Community Announcements - Mike Z
Frosty Faustings is RIGHT NOW!

If you're missin' out on watching people get bopped in Skullgirls, the top 8 from Frosty Faustings will be broadcast on this Saturday at noon PST / 3pm EST / etc.

(Also, is broadcasting the entire pools and finals for Guilty Gear Accent Core +R at Frosty Faustings today, right now, so stop on by and watch another game I really love!)

Full Frosty's schedule is here.

Combo Breaker is in May, in Illinois and always in my heart!

Like I keep sayin', if you're only going to travel to one tournament this year, go to Combo Breaker. It's the best tournament series I have ever attended, and that's not hyperbole. 24-hour venue with available stations for all tournament games. You wanna play at 4AM? Go on down to the venue! And last year they had GIANT PRETZELS!
[Mike Z Stamp of Approval :^]

If you play Skullgirls and can get there, or even if you don't play SG, REGISTER ALREADY! Support the tournaments that have supported us for years!

Salty is every week!

Each and every Friday from ~8:30 PST to 2-3AM, Game Realms in Burbank, California hosts Salty! and broadcasts on There's SG, there's GG, there's VSav, there's sometimes 3s, and heck, I even talk on the mic. NSFW.
(It was formerly known as Salty Cupcakes, but there are no more cupcakes so we replaced them with an exclamation point.)

The opinions expressed herein are my own, obviously. Lab Zero The Corporation does not endorse them, and gave me a stern look for even having them.
Community Announcements - Mike Z
And lo, the Beta becometh Retail; the transformation is complete. Prepare the rites, my brethren and sistren, for now is the moment of truth!
SG2E+ is live!

Shout it from the rooftops, dance in the streets, play some video games maybe...with the release of the US PS4 and Vita patches just in time for Frosty Faustings, it's time to update the Steam version too!

Full patch notes here! If there are any problems with the Linux or Mac builds functioning, please let us know, they were created literally minutes ago. :^P

No, this does not yet include Japanese voices, those are waiting until after the physical version is out, but this is the end for gameplay updates. And yes, the 360 version is still getting lobbies! :^)
It's an old version of the credits, heh, oh well...

Title screen build ID 15489.

The old retail SG2E build has been archived. If you've ever got a hankerin' for some o' dat previous version (for some strange reason), go to your Steam library, rightclick Skullgirls, Properties, choose the Betas tab, enter
in the box and click Check Code. Then you can choose between the old version and the current version using the dropdown menu on that tab.
Community Announcements - Mike Z
We've partnered with XSEED Games for a special holiday deal!
For a limited time, anyone who owns Skullgirls on Steam can purchase Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel for 25% off!

This offer applies from December 8th to December 18th, and stacks with the Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel 10% launch week discount, for 35% off total!

And if you own Nitroplus but not Skullgirls (and yet are somehow reading this in your news feed), Nitroplus owners get 75% off Skullgirls during the same period!

For those who just got the gleam of a pedantic question in their eyes, I do not know whether that is a flat 35% off Nitroplus, or "10% off and then 25% off the remaining 90%", but the difference between those two things is only 75 cents.

This academic distinction does not change which way you want to go about purchasing both games if you own neither. It's always cheaper to buy Skullgirls at full price and get Nitroplus discounted, rather than the other way around, with or without the 75-cent difference. You save almost the full purchase price of Skullgirls.
Community Announcements - Mike Z
The short version of this is, Story Mode text advance got broken a while ago. You can see it in things like Filia's intro, or Double's intro, where long scenes don't play properly.

It is fixed in the Beta, but I can't make a new build of the real game without any Beta changes, so it won't get fixed here until the Beta changes come to the real game.

My sincere apologies. :^(
Jul 22, 2016
Community Announcements - Mike Z
I have nothing clever to say.

- Fixed the longstanding bug where sometimes Player 1's inputs would be duplicated as Player 2 on the Training Mode dummy / on the Controller Config screen! Now everyone can use Training Mode normally. :^) (Thanks BlueFeena for helping!)
- Fixed a random crash in super-shadow rendering when Feral Edge collides with Motor Brigade. (Thanks Triblue for sending me crash replays!)

Replay Playback
- Pressing MP while watching a replay will enable the "simple" Attack Data display. Note that it begins when you enable it, so if you enable it during a combo the current-combo-damage values will be incorrect.
- Pressing MK during combat, not round transitions or the pause menu, while watching a replay will toggle 25% slow-motion on/off. (Thanks Liam for reminding me.)

Bug Reporting
- If you have Replays enabled and the game crashes during a fight in any mode where Replays are saved, it will automatically save CRASH_REPLAY.ini and .rnd in the normal replay folder. Renaming those files to a valid replay number and playing it back in Replay Theater SHOULD reliably crash the game again. If it does, send 'em to me somehow!

Title screen build ID 14058
PC Gamer

The latest Humble Bundle is pretty darn awesome. Named the Humble Revelmode Bundle (because it s organised by YouTube chap PewDiePie s creator network Revelmode), this collection gathers the likes of Nidhogg, Spelunky, Golf With Your Friends, Roguelands and Rocket League all in the one place via the familiar tiered payment format.

Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball, Choice Chamber, and Nidhogg the latter of which we described as a brilliant marriage of mechanics, level design and music all befall the pay-what-you-want premier tier; while paying above average ( 4.86/$6.45 at the time of writing) also nets you the Early Access-dwelling Golf With Your Friends, Skullgirls and a bunch of its DLC, Roguelands, and the wonderful rock shelter-swiper Spelunky.

Psyonix's formidable car-ball-cage 'em up Rocket League can also be yours on top of all that, so long as you re willing to fork over 11.30/$15. As always you ve got the option to split your dough between the game creator s, Humble itself, and a selection of charities.

The Humble Revelmode Bundle is live now and runs until July 26.

Community Announcements - Mike Z

- Fixed Quick Match not submitting any new wins to the leaderboard ever, which I accidentally broke when I made it support 3/5 sets. (thanks BeizlFreiz!)

While looking at how to fix that bug, I found another one.

(I briefly considered just writing this bugfix as "Fixed a bug with score reporting on PC," but we're Lab Zero and we own our mistakes as well as our successes.)

THE FOLLOWING BUG WAS PC (WIN/MAC/LINUX) ONLY. IT DID NOT AFFECT ANY CONSOLES. Every version has different leaderboard code.
Disclaimer: I may not have written this code, but I did fix it! :^P
[deep breath]
- Fixed...a bug...with PC Quick Match score reporting...that has been present since the very first PC build...where the check for when to report scores to the leaderboard was
if(mWinningPlayer == 0)
instead of the correct
if(mWinningPlayer == myPlayerNumber)
...the end result being that if Player 1 won the game, both players would report a win for themselves. If Player 2 won, neither player would report a win. So the PC leaderboard currently reflects the number of times you played a Quick Match where Player 1 won the game, rather than the number of times you won. Heh?


The game now correctly reports a win only for the player that won, all the time.

I'm not going to reset the leaderboards, though.
*G1antK1ngTurtlE* can keep the huge pile of bodies, even though some of them are illusory. :^)

[Title screen build number 13992]
Community Announcements - Mike Z
Welcome to Some Improvement!
I said SOME! SOME!

- Quick Match now allows players to play up to 3/5 after the initial game finishes! Players can choose to exit after each game, but if you want that runback or feel the desire to defend your honor, mash dat Play Again button. (Thanks Liam and memes)

- If you're playing on a specific stage, instead of Random, choosing Play Again now continues the stage music instead of restarting it. You can finally hear the solo in NMO Arena! (Thanks Bang Camaro)
- When music continues between games, it only fades to 50% instead of silence. (Thanks POS Industries)

- The initial menu when launching the game with 2+ controllers/sticks plugged in has been improved: Player 1 no longer controls the main menu behind the controller-selection screen, and as long as someone has chosen to be Player 1, you are no longer required to ALSO choose a Player 2 before being allowed to proceed. (thanks a lot of people over multiple years)

(Title screen build ID 13984)

There's no rule that says I can't paste mostly the same patch notes from the Beta. NYAAAAH.
Community Announcements - Mike Z
...oh, we've been through this. Fine.

- Fixed airthrows not properly putting you in Stage 2 as a result of the previous fix for mcpeanuts' IPS bug. Everything is back to normal now, with mcpeanuts' fix still there. How do you like that, mcpeanuts? Now your name is famous! Namous?

It's done. I fixed it. Go home. Play some games, maybe have some tea, or an amazing cookie. And no, that's not sponsored, they're just amazing.
Jun 2, 2016
Community Announcements - Mike Z


....look, let's just pretend you nodded, okay? Okay.

- Added Tolk to the main game! Rejoice, those of you who know what Tolk is. :^) Those who don't know can Google it!
- Brought the fix for mcpeanuts' projectile-combo-start IPS bug over to retail. Rejoice, those of you who know what that bug was.
- Possibly fixed an online framerate issue people were having on Windows. (Possibly not, but I tried...!) Rejoice, those of you who had that problem and maybe-don't-have-it-now.

If it didn't help any online framerate issues which began with the previous build, please comment. There will always be some rollbacks, please don't comment on those. (^.^)

J.R.R. Tolken. There, I did it.

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