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Community Announcements - mikez
User Experience Update
- Window border is always thin, no title bar ever. (You can still quit with Alt-F4 or "Exit Game", if you were used to clicking on the [x] before.)
- You can move the window around by clicking anywhere in it and dragging it.
- Each time the game is started, it automatically makes a backup of the previous savedata in the same folder. The last 5 backups are kept. I have still not figured out what causes savedata to be wiped ;_; but maybe this will allow people to restore from a backup if they realize it is gone. (It's a hack, but it's better than nothing...and if your savedata IS wiped, the backups can possibly help me determine why!)
- Alt-Enter fullscreen/windowed toggling should always put the window in the center of the screen, not the top-left.
- Fix crash when switching resolutions in Windows 8.1.
Community Announcements - mikez
- Online play is now thin border instead of borderless, and uses a more widely-accepted code path to maintain the window's position when it changes. (It seems not all graphics drivers support querying client window position, which is kinda nuts!) Hopefully this fixes some people's freezing/crashing issues when it switches the window style, plus it's slightly prettier. Tell me in the comments! If there are still issues, I'll keep lookin' at it...
- Disabled Alt-Space in online play just in case some versions of Windows somehow allowed it with a borderless window.
Community Announcements - mikez
Only one thing today:
- Online matches in windowed mode are now borderless during the match. This should not affect streaming or playing in any way, but does fix a possible exploit. (Skullgirls might be the only PC fighting game to have fixed this exploit. :^)
Community Announcements - mikez
This is likely one of the final updates before the console builds go into test. Get hype!

Everything that might possibly have been broken with the first build I put up is now fixed. Nothing to see here, move along...

- Fix bug where Squigly's SBO would occasionally not disappear when Squigly was hit by certain moves, like Death Crawl.
- Fix bug where the AI would not pick assists for Big Band or Eliza. Heh.
- Bugfix: Painwheel's LP Stinger now properly does not scale damage to 50% when she is Installed. Still force-scales damage when not Installed. Thanks PW Combo Thread.
- All of Painwheel's attacks while she is Installed will cause the super KO effect, including if she's an assist. Go go Tanden Renki status. (^.^)
- Bigband cleanup fixes, yay!
Community Announcements - mikez
- Fix crash on Tutorial chalkboard if you move the cursor in certain ways. Thanks MysteriousJ for fixing it!
- Fix Peacock's barrel and piano to properly affect the opponent the same way other items do in all cases. Thanks MrPeck!
- Fix a cleanup error in MsFortune's j.MP.
Community Announcements - mikez
- NEW voices! Well, sorta. Fixed a bug in Big Band, Valentine, and Eliza that was preventing them from playing character-specific tag-in lines. Yay! Thanks Flotilla for leading to this discovery.
- Fix up extraneous vulnerable boxes on Valentine's burst, they couldn't be hit but were weird to see; also she only plays the slice sound if she is actually escaping the body bag (not if the burst was baited).
- You can now negative-edge Painwheel's unfly by releasing PP. Not sure when this will come up but it makes it consistent; add an additional unfly command of (already holding any P)+press another P, kinda like Squigly's stance cancels. Does not work with P+K to avoid assist calls doing this. Maybe it helps with things like j.HP->fly->unfly? Thanks NeonNightRider and the PW General thread.
- Big Band's snapback now reaches further downward, so nobody can duck or dodge it by randomly being too low when right next to him.
- Painwheel and Ms. Fortune's tag-ins will properly trigger IPS and undizzy now.
- Fix longstanding bug with Ms. Fortune's lighting information being weirdly corrupted in many spots. I'm personally very happy about this.
- Fix Big Band's trumpet visual on LK+HK or 3K notes. Still produces blasts of silence during Lv5, though.
- Update levels for new patron saint NPC, and fix 2D Class Notes to have lines in the background.
Community Announcements - mikez
IN THEORY fixed people's savedata getting wiped! Also re-enabled cloud saves by default, because that's the most valid test. If you were having your data get wiped, PLEASE USE
because it will still report errors, but it will also report whether my fix worked!

- Loading screens for beta-only characters do not show up during random loading slideshows in the Real Game. Thanks Skarmand!
Community Announcements - mikez
If your savedata is getting wiped each time I update the game and you'd like to help fix this bug, please add
as a Launch Option BEFORE YOU RUN THIS BUILD, and you will get a message box when it tries to load the save. If your data gets wiped tell me which message box you get either on Skullheart or in the comments here.

- Fix Ms. Fortune's Fiber Upper~K followup input window that I broke yesterday when I thought I was fixing it. :^)
Community Announcements - mikez
Very large update! An art format had to change so Eliza will eventually fit on consoles.

- Finally fixed Grab Bag's landing recovery vs Daisy Pusher. Thanks severine!
- Peacock's Road Roller now causes super finish effect if it kills them because really, it should. Thanks Peacock General thread.
- Charged-item-drop assist can now drop Road Rollers for you combo video makers.
- The cancellable air recovery of Ms. Fortune's Fiber Upper is now properly noticed by the in-game frame data. On hit, LK~K is correctly shown as +19, and MK/HK~K is +21.
- 5f window for early inputs after Fiber Upper~K did not apply to specials, only normals. Now it applies to both. Oops.
- Fix wrong reaction from launchers from burst fall if the opponent was about to land. Thanks Stuff!
Community Announcements - mikez
- Fix Filia being able to do air Gregor in a brief window while falling after a failed Fenrir Drive.
- Fix Parasoul bug where chaining into a tear-igniting attack off j.MK could ignite a tear that j.MK had hit. Thanks Baiken! If you notice weird behavior with igniting tears, please submit a bug report. :^)
- Fix bug where keyboard was not allowed to hold keys to do things during fight loading (left/right in training mode, or tag combinations to swap team order) as late into the loading screen as controllers were. Now it just needs to be before the end of loading for all input types.
- Framedata numbers at the bottom are now correct on whiff, instead of off by -1. Framedata numbers at the bottom now ignore superflash frames as part of the startup. Framedata is now up to Pizzarino's standards, I hope.
- Big Band: Fix a frame-perfect bug where an A-Train could be made to ignore the first active frame (by trading) and skip the second (by armoring the trade). It will now properly grab on all trades. Thanks Fizzxwizz!
- Fix some bad math causing weirdness with Painwheel's air fly startup when done along with a Center Stage.
- Valentine's tag in will no longer cross up if the person tagging to her is cornered with the opponent next to them.
- The default Macro2 command is now MP+HK, instead of MK+HP, so that the Macro button won't move Fortune's head. It won't erase your existing key bindings but for new games or Reset To Default it applies. Thanks Wildpony!

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