Feb 3
Community Announcements - Leo
Welcome back to another Verdun Community Development Update. This week we have a very exciting announcement and loads of content to show!

Initial test build results
The test build for the upcoming content update has received overwhelmingly positive response from everyone who has participated in the first week of testing. All weapons function well, and the general consensus is that the update is a great step forward for the game. We are still working out the systems for the flamethrower and fire damage, as well as polishing some animations.

If you are reading this and think, “I would like to join as well!”, then look no further. You can sign up for the testing group here. Upon joining the test group, we issue game keys for the installation of the testing build, upon downloading you can then provide feedback within the group itself. The testing is done using a separate game build, so you can still play the current live build when testing is quiet.

So what is in this big new update? Well, over the past months we have teased quite a lot of content, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

More Champagne
After last week’s surprise announcement of the upcoming night map “Champagne” we couldn’t resist showcasing some more of this amazing new game environment. We’d also like to introduce images of the new U.S squads in-game for the first time.

“U.S Doughboys and elements of Marines on a combined operation in the Champagne region. Known as the battle of “Blanc Mont Ridge” in October of 1918. Most obvious is the presence of the iconic M1897 winchester “Trench Gun”. A feared and most deadly weapon in the close proximity of the trenches in Champagne.”

“Outflanking a group of German sentries, Champagne 1918. The new map allows for tense close quarters combat, and thanks to a less-linear design of trench lines it becomes possible to surprise defenders and attackers by attacking from unexpected corners.”

Next week we’ll release more teasers of the map including some of the iconic underground dugouts to explore.

Updated animations, extraction
Some animation improvements have been done, last week we already saw the bullet extraction (though heavily a WIP). This week we show some of the many new reload animations.

Gew. 98 reload animation, now forcefully pressing the bullets into the magazine

Reloading the Belgian FN1900, correctly pulling the slide upon insertion. Also note the Belgian officer sleeve

Screenshots of the Week

“French overrunning a German mortar position in the Argonne, 1918”
Community Announcements - Leo
Welcome back to another Verdun Community Development Update. This week we have a great announcement and tons of content to show!

Test build live!
The test build for the upcoming content update is now available for selected testers! In the coming weeks we will trial the massive content and all its aspects (including gore, new artillery abilities, flamethrowers, 73 weapons and more) with the community.

If you are reading this and think, “I would like to join as well!”, look no further. You can sign up for the testing group here. Upon joining the test group, you will be able to give feedback and receive a key for the Verdun testing application. You will be able to keep having the regular verdun client installed side-by-side.
So what is in this update? The past months we have teased quite a lot, but there is still so much more to show:

This week we’ll also be revealing a little more info about the upcoming map titled “Champagne”. This map is based on the champagne front. A somewhat forgotten front, it saw major fighting in both 1915 and in the final offensive of 1918 which saw a major U.S breakthrough. The frontline is situated between Reims and the Argonne and consists mainly of open farmlands and hills. Many of these hills such as the “Main de Massiges” (“The hand of Massiges”) were heavily fortified.
Combined with the fact that the front was largely static between 1916 and 1917, Champagne serves as inspiration for a totally different style of map which is entirely centered around the fighting within the complex lines of trenches. This should really contrast with the other maps where large portions of the fighting takes place in or around nomansland. Another iconic element which has been added to the game through Champagne is also that of night fighting.
Our level designer has created some of our most stunningly realistic trenches in this new map, that really should do justice to the extensive and chaotic trench networks that could be found on the western front. Take a look at these teaser images (which also incorporate some of the upcoming new squad types)

“German "Pionier" squad conducting a night raid on the champagne front using a flamethrower. Note the entrenching tools carried by the pioneers as well as their distinctive canvas-covered stahlhelm. Also in the image is a soldier wielding the artillery luger (with 32-round drum magazine) The ‘Pionier’ class officer is using a C96 pistol for this raid”

"French Night attack in the champagne sector, 1915. French troops wearing their mid-1915 transitional uniform attack the German stronghold at the "Main de Massiges" ridge. Note the french officer wielding a m1892 revolver."

"German sentries fighting off a night assault, possibly American, champagne front 1918. The iconic German "Sappenpanzer", which (while mostly impractical) saw fairly common use among German sentries."

New feature: bullet extraction
New in the upcoming update is also animated extraction of the empty cartridges.

New Gasmask: The Small Box Respirator
Last week we introduced the new first person animations for the French gasmask, the M2. This week we can show you the newly added SBR (Small Box Respirator). It has a distinctive tube and comprises of two main components, the mask and the box filter - usually carried in a bag and placed on the chest.

Note the iconic tube and a different experience from the current M17 mask

Chauchat M1918 .30-06 “The worst”
The U.S didn’t have much in the way of a lightweight machine gun come 1917, so when it entered the war, the U.S forces were issued with French Chauchat LMGs. The U.S later developed the m1918 due to a series of issues that were commonly faced by soldiers within the front lines. Primarily, the open sided magazine (which had been a major issue for French soldiers in the mud of the trenches) was replaced with a boxed magazine and a conversion to accept .30-06 rounds.

The M1918 will be used by U.S marine squad by the close combat support role. The .30-06 round gives a slightly different performance from the french m1915 chauchat. The fact that it was frequently ditched by troops in the field because of jamming will be reflected in the fire rate of the weapon.

The team personally observed these distinct magazines dug-up in the meuse argonne region

The C96 also received a great reloading animation of its stripper clip. This is just one of the many items you will be able to try in the test version.

The C96 cannot be reloaded mid-clip

Screenshots of the Week

“Gas alert in a German Trench”

That will be all for this update. We hope to see a lot of applications for the closed test build and see you on the front!
Jan 21
Community Announcements - Leo
Welcome back to another Verdun update. This week we are still working heavily towards the launch of the next content update. A special news update will be released to inform you once we near completion and as we iron out some final touches.

This update also marks the beginning of a new sort of weekly update which will focus more so in in-game features, squads and new maps. To avoid confusion; the term weekly “weapon wednesday” as we called them in the beginning will no longer be used. (This being in part due to us having little in the way of new weapons to create as we finished most of the western front!).

Content Update
So what are we up to? Well our current plan for the upcoming content update is to deploy this on a separate testing game instance, so that you will be able to play both the regular matches and help us test the new content. The testing will be private initially, but should open up in the weeks to come. More information on this will follow soon.

We’re also excited to show the first impression teaser of the new map. The map is nearing finalization in terms of layout and content and it will be part of the upcoming content test. It will combine some long-requested community features. Take a gander:

More map impressions in our next updates!

Now we’d like to tease some of the new features that have kept us busy. For a starters we have redone ALL the animations for all the first person weapons. Also weapon sights have been edited and they look a lot more immersive, for instance in this image:

The Belgian Kar 89 with updated sight picture

We also updated FP gas masks and added the allied French and British/American masks as first person models (No more German gas masks for all nations!) Here is a little teaser of the M2 mask:

Updated lens textures for more immersion

Cool work in progress stuff
As a bonus little for the 24 hour update delay we’d like to demonstrate an awesome new feature that we are currently working on as part of the gore system: Updated Ragdoll physics/animation hybrids. Gore will be part of the upcoming content update testing phase. Some elements have been polished since our initial trials in October and it is now ready to test again.

Seamless blending between animation and ragdoll

Next timewe shall reveal more features and some animated gifs of the verdun gore system (dismemberment being one of them)

In addition to the new weapons and animations, Unity 5.3 allows for a new kind of Physically Based Rendering technique which allows for a nicer representation of metals in-game. Our artists have worked tirelessly since new years to update weapon materials (as was as working on all of the other things). Here an example of some of the new material work.

The ruby was also reworked

In addition to all the content production, we have seen a massive gain in FPS increase across the board. The last few updates have a statistically measured 30% increase since December. Optimization is still ongoing as we find ways to deal with verdun’s detailed environments in more effective ways. We are specifically looking at lower-end machines this week.

Screenshots of the Week

“Gas cloud engulfs a trench, western front 1915”

That will be all for this update. We hope to inform you as soon as possible on the launch of the update test.
Community Announcements - Leo
Welcome to another weekly Verdun update! First of all the entire development team wishes you a happy 2016. During the christmas truce a massive 12.000 christmas cards were sent from the frontlines and the whole event received quite some attention on the web.

Secondly we want to update you on the development of the game. Over the past few months we have showcased our new arsenal, we’ve had 17 weekly (or near enough!) updates and have written around 35 pages of update text. We will continue to update with more other media which will showcase the progress towards the upcoming free content updates. This week we’ll keep it snappy as there is a lot to prepare for the forthcoming launch of the free content.

M1917 Wechselapparat “Wex” Flamethrower

The German Wechselapparat Flamethrower or ‘wex’ was developed in 1917 after successful but outdated Kleif flamethrower. Flamethrowers had seen use since the early years of the war, one of the first recorded uses being during 1915 near Verdun. As the war progressed flamethrowers grew in complexity as well as size - including the famous british Livens flamethrower. Come 1917 the Germans were in need of a lighter weight, more adaptable flame thrower - capable of being handles by one or two crew members. The ‘wex’ saw effective use in 1917/18 and was the basis for a number of flamethrowers including the Model 40 German flamethrower and portable No 2 British flamethrower in WW2.

The Wex will be used by German pioneer troops to counter the U.S marine squads. With limited range and fuel capacity, the wex will be a tricky weapon to master… however given the correct handler, it could quite possibly be the deadliest weapon to see action on the fronts of Verdun.

Verdun Beginners group
During the holidays, the people behind the verdun league and other community members have started an official verdun beginners group geared towards helping the crazy amount of new recruits who joined in during the christmas sale. If you are new to the game and want to become better you can sign up here.

Game development status
We did not cease development during the holiday season. In fact we made great strides on the performance front in the last two weeks with the new clustering technique for the levels. Several community members with some long standing issues are now reporting their performance being improved considerably on the testing branch. This should go live soon.

Content update
We are happy to report that the free content updates are on the horizon now. While we are still working to finalize all all of it, we can state that there will be new squads, weapons, map and more coming your way pretty soon. We are not releasing any statement on the timeframe at this point, however we are in the final stages of production and deployment on most fronts to give you an indication of its status.

Screenshots of the Week

“A shell claims the life of an unteroffizier, Argonne sector, 1915”

We were also awarded IndieDB’s 2015 editors choice “Best Multiplayer”, and we were in the top 10 players’ vote. Thanks for voting for us!

That will be all for this week. Next week more info on the deployment of the free content!
PC Gamer

Huddled in the trenches of northern France, soldiers on both sides of World War 1 began to adopt a 'live and let live' attitude towards their enemies, agreeing informal truces to recover the dead and wounded or simply enjoy a little peace. As the story goes, on Christmas Day, 1914, occasional indifference to enemy activity culminated in a carol sing-off and an international football match amid the devastation. The scale and details of the event are contested by historians, but it's a heartwarming tale to come out of an otherwise black period, and the fantasy has made for one of the best holiday events I've seen: the Christmas Truce is in place in WW1 shooter Verdun.

Players entering a dedicated winter map will be able to throw snowballs and play football with the opposition until January 4. Apparently you can partake of carol singing, although your teammates might not thank you, and even write Christmas cards (emails) from the front lines for a chance of winning Verdun keys for your friends. For the duration of the event, Verdun will be 40% off.

Cheers, RPS!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

The extent of the Christmas truces across trenches of the Great War in 1914 is still up for debate, but British and German soldiers kicking footballs all across no man’s land is now as much a part of Christmas Lore as The Happy Fat Chappy and the three gifts of Terry’s All Gold, Frankenstein, and Grrr. Trench warfare FPS Verdun [official site] is celebrating the truce itself again this year, with a special map where chaps from both sides can lark about together, throwing and kicking balls of snow and leather. Observe:

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Blazy013

It’s Christmas Truce!
World War 1 has a merciless dark side, yet also a surprisingly human side to it. In 1914 French, German and British troops held a remarkable truce during Christmas. During this truce, soldiers from the Entente and Central Power threw snowballs at each other, exchanged Christmas greetings and sang carols together. Soldiers who wrote Christmas cards from the trenches to their loved ones, had many stories of this extraordinary event, even mentioning that a number of football matches were held between the two sides. This stood in stark contrast with the massive death toll unheard of in the history of that time, marking WW1 as one of the bloodiest wars the world had ever seen.

This extraordinary event must not be forgotten, certainly not today. Live and let Live!

From December 22 – January 4 2016 the game Verdun will reproduce the WW1 Christmas Truce. This is done by releasing a new dedicated winter map where players can throw snowballs at each other, play a few football matches, sing along with Christmas carols and write Christmas cards to their loved ones. Sharing these cards might even win you an extra Steam key for your friend or enemy…


Verdun game will have a 40% discount during the whole Christmas Truce. Also, the Verdun team will be streaming this event together with Twitchers; BaronVonGamez, Squire and PhlyDaily on the 23rd of December at 4pm Eastern time (GMT-5) - https://www.Twitch.tv/VerdunGame. Enjoy the Holidays!
Dec 16, 2015
Community Announcements - BlackMill | Leo
Welcome back to another weekly weapon wednesday update! This week is rather special because we are happy to announce the return of a yearly verdun classic: the Christmas Truce. Besides that, we want to update you on the status of the development as is and the exciting forthcoming content and updates.

The truce
With our team of skillful artists working around the clock we wanted to make this years’ event even more special. We are not going to spoil everything, but at Verdun we want to do something unique every year during the christmas season so you know it will be you have never seen before. Here are some ingame screenshots of the upcoming christmas special content.

What purpose will these have?

Noël is almost upon us

What is he cheering at?

Stay tuned for further teasing and screenshots...

More happened behind the scenes and this week because our weapons team also created some amazing new content:

Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr
In 1918 the greatest disadvantage the germans faced was the sheer number of allied tanks. The allies had collectively produced around several thousand tanks come 1918, with Germany producing a mere 20 or so ( capturing a few also) While the role of the tank was still in its infancy - it was still an extremely valuable piece of equipment on the battlefield. The Germans had a number of tactics at hand to try tackle the onslaught of Allied armour, but it was realised (perhaps too late) that a weapon designed specifically to take out armour was needed. Mauser developed the enormous T-Gewehr in answer to this call. The rifle was in essence an enlarged version of the Gewehr 98, and used the 13mm TuF armour piercing round (Tank und Flieger) a round that would quite readily handle any light/medium armour from the period. The rifle proved effective, if not destroying the tank, just taking out an engine block or damaging the track was enough to render the vehicle useless … which then left easy pickings for German tank hunters.


The T-Gewehr in game will be used to help take out heavily entrenched positions, as the weapon will be able to penetrate wooden structures and metal snipers plates.

In addition, the animation branch made some progress as well such as the madsen light machine gun animations:

Lighter than it looks

Notice the unique lip system on the side of the magazine that is animated

Development status
We also want to inform you that the current status of the testing branch is almost reaching stability to bring it to everyone. Next to the efforts of the art team our coding department made great strides improving the game's performance across the board. We have increased the overall FPS in the last week by for instance reducing animation workload and cut down on physics dramatically. We are also in talks with unity to fix issues on a deeper level. We hope to bring you that update this week as well.

Vote for us as Indie of the year!
This week the final round of the indieDB game of the year awards are in progress. We need your help yet again to bring us to the top! If you log in at indiedb (possible with a steam account) then your vote counts even more!

The 2015 Indie of the year! It can be your game: Verdun

Screenshots of the Week

“Distant observation of an allied gas assault, western front 1918”

“Community gathering in truce, Douaumont map, 2015”

That will be all for this week. See you in the trenches!
Dec 9, 2015
Community Announcements - BlackMill | Leo
Welcome back to another installment of Verdun’s weekly updates, we use these media updates to tease upcoming content and provide you with an update on the overall state of the games development. Today we have some new weapon images to present supplied by our talented team of artists, want to ask you to help vote to make verdun greater and invite you to join the the “public testing branch”.

Madsen Model 1902 Light Machine Gun
Developed by the Danish army in the early 1900s, adapted by Vilhelm Herman Oluf Madsen - whom gave his name to the weapon, the Madsen was an extremely successful early LMG. Expensive to produce,but known worldwide for it’s reliability, the weapon was purchased by several dozen nations prior to WW1. The German army entered ww1 with the madsen alongside the heavier MG08 ( the 15 variant was introduced a later in the war) the machinegun was very portable and proved extremely useful. The weapon was designed with central iron sights, unlike most lmg’s/mg’s from the time which have sights offset to the side, this is quite an uncommon feature.The Madsen would see use by multiple nations after the war, and saw action well into the second world war.

The Danish contribution to WWI

The Madsen will be used by German specialist squads, the lmg has a smaller magazine capacity than the other german lmgs (100 rounds drum) however the madsen will be the only German lmg capable of hip firing.

Further news from the weapon animation department; the implementation of the hotchkiss m1909 magazine mechanic. Animated to reflect the dynamic state of the stripper clip. Here seen in a demonstration on vosges. The new weapons will be deployed somewhere early next year.

Vote for us as Indie of the year!

The 2015 Indie of the year! It can be your game: Verdun

The past year saw a titanic effort by our tiny,but dedicated team to bring the game from the dated unity4 engine to unity5 with cutting edge PBR rendering. Improving the gameplay features and overall stability and relentlessly working on a rapidly evolving platform. Polishing the game, increasing the detail and immersion of the trenches and expanding the game's’ content beyond our wildest expectations. Our community can share credit in its creation through its dedication to support us. Vote for us here .

MMOgames.com also has a competition for best 2015 online game, vote for us here

Public Testing Branch
Today we open up our testing branch for everybody to join. In the last few weeks we already opened up the closed testing process to more and more awesome community members. Now, we want to give everybody the opportunity to join in and give feedback.

The version that is on the “Open testing” branch is very work in progress and will likely see new (small) updates come in on a daily basis; fixing bugs and improving the experience. This version runs on the same servers as the main branch; they are fully compatible; so you can still play together.

In some cases the new version will have a positive performance impact. The new and open testing should help us handle more accurate feedback as well as allow players access to updates sooner.

To report feedback, we have created a special board in the steam forum here .

Switching branches is fun, and easy

Screenshot of the Week
“Trench Fighting, Douaumont sector, 1916”

That will be all for this week. See you in the trenches!
Dec 2, 2015
Community Announcements - BlackMill | Leo
Welcome back to another installment of Verdun’s “Weapon Wednesday”, we use these media updates to tease upcoming content and provide you with an update on the overall state of the games development. This will be a short update on the weapon front and an announcement on the upcoming open beta that verdun players can participate in! This beta is mainly focused on rolling out as much performance fixes out as possible before shipping them to the main game.

Open Beta soon
To open our development up to the community even more and gather more feedback, we will be setting up an open beta platform for Verdun players that everybody can participate in. As we are uploading update after update to fix all sorts of performance issues targeted for a whole range of hardware configurations we we’d especially like to invite those people who do face issues to join!
So far we have had internal beta tests, but from now on we will keep an open beta test to run alongside the closed beta. Playing in the beta allows you to play on the regular servers as well, so there will not be any loss of gameplay. Not only that but you will be able to get an early experience of for instance the gore system as we prepare it for live launch (will be on the branch later).

At this moment we are still running some last-minute stability checks, but keep an eye on this hub and an official announcement for the live launch.

Bergmann MG15/n.A
The Mg15 was initially designed by Theodor Bergmann ( the mind behind the MP18) and Louis Schmeisser in 1910. The MG15na was introduced in 1915, with several modifications on the original (na representing ‘new model’) it was an important weapon in the German arsenal. In being lighter than the MG08/15, and offering a similar rate of fire, the weapon also filled the gap between the category of rifle and hmg. The MG itself saw use in most theaters of the war, with a many being issued to the German ‘Asia Korps’. It saw a large order placed by the German army after the battles of 1916, as the German army needed something light that could combat the Lewis gun - the closest being German captured Madsen guns.

In game the MG15na will boast a very similar rate of fire and general usage to that of the MG08/18 variants. The MG15na offers alternate iron sights, which offer a little more vision than the MG08/15. The MG15na will be used by specialist german squads.

Gew. 98 Trench Mag
The Gewehr 98 was the most common and most used German rifle throughout the war. A variety of accessories were produced for the rifle, these attachments ranged from alternating bayonets to rifle grenade cups and magazines. The magazine that was produced - the ‘trench magazine’ allowed the user access to far more rounds that the standard 5 rounds that the Gew98 had. With 20 rounds now readily available, it was twice that of the Lee Enfield, 4 times that of most nations firearms from the time. Favourable by the German troops, it did offer some drawbacks, the magazine itself was quite large and cumbersome which made for difficulty when fire the rifle while prone. The magazine itself was not detachable, so loading the rifle involved loading 4 separate 5 round stripper clips, which could be time consuming - that being said, the sheer quantity of rounds available for an attack or defence was a notable advantage.

The magazine in game will be a sentry unit specific piece of equipment, in the the right hands will be a formidable weapon for a trench attacker. The main drawback of this adaptation will be the lengthy reload, which could catch even the most seasoned veteran off guard.

Screenshot of the Week
“Gas attack at Douaumont, 1916”

That will be all for this week. Open Beta announcement will follow soon!

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