Community Announcements - ShadowShifters
Hi Huntsman: The Orphanage players, if you click on the Community Hub's Artwork tab you'll find the original default controller settings menu for easy reference. Just double-click an entry on your own dialogue menu and then move your controller joystick or press a key to set that control if you want to customize anything (the default keyboard controls are shown at the bottom of the list). The game supports mouse and keyboard, joysticks, PS3 controllers and "Xbox for Windows" controllers, and there's a diagram there too to show the default controller layout. Enjoy!
Community Announcements - ShadowShifters
We've reduced the price of v1.3 from $14.99 to $9.99 so you can enter the dark world of the Huntsman and still have change for a hamburger! Meanwhile, we're working hard on a new version with a new gameplay structure and new scares - and yes, once again, the new release will be a free upgrade for all existing owners of the game!
Community Announcements - ShadowShifters
Hello fellow Huntspersons, and Happy New Year! We've been listening to feedback, and work has commenced on a whole raft of tweaks, additions and improvements for release in a couple of months - and yes it will be another free update! Meanwhile, Happy Hunting!
Community Announcements - ShadowShifters
Huntsman: The Orphanage v1.03 is now live, with extra sound effects and a new memento that unlocks a new part of the story! 50% off in Steam's Sale!
Community Announcements - ShadowShifters
Huntsman: The Orphanage is up for Best AU/NZ Game in IGN AU's Black Beta Select Awards! Vote here:
Community Announcements - ShadowShifters
- Toy positions save issues solved
- New high-quality interior textures
- Brighter, stronger torch
- Huntsman hunting you more in the maze
- More small fixes throughout
Community Announcements - ShadowShifters
The title says it all, the Spring Sale is on right now, and our new update is balancing on the precipice and is about to leap off the edge and onto your PC!
Community Announcements - ShadowShifters
The game needs your comments on its Steam, Amazon & Metacritic pages - if you've enjoyed your experience, shout it out so people know:
AMAZON (if you got your copy from Amazon):
Community Announcements - ShadowShifters
This update is currently being tested, we'll release it as soon as we can. What I can tell you is...

Mementoes will stay where you put them, with no sneaky tricks from the Huntsman or orphans moving them while your back is turned. However, the Huntsman will be hunting you in the maze right from the moment you first enter...
Community Announcements - ShadowShifters
Yep, we've been invited to join the current Indie Gala "Dirt" bundle, right now you get six games for $4.89, check it out before the price rises :)

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