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Community Announcements - Myran
So we've been working on adding a new class and also fixing the problems people are having with firewalls and opening ports. The game will try to use Steam networking to go through firewalls when joining games through the server browser or when right clicking on a friend and selecting join game, if either the client or host are not using Steam the game will fall back to the old networking model.


  • Added thief class
  • Changed the HUD
  • Added custom mouse cursor
  • Added click sound to buttons in the menu
  • Wizards flame spray now goes through enemies
  • Wizards ice nova no longer has a cast time
  • Wizard flame spray and meteor strike improved


  • Now using Steam networking when possible
  • Tweaked game scale for certain resolutions
  • Enemies can now walk through each other when walking at different speeds
  • Strafing now properly netsynced
  • Fized freeze crash when failing to connect to a game

Editor features:

  • Added composite skills 'ground-hit', 'explode'
  • Added passive composite skills 'drop', 'retaliate', 'armor'
  • Custom buffs can now drain mana
  • Custom buffs can now heal enemies

Just added a small fix for typing on Macs.
Announcement - Valve
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