Community Announcements - MattDementous
Patch #5 - 10/25/14

This update leaves the base game unchanged, while including a "playable teaser" for the upcoming free update that will be remaking the game using Unreal Engine 4. This playable teaser is non-interactive--it's a security camera view of a kitchen where randomized hauntings occur. It also includes a menu with customizable graphics settings. This will allow you to determine how well the Unreal Engine 4 build of Paranormal may run on your PC or Mac. If you run into any issues, let me know in the Discussions.
This Playable Teaser does not represent the gameplay of Paranormal on Unreal Engine 4. It's merely an improved remake of Paranormal's original main menu scene.
While there is no set release date for Paranormal's UE4 remake, I can announce that I'm at the point in development where I'm adding scares. I hope to have something playable for all of you in the upcoming weeks or months.
For more information on the upcoming Paranormal Unreal Engine 4 remake mega-update, check out my previous announcement or ask me on Twitter (@mattdementous) or on Paranormal's Steam forums.
Have a safe and fun Halloween. Thank you so much for all the support and feedback. This is only a teaser of what is to come. I look forward to showing you all more soon. Stay spooky. -Matt Cohen
This patch is dedicated to the horror movie The Poughkeepsie Tapes. Watch it.
Some video teasers for the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 remake mega-update for Paranormal can be found below:
(Note: The first video on the list has really crappy artificial camera sway thanks to my lackluster Sony Vegas skills.)
(Remember, the Unreal Engine 4 remake will not be sold separately. It will be a free update!)
Community Announcements - MattDementous
Patch #4 - 4/12/14

Mac version of Paranormal is now available on Steam!
Removed the 'tapes' menu from the main menu.
Added temporary main menu fixes. (Use a 16:9 aspect ratio for best results)
Fixed several game-breaking glitches.
Added new story content via audiologs + phone calls.
Improved performance on AMD integrated graphics chips.
Fixed certain strange random crashes.
Decreased contrast greatly, giving a less severe lighting to the house.
Decreased brightness of the camera's torch.
Added a secret paranormal encounter you'll have to find for yourself.
More updates on the way!
This patch is dedicated to the movie Alien Abduction: Incident In Lake County. Watch it.
Paranormal is currently being ported to Unreal Engine 4. Without going too far into details, I can say that the reasons for the decision to port are the following:
Unreal Engine 4 offers superior performance, graphics, and compatibility.
It gives me the power to utilize new techniques for my scares that were inefficient in UDK.
UE4 will also allow more me to have more support, should I ever have a problem I can't handle on my own. I know it seems trivial, but sometimes even developers need help figuring certain things out.
Paranormal's Unreal Engine 4 port will be a free 'update' to the game, so you won't have to purchase it again. I stand by my declaration that every Paranormal DLC/Update/Expansion will be free to owners of the game.
Will it replace the current game? Technically, but I will make sure the current build is available to those who would hypothetically prefer it or those who feel like seeing what the game used to be like.
Regarding Paranormal's first announced major expansion, The Town...
Paranormal: The Town is also being ported to Unreal Engine 4, for all the same reasons I mentioned above.
But when can we expect to play the Unreal Engine 4 port of Paranormal?
Well, basically remaking an entire game takes time, but I intend to make it playable as soon as I feel I have the bare minimum amount of content ready for you all to play, test, and experience.
Until the port is released, I will continue to patch the current game. I will not abandon it.
If you feel like yelling at me for anything at all or just want to say 'hi', my twitter handle is @mattdementous.
It's difficult for me to speak of this, but in January 2014 I learned of the passing of my dear friend, Richard Skepp (DJ Morfar), the voice of Paranormal's DJ Poltergeist. I owe so much to him and I value his friendship deeply. He will always be part of the Paranormal family.
Thank you all so much for continuing to be a part of Paranormal's development! Stay spooky.
-Matt Cohen
Community Announcements - MattDementous
Patch #3 - 11/14/13
Made the main room lighter.
Added many more options to the new main menu.
Main menu saves the settings you pick.
Added audio tapes that can be found and played in random places around the house.
These tapes tell Mattel's story, loosely based on a true story of the voice actor.
Answering the phone and listening to tapes pauses time.
You can now invert your camera on the main menu if you're in to that sort of thing.
I made the phone look better.
Who turned out the lights?
Fixed a ton of bugs.
Hopefully improved performance.
Improved doors.
Tweaked our garage-friend.
Started testing for upcoming Mac version of the game.
Still working on that new room.
Removed tacky 'follow me on twitter' from The Room.
Planning to totally redo the sprinting system.
More updates on the way!
This patch is dedicated to the movie Grave Encounters. Watch it.

Fixed doors.
Randomized more stuff.
Added more options on the main menu.
Player can now enable or disable specific camera effects from the main menu.
Widescreen resolutions are only supported for now.
Slightly improved performance.
Community Announcements - MattDementous
Patch #1 - 9/16/13
Moved to new version of UDK.
Fixed black screen glitch (hopefully).
A few secret scares.
Randomly spawning keys.
Performed Demon sacrifice in livingroom.
New sprinting effect.
Started global initiative to decrease volume of some stuff in the game.
Improved pacing (slightly) (more to come in the future).
Controls displayed on main menu instead of ingame (or not at all haha).
Hopefully some crashes were fixed.
Made ceiling of livingroom wood instead of stone.
New footstep sounds on carpet.
Player no longer stomps on wood like angry man.
What dog?
New camera turn-on sound. (Wait, that came out wrong...)
New loading screen. (Don't play if prone to seizures)
Broke everything. (maybe, maybe not)
Improved performance on older machines slightly.
This patch is dedicated to the movie REC. Watch it.
Patch #2 - 10/14/13
Totally redid camera shader.
Changed lighting overall.
Added a window in the livingroom.
Something may be in the garage.
Rebalanced tons of scares to improve pacing.
Nerfed beast master class.
Began work on new room. (Unable to enter currently)
Made attic scares a bit more likely to happen.
Redid some of the doors.
Redid the controls to play nicer with gamepads. (Mostly!)
Optimized ALL the things.
Totally remade the camera interface/HUD.
The loading screen is a bit different.
Fixed a bunch of the reported bugs. More fixes in the future.
Added another battery bar. (So yes, more time to explore!)
Player is no longer glued to laptop against their will.
Safe combo entry is redone in the new HUD format.
Added more rain effects outdoors. (Will add more in future too!)
Remodeled the ceilings of some rooms.
Put new carpet in the bedroom.
Bathroom mirror is now clearer.
No more walking through doors.
More updates on the way!
This patch is dedicated to the movie V/H/S. Watch it.
Product Release - Valve
Paranormal is Now Available on Steam Early Access!

Experience the horrors of a haunting that's never the same twice.

Paranormal is a 3D fully dynamic haunting experience. The player takes the role of Mattel Clark, an artist who has a haunted house. Mattel decides to film the hauntings with his camera, which is the viewpoint of the game.The player controls the camera as the hauntings slowly but surely escalate into something far worse and more horrific.

With multiple endings, a different experience every time, top-notch graphics and sound, Paranormal is a constantly evolving indie horror game.

Sep 10, 2013
Community Announcements - MattDementous
Own Paranormal on Desura? Here's how to get your free Steam key!
To claim your Steam key (if you own Paranormal on Desura), visit this URL:
And find Paranormal on the list. Click keys. Your Paranormal Steam key should be there.
To activate it on Steam, open Steam and press 'ADD A GAME...' and then 'Activate A Product On Steam'.
Permissions for YouTube + Twitch:
Anyone and everyone is free to use recorded video from Paranormal as long as the game is credited in either the video or video description. YouTubers are free to monetize from videos of Paranormal without having to get permission from me personally. If you want more coverage, go ahead and post your gameplay or Paranormal stream to the Paranormal community page!
How often to expect updates:
A lot is going on in Paranormal's development. Not only am I always patching the original game, I'm working on Paranormal's first major DLC/expansion, The Town. As with every future Paranormal update/DLC/expansion, The Town will be free to owners of Paranormal. Updates may be frequent one month and then less frequent the next. It all depends. Either way, Paranormal will be updated with new content, fixes, and optimizations.
Where to find the patch notes:
Every content patch for the game will have patch notes posted in the game's Steam discussion boards under the Patch Notes board.
How to report bugs:
To report any bugs or issues you have with the game, or suggestions, visit Paranormal's discussion forum and find the appropriate category and post a discussion regarding your issue or suggestion. I read everything.

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