Community Announcements - mikez
Beowulf is now available, go grab him for FREEEEEE!
Heh, grab, cuz he's a wrestler, see...

** Mid-day update:
Fixed Fortune's tutorial; tutorial dummy jumps vs Painwheel's HK Buer; fix !! showing up when you hit the tutorial dummies with mid attacks. Thanks Ryin for ALL THAT!

If you haven't yet registered for Skullgirls at Combo Breaker, it's coming up on May 22-24th, so go enter! This'll be the version of the game played there - practice up.

Ladies and gents, please welcome Beowulf in his official capacity as the newest Skullgirls character!
::golf claps::
Thank you, it's wonderful to be here, because FINALLY, THE WULF HAS RETURNED TO THE PATCH NOTES! ...what? "Just read the script," they said. Sure. Fine. Great. Okay, here goes... HELLO, THE PATCH NOTES!
Want the full change list?
Here ya go.

See? That wasn't so hard. :^)
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 75% on Skullgirls!*

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*Offer ends Wednesday at 10AM Pacific Time
Announcement - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 66% on Skullgirls!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Tuesday at 10AM Pacific Time
Community Announcements - mikez
- Fade out character select music before a fight instead of just cutting it off. Been wanting to do this for years.
- IPS display in training mode continues to display the previous combo's information until you start a new combo or tag to someone else. Thanks Zidiane.
- Eliza has a voice clip when tagging out to Fukua. Thanks SpaceCadetKeon for pointing out she didn't.

There's some good stuff coming in the Beta, prepare yourselves!
Community Announcements - mikez
- Pressing Start on a character's color choice will now pick a random color. Thanks Evilweevle for reminding me that I had this on the list. (Highlight character -> Start -> Start.)
- Double color #21, another IGG backer color. O Trin-i-ty, O Trin-i-ty...
- BUGFIX! Fix an obscure issue where under certain conditions the save file might not have been closed on load, leading to save corruption next time. Also make the game automatically load backup02 if the most recent save is corrupted. Maybe this fixes things, maybe it breaks EVERYONE'S EVERYTHING! Can't make an omelette, etc. Special thanks B E D B O Y S.
- Bugfix: If Teams number of rounds is set to more than 1, the last round will no longer use the darker lifebars that Solos uses for a player's last lifebar. 1v1 still uses it.
- Bugfix: Fortune's Cat Spike is not messed up when facing left, oops. Thanks eescell, you are GREAT!
Community Announcements - mikez
- Cerebella 22, another IGG backer color! Oh my gosh, who touched Versa? Alright...WHO TOUCHED MY HAT?!
- Add IPS moves-used display to Advanced attack data in training mode! It's those dots up between the attack data displays. Shows normals used for ground/air, specials as smaller dots, and tag/snap at the bottom. Thanks James Chen for reminding me this would help people. I'm all about helping people.
- Bugfix: Squigly can PBGC reversal with stance moves and her DP again. Thanks Luweewu for pointing out I should have done that a different way. :^P
Community Announcements - mikez
- Even-more-finished Peacock #21.
- Input display in training mode now shows P2's inputs also. It needs an overhaul in general, but they're there.
Community Announcements - mikez
A shorty:
- Finished up Peacock #21. (Bob-ombs, Kuribo's shoe, etc.)
Community Announcements - mikez
- New color for Peacock, #22. It's, uh. It's. Obvious.
- Bugfix: Ms.Fortune's Cat Spike no longer misses the head if she does it after a move that is pushblocked or in other odd situations. Thanks Stuff, sorry it took so long for me to fix it.

That's it! The beta's got more, of course. :^)
Community Announcements - mikez
Short one, again.
- Bugfix: Filia can now continue running if she runs underneath a jumping opponent, like all other characters with runs. Thanks guitalex.

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