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Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts! We’ve definitely been busy this last week, keeping the patches coming even ahead of the timer. You’ve probably noticed a few tiny patches roll out without notes, these have been hotfixes to some of the major bugs related to the research system coming in. Here is a recap of those patches, plus notes for today’s patch:

Today’s Patch:

Patch v0.1833

-Fixed an issue that would cause corrupted avatars
-Fixed an issue that would cause Single Player avatars to be overwritten by Multiplayer avatars
-Added Task System
-Added Task Marker system
-Re-written tutorials, brought up to date with the new systems
-Fixed issue where players could collect 30k points in tools category
-Fixed issue where master pod was granting tool data cores
-Integrated tutorials to the new task system
-First appearance of Space raptor! Look for him outside the tutorial later on!
-Fixed an issue that would cause event UI not to clear when resetting or exiting
-Adjusted “enhancement unlocked” sounds
-Added possible tasks to Research Unlocks
-Updated many item and research descriptions
-Aborting the first task will now skip the tutorials
-Updated loot drops on crab nests and jelly nests: removed basic protolife from the loot table, increased the chance of multiple datacores per a drop, increased drop rate for Mark 2 frames

Patch Recap for this week:

Patch v0.1791 ( Posted July 7th) :

-Fixed issue that caused learned schematics to not show after logging out
-Fixed issue that prevented creature spawns
-Reduced Loading time
-Fixed issue with enhancement UI Categories when collapsing/expanding
-Fixed arklight canister destructing on impact
-Fixed plasma projector canister destructing on impact
-Reduced consumption time on Data cores
-Added Banner Text to inform of type/amount of research gain
-Modified Furniture unlock ranks
-Broken Data has had it’s research points increased from 15 - 25 per a consume
-Fixed an issue which caused upgrade platform notification to “flash” quickly

Patch v0.1793 (notes not posted)

-Fixed an issue that would cause unrendered or improperly rendered scenes
Jul 7, 2014
Community Announcements - LordShaggy
- Fixed issue that caused learned schematics to not show after logging out
- Fixed issue that prevented creature spawns
- Reduced Loading time
- Fixed issue with enhancement UI Categories when collapsing/expanding
- Fixed arklight canister destructing on impact
- Fixed plasma projector canister destructing on impact
- Reduced consumption time on Data cores
- Added Banner Text to inform of type/amount of research gain
- Modified Furniture unlock ranks
- Broken Data has had it’s research points increased from 15 - 25 per a consume
- Fixed an issue which caused upgrade platform notification to “flash” quickly

-Fixed an issue that would cause unrendered or improperly rendered scenes
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkConauts! Hold onto your virtual hats, because this one’s a game changer! Multiple new systems are being introduced, including the first iterations of the research/progression, a visible progression tracker, and the early stages of our task tracking system. These systems will be getting a lot of tweaks as we go, to continue to balance what is granted at what times in the game. Additionally, by popular demand, our first round of housing items makes its return to the game!

As with any of our large updates, we do a general wide band implementation to make sure it is working properly. Please be advised that anything related to research will be tuned. They could be acquired too fast or too slow. Our focus is on making sure it works as it should, as stability is one of our highest goals at the moment. Please give us plenty of feedback on this, as it brings some dramatic changes to the game!

New Systems/Items:

-Research and Development system! Players can now progress through a clearly defined system of tiered character progression

-New Enhancement Tracker! View unlocked enhancements, schematics and upgrades through the enhancement screen by pressing L

-New Task Tracking system! Giving a visible list of current objectives. This will be considerably fleshed out as we move forward. The tutorial will be seeing a full overhaul soon.

-20 NEW house furnishings! (Yes, you can start to decorate!)

New Creatures:

-Rocket Penguin
-Mortar Penguin

Re-Vamped Creatures:

-Swarm Crabs
-Basic Jelly
-Willer Worm
-Plasma Tree
-Plasma Polar Bears
-Vine Beetles


-Fixed Rift chest from Crab Nest and Defense Platform Spawns
-Jelly Nest is no longer invisible
-ChainSaw sound has been enhanced
-Fixed an issue with the repair drone on single player worlds

Other changes:

-Re-enabled creatures dealing tile/placeable damage where applicable
-Added new look for dirt and clay structure tiles
-Various tweaks and improvements to sound
-Improvements to creature aggro
-Plasma tree projectiles can now be shot down, in exchange for higher damage if they hit the player
-Tech upgrades now display on enhancements screen along with unlocked research/schematics
-New enhancement unlocked sound
-Updated tutorial to reflect new progression
-Updated tutorial grants and veteran skip grants to fall in line with new progression
-Added research consumable drops to all creatures
-Added schematics for firefox and repair laser, and moved them into place in progression
-Added radar kit schematic and moved it into place in progression
-Changed L key “upgrade” screen to become research/progression screen
Jul 4, 2014
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

It’s that time of the year, and the fireworks are most definitely flying here at Handyman! The Summer Sale was crazy for us, and we’re so grateful for all of the support! Thanks to you guys, we are able now to do something we’ve needed for a long time: looking to hire a new programmer. This will be absolutely wonderful for the team, the game, and the future of the company! So again, we want to thank everyone for helping vote for us on the community choice! We are so very excited, and hope to be introducing a new team member to all of you in the near future!

Speaking of community, today also kicks off our summer event, and rumor has it that unidentified spacecrafts have been sighted around the forums. What could this mean? Stop by and sign up to get in on the action!


On the development side, everyone is anxiously awaiting the new patch that will bring those missing critters back and really populate the world with lots of activity. Along with this comes another major milestone for Edge of Space, the introduction of true character progression to the game. We’re excited to get the community’s feedback on this, and see how it plays for everyone. The system is going to allow you to acquire research points that will be allocated to various types of research. This will unlock new schematics for that area of research expertise. There will be multiple ways to gain those points, and in some cases you will be able to control where the points are allocated. We will be giving much more detail on this once the patch rolls out.

Along with this exciting news, we do want to give you all a heads up that a character wipe will be required for this patch. Old characters would not be able to fall properly in line with the new progression, which would cause quite a few major issues. To prevent this, we feel the wipe is the better option. On the bright side, it will allow you to experience the new content first hand, and be able to give us your thoughts on it. We definitely did not want you guys to be blindsided by this, and wanted to give you a chance to back up characters if desired, or to opt out of updating your game if you’re not ready to dive into the new content. It’s part of the development process and we’re really fortunate and glad you’re a part of it!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time for ArkCo News!
Jul 3, 2014
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

It’s our very real pleasure to announce that we have been able to offer two new options that the community has been asking for, for a long while now. As of today, you can now purchase the game in 4-packs, as well as purchase the special edition content as an upgrade! We’re very excited to be able to offer these choices for you guys! As a reminder, the special edition content will be released at or around launch, so be aware of that as you upgrade your accounts. See you in space!!
Jun 24, 2014
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts! We have some very exciting news to share with you! Our forums have been newly migrated to a much more feature packed software, and we haven’t been idle putting that to use and flexing its new muscle! Here are a few of the new features that are already live for you. Be sure to log in now or create your forum account to check out the exciting new features!:

ArkCo Requisition Network - The community now has its very own economy/points system! You will be able to earn points by being active in the community, and when our storefront comes online, spend those points on vanity gear for use in game! It’ll be a bit yet before all of the items are created and ready for snatching up, but you can start earning points right now. For more information on ARN and how it works, you can view the forum for it here: http://edgeofspace.invisionzone.com/index.php?/forum/56-arkco-requisition-network/

Referrals program - Bringing your friends along to the EoS community now reaps rewards for both of you! If your buddy makes at least 5 posts after signing up, you are credited with a referral, which gives you points. Once you are linked up as a referrer, the posts your buddy makes will continue to net both of you points for use with the ArkCo Requisition Network. More exciting rewards will be added over time, so visit the forum, go to your “my settings” page, and click “Referrals” to find your personal referral link and get started!

Community Calendar, Patch Notes Blog, News area, and more! - There are so many features to explore, including being able to subscribe to be alerted for patch notes and news! Check out our new forums guide to read the details on all of the new features! http://edgeofspace.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/1600-a-guide-to-the-edge-of-space-forums/

On the game side of things, you can expect the world to brimming with much more life once again, as we re-implement the critters that were being redone, and bringing back others that haven’t been seen in the game for some time. We’re looking forward to introducing some new creatures as well, now that the system is so much easier on the team!

While we know everyone is waiting breathlessly for the huge patch, we do want to give you a heads up that we’ll be adding a couple of days to the timer. The team overlooked the holiday, and want we want everyone to be able to join family and friends for Independence Day. Don’t worry, we feel it will be worth the wait!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time for ArkCo News!
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
This patch was a lot more “under the hood” improvements to the game, especially where creatures are concerned. The new coding is faster and much more efficient, and will result in better creature behavior in game. You will notice a few of the baddies missing, or acting a little strangely for a short time as we finish tuning them and swapping them over to the new system. You will also likely see tiny updates come in without patch notes as this happens.

You will see that the next patch has been labeled “HUGE PATCH,” with a 4 week timer on it. We will be doing small patches in between but this is when a major feature update will be occurring.


-Improved Network Performance
-Numerous Item, Armor, Placeable, and Weapon Descriptions have been updated
-Updated Laser Pick Sound
-Updated Laser Saw Sound
-Updated Plant/Vine Destruction Sound
-Revamped creature spawning system from the ground up, creatures that are missing currently will be patched back in very quickly
-Added creature aggro indicator, ! indicates aggro, ? indicates loss of aggro
-Revamping creature Navigation and Wander system
-Fixed an issue causing lighting to not update
-Resolved Desynchronization issues concerning Multiplayer Servers
May 30, 2014
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

Things are coming along well for Team Handyman, as we continue to make some big internal changes on the game. Now that we’ve beaten back the bug list and installed the framework allowing us to grant rewards, we move forward to our next big task: fixing the creature system. Plenty of issues with the system have been present but from here on out we need to make critters far easier to implement and make their behaviors easier to manage. It will make Jake a far happier camper, and that means the team will be happier as well - always a good thing!

Community Game Night kicked off last week, and we had a great time playing Terraria with everyone. We hope to see plenty more of you joining us along the way. Don’t be shy, we promise not to pwn you too hard! Here’s a screen of the shenanigans last Friday:


How about even more good news? To roll out our in-game code redemption, we are breaking out a gift we had prepared for the community last year to thank everyone for the amazing support we got during Greenlight: The Greenlight Helmet! It will hopefully be a great addition to everyone’s wardrobe and you can expect to be running around in that in the near future!

This weekend we will also be doing some mad science around the community, and will have some very exciting news on that front next week! Things are going to get awesome, so keep an eye out for that announcement.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time for ArkCo News!
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey guys! This patch won’t seem like much on the user facing end….YET. In actual fact though, it’s great news. The work on the back end, being rolled out here today, implements the reward granting system. This will let us grant items for events, contests, and more. There will be plenty more news on this feature coming soon!

-Implemented reward grant system, allowing for event items and other grants


-Fixed an Issue that caused Launcher to show the wrong clip size on Hot Bar
-Streamlined the Tutorial Stations to grant access keys to next station instead of crafting the keys
-Changed placement of a Gamma station locker to prevent players from missing it
-Updated on screen tips to reflect tutorial changes
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
We have been hard at work this last couple of weeks, smashing bugs like crazy! Here are the notes for this round of fixes. This patch also brings you the tier 2 command center, with 5 subsystem slots!:

-Fixed the “starry screen” bug
-Fixed the “un-textured effect icon” bug
-Fixed issues preventing players from dropping items in small spaces
-Fixed issues causing item effects to remain on all the time
-Fixed issue that caused the Death Penalty Effect timer to freeze when gaining another status effect
-Corrected numerous grammar issues
-Fixed an issue that would cause a Command Control Center to be renamed when placing it in hot slots
-Fixed an issue where the “save world” button would cause game to freeze
-Fixed an issue that would cause creatures to pass through tiles
-Fixed an issue that would cause servers hosted on some systems to lose synchronization with players
-Fixed issues that caused erratic creature movement (“flying crabs”, “coward crabs”)
-Fixed several issues with death penalty effect
-Fixed issue allowing players to place tiles over themselves and other players
-Players can no longer fire while reloading
-Fixed an issue that allowed for infinite rocket launcher and plasma projector ammo
-Fixed an issue which caused sound to cut out during various circumstances
-Weak Charged Goo speed decrease is now properly removed when item effect wears off
-Omegatron no longer “runs away” if player holding aggro dies or uses recall token
-Players are no longer able to exit arena via entrance portal after Omegatron has been spawned
-Powered Hatches’ animation and collision have been fixed
-Added Focused Microwave Beam Turret schematics to Veteran skip and Delta station final locker
-Added Command Control Center Mk2 schematics to Veteran skip and Delta Station final Locker
-Known Issue: CCC can be renamed if placing one while another is in inventory (only craft and place 1 CCC at a time to workaround this issue)

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