Planet Explorers - zede05
Hey everyone, here's latest build, it's mostly bug fixes. We've gathered a lot of data from players during this time to pin point some of the rarer crash bugs.

Here's the changelist

Fixed replicator filter not working sometimes
Fixed Xbox 360 controller dodge function not working
Fixed monorail stop time not synchronized in multiplayer
Fixed some items not being able to repair, upgrade, and recycle in multiplayer
Fixed around 40 crashes

Also, going forward, the price for the game will permanently drop to $14.99.
Planet Explorers - Valve
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Planet Explorers - Dorist1

Another update is here. In this build, we mostly corrected some story issues.


Fixed issue with southern island mission
Fixed issue with adventure mode storyline
Fixed issue with monster wiki
Fixed issue with the last adventure mode story mission not being able to be completed
Fixed issue with NPC getting stuck in the colony
Fixed issue with repeating prompt when finishing tasks
Fixed issue with crashing while getting off a monster while in an attack animation
Fixed towns with cordial status not being able to be attacked again in adventure mode
Added two new achievements
Optimized connecting to the lobby and servers
Planet Explorers - kkiablo
Hey guys, as you already know we have changed our official server in order to have a more smooth gameplay experience. Thus for now the customized server has been temporary shut down. We Will need the host to restart the server, or else other players cannot see it in the server list.

If you are using a standalone server, to restart the server you will need to copy the folder named ConfigFiles in the game server file and overwrite the same folder in your standalone server file.
Planet Explorers - Dorist1
Happy International Labour Day! In this release, we moved the official server to a 8G RAM server, which is much larger than the former one (4 G). It's faster and more stable now. So enjoy!
Planet Explorers - Dorist1
Fixed some immediate issues.

Fixed repair machine not working in multiplayer
Fixed upgrade machine not working in multiplayer
Fixed recycle machine not working in multiplayer
Fixed not being able to enter Build mode servers
Fixed not being about to recruit Feroz to colony
Fixed random NPC teleporting issue
Planet Explorers - Dorist1
Hey everyone, a new build is here:

Fixed crash in store in adventure mode
Fixed not being able to complete a mission in multiplayer
Fixed bug in enhance machine
Fixed bug in building system
Fixed the dropping rate of the poisonous blood
Optimized the bug reporting system
Added Achievements on Steam
Added monster Kazma
Added monster Blue Dragon
Completed in game monster wiki

We'll continue to fix any issue that comes up as well as add more missions for the next build. We know there are still some small issues with the story mode, we'll be looking to fix these as well. We'll also release the stand alone version early next week.
Planet Explorers - Dorist1
We have been resetting and restarting our official servers without much notice before, and we're very sorry for that. From now on, we plan to regularly restart and reset the official servers from March 31st to make sure they run smoothly, and new players can play from the very beginning of the story.

Reset time: every Thursday morning around 5:00 eastern time

Restart time: the first Thursday of each month around 5:00 eastern time

Please save your buildings and creations in advance so it won't affect your fun in the game. :D
Planet Explorers - Dorist1
This is a small patch v1.0.7.1. We've added several practical functions and fixed some bugs.


Fixed displaying error in Chen's conversation script
Fixed the bug after fast travel while riding an animal
Fixed no gunshot sound effect while using ISO gun
Fixed save and load bug after riding animals at night
Fixed players able to ride the monsters in tower defense quest
Fixed the bug the dismissed followers will revive players
Fixed the monster biscuit quest incorrect display on map
Adjusted the riding position on ursus bear and lupus wolf
Adjusted the drop rate of the poisonous blood
Fixed crash while using ISO axe in tutorial
Added All Scripts Available for single player adventure in starting options
Added new scripts into All Scripts Available list.
Added monster idle time after canceling riding so that it doesn't attack the player right away

Planet Explorers - Dorist1
We’ve released the latest build of Planet Explorers on Steam. This version has the animal riding as well as some extra missions. This one took a lot longer than we planned as we decided to add in several new animals (in the end, only one made it in, it’s on one of the islands) and the animations took a while. We’ll add the rest of them in the next build.


Added trading card system on Steam
Added animal riding system in game (through Chen in story)
Added three more missions
Added a new monster boss
Added being able to select all scripts at world create in Adventure
Fixed the resource diplomacy mission not being able to repeat
Fixed bug in music player
Fixed items in inventory not being able to reorganize
Fixed players not being able to exchange items in multiplayer
Fixed bug in store page
Fixed bug in replicator
Fixed durability display error in Enhance machine and repair machine
Fixed UI bug in create mode under 2560 x 1440
Fixed multiple colony icon on map in multiplayer
Fixed the displaying error in storage box in multiplayer
Fixed several crash bugs
Optimized Chen’s background music.
Cleared and rebooted all the official servers

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