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Players of Verdun!

Today we are pleased to officially launch a new map "Fort Douaumont". For many months our level designers have worked on this map. In addition we are rolling out one of the many forthcoming performance updates: V236.


Join the Assault Today

The location
The French Second Army made a first attempt to recapture the fort in late May 1916. They occupied the western end of the fort for 36 hours but were dislodged after suffering heavy losses, mostly from German artillery and trench mortars that had been brought at proximity. The Germans stubbornly held onto the fort, as it provided shelter for troops and served as first aid station and logistics centre. Afterwards, French artillery continued to shell the fort, turning the area into a pockmarked moonscape, traces of which are still visible today.

Loading imagary

One of the many awesomely crafted trenches leading up to the fort. The Trenches in douaumont are the best we have made so far, great care has been given to making them look as destroyed as possible, as the trenches in front of the fort (under German occupation) were shelled relentlessly during the French Assault.

V236 - Performance

Next to launching the long-awaited map we have made some steps in rolling out performance updates required to deal with the Unity Engine update as well as the detail increase of the levels since september. V236 will be the first in the series.

  • Included fort Douaumont
  • Loadingscreen text updated
  • New Character LOD system
  • "Ambient Quality" on low will remove all detail objects from the scene, requires restart or map change to bring back after setting to high.
  • Low terrain quality now ultra low terrain texture
  • Fixed stuttering loading characters
  • Fixed players jumping up while colling with eachother
  • Fixed Bayonet damage
  • Fixed being unable to deploy or go prone on some surfaces
  • Fixed mouse flickering
  • Fixed console setnextmap

As we prioritize optimization above all other features, at this stage the gore system (which is pretty much complete) will not go live just yet. We are first going to focus on furthering the performance optimizations. Teasers very soon!

To insure a more rapid approach we'd like to invite all people who care for the game and community to apply for the beta testing team here and join our ranks to gain first access to experimental new builds.

Hope to see you on the battlefield, god speed!

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Community Announcements - BlackMill | Leo
Welcome back to another installment of Verdun’s “Weapon Wednesday”, we use these media updates to tease upcoming content and provide you with an update on the overall state of the games development.
First of all a short announcement: Version 233 is now available for download.

Fusil Automatique Modèle 1917

In 1916 the French army recognised the need to start replacing its outdated (and arguably not so successful) Lebel 1886 rifle. They chose to go with a semi-automatic design, having tried and tested semi-automatic rifles ( for example the Meunier, albeit with some resistance) before the war broke out. The rifle was produced in fairly large numbers, with the production estimate being around 85k by the wars end. It had a 5 round enbloc magazine, and was gas operated, the mechanism is believed to have heavily influenced the design of the famous M1 Garand.

The RSC 17 will offer the french forces some extra firepower vs the overwhelmingly common bolt action rifles, and will be an option for tier 3 Machine Gunners (in place of the chauchat)

Fusil Automatique Modèle 1918

A shorter more compact version of the RSC 17, the RSC 18 started production during the very last weeks of the war. The rifle was absolutely renowned for it’s accuracy and loved by it’s users. Only a small number were made ( around 4000) with most of those being produced after the war.

The rifle will see exclusivity in the Attrition game-mode. It is unsure if it saw action but we figured as it was a quick piece to create, this little beauty was too good not to include.

Development status
On the development front, again we’ve made some great progress in all areas. As seen read above; weapons are still being made and animated (several were completed this week). We are more or less at the end of our list with new weapon being added to the game and animated ( of course, we haven’t shown all these yet! - this is by no means the last Weapon Wednesday!)

Early Work In Progress of the in-game RSC Mle. 1917 animation

The Gore system is also more or less ready to go live, several animations have been completed and polished in the last week and the dismemberment and blood systems have been finalized. In addition we will have recorded additional voice acting for the horrific scenes that will unfold in the game.

On the performance front we just received reinforcements! Industry veteran and isotix lead programmer Nico will be joining us. Having worked with unity extensively in the past few years we can double our efforts in areas like bug squashing and improving performance in the weeks to come.

Game update status
We are on track with deploying the next build to the main branch. We have received positive feedback on the beta branch, solved most of the bugs and will be rolling out a new game version right now. Tomorrow a new version with gore will be available on the beta branch for our closed beta testers. If all goes well, this should set us in motion to get Douaumont and the gore live and released as soon as possible, but for now do please bear with us!

Screenshot of the Week
Observing nomansland in Flanders, 1917.

That will be all for this week. Tune in next week for more where we’ll be unveiling some much sought after firepower.
Community Announcements - BlackMill | Leo
Welcome back to another installment of Verdun’s “Weapon Wednesday”, we use these media updates to tease upcoming content and provide you with an update on the overall state of the games development. Today is particularly special as it marks the 97th anniversary of the signing of armistice, effectively the end of the Great War.

It is important for each and every person to understand the sacrifice our servicemen and women have made for us. We live in the world of today largely because of the actions of those who came before us. It is vital we never forget the sacrifices made by these people, regardless of nationality, race, religion, or creed, in all conflicts. They gave their future, so we could have ours.

We will Remember them.

M1909 Hotchkiss “Benét–Mercié”

The Hotchkiss M1909 was one of the machineguns adopted by the U.S in the rearmament of it’s military in 1890-1910. Developed by the French Hotchkiss manufacturer (founded by U.S weapon designer Benjamin Hotchkiss) the Hotchkiss was sold under contract to many nations including the U.K (cavalry/tank use), France, U.S.A, and to a lesser extent, Belgium, Spain, Brazil and Australia. With a 30 round 30-round strip-magazine, the weapon was quite susceptible to mud and dirt and wasn’t ideal for trench warfare. While only around 700 were produced, the U.S had a comparatively small army in 1909, the same year the 30-06 hand crank gatling gun was taken out of service.

The Hotchkiss in game will be used by one of the American squads and potentially also the British Tommies, this is still being decided. Boasting a high rate of fire, but a tricky reload and small magazine, the MG should feel more than at home in the trenches.

Game update status
Excellent reports come in from the 5.3 update tests of last monday. Both Douaumont and other maps seem to run smoothly. We’d like to encourage all active ( and well-behaved!) community members to join our beta testing team. here

We are aiming to go public with this as soon as we sort out the last few issues that were caused by the engine update.

Development status
Aside from promising work with Douaumont in the testing branch, we keep advancing on other fronts as well. The animation crew has been allocated to deal with both the massive amount of new weapons (progressing nicely!) but also with enhancing the immersion of the game - in the addition of death animations. We are planning to launch the gore system alongside fort Douaumont within the fortnight.

Here is a small teaser of one of the ‘slower’ death animations. We are adding many more features this very moment, including dismemberment, screaming and flailing, neck shots and more.

With regards to weapons, we have completed several animations this week. Two recently announced weapons: The Mle. 1892 revolver (which model was teased earlier). What was particularly tricky to create was the fact that, unlike most other revolvers from the time, player has to switch hands in order to reload:

Also spectacular and most fun to use ingame is the M1897 trench gun. This classic firearm can be found in many games and when we implemented it in Verdun it feels like a familiar powerful weapon. The Soon to be formed U.S marine squad will have a blast!

Screenshot of the Week
Gas assault on a sunday day, western front, 1915.

That will be all for this week. Tune in next week for more!
Community Announcements - BlackMill | Leo
Welcome back to another installment of Verdun’s “Weapon Wednesday”, we use these media updates to tease upcoming content and provide you with an update on the overall state of the games development.

Stielhandgranate M1917 + Geballte Ladung M1917 6x / 9x
Earlier during the war both French and Germans experimented with explosives tied to wooden sticks. The Germans actually took this concept and created the infamous “stielhandgranate” (stalk hand grenade) line of grenades. While the M1915 which is currently in-game has the simple string taped to the stick, the M1917 model (5.5 sec fuse) used a cap at the bottom of the stick to prevent both humidity from affecting the string and offering better safety (far more difficult to accidentally detonate). The cap had prongs lining the bottom of it to allow for better grip in the muddy trenches.

We have also decided to include 2 “geballte” ladung (concentrated charges), effectively an improvised explosive made by the Germans out of several of the m1917 stick grenades. It was used nearer the end of the war to counter allied tanks. The main disadvantage with these bundled grenades was they could only really be thrown short distances (due to obvious weight issues) and this makes for a far riskier task for the grenadier getting within range of target.

Ingame the updated stielhandgranate and “geballte ladung”s will be in the hands of the German Pionier units. With extra explosive power to deal with enemy strong points. More information about the new units will follow in later installments.

Game update status status
Again our efforts to deal with performance spike issues continues. We have found some issues with the way character art is being loaded from the disk resulting in massive stuttering. To deal with this we are building a new system to render the characters, however there are some engine limitations with this so we are forced to find a work around. As you may have guessed, that does means a slight delay in the performance updates. We expect a performance patch to be able to go live before the weekend if everything works out with the new engine update and loading system. In addition we hope to have dealt with the hike in performance and some bugs related to invincibility as well. The update should also tackle the issue where people are experiencing crashing when loading levels.

For those who didn’t notice, during the halloween sale, rats overran the main menu! This was only visible during the 30th and 31st of October 2015.:

You might consider it a little teaser for the gore update which will in time allow us to create much grittier maps

Game Development Status
Tests last week with the upcoming Fort Douaumont map proved that A) The map is awesome and B) has several issues that need to be resolved. Most importantly we had errors with the way the fort was being rendered, we’ve been exploring fixes for this. Secondly we had to change the way the capturable sectors were ordered. The scenario for Fort Douaumont is the French Assault on the fort on the 22nd of May, 1916. In this assault the French succeeded in capturing some locations on the site. They were violently repelled. In light with this, and gameplay mechanics (fighting down the long hallway proofed a challenge). We decided to change the sectors as to better reflect the fighting and concentrate the battles more around the western side of the fort.

An impression of the massive scale of Douaumont (In-game)

On the weapon front things are advancing well asol, we hope to have finished animating most existing firearms by the this week and then new set in the coming week, ready for trials. One of the latest additions is the hard hitting Reichsrevolver, which due to it’s difficult reload and single action mechanism will certainly be a weapon for the veterans!

Work in progress M1883 reichsrevolver reloading loop

Screenshot of the Week
A British soldier falls victim to poison gas at the Battle of Loos, Artois

That will be all for this week. Tune in next week for more!
Community Announcements - BlackMill | Leo
Welcome back to another (belated) Verdun Community Update. This week no weapons (there are plenty to come though!), but the announcement that we will be starting closed beta access to the upcoming map "Douaumont".

To celebrate this, here are two promotional teaser screenshots of a french assault on Fort Douaumont:

Soon you will be able to mount your own assaults on the fort with your squad! Keep an eye out on our facebook page, as in the next few days we will be teasing the map some more!

Game update status: V227 - V230
This week saw major team efforts to crush the bugs introduced with the V227 update. The most critical ones have been fixed in the intermediate V229 and V230 patches. Our work to improve the performance for all players continues. We take the issues some of you have very seriously and it is our main objective to have most of the hick ups sorted out in the next two weeks.

Game Development Status
Obviously the main task of improving performance on all fronts is at the very center of our development cycle. This means that the introduction of gore will also have be paired with a major overhaul of the character LOD system and the way characters are rendered. This should improve performance especially in full matches.

Next to that efforts have gone into developing the new first person animation system and starting the major task of adding all the new animations. In case for instance of the lee-metford:

Many more teasers of the new animations will be coming soon. The development of the new weapons is going pretty smooth.

Screenshot of the Week
Intense grenade warfare in the Argonne sector, supplied by veteran community member "MasterMasco":

That’s all for this update. For all the people in the closed beta group: We will be rolling the update out tomorrow. The rest will have to wait for a little longer. Next week: more weapons. Before that: we have a Halloween surprise in store ;)
Community Announcements - BlackMill | Leo
Welcome back to another installment of Verdun’s “Weapon Wednesday”, we use these media updates to tease upcoming content and provide you with an update on the overall state of the games development.

United States Rifle, cal .30, Model of 1917

When the U.S declared war on Germany in 1917, it was far from being equipped enough to handle a conflict of the scale seen in WW1. The standard issue rifle for the U.S army being the Springfield 1903, there were not enough 1903 rifles around to equip the influx of soldiers that joined the army. The U.S government faced two options, convert its factories creating Pattern 14 rifles for the British to factories capable of creating the Springfield OR simply rechamber the Pattern 14 to the U.S round. The latter option was chosen, it was the quickest, cheapest and easier option to go with - and thus, the P17 came to be. The rifle itself was a successful rifle, boasting decent accuracy and a reasonable rate of fire … though many U.S soldiers would still swear by their 1903 Springfields.

The P17 will be the main battle rifle for the U.S ‘doughboys’ - with reasonable accuracy and a fair rate of fire, this rifle will very much so feel at home in the trenches.

Webley-Scott MKI Model I

The British army had been using revolver style side arms for officers and other units ( artillery etc) for some time. It was very slow to pick up on the idea of a semi-automatic firearm and was seemingly steeped in the traditions of its wars in Africa and other parts of the world … where a hard hitting revolver was all that was needed. While the Webley & Scott only really saw official military issue in other branches of the armed forces (Royal Navy, possible trials in the Flying Corps) the pistol was a popular private purchase weapon for those officers who had the funds available. Chambering the same powerful .455 round as the revolver, and offering 7 rounds for the users disposal it was a marginal improvement on the Webley MKVI

The W&S MKI in game will see a hard hitting round, good rate of fire and reasonable reload speed, but it still falls somewhat short in regards to performance and capacity vs some of the other small arms used within the theatre.

Development status
This week has seen a great deal of effort in implementing the new weapon animation system, as we double down on the new upcoming content with bringing the total weapons to about 60, we have also brought on board another animator to deal with the massive workload. Douaumont has been prepared for launch and we hope to test this in the next few days. Lots of work has been going on in other areas including work on our new night raid scenario map as well as some finalisation of the character gore system.

Game update status: V227
Our main focus this week, however, has been releasing the update. We have had some issues with the new load screen mechanic. Which actually now displays several historical images, maps and high-quality in-game scenario screenshots. Here are some examples of this new system:



The main menu loading screen will display general information about the war

The information about the sectors is still work in progress, currently the text specifically mentions one playable scenario, but in the future info will be available on numerous historical scenarios. More generic text providing information on the entire frontline sector (such as artois or vosges) will also be added over time.

The full changelog:
  • Performance update, should increase performance around 10-20%
  • New loading screens
  • Grayscale when you are waiting for spawn no longer pixelated
  • New LOD system where changing to a lower quality now smoothly fades out instead of harsh popping(does not work on trees)
  • Unity 5.2
  • Improved Squad information at minimap to be more accurate
  • Solved Banning issues where players would get banned when they did not cheat. Overhaul in anti cheat system
  • New terrain shader which increases overall terrain texture sharpness and a new Parralax Occlusion mapping effect which gives depth to textures.
  • Better anti piracy protection
  • Fixed UI issues
  • Fully fixed deploy exploit(Crouching while deploying is no longer possible)
  • Tommies Bomber loadout no longer using F1 but Mills

We realise some issues may occur in terms of stuttering as a result of the unity 5.2 upgrade. However overall our observations and calculations have indicated at 20% fps increase. We are working to resolve any issues as fast as we can. We needed to release this update into the public because of the many issues with the banning system and identify any other bugs. We are aware of a good few bugs that need fixing, and will be looking to do so in the next few days. the easiest way for us to go about identifying these bugs and nailing them is to go live - so please bare with us!

Screenshot of the Week
A dramatic defence of a trench in the Ypres salient..

That’s all for this week. Next week we have something special in store for you!
Community Announcements - Leo
Welcome back to another installment of Verdun’s “Weapon Wednesday”, we use these media updates to tease upcoming content and provide you with an update on the overall state of the games development.

The Colt 1911 was adopted as the standard issue firearm by the U.S army in 1911. during the latter parts of the 1800’s and the early parts of the 1900’s the U.S were rapidly altering their military arsenal and come the early 1900’s were in need of a reliable self loading pistol. In steps John Browning, famous for his work with firearms throughout the period, with his design for the Colt 1911. Replacing a variety of different service revolvers and semi-automatic firearms, the 1911 offered the best of its predecessors in one package. The colt 1911 had good stopping power, it was accurate enough for the use it was intended for, reliable and well made - it made for a nice rounded package ideal for close quarters combat. Serving from 1911, it is still used with some military branches today and saw lots of use during WW2, Korea and Vietnam.

The 1911 in game will be hampered by it’s medium capacity magazine, the pistol will feel much so on-parr with the other pistols and - as always - will be deadly in the right hands.

Gewehr 1889 ‘Belgian Mauser’
The Mauser Gewehr 1889 was developed by the Mauser company for Belgium in the latter parts of the 1880s. Like many nations in Europe around the time, Belgium was looking to modernise its forces, and this modernisation required a bolt action rifle that would match any potential enemies arsenal. The Mauser 1889 was developed in it’s earliest form in the mid 1880’s and rejected by Germany during trials. The rifle had a ‘cock on close’ mechanism, similar to that of the British Enfield rifles from the period, which made for a faster bolting mechanism vs that of the cock on open design used with many firearms at that time. The rifle would see use in modified versions (much like the Gewehr 1898) in other conflicts of the 20th century.

Boasting a reasonable rate of fire, good accuracy and good stopping power, the main drawback of this rifle will be the 5 round capacity, which will be noticeable with a faster rifle.

Mauser Gewehr 1889 Carbine
The Mauser 89 Karbine was effectively just the carbine version of the Mauser 1889. The model, like many carbines from the period, was design for use with units needing firepower - but not on a similar level to that which an infantryman might need. Reduced in length, weight and streamlined for use with cavalry units - the rifle offered a nice medium between a small arm (pistol) and a long arm (rifle). When the German army invaded Belgium in 1914, the small Belgian army didn’t always have enough G89’s to arm their forces with, so it was not uncommon for belgian troops to be issued with the K89 (much like France had issued the Mle92 to some of its forces) The Belgian forces being a defensive squad in game, use of slightly rarer weaponry would be quite common - and the K89 was common among engineers and artillerymen.

The rifle in game will boast excellent handling and a very good rate of fire, however, due it it’s very short barrel length - not quite as much accuracy as some of the other carbines.

Development status
Extremely busy times for the development team! As one mapping project draws to a close, work on another immediately begins! The first small playtests have been extremely promising! Douaumont has entered the final post-production stage. Most of the workload of this week has been on areas like the new LOD system and its impact on unity limitations. We had to go to quite some lengths in order for this to work, but the results are good. In one of the latest tests an increase of 20 FPS on Artois with ultra settings was reported. Public testing will begin soon! Alongside the wrapping up of Douaumont and general optimisation, the gore system is taking shape, but you will have to wait a little while longer to see this.

Game update status
The next update is currently being prepared and will be ready for deployment in the beta section at some point within the next few days. We will invite people to come and test the new performance thoroughly, as well as a few little fixes here and there. The next update should also address the issues with the ban-system that some people have been experiencing problems with.
In addition to this beta, Douaumont beta testing will start early next week as we start to prepare for the launch of the Horrors of War free thematic expansion pack.

Screenshot of the Week
Canadian bombardment of the German lines, somewhere in the Ypres salient, Flanders:

See you next week, where we’ll be continuing with this pattern of updates!
Community Announcements - Leo
Welcome back to another installment of Verdun’s “Weapon Wednesday”, we use these media updates to tease upcoming content and provide you with an update on the overall state of the games development.

First of all, we have some very exciting news: Last wednesday we won two awards at the Dutch Game Awards! We received both the “Economic Achievement Award” for best selling game as well as the prestigious “Industry Award” which was voted for by our fellow Dutch game industry professionals. Winning these awards has given us a great boost in morale and we’ve been putting in more effort and energy to the further development. It’s also a great feeling of recognition for the hard labor and effort put in over the last few years.

Lee-Metford Mk II
The Lee Metford was father to the British SMLE, it was the first adopted iteration of Enfield bolt action rifles used with the British army; it earned a reputation for being a reliable and accurate rifle during the Second Boer War and in other empire related conflicts. The rifle would see action again in the early years of the Great War. The Metford rifle was often issued to BEF scout patrols and to highland regiments in the opening weeks of the war, and saw seldom use as a sniper's rifle beyond that. While the rifle was being phased out by the SMLE rifle come the start of the Great War, it saw it’s swan song during the battles of 1914 and early 1915.

In game, this rifle will behave in a similar manner to the SMLE, however, the lack of the clip bridgeframe will make for a far slower reload. These rifles will be very uncommon on the frontlines, their reliability and speed they should provide an interesting comparison between old and new. Seeing use mainly in Historical Scenarios and Attrition/Rifle Deathmatch … this rifle was just far too iconic for us not to include, and who knows - may provide us with a solid base on which to add more exotic units in the future.

M1883 Reichsrevolver
Like most European powers in the latter part of the 1800’s, Germany looked to adopt a repeating handheld firearm for its military. The M1879 Reichsrevolver was solution, this standard issue sidearm was granted to officers and artillerymen from the late 1870’s until the early 1900’s. The original design was heavy and cumbersome, but had a large 10.6mm round (equivalent to a .44 S&W). In the early 1880’s Germany decided to make the revolver a little easier to handle. In reducing its weight - the M1883 came to be. A single action revolver, which was still ‘old tech’ for its time ... but did the Job until the C96 mauser and P08 luger came along.

In game the Reichsrevolver M1883 will have excellent stopping power, however with a slow reload rate and limited numbers being issued, only the more seasoned trench fighters might truly make use of them as an effective combat weapon.

Development status
Good news everyone! our new LOD system seems to have helped us gain about 20% more FPS overall, which is a very promising start. We are however facing some setbacks as the new version of the game engine is temporarily preventing us from creating a new build.

Both the Gore system and Fort Douaumont are only a couple of days away from completion and will soon be ready for some very intensive testing. Initial concept work has also been started on a new map, which will see night fighting, ideal for those budding trench raiders out there. The Verdun sector ‘Fort Douaumont’ map will be explained in detail in a massive teaser campaign begining some time in the next few of days.

Screenshot of the Week
Combined allied offensive near the Aisne by User[KK]IINAYDOGII:

Community Announcements - Leo
Welcome back to another installment of Verdun’s “Weapon Wednesday”, we use these media updates to tease upcoming content and provide you with an update on the overall state of the games development.

Development status
The ‘Fort Douaumont’ Verdun sector map is almost ready for testing with the last of the detail-passes and scene-building in the level being done at this very moment. Further Douaumont teasers will follow soon, but for now to whet your appetite here are two further work in progress shots from Fort Douaumont.

“La Caillette”, the remnants of the woods on the south slope approaching the fort. This will be the French jump-off position.

“La Gorge”, view of the “counterscarp gallery” a bunker in the northernmost part of the fosse moat.

Work is also progressing nicely on a new game mode we are proud to announce “offensive’ that will go live in the Horrors of War update. One of the features of this historical mode is that the context in which battles took place is explained when loading the level. We anticipate to share more information about this game mode in the upcoming weeks.

Loading screens in general will also see an overhaul, when loading the player will be presented with a loading screen of historical images, a map of the region and in-game action packed screenshots. The updated loading screens should see deployment in a patch before the Horrors of War free DLC update.

The new loading screen for argonne, Work In Progress.

Browning Automatic Rifle m1918
The U.S entered the war with little in the way of automatic firearms, most were either too large are too small to be comparable to the use of the rifle. Being issued to troops near the end of the Great War, the BAR proved its worth during the Meuse-Argonne offensive, providing U.S troops with a far more reliable automatic firearm (when compared to the french Chauchat LMG’s) The BAR’s impact on the overall war was small, but it the brief action is saw it was so successful that many countries would go on the place orders of the firearm during and after the war ( With france requesting some 15,000 to replace the underperforming Chauchat)

The BAR will see use with the U.S Doughboy squads in Verdun. With an effective rate of fire and reasonable handling, the BAR will be inhibited by its small magazine capacity. In the right hands this piece of kit should prove to be as effective as it did in it’s brief action of the war, a brief action which lead to nearly a half a century of military use..

SMLE ‘Sawn-off’
Soldiers left to their own devices will often create their own devices. This weapon is a perfect example of men adapting to a new war they must now fight. Little official information exists in regards these sawn down rifles - as defacing your equipment was a punishable offence … thusly soldiers converting these modifications were rather quiet about it. The sawn down SMLE was a popular weapon amongst british tunnelers and trench raiding parties. Come WW2, a number resistance fighters could be found using these sawn down rifles. This leads to the assumption that, rather than face the wrath of the quartermaster, the soldiers in ownership of these modified rifles simply sold them to the local populace. The weapon also saw use as in improvised grenade launching device.

The SMLE ‘sawn off’ in game will be issued to troops whose role it is to storm trenches, and will be an interesting addition to ‘Attrition’. Very difficult to hit anything with at a far to medium distance, in close quarters the accuracy will still be questionable. The benefit of having 10 hard hitting rounds will come in handy, if the user is fortunate enough to hit his targets.

Game update status
Work again continues on the optimization. We are currently redoing the way in which the game handles the level of detail (LoD) system. The basic system in unity makes elements pop in-and-out of existence and this can become noticeable pretty quickly. What we intend to do is make a more seamless transition to the lower detail pieces, using random patterns and fading techniques. Doing this will have a dramatic impact on the performance and we expect good results to come out of this by the end of the week. We are also exploring optimisation of materials and some other aspects of the game world that might impact performance.

Screenshot of the Week
Stosstruppen raid in the Argonne, again supplied by community member echo1. We love browsing the screenshots you guys take! so please keep hit the f12 key!

So, again, do stay tuned for next week’s update and thanks for tuning in! Next week we will introduce some imperial veterans!

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