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Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey, Everyone!

We want to let everyone know that the patch that was meant to be coming out this weekend, is being pushed to next weekend instead (weekend of the 27th). Last week, Paul got very sick on us, and we lost several days of dev time on his end. As he is the one working feverishly on the UI re-write, it brought things to a standstill on that front. Due to the fact that this IS an overhaul of the entire UI, including the menu screen, we’re not able to put through an update to the patch timer on the launcher. If we complete the patch and all needed work before then, we will happily patch it out sooner, but we want to err on the side of caution. This is a very labor intensive one for the team, and we want to be sure we set a realistic timeframe. We apologize for the delay, and we hope you guys will bear with us a little longer. By way of apology, we leave you with something awesome to look at, coming in the near future:



Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

As you all know, the patches have been pouring out, so it’s been awhile since we sat down for the news. The team is back from PAX, and we’re really happy with everyone’s response at the show. Players were treated to a crazy challenge dungeon, showing off what the dungeon system is capable of and what we have in store for the near future. Now that we’ve gotten back into the swing of things, the next patch on the 22nd is starting to take shape. The focus has to do with UI redesign, something many have felt the game needs. We have not been deaf to that feedback at all and things are already looking so much better as we move forward with this! Here's a look at the new character selection screen:


Following this patch, we start to look again at the bigger picture, and move forward to another huge overhaul of player progression. We’ll be bringing in some very exciting new directions for it, and it will allow the player to take a far more active role in deciding how their character is built throughout the game. The player experience is very important to us, and it’s an area we know has been in need of the attention for a long while. From here, we continue to build progression and solidify the way the higher tiers of content will fit in. The changes coming will start to move from the frame that is in place now, to a more robust, multiple play-style system. While some may instinctively groan at the idea of having to re-learn things, the overall result ties in beautifully with all the progress the game has made over the first half of the year. We’re very proud of what Edge of Space has become and look very much forward to seeing these new changes in the hands of players. We will be listening closely to the feedback from you all, as we continue to polish the game, and make it feel better to play than ever before.

On the Community side, we are drawing ever closer to our Halloween event, and are excited to see that coming together. With the help of our awesome community team, we look forward to some frightening fun in October. Good times are ahead, and we’re ready to rock this! Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time for ArkCo News!
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
We survived another PAX! We’re back, and getting right back to work, with another round of fixes and a few new additions and changes!

New Features:

-Shields! Player now has shield in addition to health bar

Shields take damage before you take damage. If you do not take any damage for 15 seconds your shields will auto recharge. Good Hunting Operatives.


-Fixed an issue where ArkCo Platforms would cause memory errors and cause other tiles to vanish
-Fixed an issue with sky rendering and shading system
-Fixed an issue where players splitting stacks of items were picking up multiple items instead of one at a time
-Fixed an issue where right clicking an item would cause the black hole (trashbin) to remain open and active
-Fixed an issue where player screens would “snap” when riding on a vehicle that is changing direction
-Fixed an issue where skiff pad was not recoverable
-Molten Armor stats are now up to snuff with current implementation balance values
-Fixed an issue where Task Markers were not being displayed properly in Jetpack section of Tutorial
-Fixed an issue where players could become stuck in the dungeons and the doors would not function


-Players will now flash red when taking damage
-Creatures now flash white when taking damage
-Critical Math has been corrected
-Weapons now use a Range of Damage stat (must recraft weapons to gain new stats)
-Reload Time has been removed from the procedural setup and instead will stay consistent unless modified by a bonus attribute
-Fire Rate has been removed from the procedural setup and instead will stay consistent unless modified by a bonus attribute
-Armors now have Shield Boosting Stats
Community Announcements - LordShaggy

-Fixed an issue where players were unable to submit support tickets


-New Dirt Tile has been added
Tastes like rainbow


-More optimizations to Frame Rate
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hotfixes galore this week! Here’s our latest round of tweaks and fixes!


-Adjusted Aluminum Armor requirements
-Adjusted Outlander Armor requirements
-Refinery no longer requires a command center
-Adjusted Outlander Armor requirements
-Adjusted Helix Armor Requirements
-Added sounds to head hunters
-Corrected rift spawns to avoid them spawning right at the master pod or too close to the starting area
-Added sounds to Jellies
-Adjusted feel on Particle Accelerator, Earthen Gun, Particle Eliminator
-Tweaks to jelly behavior
-Added sounds to crabs
-The quest and event tracker window now closes if it is empty
-Added projectile impact sounds
-Particle Eliminator and Earthen Particle Eliminator no longer require mark 1 and 2 frames.
-Added new advanced “Experimental” versions of Particle Eliminator and Earthen Particle Eliminator that require the basic version (or a frame) to craft. Advanced version will be higher stats at base, and have increased chance for better stats. All other tier 2 weapons still require mark 2 frame
-Renamed Experimental Gauss Rifle to Gauss Rifle to separate it from new weapon types being introduced


-Reduced Processing Load
-Reduced Memory Load
-Further optimizations to lighting to hopefully eliminate the tick/stutter in frames
-Even more optimizations for lower end systems
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Another round of hotfixes and adjustments. We are hearing you guys and working to balance and polish things following the huge patch.


-Fixed an issue that caused consumables used from hotslots to be deleted instead of consumed
-Fixed an issue preventing HeadHunter Pyre from being used as a crafting component
-Fixed Broken Mark1 Frame schematic
-Fixed Broken Mark2 Frame schematic
-Fixed Raptor schematic
-Adjusted enhancement unlock alert volume
-Fixed an issue where right clicking to equip a kit was sending it to unused slots
-Fixed an issue where the reload sound was continuing after disconnect
-Beam Turret damage has been increased to match new health values
-Fixed an issue that prevented Omegatron from spawning
-Fixed an issue where certain plants were not spawning


-Boosted light output from FireFox Pet
-Changed energy/health regen ticks to occur per second
-All energy regen values and health have been rebalanced accordingly
-Ferrosilicon armor is now Earthen armor
-Earthen armor schematics have been adjusted to better suit starting of the game
-Arklight no longer uses canisters as ammo but instead consume energy per use
-Lowered Laser Saw crafting cost
-Adjusted furniture research to unlock structure tiles sooner
-Further optimizations to help the frame rate/stutter issue some users were experiencing
-Added target FPS slider to options menu, allowing players on older machines to set the FPS closer to what their computer can operate with
-For most users the patch countdown timer is now adjusted for the local time zone
-Adjusted Focused Microwave Beam Turret damage
-Adjusted projectile spawning to help with enemies not being hit when very close to you
-Vehicles can no longer be created in dungeons
-Omegatron Retuned
-Mundo Crab and swarm crab retuned
-New Dirt Mundo Crab added in lower protolife
-Spawning rules tuned
-Nautilus hit box adjusted
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Rolling a few tweaks for the mega patch! We’ll be hotfixing more this upcoming week.

-Consuming items is now done exclusively by right clicking from inventory, this corrects issue where people were getting stuck in the tutorial
-Adjusted energy for starter jetpack
-Adjusted energy for ferrosilicon jetpack
-Adjusted energy for aluminum jetpack
-Disabled tile edging and reduced lighting detail to see if this corrects the FPS hiccups some users are experiencing
-Adjusted schematics for Mark 1 and Mark 2 frames for better flow
-Increased protolife data cores to 45 points per consume
-Increased comet biome data cores to 55 points per consume
-Increased dungeon data from 150 to 250 points per consume
-Fixed an issue where vehicles were not spawning correctly, will now work once re-crafted
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
The wait is at an end! This patch is one of the biggest ever for Edge of Space, and we are so excited to bring more life to the world of Achoa! You will now be seeing the first iterations of our dynamic dungeons, outposts, and vehicles, along with a ton of quality of life gameplay enhancements, fixes, and changes. We did not force a wipe for this patch, but you will need to start a new world in order to get outposts in your world. Due to the sheer size of this patch, we know there will be bugs that got through the cracks. Please be sure to report using the in game ticketing system. We need your help to track down and hotfix any major bugs!

New Features:

-Dynamic Dungeons!!
1) Procedurally generated dungeons for a different experience each time!
2) Traps!
3) Levers, puzzles, and more! Find your way through the deadly rooms to find plenty of loot!
4) You must re-roll a new world to get access to outposts which you need to fine NAV data to get to the dungeons


1) Raptor Mount
2) Load Lifter

-Zoom Function:
1) Screen Zoom Function
2) Aspect Ratio adjusted so all players see same number of rendered tiles regardless of resolution

-New Creatures:
1) Headhunters

-Craftable Consumables:
1) Protowine
2) Protospice

- Balance Changes:
1) Health increased to 1000
2) Energy across the board increased by a factor of 10
3) Creature health increased by a factor of 10
4) Most stat adjustors increased by a factor of 10
5) Weapon base damage in their procedural rolls increased by a factor of 10
(Please re-craft your weapons or make a new character to get these)


-Added “ferrosilicon” tier weapon and armor, between starter and aluminum
-Revamped toolbar
-Added Zoom feature, activated by using the left and right bracket keys [ ]
-Omegatron now uses the skiff system (no more crafted portal to him)
-Added more codex entries
-Added loot jars to spawn in dungeons
-Adjusted Enhancement Unlocked Sound
-Added Molten Armor to assault armor knowledge
-Implemented Molten Armor schematics
-Implemented Omegatron body parts
-Added schematics for Mark 1 and Mark 2 weapon frames
-Removed “connected” and “disconnected” messages when a player moved to and from tutorial, dungeon, etc
-Added Data Disk (150 research points) to dungeon loot
-Boosted broken data from 25 to 30 points
-Removed health bars at player’s feet, that would frequently linger
-Added new dungeon chest
-Clicking on unlocked schematics in enhancement unlocked list will now open the crafting menu
-Clicking on upgrades in the enhancement unlocked list will now open the enhancement menu
-Clicking on research in the enhancement unlocked list will now open the enhancement menu
-Clicking on the codex page added button will now open the most recent codex page
-Right clicking on gear/kits/pets in inventory will now equip the gear/kit/pet in the appropriate slot
-Right clicking on consumables in inventory will now consume the item
-Right clicking on tools and weapons in inventory will now equip them to the currently highlighted hot slot
-Right clicking on placeables and tiles in inventory will now equip them to the currently highlighted hot slot
-Shift + Right Clicking on stacks will now split the stack (it was right click before)
-Right clicking on items in gear slots puts them in your inventory unless it is full
-Right clicking on items in a chest put them in your inventory unless it is full
-Right clicking on items in your inventory, when a chest is open, puts them in the chest instead of on the toolbar, equipping them, etc
-Using consumables, whether on the toolbar or by right-clicking on them in inventory, no longer has a “casting time,” but instead has a cooldown time
-Added night/day transition
-Adjusted world generation parameters to be better for outposts
-Right clicking while holding an item with the mouse cursor will now empty the cursor (place item back in inventory)
-Ambient Occlusion added
-FireFox added to end of tutorial and Vet skip option
-Adjusted jump to allow players to vary their jump
-Moon now rises and sets on day/night transition
-Added tile edging for improved visual appearance of tiles
-Adjusted weapon projectiles for more precise movement and aiming


-Fixed an issue that caused avatar to flip back and forth when aiming up or down (still being tuned)
-Fixed an issue where the laser pick sound would persist if player switched to another hotslot while mining
-Fixed an issue where the gear items could be used to duplicate items in inventory
-Improved camera clamping
-Fixed an issue where the matter recombiner would let players combine dissimilar materials.
-Fixed dupe bug where you could drag gear to non-empty inventory slots
-Optimizations to frame rate
-Enhancements to lighting
-Added new render layers to improve visuals
-Corrected shadows to no longer render over the night sky, for dramatically better looking visuals
-Fixed an issue that allowed players to craft while using the same materials for different slots and without the proper number of materials
-Fixed an issue that allowed players to recombine materials of different types using the Matter Recombiner
-Fixed an issue where players could get items “stuck” to their avatar when picking up multiple items that will fill inventory leaving remaining items stuck to avatar
-Fixed the alignment of the projectile sprites with their collider
-Reduced time needed to consume data cores
-Fixed several cases where the jetpack sound or animation would continue playing after the jetpack was turned off
-Fixed an issue where jetpack sound would persist if the jetpack was removed during operation or client disconnects during operation
-Fixed an issue where resource allocation list would remain if client exits while in crafting menu
-Fixed an issue where jetpack animation would remain active even when energy was exhausted
-Fixed an issue where jetpack could still be used after the jetpack was removed
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts!

Time for an update on the massive and very hype-worthy upcoming patch! The team has been working non-stop, jamming more and more into this one, and the patch notes are definitely showing that. Two weeks out, and we already have a scroll bar! There are so many changes, fixes, and additions - we won’t spoil the main event goodness, but we can tell you a little about what to expect.

Outside of the big headline features, the focus has been further polishing and fixes to quality-of-life type features. This means eliminating pesky bugs such as the spazzing character animations when you look straight up, implementing the real day/night transitions, continued improvements to the UI, and more. Paul has been working on further optimizations to CPU cost, increasing frame rate with stabilization, and smoothing the game out overall. This patch will begin to show the transition from solidifying the core, and making sure the basic gameplay mechanics are feeling good. A huge focus will be adding in more of the major features that players have been waiting for. From here, the game will lose that “skeleton” feeling, and start to be fleshed out in a variety of ways.

We know that one question people have on their minds currently is whether character and world wipes are coming with this one. On that note, while we do not currently know for certain, I do want to assure you that if that does appear to be needed closer to the time the patch launches, we will definitely announce ahead of time as much as we can to give you some warning. Should that be the case, please be aware that we would only do character/world wipes if we definitely feel that there is enough content coming to be worth the trouble. Keep those fingers crossed that we can pull off an update this size without a wipe!

In addition to the ongoing work on the patch, the team is gearing up to head out to PAX Prime at the end of the month. It’s always an exciting time, and we hope to meet many of our fans out there at the show! The big patch will be rolling right before they leave, so we will be counting on you guys to help pound out those bugs. We’ll want to hotfix any major ones before the guys leave, to be sure EoS is looking its best out there.

On the community side, I have been busy as well, planning some fun things for you guys. I will be announcing the dates as soon as they are locked in, but you can expect to see a couple of livestreams in the near future, as well as the return of our IRC Q&A with the team. Behind the scenes, I am working toward setting up the forum points store, the Halloween event, and more. No rest for the CM!

As always, thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time for ArkCo News!
Community Announcements - LadyAijou
Hey ArkCoNauts! Just a smaller patch today to let Omegatron loose on you all, along with some fixes and our brand new user status UI!

New Features:

-New Health Bar
-New Energy Bar
-New Cryorod Count Bar
-New Exposure Meter Bar

Returning Creatures:

-Omegatron has been functionally revamped and is now active in game.


-Revamped item management
-Fixed an issue that caused phase and rifle ammo reserves to show 1000/1 and 1000/20 on multiplayer servers
-Fixed an issue that prevented players from dropping items in front of certain placeables
-Fixed an issue that would destroy items when placing them into hotslots with a full inventory while standing on additional items
-Fixed an issue that would cause additional CCC in inventory to be renamed when an already placed CCC is in hotslots
-Fixed an issue that allowed players to convert single items into stacks via the hotslots
-Fixed an issue where players would lose any items crafted while their inventory is full
-Fixed an issue where players would encounter a freeze when moving to the right edge of map
-Fixed an issue where players were able to generate materials via the crafting menu
-Fixed an issue where Jelly/Crab nests and Defense platforms timers were not showing up (new timer is on Task Tracker)
-Fixed an issue that caused a dedicated server console to require 2 clicks on the X to close the window
-Corrected an issue that caused a networking error loop when playing on servers

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