Community Announcements - MaD_HF
Hi proud badgers!

We are glad to say we now got the original soundtrack up in the store!
Better late than never!

/Team Might and Delight
Community Announcements - joel
Then you will get additional 20% discount on Shelter 2 during pre-purchase,
if you already own Shelter. To a total of 30%.

In-game content
and the fantastic soundtrack made by our friends Retro Family

/Team Might and Delight
Community Announcements - joel
Hello every kind friend out there!

After a long and exciting day we now proudly present you the Shelter 2 pre-purchase deal!

10% pre-purchase discount
20% loyalty discount (owner of Shelter 1 on Steam)
In-game content

Lots of love!
/Team Might and Delight
Community Announcements - MaD_HF
Shelter 2 hits the store on the 9:th of March and for all Shelter owners, that will mean an additional discount to the release price.
Also, if you pre purchase you will get an exclusive pre purchase in game bonus including the Soundtrack.
Community Announcements - MaD_HF
Shelter is now on sale for -80% and soon Shelter 2 hits the store.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Philippa Warr)

In my day snacks were seen and not heard

“Pip, I don’t want to stereotype, but a trailer titled ‘Cuteness in Shelter 2′ seems right up your street,” said Alice, stereotyping furiously.

Thing is, this is a stereo-typo because I am not there for anything cute or parental. I’m interested in Shelter 2 [official site] because I want to defeat my cubs and to see how the savage indifference of nature manifests. Further reading of this news story will contain spoilers for Shelter…

… [visit site to read more]

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alec Meer)

Jazz Shipman

Surprise! Badger-lovers Might & Delight, they of the lovely/heartbreaking Shelter, just put out a new game. And, er, it’s a shmup. But it’s OK: The Blue Flamingo is a shmup with a lounge music soundtrack and hand-crafted models. 32 feet worth of handcrafted model, specifically, which was then photographed and imported into the game. Even the explosion effects come from filming fireworks.

Quick impressions plus some footage below, jazz-chums. … [visit site to read more]

Feb 27, 2014
Community Announcements - Might and Delight
Hello everyone!

We have now made the soundtrack available for your listening enjoyment! You can find it over at iTunes.

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we do!
Stay safe and keep track of your cubs!
Jan 23, 2014
Community Announcements - Might and Delight
Hello Everyone!

We have been working on some additional content for Shelter and are now ready to share it with all of you!

We have created Steam Trading Cards with unique art specifically for these cards. As well as Badges, Emoticons and Backgrounds for you all to enjoy!

The forest is calling!
Community Announcements - Might and Delight
Hello Everyone!

We hope that you have all had a good Holiday and we are extremely grateful of you all for giving us a community’s choice vote during the past week. We thought we should kick of this new year with a few announcements regarding Shelter!

Late last year (December 16th) we released an additional game mode within Shelter called Nurture. In this game mode you have to take care of your badger cubs for thirty days to ensure their survival. Some of you have already started this journey, and we hope that you are enjoying it as much as we enjoyed making it!

We are working on adding Steam Trading Cards to Shelter (with profile backgrounds, emoticons and badges).

Many thanks for the votes, take care and good luck in the forest!

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