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We've just deployed an update to fix some issues with controller support, and that means it should work fine on your Big Screen setup, and indeed on the Steam Box you are getting for Christmas. Oh man, was that a secret? We shouldn't have looked in the present cupboard!

Anyway, there will be another small patch soon to fix a couple of other issues reported recently, we'll say hi and explain when those go up.
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol

Just a very minor patch today fixing menu bugs and implementing 5.1 sound.

With regards to multiplayer, it's still a long way off, unfortunately. While we've got it wired up for networking there's a lot of things that were never really designed for multiplayer to be fixed, and some design stuff to be worked through. We're going to be a bit quiet on that until we've got it all nailed down, but we'll explain the plan as soon as we've been able to apply some serious time and focus over the summer. Thanks for your patience!

And so:


- Inventory now closes with Esc key properly (second tap required to open menus)
- Menus optimised, will produce a performance boost on some systems.
- Logging reduced, will produce a performance boost on some systems.
- Error on credits screen exit button resolved.


- NEW 5.1 support in game options. Click "Stereo" to cycle audio setup. This will only restart sound on a session change, ie loading a level.

Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
Hello, all!

Today we're serving up the 1.1 patch for you all, which fixes a bunch of minor issues but also adds a custom biome and a global robot manager.

Here's a video to explain more:

<iframe width="600" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The robot manager allows you to select global values for how enemies appear in the world, which should allow you to make it harder or easier as you prefer. You can even remove all hostile NPCs from the world (the pheasants and rabbits stay!) and consequently add a "Walking Simulator" mention to our Steam tags...

The custom biome means that you can create some non-standard worlds that go way beyond what the five standard biomes allow. You can switch that on in Game Options. But wait! We know that the first thing you'll do is make the maddest worlds you can, so it's important to stress that the permutations this world generator provides are so extreme that they might make teleporter fragments inaccessible to you, which means there's a chance the crazier levels can't be completed.

If you don't want to risk that for a proper playthrough, then stick to the standard templates or spend some time experimenting with a myriad of valid worlds. If you're happy just to see what you can make, however, that's what the custom biome is for. Remember that with the robot manager you can also now tour these worlds in safety. There's even a world code function in Game Options so you can share your creations with others. (Paste these codes in the Custom biome editing screen to get that exact world!)


- NEW: Custom Biome (activated in Game Options.)
- NEW: Global robot spawn manager.
- NEW: Added graphics option to disable God Rays.
- NEW: Colour picker for robot visors (Colour blindness support).
- Robot step height tweaked.
- Fences no longer appear over seriously sloped terrain.


- Audio-based distraction of robots now more reliable.
- Robots can no longer spawn inside pylons.
- Shots Fired stat now accurate.
- Starting gear item count now matches menu list.
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
V1.0 is live right now, so jump in and let us know what you think. It also means that Early Access is over, so tell everyone in the world, please.

<iframe width="600" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Thankyou, everyone, for your feedback so far. And please keep it coming for the 1.1 patch. (And Linux testers, we're working on new builds right now.)

Tea and biscuits!
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
Are you using the Linux version of Sir, You Are Being Hunted and having some problems? More importantly, are you using Linux with AMD and finding the game doesn't run properly? We want to hear from you!

It would be just fantastically helpful if you could swing by the official forums and let us having any game logs you're able to provide. We're super keen to nail down the issues some users have been having with Linux, and we're going to need lots of feedback and systems spec detail to do that.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol

We're pushing out an update with a bunch of small fixes and tweaks today, but really big news is that Sir's single player mode will hit v1.0 on May 1st. This, therefore, is the final patch of our Early Access period. Oh yes, it's the end of a long road.

There will still be a few things to come after v1.0, as well as ongoing fixes and support, including multiplayer (no, no date on that yet, we've still got a way to go!) and also a customisation patch that will allow you mess with the game generation in-menu, rather than just in the back-end XML files. But we'll get to those later!

For now, the big message of this latest update is: help us bug hunt!

We need as many people as possible to pile in, find problems, share logfiles, and help us get this game into the best shape it can be. There's a bunch of changes up today, including major performance improvements. Go and try it out!


  • NEW - End sequence and credits. The closing voice-over and credit page now play before you get to your stats.

  • NEW - Tooltips on all items, plus roll-over instructions for inventory slots.

  • NEW - Fragment counter in inventory revamped to show fragment count per island, plus current location.

  • NEW - State indicators for bleeding, trapped, and starving.

  • Changed some textures and vegetation detail on Rural biome.

  • Major optimisation pass, up to 30% performance increase on some machines.


  • Walters' voice clips now no longer wait for each other to finish (so you don't miss any!)

  • Toy train can no longer fly into the sky on cliffs/slopes.

  • Opening inventory or map with control no longer conflicts with mouse and keyboard controls.

  • Landowner gets stuck less frequently.

  • Background music levels fixed.

  • Ruins stonework lightened.

  • Bog creature sounds don't last too long.

  • Flashlight no longer appears to be made of stone.
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
Today's update adds a new environment type, our fifth and final. As we promised way back in the mists of Kickstarter, we now have a biome type for each of the islands: Rural, fens, industrial, mountains and castle. The castle biome places a huge ruined tourist attraction across one part of the map - a familiar sight for people who live in certain parts of the UK!

Here's a video:

<iframe width="600" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

As such this update represents the marvelous conclusion of the major content updates for the alpha. We have another patch coming up to rejig some biome elements and add an end sequence, but this nevertheless delivers all the single-player content we'd planned and promised during our initial fund-raiser. It's a fine feeling to have come this far. But it is far from over! We need your feedback to continue the great dance of balancing and bug-stomping. So let us know what you find, over on the forums.


  • NEW - The Castle Biome (New island option in world creation.)
  • NEW - Soundtrack (Related audio slider in game options.)
  • NEW - Menu scenes including the world's greatest menu pheasant.
  • Scarecrow pathing reworked.
  • Landowner collider altered to improve pathing.
  • Squire audio altered to reflect movement.

  • Z-fighting on buildings and rock formations. (OMG!)
  • Slagheaps no longer have paths over them in Industrial biomes.
  • Fixed mesh combination at World Generation.
  • Fixed information window and V/O playing on fire use.
  • Pub sign taller to avoid collision with landscape and scenery.
  • FOV pop on binocular equipping.
  • Controller reworked in all menu situations.
  • Fixed erroneous mouse inputs during menu use.
  • Seabeast particle effect errors fixed.
  • No more crashes on rider death.
  • Fixed map use with controller (Marker placing still unsupported)
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
Hooray! Trading cards, if you like that sort of thing, are now active on Sir, You Are Being Hunted. I've already unlocked one, and a handsome thing it is too.

Almost as handsome as our badges. Look at them!


Anyway. We hope you are having fun.
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
Changelog SYABH v.0.9.5264 “Patriotic Crockery”

Hello you!

The latest build is now live, and all the details are below. There are a TONNE of changes under the hood, and our final NPC to the mix. Please do let us know how you got on, because the balance and behaviour changes are far-reaching and complicated.

As always feedback on the forums is very gratefully received.

Here's Jim talking a bit about the changes, with patch notes below:

<iframe width="600" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


We recommend you generate a new world to take advantage of new features. Also: stuff might break on old saves.


- NEW – Landowner NPC.

- NEW – Support for controllers in menus (still not inventories yet, soon!)

- NEW – Free-Look key modifier. Holding “Left Alt” (by default) will allow you move your head independently from the body, simulating TrackIR use for those without that hardware. Only works if TrackIR not running or toggled on.

- Toy Train now has “Moving” mode as well as “Static” (Right Mouse default).

- Improved AI combat behaviour (especially corners and cover management).

- Improved balance for AI vision and pursuit.

- Several improvements to AI noise investigation States. Should result in more reliable distraction and sound investigation.

- Changed the way AI glimpse-state works so bots no longer spot players unfairly due to heightened aggro state from recent inter-bot combat.

- Changed destination pathing solution for all AI. Bots will no longer want to visit places they can't path to...

- Changed the way bots decide to guard doors. Should result in less over-guarded buildings.

- Exposed robot release schedule to xml file. See BR forums for editing advice...

- Faster bunnies.

- Performance: New audio lodding system should boost FPS.

- Increased Wisp numbers slightly. Use them!

- Faster dogs.

- Sundry loot balance tweaks

- Sundry AI variables tweaked.


- Added option to limit FPS to prevent some hardware configurations running too fast.

- Volumes now applied correctly in menu screen.

- UI on/off toggle fro screenies now turns off crosshair too...

- Compass bearing now relative to head camera (so is in-synch with look direction, not aim direction).

- Fixed several scenery items that weren't blocking path grid properly.

- Fixed some movement issues with Hares.

- Fixed animation issue with sea beast.

- Adjusted perimeter walls for some buildings to fix pathing bottlenecks.

- Fixed some issues with scarecrow teleporting.

- Fixed an issue where quitting immediately after generating a world lost your starting equipment.
Community Announcements - Mr Rossignol
Hello you!

Firstly, sorry it's taken a bit longer that usual to get this update out. The Christmas break didn't help, but mostly the delay is due to a massive overhaul of the animation system. The fruits of this are quite subtle, but you will notice it in terms of less jerky transitions between certain animation states, or a subtle slowing-to-stop of the bots. The system is now far more reliable and robust for pathing. It also needed to be done to implement the new NPC, The Rider.

These mounted toff-bots enjoy toasting your unhealth with a blast from their mount's leg-jets. Crispy!

Less dramatically, we've got a new audio levels system, reworked NPC release schedules, tweaks to combat, sticker explosives, braver ravens not to mention independent head-movement with TrackIR support (PLEASE NOTE: 32-bit ONLY). Here's a video of TrackIR working, with a glimpse of The Rider in-game:

<iframe width="650" height="390" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

As always feedback on the forums is very gratefully received. Enjoy!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This update will break your saves.


* NEW -Enemy type: The Rider.
* NEW – Support for independent head movement with TrackIR. (PLEASE NOTE: 32-bit ONLY)
* NEW – Group-based volume system. You can now set volumes for various things separately (Turn down robot beep-boops, hush Mr. Walters, your butler etc etc).
* Controller Enable/Disable toggle. Off by default. Should also prevent false inputs causing incorrect movement.
* Complete reworking of the animation systems for all bots. Results in smoother transitions between states and smoother, more reliable movements between pathing nodes.
* NEW – Added ability to clear markers from the map. Mouseover a marker to reveal delete option.
* Leaning distance increased.
* Revised release schedule for NPCs. Different types of NPC will now be released based on number of pieces returned OR time spent in world. Whichever comes first...
* Reduced required number of fragments for escape to 17 (note: this will be configurable in t he final game!).
* Ravens have become acclimatised to Robot footsteps. No more Raven/Robot s pooked/investigate-loop love-ins at village centres...
* Dynamite 100% stickier. Less likely to skid along the ground for ages, easier to hit what you threw it at.
* Dynamite explosion radius increased.
* Moved FOV slider to Game Options. Now works realtime (can see changes without having to exit menu).
* Reduced the chance to bleed.
* Tweaked some combat variables for Hunters because a bugfix (see reloading issue below) resulted in changed behaviour in combat. Feedback on new combat feel with Hunters welcomed.
* Various loot distribution tweaks.

- Fixed an issue where poacher could get stuck in Idle.
- Fixed an issue where squires could get stuck on the spot.
- Fixed incorrect angle of shotgun on Hunters.
- Fixed issue where using the Sex Toggle could break your profession - button...
- Fixed issue where robot blather loops could be turned off permanently (would lead to stealth-bots!)
- Fixed several cases where bots guarding the doors on some buildings could get stuck.
- Fixed an issue where the dog pinning sequence could flicker wildly.
- Fixed issue where the mouse could become frozen on the death screen.
- Fixed issue where using an item while dying could freeze the game and also ruin that save.
- Fixed an issue where death while menu open could break the fall-to-ground.
- Fixed an issue with bot barks between glimpse-state and Attack playing at the incorrect times.
- Fixed an issue where the Axe could get stuck at weird angles when swapping equipment.
- Fixed a serious issue with bot reloading logic. Robots could sometimes have more (or less) rounds that they should, resulted in either extra shots (surprise!) or no shots at all (in inter-bot combat this could even result in endless posturing without a single shot being fired).

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