Community Announcements - Rami

If there's any week where you'll really notice that we're back working on the sound effects, let this be the one! There are so many new weapon sound effects in the game now, we're super excited to hear what y'all think! To make our job easier and pretend we wrote a long introduction here, let's just list them all. New sound effects for: Chicken Sword, Energy Sword, Energy Screwdriver, Hyper Launcher, Rusty Revolver, Smartgun, Sawed-off Shotgun, Double Shotgun, Super Slugger, Flak Cannon, Flak Explosion, Super Flak Cannon, Super Flak Explosion, Wave Gun, Grenade Launcher, all Golden weapons, Heavy Crossbow, Super Crossbow, Flame Cannon, Blood Hammer, Blood Launcher, all Lightning Weapons and the Rogue rifle.

Other than that, there's some proper bug fixing and preparations for future updates going on. Heck yes! Have fun!

  • A million new sound effects.

  • More range for Allies, making Rebel's Throne Butt even more overpowered!

  • Patience now works as it should again.
  • Inspector slugs can no longer damage you when you're in a Portal.
  • Fixed various little audio problems.
  • Named the Double Minigun "Double Minigun" instead of "Minigun", because we're dumb.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Nukes when the player died.
  • Fire Salamanders should no longer blow up cars by touching them.

  • Updated the post-boss music.
  • New art for the light beams.
  • A cool new prop in the desert.
  • All cannons (except the laser cannon) now break walls on impact.
  • Lightning Hammer now plays a lightning sound on impact.
  • Mutation picking now sounds a bit more powerful.

This brings us to a very exciting point in Nuclear Throne! We're getting very close to implementing some of the last big systems before we can start wrapping this baby up!
Community Announcements - Rami

Wait, what. We've been in Early Access for a year now? Wow! This calls for a celebration!

It's kind of absurd to think that for the past year, we've streamed about 520 hours of Nuclear Throne development and released almost 50 updates of the game. From less than a 100 Google results, Nuclear Throne now has over 300,000 Google results. There are over 40,000 YouTube videos, the majority likely by Sleepcycles, Bisnap and TenguDrop. The Nuclear Throne group has over 5,000 Members, we're listed in dozens of Steam Curator Lists and the game has performed super well for us.

We owe all of this to our amazing team, and to all of you. We can't express just how thankful we are for every single one of you that bought the game, but also those that show up in streams, that create weekly challenges, that offer feedback and criticism, that ask questions in the livestreams or make fan art, fan writing, fan music, fan games or even figurines.

So let's get to update #46! We've got Joonas back! That means there's a lot of cool new sound effects. Jukio made a beautiful minimalist tune that plays in the background after you've defeated a boss. There's also a ton of balancing, and three ridiculous new weapons. Go check the log!

We've been working hard behind the scenes on some future features too. Paul's been creating beautiful enemies and tiles for an upcoming secret area, and we've taken our first baby steps towards seeding. It isn't quite working yet, but we'll hopefully have some first test with that soon! Enjoy!

  • Some little things to celebrate one year of Early Access!
  • Sounds for the *CLASSIFIED*!
  • Three new high level weapons: The Auto Grenade Shotgun, Double Minigun and Gatling Bazooka.
  • Music for after boss fights.
  • Music for 0_1.

  • Boiling Veins now works when under 4HP, instead of 50% HP.
  • Rebel's healing is now rounded down.
  • Bloodlust has received a tiny buff.
  • Lucky Shot has received a buff.
  • Last Wish now fills Rogue's special ammo.
  • Slugger rate of fire has been reduced a tiny bit.
  • Rogue Rifle rate of fire has been reduced a bit.
  • Hyper Launcher deals less impact damage.
  • Snowtanks now take longer before they'll react to things.

  • Rogue's special, the Nuke Launcher and the Ion Cannon now work with gamepad. All still need some work for usability, but we'll go over gamepad controls at some point!
  • The LOW HP message no longer intersects with Rogue's special ammo counter..
  • Boss music no longer keeps playing after *CLASSIFIED*.
  • Rogue should no longer get stuck because portals won't spawn.
  • Boss intro's no longer stop all other sounds from playing.

  • Disabled the Sentry Gun for now, we're sorry, but it's terrible.
  • Rogue now sounds as Fish, until she gets her own SFX.
  • Horror starts with a normal revolver again. We want the Rusty Revolver to stay special.
  • Sound effects for pop weapons and fire shotguns!
  • The *CLASSIFIED* no longer fires when you're dead.
  • The screen now shakes a bit when *CLASSIFIED* walks.
  • Boss gun audio now works the same as player gunfire, muting out all other sounds a bit.
  • Rogue has an updated walk animation.
  • Added some more tips.

We're not done yet, though. We have months of work ahead, and during those months we hope for your continued support and help in spreading Nuclear Throne across the world.

Time to celebrate with some Nuclear Throne!
Community Announcements - Rami

Aaah, it feels good to be back. Most of the team has been busy traveling to various events over the past few weeks, resulting in a slightly irregular update schedule. Now however, we're back. With a bang.

This update brings a brand new character to the game, Rogue. She's a renegade IDPD agent, and has been designed to be a difficult character who'll probably be the hardest to unlock. For now she's in your game right from the start, so enjoy that while it lasts!

Rogue's active ability allows her to call in a "Rogue Strike", for which special ammo has to be found in the levels, replacing Radiation Canisters. Her passive ability causes a big blast to appear whenever she gets hurt.

Does that sound similar to Rebels passive? Not anymore, as her passive got a complete remix! When entering a portal, Rebel will refill half of her missing health.

Other than these things, there's a lot of balancing going on. We've got a good feeling about where the game is heading, and are really making some distance now!

Oh, and there's one more thing about Rogue: Right from the start, she'll be constantly chased by the IDPD. Good luck!

  • Rogue.

  • Gamma Guts now deals slightly less damage.
  • Cluster grenades now spread out a bit more.
  • The Pop Gun got an even higher rate of fire, making it impossible to hate.
  • Grenade Shotgun has slightly less spread.
  • Toxic damage has been increased.
  • Wave Gun shoots a few more pellets.
  • Snowbots now need to be a bit closer before they'll throw a car.
  • The Flare Gun now spawns earlier.

  • IDPD Inspectors have been sent back to IDPD Academy, and learnt to aim.
  • Ammo and HP pickups should no longer get stuck in walls!
  • Weapon Chests opened in narrow corridors no longer cause weapons to freak out and bounce around for hours.
  • Fixed an error caused by small grenades.
  • Players should no longer encounter the same level multiple times.
  • IDPD portals no longer spawn on portals.

  • Rebel has a new passive ability, refilling half her missing health when entering a portal.
  • IDPD explosions now destroy projectiles.
  • The lunge on the Chicken sword has been removed.
  • Plasma Cannon now blows up walls on impact.
  • Some new tips.
  • The new grenade weapons have less screenshake when getting launched.

That's it for this week. Don't forget to tune it for the livestreams and enjoy!
Community Announcements - Rami

We missed the update last week because things got too busy. A lot of work has been going on behind the screens this week, and will sadly have to stay there for a bit.

We're working on a new secret area, but it just isn't ready to implement yet. Of course, we can't just give you an empty update, so here's a pile of updates, three new explosive weapons based around tiny grenades, and some proper bug fixes!

Two thirds of the team spent our week at Fantastic Arcade, and the next week might be super busy too. After that however, we're going back to full blast. We've got some good stuff cooking.

  • Three new explosive weapons, first of which is the Cluster Launcher.
  • A GRENADE SHOTGUN. Caps intended.
  • And obviously, a Grenade Rifle.

  • Gamma Guts now even more damage!
  • The Hyper Launcher rate of fire has been slightly decreased.
  • The Lightning Rifle now has a higher rate of fire, but slightly less range.
  • Laser Pistol rate of fire has been decreased a tiny bit more. More changes to these coming soon probably.
  • I'm also pretty sure we fixed some weapon spawn positions, but forgot to write it down. Exciting!

  • Lil Hunter now drops 20 rads instead of 2.
  • Chests should no longer freak out when spawning on top of eachother, digging infinitely long tunnels.
  • Hopefully the Lightning Rifle no longer makes the game crash on Mac. Please let us know!
  • Finally squashed the bug that caused Rhino Freaks to disappear when touching a wall.

  • Recycle Gland no longer spawns a million +1 bullet popups. This is a temporary fix untill we add a better effect.
  • Work in progress light beams can be found in the Crown Vaults now!

Community Announcements - Rami

Nothing major this week because of PAX-induced jetlags, but still a bit of pretty good changes and fixes! Most notably, a lot of bugs surrounding the Loop Boss have been fixed, you'll now find ammo and a weapon in 7_3, Rebel's Allies now have smaller hitboxes, making them more survivable and a bit better at pathfinding, and Plant no longer destroys its snare by walking over it! Next week we'll get a few new weapons in before we fly off again, to Fantastic Arcade, after which work on the game should speed up again!

  • You'll now find a weapon and ammo chest in 7_3.
  • Rebel's Allies now have a smaller hitmask, making them harder to hit and slightly better at pathfinding!
  • Plant can now walk over its own snare without it getting removed.
  • The Wave Gun spawns earlier.
  • The Pop Rifle spawns slightly later.
  • Eagle Eyes now gives you even better accuracy.
  • Proto Statues have more HP.
  • The Super Flak Cannon now uses less ammo.

  • The game over screen now shows ??? instead of the area number when you die in a secret area.
  • Ally corpses can no longer be used to trigger portals during boss appear animations.
  • Blue squares and invisible frames should be gone, hopefully.
  • Killing the Loop Boss should no longer let you walk outside of the level.
  • Fixed some crashes/errors caused by IDPD draw code.

  • Patience icon no longer look like a potato.
  • Gator corpses are now darker.
  • The B music for Palace is exported differently now.
  • Removed the random offsets chests got at spawn.
  • Attacking with the Golden Sledgehammer now creates sparks!

    Enjoy, hope to see y'all again next week!
Community Announcements - Rami

While we thought work on Nuclear Throne would sit still during Gamescom, PAX and Fantastic Arcade - it seems the prospect of lots of travel made us do our best even more, resulting in this massive update. It did impact our paperwork a bit, so changelogs have been late and we apologize for that. Hopefully, as travel dies down, we can get back to posting proper update logs again.

Let's go over things real quick: Way better Proto Statues, a new B-skin, some interesting changes to Rebel, lots of important (and ancient) bug fixes, a super cool intro for the loop exclusive boss fight, SPARKLING PROJECTILES for golden weapons, and way more! We're introducing a new mutation too, and we should've fixed a lot of the visual glitches introduced by switching to a newer build of GameMaker.

Rami took a week off, roadtripping around the US with his family. We also had an amazing time at both gamescom and PAX. Nuclear Throne had amazing showings at both events (it was so successful at PAX that Enforces had to come and thin out the crowds almost hourly) and Vlambeer turned 4 years old. Thanks for your ongoing support, and keep letting us know what you think of the game.

  • A new mutation: Patience. It allows you to delay picking mutations by one portal!
  • A new B-track.
  • Way more cover in the palace.
  • A beautiful new intro to the *REDACTED* fight.
  • New Proto Statues, both visually and functionally.
  • A brand new B-skin!

  • A big tweak to Rebel: Allies after the first one now only cost 1HP to spawn, and Allies now always drop Ammo.
  • Minigun has been made more usable.
  • Hyper Launcher now costs 2 ammo to use, and is still overpowered.
  • Cursed Chests now drop even better weapons.
  • IDPD grenades no longer explode on contact.
  • Laser Rifle now has a lower rate of fire but is slightly more accurate.
  • Eyes can now attract rads with their active.
  • Snowbots have a short delay before they'll throw a car.
  • The way Fire Shotgun projectiles work has been changed a bit.
  • Fire Shotguns fire slightly less pellets.
  • Fire Shotguns now spawn slightly later.

  • Enemies have their attack animations back!
  • You'll no longer find your own *REDACTED* in 0_1.
  • Some weird chicken bugs should have been fixed, but please let us know if anything pops up!
  • Steroids can now repair things with both hands.
  • Disc Gun discs should no longer get stuck in walls.
  • Thrown cars are no longer invisible.
  • Recycle Gland can no longer give you more than max bullets.
  • Recoded the way bolts stick in enemies.
  • Lightning Hammer icon should look better.
  • Dog Guardians no longer take damage from wall debris.
  • Rhino Freaks should no longer glitch into walls.

  • Fire Shotgun art!
  • Gold projectiles, and *REDACTED* now sparkle.
  • Some new tips.
  • Guardian bullets now have nicer art.

We'll keep doing our best to make Nuclear Throne slightly better every week! We had some good talks about the future of the game, and can't wait to be done with travelling so we can get started on all that!

Community Announcements - Rami
This update was a bit late (and this changelog even later), but please bear with us, it was literally made just after getting home from gamescom, in a night of frenzied coding by Jan Willem, then uploaded between arriving at gamescom while Rami was moving apartment in the spare day he had before flying towards the US for PAX Prime. It adds three fiery new weapons, and fixes some of the new coop bugs!

We honestly don't know how we got anything done this week at all.

  • Three brand new types of flame shotgun. Enjoy.

  • Coop should no longer skip levels!

  • Some updates to 0_1 loop tiles.

We're going back to highlighting community stuff really soon, just need to survive PAX for now. We might end up skipping a single update as to not burn out. Thanks for your patience!
Community Announcements - Rami

This week's update is all about quality over quantity. We'll keep it brief, partially because this build had to haphazardly uploaded from Vancouver airport: It features some significant bug fixes, a new B skin, some good tweaks, and oh, a whole new loop-exclusive bossfight. Yeah. Good luck!

Note: The Linux build did not build with the WiFi at Vancouver airport. Therefore, we're skipping a Linux build for this week. Next week, both Steam, Humble and Linux builds should all be at the same version again. Sorry about that!

  • A loop-exclusive bossfight, still very, very, very work in progress.
  • A new B-skin!

  • Assassins have been made about a millisecond faster with their attacks.
  • Dog Guardians have slightly less HP.
  • Dog Guardians now drop ammo or health.

  • Main menu now plays the complete track.
  • Fixed even more music errors.
  • Fixed some bugs regarding chicken getting revived by mutations.
  • Portal can no longer spawn outside the level.

  • Some new tips.

From Vancouver Airport, enjoy playing! Hopeful to see quite a few of you at gamescom and PAX Prime in the next two weeks. Stay tuned for small but fun news!
Community Announcements - Rami

As Paul is working on a big piece of art that'll help us finish up the Throne, we continue the balancing and fixing of last week! We've spent a lot of time on fixing coop this week, requiring us to redo large parts of core code to account for more than one player (remember, we added coop halfway through on your request, so the game was never built to support that originally!). As a result, coop should now be a lot less buggy and way more fun. Fish should be way more capable when rolling, and we decided to throw in the deadly Lightning Hammer! Other than that, another load of balancing, some new tips when looping, a Rusty Revolver for Horror, and tons more! Here's an overview of the main changes this week.

  • A lot of the weird coop bugs have been fixed! You should no longer be able to travel back to earlier areas! There are still some issues with mutations, but we'll get on those soon!
  • The Lightning Hammer.
  • Fish now rolls faster and shorter! #teamfish

  • Racing Mind has been buffed a bit.
  • Headless Chicken now resets her bleed timer when entering a portal.
  • Plasma Explosions have been improved.
  • The Final Boss no longer charges at you when you're too close.
  • Dog Guardians now wait a bit before responding at the start of a level.
  • The Pop Rifle has been improved significantly. It now fires automatic and extremely rapid.
  • Lightning Rifle now uses only 1 ammo.
  • Lightning Shotgun range has been randomized a bit more.
  • Laser Rifle has been made less accurate.

  • Fixed more of the infamous sound volume errors.
  • Euphoria now works on [CLASSIFIED]'s Beam.
  • Fixed the update screen Forum link.
  • Lightning Rifle shouldn't crash OSX anymore.

  • Horror now always starts with the Rusty Revolver.
  • The spawning of Portals is no longer limited to a grid.
  • Added a link to the Wiki in the Update screen.
  • Added more Loop tips.

From the community
Wow, there is so much to talk about this week. How about @NuclearTips, a Twitter account that just tweets Nuclear Throne tips? Or Ganil, who added an amazing Big Bandit and... a ball of Eyes?. There's this amazing Crystal rendition by chirocks in the fanart department, as this Chicken animation and a drawing of Melting.

In terms of video, obviously forum member Solid's challenges offer the best place for some high-level Nuclear Throne play, this week with a challenge based on community member Qinji which was won by Forkkify, although this run by McSwift101 was quite entertaining too. For this week, there's something called the Kitty Thief challenge, and we're already a bit wary for what it is.

We also want to point out that BisnapLP has 64 videos of great Nuclear Throne footage already. For other regulars, Sleepcycles is a 101 videos ahead of BisnapLP and TenguDrop managed a delirious allergy-induced run.

The forums were particularly active this week, with some great discussion on Rebel and the continued weapon ideas thread. As always, we're paying close attention to what you're all saying and discussing a lot of the things you voice among the team. Thank you so much for your continued feedback and thoughts.

If you're not #teamfish, what team are you on? Are you #teammelting or maybe #teamsteroids? Do you play with favorites #teamyv or #teamchicken (or fellow Super Crate Box-cameo #teamrobot) or are you one of the people that goes for #teamrebel or #teameyes? There's always the brand-new #teamhorror or #teamplant or #teamcrystal. Let us know on Twitter by hitting any of those links.

Next week
We're still working on the Throne, but in the meanwhile we're also revving up for gamescom and PAX Prime. We'll have more news on that soon, but for now we're continuing the fixes and balancing. We'll talk about our plans for this week more during the development livestreams, Tuesday and Thursday 1PM CET-5PM CET on See you there!
Community Announcements - Rami

This is an exciting update for us! Not only should it improve Palace a lot, it changes up a lot of damage and ammo values! We suggest quickly checking out the "balancing" list under here, because it's too much to cram into a sentence, and might change the way you build your run quite a bit.
You'll now find brand new, deadly Guardians in the Palace that replace the old Ghost Guardians, will (possibly) reach a way better looking Nuclear Throne, and most importantly: Assassins now stop and wait for a couple of milliseconds before attacking!

This update log is a bit shorter than usual because Rami is typing it from a hotel somewhere in London, after a family birthday and a holiday, while getting ready for gamescom and PAX.

  • A brand new type of Guardian in the Palace, replacing the old Ghost Guardians.
  • A massive update to the art and animations of the Throne!
  • Most significant: Assassins now stop and wait a couple of milliseconds before attacking.

  • Bullet drops contain more ammo.
  • Energy drops contain less ammo.
  • Lightning now deals more damage.
  • Flames now deal slightly more damage.
  • Higher impact damage for the Flame and Lightning Cannon projectiles.
  • Slightly higher impact damage for the Flak Cannon.
  • Stress has been made more effective, now increasing your rate of fire up to 80%!
  • Sharp Teeth now deals double the damage you've taken.
  • Teleporting Guardians no longer reappear as close to the player.
  • Guardians (except for the new ones) now deal less melee damage.

  • Fixed a visual bug that caused some props to shake.
  • Fixed another error caused by turning volume all the way down.
  • You should no longer be able to spawn next to explosive barrels in one of the secret levels.

  • Rebel's Allies are now a source of light in the dark levels.

From the community
We received a fan-game of all things, in the shape of Wasteland Racer, the Nuclear Throne Wiki has an amazing gif animation above the poll this month.

Forum member Solid's Crazy Hedgehog Challenge can be found here (congrats Aruru!), the challenge for this week can be found here.

We're looking forward to seeing how all this balancing plays out! Good luck on your runs!

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