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Community Announcements - mikez
- Squigly Palette 22 makes its triumphant return!

Look at that, according to the haters we just satisfied 1/25th (4%) of the playerbase while not angering everyone else! When's the last time a game company did THAT with a patch?
Community Announcements - mikez
- Parasoul's speech bubble for Egret Call and Peacock's whistle speed bubble for SoID are now white in all palettes.

To the person who asked about the Linux port, Mister Dude is still working on it. Hhe said something today excitedly about hot-swapping joysticks being supported by SDL.
My apology for the lack of information. Tis morally difficult to prod people you aren't paying. :^)
Community Announcements - mikez
- Return to the old Marvelous AQL logo.
- Big Band and Squigly have burst VO, thanks PyroWalrus! We did this a while ago but I forgot to mention it. :^P
- Squigly now has a vulnerable box on her head in knee-fall, whoops. Thanks TheGamaniac.
Community Announcements - mikez
>Go south

You are in a small ROOM.

>Look room

The room is dusty, cramped, and lit from overhead by a dying bulb.
In the corner of the room a MAN sits at a DESK, typing away at an ancient computer. In the middle of the SOUTH wall is a DOOR with a strange sideways 8 on it. To the NORTH is the hallway you just left.

>Look door

You attempt to examine the door, but your eyes slide off it. It is almost as if the door is resisting your gaze.

>Look man

Stepping closer to the man, the first thing you notice is his Adonis-like physique, the envy of everyone from here to anywhere that isn't here. Feeling yourself begin to drool, you struggle to tear your eyes away from the glorious sight, and finally succeed.

Lopsided upon his curly mop sits a battered old ten-gallon hat, and on his finger he wears a worn ring that looks as though he hasn't spent a day without it in his life. His face is covered with stubble, implying the man thinks of shaving as an action taken only to appease others' conceptions of what polite company should be. Oddly, he wears pajama pants.

>Look desk

On the desk, amid piles of unidentifiable junk, are several pictures of cats in various states of repose, and a picture of a smiling woman with a much-younger version of the man.

>Talk man

"Hmm. Don't get many strangers 'round here nowadays. Ya look lost. Ya lookin' fer somethin'?"

>Talk man

"A girl? Hah! Got a lotta girls here, stranger. She got a name, or are ya only good at takin' up space?"


The man grins eerily. "I wouldn't try that, if'n I was you."

>Talk man

The man rises from his chair, anger evident on his face and his hand balled into a fist. "WHAT did ya say?!"

>Talk man

"...that's...her name?" The man sits down again and looks at you incredulously. "Here I thought ya was jest' bein' rude. Must'a had some interestin' parents, that girl." He thinks for a minute, rubbing his fingers together. "Nope, never hear'd'a anyone goes by that name. Like I said, not many newcomers lately. It's quiet here."

>Go north

You make as if to leave, but the man motions for you to stop.

>Talk man

"Your girl. They might know more about her...in the Beta." He motions toward the strange door. "I can open it fer ya, but I don't like ta do that unless I have ta. Each time I open that door, things...change."

"I'll warn ya, just once. Them that goes in, well, they tend not ta come out again." He pauses, and a sad look flickers across his face. "Not all the important bits of 'em, anyway."

>Go south

The man types something into his decrepit computer - you are too far away to make out the screen, but the dust puffs from the creaking keyboard are clearly visible. The strange door, no longer resisting your inspection, opens.

From somewhere in the shadowy depths beyond the door you hear a green dragon say, "Awesome." You feel the disapproving stare of an arctic fox penetrate your very soul.

You step through...into a world beyond your most fevered imaginings.
Community Announcements - mikez
Hello, everyone. It's April first.

Let's get this outta the way - the Beta changes are now in the real game. Moving on...

To get right to the point, there has been a nasty rumor swirling around that a certain character would be added to the Real Game today. A rumor which we have vehemently denied - and you know what that means!

Have you been waiting 3 months for a character with a very unique j.HK, super armor, multiple command grabs, and a crazy level 5 super?


Skullgirls fans, say hello to Fukua!


One of Brain Drain's less-socially-acceptable hobbies is cloning*, and often he forces the souls of dead warriors to inhabit these clones.
Fukua is the result of a fortunate - or unfortunate - Lab Zero accident: a union of two souls. One, a once-proud warrior known for her brute strength in close combat; the other a silent assassin who specialized in ranged weapons for her kills.
Together as one, Fukua possesses the best of both specialties...but relationships formed under intense circumstances often don't last.

* "Movies? When, Saturday? Nah, can't. Yeah, I'm busy. Cloning. YES, really! Sorry, maybe next week."

Now, we here at Lab Zero certainly believe in taking a joke to the FURTHEST extreme (and often well past that), so rather than simply making a moderately amusing video like those other lame companies game companies...why not boot up dat Skullgirls? :^)

Move list:

Butterfly Kiss - HK in the air
-> Heartseeker - HP after Bufferfly Kiss connects

Love Dart - D,DF,F+P / 236+P, on the ground or in the air

Platonic Drillationship - D,DF,F+K / 236+K

Tender Embrace - D,DF,F+LP+LK / 236+LP+LK

Inevitable Snuggle - D,DB,B+LP+LK / 214+LP+LK

Blown Kiss (Lv 1 super) - D,DF,F+PP / 236+PP, on the ground or in the air

Best Friends Forever! (Lv 1 super) - D,DF,F+KK / 236+KK

Twice Shy (Lv 3 super) - D,DB,B+PP / 214+PP

Head Over Heels (Lv 5 super) - 360+LP+LK
Note: It doesn't do much damage, but....

Fukua is an avid fighting game player. See if you can figure out which characters and moves she likes the most!
Community Announcements - mikez
This is the last Real Game update before whenever Big Band is put in, I think.

If some giant bug is discovered, then the next update will have beta changes early, heheh. So go look for those bugs!

- Daisy Pusher is no longer able to be countered by Valentine's Lv2 (or parried by Big Band, but that doesn't matter here yet. :^)
Community Announcements - mikez
Git a lil'a tha ol' thee sixteeeeee~

- Remove extraneous NPC from 2D River King.
- Training dummy will now properly reversal after a ground tech.
- Fix 2p bug with TubaTuba vs Val's Counter, thank you to...whoever in Japan posted this... http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23081302
Community Announcements - mikez
Well, I missed Pi Day by like 10 minutes...

- Fix Story Mode crash, sorry about that! I'm a dumb.

- Creepify Empty Cathedral! Oooooh scaaary...
- Add "Drama" option in Training Mode to set undizzy amount.
- Add Double color #20! Za Skullheart.
- Slightly improve lighting on Under the Bridge to make characters more visible.
- Fix Squigly tag coloring error.
Community Announcements - mikez
- Glass Canopy stage for all!

No, the music is not final. No, I do not know what the final music will be.
NPCs updated in both Glass Canopy and River King, stage select pic and 2D backgrounds for Glass Canopy.
- Fix double-snap bug when team order was switched. Thanks Baiken and Skarmand! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp7NGQF3upw
- Fixed a bunch of text bugs.
Community Announcements - mikez
- Bugfix: Flesh Step no longer has a juggle type, it will not count as a chain when used by itself in certain situations. Thanks to Sev's hair!

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