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Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Nathan Grayson)

I've got those millions-of-random-Internet-kids-screaming-in-my-head-at-all-once blues

Twitch has its fair share of problems, but there’s no denying the utter ubiquity of the massive videogame streaming service. Heck, I use it for two separate shows here on RPS, and I’m sure plenty of you stream out your cursing-and-bad-joke-ridden exploits as well. It’s interesting, then, to see what Twitch has decided to do with the powder keg of potential influence sitting right beneath its purple buttocks. Its latest decision? A move into game sales and – in one special case – funding. You can now purchase Vlambeer’s madly addictive Nuclear Throne from Twitch. Meanwhile, the Twitch Plays Pokemon inspired Choice Chamber is having its Kickstarter funding matched dollar-for-dollar by the streaming goliath.

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Rami

Wow. That was a crazy week. Not only is Nuclear Throne showcasing at PAX East currently, we've also made a huge announcement.

Nuclear Throne now supports local cooperative play for two players. We've made minor bugfixes, fixed some of the crashes, worked on some performance issues and made some headway on restarting our normal schedule and programming.

If you haven't bought Nuclear Throne yet, it is now also available through Twitch.tv with an added subscription to our Twitch channel. If you want to buy the game through there, head for the brand-new nuclearthrone.com and check the buying options there.

We can't thank http://twitch.tv/, NorthernLion and MANvsGame enough for helping us make this announcement live from PAX yesterday. Thanks to Marlon Wiebe for the amazing trailer.

This last week, the entire team worked super-hard and long nights to make co-op a reality, and in the next weeks we'll be focusing on improving both single- and multiplayer support.

Have fun!
Community Announcements - Rami
Thanks so much for your patience as we at Vlambeer have been scrambling at our post-GDC activities. Jan Willem has been working overtime to get a big surprise ready for saturday, while also porting over the game to GameMaker: Studio. Rami has been working on talking to YoYo Games to support that, while arranging a whole lot of things with Steam, PlayStation, Twitch and the Penny Arcade Expo for later this weekend. The entire team, Paul, Jukio, Joonas and Justin have been working around the clock to get things ready for these announcements, and we're so happy that everything is slowly falling into place. Exciting things are happening.

Nuclear Throne is now live and should be stable on Mac. It's also live for Linux, but we can't promise stability (or even functionality) just yet, but rest assured we're working closely with YoYo Games to make sure the Linux build will be up to speed. If you own the game on Windows, the Mac and Linux builds should show up on Steam right around now, and the Humble builds will be uploaded later.

Note that the switch to GameMaker: Studio means that some things don't behave perfectly yet. We're working on ironing out the final problems, but we wanted to get this into your hands. It should fix many performance issues, audio issues and other random bugs people were having.

We've worked as hard as we can, and we realise we're somewhat late with our update this week, and that we missed a stream yesterday (and we might miss tomorrows', but we're working on trying to get someone to do that one). We hope that, by the end of week, when we take a deep breath and look back on the events and announcements of this week, you'll all agree it has been worth the wait.

    Known problems
  • Some enemy types that can switch 'state' still assume a death and trigger an explosion.
  • Gamepad state is not saved at the end of a game.
  • Boss intros don't work at the moment.

For now, I'm hopping onto a flight to Boston, MA for the Penny Arcade Expo while most of the rest of the team is in Berlin, Germany for A MAZE Festival. If you're at either of them, come and say 'hi'. Otherwise, please join us on this crazy week and don't forget to tune in on Saturday around 2PM at twitch.tv/twitch for the Vlambeer Twitch.tv stream at PAX.
Community Announcements - Rami
At Vlambeer, we believe in iteration. We believe in being brave enough to admit that something that you’ve spent a lot of time on needs to be something else, something better. Often, changing a project beyond recognition hurts, but often, it is for the best.

We want to talk about Nuclear Throne today.

It has been three weeks since our last update, and during these weeks we have been intently discussing the direction of the game. Our top-down roguelike-like, the little jam project we originally started as Wasteland Kings, has been an amazing source of inspiration and motivation for us. We want to thank our community for being so patient as we switched the game over to Game Maker: Studio.

This move was mostly made to facilite this new direction for Nuclear Throne. It is a direction very much inspired by some of our favorite games, games that we know gamers truly appreciate. It is also a brave new step for Vlambeer, a step away from the quite honestly outdated 2D look of our game. Our game deserves better, Paul's crisp pixel art deserves better, Jukio’s amazing music deserves better, Joonas sound effects deserve better and Justin’s illustrations deserve better. We realize this now.

We would like to announce that Nuclear Throne is now a First Person Shooter. People that own Nuclear Throne on Steam can access the game through the FPS_01Apr2014_Beta branch. To access it, restart and update your Steam client, then right-click on Nuclear Throne, select properties, Betas and then the correct branch.

Notwithstanding this change in perspective, we will continue to update the game as usual, livestreaming every Tuesday and Thursday from 1PM CET to 5PM CET and updating the game on Saturdays.

Thanks for your support,
The Nuclear Throne Team
Community Announcements - Rami
Hello there, and our sincere apologies. We know we've been off-grid for two weeks, and that we had planned to release an update this week. It would've been the first update in GameMaker Studio, which would fix Windows 8 problems, performance issues and audio crashes.

Sadly, it has taken us more time to adapt to GameMaker: Studio than we had hoped. We're moving as rapidly as we can, but at this point we have to admit we feel much more comfortable delaying the update by a week than rushing out a broken build as your first new Nuclear Throne build in GameMaker: Studio.

For those of you wondering, the Game Developer Conference was *absolutely* wonderful. We saw a lot of our friends, launched LUFTRAUSERS on Steam and the game landed a solid 80+ in most reviews and did really well. We couldn't be happier, and with that mood we're getting back to creating more fun, explosive and interesting things in Nuclear Throne.

We hope we can depend on your patience for a bit longer while we work as hard as we can. We're seeing whether we can add a Mac and Linux version to the Early Access fray, and we're preparing the announcement big Nuclear Throne news at Penny Arcade Expo on the Twitch.tv stream in a week or two.

Thank you so much for your support.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alec Meer)

Is it a bird? No. Is it a plane? No, not really. Is it a sort of pogoing, semi-submersible death machine? Yeah, pretty much. It’s also the new game from Vlambeer, and it’s out today. Here’s what I made of it. … [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Rami

This is a last, quite substantial but small update before we head off to the Game Developers Conference and all take a little break. We'll be launching LUFTRAUSERS at GDC and we will likely be making some Nuclear Throne annoucements at GDC, so keep track of our Twitter and Facebook for the latest news. Anyway. we bring to you: a million fixes, more lightning weapons, more decals, and a boatload of balancing. Enjoy!

  • New decals in the Sewers and Caves, and an alternate version of the Frozen City decals have been added.
  • Walking on spider webs now slows you down. Sorry.
  • Lightning Rifle!
  • Lightning Shotgun!

  • Explosive weapons now get more ammo from drops!
  • The Crown of Hatred now gives you radiation over time instead of damage, and can no longer kill you.
  • The I.D.P.D. Shielder now idles a bit longer after leaving shield mode.
  • The Splinter Gun now shoots an extra splinter!
  • The Toxic Bow now deals more damage on impact.
  • Leveling up now spawns I.D.P.D. after level 4.
  • Leaving a Crown Vault with a Crown now spawns I.D.P.D.
  • Plasma Guns are now slightly more accurate.
  • The Laser Cannon now pushes enemies away more while charging.
  • Wolves now deal a bit less melee damage.

  • You can now use the Flare Gun without fear of errors.
  • Toxic Barrels no longer spawn in certain places.
  • You can use the arrow keys for movement again.
  • Gamepad should be usable again in the menu.
  • The Crown of Destiny can now be used with gamepad.
  • You can now pause the game again with the gamepad. Unpausing doesn't work yet, sorry for that. use the keyboard for that.

  • The Double Shotgun, Super Slugger and Super Crossbow now move you back a bit when fired.
  • The way lightning weapons and the lightning pistol work has been updated. Lightning weapons now also look cool!
  • Chicken's slow motion now influences rain and snow!
  • Radiation flies out of enemies with a bit more speed.

We'll keep checking back in, but the updates will slow down for the next week or two. Please keep sending feedback, please keep making Let's Play videos and please keep playing! Enjoy Nuclear Throne Update 19!
Community Announcements - Rami
This was an intense week. While the changelog is not very long, it features some significant additions, and it feels as if every single aspect of the game has gotten a major boost.

First of all, the characters now all have their own animations to play when selected in the main menu. Scrapyard and Frozen City both now have decals a bit like the bones you find in the desert.

The game now also sounds better! We have a first sketch of what Rebel will eventually sound like, and every boss has gotten their very own theme. Fighting Big Dog and Lil' Hunter will never be the same again.

The code also got a big overhaul, with all new input code. This fixes some major bugs and also opens up cool future possibilities like customizable controls. It should significantly increase performance for a small group of players

Of course we also have gameplay things for you! Two very challenging types of I.D.P.D. have been added. The Shielders shield and carry heavy machineguns with them, while the Inspectors have powers you are probably familiar with and come equipped with lethal sluggers.

Finally, we bring you a very work in progress Lightning Pistol! Enjoy.

  • All characters have their own selection animation for the campfire scene now. We are incredibly happy with how this turned out.
  • Rebel no longer sounds like Fish! She now has her very own voice. This is not her final voice, as we intend to get a voice actor, but should give you a first impression of what she´ll sound like.
  • Two new types of I.D.P.D. troops: Shielders, and Inspectors. Both should seem pretty familiar...
  • Every boss now has its own musical theme.
  • The way player input is handled has been redone from scratch. This does a couple of things. First of all, performance should be significantly better for at least a small portion of our players. It also fixed the infamous "Crystal Shield Bug" where keys did not register when pressed during the small pauses that happen during explosions and the like. Finally, it will also make some planned features such as customizable controls a bit easier to implement.
  • Scrapyard and Frozen City now have decals like the bones in Desert.
  • A Lightning Pistol! Still very work in progress, but this should give you an idea of the lightning type weapons we're planning.

  • I.D.P.D. explosions now blow up walls, but Grunts (and Inspectors) no longer have infinite grenades.

  • The blood launcher can be used without fear of errors again.
  • As mentioned above, keys pressed (or released) during freezes are now registered. No more Crystal getting stuck in shield mode!
  • Some players should experience a significant performance increase.

  • You can now set the amount of auto aim for gamepad support in the options menu. It can be set from 0-200%.

Next week will bring a last, tiny update before the Game Developers Conference, where we'll be visiting, speaking and getting a short break and some time to hang out with our fellow developers and get super inspired for the period after GDC. Expect some bugfixes, balancing, and maybe a couple more lightning weapons early next week. We'll keep track of what's happening, but we'll be a bit more quiet than usual and the updates will cease for a week or two. We won't cease streaming, but we'll have guest streamers during this period.

Keep letting us know what you think, though, and keep in touch on http://twitch.tv/Vlambeer, http://twitter.com/Vlambeer or http://facebook.com/Vlambeer.
Community Announcements - Rami
After the mysterious chests in the crown vaults, we've now added Crown Guardians to your high-level Vault Runs! These Guardians are not only very dangerous, they also bring a couple of changes to the ways Crown Vaults & Crowns work. They even have their own music!

To help you fight these giants, we've got a brand new mutation: Stress. Stress improves your rate of fire as your health lowers. As you might imagine, 1HP Y.V. with Rhino Skin and Stress is a glorious thing. Other than that, you'll run into more I.D.P.D. after the Crystal Caves, a lot of bugs have been fixed, fire traps now shoot slower fire, energy weapons now receive more ammo, and the Sewers are now covered in a smelly fog!

  • Crown Guardians! These dangerous foes will be found in Crown Vaults after the first one.
  • A great new track for the Crown Guardians.
  • Stress. This brand new mutation gives you a higher rate of fire when your health is lower. A great match for characters such as Rebel and Chicken!
  • Stinky fog in the sewers.

  • Drops now give you more energy ammo. The ammo cap is still the same, so this should work well with the high ammo use nature of energy weapons.
  • Fire from the Traps has been made a bit slower.
  • You no longer take damage when big enemy corpses bump into you.
  • Sight range in dark levels has been reduced, but Eyes now sees even more.

  • Grenades, slugs, and shotgun pellets are now deflectable.
  • The Proto Chest should no longer spawn on top of the Crown.
  • Fixed the way levels are loaded, so that it no longer rains in the secret level.
  • Big Weapon Chests no longer appear in the secret level.
  • New collision masks for the plasma weapons.
  • The Proto Chest no longer gives an error when the player dies.
  • You can no longer walk past Trap fire. Can't believe we didn't find out about this earlier!
  • Made some small fixes to the way Big Health Chests spawn.
  • Labs should no longer start with an activated portal.
  • Chests sometimes spawned with a bit of wind next to them, this should no longer happen.
  • Cursed Chests no longer turn into Big Weapon Chests when opened.

  • Some minor changes to the enemy shooting code.
  • Allies now show a heal effect when healed.
  • Chests after the Crystal Caves now spawn with I.D.P.D. Grunts instead of Bandits.
  • The secret level music has been updated.
  • The ambient tracks for Laboratory and Scrapyard have been updated.
  • Freaks now sometimes fly through portals heading to the Laboratory.

Next week is going to be the last big update for a while. It will be followed by a minor update, and then we'll have to take a break while we're visiting the Game Developers Conference.

We want to use this big update for two thing: Performance, and the IDPD. Hopefully we can get the game to run a bit better, so that you can fight those new and improved I.D.P.D. soldiers in glorious 320x240 at 30fps!

Enough future talk. For now, enjoy this week's update!
Community Announcements - Rami

This week brings two brand new high-level systems to the game. Both have something to do with the Crowns. One of them is very cool, the other is very mean. We love both. Expect some more cool changes to the Crown Vaults next week, as Paul has been working on something very exciting for that.

Joonas also finished all the mutation sounds this week, which is a good reason to pick some you normally don't go for!

Other than that, we now have a new Crown that deals damage over time but gives you ammo and sometimes even weapons, sounds for Wolves and Lab enemies, the very powerful Laser Cannon, and some notable fixes to the way Plant's camera behaves! That's beside the usual load of fixes, balancing, and small additions.

Anyway, we'll stop writing so you can get to playing with over fifty as soon as possible. Please don't forget to share the word about the game, and let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook and on the forums!

  • Something very mean waiting for you after the first Crown Vault!
  • Something very mysterious waiting for you in the second Crown Vault!
  • Unique sounds for all mutations!
  • Crown of Hatred is now the Crown of Love. There's a new Crown of Hatred that deals damage over time in exchange for drops.
  • A Laser Cannon, lifted straight out of Super Crate Box!
  • Sounds for the Wolves & all Lab enemies.

  • Ravens now no longer shoot you from point-blank range.
  • Plant's camera now only locks to the Snare when the right mouse button is held. This doesn't work with gamepad yet, but we're planning a big update to overhaul all the input code soon that will fix that.
  • The Opposite Crown has been removed. For those wondering what it even did, it made the rare floor tiles common, and the common floor tiles rare. Something that wasn't very interesting, didn't look very good, and messed up the gameplay.

  • Eyes' Telekinesis no longer works on enemy lasers.
  • IDPD no longer shows up in Crown Vaults because that's disrespectful.
  • For the third time: Chicken no longer teleports...
  • Lil' Hunter now plays its own sound at appearance instead of Big Bandit's.
  • Secret level now loads up to 100%.

  • A little effect when healing.
  • Lab enemies now appear after looping.
  • Some changes to the walls in Crown Vaults.
  • Chests now have their shadow 1 pixel higher and it looks so much better!

Enjoy, and sorry for those mean things!

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