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Rumors are about to be confirmed…………....the first WW1 FPS game is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on August 30 2016!

We received a lot of requests for a console version for Verdun, therefore we started looking into this opportunity. Today we are proud to share the news with you, the first WW1 FPS is coming to console this summer!

And don’t worry, we have seen your questions as well on what is to come new for the PC version. We are looking into some opportunities here as well though can’t confirm anything yet. Hopefully more news will arrive the trenches soon…
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We just released a spectator mode in-game. A feature that has been developed together with the community and that will be handy for the Official Community tournament.

With this mode you can follow players in first person view within a match. This by simply hitting the button ‘Spectate this match’.

You can also switch to a free camera view, as spectator this will give you a perfect vantage point to see the rush of battle.

and the aftermath...

Make sure to try it out and sign up for the Official Community tournament!
Community Announcements - Blazy013

Today the French commemorate the centenary of the Battle of Verdun.

This vicious battle of attrition lasted for 303 days, and there were over 700,000 casualties. 377,231 of these are estimated to be French.

You can read more about Verdun - the longest and bloodiest battle of WW1 - every week via: Verdun One Hundred Years Ago

For those that would like to try and win a(nother) Verdun Steam key, make sure to test your WW1 knowledge with the Verdun Facebook Quiz:
Community Announcements - Leo
Great initiative from OpNoobs, the Verdun League and EthixGaming. They have brought us the official Verdun Community tournament!

The tournament will take place on June 11, 12 and the finals on June 18, 19.

For more information and participation please visit:

Enlist now!
Community Announcements - Blazy013

Exactly one year ago, we released WW1 FPS Verdun! A great milestone, that we couldn't pass without a small mentioning.

Especially as the developments around Verdun didn't stop there and than. This past year we continued working on several updates and performance improvements.

We hope you are satisfied with what we have done, and that we will see more of you in the trenches upcoming year!
Community Announcements - Blazy013
Today we are celebrating 80.000 Facebook page likes!!

On Twitter almost 5.000 followers... and on Youtube 5.283 followers. It is amazing to see such interest and support. The word-of-mouth around Verdun did us very good, thank you all!! Here a few keys for some lucky ones:


Don't forget to keep following and sharing the 'Verdun-love' on:
Community Announcements - Leo
2016 April fools Joke, Aprilscherze,Poisson d'avril,Día de los Inocentes,первоапрельские розыгрыши,エイプリルフール,Prima Aprilis, 1 April grap,április bolondjai,primeiro de abril,ziua Pacalelilor,Априли-ли-ли,prvi april ,Nisan aptallar,愚人节

Welcome back to another Brief Verdun Community Development Update. After the successful launch of the “Horrors of War” expansion developers are now making serious plans for future features and content.

A serious community request since day 1 cavalry will be part of the existing frontline matches. Every faction will have a cavalry squad (German Uhlans, French Dragoons etc.) which can be used to effectively navigate the trenches and nomansland. First balance tests show a very positive impact on gameplay expressed by tester“X-BigDukeSix”:

“Cavalry obviously played a pivotal role in the trench warfare after 1915, with this update we feel both gameplay and realism are stepped up a notch”.

Leaked BF5:Verdun footage

More gore mechanics changes
Another big step forwards will be the changes in zoom distance and the complete removal of strafing from the game. The community has been extremely vocal about this, especially the competitive scene demanded more changes. According to community organiser “Fluffybunny”:
”We noticed that veteran players were still able to jumpshot somebody across the plains of picardie, further nerfing of the zoom is required”

Making longshots great again

2016 April fools Joke, Aprilscherze,Poisson d'avril,Día de los Inocentes,первоапрельские розыгрыши,エイプリルフール,Prima Aprilis, 1 April grap,április bolondjai,primeiro de abril,ziua Pacalelilor,Априли-ли-ли,prvi april ,Nisan aptallar,愚人节

The removal of strafe from the game means a departure from traditional FPS and common sense intuitive mechanics as we know it, thus transforming Verdun to a higher level of existence.

Finally this will bring zab back under control

Tanks and ™™Battlefield™™
Also the devs are working together with ™DICE™ on making a battlefield-Verdun crossover with vehicular sandbox gameplay the core of the new game. One of the major changes will be a departure of community friendly features such as massive free expansion packs with over 40 new weapons (did I mention free?) and instead going over to 70 dollar core game™.

prepare the parachutes

The Verdun Team wishes you a great month of April and a lot of fun playing “Horrors of War”.

2016 April fools Joke, Aprilscherze,Poisson d'avril,Día de los Inocentes,первоапрельские розыгрыши,エイプリルフール,Prima Aprilis, 1 April grap,április bolondjai,primeiro de abril,ziua Pacalelilor,Априли-ли-ли,prvi april ,Nisan aptallar,愚人节
PC Gamer

The First World War multiplayer FPS Verdun has grown significantly with the release of the free Horrors of War expansion that brings night-time combat to the game in the Champagne region of France. There's also a new Squad Defense co-op mode that pits groups of four players against attacking waves of AI enemies, more than 40 new weapons, new squad types including the Belgians and Americans, and even gore settings.

Gore settings promises to let players experience the real horrors of WW1, which I rather strongly suspect is neither an accurate statement nor something that any sane person would ever want to live through in the name of entertainment. But to the credit of developers M2H and Blackmill Games, they do seem to be approaching the subject matter a little more sensitively than, say, Sniper Elite 4.

In order to get a more realistic war-torn feel to the game the developers have added bloody injuries such as soldiers losing limbs. This has been done in a respectful way as the developers understand that this is not an easy topic to cover, they wrote. For those that find it too realistic or even shocking, the developers have made sure that the new gore setting can be set to different levels of intensity, even allowing the players to disable it completely if they choose.

The update also adds a Belgian sentry squad, a Doughboys rifle squad, and a US Marines engineer squad to the game, along with two new German units, the Schutzen sentry squad and the Pioniere engineer squad. New weapons include the M1918 BAR, the Stielhandgranate, the Ross rifle (which you'll probably want to throw away the moment you lay eyes on a Lee-Enfield) and the C96 Mauser.

The Horrors of War update is live now. Details are on Steam.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alice O'Connor)

‘Horrors of War’ isn’t the cheeriest name for a chunky free expansion, but Verdun [official site] is a pretty somber take on World War 1 as first-person shooters go. Now its trench warfare includes a co-operative wave survival mode with the challenge of holding trenches for as long as possible against overwhelming odds, and gruesome new dismemberment for that real WW1 ‘war is hell’ feeling.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Blazy013
The time is finally here...Verdun is receiving a massive FREE EXPANSION!
Not only are American and Belgian squads being added to the game, there are also new German soldiers, a whole new night region called Champagne, horrendous gore, a new Co-op game mode, animations upgrade and over 40 new weapons, along with new abilities and additional equipment.

Check out the new trailer here:

With this expansion we offer more diverse historical battles in an immersive environment. Soldiers are confronted with more WW1 situations such as fighting during the night, offensive battles, more varied squads and a host of new weaponry that calls for careful tactical maneuvering. The realistic WW1 atmosphere has been strengthened with a new animation blending system, dismemberments, more blood, more corpses and a whole new region; Champagne.

This expansion was promised from the release and we all hope it was worth waiting for… Enjoy, let’s meet in the trenches!

PS The developers will be streaming their movements through the trenches via Steam and upcoming Saturday (March 26) at 3PM EST/ 8PM GMT.

PPS For more details check the changelog

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