommending it to anyone. Even when it's ready for release, I suspect it will be one of those oddball European games that attracts a fiercely dedicated but relatively tiny audience; the Euro Truck Simulator of fantasy RPGs, perhaps. And right now, it's most definitely not ready for release. But I think I'm going to play it some more anyway.


Legends of Eisenwald isn't quite the old-school RPG it seems to be, but still manages to be oddly engaging.

Community Announcements - Shagrost
We are happy to announce that Ether Editor will be included in the release version of the game. Legends of Eisenwald will be the first game in the world that introduces the technology of Ether Control. Other areas of software development use ether but it’s mostly used with data storage and recording. Not many people know about it but the ether is holding together the bits and bytes of software in all computers. The Editor will help players to be able to get a more stable game experience because controlling the ether will greatly reduce the amount of bugs in the game and in some rare circumstances the bugs will get fixed on their own.

Players will be able to set up which bugs will be the priority targets for the editor – crashing, scripting or combat bugs. Also, in time for the release we are hoping to create a cloud of tags that players will be able to set and control. For the most advanced players a manual mode of bitwise ether control will be available, which is not easy to learn but can produce some amazing results. Some developers believe that ether control systems will bring us to the creation of a self learning AI but obviously we don’t believe in such fairy tales.


Мы рады объявить, что в релизную версию игры будет включен Редактор Эфира. “Легенды Эйзенвальда” будет первой игрой в мире, в которой появится технология управления эфиром. Другие области производства программного обеспечения используют эфир, но в большей степени это связано с хранением-записью данных. Немногие знают, но именно эфир удерживает вместе биты и байты программного обеспечения в компьютерах. Про помощи редактора игроки смогут получить более стабильный игровой опыт, потому что за счет управления эфиром в игре будет намного меньше багов, а при удачном стечении обстоятельств, баги будут даже исправляться сами собой.

Игроки смогут сами настраивать, какие баги предпочтительнее оптимизировать в редакторе – крэши, скриптовые или же баги битвы. Также, к релизу мы надеемся успеть создать облако тегов для багов, которые игроки смогут определять и управлять ими. Для самых продвинутых игроков будет доступен режим ручного побитового управления эфиром, что хоть и очень сложно, но может принести удивительные результаты. Некоторые разработчики считают, что системы управления эфиром приведут к созданию самообучающегося ИИ, но мы в такие сказки не верим.
Community Announcements - Shagrost
Animation in combat
So, in the nearest patch a full animation synchronization in combat will be done. In other words, one of the things will be fixed that many of our players pointed out to us in the early stages of development.

Realistically, the animation in combat is ready for the game in the framework of the current combat algorithm, and if new movements or actions will be added, syncing will have to be done again.

What were the issues with animation sync in combat? A partial answer you already heard and the rest comes from the way the combat system works. AI calculates ahead a turn and block of tracking the combat flow reconstructs the sequence of the events happened and forms asynchronous sequence of animations sets.

Health bars are text strings with numbers and text that fly up over the heads of characters whey they receive damage. They are red in the game directly from the AI so a turn in combat happens in the AI much earlier than its animation. As a result, players saw unexpected reduction of HP before it happened on the screen. With the next patch animation synchronization issues will be fixed. And health bars will change too and display changes of information better.
Floating notifications over health bar are available only in Russian now, but it will be fixed in the next patch.

Special effects
The special effects system is done, but not included into the game yet. It is mostly because that now there is no sense to make it work. SFX system will not enter into the game such parameters as Bloom, SSAO, DOF, Motion blur. And bright sparks, lightnings and thick smoke already belongs to work of graphics and animation designers. In the developers version our technical director Nikolay Armonik will show our art director Dmitry Goncharov how this wonder of technologies work, will tell about possibilities of the system and will provide examples. And only then the work on the corresponding content will start. We were getting ready for this step for a very long time and finally we got really close.


Русскую версию дневников разработчиков, как и всегда, вы можете прочитать на нашем официальном сайте
Community Announcements - Alexander (Aterdux)

The patch 0.993 has been released. We are happy to tell that Belarusian language has been added to the game! Below is the list of changes:

  • Fixed the bug with two meditations in the Prologue;
  • Screams of characters in combat are added;
  • Ghosts appear from under the earth and correctly disappear when they die;
  • Fixed issues with “Conversation” buttons in buildings. Now invisible objects don’t block pressing it;
  • Changels in balance of healing cost. Lower level characters now are less expensive to heal, but with each level of a character the cost will grow more significantly than earlier;
  • Lowered the amount of gold loot when defeating “noble” characters and rogues. Loot from recruits and simple soldiers is increased a little.
  • Cost of trophies is a bit lowered;
  • Now Berthold’s army is respawned when accidentally killed in the Way Home scenario;
  • All final bosses are made stronger.


Рады сообщить, что в Steam вышел патч за номером 0.993. Также рады сообщить, что в игру добавлен белорусский язык! Ниже приведен список изменений.

  • Исправлена ошибка с двумя медитациями аколита в Прологе;
  • В игру добавлены звуки криков персонажей;
  • Призраки поднимаются из-под земли и корректно исчезают когда умирают;
  • Исправлено перекрытие кнопок “Разговор” в строениях. Теперь невидимые объекты не блокируют ее нажатие;
  • Изменения в балансе стоимости лечения персонажей. Лечение начальных персонажей в линейках стоит немного дешевле, но с каждым уровнем стоимость лечения увеличивается значительно сильнее, чем раньше;
  • Уменьшено количество трофейного золота при победе над “благородными” персонажами и разбойниками. Немного увеличена добыча с ополченцев и простых солдат;
  • Немного снижена стоимость трофеев;
  • Теперь отряд Бертольда возрождается, если был случайно убит в сценарии “Дорога домой”;
  • Усилены все финальные боссы.
Community Announcements - Shagrost
Plans for the near future
Remember how we said we were looking for an additional budget for marketing and PR? We found it!  And that allows us to go GDC and PAX East, it wouldn’t be possible without these extra funds.

This news becomes even more interesting since Legends of Eisenwald was selected as one of 15 games to be shown in Indie Megabooth at GDC in San Francisco! We are very happy about it and looking forward to this expo. Last year’s GDC didn’t work for us but we are hoping that being a part of the great Indie Megabooth will change a few things.

Also, we will be showing Legends of Eisenwald at PAX East in Boston. There will be just two of us there and maybe someone will join us in exchange for tickets to the expo, and we already asked our Kickstarter backers.
Results of a poll which hero you find the most interesting
Quite a bit of time passed since the poll and now we would like to share its results with you. In the Russian version of the poll took part 204 participants, 163 in English:
  • Knight - 62,58%
  • Baroness - 23,93%
  • Mystic - 13,49%

Русскую версию новости вы можете прочитать на нашем официальном сайте
Feb 11
Community Announcements - Alexander (Aterdux)

We are happy to report about new patch to Legends of Eisenwald. Traditionally we leave out a bigger part of the changes so we don’t give spoilers to those who are waiting for the release.
  • New achievements have been added, 44 in total now, out of them 16 are in the first three available chapters of the campaign.
  • According to the changes in the system of connecting game items and characters, all named characters were changed in all scenarios;
  • Increased font size in information windows of buildings and armies;
  • Beggars got back their clubs instead of hammers;
  • The income hint describes only the current amount of gold in the building treasury when gold is collected manually;
  • Information window of buildings has now a new icon that specifies if a building provides income. In a hint for this icon the maximal value and current controlled building is shown;
  • In the information window of characters abilities and combat effects now are shown separetely. Now all the effects received in a battle are displayed on a portrait of the character which should help to understand more what’s happening in combat;
  • New developers console is added and basic functions are working now;
    Almost fully rewrote block of managing the saves. Saving will be significantly faster;
  • We made some funny horses (finished assembly of physical shaders).

  • Finished system of manual collecting gold from the castle treasuries. Now to collect gold from castles you will have to visit them. It’s important to now that tribute from the villages connected to the castle is collected by the castle court. The treasury of a castle has an upper limit, when it’s reached the gold stops being collected. Now it’s 10 times the castle income;
  • The bug with exchange of characters in a garrison and army of AI that lead to crashes is fixed;
  • Fixed mass healing for characters with negative will. Now they are simply not healed instead of receiving damage;
  • Spiritual power expenditure for mass spelss now does not depend on the will of a “main” target.
  • Priests spell Redemption removes now not only effects of negative spells but also fear, stun, poisoning and paralyzation.
  • The window of scenario settings parameters is changed;
  • Now you can connect to a scenario a picture and coat of arms on the map;
  • Added possibility to place sources of light on the map.
С логом обновления на русском языке вы можете ознакомиться на нашем официальном сайте
Community Announcements - Shagrost

We are happy to tell you that closed beta test in English is starting! The entire game content was translated into English and now it’s the time to see if the game can be played to the end. We won’t repeat everything what was said earlier but we recommend to re-read our post BETA WITHIN A BETA to understand what help we are looking for in this test.

You still have the time to join the volunteers of the closed beta test. Follow this links and leave your request in the form it is suggested in this topic

How to get to closed beta test (CBT)

Access to CBT is open to those participants who already have Legends of Eisenwald in their library and who have an open Steam profile.

Access to CBT will get only those participants who will agree to our NDA that is located in a special group created for CBT - EisenwaldCBT where you will be invited to shortly. To agree to NDA you have send an email with the copied text of NDA and sign it with your legal name and mailing address to

Collection of statistics

During the beta test we will be looking at your messages in the English part of the CBT forum but when you will finish the game once or more times, we will ask you to send us statistics files together with the saves files at the end of the game.

Also, we would like to point out that any found bugs need to be reported together with games saves and sent to
Community Announcements - Shagrost

Recently players asked us how many man-hours we spent working on the game balance. The question seemed interesting and we tried our best to work out an estimate. In the end, it’s pretty hard to even find a close approximate. All members of our small team work on multiple tasks and it’s pretty difficult to pinpoint the hours spent in any one thing. Problems are solved as they appear and at other times we work on our specific tasks. As an approximate we could say that, Dmitry Goncharov, who had to deal primarily with balancing, spent anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 hours working on it. Though it is wise to note that Dmitry didn’t think that was accurate at all! He didn’t even try to name a number and simply explained the way it works.

In the case of Legends of Eisenwald, balance includes many factors (weapons, equipment, characters, spells, and location variables) that can influence the gameplay. As soon as we were able to produce the first fight, balancing followed soon after. We didn’t do balance full time because there were many other tasks to take care of. The characteristics of characters and heroes were changed as time went by, little by little depending on their influence.

Many things in the balance turned out well and worked from the start. For instance the weapons were thought through and they didn’t change much during the development. But it’s easy to remember some changes in regards to lances and horses. In the beginning mounted units were too strong.

Changes on NPC characteristics took a lot of work, and small fixes are still being done to this day. The biggest change was done when we realized the battles started to drag on for too long. Following our main concept in battle - no extra actions and the battle should be as compact as possible - Dmitry increased the attack of all the characters by 5 points which made combat dynamic and tough. It was the result we aimed for.

Most of the work was done changing the spells. Some spells didn’t really fit thematically and ruined the common balance in Eisenwald so we had to rewrite them completely. For a long time Dmitry tried to find a balance between healers and priests since in the beginning priests seemed completely useless. As a result we found a solution - healing had to depend on willpower and the combination of a priest and a healer was now quite viable as support characters.

Weapons, equipment and amulets were not changed much and balancing was mostly done for the latest ones which were added to the game for diversity sake.

If you are interested to look at the balance correction from a technical side, our AI programmer Denis Lomako prepared a small presentation with a story of how automatic balancing was done.

One of the balancing tasks was to make weapons in the game equivalent to each other so that after few battles there would not be a clear leader among the weapons used. For this during the testing a specific part was made for a consecutive characters test. Melee fighters and ranged characters were included in the test. The test looked like this:

  • Four embedded loops are used: 1) on characters, 2) on weapons that these characters can use, 3) on enemy characters, 4) on weapons that the enemy uses. As a result, we get a sequence of test battles of all the characters with all of them using all available weapon types.

  • In a test battle each of the sides fills its army with a selected character with its selected weapon. The only difference of these characters is how initiative is set. If nothing is done, then the one army will go first with all characters and it is not fair for the test. So, the initiative of all characters is decreased by one with each turn, so characters move in turns after a certain while. For example: our character’s base initiative is 15, the enemy character’s is 12. Our first character will have 15, the second 14, the third 13 and so on. The enemy will have 12, 11, 10. So four of our characters will move before the enemy character with the initiative of 12, moves.

  • As a result of test, it is determined how many HP and characters are left in the victor’s army.

  • Receiving data is summarized according to the type of weapons and characters. They are all stored into a separate file.

Efficiency of weapons
Sword 44.7%
Axe 40.1%
Crowbill 47.1%
Mace 35.4%
Pitchfork 9.8%
Spear 33.8%
LongSword 69.6%
Halberd 64.4%
Hammer 86.9%
Pike 44.3%
Lance 100.0%
Sword+Dagger 42.9%

Survival of characters
Knight Hero
Sword 18.9%
Axe 17.8%
Crowbill 16.8%
Mace 18.1%
========= 17.9% ~ 0.7%

Sword 50.7%
Axe 56.2%
Crowbill 49.6%
Mace 52.9%
LongSword 48.0%
Halberd 52.6%
Hammer 54.7%
Lance 70.7%
========= 54.4% ~ 6.6%

Axe 4.7%
Mace 4.8%
Pitchfork 7.4%
========= 5.6% ~ 1.3%

Based on the numbers received, the necessary corrections of weapons are done regarding both the efficiency of the weapon’s special features and their characteristics.


Русскую версию Дневников разработчиков #19 вы можете прочесть на нашем официальном сайте.
Community Announcements - Shagrost
We would like to let all collector lovers know that “Legend of Eisenwald” has now trading cards! You play, they drop! You can collect a set and receive a badge of our game and then collect one more set and receive a badge of the next level. We hope you like the art we used (by the way clicking on the cards received this art will open and you can use it for example for your desktop background). The text of the cards will lift a bit the veil on the legends in our game.

Please note: According to Steam conditions and rules, you can get only 5 cards out of 9.


Спешим обрадовать всех любителей коллекционирования! К “Легендам Эйзенвальда” стали доступны коллекционные Steam-карточки! Вы играете, а они падают! Вы можете собрать набор и получить значок нашей игры, а затем собрать еще один набор и получить значок уже следующего уровня. Надеемся, вам понравится использованный нами арт (кстати, при нажатии на собранные карточки этот арт будет открываться и вы сможете использовать его, скажем на рабочем столе). Также текст карточек приоткроет вам завесу над легендами нашей игры.

Важно: по условиям Steam вам на руки может упасть только 5 карточек из 9.


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