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The Stats Revamp!

The DCUO Stats Revamp is an ambitious rework of all the numbers in the game and a long-needed update to gameplay in terms of balance, combat, and progression. Simply put, we wanted to make your stats and your skill contribute to your effectiveness in game, not just a measure of your Combat Rating acquired from gear.

This effort included reviewing all content, power sets, the UI, and more, reworking them so that we have a strong and expandable foundation for the future. A full list of this effort in detail can be found below. Grab a cup of your favorite blend and give it a read, or jump right into the action and get started.

We have put the power back in your hands to choose how you want to play by building the type of hero or villain that fits you and your playstyle. Go save or destroy the world as you see fit!

Member Gift: Free Power Respec Token!

With the launch of the Stats Revamp, we have a little something extra for our members. Want to try out a new powerset or bring up a new alt? You got it. Log in today and check your Redeem/Claim window for your free Power Respec Token. To receive this gift, members must log in by August 10, 2017. One per account.

The Nitty Gritty – What to expect logging in!
  • Players will have all of their skill points reset. However, Power Points are no longer used; you will have access to every super power in your power set. Characters level 30 or higher will have an additional 8 skill points than before!
  • Armories will be invalid. You will need to resave your builds.
  • Players should look for an in-game email from Daybreak called Stats Revamp Mods. Inside you will find a Replacement Mod Box which will set you on your way to getting all new mods! This will let you re-customize the stats from your mods how you see fit.
The Core
  • New Player Stats
    • Adjusted all character stats and smoothed out how they increase across levels and tiers for greater consistency.
    • Redistributed where character stats are obtained for better variety and choice in progression.
    • Removed Combat Rating Differential so that your stats directly determine your effectiveness in combat.
  • New Skill Tree
    • Added new focuses to differentiate builds between Weapons Expert, Superpowered, and Hybrid playstyles.
    • Reconfigured the Stats Skill Tree with escalating stat returns appropriate for all playstyles. Be sure to read the descriptions if you need some guidance.
    • Streamlined Skill Point options by stat so every choice has impact.
  • New Power Tree
    • Removed Power Points so that ALL abilities are unlocked and available as you level.
    • Removed Advanced Mechanics and Weapon Mastery bonus damage so that all abilities are viable options.
    • Buffed iconic and movement mode powers, like Batman’s Batarang Multi-Shot or Superman’s Heat Vision. These are now purchased with skill points.
  • New NPC Stats
    • Adjusted all NPC stats and how they increase across levels and tiers for greater consistency.
    • Removed Combat Rating Differential so that NPC stats directly determine their effectiveness in combat.
    • Rebalanced content across the game for a more consistent experience. This is a continued effort as we gain additional feedback from the community.
  • Ability Balance
    • Standardized ability costs, cooldowns, durations, and strength across all power sets.
    • Rebalanced power sets and playstyles based on new Stats Revamp standards.
    • Implemented new and improved functionality and abilities based on community feedback.
The Specifics!
  • Stats
    • Defense: Reduces damage taken. There is no longer a Defense cap, so more Defense is always better.
    • Dominance: Allows your CC effects to affect Group NPCs. Primary stat for Shields. Secondary stat for Heals.
    • Might: Increases damage dealt by all Superpowers, now including combos.
    • Power: Increases your power pool and regeneration. This stat is important for using higher cost abilities.
    • Precision: Increases damage dealt by Weapon attacks. No longer affects any Superpowers.
    • Restoration: Primary stat for Heals. Secondary stat for Shields.
    • Vitalization: Increases Power Healing effects for Controllers. Does not affect passive power regeneration or power regeneration from weapon attacks (with Hybrid or Weapon’s Expert Focus).
  • NPCs
    • NPCs have had their health significantly increased across the game to provide greater challenge in content.
    • Boss mechanics and special attacks have increased importance. It is now more difficult to blindly heal through heavy attacks or burn through adds, so pay attention to mechanics and help your team.
  • New Playstyle Focuses!
    • Hybrid– This focus emphasizes a balanced approach in mixing weapon and superpower attacks for DPS, and contributes extra stats for Support Roles. This is how the game was originally designed and is considered the “classic” playstyle.
    • Weapons Expert – This focus emphasizes a weapons-heavy play style, primarily dealing damage with weapons and supplementing damage and survivability with superpowers.
    • Superpowered – This focus emphasizes a superpowers-heavy play style, primarily dealing damage with superpowers and using weapons for counters or during periods of low power.
  • Items
    • Utility Belts no longer cost Marks of Victory to unlock the 3rd and 4th slots if you have them. In addition, most Utility Belt slots are now Wildcards.
    • Lowered the cash cost of Equipment Interfaces. They now cap at a maximum of $2,000.
  • PvP
    • Most normal stat vectors (such as Skill Points, Mods, etc.) will now work in PvP, but will be scaled to PvP item levels in PvP instances.
  • Combos
    • All combo abilities now cost Power and use Might. Changing combos to use Might and Power gives us a much better way to compare and balance a combo power set to a non-combo power set since all the abilities run under the same rules. It is also easier to understand what stats you need to purchase or mod into for your character based on your play style as opposed to what power set you are using. This also means combos are no longer vulnerable to counters, unless they are channeled abilities, and also no longer cause counter attacks.
  • Superpowers now increase the Combo Counter (like weapons)
  • Streamlined Power Interactions across all power sets.
  • Streamlined crowd control abilities across all power sets.
  • Many channeled abilities now allow retargeting while casting.
  • Removed power healing from non-Controller abilities
  • Controllers’ Power over Time is now triggered by any superpower. This effectively lets a Controller choose any ability for their tray instead of one of the 2-3 abilities that could trigger the effect.
  • Controllers’ Group Power Heal abilities now prioritize allies with the lowest percent power, and grant weapon buffs to allies with the highest percent power.
  • Tooltips
    • Simplified ability tool tips by adding new ability tags to clarify the intent of the ability as well as the power cost and cooldown.
  • Supercharge Generators
    • We have added a new category for abilities that interact with Supercharge gain. They are labeled in their tooltips as a '[Supercharge Generator]'. These abilities deal less damage than other abilities at their power cost but grant a larger chunk of Supercharge in return.
For an overview of the Stats Revamp, click here.

For full update notes, click here.

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The Tides of War Summer Seasonal Event

The battle for the throne of Atlantis continues! Ocean Master, Aquaman's conniving half-brother, has rallied a force of mutineer Atlanteans in an attempt to displace King Arthur and take the throne! The Atlantean civil war has breached the waters of Metropolis. Track "Tides of War" in your Mission Journal and check the Events tab in the On Duty menu to battle for the Atlantean Outpost. Fight for your side, and reap new rewards including new feats!

New Feats
  • Aqualung
  • Sea Biscuits
  • ARRRR, MATEY!!!!
  • Honorary Atlantean
  • Hydrokinetic Heroes
In celebration of our Summer Event this year, we have added new collections, new base items, new styles that will keep you looking snappy when the fight heats up, and new swashbuckling equipment that you’ll be willing to walk the plank for!

Level Requirement: 10


DC Universe™ Online - Mepps


Travel back in time to the 1940s to save the past from a new threat: Per Degaton and his allies. This period in time has been identified as particularly vulnerable to manipulation, and it will be up to today’s heroes and villains to prevent Per Degaton from rewriting history and destroying the Justice Society forever! Join forces with the greatest heroes of the Golden Age – the JSA and the Blackhawks – in Age of Justice! The episode features new missions in two new open world environments, two new alerts, and two new raids (both with Elite versions)!

Earn new feats, discover new collections, and fight for new high-level gear inspired by the Blackhawks and more! To get started, look for Age of Justice in your Mission Journal, once you have the required Combat Rating of 186. Age of Justice is free to access for Members.

New Open World Zone: Time-Torn Area 51

Massive tears in time and space have divided Area 51 between 1944 and the present day. Soldiers from today and yesterday are fighting side by side, as well as against each other. Help stem the tide of WWII flowing into the present.

  • Access the new mission hub via the Watchtower or Hall of Doom using the Age of Justice teleporter.
  • Combat Rating: 186

New Open World Zone: War-Torn Village

Travel back in time to a European village has been taken over by Baron Von Savage and his new collection of hybrid technology. Work with Lady Blackhawk and the Blackhawks to fight for the fate of the future!

  • Access the new mission hub via the Watchtower or Hall of Doom using the Age of Justice teleporter.
  • Level 10 and CR 186

New 4-Player Operation: Saving Justice

Team up with both Wonder Woman and Golden Age Wonder Woman in a daring raid of Baron Von Savage’s base and free the captive members of the JLA. Be wary though – Doctor Sivana has been busy creating a new terrifying threat in his lab!

  • Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Alert under Tier 8 of the 4 Player Tab.
  • Combat Rating: 186

New Raid and Elite Raid: Ultimate Soldier

Doctor Sivana has taken fallen soldiers from the battlefield and constructed something of pure evil – the Ultimate Soldier! Do whatever is necessary to bring this abomination of war down.

  • Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Raid under Tier 8 of the 8 Player Tab.
  • Combat Rating: 186

New 4-Player Operation: War Crimes

Per Degaton and stormtroopers are raiding the future to steal modern technology and resources. They’re after anything that can give them an advantage in World War II. Your mission is to stop them.

  • Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Alert under Tier 8 of the 4 Player Tab.
  • Combat Rating: 186

New Raid and Elite Raid: Justice For All

Time is running out…literally! Storm the enemy stronghold to put a stop to Baron Von Savage and Per Degaton’s plans before their breach in the fabric of space and time becomes too unstable.

  • Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Raid under Tier 8 of the 8 Player Tab.
  • Combat Rating: 186



Age of Justice: World at War is a limited-time preview of the War-Torn Village for all players, regardless of Combat Rating or access level. That means ANYONE can zone in and EVERYONE will be stat clamped up to the appropriate Combat Rating to participate. This preview will be available for about one month. 


This new Time Capsule is rocketing forward in history with Golden Age goodness as you travel back in time in Age of Justice! Available today, the new Time-Torn Time Capsule can now be earned and unlocked in-game.

If you’re looking to learn more about how to get, open, and use a Time Capsule, check out our helpful guide!

The Time-Torn Time Capsule contains incredible gear, styles, and items sent directly to you from the Golden Age of comics. Each Time-Torn Time Capsule contains one sub-capsule (more on that below) and some items from a general list, including Soder Cola Ultimates, R&D Exobytes, complex materials, collections, and more. It may also contain the new Allied Forces Handheld Transceiver, a new WWII-inspired version of the Orbital Strike trinket!

Time Capsule Updates

The Time-Torn Time Capsule has undergone significant structural changes compared to previous Time Capsules based on player feedback. These changes are meant to make every open more worthwhile, and to get you to that rare item you're after more quickly. 

The previous Provisions and Tactical Mod sub-capsules have been removed. Tactical Mods are not included in the Time-Torn Time Capsule, and items from the Provisions sub-capsule have been moved to the general list that can be obtained with every open. That leaves the following three sub-capsules - the Mid-Nite Gear Capsule, the Time-Torn Emblem Capsule, and the Time-Torn Collector's Capsule - and more on them below!

Mid-Nite Gear Capsule

Inspired by the Golden Age's Doctor Mid-Nite, this gear set can be collected in pieces from the Time-Torn Time Capsule. When consumed, the pieces will be level-appropriate to your character. If you want to trade them, be sure to do so BEFORE you attune them!

Plus, you can upgrade to the Enhanced Mid-Nite Gear for an even more radiant look. Collect enough of the standard gear and motes for this stylish set!

Time-Torn Emblem Capsule

Look for these eight iconic new emblems straight from the Justice Society of America! Collect them all for special feats. Just like the Mid-Nite gear, you can upgrade these emblems to emissive versions using motes and recipes. 

Time-Torn Collector's Capsule

Completing collections from the Collector's Capsule will grant you these incredible styles: the Time-Torn Material, Time-Torn Aura, and the Robotic Arm Style!

Now Available!

The Time-Torn Time Capsule is now dropping everywhere in-game! Log in and unlock yours today!
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Springtime Seasonal Event!

Poison Ivy is once again back to wreak havoc on the people of Gotham! We’ve added new Spring-themed Base items, Style items, and a new Will-o'-the-Wisp Trinket and House Pet! There are also new feats and new collections!

New Feats
  • Birch, Please
  • I Wet My Plants
Collect Seed Pods and purchase Spring items from “Arborist Louis” next to Swamp Thing in the Watchtower or “The Misgiving Tree” next to Poison Ivy in the Hall of Doom. Villains can learn more about Poison Ivy’s plans by speaking to her in the Hall of Doom’s Pit, while Heroes can speak to Swamp Thing in the Watchtower’s Aquacultural Area to help bring down Ivy and her minions. Speak to Veronica Cale (Villains) or Doctor Sarah Charles (Heroes) to find out more about taking on Swamp Thing. Level Requirement: 10

Springtime Member Gift!

Members, log in and claim your very own Will-o'-the-Wisps Aura, inspired by the magic of Spring. This gift can be claimed from May 1 - May 8, 2017. One aura per account.


DC Universe™ Online - Mepps


Starro the Conqueror is DCUO's new major event, available to all players level 10 and up. Plus, Members can play a special end-game version of the raid AND get bonus rewards in all instanced content. For more information, read the Development Update


Then, ever wonder what it is like at the Daybreak Austin studio on a launch day? Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes? Watch this video and see for yourself!


New Event: Starro the Conqueror!

An ancient terror, which has bided its time for years at the bottom of the Artic, now rises to threaten our world as Starro invades DC Universe Online for the first time! Heroes and villains alike must band together and resist its influence before it’s too late! You’ll need to fight your way through this alien invasion, from the chaotic streets of Central City to an isolated Atlantean Research Outpost in an effort to discover the source of this invasion and how to stop it! You may even find some of Earth’s most powerful allies are suddenly its most lethal threats, thanks to the deadly influence of Starro’s mind-control. This is an all hands on deck event. The fate of the planet depends on you!

Starro the Conqueror features new daily open world missions, a new duo, a new alert, and a new raid with a special version just for Members! Earn new feats, discover new collections, and fight for new gear inspired by Starro and more! To get started, look for Starro the Conqueror! in your Mission Journal, once you have the required Level of 10. Members also get access to an extra Treasure Box in the duo, alert, and raid!

New Open World Missions – Starro Deluge Zone!

Starro is expanding his reach into Central City, spreading his spores from the river and taking over the city’s citizen! Explore the area and join the resistance against Starro’s unflinching control.
  • Go to the Headquarters and find the teleporter to Starro Deluge Zone
  • Four new daily missions and two new weekly missions!
  • Minimum Level: 10

New Duo – Spreading Spores & New Alert  Starro: Invasion!

Venture forth into various locations to uncover the far reaches of Starro’s influence and face off against the most unexpected of enemies!
  • Queue for Spreading Spores & Starro: Invasion in the On Duty Menu!
  • New Feats!
  • Member Access to extra treasure chest!
  • Minimum Level: 10

Starro: The Thread Below 8-Player Raid and Members-Only Raid

The Justice League has intel that an Atlantean Research Outpost is the source of the recent Starro Invasion. Join Aquaman and investigate the Outpost!
  • Open your On Duty Menu and queue for The Threat Below under the Events tab.
  • Raid – Open to all players, plus Members-only treasure chest available!
  • Member Raid – Members only!
  • Minimum CR: 166
  • Suggested CR: 175

New Gear, Collections, Feats and More
  • Earn a new event currency: Spore!
  • Unlock a new gear and style set inspired by Starro!
  • Discover several new collections, a Starro-Tech Aura, and a Starro Spore Aura!
  • Plus base items, feats, and more!

The new event is now available for all players level 10 and up. It's up to you. Starro must be stopped! Questions? Comments? Join the discussion on the official DCUO forums

Booster Gold is back at it again, bringing you a Time Capsule perfect for prime time! Available today, the new Team-Up Time Capsule can now be earned and unlocked in-game.

If you’re looking to learn more about how to get, open, and use a Time Capsule, check out our helpful guide!


Each Team-Up Time Capsule contains some items from a general list, including Soder Cola Ultimates, R&D Exobytes, complex materials, collections, and more. They may also contain the new Magic Supply Crystal trinket, a new magic-inspired version of the Supply Drop trinket.

Every Time Capsule also includes one of four sub-capsules, or boxes, that can contain the following items or related collection pieces:

High-Density Tactical Gear

Inspired by everyone’s favorite archer Green Arrow, the High-Density Tactical Gear set can be collected in pieces from the Team-Up Time Capsule. When consumed, the pieces will be level-appropriate to your character. If you want to trade them, be sure to do so BEFORE you attune them!

Plus, you can upgrade to the Enhanced High-Density Tactical Gear for an even more impressive look. Collect enough of the standard gear and Fabricated Motes for this stylish set!

Tactical Mods

A new series of Tactical Mods are available in the Team-Up Time Capsule. These mods fit into the leg slot and restore a small portion of your Health when using specific abilities. You can also remove these mods using the Tactical Mod Removal Kit for 20 Marks of Victory.

Team-Up Emblems

Eight iconic new emblems are featured in this capsule, including the Flash emblem! Collect them all for special feats. Just like the High-Density Tactical gear, you can upgrade these emblems to emissive versions using Fabricated Motes and recipes. Which emblems will you and your team sport?

Team-Up Provisions

Finishing certain collections from the Team-Up Time Capsule will grant you access to these three incrediblestyles: the Black Flash Cowl, the Lazuli Misted Aura, and the Negative Speed Force Material.

AVAILABLE NOW – the Team-Up Time Capsule is now dropping in the game!
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Bonus Marks of Victory Weekend!

Is your main character over level 30? Do you have alts? Have you just advanced a character to CR100? THIS is the weekend you have been waiting for.

This weekend – from Thursday, March 23 through Sunday, March 26 – all players will receive BONUS Marks of Victory when completing instanced content across the entire game. Yes, you heard that right. If it's an instance that awards Marks of Victory from anywhere in our 68 Game Updates or 27 Episodes, it has a bonus this weekend.

Marks of Victory are used for unlocking vendor gear (increasing combat rating), base systems, and more.

Get ready to take on practically the entirety of DCUO, level those characters, and complete those gear sets. But clear your calendars, because both the weekend and the bonus end Monday!
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At the end of the rainbow, you’ll find nothing but trouble if Mister Mxyzptlk has his way!

From March 15 through March 28, 2017, the infamous trickster from the fifth dimension – Mister Mxyzptlk – has returned to Metropolis and brought plenty of seasonal hijinks with him. It is, once again, up to you to stop him.

Look for “Mxyleprechauns!” in your Mission Journal, and then head to your HQ and speak with the mischief-maker himself. In addition to all your favorites from previous years, he’s brought two new feats along with new Base and style items, including the magically deeee…lightful Enchanted Aura. (It looks good enough to eat!)

But that’s not all! Mister Mxyzptlk has some interesting items stocked with vendors, including a speaker that plays tunes sure to get your dancin’ shoes warm, and a House Leprechaun who grants a daily task – “The Runaround.” Complete it, and be rewarded with a special Green Prize Satchel!

All heroes and villains who are at least Level 10 can participate in Mister Mxyzptk’s Mischief.

Start now before your luck runs out!
DC Universe™ Online - Mepps

Hello DCUO! You already know our next major content launch is Starro the Conqueror, a new major reoccurring event. You also know the event is launching this April. But who is Starro? What is he doing in DC Universe Online? And what is a "major event?" If you don't yet know the answers to these questions, you're in for a treat.

Since the Justice League movie is coming out later this year, DC’s seminal super group has been at the forefront of my mind. The very first villain that the Justice League faced was none other than Starro. He began as a typical Silver Age villainous threat, but has since morphed into something far more deadly. Starro is an unfathomable alien intelligence. It doesn’t kill or fight, it just simply conquers. Resistance crumbles as people see their friends and family absorbed into the Starro hive mind. Now I can’t wait to face off against him in DCUO!

Here to tell you more about major events, we have DCUO's Lead Producer Leah "Katnikov" Bowers, and here to share more about the event's story and content, we have Creative Director SJ "NerdOfPrey" Mueller. Leah, SJ, take it away! 

Jack "Jackster" Emmert
Austin Studio CEO
DC Universe Online

Major Events

Thanks Jack. Hello all! My name is Leah "Katnikov" Bowers and I’m the Lead Producer on DCUO. I’ve been here for seemingly forever. I started way back in ye olden days of 2009, and they haven’t kicked me out of the building yet! I'm here to share with you information on such interesting topics as, “Why are we just hearing from you now?” and “Why are we about to be invaded by a giant starfish?” Answer: I’m shy, and I'm generally afraid of aquatic space beasts. That may be the answer to question one, two, or both!

I'm really here to take this opportunity to talk about major events. The team is really excited about taking the game and our content in this new direction, but at the same time we all know new things can be confusing, especially when you don't have all the information. So, here's a bit about how major events came to be and, more importantly, why.

When we started planning 2017, we were embarking into new territory. A lot had changed recently, and a lot more change was planned. Our mantra here is to constantly try new things, so we had time capsules, open episodes, new types of updates to our seasonal events, new progression concepts, new STATS and membership benefits in the works, and, of course, our first large episode since dissolving the monthly episodes. It was an exciting time, seeing how you all engaged with us, and being open to letting us explore and try out these new ideas.

This sparked a new initiative, major events! We wanted to provide a new type of content, a bridge for what we saw as a gap between our larger episodes and our relatively smaller seasonal events. We wanted content that would reach out across the entire spectrum of players, at all different points in the game from new to CR190 veterans, and be really fun and engaging for everyone. We wanted to build content for you that is more dynamic than the seasonal events, easier for us to add to and bring back at different times, and that also still reached most players.

You saw a bit of this with the Anti-Monitor "Anti-versary" event (as the team officially REFUSED to name it, but hey, Mepps asked me to write this, so that's what it's called, okay?). That event was just the start, a step in the direction of major events, which Starro will more fully realize.

Another huge benefit from my perspective as producer is that these major events allow us to continue to test out new ideas and functionality, for both content and systems, as we explore new types of features and new kinds of rewards and progression. We can try something in one event without impacting the core progression that comes through episodes, and expand on it or undo it in the next event, depending on if it was successful or not. In this way, Starro is just one more step in that direction. We have so many plans for systems and progression after the stats revamp is complete. So. Many. Plans. But that's another story for another time.

Things you should know: major events currently will have a run time of about two months, we plan to eventually have a stable full of these with which to choose from and re-release when appropriate, and, of course, the first of these is Starro the Conqueror. To tell you more about the Starro story and content, I will turn the mic over to NerdOfPrey. Thanks for reading!

Leah "Katnikov" Bowers
Lead Producer
DC Universe Online

New Event: Starro the Conqueror

Thanks Leah. For those of you who don't know, I am SJ "NerdOfPrey" Mueller, your Creative Director. I'm here to talk to you about Starro, and anyone who knows DC Comics knows that Starro is awesome on so many levels. The team has really gone above and beyond to knock this first major event out of the park, so let me get right into it.


Okay, Starro is a race of gigantic intergalactic starfish with incredible powers from outerspace. Read it again. That might have seemed a little redundant but, look, it was merited: GIANT STARFISH. FROM OUTERSPACE.

This particular Starro in our particular story was left behind on Earth, long ago, and bided its time at the bottom of the arctic until, one fateful day, it floated into a dwelling at the bottom of the sea. Drawn to the warmth and energy, the tiny, tiny Starro latched onto a window. What did his disturbing, twitchy eyeball see? Well, dozens and dozens of Atlantean Researchers, busily at work investigating sea change on the ocean floor. It's not clear how, exactly, but this Starro was able to find its way inside, and…well, what came next is too grisly to speak of here.

Things escalated. More Starros were born, or formed, or made. At this point, things are getting crazy, and we’ve ALL got to take a stand. We’re talking about core, planet-survival here, and this is where the world needs you. 


Let's talk content. We have open-world missions, a duo, an alert, a raid, and a members-only, end-game version of the raid. Here goes!

Central City Starro Deluge (Open World Missions)

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of Starro spores are swimming ashore in Central City and attacking the citizens. S.T.A.R. Labs and LexCorp are of course on the scene to assist (and research and whatever else LexCorp does, because that’s what they do). They need your help. Get out there and save some people. 

Starro: Spreading Spores (2-player Duo)

Starro’s spores are spreading across the world, seeking out powerful Earthlings and creatures to mind-control. You have to stop these these heroes and villains before they can return to and strengthen the Starro main forces. There are many different locations calling for assistance, so you won't know exactly where you are headed each time you queue up. 

Starro: Invasion (4-player Alert)

Starro’s invasion continues, its tentacles and spores reaching some of the most powerful beings on Earth, with a taste seemingly for Kryptonians, magic-users, and even the JSA. Like the duo, here you also won't know exactly who is calling for assistance each time you head out. 

Starro: The Threat Below (8-player Raid)

Based on the reports coming in from the above rescue missions, the Justice League is certain that the invasion in Central City all began in the sea, and some time ago. This is suspicious, since one of the league's members is a pretty prominent, well-known, and powerful, you know, King-of-the-Seven-Seas. The clues lead back to that same alien starfish discovered in the Atlantean Research Outpost in the arctic, and now it's up to you to investigate. 

Now, let's be clear about a few things. This raid takes place on an ALL NEW Atlantean Research Outpost map. It is infested with Starros and creepy beyond anything I frankly asked for. The art team outdid themselves here.

ALSO, there are TWO versions of this raid. One is designed to be accessible to and available to everyone in the game level 10 and up. The other version is for MEMBERS only, and is designed for players at the end-game (minimum Combat Rating 166/Suggested Combat Rating 175).

Now, I know you're asking about rewards, so lets get to it. 


First we have this ridiculously cool gear set inspired by a different version of “Starro the Conqueror” -- a humanoid alien that was actually able to control Starro (from the R.E.B.E.L.S. run in 2009). This gear set will scale to your Combat Rating, and max out near the top of the game, but will not replace your hard-earned Amazon Fury III vendor gear. Excellent for alts, catching up, filling in spots (it’s OK, we won’t judge if your boots are green), and for the style feats. It also comes with a set bonus when you have completed all the styles, which grants extra currency in the event.

On top of that, one of my all-time favorite one-off styles, we have Starro spores attaching to various parts of your body (a belt, back, two face items, and shoulders). But don’t worry, THESE spores are safe to wear. We think. Probably. In that vein, we also have a bunch of cool (and still probably safe, if disturbing) base items themed after the event. Oh, and new Omnipotence items that scale to your combat rating (rings, utility belt, and face), new auras, and tons of new feats. 


So good they needed their own section. We appreciate our members, and we wanted to do more to really demonstrate that, so this major event has some special rewards for you (in addition to access to the Tier 8 version of the event's raid). We have added new Membership Treasure Chests! These chests will spawn at the end of the duo, alert, and the everyone-version of the raid. Everyone will get a treasure box from the chest, but only members can open it. Inside these boxes, you will find some seriously good stuff:

  • Motes to upgrade the Starro the Conqueror set. The upgraded/enhanced version has a set bonus that offers a damage bonus ONLY in the Starro event content!
  • Extra R&D components to create items of omnipotence, including a special new Starro mask with a Face Mod Socket. The one and only socketed mask in the game!
  • Collections to acquire new auras, including a special one only for Members.
  • T8 Face Slot Mods that can be used in the new Starro mask (found only in the end-game version of the raid).
  • Special base items.
  • Feats associated with the special items above.
  • Titles associated with the feats above, including my favorite: The Conqueror.

Just to sum up, that means in addition to the content itself (that everyone gets), members get additional content (an end-game version of the raid), items and feats found only in that raid, AND additional rewards (in treasure chests found in the rest of the event's instanced content). 

I can't wait for everyone to see and play Starro the Conqueror, and speaking of that, I think Mepps has some news about where and when to tune in tomorrow. 

SJ "NerdOfPrey" Mueller
Creative Director
DC Universe Online

Livestream and More 

NerdOfPrey is right. As a final note on the way out, make sure you tune in TOMORROW (March 10) for a Starro livestream. We will be playing and walking you through the content in more depth with several members of the development team. The stream starts at 12PM PT, March 10, over on http://www.twitch.tv/dcuniverseonline.  

Questions? Comments? Join the discussion on the official forums.
DC Universe™ Online - Mepps

Booster Gold has figured out a way to send all previous Time Capsules through the Multiverse back to you in the present-day, but only for a limited time! Beginning Wednesday, March 8, 2017, the following Time Capsules will be dropping in game once again:
  • Time Capsule I
  • Amazon Time Capsule
  • Qwardian Time Capsule
Each of these Time Capsules are unchanged from when Booster Gold originally sent them through the multiverse, and still include their unique gear, styles, collections, and more. Want to know more about the specific items and collections available in each Time Capsule? Visit our guide.

NEW: Anomaly Capsule

In addition to each Time Capsule's original contents, every Time Capsule opened during Resurgence ALSO has a chance to grant a new sub-capsule, the Anomaly Capsule. This bonus capsule is extra, on top of what you already receive from regularly opening each Time Capsule. Each Anomaly Capsule can contain the same collection items, rare trinkets, motes, or stabilizer fragments that drop in the Time Capsule you have opened, as well as a chance to get the actual fully-assembled Enhanced versions of emblems and gear styles (no R&D, motes, or recipes required!). 

So take this opportunity to stock up or catch up on any Time Capsules you’re still working on. But don’t delay! As we said before, the Time Capsule Resurgence will only be here for a limited time.

Looking to grab some Stabilizer Fragments in game? Look for the “Stabilizer Resurgence” event in your On Duty menu, which will send you to any of the three previous stabilizer events: Suicide Squad Training, Monster Training, or Antimatter Research. Learn more in the Time Capsule guide!


Community Announcements - Mepps


DC Universe Online's next major content releases pit players against the Justice League's first foe, Starro, and against the Justice Society's greatest challenge, the Second World War. The new event and episode will launch this April and June.

DC Comics' JLA Vol 1. #23, 1998


In STARRO THE CONQUEROR, a new large-scale event launching this April, Starro and his minions are assaulting citizens in Central City, controlling iconic heroes and villains across the DC Universe, and preparing for an all-out invasion of Earth.

SJ'S TAKE: "Starro was the first villain the Justice League ever faced as a team, so he's significant both historically and as a major threat to the universe. We’re talking way back in the Silver Age in Brave and the Bold #28! We’ve given him an update, and he will bring his devastating affinity for mind control to bear in DCUO." - SJ Mueller, DC Universe Online Creative Director

  • Starro The Conqueror will be a limited-time, large-scale, and recurring event accessible to all players.
  • The event will feature a variety of single and multiplayer adventures, including:
    • Open world missions set in a new area of Central City.
    • 2, 4, and 8-player instances set in a variety of locales across the DC Universe.
    • A special Members-only version of the 8-player raid at end-game difficulty.
  • The event will launch new player rewards, including new gear, styles, base items, and feats.
The STARRO THE CONQUEROR event will be available and accessible to all players this April on the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One systems.

DC Comics' America vs. the Justice Society #4, 1985


In AGE OF JUSTICE, DCUO's 28th episode launching this June, timelines are becoming unstable, universes are collapsing, and a new threat is moving to remake the future by undoing victories of the past. Today's heroes and villains will travel back in time to 1940's World War II to confront this threat and assist the Justice Society in their ongoing fight.

SJ'S TAKE: "The fabric of our reality is so fragile that any time travel is a tremendous risk, but protecting this moment in time is a risk worth taking. Gather your team and set your clocks back to 1944, because the JSA and the Blackhawks need you to stop the greatest threat the 20th century has ever seen!" - SJ Mueller, DC Universe Online Creative Director

  • Age of Justice is a large-scale episode, included with Membership or available for purchase.
  • The episode will feature a variety of open world and instanced content at end-game difficulty.
  • Players will meet new era-appropriate heroes and villains and travel to new locations, including a World War II-inspired battlefield.
EPISODE 28: AGE OF JUSTICE will be accessible to Members or available for purchase for all players this June on the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One systems.

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