Community Announcements - LevaOpaki
Gas Guzzlers Extreme: Full Metal Frenzy brings a new and exiting game modes for both SP and MP. One of them is oldie but goodie - Destruction Derby on the streets of Zagreb, capital of Croatia!

Cheerful music theme "Muda" performed by a illustrious Croatian punk band - "Šank"

YouTube movie
Community Announcements - [ICE]_Beastman
Today, the hi-octane mayhem that is Gas Guzzlers Extreme (PC) intensifies, with the release on Steam of its first DLC: Full Metal Frenzy. Full Metal Frenzy adds dazzling new maps, awesome new cars, exciting new game modes and mega power-ups you just can't be without! As a combo punch, base game Gas Guzzlers Extreme is on a whopping 66% off Weeklong discount on Steam.

Full Metal Frenzy Key features:
• Zagreb arena: a totally true-to-life depiction of the old downtown area of the Croatian capital, where the developers of this game reside !
• Cowboy arena: a huge wild west map where dirt rules and anything goes.
• Two new cars: the Stallion and the Rhino JTL. For that extra muscle.
• All new female announcer.
• Two new power-ups, Invisibility & Stun Grenades (who threw that???).
• Three new games modes: Dominator, Destruction Derby and Domination Derby (all single- and multi-player).
• New police skin. No-one drives like the Feds...
Community Announcements - Hplx_ICE
Haarlem, the Netherlands – May 6, 2014 – Publisher Iceberg Interactive announced today that Gas Guzzlers Extreme, the fast, furious and engrossing multiplayer combat racing game for PC that shipped last summer, has two new DLC packs coming soon to Steam – Full Metal Frenzy and Full Metal Zombie. Gas Guzzlers Extreme is available for PC on Steam with a Linux version currently in development.

The first Gas Guzzlers Extreme DLC pack, Full Metal Frenzy, will debut on Steam next week and features two new race arenas, three new game modes, a female announcer, and many more new additions.

Full Metal Frenzy DLC Includes:
• Two levels (arenas)
• Two new cars
• One new team skin for all 20 cars, including police skin with siren and lights
• Female announcer voice-over
• Two new power-ups
• Three new game modes

The second DLC, Full Metal Zombie, will launch summer 2014, complete with nine different types of zombies and a thrilling new game mode Defend the Base.

Full Metal Zombie DLC Includes:
• One new level (arena)
• One New car
• One new team skin, for all 21 cars
• Nine zombie types
• One new game mode ‘Defend the Base’

Furthermore, starting today leading up to the release, Iceberg Interactive and Gas Guzzlers Extreme celebrate the upcoming DLC’s with a special contest. During this competition players will have to submit a creative AI name that contains a word play like the already implemented names: Bjorn Toulouse, Lee Mealone and Kent Cook. Next to having their AI name permanently included in Gas Guzzlers Extreme, gamers can also win free Steam copies, t-shirts and even a remote controlled Gas Guzzler! Submission is done via Facebook or Twitter via #GGENAMEIT
Community Announcements - LevaOpaki
We apologize for the problems that we have caused on Vista with the latest 1.0.4 patch. The issue with Windows Vista is now resolved.
Community Announcements - LevaOpaki
The new Gas Guzzlers Extreme patch is available now !
Don't forget to update and restart all servers.
Please find below a full list of bug fixes and features implemented in this patch:

- Implemented player context menu in the multiplayer lobby. When a player is clicked, the context menu opens containing the following actions:
VIEW STEAM PROFILE - Opens the Steam overlay and displays the player's profile page.
VOTE KICK - Initiates the kick vote on the selected player. This action is unavailable if you click on yourself.
MUTE/UNMUTE VOICE CHAT - Mutes or unmutes the voice chat from the selected player. If you mute yourself, other players will not hear you until you unmute yourself.
- Voice chat behavior in team play can be voted on now. Two types of behaviors are available:
ALL PLAYERS - Each player can hear every other player.
TEAM MEMBERS ONLY - Only team members can be heard.
The default behavior is TEAM MEMBERS ONLY. You will not hear players you have muted regardless of voted behavior.
- Implemented camera look left and camera look right. Key bindings can be changed in the controls options menu. The defaults key bindings for keyboard are DELETE and PAGE DOWN keys.
- Implemented car horn. The horn sound can be changed from the game options menu. The horn volume can be changed in the sound options menu. The horn key binding can be changed in the controls options menu. The default key binding for keyboard is H.
- The number of laps in a racing game mode can be changed through voting now.
- Added console commands that manipulate damage multipliers in single-player:
G_HumanToAIDamageMultiplier [value] - Sets or gets the multiplier for damage inflicted from a human player onto an AI player. Example: To increase the amount of damage you deal to AIs by 50%, type the following into the console and press ENTER: G_HumanToAIDamageMultiplier 1.5
G_AIToHumanDamageMultiplier [value] - Sets or gets the multiplier for damage inflicted from an AI player onto a human player.
G_AIToAIDamageMultiplier [value] - Sets or gets the multiplier for damage inflicted from an AI player onto an AI player.
G_CarCollisionDamageMultiplier [value] - Sets or gets the multiplier for damage caused by collisions with level geometry.
G_CarToCarCollisionDamageMultiplier [value] - Sets or gets the multiplier for damage caused by car-to-car collisions.
The default value for all multipliers is 1. The changes made with these commands are saved in a profile so there is no need to retype them when a game is re-entered. To check the current value of a certain multiplier, type the name of the corresponding command without value.
- Fixed a bug where a weapon group could not be switched to a controller.
Community Announcements - LevaOpaki
Portuguese-Brazil language is added in the game.
Download latest update.
Community Announcements - LevaOpaki
New Gas Guzzlers Extreme patch is available now.
Don't forget to update and restart all servers.
Full list of bug fixes and features implemented in this patch:

- Added support for voice chat. When player is talking, indicator is displayed in multiplayer lobby and game. The voice chat volume can be adjusted in the audio options menu.
- Master volume can now be changed in the audio options menu.
- Added "clean language" option for english language. The option is available in the profiles menu. When clean language is enabled, "dirty" words and references are replaced with clean ones. This option is disabled by default.
- Removed weapon selection from the multiplayer presets menu. The weapon is now selected in the lobby and it does not depend on the currently selected preset.
- Options menu can now be access from the multiplayer lobby.
- Added "restore defaults" feature in the options menu.
- Added new voting options in multiplayer:
"remove all bots" - Removes all bots from the lobby.
"fill with bots" - Fills unused player slots with bots.
- When player is clicked in the multiplayer lobby, Steam overlay is activated and player's profile is displayed.
- Added support for admin players and ban lists. Both can be defined in dedicated server launcher. Admin players have the following privileges:
- They do not require the majority when voting "kick player". When they vote "kick player", the target player is automatically kicked.
- They can control other players' admin status using the following console commands (on either client or server):
- They can ban or unban other players using the following console commands (on either client or server):
Please note that player who launched the dedicated server is not admin automatically.
Banned players cannot connect to server where they've been banned until admin player removes their banned status.
Community Announcements - LevaOpaki
Demo features:
Two cars: Hound Bermude and Fordiac Bandit
Two weapons: Katyusha and Gang Banger
Three game modes; Battle Race, Deathmatch and Capture the Flag

Full game features:
• Combat racing at its best, featuring a blood pumping single player campaign with over 12 hours of gameplay.
• Fast-as-lightning multiplayer tournaments with 7 different modes (classic race, power race, battle race, knockout, deathmatch, last man standing and capture the flag); with up to 4 teams available in team play mode.
• 350+ miles of road across 40 tracks, 8 arenas and 7 different environments.
• 12 unique weapons, on-track bonuses and power ups.
• 18 customizable cars (12+ upgrades, color, rims, stickers, etc.).
• Multi-path tracks and sponsored events.
• Instant play with vicious AI Bots populating your multiplayer match while other players begin to join in on the fun.
• Beautifully displayed high definition visuals with extensive vehicle damage, motion blur effects and custom paint jobs.
• Full force feedback controller support as well as keyboards, joy pads, joysticks and racing wheels.
• Packed with tons of unique humor and personality.

Liked the demo and want to join the madness online? Purchase and play Gas Guzzlers Extreme here:
Community Announcements - LevaOpaki
New Gas Guzzlers Extreme patch is available now.
Full list of bug fixes and features implemented in this patch:

- Ready button in multiplayer lobby is not clickable if game is in progress
- Chat text box is disabled if start game countdown begins
- Fixed bug with exploding and invisible bot when human player disconnects
- Added few notification sounds in multiplayer lobby (player connected, player disconnected, chat message, vote initiated, vote passed, vote failed)
- Fixed server crash bug when post processing color curve texture isn't loaded
- Added race progress notifications for the players waiting in the multiplayer lobby
- Added message for vote keys when voting is initiated
- Fixed bug where menus were unusable on ultra wide resolutions
- Fixed bug with penguin AI bonus
- Fixed bug with achievements (GAS GUZZLERS CHAMPION, BRAND NEW, ELITE CLUB)
- Input controller is automatically set as current input device if plugged-in
- Menu blur fix when pixel size is not 100%
- Added server name to application caption and console line
- Team color is visible on players in lobby when custom car paint is selected
- Fixed few objects destruction bugs on levels
- Added Croatian and Ukrainian localizations
Community Announcements - Heisenberg
Now also available: the Gas Guzzlers Extreme Four Pack! Get yourself and your buddies 4 copies for only $74.99 (25% off!):

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