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Community Announcements - mikez
- Super Finish effect version 3! Sepia tone and better portraits; fix bugs where certain supers wouldn't trigger it (Double's Lv5 rings, etc); fix bug where supers that change the background would trigger it, they no longer will (Double's Lv3, Flatline, etc); explicitly add it for Ultimate Showstopper -> Devil Horns because METAL!
- Fix occasional wrong-way-input reversal attacks for Fukua after a successful BFFs finishes.
- Fix a bunch of bugs with Fukua's j.HK (didn't dive against Marie, went totally bonkers if it hit Horace, etc) by implementing it the correct way instead of the janky way. For complicated reasons this meant reducing the active time to 1f because it would still break if it hit with the 2nd+ active frame, so! Fukua j.HK active time 3f->1f.
Community Announcements - mikez
- Super Finish effect, version 2! This is muuuuuch better.
- Fix various Poccola Effect bugs, it should no longer trigger unless the assist was hit, and it can now trigger if the point character is killed (not snapped) and the assist continues to be hit.
Community Announcements - mikez
- Add The Poccola Effect on double-snaps. Rejoice! Thanks Poccola for the inspiration.
- First pass at a Super-finish effect. (We don't really need opinions yet.)
- Swapping characters between games is now done by holding the TAG buttons (MP+MK / HP+HK) instead of the assist buttons. This is more intuitive, I'd been meaning to do it for a while.

- Bugfix: Normalize Painwheel's and Big Band's snapbacks. Painwheel's had 19f startup instead of 15f and they both now have shorter recovery. Thanks Weatherbee.
- Bugfix: Snapped-out assists are invincible until they hit the wall or leave the screen. Fixes this and similar junk. The fix has been around for a while but I waited to add it until someone found an exploit. Thanks Skarmand!
- Bugfix: Supers no longer cause the assist to become invincible during double-snaps after the point character has left the screen.
Community Announcements - mikez
The soundtrack for today's update.

Congratulations to yaboidekillsage* for winning the Skullgirls side tournament at Evolution 2014, Swiftfox-Dash for placing second, Elda Taluda in third, and everyone else who entered!
Have some top 16 vids here!

You at home now get what the Evo builds had, here it is...

- Fix very dumb bug that counted hitting assists/Fortune's head/etc as chain starters. Prevents legit (very situational) infinites. Thanks and a GOLD STAR to zeknife!
- Fix Skarmand's reflector bug vs Peacock which also happened once during the Grand Finals at Evo.
- Fix Peacock's backdash to not have a strange airborne portion; can now cancel to ground attacks for the entire duration; no longer randomly goes over lows and throws (yes, actually random, depended on floating point rounding). Thanks faerie for reminding me of this.

* Remember to always refer to him with the honorific! The title "yaboi" is a sign of the utmost respect in the Canopy Kingdom. It is a great tragedy that the internet has turned this once majestic moniker into an emblem of horrible spelling and an assumed sign of inferior intellect. :^P
Community Announcements - mikez
Evolution, the largest fighting game tournament in the world, is this weekend, and Skullgirls is having a side tournament there with over 140 players and a $5000 prize pot!
Finals of the tournament will be on Saturday at 1PM PST on the MadCatz Twitch channel so be sure and watch!
If you're going to Evo be sure and stop by the Lab Zero booth to play Eliza on PS3. There's also a Salty Suite, and there are some other nice things happening this weekend for SG players.

Now for those patch notes.

(FINALLY) - If you set "Teams Number of Rounds" to more than 1-out-of-1, they will now be rounds instead of downs. Solos still use Downs, but there were a bunch of broken things about Downs for teams. If you find any bugs related to this, please post them in the Skullheart bugs forum. See? I didn't forget you, Dime_x.

Community Announcements - mikez
- Fix the last remaining type of unblockable setup, throw-then-hit. Long story short, if a throw whiffs through your jump-start animation the rest of that animation will be invincible to hits as well as throws. Also if that happens unblockable-on-the-way-up grabs (Excellabella, A-Train) will be blockable for up to 8f. Thanks Age.
PLEASE FIND PROBLEMS WITH THIS IF THERE ARE ANY, and report them in the bugs forum on Skullheart. It seems slightly too clean for how effective it is and how little else it changes.

- Parasoul's j.B+LK and j.LK are now really the same to the IPS. Whoooooops, typos. Thanks gllt.
- Extend Painwheel's cr.LK hitbox downward to always OTG without affecting range.
- Painwheel's Lv3 drags them in and ALWAYS does all the hits if it connects with the first one, even if it OTGs or hits them in an odd spot. If you can find a consistent case where it spits them out the wrong way now, please tell me and I can fix that too.
- Fix Fukua's auto-divekick that would randomly happen. Thanks Natezer for getting me a repro case!
- Fix bugs with Fukua's BFFs super: Shadow no longer hits after Fukua is DHC'd out; shadow doesn't go up with her as she leaps offscreen if DHC'd out; 2nd hit will not connect unless the opponent is in hitstun, so resetting them between hits is useless; if 2nd hit does not connect, Fukua immediately stops being invincible and can't be DHC'd out. These fixes WILL be at Evo, so if you were abusing this junk I suggest you stop. :^)
- Fix bug with Ground Tech option, providing an input for teching should require that the dummy is in hitstun. :^P Thanks MyLifeIsAnRPG.
- Speed up menu loading by caching options text files and localization files in memory, this will likely only help consoles since PCs already do that. But it does help consoles. :^)
- Fix some framerate issues with things like Valentine's Lv3, by not rendering the level when the entire screen is covered by another sprite anyway. How was I not doing this before? Helps consoles tremendously.
- Fix character-art-file loading while on 360 switching characters again, as well as improve menu opening/loading speed. Yeah, this isn't PC related, but it's nice. Provided a new 360 patch to test, just the executable (so menu loading, hiccup when switching chars, framerate fix, that's all cuz no data). Yay?

Today's the day you want to check out the Beta, though. Really.
Community Announcements - mikez
Edit: I broke blockstun, but it's all fixed now. If there's a new update, that's what it is. :^P
I also fixed stage names in non-English languages.

- Fix training dummy not bursting on 1st burstable hit if the game was booted without previous savedata. WTF.
- Allow HK Cymbals kara-cancel from first 3f of Big Band's j.HK, to help with input errors.
- Fix training mode thing that I broke: If either team is being combo'd, BOTH teams do not re-set life and meter. This is how it worked before I broke it by accounting for Sekhmet.

As usual, the real magic is happening in the Beta...
Community Announcements - mikez
- Hopefully fix 360-pad thing I broke with the last build, if you had problems check now.
- Bugfix, remove Painwheel's ability to accidentally do charged attacks without armor. http://skullgirls.com/forums/index.php?threads/dud-hatred-guard.3756/#post-128111
- Filia's Fenrir Drive now will not kill the opponent at any point except the floor slam. Thanks [Farofa]noaa for pointing out I should have done this long ago.

You probably want to have a look at the Beta, though.
Community Announcements - mikez
- Add combo damage to training mode data output to clipboard.
- Add "you reached 20%/50% health" sounds when using clipboard. Thanks lirin, although I am not sure the sounds are audible enough during gameplay...

The real excitement's happening over in Beta Town...
Community Announcements - mikez
Been a while, hasn't it?

- Remove Fukua's "Sorry...Samson..." lose VO. Whoops. Thanks DDB for being TOO LATE telling me so it's there on consoles.
- Less blur on 2D Nightmare Crest.
- Add other songs to Art Gallery music player, thanks Eric!
- Update Medici Office to be much more interesting and up to the standards of newer stages. YOU ARE THE BEST, WILLY.
- Bugfix: Recovery on successful throws should always be invincible. Fix vulnerable recovery on Peacock's throw, Squigly's throw and Silver Chord.

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