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I’m the resident cheerleader for Dying Light [official site] round these parts. Techland’s zombies ‘n’ parkour urban playground was one of my favourite action games of 2015, and a few hours with enormous expansion The Following have convinced me that the entire game is far smarter than the surface suggests. Rather than distracting from the free-running and scavenging, the addition of a vehicle and rural map bring out the best in the existing systems.>

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Community Announcements - Modlin_Techland

Added co-op and PvP support to custom maps.

Courtesy of RabidSquirrel, you can check out the first PvP-ready map 'Don't Drown' on our Steam Workshop.

You can enable co-op and PvP on your maps by using quest phase ‘pvp’, controlled with a script in data\scripts\challenges\CoopChallengesParams.scr. There is an example in the file under ‘auto_pvp’.


1. Fixed tall grass disappearing when using brushes.
2. Improved terrain texture blending.
3. Fixed forcing time and weather in the level attributes – parameters m_ForceDaytimeLook and m_ForceWeather

Community Announcements - Modlin_Techland
If you still haven't picked up Dying Light on Steam, now is your chance!
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Adam Smith)

Dying Light’s [official site] mega-expansion, The Following, takes the zombie-killing open world action out of the city and into the surrounding area. That means your parkour and urban scavenging skills might be slightly less useful than they had been while you were clambering across rooftops and digging through the trash. Enter the buggy – a customisable vehicle that has its own equivalent of the base game’s skill trees.

Those skills haven’t been left behind though. The expansion, and the free update for the base game, will introduce 250 new legendary levels, allowing you to become faster, stronger and smarter.

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Community Announcements - Modlin_Techland
Dear Dying Light fan,

When we announced Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition earlier this month, we reveled the game would be enhanced with additional content and new features – one of them were Legendary Levels. Today we published a special highlight video explaining how the levels will work. Take a look!

Legendary Levels are one of the ways how we’re making our post-game content more meaty. With 250 additional levels, you’ll be able to keep on developing your character while unlocking new weapons, outfits, emblems, and skills.

Legendary Levels will be a part of Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition, which launches February 9, 2016. If you already have the base version of the game, you will get the new feature as part of the free improvement update that we will distribute at the same time.

-- Dying Light Team
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Since its reveal earlier this year, details on The Following – the upcoming expansion for zombie survival parkour-a-thon Dying Light [official site] – have been few and far between. We’ve been told there’ll be an unscrupulous cult, that we’ll get to travel outside the quarantine zone, and that we’ll get to cart around in a selection of undead-decimating dune buggies. Now, we discover there might be a cure and a way out of Harran, courtesy of the new story trailer below.

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Community Announcements - Modlin_Techland
Dear Dying Light fans,

We are happy to announce that the expansion pack Dying Light: The Following will launch worldwide on February 9th, 2016. Among many new features, the expansion is bringing drivable all-terrain buggies, a new storyline for protagonist Kyle Crane, and a new explorable region that is larger than all areas of the original game combined.

Also from February 9th, players will have the option to enjoy the definitive zombie experience thanks to Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition, which will include an enhanced version of the main game, the Dying Light: The Following expansion, the Be the Zombie mode, the Cuisine&Cargo challenge missions, the Ultimate Survivor Bundle, The Bozak Horde mode, and all content updates released to date.

To give players the widest choice possible, Dying Light: The Following will be available separately as downloadable content, as part of the Season Pass, and as part of the Enhanced Edition. All Dying Light players will be able to download the enhancements to the original game for free.

You can view a trailer for the upcoming Enhanced Edition here:
Community Announcements - Modlin_Techland
· Fixed problems with completing some of the collector quests (no trigger on Toygar)

· Removed desaturation post-process effect when player has low health

· Fixed freezes after using alt+tab during in-game movies

· Fixed various rare crashes
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Yes, I know this screen is from The Following.

For a while, earlier this year, Adam would come back from his lunch break with suspicious rips in his clothes, dust and dirt on his knees, and blood soaking him from head to toe. No matter how much he insisted he’d simply smoked a particularly dangerous cigarette, we knew: he was on the parkour-a-zomb-o-kills. Adam liked Dying Light [official site], I’m trying to say. He liked the video game. He thought it was good.

Hey, Adam, good news: it’s getting even fancier in an Enhanced Edition, coming as a free update in February. Its expansion, The Following, has a release date now too.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alice O'Connor)

I don’t know anything about business but I know that if you’re not disrupting, you’re bankrupting. This isn’t 2014, grandma. Here in 2015, we’ve disrupted the economic paradigm with an innovative shareconomy. Just the other day, I used the app Walk A Mile to rent my shoes to someone who wanted a smarter pair for a business lunch.

So yeah, you might be used to DLC and DLC season passes becoming cheaper over time, but pssh! We can disrupt that. Get this: the Dying Light [official site] DLC season pass’s price is about to go up from $20 to $30. Its makers say the upcoming expansion included with it, The Following, has grown big enough to warrant a higher price.

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