Community Announcements - Mike Z
Mac crossplay vs PC/Linux is now fixed, and it once again hopefully runs on all old MacOS versions it used to run on. Update your game, Mac users!

It's been a long time!*

Do you like voiced story mode?
Do you like Challenges? Trials?

I still have an update if you don't really like miscellaneous fixes or paying less money for Skullgirls, but it will be markedly less exciting in that case.

New Prices
- The base game is now $9.99. Forever.
- The DLC characters are now $1.99 each. Forever.
We love you, too.
- The 2nd Encore Features DLC is $15, and discounted for the first week: in theory it's 33% off ($10) if you don't own any DLC, and 50% off ($7.50) if you do own DLC. (This might be broken if you have the IGG-backer versions of the DLC, rather than the paid DLC. We are looking into it.) It includes all the DLC characters, English voiced story mode, Challenges, Trials for every character, and Survival Mode.

- Added some slick new guest art to the Art Gallery courtesy of Arc System Works, the publisher for the Japanese version!
- Updated/unified the credits.
- Fixed some other things I've forgotten. Yes, really, it was like 5 months ago...
- Known issue on Linux: Using the nVidia binary drivers 364.15 with KDE 5 is known to cause graphics issues. We're looking into it.
- This build does not include the fix for a newly discovered projectile-combo-start bug for P2. That needs to be exhaustively tested first.
- We've been doing a lot of dev streams for Indivisible, you know, if you're into that sort of thing...

Other Platforms
- Skullgirls is out on the Vita in the US, and very soon (the 15th) in Japan. We have no word on when it will be released Europe yet. >.<
- The Japanese PS4 version also comes out on the 15th. It adds Japanese voice acting, and there is a physical version!

-- Footnotes --
When was the last time you saw a Steam announcement that collated footnotes?

* ...Lenneth. Would you like to know the status of your Einharjar? Would you like to know her status? +5 Bravery - Approached by Thor at the Aesir Mixer last week, rebuffed his awkward advances.

** Oh, come on. EVERYBODY loves miscellaneous fixes!

Wondering about the price of the 2nd Encore Features DLC? The $15 is just for the work involved in Voiced Story Mode/Challenges/Trials/Survival. The included DLC characters are basically free, because they must be included - Challenges etc. don't care whether you own the character or not. If you uninstall a DLC character and play a challenge or trial involving them, the game may crash! So don't do that. :^)

When was the last time you saw a Steam announcement that used the word "collated"?
Community Announcements - mikez
You better believe this gets an announcement here!

If you play Skullgirls, YOU SHOULD GO TO COMBO BREAKER.
I'm already registered!Yep! SG and VSav.

Even if you can only travel to one fighting game community event in 2016, MAKE THAT EVENT COMBO BREAKER. Combo Breaker 2015 was the absolute BEST tournament experience I have ever had, and 2016 looks to be equally amazing.

The venue is open 24 hours. You don't have to play games in your hotel room - there are round-the-clock stations for ALL tournament games, including Skullgirls! If you're like me, you go to tournaments to play games against people you never get to play, not to sit around and watch other people do that. Well, Combo Breaker has got that covered. Other tournaments could learn a thing or two. :^)

Oh right. Where is it? It's in Chicago, you fly to O'Hare.
Launch trailer:

I was not compensated in any way for this announcement, I'm just hella excited for this. The Skullgirls community will be out in force!
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (John Walker)

Skullgirls creators Lab Zero have successfully raised a whopping $1.5m for their action RPG, Indivisible. $1.6m even, with a couple of days left to see that grow even taller. $3.6m even, with the now-secured publisher funding too. Enough money, it seems, for the characters to afford clothes this time out.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - mikez
According to steamspy there are over 600,000 people that own Skullgirls on Steam.
::suddenly gets very nervous::
Er, h...hello. ...everyone...

Indivisible is on Steam
The prototype for that game we're crowdfunding is now available on Steam. Wait a second...YOU'RE on Steam! Why not try it? We're even having speedrun contests. (And other contests, but we all know speedrunners are the popular kids. :^)
Remember, it's a prototype. Nothing is final, lots of things about combat/platforming will be updated, etc. Obligatory campaign link.

Skullgirls tutorial videos
Amazingly helpful community member (and all-around nice guy) Skarmand has been making some really great videos explaining different aspects of Skullgirls. Whether you're a beginner or a super-high-level player who scoffs at tutorials, there'll be something in here you didn't know*:
...and of course it only embeds the video, without the rest of the playlist, so here's the entire playlist.

Skullgirls is out in Japanese arcades!
HOLY CRAP, SKULLGIRLS IS FINALLY OUT ON NESICA IN JAPANESE ARCADES! It's an ARCADE GAME! TRF has tournaments for it! There is a-cho footage! I know it's old-ish news but come on, FREAKIN' ARCADES!

And, down at the bottom where nobody reads...

An apology for delayed fixes
Fixes for some issues raised in the comments of the last update - and some extra things like various optimizations and other bugfixes I've had on my list forever - are coming...except I am not yet able to make new Linux and Mac builds, because I'm just not that suave. Without being able to make those, if I update only the Windows version, it will break cross-platform play. So any fixes have to wait until I can update all three platforms. :^(

For those wondering about console lobbies, the Vita port has taken a lot longer than anticipated (you have no idea!) but it is nearly done. Console lobbies are still coming after that's completed. I apologize for this delay too.

* Those high-level players can pretend they knew, I won't tell. (^.~)
Community Announcements - mikez
Ey look, it's a patch notes!

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Humble, some bugs have been fixed:
- Fixed a crash on the Video Settings menu in the 32bit Linux build.
- Hopefully fixed a crash after spectating a match across operating systems, that is, it would crash after Windows spectated a Linux/Mac match or vice versa. Now it shouldn't crash. (^.^)

(The DRM-free Linux version has been updated to fix the Video Settings crash, as well.)

...that's it, nothing else has changed. :^)
Community Announcements - mikez
(We've tried to keep Indivisible stuff out of this group as much as possible, but this one's directly related.)

Did you miss out on the Skullgirls VA "voicemail" tier from the Skullgirls campaign? Did you not even know there was such a thing?
Were you confused last time and thought it had to specifically be a voicemail? It doesn't have to be one.
Well...we brought it back!
(A sample request from before, thank you Sarah Williams!)

Spend some of your hard-earned dosh and, in addition to the usual $350 tier rewards, get one of these voice actors to much anything you want, within reason:
Rich Brown - Big Band
Christine Marie Cabanos - Filia
Erin Fitzgerald - Parasoul
Kyle Hebert - Leduc, Vitale, Irvin, others
Kai Kennedy - Beowulf
Cassandra Lee - Minette, Umbrella, others
Danielle McRae - Painwheel
Erica Mendez - Annie
Matt Mercer - Zane
Laura Post - Valentine
Patrick Seitz - Samson
Christopher Smith - Albus, others
Kaiji Tang - Black Egret C, Politician Double, others
Kimlinh Tran - Ms. Fortune
Josh Tomar - Announcer
Cristina Vee - Cerebella
Sarah Williams - Peacock
Mike Z - Tommy Ten-Tons, that terrible Russian announcer. Yes, really.

If you missed it last time, now's your chance to un-miss it.

We're also happy to announce that the Indivisible prototype is now available for Linux thanks to community hero cybik, who was also responsible for a ton of the early work on the SG Linux and Mac ports.

And now back to your regularly-scheduled sleeping. Or possibly eating. Maybe sleep-eating? Or eat-sleeping, but I am not sure how that would even work...
Community Announcements - mikez
This isn't strictly Skullgirls news, but it's Lab Zero news and I run this account so yeah. :^P

The Indivisible crowdfunding campagin is live!
What the heck is Indivisible? It's the next game we want to make!
How 'bout a video:
Help make this game a reality, and help Lab Zero employees be able to pay rent, too. ;^)

The prototype is now available for everybody, so if you're on Windows why not play it for yourself!
If you enjoy it, contribute to the campaign so we can make the full game!

Nearly every sentence in this post ends with an exclamation mark, but that felt strange, so here are some periods and a dour face to balance it out: . . . . . :^|
Community Announcements - mikez
Hey, how 'bout a brief news recap to go with your mid-evening breakfast?
(If you're me, anyway.)

Skullgirls is now out for Mac and Linux!
If you own it on Steam, those versions should automatically be available to you. If you don't own it....then:

Skullgirls is part of the current Humble Bundle!
If you pledge above the minimum to get Skullgirls, you get a Skullgirls Steam key as well as a DRM-free version of the game with all DLC! The DRM-free version DOES NOT currently support online multiplayer, for various reasons, but like I said, you get a Steam key for that!


The Indivisible prototype is now available for all Skullgirls IGG backers!
If you backed the Skullgirls campaign on Indiegogo (over 2.5 years ago! My, that's a long time) then you can login to the Humble site and go to your Humble Bundle downloads page to get the prototype right now!

This text is not important. Meow!
Community Announcements - mikez
Didja miss me?

Here's a full list of the current updates, for all platforms!
(Note: The X360 art gallery crash bug has been identified! There is not yet a patch for it, though.)

- Added the "-extrasupershadows" launch option to enable PS4 super shadows on PC. Give it a try, IF your rig can handle it...
- Modified the white flash when finding an online match, to hopefully not trigger epilepsy. >.<
- Fixed some rendering issues for certain backgrounds...and...yeah. Did that. :^)

All Platforms:
- Bugfix: Any time the point character resets their combo, it also now grants you another assist use, even on zero-frame resets. FINALLY fixed!
- Fixed Double being able to cancel Hornet Bomber to ground supers before the grounded hit became active, and thereby accidentally uncombo the ground super.
- Adjusted Robo-Fortune's in-fight voice volume.
- Corrected the VO for Robo-Fortune's L and M Danger.
- Bugfix: Robo-Fortune can now jump-cancel when j.HP hits another projectile. Also improved the responsiveness of jump cancelling from j.HP after it hits something.
- Bugfix: Beowulf's Canis Major Press now has a maximum backward movement speed that it cannot exceed.
- Bugfix: Beowulf's Referee Pin now correctly pins the opponent with their back to the "mat". VERY IMPORTANT!
- Bugfix: Valentine's poisons no longer count down time on assists while they are locked out and offscreen, only while they are onscreen.
- Fixed a bug with Cerebella's taunt input wrongly allowing you to hold Back throughout the entire thing instead of having to tap it in the middle.
- Tweaked the input checking on Parasoul's taunt to attempt to get it to happen less often accidentally.
- Lengthened hitstun from Robo c.HK by 5f because light characters recovered while rising, allowing a 1-frame-perfect unblockable reset with Airwulf off Robo's assist.
- Updated the air-unblockable-attack-plus-ground-throw situation protection by fixing a bug with the trigger conditions, as well as lengthening the protection given by command throws/super throws ONLY, to other cover some edge cases. Normal throw air protection works the same way it did before, because normal throws are techable.
- Fixed a bug where Entourages would fail to save if the second or third character was using a color that the player hadn't unlocked for the first character.
- Fixed various bugs in Valentine's tutorial.

- Fixed several images crashing the Art Gallery.

- Hopefully fixed extremely rare random severe graphical corruption bug.
- The game now pays attention to the Display Area Settings from the system. The screen size is adjustable accordingly.
- Fixed music volume setting not applying properly during cutscenes and when the music loops.
- Legacy controllers can now dismiss all system messages that do not require more than an "OK" input.
- Legacy controllers can no longer control the game while an OS message is displaying over the game screen.
- Two Weeks trophy now is properly awarded when fulfilling the conditions.
- Surviving Challenge 7 now properly counts as clearing it.
- Fixed lots of bugs and strange behavior in various Challenges.
- Improved responsiveness of the Challenges menu and added sounds to it.
- Corrected a line in Valentine's story mode.
- Systems set to the Spanish (Latin America) language setting now run the game in Spanish instead of English.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alice O'Connor)

Skullgirls lot Lab Zero Games are coming back with another pretty-pretty hand-drawn game, but any face-punching it has will be a lot more formal. Their next game is Indivisible [Facebook page], an action-RPG where young lady Ajna will be travelling across a fantasy world to figure out why she has magic powers. I bet those magic powers will help you duff people up and get closer to the truth. I almost said “All they have to show for it now is some concept art”, but where do you draw the line with a hand-drawn game? Wakey wakey, Alice.

… [visit site to read more]


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