Community Announcements - Rami

You wouldn't believe how many things we could finally strike-through on our to do lists and checklists this week. There's nothing too exciting gameplay-wise this week, but we definitely made some serious progress towards that long-awaited version 1.0! Anyway, long days of efficient and hard work are pretty exhausting, so let's just jump into the cool new stuff:

  • We've created a simple tutorial to explain the controls! Turns out it's rather possible to miss the fact that you can switch weapons.
  • Awesome music for the Labs and Crystal Caves loop bosses!
  • Boss intro for the Labs loop boss!
  • Updated the stats screen, now a bit more bare-bones but functional.
  • Unlock popups!
  • The loadout screen has been updated, crowns are now locked from the start until looping with them with a specific character.

  • Crown Statues are no longer damaged by enemies.
  • Nerfed Chicken's "hard to kill" Ultra.
  • Caves loop boss can no longer be pushed through walls.
  • Bit less HP for the Caves loop boss.
  • The Throne boss now shoots slightly less projectiles.
  • The Sewers loop boss now scales in difficulty with loops.
  • The Throne boss now scales in difficulty with loops.
  • Bouncer Shotgun rate of fire has been increased, and it spawns a bit sooner.
  • Laser Crystals now drop more ammo.
  • Made IDPD a bit more effective on loops.

  • Y.V.'s B Ultra reload time has been restored.
  • Fixed a crash on the daily score screen.
  • Swapped the Plant and Robot unlocks, whoops.

  • Changed some tips.
  • Art for the Super Bazooka!
  • Nicer debris in the Jungle.
  • The way areas and secret areas are named has been changed.
  • Back buttons are slightly brighter.

Also don't forget to visit the Vlambeer booth at PAX Prime, which is not in the Indie MEGABOOTH this year, but a fully professional seperate booth of our own. We'll be introducing an amazing, brand new Nuclear Throne t-shirt and some other new merchandise. For those of you who won't be in Seattle, some of those will be for sale online later.

There's still a lot to do, but the ratio of 'things done' to 'things to do' is starting to look really nice for us now. Let us know what you think, as usual, and don't forget to check into our livestreams on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Community Announcements - Rami

Please take a seat before continuing. Let's dive right in.

There's some new interface, which also comes with a brand new host of tiny tweaks and even sound effects for the menus! Most importantly, there's a new daily screen, now showing you the character used and the world and level in which the run ended.

We've updated the character unlock requirements, as it's about time we start really working on some of the meta there. If you don't feel like grinding your way through every update, there's a temporary and rather giant "UNLOCK ALL" button in the main menu. Click it will unlocking all characters for you.

There's also a new thing it doesn't unlock. If you want it, you'll have to earn it. Loop twice to gain access to the very work-in-progress HARD MODE. That's right. Normal Nuclear Throne isn't hard enough for some of you. Just like loops themselves, Hard Mode is a super early version of what it'll eventually be. Hard Mode basically starts you off in loop 1, as a level 1 character, with a difficulty that ramps up twice as quick, enemies dropping less rads, normal loop 0 level weapon drops, and all the cool things that come with looping. To make things a bit more fair, you spawn right on top of a Big Weapon Chest, so at least you get to pick from three screwdrivers!

Other than that, there's a whole pile of balancing, fixing, even art visibility updates... And a Super Bazooka. Feel free to just skim over everything below and feel free to jump into the game as fast as you can.

  • New daily screen, now showing you what character someone played as and exactly where they died!
  • Basic sounds for the main menu!
  • J.W. couldn't help it: the Super Bazooka.
  • We've updated the character unlocks! They're now a bit more spread out, as we want to slowly start testing the timing and curve for this. This also includes little popups when unlocking a character or golden weapon and a huge temporary UNLOCK ALL button for those who don't feel like grinding through the meta until full release.
  • Boss intro for the second loop boss.
  • Hard mode. Reach loop 2 to unlock it.

  • Gamma Guts tweaks again. You no longer take damage from enemies you kill instantly with it!
  • Regurgitate gives you more weapons now.
  • The second loop boss now has more HP and functions as a light source.
  • Lil' Hunter is now a bit more predictable, using the snipe shots only from far away.
  • Crystal's shield cooldown has been increased a tiny bit.
  • Better rate of fire for the Splinter Gun.
  • Chicken throw damage now scales up with your level.
  • Flames spread easier.
  • Blood Hammer deals more damage to enemies.
  • Big Dog gains a lot more HP per loop than other bosses now.
  • Tiny bit more Lightning Cannon range.
  • Guardian Dogs now chill a bit longer at the start of a level.
  • Exploding Guardians explode in less projectiles.

  • Fixed a freeze that happened on death.
  • Fixed a crash that happened on startup.
  • Fixed a bug where portals didn't open chests.
  • Music volume should now directly change when changed in the options menu.
  • Piles of explosions no longer become horizontal lines.
  • Pausing while Crystal is shielding no longer locks her shield.
  • The 0-1 fight now breaks small walls when activating, preventing "invisible walls" from appearing.
  • Bolts should now be able to damage enemies close to walls.
  • Bolt damage now stacks properly.
  • Gold weapons are now unlocked properly for your loadout.
  • Lasers should no longer glitch through walls.
  • Big Rad Canisters now have the proper sprite when they break.
  • Pausing as Chicken no longer always shows headless Chicken.
  • Fixed a few things kind of related to Melting.
  • Fixed the rate of fire for Steroid's second weapon.

  • Trying out some new decals in the Frozen City.
  • Updated Toxic and IDPD projectiles for readability. A few more projectile sprite updates in general.
  • The new default "freeze frames" value is now 80%.
  • Added an effect for when Chicken's thrown weapons hit something.
  • New tips!
  • The ambient tracks now start playing at a random offset.
  • Ambient track is now faded out inside portals.
  • Loading now shows percentages as 001% instead of 1%.
  • The (!) thing for new characters is back.
  • The reload bar is more clear in the HUD.
  • Continue/Retry are now slightly brighter than other buttons.
  • The back arrow now animates and has been moved around a bit.
  • Last but not least: your HUD now animates slightly when swapping/picking up weapons!

Get playing, enjoy, give us feedback! Apologies for hard mode.
Community Announcements - Rami
No, this is not an update filled with secrets, but we did say we most probably wouldn't be doing an update and snuck this one in anyway! So here's a tiny one, giving you a few much-needed fixes and tweaks! Enjoy.

  • Turrets are more reactive, but have a lower firing range and a delay before firing.
  • Changed Robot's Regurgitate Ultra to make it drop a random chest about slightly less than half of the time when eating a weapon.
  • Y.V.'s Throne Butt now has different timing. 25% less reload time than 4 shots.

  • Fixed Y.V.'s active timing.
  • Might've fixed the "freeze on death" bug, but probably not.

  • Fixed some of the optimization code.
  • Removed the Credits button from the main menu, we'll be moving that to options eventually.

Aight, we're back to pretending there'd be no update this week!
Community Announcements - Rami

After a few weeks of huge in-your-face changes, we've decided to try and do a subtle update. So we focused on loads of things that were really needed for a long time! After that, we couldn't help ourselves and got a few massive things in as well.

For example, there's now a very, very rough daily scoreboard in-game, allowing you to see your global rank, the top 10, and even compare your scores to your friends! There's a new Boss Intro for the first loop boss, new Big Dog music, we completely redid the total Hyper Crystal fight, and made some small but significant changes to Big Dog and Lil' Hunter on loops. For the Stress and Y.V. lovers among us, you can now have a rate of fire higher than the speed of light 1 shot per frame!

We've also done a ton of weapon and enemy balancing, nerfed Plant's Snare a tiny bit (big enemies are now less affected by it), and we even made some changes to Last Wish!

That covers a small portion of everything we've done. Next week part of the team will be out for GDC Europe and Gamescom, which means that there's a fair chance we won't be able to push an update that week. Everyone's been working exceptionally hard on the last 8 updates or so, so a bit of a breather to clear our minds and get some fresh perspective doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Enjoy this one, and as always, please let us know your thoughts/findings and keep being awesome. We'll check back throughout the week.

  • Very rough daily scoreboards in-game.
  • Friends leaderboard.
  • Reworked Hyper Crystal, now also scales with loops. Good luck!
  • Boss Intro for the first loop boss!
  • Rate of fire can be higher than 1 shot per frame now!

  • Lil' Hunter now doesn't start increasing the amount of IDPD right on the first loop. First only all normal types are spawned, then elites as well, then the number increases.
  • Big Dog now scales the bullet hell with loops, and can have random holes in his bullet patterns for fun dodging!
  • Horror's C Ultra has been changed to MELTDOWN, which doubles your total rad capacity.
  • Plant's Snare is now less effective on bigger enemies.
  • Visiting Jungle now gives you a free mutation in exchange for Last Wish.
  • Wolves now stop rolling after firing. Much better.
  • Changed the way Turrets spawn a bit.
  • Laser Crystals now have a chance to drop ammo.
  • Sword damage for Elite Inspectors has been increased.
  • Elite IDPD now all have a bit more HP.
  • Elite Shielders and Grunts are now slightly more agressive.
  • Inspectors now fire faster slugs.
  • Blood Cannon now deals 2 damage when fired without ammo.
  • Blood Cannon now spawns less explosions, deals slightly less damage, but has a higher rate of fire.
  • Plasma Cannon and Super Plasma Cannon damage has been decreased. Plasma Cannon now costs less ammo to fire.
  • Flame Cannon damage has been decreased.
  • Lightning and Flame Cannon now have slightly less AOE range when flying.
  • Seeker Shotgun damage has been decreased slightly while rate of fire has been increased.
  • Nuke Launcher contact damage has been increased.
  • Ultra Shovel now uses more rads.
  • Bouncer weapons spawn earlier.
  • Gamma Guts now deals AOE damage whenever triggered, not only when firing.

  • Gamma Guts bug has been fixed. Will probably get more work in the future so that you don't take damage from enemies that are killed by it instantly.
  • Mutations should now be properly centered.
  • Pausing/unpausing at the 0-1 fight no longer keeps the letterbox effect on screen.
  • Fixed a boss intro bug related to dead players.
  • Fixed the Wrench icon hopefully.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch where portals glitched around when going to the character select. Also brings it back to 0-1.
  • Big Rats now only break walls when actually charging.
  • Fixed Steroid's Throne Butt text for now, also changed his ultra from saying "weps" to "weapons".
  • Every boss only shows their intro once per run now.
  • Steroids now has reload sounds for Plasma/Lightning weapons fired in their second hand.

  • Updated Big Dog music!
  • Escape now continues the game when paused.
  • Daily game over screen no longer has a retry button.
  • You should be able to use the digits to select mutations again.
  • Buttons and nice splat graphics on the Game Over screen!
  • Removed Daily and Options button from the Character Select.
  • Big Rad Canisters now have their own hurt sprite.
  • Changed the way B tracks are loaded.
  • Changed the "sizes" of enemies and bosses, this is basically used to check how much they are moved around when touching other enemies and affects Plant's Snare now.
  • Some new tips.
  • The Pause, Load and Game Over screen now tell you when you're on your daily.
  • Big Bandit charge sprite has been updated.
  • Art for the Hyper Slugger.
  • The Back button on menus now has an outline.

That's it. Enjoy, and we're going to take some distance for a week, focus on the events we're attending, and we'll be back fresh in about two weeks.
Community Announcements - Rami

This is probably one of the biggest updates we've ever done! Shit.

First of all, we've done a massive amount of interface and menu work. This includes a brand new mutation and pause screen, and a lot of tiny tweaks helping make things flow a bit more. We've added convenient alt+F4 rage-quitting, and you no longer need to look at the beautiful Vlambeer logo every time you go back to the menu (we know, we'll miss that too). We've ironed out a ton of bugs in the process, so hopefully things should be a bit more smooth now!

We're re-introducing something the game used to have in some of the earliest versions this week as well. Justin sketched new Boss Intros that Paul then painstakingly pixeled. The two of them worked extraordinarily hard to get this thing in, and we're convinced it's some of the coolest art we have in the game.

Now, for actual gameplay things: For starters there's a fun late-game shell weapon now that allows you to do some fun long-range bouncing tricks. It should be pretty viable in the late game, especially with Trigger Fingers.

That's not all, there is really a ton more exciting stuff in this one! Please continue reading, play the game, and let us know what your thoughts are!

We're aware that a lot of things are still in a kind of rough unpolished state, but we are getting very close to having most of the features we want for Nuclear Throne in place. This means that we can move on to actual hardcore polishing soon, which is super exciting to us!

Oh, and, for all the nice things we added this week, do you like the IDPD? There are Elite versions of them now. They're basically Throne Butt versions of the mutants they're similar to. You can figure out for yourself what that means for the Shielders.

  • Boss intros.
  • Brand new mutation screen.
  • Brand new pause screen with futuristic functionality, like access to the settings.
  • Elite IDPD. There'd be a joke here if it wasn't so serious. Hope you enjoy getting trashed on loops.
  • New late-game shell weapon: Hyper Slugger.
  • New sound effects for the Jungle Assassins, Jungle Flies, Turtles, Turrets, Exploding Guardians, Dog Guardians, Crystal Spiders, Mimics and the Golden Scorpion! Whew!

  • Tweaks to the Frozen City algorithm.
  • Snowtanks are more agressive.
  • Scrapyard difficulty curve has been tweaked a bit, slightly fewer Ravens.
  • Plutonium Hunger attract range for ammo and HP has been slightly decreased.
  • Small enemies can't deal melee damage when on their hurt animation now.
  • Gamma Guts burst size has been increased again.
  • More IDPD Grunts the further you loop.
  • Flames from Flame Traps and Salamander no longer linger around when hitting a wall.
  • IDPD Inspectors have a lower Telekinesis range now.
  • Long Arms no longer has a gap!
  • Looping now clears cursed weapons.

  • Fixed the "drifting enemy" bug when multiple enemies spawn on top of eachother.
  • The Guardians in 7_3 can no longer spawn Portals.
  • Floors under the Proto Statue now have the proper material.
  • Hyper Crystal no longer takes damage from debris.
  • Fixed a bug related to restarting the game with Patience active.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch that caused Splinter and Seeker weapons to float away when fired a lot.
  • Necromancer should no longer revive enemies inside walls.
  • Fixed the "back to main menu" glitch that made the game blurry.
  • Assassin sounds are now played at the proper moment.
  • Pressing WASD no longer crashes the title screen. Yeah.
  • Pausing now shows dark areas properly, and fog no longer scrolls when paused.
  • The widescreen effect no longer disappears when pausing during the Mutation screen.
  • Mutation Icons are now centered properly.
  • Fixed a bug related to the campfire scene.
  • Fixed lag caused by the Throne beam. We'll have to redo this entire thing eventually.

  • You can now pause the game during loading screens.
  • Added a "DELETE DATA" option.
  • Added an option to enable/disable Boss intros.
  • [R] is now a quick restart hotkey in the pause screen.
  • Mutation names stay on the screen for a bit after picking them.
  • Going back to the main menu from in-game now skips the intro.
  • Alt+F4 now insta-quits the game.
  • Throne statues are placed slightly higher now and have updated art.
  • Fancy menu buttons!
  • Assassins now have a new notice effect!
  • The loadout splat has been updated.
  • IDPD Shielder shield sprite has been updated.
  • Crystal's shield shakes again when almost out of time. Fixed some depth things with it as well.
  • New art for the Bouncer projectiles.
  • Started work on the stats screen. More of a drawing test than anything else so far.
  • Character select now properly supports keyboard and gamepad as well.
  • Chicken now plays a sound when trying to throw a cursed weapon.
  • B tracks now only play under more specific conditions.
  • Minor changes to the second Ultra of all mostly triangular characters.

  • Coop mode has been broken by the UI overhaul. We're afraid that fixing this will take a few weeks at the least, so if you enjoy co-op, we recommend switching to another branch in Steam. The 'smite' branch would be our recommendation.

That's all folks! Go play the game and get blown up by some Elite Grunt missiles.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alec Meer)

When I meet Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail, it’s in the middle of the annual Develop conference in Brighton. He’s a striking figure in a sea that’s half middle-aged businessmen and half wide-eyed, unshaven young developers in t-shirts: improbably tall, wearing a leather jacket on a hot summer’s day, hair everywhere, and a mile-a-minute patter that conveys extreme confidence without evident arrogance. He’s nearing the end of Ramadan, which means he hasn’t eaten during the day for several weeks, but has the energy and enthusiasm of someone about to climb Everest. Like his company’s offbeat action games and his often highly outspoken social media style or not, it is little surprise that this guy became so successful – though of course the raw, joyful appeal of games including Nuclear Throne, Super Crate Box, Luftrausers and Ridiculous Fishing went a long way towards that.

But would the confidence and conviction that he has when he wades headlong into the gaming issues of the day or, as he does in his keynote Develop speech the next day, declare that listening to one’s customers is not necessarily the best policy, be there if he didn’t already have the safety net of that success? In the unedited transcript below, we talk about that, about his feelings towards his own customers, indie ‘luck’, why games want rockstars, Ubisoft’s women characters controversy and why he doesn’t feel he can tell anyone else how to be successful. … [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Rami

We're still going strong with hard work, but got a bit caught by needing to have the update done in the middle of all kinds of huge and exciting changes. We would have had more to show you, but unfortunately there's no time to finish it just this week!

Since we're really starting to tie all the seperate parts of Nuclear Throne together, we might break the game a little bit here and there. No matter how well and carefully you construct the parts, they might always fit a bit weird and require some tuning. That'll be happening in the next few weeks as we push forward.

In the background, a lot of our code is being optimized for both computer and console platforms. Similarly, that means that code-wise things might be a bit unstable, and it will be going through major structural changes as we push forward. While this shouldn't be super noticable, the Windows version should enjoy a significant performance boost in areas with a lot of stuff going on.

More noticeably, we bring you a bit of a rework to the Nuclear Throne, a newly tuned Crystal, smoother portals, a ton of balancing, fixing, and all that good stuff!

Oh, and assassins still deflect, but in a way less lethal way.

  • Some work on the Throne!
  • Reworked Crystal, with a more mobile, snappier shield, usable Throne Butt, and complete B skin graphics!
  • Portals now look better!

  • Assassins still deflect, but the projectiles won't hurt you! Great way to take out enemies behind you with trick shots. We've also made them a bit meaner again.
  • Lil Hunter's IDPD spawning has been balanced.
  • Blood and Lightning Hammer now spawn earlier.
  • Energy Hammer and Sword now spawn a bit later.
  • Plant's Throne Butt now kills things under 33% HP.
  • We got rid of the HP-loop-change we tried out last week. Turns out giving people less HP reliably gives them more ammo, destroying some of the fun balancing going on there. We'll solve this problem soon when we get closer to reworking loops.
  • Loop Big Bandits now spawn from different positions, which wasn't spurred at all by a certain video last week.
  • Bouncers now have harder impact, more damage, and glow.
  • Bouncer Shotgun now has a higher rate of fire.
  • Super Plasma and Flame Cannon now take longer to reload.
  • Lasers can now damage Crystal in her shield.

  • Fixed Total Recall.
  • After long deliberation, we fixed a tip saying "follow your" and nothing else.
  • Bouncer Shotgun now works with Eagle Eyes.
  • Big Maggots no longer slide when burrowing.
  • Might've fixed a problem that causes the game to freeze.
  • Explosives no longer explode in your face when fired exactly when a Portal opens.
  • Fixed a collision problem with Bouncers.

  • Changed the default audio levels.
  • Changed gamepad layout to the old buttons until we implement key customization.
  • Tweaked the colors for the Game Over map when looping a lot.
  • Robot now gets an Ultra Update instead of Ultra Mutation.
  • Art for Bouncer weapons.

Since so much is changing, and things are starting to lock down, your feedback is worth more than ever now, whether you're just starting or a hardened veteran. Let us know what you think, how the game performs, what your concerns are but also the things you love.

As a general 'feedback' reminder - and we've mentioned this earlier in the process - feedback is at its best if you describe the problem rather than trying to offer a solution. When you offer a solution, we still need to dig to figure out what your actual problem is so we can fix it.

Community Announcements - Rami

This is another one of those updates with tons of tiny things, fixes, and balancing! We've really been pushing as hard as we can for a month now, with the past four updates all being huge in size for how little time we have each week. As such, please pretend everything underneath is a nice cohesive story instead of just the bullet points, so we can enjoy our weekend instead of thinking of exciting sentences here.

  • Awesome Crown selection sounds!
  • Paul cleaned up some of the interface art in the character select screen! We now have beautiful letters and the nicest splats you've ever seen.
  • Two new bullet weapons: the Bouncer Shotgun and Bouncer SMG
  • Crowns have now been divided into two groups: post- and pre-loop.

  • A bit more Chicken throw damage, because why not?
  • A tiny bit more pickup range for ammo and health.
  • A bit of spawn tweaking.
  • Flame weapons are now more fuel-efficient!
  • A little effect and timing tweaking to Assassin attacks!
  • Lil Hunter now only spawns Grunts pre-loop.
  • Lil Hunter now waits a bit longer after spawning IDPD.
  • Guardian Dogs have slightly more less HP.
  • Heavy Bolts are affected a tiny bit less by Bolt Marrow.
  • Crystal's Fortress Ultra now gives her +6HP, for when you want to be 10 times more healthy than Melting!
  • Being high on ammo now lowers your drops slightly less.
  • Changed Plant's trapper Ultra to give you a big snare.
  • Plant Throne Butt now kills enemy under 30% instead of 40%.
  • HP now drops less the further you loop, which seems like a solid idea.
  • Shell weapons no longer reduce your sight distance.

  • Corpses for the Snow Tanks are back!
  • Chicken now drops a head when going through a portal headless so the camera doesn't stay static.
  • Fixed the situation where only one portal drags you.
  • Melting's special after death is now the same as when still alive without Throne Butt.
  • Might've fixed a crashed where wall collisions completely froze the game.
  • No more YouTube videos raging at "invisible walls" on 0-1.
  • Turret corpses are stationary now.

  • New art for the Eraser and Guitar.
  • Nice art when you get killed by Lightning underwater.
  • Nice art for Y.V.'s Giant Chests.
  • New art for Cursed ammo drops.
  • Big Dog missiles now rotate!
  • New sound for the Rogue Rifle.
  • Thrown golden weapons now sparkle.
  • Jungle Bandits now play a pop gun sound!
  • Portals are slightly brighter on the inside.
Community Announcements - Rami

We've done it, we've made the jump towards a completely new main menu! It's currently in an ugly, ugly state, the kind of things that'd normally never be seen by anyone outside of the studio working on it (and studios might even hide it internally). Then again, this is open development, so for the sake of transparency and weekly updates we've thrown it out there for you.

We're currently making the move from having all options in the character select, to having a proper main menu and separate character select. For now, we have both menus, but eventually the character select screen will be just that.

This brings a few cool things with it too: options are now accessible with gamepad, and the new menus will work with mouse, keyboard and gamepad at the same time. Anyway, we hope you understand that it'll take a bit more time until we get this into a decent state without placeholder art, so please have some patience! We'll also get back on the Crown system and Loop Bosses relatively soon, as it's about time we fix those up!

Other than that, we've done some proper balancing (Horror might be less OP now), some fixes, and the usual small stuff.

Enjoy, and we hope you're as excited for the finished interface as we are!

  • First steps of a new main menu!

  • Horror's beam now gets cleared in a small area when it destroys a projectile, making it harder to cut through loads of bullets.
  • Flame Cannon now costs 1 more ammo.
  • Cursed Caves enemies now drop a lot more rads.
  • Lil' Hunter no longer deals contact damage.

  • Discs, Flames and the Flame Cannon cause less shake and sleep.
  • Fixed a crown typo.
  • If you kill yourself by using lightning weapons underwater, it now properly shows that as a cause of death with beautiful placeholder art.
  • Gun Warrant's text now says 7 seconds, as it should.

  • Bumpers on gamepad now swap weapons.
  • You can now set how strong you want the "freeze frames" effect to be in the options.
  • Added some screen shake to the menu.
  • Rephrased the "gain damage" crown for now.
  • We actually did a tiny bit of optimizations!
  • Cursed ammo explosions now work with Crown of Death.

Don't forget to tune it to the huge Nuclear Throne tournament by SmiteSA, which happens over at Twitch, and check out the weekly challenge by Solid too for some extra challenge in your Nuclear Throne this week!
Community Announcements - Rami

We started redoing the way Crown Vaults work. It's currently in a weird, broken, unsatisfactory state, but will definitely help us get crown things wrapped up within a few updates (disregarding actual crown balancing, which will come later).

We've thrown out the old Crown Guardians and replaced them with temporary temple guardians. The new crown vaults will only grant mutants access to three vaults during their lifetime. Specific crowns are now always found in the same specific Vault, but that'll probably change again soon.

We rounded out the amount of crowns to twelve crowns, which is the amount that we intend to have in the final game. The first new crown, Crown of Protection, makes dropped guns give you +1 HP instead of ammo. The other crown, Crown of Luck, gives all enemies more HP but a chance to just kind of explode on death.

We've done quite some bits of balancing and fixing in this week as well. We have no idea how this all work out, they need some time and will probably be changed again! We'll be watching your feedback, your Let's Play's and your commentary here, on the wiki, on Twitch, Reddit, the forums and Twitter. Enjoy!

  • New Crown Vault system.
  • Crown of Protection and Crown of Luck.

  • Plasma Cannon rate of fire has been increased.
  • Heavy Auto Crossbow rate of fire has been decreased.
  • Lil' Hunter is slower with IDPD summoning when higher on health.
  • Crown of Life has been changed, now killing enemies at spawn instead of giving you a chest.
  • Gun Warrant got an additional second.
  • Scarier Face now reduces enemies' max HP instead of just dealing damage, effictively synergizing a bit less with Plant's Throne Butt.
  • Snowbots need to be closer to throw cars.
  • Higher chance for turrets to spawn.
  • Turrets now have more HP and activate in groups.
  • Flame Cannon no longer explodes when touching an enemy.
  • Guitar has slightly less damage and rate of fire now.
  • Lightning and Blood Cannon now both cost 1 more ammo.
  • Gamma Guts damage has been increased but no longer triggers every frame.
  • Strong Spirit now only gives 5 frames of invincibility when triggered.
  • Big Bandit loop numbers have been increased.
  • Cursed Ammo doesn't work with Plutonium Hunger and fades even faster.

  • Fixed a bug with Turrets not spawning portals.
  • Cursed Spiders no longer drop rads after splitting.
  • Fixed crashes related to Flak Cannon and Lightning Hammer.
  • Guitar only drops on loop 1 now.
  • Exploding Freaks now also drop rads when blowing up by touching a wall.
  • Fire Traps can no longer create untraversable situations.
  • Bandits can no longer spawn in Crown Vaults.
  • Fixed some glitches with entering portals right when they spawned.
  • Saplings no longer one-hit-kill the Sewers loop boss.

  • Vaults Statues can now also spawn in palace on loops.
  • Less freeze when using Flak Cannons.
  • Some new tips.


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