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Community Announcements - Chris Firefox

  • New Statusicons for “Character overencumbered”, “Character is fighting barehanded”, and “Character yields a broken weapon”
  • Goblins now have Sounds
  • Ranged Weapons now have a sound
  • Female Soundeffects for female player Characters introduced
  • Spell “Rust Iron” unlocked
  • Campfights now just for Advanced mode (before just for Beginnersmode)
  • NPC-Walker in Thorwal fixed
  • Weapontrader Depth of Field fixed
  • Steam-Achievements fixed
  • Attributo-Effect doesn’t stack any more
  • Wand Ritual checks fixed
  • NPC-Companion time storage fixed
  • AI-Battle-Magic-hangs caught
  • Graphic Glitch in Vidsand fixed
  • Minimaps in Dungeons fixed
  • two additional Achievements for Eastereggs (Thank you for the Idea Fujak!)
  • Mac-Version operational again
  • Linux-Launcher outputlog activated
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox
  • Completely reworked user interface
    • clear Character Screen
    • extended Tooltips
    • intuitive handling
    • Questbook improved (Mark completed Quests, Sorting)
    • Travelmap and Battlescreen with Camera control icons

  • New Non Player Characters
    • From walkers in the streets to the healer
    • individual Faces
    • Authentic “Thorwalsh”
    • Guards with traditional Skraja

  • Completely new Music (Original score can be optionally activated)
  • Massive Performance Improvements
  • Significant Optical Improvement on all game Scenes (Towns, Dungeons, Battles)
  • Linux Version
  • Beginner mode (choose on new Game)
  • Optional Automatic Levelups
  • Complete Data-Modding-Ability, even with multiple independent Modules
  • Rebalancing Trader Buy Pricing
  • Trader locks you out when trying to haggle too hard
  • Taverns lock you out when being caught stealing / cheating
  • Levelup adapted (Vitality/AE distribution, grand meditation for magicians)
  • Combat and Autocombat Bugfixes
  • AI-Wizards use more different Spells
  • Autocombat also uses Magic
  • Reinforcements appear at the exits
  • Waterskins are refilled in Taverns (with the first beer) and Hostels (when eating)
  • Ingame-Console is saved to a textfile for later reference
  • 40 new Steam Achievements (including Stats)
  • Steam Cloud Integration (Online-Backup of Savegames)
  • Potion effects don’t stack any more
  • New Spell “Break Domination” (to counter Horriphobus, Evil Eye)
  • English Map
  • Corrected Town Names
  • Problem with Unity Crash when having Corrupted Font Files fixed
  • Many texting issues fixed
  • Many more smaller and larger Bugfixes
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox
Just a little Bugfixing patch to remove some of the annoyances introduced with 1.31.
  • Opening Hours for Traders fixed (for now daily 7 am to 8 pm, with Option to adapt per Town and per Trader)
  • Fixed Spell Rust Iron
  • Signs for special buildings in Liksor and Thorwal fixed
  • Minimaps fixed: Abandoned hostel, Ljasdahl, Rovik
  • Fixed Companion Times (preventing them to leave after 2-3 towns)
  • Made Camerasweep optional (Settings -> Graphics) in case crashes started to happen when entering towns
  • Fixed Load Game bug under certain circumstances
  • Prevented retriggering of secret door trigger even when it is already opened
  • Activated Spell “End Transformations” to be able to heal “petrified”
  • Deadship only triggers once every 7 days, or not at all if already completed
  • Dead Companions don’t say goodbye any more
  • Battlefreeze on some spells fixed
  • Playerchars now use magic in autobattle
  • Secured bridges in Thorwal
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox
Hotfix with some small Bugfixes
  • Thorwal Seasounds reduced
  • Tavern and Hostel shields fixed
  • Arenas in the deadship fixed
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox
After intensive Development and Testing, we are proud to present our current update for Realms of Arkania. With a myriad of new features, fixes and improvements, along with a complete graphical overhaul of the Buildings and the Town environment, you are most likely to not recognize the game any more, in the most positive way. Give it a try!
  • Opening Hours and -Days for Markets
  • Characternames can be Changed ingame
  • Fixed Battle Character turns
  • Partymanager now correctly shows User Images
  • Battle Opponent Health display
  • Camera-”Sweep” on Loading a new Town to reduce post-loading jiggle
  • Gardianum Spell target fixed
  • Fixed some Tavern texts
  • The Dead Ship dungeon unlocked
  • Companion NPCs unlocked
  • Display of Weapon skill in the inventory
  • Reduce current VI if losing permanent VI while freezing
  • Fixed “Markets have identical offers”
  • Fixed savegame breaking when saving in specific buildings
  • Fixed Name display of some Market Stalls
  • Fixed “bare hand” sortiment offer
  • Fixed Sickle checkbonus
  • Fixed Be my Friend target aquisition
  • Introduced Helter Skelter
  • Fixed Summon Ghost
  • Added convenience presets for Item moving and looting amount
  • added more travel events
  • Fixed Blacksmith accepting multiple weapons
  • Thinmarsdotter Clanegh quest now correctly triggers Thinmarsdotter Thoss quest
  • Honest Jorge Clanegh enabled
  • Egilsdotter Quest + Dialog improved
  • Windenbek / Nameless Temple improved
  • Introduced Events in Towns
  • Included User-contributed Events (thanks to lunatic, Ali Bengali, ugralitan, NeoderWeise)
  • Fixed a Diceroll bug delivering exaggerated results
  • Rabalancing Hunting, Water- and Foodconsumption
  • Battles: Repeat last Action
  • Battles: Wait in the same Battleround
  • Battles: Autobattle
  • Battles: Acceleration Factor for animations
  • Battles: Opponents can now spawn after the first round, not revealing the full enemy strength right away
  • Eating of certain herbs
  • New and improved Graphical effects
  • Complete overhaul of Buildings and Towns
  • Hetman Tronde now lives in a real longhouse
  • Travelmap now has an actual background (before: Black)
  • Waterreflection autoadaption depending on performance (optional)
  • Made Town Runin Trigger optional
  • Introduced “Town borders” triggering a “do you want to leave this town” Dialogue
  • Unconcious Characters are automatically replaced as leaders
  • Cameraheight now depends on Leading Character height
  • More “Backgrounds” for Dialogues
  • Numerous other smaller Bugfixes
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox

  • House-Decals updated
  • Leaving Buildings makes the party “turn the back to the door”
  • City-Triggers (Doors, Hetman) now react to “running into them”, therefore hopefully making some spots like the hetman easier to access
  • Made Armory Credit variable depending on “opening” at the hetman and visit to Jadra (thanks to Fujak Logansson)
  • Fixed Battlecharacters "falling" at exactly 5 LE, where they should fall below 5 LE only
  • Black Magicians Ruin collisions improved
  • Texts not displaying in battle fixed
  • Attack- and Parry base values are now rounded instead of floored
  • Broken Weapons sometimes don’t show up at the Blacksmith fixed
  • New Spells
    • Calm Body (Healing Spell for Camps)
    • Eye of Eagle (improve Perception)
    • Penetrizzel (improve Minimap uncovering distance in Dungeons)
    • Be my Friend effect (works now)
    • Evil Eye effect (just rechecked)
    • Paralyze effect fixed
    • Witch’s Spit effect (chance to heal Sickness and Poison)
    • Skelettarius (summon Skeleton)
    • Summon Spirits (summon ghost)
    • Master of Animals (Be my Friend for Animals only)
    • Meek you be (Calm animal)
    • Odem Arcanum (show all unidentified magic items of the party)
    • Analys (Identify a single magical item)
  • Rats bite effect fixed in Dragon Cave
  • Fixed House of Captains in Daspota can be opened unlimited times
  • Fixed Daspota Hook Hugo won’t start a battle
  • Fixed Arena Grids
  • made the "Secret Forest path" between Skelellen and Peilinby actually "secret" and position according events there
  • included more Travel-Hunting-Events
  • Included Mountain Pass events
  • Fixed Old Bailey lower levels
  • Partly reworked temple flags
  • Fixed Wolfcave climbing (carefull, it can be quite deadly now)
  • Fixed "dying" too fast
  • Fixed State and Staff Enchantment getting lost on losing the weapon in battle
  • Fixed Dullskull infection always hitting whole party despite of successful checks
  • Fixed Black Magicians ruin crashing through the floor in Level 1
  • Fixed several texting bugs
  • Introduced Whetstone usage
  • Improved Flyovers on items
  • Made special states of items (magical, broken) visible in inventory
  • Fixed buggy loot after fighting Gorah
  • Fixed early arrival on Ship Journeys "before the red Line arrived in the harbor"
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox

  • Battlearenas completely redone, for more compact battles
  • Special Locations for specific fights (Gorah, Spidercave, Ship of the dead, Temple of the nameless god, Daspota Treasure Cave)
  • Quest for Old Bailey lower levels added
  • New Scene for Blacksmith (making him “visible”)
  • New Scene and Handling for “simple House”
  • Skillcheck Logging improved
  • Introduced Scene for Boar Hunting
  • Daspota Dialogs can be restarted until a fight was provoked
  • Introduced Scene for Brothel
  • “Tabbing out” of Fullscreen automatically switches to window mode to enable getting back into the game
  • Added Building Decals (work in progress)
  • Removed Body Control check to avoid damage
  • Fight Target choice now possible via field, not only via Character
  • Fastness of Body nerfed (max level reduced, no casting outside of Battle)
  • Introduced “Spell failed, try again?” for Spells outside of combat, e.g. Light in the Darkness
  • Dullskull infection fixed and reduced to 24 hour “incubation” time
  • Paralysis fixed
  • Permanent wonders are only possible once per character (instead of “as long as godgrace and money last”)
  • Fixed Staff Enchantment removed when losing the staff in battle
  • Fixed Swafnildsson-Quest, he now is correctly at home even without the letter of recommendation by Sevenstone, but asks for it in order to give the piece of the map he possesses
  • Characters now drink on their own if there is something to drink available (careful, alcohol is liquid as well)
  • Message “ drank his/her last bit” now appears correctly
  • Fixed some texting bugs
  • Added Golden Shield to Temple of the Nameless loot (only if not entered so far)
  • Temple of the Nameless rescue from the hole only possible once
  • Temple of the Nameless Blocking Stone Door fixed after loading
  • Run-Footsteps only triggered on forward running (as there is no backward running)
  • Assignment and Exchaning of Ring and Arm Slots fixed
  • "Strange appartus" in Abandoned Hostel Dungeon fixed
  • Direct Entering of Numbers at the Marketplace fixed
  • "Identical Sortiment" bug in Marketplaces fixed
  • Old Bailey Phex Altar can be sacked after first time saying no
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox

  • Introduced sleeping bag
  • Introduced graphical effects (Antialiasing, SSAO, DoF) that can be (de)activated separately in the settings
  • Made finding herbs harder in Winter
  • Freezing damage only in Winter
  • Wintercoats now available at Chandlers (formerly only at Arms Merchant, as they are classified as “Armor”)
  • Hetman Dialogue improved (more to come)
  • Keyboard control for the battle camera (remembers tilt and zoom)
  • Herbsearch now chooses from correct set depending on location (formerly the “by a river” set was taken regardless of location)
  • Freezing only does permanent damage after 48 hours untreated, not right away after sleeping
  • Permanent damage to LE capped at 15
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox
  • Sicknesses
  • Healing Talents
    • Poison
    • Wounds
    • Sickness
  • Brendhil: Changed Hostel to Tavern+Hostel
  • Battlearena 01 fixed
  • Fixed Abandoned Hostel triggers everywhere
  • Fixed: Items are not removed (Alchemy, Quests)
  • Adapted Regeneration while Sleeping
  • Temple Collection shows group wealth
  • Fixed Characterstate “dying” (now correctly deducts 1 Damage every 15 Minutes until Character is actually dead)
  • Removed "overdamage" on Ignifaxius with spell failure
  • Ignifaxius now correctly is held off by armor
  • Adapted several item values
  • Heshthot immune to mundane weapons
  • Altar(battle) Spidercave can only be started once
  • “Wait”-Command fixed for magical characters with <= 2AE
  • Fixed Fulminictus Damage calculation
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox

  • Thorwal: fixed top stair collisions
  • Made Weapon Breakchecks scarcer
  • Fixed Break Factors for magical weapons
  • Fix triggers for Abandoned Hostel appearing elsewhere as well
  • Fixed pirate attacks
  • Fixed Resurrection in Temples
  • Fixed River Passing trigger appearing too often
  • Fixed Taverns in Vilnhome
  • Fixed name for “miracle cure”
  • Fixed Minimap not centering properly after moving the overview map
  • Fixed Minimap slipping “out of its circle” on different resolutions
  • remain in Tavern if cheating/pickpocket was successful
  • cover Minimap areas outside Fog of War
  • Fix Karnifilo (target, duration)
  • Fix Axxeleratus (target, duration)
  • extended Fulminictus display
  • replaced Travia “you were fed” text
  • Fixed assignment of Rondra birth bonus to attack and parry
  • Mouselook invertable
  • Prevent “clicking through the overview map”
  • Fix Rondra-Temple in Prem showing wrong flag
  • Fixed Tips in Taverns
  • Fixed Tavern message display “you drank” without having ordered anything
  • Update Questmarkers after Tavern visit
  • Quest arrows always point to quest target, even if it is already visible on the minimap

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