Jul 27
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox
(german version below)

After months of development and just in time prior to the 2 year anniversary of the Blade of Destiny release, Crafty Studios and the Beta Team of BoD HD are proud to present Patch 1.35, consisting of more than 300 changes, additions, modability extensions and fixes. Detailed patchnotes can be found in our official forum at Patchnotes 1.35. Just some highlights:
Content changes and extensions
  • Castle Felsteyn: Mod of Viana included as Event
  • In Thorwal there is now the building "The Black Finger"
  • You can now sell books in the Thorwal Mage Academy
  • New event "Revenge of Ottaskin"
  • New event in Phexcaer: Nancy's Note of Validor the villain
  • Random city event "A pickpocket"
  • Random city event "A Carriage"
  • Random city event "A shooting star"
  • Random city event "A beggar" extended
  • 8 new events for resting at an inn
  • 6 new events during outdoor camps
  • 4 additional random battles after camps
New and updated Features
  • User Interface is now scalable (e.g. for 4K resolutions)
  • The console now logs experience points
  • Console messages are in different colors
  • Battle Avatar look improved (rimshader removed, specularity reduced)
  • The spell "Solidirid" can now be used in the game
  • The group now shares its food and water reserves
  • The Spider demon is now a significantly bigger avatar in battle to diversify from the lesser spiders
Extensions to Modability
  • Displaying images (up to size 256x256) possible in dialog boxes
  • Character classes can now have custom portraits by mod
  • NPCs can now have custom portraits
  • Temple flags (in size 256x512) can now be replaced
...and a myriad of Bugfixes.

Enjoy and spread the word!

Nach monatelanger Entwicklung und grade rechtzeitig vor dem Zwei-Jahre-Release-Jubiläum von Schicksalsklinge HD dürfen Crafty Studios und das Betateam von Schicksalsklinge HD stolz den Patch 1.35 präsentieren, bestehend aus über 300 Änderungen, Erweiterungen, Modability-Verbesserungen und Korrekturen. Detaillierte Patchnotes finden sich im offiziellen Forum unter Patchnotes 1.35, einige Highlights:

Inhaltliche Änderungen und Erweiterungen
  • Burg Felsteyn: Mod von Viana aus dem Forum als Event eingefügt
  • In Thorwal gibt es jetzt das Gebäude "Der Schwarze Finger"
  • In der Thorwaler Magierakademie kann man jetzt Bücher verkaufen
  • Neues Event "Die Rache der Ottaskin"
  • In Phexcaer kann man nun Nancys Hinweis nach Validor dem Schurken nachgehen
  • Zufallsereignis in der Stadt "Ein Taschendieb"
  • Zufallsereignis in der Stadt "Eine Kutsche"
  • Zufallsereignis in der Stadt "Eine Sternschnuppe"
  • Zufallsereignis in der Stadt "Ein Bettler" erweitert
  • 8 Ereignisse während der Rast in einer Herberge
  • 6 Ereignisse während der Rast im Freien
  • 4 zusätzliche Zufallskämpfe nach dem Rasten eingeführt
Neue und aktualisierte Features
  • Userinterface-Skalierung eingebaut
  • In der Konsole werden nun die Abenteuerpunkte angezeigt, die die Helden bekommen
  • Die Konsolenmeldungen in verschiedenen Farben
  • Der Kampfavatar-Look wurde verbessert (Rimshader entfernt, Specularity reduziert)
  • Der Zauber "Solidirid" kann nun im Spiel angewendet werden
  • Die Gruppe teilt jetzt ihre Vorräte an Nahrung und Wasser
  • Der Spinnendämon wird nun als deutlich größere Spinne im Kampf dargestellt, um sich von den anderen Spinnen abzuheben
Erweiterungen an der Modability
  • Einfügen von Bildern (bis Größe 256x256) in Dialogfenstern möglich
  • Den Klassen bei der Charaktergenerierung kann man nun eigene Porträts geben
  • Kampfgegnern kann man nun eigene Porträts geben
  • Bilder für die Tempelfahnen (in Größe 256x512) können ersetzt werden
... und natürlich eine Reihe von Bugfixes.

Viel Spaß, und erzählt es weiter!
Jul 21, 2014
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox
With the almost superhuman effort of several highly motivated beta testers, namely lunatic, mordbrenner, sordul, curom and Blanidur, we can proudly present you this Patch 1.34.

New features
  • Equipment worn on the body only weighs half
  • Autocombat asks whether magic is to be used
  • Skip character with Space Key in combat
  • Vitality and Astral Energy regeneration on sea journeys
New Content
  • Mini event "Old Keep" in Thorwal
  • Phexcaer experience vastly extended
  • Additions in Efferdun, Nordvest, Rovamund, Guddasunden
  • Several new Random encounters
  • DLC For the Gods two additional quest parts
  • Extended Modability
  • Hyggeliks Dungeon can now only be found on the route Phexcaer Skellelen with at least 7 map parts
  • OD, Beilunk Riders in need: Rider-Event will only trigger once
  • FtG, forsaken woods can now be entered multiple times
  • Huge Skeletons now attack properly
  • FtG, Baerhag: Fix to allow Baurgrims Axe to be taken later if there is not enough capacity right after the battle
  • Items 188, 215 und 245 (Fire protection amulet, Silver pendant Necropathy, Silver tiara Fastness of Body) fixed / reworked
  • Toadskin encumberance fixed
  • Magical Resistance Boni/Mali fixed
  • OD, Beilunk Riders in need: Secret message is now displayed correctly
  • Chain mail encumerance fixed
  • a lot of missing translations added
  • Fixed several F1 Helptexts
  • Reworked text punctuation
  • Fixed Armor Values of several helmets
  • FtG Random encounter Rondra battle only triggers once for parties of average level of at least 4
  • Remove Runestone after completing Gorah/Sevenstone quest
  • Timings in the textbox "No orks yet" fixed / adapted to the voiceovers
  • Random Encounter Corpse with amulet: It can only be found once with a corpse, but the event can trigger more often with random loot
  • Made Anti-Bravery-Elixier usable
  • Battle in Tavern "Green Horseshoe" now starts correctly
  • Fixed check for healing spell
  • hunting event "aurochs": time passes according to description
  • weights of several items fixed
  • added headline to riddle-chest in the ork cave
  • Hjaldingard-tower of Thorwal: text now triggers in the house closest to the tower
  • hunting events "aurochs": no more rations if the animal escapes
  • fixed superstition check at Zerif (Rukian)
  • adapted description text of hylailian fire
  • Zerif-battle (Rukian) not repeatable
  • FtG, Baerhag questbook fix
  • Unlimited XP by hole in dwarven mine fixed
  • speartrap in dwarven mine now ignores armor
  • trap wolves den: ignores armor, reduced chance to sickness
  • FtG Rukian: several dialogue fixes
  • weapon usability for the druid fixed
  • reworked many item values
  • reduced damage for door crashes in the old bailey
  • Prem abandoned mine: reduced difficulty for some doors
  • Fixed re-triggering of Grimring search if already in possession
  • Fixed event "meeting rafters"
  • Old Bailey: Hole in the ground (ladder) now triggers multiple times
  • Zwingfeste: "Rabbit over the fire" and dialogue "found a ring" in third level now trigger only once
  • fixed several missing text keys in "Hyggelik the smaller"
  • Gameover after losing against the ork champion: according text is displayed in the gameover screen
  • The Dead Ship: The amulet that can be found was assigned to the proper corpse
  • Sweet erika: added missing text keys
  • Black mages ruin: included using magic to counter acrophobia checks
  • final battle: no more magic is usable
  • Reduced battle range of healing spell to 1
  • Added question where to continue the journey to after leaving a dungeon (and where it is necessary)
  • Fastness of Body Tiara fixed and added description that it needs to be used in battle
  • Moved hint to Gorah to another, more apropriate dialogue
  • Fix and Extension of the Swafnild-Egilsdotter-Quest
  • Fixed captions of houses in daspota
  • Trap in Daspota treasure cave ("Strange floor") fixed
  • added itemdescription for the register of debts
  • added text for orvil harbor ("no shipping routes available")
  • Hyggelik ruin: prevented leaving with the cursed gold
  • Hyggelik ruin: added effect "nausea" with foul food chest
  • Artair Branson (onion soup hero, Prem): adapted reaction to revisiting, onion soup now actually counts as food
  • Adsiniliya Wüstenschnee (Prem fire elf, Thorwal): introduced alcohol effect
  • Random encounter beggar: hint is now displayed when he thanks you
  • The old bailey: drunk effect and satiating introduced with Master Dramosch after-dungeon-party
  • Goblin cave: fixed bat encounter responses
  • FtG, Hasgar: Items are removed on quest completion
  • dwarven mine: Fixed dialogue headline bug
  • FtG, Baerhag: Final dialogue fixed (now can get one or both of the quest rewards properly)
  • dwarven mine: Speartraps are deactivated properly when pulling the arm of the statue
  • Fixed tavern info in Skelellen and journey duration to Phexcaer
  • Fixed tavern info in Thoss regarding resting places
  • Hyggelik ruin: fixed several text keys
  • dwarven mine: fixed several text keys
  • FtG, mysterious wooded area: adapted chest loot
  • FtG, Rukian: lock picks break properly at Zerif, text keys fixed, questbook entries fixed
  • XP for "magically knocked out" enemies fixed
  • Daspota treasure cave: trap "singing blade" fixed
  • drinking a wonder potion now results in an empty bottle
  • dragon cave: holes and dead dwarf now trigger multiple times
  • black mages ruin: removed agility check
  • undead ronald moves again
  • Thorwal armory: added hint that it only can be entered once (even with both documents)
  • Event strange marshes text keys fixed
  • Event Monolith, several text keys fixed
  • a lot of typos fixed
  • Hermit dialogue fixed
  • spider cave: Spider nests can now only be ignited once
  • FtG, Hasgar: added hint for actual delivery of the quest items
  • FtG, mysterious wooded area: The spider webs can now be ignited by equipped torches as well
  • Daspota treasure cave: moved bedroom trigger, loot can only be received once
  • introduced abandoned Firun temple (according to hint in Skelellen)
  • Travel event hunter's hut (meeting the hunter) fixed
  • Bug "Magic staff endlessly sellable"fixed
  • Bug "weather and clock on the top left corner disappear after showing a scene" fixed
  • Levelup: current AE/Vi is increased correctly
  • fixed bartering at the blacksmith
  • Tavern: "We are looking for you" with random name fixed
  • Fixed sleeping party members not waking up on damage
  • Fixed journey speed not respecting different road types
  • reworked all journey hunting events
  • Unicorn-Event: fixed several text keys as well as checking existing map parts
  • fixed missing inn hints (concerned Serske and the roud inns)
  • loading from the main menu doesn't reset to "professional" difficulty any more
  • loading ingame correctly resets dungeon chest contents
  • The Old Bailey: fixed corpse textkeys
  • descriptions of the miracle cure fixed
  • fixed wrong routes in "through the wilderness" (Skelellen-Kravik and Rovamund-Peilinen)
  • included ranged attack penalties for opponents in the shield descriptions
  • introduced hints and a quest to the ork cave
  • FtG, Rukian: added some missing Quest markers
  • Item "red lunar disc": added description and effects
  • Hyggelik ruin: replaced Heshtots by ghosts
  • Olimone (Strange marshes) now gives the recipe for a strong healing potion instead of a normal one
  • Hetman: new text for visiting "afterfinal"
  • Alchemy recipes now include duration
  • Hyggelik ruin: prevented multiple triggering of the final battle
  • Fixed bug on settings on settings of "Calm Body"
  • Dungeon AmbientLight after battles fixed ("too dark after battles")
Forum for more
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox
  • Taverndialogue made cancelable without the need to leave the tavern
  • Introduced absolute carrylimit (strength x 140 in ounces)
  • Introduced sleeping in camp battles (depending on how good the guard was)
  • Weathersystem respects sound volume setting
  • Introduced helptext for the aventurian calendar (see Questbook -> Help -> Date and Time)
  • Haggle-checks for traders are now harder, kicking out is a lot sooner
  • Enchanted druid dagger “heal” now only works for Druids
  • Female trader names now are also female avatars (at General Goods, Weapons, Herbs)
  • Prevented changing faces (e.g. for Barkeeps, Innkeepers)
  • School of Farsight identify item dialogue fixed
  • Deactivated voiceover for female house owners
  • Fixed witch battle sound samples
  • Fixed battle hangs for enemies with two attacks (e.g. Sabretooth tigers)
  • Hylailan Fire is now a ranged weapon
  • Pirate cave fixed open door blocking movement
  • Missing battletexts in pirate cave fixed
  • Fixed magic staff loses enchantment when lost and then picked up with “take all”
  • Various text placeholders fixed
  • Various double icon displays on minimaps fixed
  • Fixed close window at the blacksmith
  • Fixed various clipping errors in towns
  • Fixed time bug after camps without battles
  • Fixed item info window (grey font color, item descriptions sometimes too long)
  • Fixed initiative base display in characterscreen
  • Fixed shifted voiceovers for second unicorn encounter
  • Pause travel button deactivated on leaving town fixed
  • Fixed several Thorwal sounds
  • Fixed various Dialogues (Hunters Hut, The Call in simple houses, Abandoned Hut and more)
  • Group item effects (e.g. Light) only work if coming from active characters (e.g. not dead)
  • Camp treat sickness endless loop fixed
  • DLC FtG: Baerhag-Quest-Bugs fixed
  • DLC FtG: Various Dialogues fixed (Zerif, In the woods and more)
  • DLC FtG: Forest Abvenenum fixed
  • DLC OD: Various Dialogues fixed (Challenge near Bodir, Sweet Erika, Axe to groin and more)
  • DLC OD: Dungeonexit Groenvelden fixed
  • Modding: Carrylimit configurable (globalsettings/system/maxcarryweightmultiplier)
  • Modding: Movement point progression configurable (globalsettings/system/movement)
  • Modding: Adding of new talents enabled
  • Modding: Globalsettings/character is now modable additively (so far: only completely)
Update March 11th: Made some minor bugfixes:
  • Zerif Battle repeatable on victory fixed
  • Missing (and blurry) Blacksmith (in inside view) fixed
  • Blurry Healer fixed
  • Mixup on Baerhag Clan genders fixed
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox
  • New Intro
  • Extensive rebalancing of all weapon values
  • 7 new weapons (e.g. Thrust Spear, Andergaster, Battle Bow)
  • “Good” and “Masterwork” Weapon variants introduced
  • Weapon trader sortiments reworked and spread hints to them
  • Extensive rebalancing of NPC values
  • Some NPCs now have 2 attacks per turn (e.g. sabretooth tiger)
  • Every combat spell now has a unique visual effect
  • Unlocked spells Nekropathia and Abvenenum
  • Many inside house views reworked
  • Individual temple views per god
  • Temple distribution reworked according to world background
  • Improved modability (new Functions, hook for Tavern activities)
  • Battle stances
  • Necrophobia checks when battling undead
  • Better marking of “Points of Interest” in every town, not only Thorwal
  • New Quest marker on the travelmap
  • New Druid rituals (using Obsidian Dagger)
  • Improved item tooltips
  • Extended trader item tooltips
  • Groenvelden redone (Groups of People you can talk to)
  • Real loading screen for battles
  • Evade in battles now uses up a parry attempt
  • You can now only either evade or parry once per turn
  • Fixed many spells (e.g. negative AE was possible)
  • Fixed scene display on the travelmap
  • Fixed several battle avatar bugs (e.g. female thorwalian, some hand bone assignments)
  • Fixed several hangs in the Gold DLC
  • Fixed several smaller issues (questbook, main menu image and more)
  • Fixed Tjoila crash
  • Prevented buggy dialogs (e.g. from a mod) freezing travel
  • Radial Menu in Dungeons fixed
  • Fixed “earshield” texture problem in Thorwal
  • Free-DLC “Ogredeath” released, with great help from our Betatesters, especially lunatic
  • New Dungeon/Quest Torkil’s Chasm
  • New Quest “Beilunk Riders in Trouble” (lunatic)
  • New Quest “Sweet Erika”
  • Race on Bodir
  • Tavern-Event “Throwing Contest”
  • Four new Encounters at sea (lunatic)
Product Release - Valve
Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny - Ogredeath DLC, all new content for Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny is Now Available on Steam and free!

Your quests through the legendary saga of the Northland continue in “Ogredeath” the latest DLC for Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny. Search for a missing member of Aventuria’s elite messenger team. Join a band of huntsmen as you brave the legendary beasts of Torkil’s Chasm. Navigate the exacting currents of the Great Bodir River. Compete against a skillful jester in a knife-throwing contest. Risking all for fame, fortune, forbidden pleasure, and more - the new challenges for this epic RPG will be no walk in the park.

Product Release - Valve
Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny - For the Gods DLC, all new content for Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny is Now Available on Steam!

Delve deeper into the mystical lore of the Northland with 3 new heroic questlines in “For the Gods” the first DLC for Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny.

First, you’ve been entrusted by a nobleman from Clanegh with the difficult task of transforming the paramour of a Thorwalian leader’s daughter into a worthy suitor. But father and daughter do not always see eye-to-eye. May Rahja, the Goddess of Love, be with you, because this quest is not going to be a cakewalk.

Next, when a villager goes missing, those that remain speak of strange phenomena haunting their fields and scaring their animals. These unnerved villagers look to you for help and point towards Orkhun, the ancestral dwelling of the Baerhag Clan which had been left to decay centuries ago. Perhaps there is more to these mysterious happenings than a run of the mill ghost story?

Then you will journey to the godforsaken hicksville of neighboring Rukian. First and foremost, the Rukian population lives to serve their passing travelers. But a dark spector of death hovers over this remote hamlet. Even though the Goddess of Hospitality’s name is on every Rukian’s lips, have the residents of this gloomy crossroads taken their credo a step too far?

Discover new towns, dungeons, and quests, encounter the Gods of Love, Death, and Hospitality and venture further into Northland legends of this epic RPG saga.

Community Announcements - Chris Firefox
  • XP only up to 2 levels above opponent level (before: 3)
  • Auto-Adaptive terrain performance (at < 15fps)
  • Enter accepts confirmation dialogs (like “do you really want to load”)
  • Improved Texting
  • Continue game fixed
  • Reuniting divided troops prevented by obstacles (like: closed doors)
  • Linux Settings saving fixed
  • Several interface bugs fixed
  • Healing of more than one illness on a character improved
  • Changed "Attributo" spell to give "remaining Spellcasting points / 3" instead of "remaining Spellcasting points". Meaning with Skill 6 the maximum attribute gain is 2, at skill 9 it is 3 and so on
  • Antidote fixed
  • Bare Hands Problem at the blacksmith fixed
  • Performance improved
  • Levelup-Problem for magicians fixed
  • Introduced console command “framelimit X” (like: F9 -> framelimit 30<enter>)
  • Modding: Check existance of modded item definitions. Warn and ignore items
  • Modding: Questmarker for any building possible
  • New Village and Travel encounters
  • Felsteyn castle door fixed
  • Room checkbonus fixed
  • Minimap recenter after Fullscreen-Map was moved
  • Armory free goods fixed
  • Tavern no more beer/getting drunk for dead/unconscious characters
  • Upper Orken stalls fixed
  • Travelmap Questmarker improved
  • Endurance check error for dead characters fixed
  • Camp duty saving fixed
  • Camp on the sea prevented
  • Hunger and Thirst do not rise on sea journeys any more
  • more journey hangs fixed
  • Griffins Riddle fixed
  • Kukris effect rebalanced (0-5 damage per combat round instead of 20-96 damage at once)
  • Combat animations accelerated
  • Gardianum now protects against Ignifaxius
  • Gardianum won’t protect against Fulminictus fixed
  • Horriphobus now only works on human opponents
  • Horriphobus victim only flees when 8 points remaining skill are reached (before: Victim won’t attack caster). stacking is possible
  • Ranged attacks armor impair fixed
  • Status update for combatants improved
  • Endbattle exclusion of non-fighters fixed
  • Autobattle pause after current characters move when showing the Esc-Menu
  • Icons for active Autobattle and forced march improved
  • “dancing” combatants bug fixed
  • Hangs in autobattle fixed
  • Klarum Purum effect fixed (removes poisons)
  • Button “repeat last action” fixed
  • Autobattle and enemies now use magic again
  • Ranged skills can only be improved up to 5 fixed
  • Damage despite of “missed shot” fixed (the target evaded, but the damage was dealt anyways)
  • Falcon’s Vision spell fixed
  • Break Domination spell fixed
  • Textcolors in battle adapted (VI-Loss player = red, VI-Loss enemy = green, AE-Loss = blue)
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox
  • New Statusicons for “Character overencumbered”, “Character is fighting barehanded”, and “Character yields a broken weapon”
  • Goblins now have Sounds
  • Ranged Weapons now have a sound
  • Female Soundeffects for female player Characters introduced
  • Spell “Rust Iron” unlocked
  • Campfights now just for Advanced mode (before just for Beginnersmode)
  • NPC-Walker in Thorwal fixed
  • Weapontrader Depth of Field fixed
  • Steam-Achievements fixed
  • Attributo-Effect doesn’t stack any more
  • Wand Ritual checks fixed
  • NPC-Companion time storage fixed
  • AI-Battle-Magic-hangs caught
  • Graphic Glitch in Vidsand fixed
  • Minimaps in Dungeons fixed
  • two additional Achievements for Eastereggs (Thank you for the Idea Fujak!)
  • Mac-Version operational again
  • Linux-Launcher outputlog activated
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox
  • Completely reworked user interface
    • clear Character Screen
    • extended Tooltips
    • intuitive handling
    • Questbook improved (Mark completed Quests, Sorting)
    • Travelmap and Battlescreen with Camera control icons
  • New Non Player Characters
    • From walkers in the streets to the healer
    • individual Faces
    • Authentic “Thorwalsh”
    • Guards with traditional Skraja
  • Completely new Music (Original score can be optionally activated)
  • Massive Performance Improvements
  • Significant Optical Improvement on all game Scenes (Towns, Dungeons, Battles)
  • Linux Version
  • Beginner mode (choose on new Game)
  • Optional Automatic Levelups
  • Complete Data-Modding-Ability, even with multiple independent Modules
  • Rebalancing Trader Buy Pricing
  • Trader locks you out when trying to haggle too hard
  • Taverns lock you out when being caught stealing / cheating
  • Levelup adapted (Vitality/AE distribution, grand meditation for magicians)
  • Combat and Autocombat Bugfixes
  • AI-Wizards use more different Spells
  • Autocombat also uses Magic
  • Reinforcements appear at the exits
  • Waterskins are refilled in Taverns (with the first beer) and Hostels (when eating)
  • Ingame-Console is saved to a textfile for later reference
  • 40 new Steam Achievements (including Stats)
  • Steam Cloud Integration (Online-Backup of Savegames)
  • Potion effects don’t stack any more
  • New Spell “Break Domination” (to counter Horriphobus, Evil Eye)
  • English Map
  • Corrected Town Names
  • Problem with Unity Crash when having Corrupted Font Files fixed
  • Many texting issues fixed
  • Many more smaller and larger Bugfixes
Community Announcements - Chris Firefox
Just a little Bugfixing patch to remove some of the annoyances introduced with 1.31.
  • Opening Hours for Traders fixed (for now daily 7 am to 8 pm, with Option to adapt per Town and per Trader)
  • Fixed Spell Rust Iron
  • Signs for special buildings in Liksor and Thorwal fixed
  • Minimaps fixed: Abandoned hostel, Ljasdahl, Rovik
  • Fixed Companion Times (preventing them to leave after 2-3 towns)
  • Made Camerasweep optional (Settings -> Graphics) in case crashes started to happen when entering towns
  • Fixed Load Game bug under certain circumstances
  • Prevented retriggering of secret door trigger even when it is already opened
  • Activated Spell “End Transformations” to be able to heal “petrified”
  • Deadship only triggers once every 7 days, or not at all if already completed
  • Dead Companions don’t say goodbye any more
  • Battlefreeze on some spells fixed
  • Playerchars now use magic in autobattle
  • Secured bridges in Thorwal

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