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Dying Light seemed to pass by all of my friends and me too, but its first-person zombie parkour has been a big success for developers Techland. Now the studio are working on two new games, one of which seems likely to be Dying Light 2.

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Community Announcements - AJanik_Techland

Continuing the year-long support for Dying Light in 2016, we have just expanded the Dying Light Dev Tools. Players now have the ability to use all-terrain buggies featured in Dying Light: The Following on custom maps, even if you only own the base game. With that new addition comes also the option to freely modify the driving system and use the buggies in PvP scenarios.

To coincide with the latest update, Techland and Razer announced the special ‘Buggy Madness’ contest. Anyone can compete by creating a buggy-based custom map using Dying Light Developers Tools (available for free on Steam) and submitting it at the official contest website.

The contest runs from May 19th to June 19th 2016 and aims to select the most creative, enjoyable, and high-quality maps.

More information and the submission form can be found at

Developer Tools update release notes:

• Buggy unlocked
• Added "following" collection to editor's collections set
• All The Following and The Bozak Horde assets are now available
• Multiplayer fix on workshop maps
• Added missing weapons' textures to the editor
• Tiny Objects fix + added 4 new layers
• AI presets can be configured in HumanAI.pre file
• Example map is updated to The Following game version (buggy, driver skills, example track)
• Multiplayer mode is now disabled whenever cheats are enabled
Community Announcements - Modlin_Techland
Check out the new Harran Ranger, Volatile Hunter and Gun Psycho bundles, available in the Steam Store. Please note that all those DLCs require Dying Light: The Following expansion pack.

Harran Ranger

Bring the unsuspecting bandits to justice as the Harran Ranger! Put on the new camo outfit, execute headshots with your exclusive Ranger Bow, and patrol the countryside driving the Pathfinder. The Harran Ranger Bundle includes: a new buggy paint job, a new character outfit, a new weapon blueprint, and four arrow blueprints. Note: This content requires Dying Light: The Following expansion pack.

Gun Psycho

Get crazy about guns! Put on the exclusive Gun Psycho outfit, excel in precision shooting thanks to the reflex sight on your shiny new Marksman Rifle, and conquer the countryside driving the Wasteland Cruiser. The Gun Psycho Bundle includes: a new buggy paint job, a new character outfit, and a new weapon blueprint. Note: This content requires Dying Light: The Following expansion pack.

Volatile Hunter

Spread terror among hordes of night zombies! Don your fluorescent outfit, equip special weapons, and get behind the wheel of the Volatile Hunter. Prove you were born in the dark, molded by it. The Volatile Hunter Bundle includes: a new buggy paint job, a new character outfit, blueprints for a new sword, baton, maul, and knife. Note: This content requires Dying Light: The Following expansion pack.
Community Announcements - Modlin_Techland

Dying Light: The Following:

- Fixed an issue with disappearing buggy paintjobs in co-op.
Community Announcements - Modlin_Techland
Patch 1.11.1 release notes


• Chromatic aberration toggle added.
• Various stability improvements, including co-op

Dying Light: The Following fixes:
• Fixed a rare bug causing loss of all equipped car parts during a Be the Zombie match

Linux-specific fixes:
• Fixed movies not playing in the skill details sub-menu.
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Usually we post about Rocket League [official site] because it’s taking yet another iconic car from pop culture and turning it into DLC, but not this time. This time it’s the other way around: it’s the Rocket League buggy that has come to Dying Light [official site] as a free DLC. So if you ever get tired of running over zombies you can play some car football.

Jump the break for a video, and details on how to get the update.

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Community Announcements - Modlin_Techland
Patch 1.11.0 release notes:

Added new community created maps
Various stability improvements, including co-op
Fixed quarantine zones not being playable more than once
Removed common duplication exploits
Minor tweaks and fixes improving the game
Added NVIDIA Percentage Closer Soft Shadows (PCSS)

Dying Light: The Following fixes:
  • Fixed quest progression issues in certain situations
  • Balance and progression tweaks

Community Announcements - Modlin_Techland
Dying Light Developer Tools and Steam Workshop content for Dying Light have been reactivated and updated with all the assets and content from Dying Light: The Following (excluding the buggy – we’re working on that).

If you do not have Dying Light: The Following, you will still be able to use Dev Tools and enjoy all of the custom maps available on Steam Workshop.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Adam Smith)

The Following is an enormous expansion, adding a huge new map and all manner of vehicular carnage to Techland’s open world zombie-smasher Dying Light [official site]. But does a game about urban exploration and claustrophobic limb-lopping really need to stretch its legs in the great outdoors? And how does a buggy fit into a world of parkour and pummelling? Is car>kour even possible?

Here’s wot I think.

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Feb 12
Community Announcements - Modlin_Techland
Patch (hotfix) 1.10.1 release notes:

* Disabled VAC when playing coop on LAN
* Fixed rare issue with infinite loading or crash when starting the game

Linux specific:

* Fixed textures streaming issue

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